the way he moved was just like


It takes Will more than a week to get around to doing what his mom asked him. His days are surprisingly full: showing Matt around and keeping his secrets, helping out in the clinic, trying to flirt with Payton whenever she comes by. So his mom’s soil project falls by the wayside, despite her reproachful eyes.

Will’s been trying not to think about his powers, about what they might mean. He still feels a pull behind his sternum some nights when the sky is clear.

When he woke up this morning, though, he’d found a container of soil from outside right next to his head. On a torn-out piece of notebook paper, his mom had written: Today. She’d underlined it three times.

And so.

It’s even more humid and sticky in the greenhouse than it is outside, which is saying something, and Will’s been trying to get the soil in the container to do something — anything — for hours now, but it’s not like before, it’s not something he can control. When he hears the door open and shut he looks up immediately, desperate for any distraction.

Payton’s standing there, being the best kind of distraction. “Hey,” she says. “Your cousin said you were probably in here.”

He feels a sudden and totally irrational stab of jealousy, but plays it cool. “Yeah, I’m just working on some stuff.”

Her eyes take everything in: things growing, the sun through the glass, trowels and garden gloves strewn everywhere. “This is cool,” she says, running her hand along a stainless steel shelf, touching the leaf of a tomato plant gingerly, like she might hurt it. “What you do here.”

“Come on. You’re the one driving around doing dangerous stuff all the time.”

Crouching down to look more closely at the plant, she says to the tomatoes, still tiny on the vine: “Everything we do is dangerous.”

Will watches her, finding it hard to swallow. Her long, slim fingers, the easy way she moves. He thinks about Louisa, the girl he’d taken to Homecoming and kissed exactly twice; he thinks about how she’s dead now, but he can’t picture it. He just sees her in that dark blue dress, spinning to show her friends the way the fabric swirls around her.

Finally Payton straightens and turns to him. “Look, I came here to — I don’t know. To say goodbye, I guess. That caravan is leaving tomorrow, going up into the mountains. And I’m gonna go with them.” She fidgets with a ring on her right hand, spinning it around. “So I’m passing the route off. I won’t be back here.”

He nods, slow. “I figured.”

“You figure a lot of things.” Her eyes narrow, but there’s nothing critical in her gaze. She’s careful, searching. “You’re not going to try to convince me not to go?”

Will shrugs. “Could I?”


“Then there you go.” That vision he’d gotten of the mountains — the tower, the toxic rain — flashes behind his eyelids, but he pushes it aside. He doesn’t even know if it’s real. “What changed your mind?”

Payton perches on the edge of the counter. With the sunset streaming in he notices, for the first time, the freckles scattered across her nose, the flecks in her dark eyes. “I was talking to Caroline,” she says. “She says your dad is — was — some famous alien hunter or something.”

“Or something,” Will agrees.

“Caroline says that it’s aliens who did all of this.”

“Caroline says a lot of shit.”

“Yeah.” She looks at him closely. “Is she right, though?”

Will’s tongue darts out to wet his lips. A nervous habit he picked up from his mom, probably, a long time ago. All he can eke out is, “Maybe.”

Her smile is small, and not at all pleasant. “Then this is war,” she says. “And I want the high ground.” She pauses. “You could come, too.”

“I can’t.” It’s not that he’s a coward and it’s not that he isn’t curious: but look what happened the last time he ran away. Payton’s gaze is clear, curious. Will explains, “It’s my fault my dad died.” It’s the first time he’s said it out loud in all this time. It hurts to say. “I left home to try to protect him and my mom, and instead it got him killed, and I can’t. I can’t do that to her. I can’t leave.”

Payton stares down at her hands, her fingers twining together. After a long moment, she glances up at him again. She asks, “Do you know how my parents died?”

He doesn’t. He doesn’t want to, either.

Her voice is soft. “It happened right in front of me, Will. I couldn’t do anything about it, and I see it happen over and over again every time I fall asleep.” He can see her swallow. “You can only protect yourself.”

“I don’t believe that,” Will says, and his voice is stronger than it has any right to be.

She hops off the counter and stands on her tiptoes to kiss him, so quickly it’s over before he knows it’s happening. “I figured,” she says, her lips almost brushing his cheek.

And she slips out the door. And she’s gone.

At some ungodly hour his mom shakes him awake, and in the darkness he can just make out the shape of the radio in her hands.

“Listen,” she hisses, settling herself cross-legged beside him.

Will obliges. For a few minutes there’s nothing, and then he hears it.

“This is Radio Nowhere.” Static, static. A few different voices talking over each other, sounding like they’re underwater. Then the same voice again: “…on a clear night you can hear forever.”

God. He knows that voice. Months ago he’d worried out that he might be forgetting his father’s face, the sound of his voice; he was wrong. He’d know it anywhere. He sits up.


He doesn’t have to say anything else. She nods. For the first time he notices how gently she’s holding the radio, like it’s a precious thing.

