the way he moves his hips

kitchen tiles

a/n: I know this is super short, but I thought it was kinda cute. 

I strutted to the beat of the song, as I turned my back to the stereo having just pressed played. I waved my arms in the air and moved to the rhythm before I was back at the sink. My hips slowly swayed side to side as I muttered the lyrics, dipping my hands into the warm bubbly water.

“Isn’t she pretty, truly the angel’s best” I heard Shawn sing from behind as he entered the kitchen. I turned round and dried my hands on the cloth, smiling from ear to ear as he walked in with his guitar, strumming along to the song. “I can’t believe what God has done” he sung through the typical huge smile, making his way over to me. He tapped his foot and swayed forwards and backwards as he continued to play along, with me dancing circles around him. During the instrumental part, Shawn stopped playing the guitar and placed it down on the kitchen counter. Before I knew it, he pulled me closer to him, placing one hand on my waist as the other took my hand. Our feet made light patterns across the kitchen tiles, as if we were in a gigantic ball room as apposed to our average sized kitchen. He stuck his arm out so I could twirl under it, before pulling me back close to him so my head could crash against his chest.

I could feel the vibration against his chest when he sung once again, to the top of his voice. He gently pushed me off his body, holding both hands as his eyes connected with mine. “Life and love are the same” his face full with glee as he sung. He placed his hands at the sides of my face, bringing it in so his lips could touch mine. My heart skipped a beat the moment I felt him smile into the kiss, making it that extra bit special. As he pulled away, he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“(Y/N), it could not have been done, without you who conceived the one” he smiled as he looked down. “That’s so very lovely made from love” he sung softly. I smiled as I looked down too, placing my hands over his, as he embraced our small little bump.

Dan Avidan things to appreciate
  • that little squeaking sound he makes when he laughs too hard 
  • his sneezes 
  • when he whistles 
  • cHeSt HaiR  
  • the way his shirt rides up when he lays down
  • his bouncy curls
  • his glasses 
  • when he wears the Danny Sexbang costume and you can see the bulge
  • his smile 
  • when he sometimes sticks his tongue out 
  • when his hair flows in the wind 
  • the faces he makes when he lip-syncs to his favorite songs 
  • the little gray hairs in his beard 
  • his chin 
  • giant thumbs/fingers/hands (all of them)
  • literally not being able to see his eyes because of his hair
  • LIPS 
  • his love for football 
  • mirror selfies 
  • ARMS 
  • the way he moves his hips when he dances
  • when he talks about memes he likes 
  • his pronunciations of certain words
  • HIM!!! 

Feel free to add more as you please, let’s keep the list going!

A Play On Words

This one came to me while I was making pancakes and was partially inspired by the cute couple who came into work the other day. Please do let me know what you thought :) x

Originally posted by 16meets18

chose this gif purely for the dramatic look

He’s tinkering away in the kitchen with the smoothie maker when you enter it. You pause for a moment,watching him with interest as he moves back and forth between the counter as he adds ingredients to the mixer. He’s wearing his pajama, a pair of sweatpants snug low around his hips and to no surprise, he doesn’t have a shirt on. His hair, still messy from last night is poking out every which way and you have an urge to run your fingers through it. His back is towards you, but you know he’s got his eyes narrowed in concentration with his tongue sticking out of his mouth slightly as he adds just the right amount of coconut to the mixer. 

You lean off the doorway and make your way over to him, swinging your arms around his shoulders and press kisses to the back of his neck as you press your body into his. He stiffens for a quick moment before relaxing in your grip, “Morning, pet.” He mumbles, before turning his face to press a kiss to your temple.

You hum your greeting, squeezing him a bit tighter before you pull away and hop up onto the counter next to where he has the blender set up. You let your palms rest against the counter as you cross your ankles and lean forward, watching him with your brows raised. He’s got a careful eye on the blender, done putting ingredients in it and now adding the top to it, ring clad fingering hovering over the start button before his eyes shoot up and he smirks at you, 

“Yer wearin panties under tha’, aren’t yeh?” 

