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All The Small Things- Jonathan Toews

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A/N: I’m sorry these are taking me so long! I’m going to post at least two tonight! Also sorry if you aren’t a Redwings fan, I did it for the sake of the story :)

Request: May I request one with Jonathan Toews? One where Jonathan likes a girl but she’s too insecure to believe it. Maybe she thinks his kisses don’t mean anything? Honestly I’m open to whatever ideas you have or Wherever you want to take the story ☺️

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You didn’t really know when your fears had started, maybe it was looking around at all of the other players girlfriends, or maybe it was all of the hate comments you received on a daily basis. Despite all of Jonathan’s reassurance you couldn’t shake the feeling that he didn’t really love you and maybe you were just a time consumer until something better came along.

You constantly were at a battle with yourself because deep down you knew that Jonathan really did love you and truly meant everything he said, but the rest of you was determined to convince you wrong, that you were just there so he had someone with him. You sighed as you set your phone down, Jonathan would be here in about an hour and you had intended to spend time with him to prove to yourself that he really did love you, but now all you wanted to do was curl up and cry. You had made the mistake of reading some of the comments a few “fans” had made on one of Jonathan’s posts for your anniversary, they’re cruel words had confirmed your own insecurities He doesn’t love you, He’s just with you for some fun.

The words echoed in your ears as you sat numbly on the couch, you had barely noticed Jonathan coming in until his lips touched yours gently to which you recoiled away from him, you couldn’t let him lead you on anymore.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked concerned and you almost gave in but you knew you had to hold your ground if you wanted to get a real answer out of him.

“You don’t really love me, why are you with me?” You blurted and the way he looked at you instantly made your heart shatter and made you regret every doubt you had just thought.

Before you could take back the words you had said he had your hands firmly in your grasp, he knew exactly what this was about and even though it didn’t stop it from hurting, he knew that you didn’t really mean it all the time.

“Y/N. You need to stop reading those comments…” He started with a sigh, giving you a look to silence your objection that he knew was coming, he didn’t want to fight and neither did you.

“I have been in love with you since we first met at the rink, back when you were cheering for the Redwings and hated my guts. If I really didn’t love you, would I have taken the insults you hurled at me from the stands?”

You couldn’t help but smile at the memory, you had been a diehard Redwings fan when you had first met Jonathan and you may have called him a few choice names during a heated game back then. He had insisted on meeting you that night and despite the rivalry you two hit it off right away, you began talking, and three months later you began to date.

“Or would I have gone to your sister’s wedding with you despite the fact that we had to wear those awful clothes she picked out for us? Would I have remembered your favorite ice cream flavor, the way you like your coffee, the fact that you hate sleeping with socks on even if your feet freeze in the night? Would I have remembered that you like to sleep with the windows open and a fan on so you can bundle up under the blankets? Would I have remembered your favorite book and the chapter that usually makes you cry?”

You couldn’t help the tears that filled your eyes as he listed everything that he remembered about you, things that you found to be mundane but he found to be unique to you. Things that were so small, such as the fact that you always slept with two pillows so you had one to curl up with and one to roll on, things that you only remembered if you truly loved someone.

You cut off his rant as you threw your arms around him, hugging him tightly as you buried your face into his chest, you could feel the sweat seeping through it from practice but you really didn’t care, you felt his own arms wrap around you, locking you in a loving embrace.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for doubting you, the fans just kept talking and I-” You were cut off by another gentle kiss, this one different than before, you could practically feel the love radiating off of him at this point.

“I know, they can be pretty nasty sometimes and trust me, I know how the words get to you, they get to me too. But we’re stronger than that. We’re stronger than all of the hate. I love you Y/N.”

You laid in his arms for what felt like hours, and it might have been, you quickly fell asleep but when you woke up he was gone and you could hear the shower running down the hallway, but your phone dinged with a notification.

Opening it you found a picture of you sleeping on Jonathan’s chest posted on instagram with the caption.

I love you, for all the little things, all the mundane things, all the Y/N things.

You smiled softly at your screen, it would take some time, but you were sure that you and Jonathan would make it through everything, no matter what.

Not So Fast Maximoff!

Written and edited by: Nat

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Mutation: Ability to stop time

You we’re at your locker removing and adding books to your inventory for your afternoon classes when all of a sudden you get hit with a gust of air, Peter’s signature move and it happened very often as he ran through the hallways making his way to his other classes. It was lunchtime though so he was probably going to hang out with his other friends, you proceeded to slow down time until everyone at their lockers froze and decided to catch up with Peter. You knew he was probably already at his destination, you guessed he was heading to the library cause the group always hung out there. You had pretty good stamina so you ran to the library for what it seemed was two minutes but really time wasn’t working so you couldn’t exactly tell. You reached your destination and you witness Peter reaching for Scott’s books, what was he doing? His hands were already grasping the book but he wore a smile on his face, you reached your hand out and situated it on Peter’s shoulder and instantly he began to move again but he only moved a couple of inches before pausing to look at you.

“Oh, hey Y/N. It’s uh, not what it looks like.”

He blurts out but you were still confused.

“Pete I don’t even know what this looks like.”

He looks around as everyones frozen, you only stopped time with him two times but he looked around mesmerized. Sure he’s fast but he only saw people’s action slowed not temporarily frozen.

“Okay this makes my job easier.”

He continues to pick up Scott’s book that he was reading and he flips it over. Oh my god.

“Oh god you’re doing those awful pranks that elementary kids do!”

He bobs his head in agreement, he always liked to fool around and you always questioned if he was ever serious.

“You know what I’ll just unfreeze tim-“

You try and call off your role in the prank since he could always accomplish it with his super speed but he interrupted you.

“No! You can help me this way. It’ll be fun c'mon.”

Why not, you should have fun sometimes and you never pranked someone so there’s always a first for something.

“Alright fine, what am I meant to do?”

He retrieved a devious smile as he pointed to the water bottle on the table in front of Scott.

“Place the water bottle on his head.”

What did you get yourself into.

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The Library (Taehyung x OC) | Prequel


Can I have a scenario about Taehyung where you both are enemies but he’s only doing it because he likes you and wants your attention?

Parts: Prequel | TEASER | 01 | 02

Was it the way he spoke? Was it the way he acted?

Or was it just the way he was?

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