If his dad is alive. If this isn’t some kind of trick or a mistake.

If it wasn’t all Will’s fault, after all. If he is absolved.

Will says, “What are you going to do?”, and his mom is silent.

In eighteen years, he has never thought, even for a second, about the possibility of his parents choosing each other over him. Of course he knew that they were different from most of his friends’ parents, whose relationships tended toward the businesslike. He knew they shared a past — and a present — that would always be outside his ken. But he also knew that he was always first. That his parents made sacrifices for him, sacrifices he would never be expected to repay.

He is very, very quiet. Again: “Mom.”

She looks at him, eyes shining.

“Are you going to leave me here?”

She licks her lips and glances briefly away, the way she always does when she’s nervous. It’s her tell. He should know; he shares it.

“No.” The vehemence in his voice surprises him. “We have to stay together.”

“I’m not going far,” she says, infuriatingly calm. “Just until I find a town that can broadcast out. That’s all I need. I just need to send a message.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”

She touches his cheek like she did when he was a little boy, and it stings like a slap. “I need you here, Will,” she says. Before he can raise an objection, she counters it. “You’re not a kid anymore, Will. We both have responsibilities, and this is yours. Stay here. Work in the greenhouse. Keep an eye on Matt. Treat the people you can treat. I’ll be back in a few days.”

He can’t help it. “This isn’t fair,” he says, feeling petulant and thirteen again.

His mom sighs. “Nobody said it was.”

Happy Birthday annaaa05!

Sorry this is a little late @annaaa05! We hope you had a lovely Birthday. To help celebrate, the lovely @historywriter2007 has written you a Everlark story! We hope you like it :)

Campaign Season

Happy Birthday annaaa05! Here is your Age!Gap Everlark.  Hope you have a great day! Rated E for smut (per your request)

Katniss paced around Haymitch’s office like a caged animal. She’d never been so angry with her boss and mentor. “How could you do this to me? I have enough to do, now you want me to train some richy rich college asshole to do my job? What are you going to do next, move my office to the lobby?”

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husband | jongin

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • first things first
  • monggus gets his own room
  • really caring??? would already be doing things for u before u could even ask
  • a really simple, stereotypical happy marriage
  • still loves holding u in any way possible
  • still incredibly sweet to u about everything
  • he thinks ur the funniest and cutest like !!! 
  • used to poke ur cheeks as ur bf but NOW he rubs ur cheeks and pats them a lot
  • even more koala like than before
  • always doing the most to keep u happy
  • would move ur arms around and make u do dances when ur in front of him
  • um i cant think this might be really short
  • always kisses ur forehead before he sleeps
  • ur basically inseparable best friends who just happened to be married
  •  a lot of simple dates but theyre really romantic
  • if u wake up before him hed come find u and lean his forehead against the back of ur shoulder for like 30 mins before his sleepy ass finally realises its living time
  • ur mom tries to steal him from u
  • stares at u a lot and is just like….iloveuxoxo

minseok | junmyeon | yixing | baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol | kyungsoo | sehun

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Hi Bri! I just had a thought. "Not without you" is obviously the ultimate Stucky quote from Bucky. What would you say is the equivalent from Steve? For me, it's the "If that's what it takes". Like, Steve's gonna walk all the way to Austria for Bucky. He's gonna single handedly fight an entire army for Bucky. He's gonna move heaven and earth and walk through hell, if that's what it takes. Anything as long as Bucky is safe <3

That one is a good one, but for me, it’s actually “He’s alive” when Nat says “For the record, this is making it worse.” Like, whatever happens in the lead up is inconsequential, it literally doesn’t matter to Steve because whatever he had to do, if Bucky is alive at the end of it, it was worth it.

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I hope you don't mind me ranting here for a minute, I need some reassurance.. so, I moved away for college last year and I went through a lot, and I grew a lot as a person. But I also grew to be pretty shy. I went out with a friend tonight from back home and I just felt weird?? Like, he is the same, and I felt like an alien. Everything was different for me and he was like "you are so shy, you didn't use to be this way", and im just over a lot of things he (and others) still do. Am I weird?

it’s not weird at all - people change esp when they go away to college and things. don’t worry too much about it!!

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(Amaxingdaes) Top 6 Yixing airport looks or Dancing moments

omg yay im gonna do dancing moments !

1. mama 2016 monster dance break this bitch spread it all the way down like shit dude

Originally posted by co-kai-ne

2. lose control point dance honestly the amount of silk on his body is only adding to my restlessness i hate his ass

Originally posted by meiyixing

3. what u need chorus dance he just looks so HAPPY i love this move

Originally posted by zhangyixings

4. artificial love. kill my ass yixing

Originally posted by getlayd

5. mym. i swore i would never speak of this i cant believe im willing putting this here But its a staple yixing dance n ive typed this with my eyes closed im not looking at that gif longer than i absolutely have to for the sake of my health

Originally posted by televisionsavedme-blog

6. el dorado light dance hes so fckn cute cbsidhvnkjsdvnj

Originally posted by purpleuhan

tldr; its not a yixing dance unless there is a very blatant very obvious and very sensual allusion to his dick

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Any headcanons on how Remus feels before, after and during a full moon?