You frown at that, glancing down at your thighs, the shirt of his you had slept in the night before falling there. “Of course I am! You twat!” You squawk, eyes shooting up as you lean forward and use a hand to smack his chest. 

“Oi! S’just a question, kitten. We eat here, don’ we?” He says with a mischievous smirk, and before you can retort he’s hit the start button and smoothie maker is rumbling away.

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The Locker Room

He’s still inside of her when they hear the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team chamber inside, after the game.

Their loud voices echo off the walls, and with a grunt, Draco grips her tanned waist and walks her back, to a corner of the room that is further from everyone else, but no less exposed.

Hermione felt every step, every shift of his hips, as he moves her at his own pace. She choked on her moans and gasps as he stifles his own sounds behind a clenched jaw.

“Draco.“ She whisper, a warning, maybe they should stop, but as soon as her legs settled on the floor, his whole body blanketing hers, his hips begin their relentless rhythm once more.

“Draco.” The way she says his name changes, and he looks down on her from his position above her, his arm braced against the wall, caging her in. It’s not fair, she thinks, it’s bot fair how he looks entirely unaffected by everything but for the sheen of sweat on his forehead and the minute bob of his Adam’s apple.

“Draco.” she moans.

The snap of his hips is quick, hard but not hard enough, he can’t risk making too much noise, and as it is, the only thing probably keeping her from getting caught is the loud exclamations, the jokes, the laughter from his teammates.

She stuffed her fist in her mouth, she couldn’t help it.

But, he moves his hand from where they held her legs apart to lace his fingers with hers, and she’s not sure if it’s a display of affection or his playful side wanting to make things harder for her to not scream in pleasure. It’s a safe bet to say that it’s probably both.

When her mouth opens in a loud moan, he leans down and captures it on his tongue, seals it away between his own lips. When he moves toward her, it changes the angle of his body and the head of his cock reaches something deep within her.

Hermione tensed, and it’s almost unsatisfying that she doesn’t get to shout as her orgasm crashes over, but with a few more thrusts, Draco finishes just as the last of his teammates exits the locker room.

She grins up at him, tired but trying her hardest not to let the warmth and satisfaction of the afterglow sink into her bones just yet.

“I hope you enjoyed that because that’s probably the last time we are ever doing that again.”

He scoffs, but she catch the small smirk on his face.

“You can think whatever you want Granger, but this won’t be our last.“ He said as he kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth.


Happy Birthday!

Characters/pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 794

Warnings: Smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected vaginal intercourse, bit of fluff.

A/N: I was saving this one for feb 10 but it’s better for today!!

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*gif not mine

Happy Birthday!

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everything about junkrat screams flamboyantly gay. the leather harness. his laugh. the way he moves his hands. the way he cocks his hips. the way he stands when he laughs. lounge emote. the expressive way he talks. his tights. his leggings. his body makeup.  his nail polish. that little top that shows off his chest. his gloves. the way he looks at roadhog. his milk tea and fancy coffee. his abs. his flannel overalls. his shibari ropes. i could do this all fuckin night folks, everything about junkrat is gay


damn it aoi ur making love to you’r guitar to hard here 

Joffrey x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Joffrey falling in love with your beauty and soul despite the fact you are his sister.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hello there, may I request a Joffrey Baratheon x Sister! Reader one? Where he’s fallen for her despite the fact they were siblings. Just fluff between the two.


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Seventeen (Hip Hop Unit) reaction to gf dancing like Shakira

Anonymous said: svt(hip hop)/got7/bts to gf dancing like shakira ♡


S.Coups: He loves the dancing so much, he has you to send him a video of you dancing. He has a certain part in the video that he loves way too much that he just can’t stop replaying.

Originally posted by kittykatkwon

Vernon: He just studies your lower body, he’s amazed and curious about how your body is moving so good like that. It seems similar to a certain singer (Shakira) dance moves, but he just can’t put his finger on who.

