the way he pose

Reasons to love Prince Sidon

- His gallant, dreamy, BRITISH voice

- He’s constantly maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging you.

- He’s like 10 FEET TALL (Link only comes up to Sidon’s abs)

- He’s hella buff 💪✨

- He’s a progressive leader to his people and everyone loves/is in love with him.

- The old farts are racist towards Hylians but Prince Sidon is the open-minded spearhead of change.

- He seems like a bit of a show off at first but he is a true badass.

- He got swallowed by an Octorock one time and stabbed his way out.

- He has a signature pose

- He worries about important things like lost family and being a good leader to his people but he covers it up with his charisma and a positive attitude.

- One of the COOLEST fights in the game directly involves him!!!!

- He gets bashful/proud when his Dad/King tells him he will be a great successor.

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The Skwad playing superhero charades

New sim,his name is Jason and he will appear in the near future in my Akiyama legacy (by the way i  got my inspiration back so Akiyama posts should come today or tomorrow at latest)

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How about a Diego fluff letter c:

it’s about fucking time i did a diego.

this is a dino boy lives au alright don’t get angsty on me

also i haven’t actually read Steel Ball Run but i’m assuming that they can like, check in at an inn for a night or something i mean that kind of makes sense

this is also an au where diego wins everything because i said fuck it 

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You know, one of the things I love best about the Tracy family is just how absolutely close they are. You know that no matter what happens, they’ll always stand by each other and take care of one another. And with all that fondness, you know it’s guaranteed that there’s been at least one point in their lives that they’ve ended up in a pile like a litter of puppies. (Scott totally started it this time by grabbing John and tackling Virgil, and everyone else just went along with it.)

I started this a week or two ago but was having a very hard time getting it done, and thanks to a headache and some determination, finally got it finished tonight. (At the expense of putting off homework for another night, oh well. ;3) It was nice to have something fun to draw the family doing for a change too. Also it makes the wait for Season 2 just a little bit less painful!

(With a special dedication of course to @flyboytracy, @sonatanotwo, @starman-john-tracy, @gordoncoopertracy, and @thelittlesttracy for being such wonderful RP bros. <3333333)

I was cleaning out some folders on my phone and I found this snapchat monstrosity from a couple of months ago. It’s the sniddler (snail + riddler)

and I had ten minutes to spare so I gave it a quick go

Paul Feig Appreciation post:

  • His impeccable suits
  • The way he gets crazy silly when he poses for pics especially with his cast
  • Sony said ‘no homo’, Paul Feig said “As homo as possible”
  • He lets Melissa McCarthy swear a lot and that’s always entertaining
  • His great sense of style (see point 1)
  • Relationship goal, he’s been with his wife forever! (legit they got married three days before I was born!)
  • Freaks and Geeks!
  • That feeling you get when he likes one of your tweets
  • MOST SUPPORTIVE DIRECTOR FOR HIS CAST! (see: Paul Feig anytime Leslie Jones was in trouble)
  • Did I mention I think he’s a dope dresser?
  • Brings Kristen Wiig out of the indie movie niche she hides in to give her dope-ass funny as hell roles (to be fair, she WROTE Bridesmaids so he didn’t have to get her for that but STILL)
  • He directed the Parks and Rec Episode where Leslie marries two gaypenguins and becoms a gay icon in Pawnee
  • He aint afraid of no ghosts

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what are your thoughts on frnk posing next to a car that says "cheap tasty sub"

omfg is that what it says in russian??

akdnsjshakd either way like i can’t believe he posed next to it and covered the ‘way’ entirely so it literally just reads sub and i can’t believe gerard commented on it saying it was his “favorite photo of the series”

like!! when will i ever find peace ajdjskd fuck

How to fold clothes:

1. Remove clothes from dryer.
2. Put clothes on bed for folding.
3. Watch cat lay on clothes.
4. Inform cat that he is in the way.
5. Watch cat strike the pose shown above.
6. Give up.