  • Coming up to it: All of his emotions are heightened, especially anger and fear. He feels very anxious, and will snap at anyone who irritates him - he always feels terrible afterwards, but still mad at the same time. It’s extremely confusing for him.
  • He has to sleep far more often, and almost can’t leave his bed. It takes tons of effort to get up and go to class, let alone do all his assignment.
  • During: The pain is excruciating. His bones are snapping and reforming, his skin is tearing (at places like the mouth and knees) and bottom line he is literally becoming another creature altogether.  It’s horrific.
  • He doesn’t have a very wide range of emotions, and generally just wants to destroy anything in his way. 
  • Afterwards: The pain is still terrible, and he can barely move. It isn’t the same as during the transformation, and is more of an ache, all over his body. He may get shooting pains in certain joints.
  • He’s relieved that it’s over, but still feels awful about himself and his condition. Why did he have to be bitten? He’s strong though, and tells himself that he’ll get through it. But he can’t always be strong.
  • He just wants to sleep forever, until the pain goes away. And so he does, after he gets back to school and to Madam Pomfrey’s.

july 20 - pick a ship:


(because carlos/jane is apparently gonna be canon and all the shipper fans are gonna lose it probably and why get into a ship war when there’s an obvious solution RIGHT THERE)

Everyone thinks that Carlos is the only one into Jane. Nah, it isn’t true. It’s just that Jay doesn’t express his feelings quite the same way. See, being raised by Cruella - the queen of shitty parenting - has left Carlos with a feeling like he has to make it obvious that he’s after a person’s affections, whereas Jay was given no such hangups. Instead, he has difficulty being anything other than distantly flirty with anyone, unless he’s angling to rob them. So navigating Auradonian flirting is an . . adjustment for them both.

The fact that Jane always seems bewildered whenever either of them makes a move isn’t exactly helping, either.

Jay and Carlos had both discussed it, when they realised: the odds of both of them falling for the same girl, in this new environment, new world? Some cosmic force hates them. It was an agreement - pursue Jane with the understanding that if she just wants one, then the other won’t be upset, but if she wants both, jackpot.

Trouble is that Jane isn’t quite picking up what they’re putting down.

Jay knows she’s got that whole fae-empathy thing where she can feel the emotions of the people around her, so she clearly knows that something’s up re: the three of them. But he’s getting the sense that despite Jane’s competence with people’s emotions, picking up that someone is nervous around you or feels self-conscious as a by-product of feelings isn’t something she’s had to negotiate before. He knows she wasn’t - isn’t - the most popular girl, hasn’t had a relationship during her time at Auradon Prep.

Jay’s actually kinda stumped on how to go forward - he knows Carlos is too. Neither of them have ever been in a world where trying for an actual emotion-based romantic relationship was an option, and now that they can, they’ve fallen for the same person, and that person is apparently utterly confused by their attention.

But he thinks that between the two of them, he and Carlos can figure out a solution.

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Question... on your way to classics, could you possibly stop in Iowa, pick up Norah and bring her to the meet? Like just say oh do a back handspring on beam and you will move the entire gymternet to tears? No? Unreasonable? Frowned upon?

LOL. I’m trying to force @jyosef to come to classics with me and he could very easily swing down into Iowa on his drive over. It’s probably a little too far out of my way since I’m flying in from NY and wouldn’t be able to divert the plane to Iowa without causing a ruckus.


Jun was worried for Mingyu.

Come Back to Me (Part Six)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Angstish
Warnings: None

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Peter and you had pretended that what you had been calling in your head “The Incident” never happened. He never repeated the words of “I always worry about you”, you never held his arm in your grip for more than a mere few seconds, he never cradled your face with his hands, and you never realized you loved him. To the two of you, it was like the day never existed.

You both moved on, acting as you normally would, but you were much more conscious of your actions. You thought Peter was, too. You didn’t act on impulse and grab his arm, or hand, or lean into him without thinking. And he didn’t leave you with small touches as he walked past you in the hallway, or ask constantly with a blatant worried expression how you were doing.

And you didn’t mind. You were best friends, not lovers. You didn’t mind.

“What’s up with you and Peter?” Ned suddenly appeared next to you as you stood in line to get on the bus, ready for the school field trip to take up the day of classes.

“I- what?” You asked, looking at him confusedly. You weren’t sure why he was asking this.

“You and Peter. You guys have been acting weird around each other lately. What happened?”

You still looked at him, confused. “Nothing happened. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Did you tell him you liked him or something, because-”

“Shhh!” You hushed him immediately, placing your hands over his mouth. “Someone could hear you!”

He grabbed your wrists, removing them from his mouth, but still holding onto them. “Just tell him already,” he said, quieter this time.