Originally posted by hansoltheist

Wonwoo: He always feel some type of way, when you start dancing like that. The way your body moves is way too good and exotic, he feels like him watching you is a major no, no.

Originally posted by jongdaeshighnote

Mingyu: Tries explaining (over dramatic tho) to others how fast your hips was moving.

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Turn Ons • Obi-Wan HC!

- Obi-Wan loves the sound of your moans and whimpers when he touches you. You’re quite vocal, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

- Sometimes the teasing gets to be too much, and you find yourself grinding on Obi’s knee, thigh, etc. It drives him crazy. He’ll guide your hips as his lips suck and bite on the sensitive skin of your neck

- When you’re dominant, Obi can’t handle it. Especially if you make him wait to cum. “I didn’t say so yet, darling” you whisper to him as your hand moves up and down his shaft. “Please,” he gasps out. “Please, (y/n) I.. I can’t-” and his begging usually gets him his way.

- If you kiss and bite his neck in just the right spots, you can turn him into a puddle of pleasure. Backed up against the wall, your lips attached to his neck, throat, jaw… “oh darling, please…” he whines. “I need you..”

- Last but most certainly not least, his Master/daddy kink. This man cannot keep it together when you’re moaning and whimpering, but when you start to call him “Master” or “daddy” whether it be screaming it as you cum or whispering it into his ear as he pounds into you, he loses every fiber of self control that he once had. It’s quite hot, you would say.

Joji x Reader - How did this happen? (smut?)

Joji x reader - How did this happen?(Semi-Smut)
A/N is this by request? I cant fucking remember but here it is anyway. Big implications of sex ok.

How another argument between you and George had turned into him pinning you against a wall, you will never know.
At this point in time you were certainly following the saying to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer but there was no way either of you could stop now. The way his breath fanned your neck between heavy kisses and how his body presses into yours seeming to fit perfectly, drove you wild.
George’s breath mixed in with yours as his hips bumped into you repeatedly, you still had no idea how this happened. It seemed to move in a blur, one minute he was calling you an obnoxious brat, the next he was calling you baby, he perplexed you to say the least.
“Fuck, right there baby.” He moaned every time you moved on top of him, his brain was racing a mile a minute thinking of you and how you were moving around him, yours was racing with questions about how the hell this happened?
His body was ready to end the movements going on between the two of you, you knew this when he moaned loudly,pushing you on the bed so he could pull out effectively. It didn’t take him long, a few journeys up and down his dick and he was cumming on your stomach and chest; George was now ready to make sure that you too were finished. Although you didn’t care, you just wanted to ask him what had just happened - your brain whirred as he slid his arms around you pulling you against his chest. The questions in your mind multiplied, they ranged from “Why is he doing this?” To “What does this mean?
"What just happened?” He chuckled lowly, stroking your hair.

A/N ITS B A D thanks. I wanted to upload something so here we are™ plz send me asks none of my friends r awwake.

I Get Off

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Request: Anonymous. Not sure if your taking any request but is there a way you could do a song fic to “I get off” by halestorm for sam x reader.

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 704

Warnings: some bad language

Author: Amy

It’s always there. The want, the need, the intense sexual tension between them. Somehow the both of you swear that the other doesn’t have a clue of how you feel towards the other. The hidden glances from each of you, hoping you don’t get caught. Each of you yearning to touch the other.

For Sam, it’s watching you dance. The way your body stretches, bends, moves in time to the beat of the music, almost like you and he are the only two people in the room. That you dance just for him. He watches behind hooded eyes as your hips sway and your hands move up and down your body seductively, fuck how he wishes it was his hands touching you. He’s tempted each time to cross the line from friends to lovers.

For you, it’s the realization that Sam has been watching you move. It gives you a sense of control that with each move you make you can bring him to his knees. You try not to stare openly as you move around with the music, but you can tell his eyes haven’t left your body since the music started. Biting your bottom lip, you let your gaze slide down his long hard body as he leans back against the bar. Slowly you work your eyes up his body as your hips roll slowly, your gaze stopping at his waist and you see the outline of his cock growing harder with each passing second. Knowing that it’s because of you that he’s so turned on makes your lower body tighten and you feel yourself get more turned on.