“You know I can’t do that, Ned,” you replied back, furrowing your eyebrows.

You loved him, you loved him, you loved him.

You tried to push the thought out of your mind, and you had been trying to do so ever since “The Incident”. But with the words continuously repeating in your head, day in and day out, you didn’t think they would ever leave.

“I think-”

“Hey guys,” you heard Peter’s voice from behind you and whipped your head towards him, worried about how much of the conversation he had heard. As you and Ned both looked at him, he met neither of your eyes. His were trained one where Ned’s hands were clasped around your wrists.

You turned your eyes back to look at Ned, and both of your eyes widened when you realized what Peter was staring at. He let you rip your wrists from his grasp, and he shoved his hands into his pockets after letting yours go. You looked down at the ground nervously. 

“What’s up?” Ned spoke, looking at Peter. You took a few seconds to compose yourself before looking at him too. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked between the two of you.

“Uh, nothing, I just,” he didn’t look either of you in the eye. “Ned, want to sit with me on the bus?”

You bit your lip. You remembered that you and Peter had agreed to sit on the bus together just last week. You didn’t say anything when Ned said, “Sure.”

You looked down at the ground as Ned moved in front of you to stand next to Peter, and you were stood behind them as they spoke in lightning speed between them. That was never how it was with you and Peter. The two of you would speak slowly, listening intently to each other’s words to not miss even a detail of what was said. 

You liked it that way. You liked how Peter would furrow his eyebrows lightly, biting his lip as he stared at you, looking as if he was concentrating to all of his ability, solely on you. You liked how he would murmur little “mhm”s as you would go on, and he would only start speaking when he was sure you were done. You liked how he listened to you.

It was a vast difference from seeing him now, and you wondered which way he preferred: fast-paced with Ned, or slow-paced with you. You always thought he preferred how he spoke with you, but now, seeing him grin with Ned as they easily threw words back at each other within seconds, you weren’t so sure.

You looked down at the ground sadly. You never remembered feeling so lonely before, especially with Peter always making sure to include you in everything. You turned around and walked out of the line without saying anything to the two boys who seemed to not even notice you leave. You glanced behind your shoulder as you were walking away, but you were only greeted by the sight of Peter still grinning at Ned.

“Hey, (Y/N),” you heard a voice say ahead of you and you looked up to see Michelle waiting in line, a few people back from where you previously stood, with a book in her hands.

“Oh, hey,” you forced a smile on your face, but the only thought that was bombarding your mind was, 

You love him. He doesn’t love you. You love him. He doesn’t love you.

“Want to sit with me?” She asked, a knowing smile on her face. You gave her a real smile in response, moving into the space next to her.

“Thanks, MJ,” you said softly, head leaning back down to aim at the floor.

“He looked back at you,” she said, opening her book and beginning to read it. She stared down at it as you lifted your head to stare at her.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“Peter,” she elaborated, and your heart sped up at the mention of his name.

You needed to get this under control.

“What about Peter?” You asked, looking ahead of the line at him and Ned, where you saw them still talking.

“He looked back at you when you turned around and came my way.”

Your eyes widened the smallest bit. You didn’t want to believe her words so easily, because for all you could know, she was only telling you this to cheer you up. But still, you found your sadness deflate slightly.

“No, he didn’t,” you said, trying to convince yourself. “I turned around and looked. He was still talking to Ned.”

“Right when you turned around and started walking away,” she said. She was still looking at her book, but you weren’t so sure she was actually reading it. “He looked at you for a second. And when you turned around to look at him, he turned back around to Ned.” 

“I, uh,” you stumbled over your words, not quite knowing what to think.

Why hadn’t he said anything? You and Peter would always be immediate to speak up if noticing something was wrong with the other. Neither of you ever hesitated on that. So why had he today?

“He looked at me,” you said monotonously, but Michelle knew it was a question. She knew you needed to hear it again.

“He looked at you,” she replied. She looked up from her book for a few moments to meet your eyes. “He looked a little worried to me, if I’m being honest.” She quirked her eyebrow at you for a quick second, smirking lightly, before looking back down at her book.

You looked back down to the ground, thinking.

But why didn’t he say anything?

I know it may seem like it’s taking a while for them to get together (or will they end up together?), but I want to make sure it’s realistic enough. After being friends for years, neither of them would want to chance ruining their friendship so easily by confessing after not being completely sure about themselves—and each other—yet. I hope you guys understand that! Let me know what you guys think of this one and voice your opinions! Whether they’re good or bad, I want to hear them! Requests are open, and if you guys want to send something from a prompt list I reblog, please let me know which list you’re asking from!