Right this minute it is so much hotter to look than to dance over to him and touch him. You see his hands clench into fists at his sides and the muscles in his thighs are tensing as he fights the urge to cross the room to get to you. You move your gaze upward, watch his chest rise and fall with each deep breath he is taking. Inhaling sharply, you see the thin layer of sweat gathering in the hollow of his throat. You see the pulse in his neck beating just a little faster, your gaze drawn to his mouth where his tongue darts out to lick his lips hungrily as he stares at you. You close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

Sam bites down into his lip as he watches your eyes close. The sharp sting heightens his arousal, he’s not shy to admit that a little pain thrown in with the pleasure of sex entices him. Most women would say he’s a little bit different and a few have even called him a freak, but he knows you and he can give you what you want.  From the corner of his eye he sees that some asshole has also been watching you and is working his way towards you. Sam pushes off from the bar, anger and lust making his movements sleek and predatory as he stalks across the room. He can’t hide the smirk from his face at the other guy’s expression as he reaches you first.

You aren’t even aware of the attention that’s settled on you. Your mind is filled with images of Sam touching you, caressing you, kissing you. Your eyes are still closed and your body has turned with the beat of the music, your hips swaying gently. The feel of warm hands on your hips stops your movement, you get ready to defend yourself when you feel long delicate fingers tighten around you. Suddenly you’re jerked back against a hard chest and your senses overload on Sam Winchester. The smell of his vanilla shampoo to the crisp smell of his aftershave mixed with the odor of whiskey and the smell of gun oil overwhelms you and your head falls back against his chest. He keeps one hand gripping you tightly and the other one he spans across your stomach holding you against him, while he grinds his hard-on against your ass.

He leans his head down and you shudder softly feeling his warm breath on your ear and whispers, “Do you like getting off on me, getting off on you?”

Feeling Rebellious - Yoongi

Request : I want sub!yoongi and like light bondage and body appreciation (from @kitcatthebest <3)

WARNING : Sexual behavior, description of sex actions, SMUT

CONTAINS : Sub!Yoongi, bodyworkship, dom!reader, sex toys, little bondage etc.

A/N : sorry i can’t update Boss, i’ll finish my exams and write the third chapter in the following weeks. I wrote this as an apologize, hope you’ll like it ! + thank you my twitter friend for editing it i love you

words : 1,3k

His onyx pupils were attached on you as you made your way to him, only dressed in a see-through robe set on black silk set. He licked his lips at your sight, loving the way your hips moved as you walked, and eventually plunged his needy and horny gaze into your dominating one.  

 He had been a bad boy, and he knew it; that was why he didn’t say a thing when you told him to wait for you in your shared bedroom, only in his underwear. He sat there, on the edge of the bed, hands intertwined on his knees, patiently waiting for you. He didn’t move a bit when you opened the door and came in, and he still wasn’t moving when you finally stepped in front of him. He just lifted his eyes to meet yours, a small and sly smirk plastered on his face.  

“Hello”, he whispered with his hoarse voice, looking up to you, still granting you a bratty smirk.   

You raised one of your eyebrows, looking down at him. You stayed like this for a good minute, exploring with your gaze his frame, admiring the way his dick could perk up in his underwear for the exciting feeling, or even the way his nipples were hardening. Yet, even though you’d love to keep teasing him with no touching, you knew it’d be more enjoyable for the both you if you teased him physically; so you looked back at his eyes and firmly grabbed his chin, lifting his head up a bit more, showing off your current dominance.   

“If I were you, I wouldn’t try to be bratty tonight”, you affirmed, a serious face on.   

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, he not-so-innocently replied, a sly smile still on his face.   

“You don’t?”, you asked raising your eyebrows again, tightening two fingers on his jaw. A small, yet lippy, “no” left his mouth.   

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Shadow Dork


Word Count: 1.1k

Rating: Extra Fluffy


Nico di Angleo froze, half-way to reaching for a shadow. He glanced to the half-open door of the Hade’s cabin to find Will Solace standing with his fists on his hips and an absolutely furious face. Nico looked back to the shadow. He was close, if he moved quick, Will wouldn’t even—

Don’t even think about it,” Will warned.

Nico winced. He looked back to the shadow, the same look in his eye as when a rabbit looks for escape from a wolf. He glanced back to Will, still in the doorway, then back again at the shadow. Nico leapt for it.

He’d barely taken a step when Will slammed into him, somehow having made it across the cabin in less than a second. The two went tumbling to the floor, grappling with each other as Nico strained to reach any sliver of shadow within arm’s reach. Will’s arms seized up around Nico’s chest under his arms, locking him up. Nico spat like a cat, doing his best to claw at the stupidly strong son of Apollo.

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I wanna be yours

Originally posted by aleclightwoodaily

GIF not mine

Alec Lightwood x Reader 

Warnings : smut , yelling , cursing , maybe some violence


     His blue eyes meet yours passion and lust blurring his view ,his eyes scanned you body up and down , resting on your chest and hips a little to long , he walked to you , his hand resting on your waist , he dropped his head on the crook of your neck and breathed deeply in you scent , his lips pressed to the sensitive skin , a moan leaving your mouth in that very moment , his hand moved up your back and found their way to your long locks . His lips kissed the skin of your neck , moving softly to your jaw and cheeks , kissing the skin , making you feel loved , his lips were inches apart from your , your whole body was trembling , the anticipation running on your blood spreading adrenaline on your muscles . You moved your face closer to his , titling you head on the side so your noses won’t touch and make you break the kiss that was going to come , Alec leaned in , his lips were now on yours , soft , wet and gentle . His lips moved softly on yours , your bodies pressed together , his hands gripping on the skin of your waist while yours were exploring his back .

     “ You’re driving me crazy !” Alec muttered on your ear , after breaking the kiss , his lips were again on the soft skin of your neck . “ You don’t know how much I waited to do this to you .” his hands traveled on your ass gripping firmly on it . Your hand ruffled his hair , the need to sink on his hands , on his body , on his love took hold of you , making you completely forget that you was engaged to someone else . 

     Alec unzipped your dress and took it off your body he took a few steps back so he could watch your body . You were only in your underwear , Alecs gaze studying your skin , the way that your chest was moving up and down , your breath irregular . He approached slowly , his lips found your , the kiss that hold both of you was lustful ,needy , urgent , your hands unbuttoned the buttons from his shirt , you pulled the cloth of his body , your lips found his neck , you kissed the flavored skin , his hands opened the clasps of your bra , Alec pulled the braces down and let the material to fall at your feets . He pushed you to the bed , you laid on your back and Alec soon found his way on top of you , your mouths kissing , hungry for more . Alec had his hands on your breasts , caressing them , his lips moved to your neck , and in that moment you realized two things . You realized that Alec was the one that will ever be able to touch your skin like this and that you had to stop this . You and Tyler were about to get married but you didn’t wanted him . You wanted Alec , you wanted all that Alec could give to you !  But still you were about to cheat on your husband and it wasn’t right so you did the only thing that you knew that will have the effect that you wanted on Alec , so instead of moaning his name , you let Tylers name to slip from your lips . Alec stopped in an instant , his eyes wide in shock .

     “ (Y\N) … “ he breathed your name in such a way that you wanted to kiss him until he would have forgotten that you called out your betrothed’s name .

     “ I’m sorry Alec !” you muttered under your breath ,” I’m Tyler’s , I can’t be yours , I didn’t wanted to do this it was just …”

     “ Shut it !” Alec yelled and got up , he took his shirt from the ground and put it on his body again .

     “ Alec , please … I just …” you tried to say your eyes already drowned in tears .