New Rules

Title: New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Can you do something with tom or Peter based on the song new rules by dua lipa? It would be great if you could 😘💖

Word count: 2,582

A/N: I literally listened to this song nonstop while making this and i didnt edit any of it so its all raw writing but i really liked how it turned out. enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing, angst, very hostile actions, alcohol 

Tagged (permanent): @tomllholland , @manyfandomstohandle , @superheros-and-books , @jor-da-na , @ferls212 

You and Peter have been friends since diapers, you were there for him when his parents died and he moved across the hall from you, he was there for you when your mom died from cancer.

You both made a pack that you would always have each other no matter what, but right now in this moment it felt like peter had abandoned you.

You were at Liz’s party, the music loud and Peter trying his best to get Liz’s attention while you were being harassed by drunk teenage boys.

“Come on it won’t hurt I just wanna touch em.” That’s it you thought that’s he line, “Peter please let’s go.” You yelled your plea over the loud music Flash was DJing.

“Y/N come on I’ve only gotten to talk to Liz once.” Peter spoke without making even a glance your way. You finally got the strength and pushed your way out of the small amount of guys trying to not just harass you but sexually harass you and if Peter isn’t going to help then I just have to help myself, as soon as you were out of the small circle you felt a hand slap your butt and with instinct you turned around as slapped the guy who touched you.

The sound of the slap echoing around with the music which finally grabbed the attention of your so called best friend, Peter. His eyes widened at the scene before him. A hand print on some guys face and tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.

You connected your eyes with his for a split second before turning on your heels to go and find Ned to walk home with.

You had hoped that maybe Peter would run after you, stop you and talk to you about what happened but when you turned around to see if he would follow you saw him get stopped by Liz and not make any other effort to try and get to you.

You huffed and turn back around to continue your search for Ned, you were leaving with or without Peter.

You finally found Ned in the kitchen awkwardly staring at the bowl of chips set out next to the wine coolers, “Hey Ned you okay?” Ned jumps slightly making you let out a small laugh.

“Hey yeah sorry, what’s up? Where’s Peter?” Ned asked his scanning for Peter around you “he’s off with uhh well you should know..” you shrugged “but I really wanna leave and Peter won’t listen to me so do you you could walk me home?” Your pleading eyes catching Ned’s.

“Alright, let’s go.” Ned sighed taking the lead toward the front door of Liz’s house.

You brush past Liz and Peter trying to make yourself unnoticeable, which shouldn’t be hard to do since Peter only ever has eyes for Liz, But a hand catches your arm before your out of the living room.

“Hey Y/N, where are you going?” You rake your eyes up the hand and arm that caught you only to be greeted by the brown orbs you were trying to avoid.

“I’m leaving and Ned is taking me home.” You huff pulling your arm from Peters hand and catch a glimpse of hurt in his eyes before turning and continuing your trek out of the large house.

“There you are.” Ned released a breath as you stepped onto the front porch.

“Yeah sorry, Peter stopped me…” You let out a shaky breath before continuing “Shall we go?” You smile over at Ned. “Sure.” He smiles back stepping off the porch with you right behind him. You slip you hands into the small pockets on your jeans. “Hey Ned, could we just go to yours?” Ned laughs lightly, nodding his head fro your answer.

“Thanks.” you sigh, seeing your breath come out into the air in a small puff cloud.

Ned and you have been walking for about 10 minuets which meant that you were almost to Ned’s place. You only asked to go to his because you knew you would have to call your dad to come pick you up from a party which you weren’t even suppose to be at in the beginning but peter had talked you into it. Now that you were thinking about it Peter did that a lot, convinced you to go out and ‘hangout’ as he put it but you saw through the lie, whenever you two would hang out it would be somewhere with Liz.

You felt your chest start to throb and hurt thinking about how much Peter liked Liz and not you, she hardly ever gives him a sideways glance when I’m always going out of my way just for him, why can’t he see that. You puff seeing your breath come out again. It’s getting colder and you didn’t have a coat.

“Hey Ned do you have a jacket at your house i could wear?” you speak up, “Uh yeah, we’ll be there in like ten minuets.” Ned replied looking over his shoulder slightly at you.

You saw figure appear out of an ally next to the pathway to Ned’s place. A nervous feeling surged through your body telling you not to move further but you didn’t listen, instead you followed Ned across the street, he must’ve gotten the same feeling.

As soon as the two of you passed by the figure and the ally the feeling subsided and the feeling relief replaced it. But that didn’t last long when you felt a hand grab your midsection and another hand slap over your mouth. You tried to scream but it was only muffed by the large hand covering your face. Ned snapped his body back to see what had happened and his eyes widened at the scene.

“Give me all your money kid and she doesn’t get hurt.” The figure spat at Ned which sparked him to search through all his pockets, scavenging what looked to be just a dollar, “Come on kid, you gotta have more than that, what about your wallet.” The man spat again at Ned, his grip tightening around your waist. You felt tears roll down your face and your life flashing before your eyes. What-what if Ned doesn’t have what he wants and he kidnaps me, or .. kills me. Your mind flips to the worst situation that could happened causing more tears to fall and screams to come out of your muffled mouth. “Shut it.” the man hissed in your ear making you crawl in your skin.

“Come on kid hurry u-” the grip around your waist vanishes along with the hand around your face, “Didn’t anyone tell you, stealing lunch money is sooo last season.” You whip your head around to see who saved you and your friend.

You freeze seeing the familiar red and blue suit of the local hero, spider-man. He shoots a web at the guy trapping both his hands on the pavement and one more at the guys mouth silencing his words. “Thank you Mr. Spider-man!” Ned practically shouted with a smile bigger than the sun on his face. How could Ned smile after a situation like that? “It-” the hero coughed, “it’s nothing, are you two alright?” his voice lowered slightly as his head switched looking from Ned to you.

You couldn’t do anything, you’re still frozen, no words able to come out so all you did was nod as the last of your tears fell from you face. “Hey, hey your okay now.” Spider-man began walking toward you with his arms open ready to hug you, and you accepted the hug needing some kind of comfort at the moment and the guy you really wanted here to be with you wasn’t so a superhero was a pretty good substitute.

You were the first to pull away from he hug and wipe your tears off your face with the back of your hand, “would you like me to walk you guys home?” the hero spoke taking a small step back from you.

“I’m good spider-man but Y/N here lives a bit away, do you think you could walk her?” Ned asked from the side of you. Your head snapped over to Ned direction than back to looking at the masked hero in front of you, “You really don’t have to, I can just call my-” you were interrupted by spider-man “Oh not its no big deal, plus you need to stay safe and no where is safer than with a hero.” he said proudly putting his hands on his hips. you felt a small smile creep onto your face and agreed to let him walk you home.

“Good night Ned, please be safe.” You waved to your friend who contained walking to his house. “So where do you live?” your eyes glanced up at the heres mask, specifically where his eyes should be, “uhh right off of park avenue.” You practically whispered tearing your eyes away from his mask and began walking home with spider-man.

As soon as you reached your apartment building you thanked your masked hero and took the stairs to the floor your apartment was on.

You fished your keys out of your pocket and opened the door. “There you are!” your dada practically ran you over as you came in the door, “Where were you young lady.” you smiled, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes because you loved your dad so much and what happened just a little while ago made you realize just how much you needed to show him how much you loved him, “I was with Peter and Ned, we went to grab some food and then a movie.” you spoke walking to your room, yes you loved your dad and you had a life changing experience but you can’t let him know what happened, he would be furious and worry about you non-stop. You didnt want to add to his already full plate.

As soon as you were in your room you changed into your pajamas and slid into your bed, under the covers and tried your best to get to sleep.

“Hey!” the familiar face of Peter’s comes into your view “Hey.” You sigh shutting your locker and make your way to your first class of the day.

“Whoa whoa wait Y/N!” Peter shouted grabbing your arm so you would stop, “What’s wrong?” you could hear the confused sadness in his voice, you didn’t dare turn around because you would fall back into his trap of doing what he wants and him forgetting you even exist because Liz is in the same room. “Nothing, Peter I’ll talk to you later.” You pull your arm away from his grip and continue to your class.

Lunch finally rolls around and you can’t be more happy to just go to the library to relax from the world and eat your food in private while shoving your nose in a book. But as soon as you reach the clear see through doors of the library you see Peter sitting at the table you normally find yourself at.

You catch his eyes and instantly regret ever coming to the library in the first place because he gets up out of his chair and starts toward your direction. You can feel the panic rise in your stomach and instead of being the mature person and talking to Peter, you turn on your heel ad head in the direction back to the lunch room.

“Y/N!” you hear Peter yell as the library doors slam close. your feet begin to pick up speed as you see the lunch room entrance and frantically look for Michelle, you spot her at the corner of the lunch room with a book in one hand and an apple in the other. You head to her table, set your stuff down and practically slam your head on the table.

“Tell me when he’s gone, ok?” you speak just loud enough for Michelle to hear.

“He’s headed over here.” Michelle spoke in her monotone voice while she put her book down on the table, “Whats going on?” you lifted your head from the table to be greeted by Peters worried looking face. “You said you’d talk to me later and its later so what is going on?” you slowly turned your head to look at Michelle for some help but only saw her pack up her things and grab her lunch tray before leaving, “Thanks MJ!” you sarcastically shouted as she walked away with a small wave.

a sigh escaped Peters mouth causing you to put your focus back on the distressed boy, you couldn’t help the guilt that rose in your throat because of how bad you were treating Peter.

“Listen Peter-” you didnt get to finish as peter interrupted you “Is this about last night? I’m sorry i wanted to talk to Liz, it was my chance and i decided to take it.” Peter grabbed your hand, squeezing git slightly “You understand right?” you were disgusted by the smile that graced his face. “No Peter it’s not only about last night but overtime we fucking 'hangout’ we always seem to go where ever Liz and then you forgot that I’m even there god dammit.” you couldn’t help your voice raising a little bit, you were mad, mad that the guy liked was sitting across from you treating you like he didnt even see it. “wha- no i wasn’t-” this time you cut him off, pulling your hand away from his.