     “ Just shut it , (Y\N) ! I can’t even look at you ! If you knew how you feel about Tyler , why did you wanted to do this with me ? Did you imagined that it was Tyler in my place ? Normally that you did , this is how girls like you act , you steal a guys mind and make him fall in love with you just to tell him that you are going to be someone else’s ! Just don’t try to talk with me again !” He yelled and exited your room in a hurry , leaving you almost naked and crying . All that you wanted was him , but what you should do since he is the forbidden fruit for you .

     After that incident you and Alec didn’t talked for a long time , not even when you were going on missions . He wouldn’t want to listen to you , he didn’t gave you chance to explain everything to him so after a while you started to act like nothing happened .

     Five moths not talking with Alec , five moths trying to support Tyler’s need of you body , he tried every night but you will just find  a reason to stop him , it was to much for you , you couldn’t act like nothing happened anymore and damn it you needed Alec as much as you need air , so you did the thing that no one expected from you .

     You rushed to the training room , everybody was here , and you could feel Alec’s gaze on your body even if you didn’t knew exactly where he was , you could always know if he is in the same room with you or not because if he was you could feel this tingly sensation all over your body . You went to Tyler , Alec’s eyes trowing daggers at you as he saw you approaching the one that you were going to marry , he thought that you came to tell him that you need him or that you are pregnant , but Alec wasn’t prepared for what you were going to say , no one was .

     “ I need to talk with you , now !” you said looking in Tyler’s brown eyes . “ What’s the matter love ?” he asked and Alec could feel his stomach twisting as he thought that he was the one that should call you that way , not the douche bag that you were going to marry .

     “ I’m breaking the engagement !” you said confidently and everyone gasped , Tylers eyes looked deep into yours trying to figure it out if you are lying or not . “ I can’t marry you , I don’t  love you ! I hate when you touch me , every time when I even think about you trying to kiss me or touch me in any other way it just makes my stomach to throw out everything that I ate that month  ! I hate that I was betrothed with you and I don’t even want to see you because the only feeling that you can light up in me is disgust . And I’m not sorry for this , I’m breaking the engagement so I can be with the one that I truly love .” You said , looking at Alec when the last sentence slipped past your lips .

     You didn’t payed attention to Tyler so when his fist aimed to your stomach , you fell on the ground , the power rune and the strength one giving him way to much force . You started to cough up blood the intensity of the punch bruising your skin immediately . You managed to get up , standing in font of him , everybody frozen in time . He hit you again and that’s when hell was released . The others tried to stop him but he was way to strong now . Alec walked in front of you but when you saw Tyler ready to kick Alec you just pushed the man that you loved away , gaining one more punch on the side .

     Izzy took a seraph blade and hit Tyler with the handle in the soft spot of his head , he fell on the ground , next to you , the difference was that your wounds were more severe as you were internally bleeding , with blood coming out from your mouth . The last face that you saw was Alec’s .

     Waking up a few hours later you already felt better , you remembered about your mission and rushed out so you could equip yourself and go to help that others as you knew that they left without you . Maryse yelled after you , demanding you to go back and get some rest , but you ignored her .

     As you arrived to the building that you needed to get to , you could hear the sound of fight from the roof so you ran as fast as you could up the stairs . When you got to the top you pulled out your seraph blade cutting every single demon that got in your way . As you were done Izzy , Jace , Clary and Alec were looking at you wide eyed as they knew that you should have had been at the Institute , to get some rest after what Tyler did to you .

     You hugged the girls and Jace to but you didn’t knew if it will be alright to do the same with Alec since you didn’t talked in months . 

     “ We should go back to the Institute .” Jace said and looked at the other as they all nodded their heads . 
     “ You go , I’ll stay here for a while . I need to clear my mind .” you said but Jace looked at you not sure that he should leave you alone .

     “ Go , I’ll stay here to be sure that nothing happens to her .” Alec said , and they left , leaving you and Alec alone on the roof top , leaving you so close , but still so far from him . 