“No Peter, I’m not done..” you sucked in a deep breath before continuing “did you know last night was getting harassed by a group of guys? I called you and asked for help but all you could think about was Liz and-and when i finally got the courage to stand up for them and leave asking you to leave with me you didnt, you-you-you got distracted by Liz, fucking Liz so i went to find Ned..” you let out a shaky breath, trying to control your emotions and actions.

“And when Ned and I were walking back to his house we got jumped Peter, we got jumped Peter Parker!” you practically were shouting by now with tears threatening to spill from your eyes “And all i could think in that moment was that I was going to be kidnaped or killed and you weren’t with me…you-you weren’t with me, you were with Liz.”

you tear your eyes away from Peters, everything getting too intense for you. “Ned and I got saved from Spider-man, Peter.” By this point tears were falling from your eyes as you furiously wipe them away. “So Last night i decided..” you pause taking in another breath before continuing “I decided that I can’t do this anymore. I’m in too deep and i don’t , no I can’t bare being hurt by you anymore Peter, so goodbye.”

you stand from the lunch table leaving your tray of food and the broken heart of Peter Parker behind. You look back one last time as you leave the lunch room, seeing Peter already staring at you with tears spilling down his face.

“This is better for both of us, I promise.” You whisper more to yourself than anyone else. You were done with being hurt.

You’re playing by your rules now and rule 1 is Peter Parker is out of your life because if you let him back in you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of pain.

Can I Be Her || Tom Holland Oneshot (Alternate Ending)

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I please get an imagine where the reader is best friends with Tom and Harrison but loves Tom. The reader is witnessing Tom fall in love with Zendaya and tries to forget about Tom but can’t. In the end, Tom ends up having a serious relationship with Zendaya and Tom and the reader fall apart. You can decide the end but I want it to be a sad ending. I’m sorry if it’s complicated or just plain stupid. Thank you.

Warnings: Sad, happy ending!

Word Count: 1,655

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! Only difference is the ending lol. This is not part two by the way!


You didn’t think this would happen. You were falling for Tom, hard. At first you thought nothing of it, but once you got to know him, the real him, you were in a trance. You developed a love for Tom, it was completely indescribable. You never told anyone, not even Harrison, knowing he’d never keep his mouth shut. He’d spill everything to Tom, and you couldn’t bare let your affection for him to get in the way of your friendship.

Tom was special. He was charming, kind, confident. He had lots of good qualities and a great personality. Who wouldn’t fall for him. Tom also seemed to be paired with Zendaya a lot lately. In magazines and articles, reporter kept saying how they were a thing. Those two hit it off from the very start. They created a very close friendship. You felt a little jealous because you felt that she had more to offer to Tom. And you happened to consider yourself a decent person, but it would never be enough for Tom. But you reminded yourself that you had nothing to worry about or so you thought.

“Hey Y/N Zendaya invited us to her house would you like to join us?” You looked up to meet his brown eyes. He was showing the most heartwarming smile.

“Um…Sure who’s all going to be there?” You slowly stood up from his couch.

“Everyone! Jacob, Harrison, Laura, the whole gang” He smiled brightly at you.

“Great. Let’s go then” You gestured to the door.

“Ladies first” You teased.

He playfully rolled his eyes but walked ahead of you.

The ride to her house was a comfortable silence, but felt as though someone should have spoken up first.

“We’re here” Tom unbuckled his seat belt and didn’t bother to wait for you, already practically in the enormous house. Another thing you couldn’t show off.

You knocked on her front door. Unlike Tom who just burst in, you knocked like the well mannered girl your parents raised you to be. Not a second later the door swung open to reveal a happy Zendaya.

“Y/N the door was open silly. Come on in!” She chuckled softly.

You walked in and were greeted by everyone. A few “Hey’s” and “Where were yous” were thrown your way.

“Oh I was…outside” You pointed your thumb behind you.

“Doing what?” Jacob spoke up.

“Getting left behind” You mumbled. Thankfully no one heard you.

“What was that?” Harrison looked confused.

“Uh nothing. So what’re we doing?” You clasped your hands together.

“We could swim in the pool out back” Zendaya suggested.


I’m down”

“Let’s go”

“I’m in”

“I’d love to but I’m not in the proper swim-wear” You gestured to your jeans and t-shirt.

“I think I may have something for you to wear Y/N, come on” Zendaya grabbed your hand and dragged you to her bedroom.

You saw her rummaged threw her stuff.

“Ah ha. Here you go. The bathrooms down the hall to your left” She smiled at you sweetly.

Why did she have to be so nice. It was seriously impossible to hate her. There wasn’t anything bad you could say about her.

You quickly changed into the bikini top and bottoms. You gazed at your reflection picking out all your flaws. The bikini didn’t do you as justice like it did on Zendaya. Whereas she was skinny and tall, you were curvy, not that it was a bad thing, but always had a problem with your image. You couldn’t compete with her.