     You were watching the dark sky and the shiny stars when his voice was heard again , now talking to you . You just wanted to pretend that nothing happened between the two of you since it was clearly that he was denying that anything happened .

     “ Stop pretending this never happened .” he said and you turned around to look at him .

     “ What ‘this’ means ?” you asked your eyes watching him intensely .

     “ Stop pretending that we never happened , that we never wanted to be together !” he said approaching you .

     “ I’m just doing what you want me to do , what you do .” you whispered and looked at Alec as he was dangerously close to you , your bodies inches apart .

     “ Fuck this !” Alec cursed , his hands wrapped around your waist pulling you in his chest , his lips found yours , the kiss was possessive as if he wanted to show t everybody that you were his , as if he wanted to mark you , but little did he knew that you were already marked as his , you were his from the moment when you first landed eyes on his blue oceans .

     “ Tell me what you want (Y\N) , or I swear I’m going to go nuts , I need to know what you want baby girl , just tell me what you want !” he whispered pressing his lips on your neck .

     “ I wanna be yours , I wanna be yours , only yours Alec .” you said , finding his lips and pressing yours to his taking and giving everything as now you were one now .

Shadow* (Jason McCann imagine)

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 3rd of November, 2016


Y/N’s POV:

Everything happened too quickly when he pulled me behind the club and his soft lips connected on mine. I had no time to fight back not that I would have wanted. I was way too drunk to control myself

In the shadows there was just me and brown-haired young man whose name I had heard to be Jason. Lips locked each others, his hand wandering all over my body, sparks, shivers all over my body. I pulled away from the kiss and bit my lower lip

“Stop doing that, kitten or I can’t contain myself anymore” he groaned lowly. “Who said that you should do that?” I moved my mouth closer to his ear and whispered before I kissed his earlobe. His strong cologne made my head spin even more it already did

“So you want me to take you right here?” he murmed and his hands made their way over my hips. He didn’t wait my answer but pushed me with force against the tile wall. “Spread your legs for me, babygirl” he hummed softly

Flashback about two hours ago:

We stepped out of the big limousine with girls and heated over the club where we supposed to spend one of my dearest friend’s birthday. “Don’t say that this is so strip club” she rolled her eyes for us but we shook our heads. “Nope but we can go in one if you want there so badly. Night is still young” That suggestion made her just chuckle and shook her head

“I think that I’ll be fine” she told before the porter let us inside that big club. Neon lights hit against our faces when we walked on the dance floor which was full of people, youngs and little older ones too. You was able to feel that heat around you and it made your body relax. It was time to party

We pulled our friend over the bar and sat her down on a chair. “The strongest one which you can find there” I told to the bartender and he nodded smirking over us. “Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked chuckling and we all rolled our eyes. “Of course not, birthday girl. We came here just chill and play tea parties you know like five year old kids” You could feel that all sarcasm flying out from our words to her

“Do you want some tea to your cup, Ms. Daisy?” I asked her cutely and reminded her of those times when we sat corner of her room playing that play together with our teddy bears. “Shut up, Y/N” he pushed me against my shoulder and it made all of us laugh before the bartender gave the birthday hero her drink and seconds later our drinks came too. “For the best night ever” she raised her glass. “For the best night ever” we said back and clinked out shot glasses together

Shot glasses were covering our table after we left and moved to the dance floor with unsteady steps. We started dance along ‘In The Name of Love’ by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha. Beat hit strong against us and I was almost able to feel it in my bodys. Adrenaline rushed in my veins quicker and I closed my eyes for few seconds

And all of sudden I was all alone in the dance floor when I opened them. I mean of course there was a lot of people around me but they all were so unfamiliar for me. But I was too worked up to think about something like that. I didn’t need anyone to keep me up, I could do that by myself too. I just let the music take me in its grip and gave my body a permission to get some loose

I felt how someone would have been staring at me while I danced. I decided turn around and noticed a big group of young men sitting on the table just few meters away from where I was. My eyes met one of those men eyes and light smirk spread on my face

He was wearing a black leather jacket, black ripped jeans and he pulled him sunglasses to cover his eyes which color I didn’t recognized that quick. I turned my back for them and started dance even wilder I already did and soon someones hands moved on my hips

It was some unfamiliar guy but I didn’t push him away but started grind against him slowly before low moans slipped out of his mouth and I was able to feel him hardening against me. I bit my lip for him and started grind him harder but before I even noticed he was gone. I turned my head and noticed that mysterious sunglass man had pushed my companion away

That man walked over me soon smirking and took off his sunglasses and finally I was able to see his deep brown eyes even it was almost dark around us. “Wanna dance, sexy?” he asked and I nodded before he could continue. We moved middle of the dance floor and I heard whistles behind us. “Go get that slut, Jason!” one of his friends yelled for him but it made him just chuckle back

“What’s your name, babe?” he asked and I felt his hand land on my hips when we started dance. My back was lightly touching his chest while our bodies where slowly moving along the beat. “Y/N” I whispered back

He hummed nodding. “Beautiful name” his breath hit against my neck and it made my senses wake up. I moaned softly wishing that he wouldn’t hear it but he did and smirked. “Are you horny, baby?” his words tickled in my ear and without thinking I had already nodded for him

Suddenly he took me by my arm and started drag me out of the club. I noticed my friends sitting in one tsble with a few men. They noticed me and I winked at them nodding over my partner. They must be jealous now

Flashback ends

He kneeled down on his knees and pulled my skirt on my knees. His hand connected against my ass with a few teasing slap. He cursed slowly before he stood up again and pushed my hands tighter against the wall. “Keep them there and don’t move” he told

I was nothing but mess under his control. I felt how it start get more and more disgusting after every words of his when I felt myself getting wetter for him. I might be desperate already but I didn’t want show that to him so I stood there patiently staring to the wall. “Damn, someone is a bit excited, aren’t you?” his hand teased me between my legs and made shivers run all over my body

“How bad you want it?” he hummed to my ear and I gasped because of the sudden close contact. “So bad” I almost whispered because I could get almost nothing out of my mouth on that point anymore. “Speak louder so I can hear” he moved even closer to me and I felt something poking against my ass. I bit my lip and closed my eyes before I let out weak moan: “So bad, please”

He chuckled and pulled off my panties. “Already begging for me, you’re too easy treat for me” I heard sound of opening belt and zipper. A low groan made my curious woke up and me look over my shoulder. He was standing tall and ready for me. I bit my lip and smirked for him after I was his size. He was maybe one of the biggest that I had ever had

My friend might be, no they totally would be jealous if I tell them but then his words made me drop back to reality: “This will stay just between us then” he said before he turned my head back to face the wall and pushed himself inside my. I saw stars a while

Thankfully no one came there so we had all that peace to finish our act. He pulled me lightly to my ponytail and whispered dirty things to my ears while he was pounding me with just the perfect pace in and out

Hitting the right spots that I would have been able to come after 5 minutes already but I decided hold it. It didn’t help nothing but maybe ten minutes before I was already reached my first orgasm

His heavy breathing hit my next and I felt how he started slow down a bit already. “Are you close? God, you better be because.. ” he couldn’t finish his sentence before I already felt how his warm loads filled me. My body was tired, so was his. Speechless and breathless we just tried figure out what had just happened but we couldn’t find the right answer

My head had started to clear a bit and headache started take a place. “Soo.. ” I started and looked him shyly. “Another round?” I smirked and he looked me back. “Maybe next time babe, I gotta go” he told and kissed me on the cheek before he disappeared in the shadows

That next time ever happened and I didn’t really see him after that night. He was just a one new man to my list, one good fuck which I didn’t remember clearly anymore in the morning when I woke up next day. Just dark hickeys on my neck reminded me of that something had happened between me and him

Something bigger than just innocent dancing, something that you would have experience again but you could ever do it. One night stand wouldn’t be called one time after it happen twice so maybe it would be better just move on, like I always did