By the time you arrived outside everyone was doing their own thing. Tom and the boys were playing a game with a football, while Zendaya and Laura were tanning on chairs. You found yourself deep in thought thinking how did you fit in with these people. They were well-known and popular in life whereas the guy at Starbucks couldn’t even get your name correct. How did you managed to get yourself involved with them.

As months went by you slowly started seeing a change in Tom. He was always hanging out with Zendaya more often than usual, practically blowing off your hangouts to spend time with her. You were losing him, and fast. Your chance of ever being with him was starting to become a long-shot, and if you didn’t make a move he would be a goner. He’d be with Zendaya.

“Harrison I don’t think this is such a good idea” You protested. You finally gave in and told Harrison about your feelings for Tom. Since he was his best friend, Harrison suggested that you’d just tell Tom how you felt, that way you could see if he felt the same way.

“No don’t do that. You’re not backing out of this now” He shook his head.

“But what if he doesn’t like me” You stared at your feet.

“Your his best friend, you two have a wonder friendship, there’s no way he could reject you” He placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Okay” You sighed.

“You got this” He gave a slight push to his trailer.

“I got this” You recited back to yourself until you reached his door.

You mentally prepared yourself for better or for worse. You knocked slightly on his door but got no response. Strange he just finished shooting today. You thought. You tried again but got no answer. You opted for option two. You tried opening his door. It opened immediately granting you access inside his trailer. You cautiously stepped in looking around and not finding him anywhere. You checked the last place you knew for sure that you’d find him. You walked up to his bedroom and heard music coming from the room. You grew curiously and turned the knob, which you now regret doing so.

You gaped at the sight of Tom and Zendaya in a full out make out session. You gasped which finally got both of their attention. Tom noticed you first and his eyes bulged out widely from their sockets. He pulled away from Zendaya.


“I-It’s not what it looks like!” He flailed his arms in a “no” motion.

“He’s right Y/N” Zendaya pitched in.

“Really?!” You looked at him incredulously shocked. “I can’t do do this right now…” You whispered. You exited his trailer with fast paced steps.

“Y/N!” You heard Tom shout after you. You ignored him and continued walking to your car.

“Y/N stop!” Tom got a hold of your forearm preventing you from going any farther.

“Let. Go. Of. Me!” You said sternly.

“No not until you tell me what’s wrong!”.

“Oh now you care?!” You scoffed.

“Of course I care. I’m your best friend” He looked stunned.

“You haven’t exactly been acting like one” You mumbled averting your gaze any else.

“What?” He asked.

“You heard me” You pulled your arm out of his grip

“Why are you being like this?!” He raised his voice.

“Because she took you from me!” You cried out.

“Who? Zendaya? She hasn’t taken me from anybody Y/N, I’m not her property!” He shook his head. “I’m no ones property”

“She took what we had” You whispered.

“What we had? What’re you going on about?”

“You two became closer and started hanging out more. You kept ditching me for her. I lost you to her” You sniffled.

“You didn’t lose me Y/N” He hugged you.

“I think I already have…” Your voice was muffled by his shirt.

“What makes you think that?” He looked down at you.

You averted your eyes.


You finally looked him in the eye and let it all out. “I fell for you Tom. I fell in too deep. I wanted to deny it, but I always kept coming back to you. Then you got closer to Zendaya, and I blew my chance. And when I saw you kissing her I j-just couldn’t watch”. You didn’t realize you shed a few tears through your confession.

“Y/N-” He started.

“No it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I get it. You love her. She’s the perfect girl for you. You deserve someone as great as her Tom” You faked the best smile you could muster.

“Y/N it’s not what-”.

You cut him off. “No I get it you clearly-”.

Tom grabbed your cheeks pulling you in for a harsh kiss cutting off your sentence before you could finish.

“Shut up” He said against your lips. 

You were taken back still trying to process what just happened. You could only nod.

“If you’d just let me talk, then you would know that we were practicing for a scene” He looked at you.

“A w-what?” You whispered.

“My character Peter and her character Michelle have a kissing scene. Zendaya asked if we could rehearse so it wouldn’t be awkward on set”. 

“Oh” Was all you could muster. You felt incredibly embarrassed. You made a big deal over something so small.

“I’m such an idiot!” You turned away from him.

“Hey you didn’t know” Tom caressed your arm.

“I don’t whether to feel relieved or slap you” You quirked a brow at him.

“I’d go for the first option” He put his hands in surrender.

“I’m sorry” You looked up at him.

“It’s okay…So you really fell for me?” He turned serious.

“Umm. Look Tom I didn’t mean to blurt all that out. I never wanted our friendship to get ruined”.

“And it never will love. I love you as well” He leaned forward kissing your forehead.

“You mean that?” You smiled a bit.

“I only have my eyes set out for one girl, and that girl will always be you”.

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Always Together (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3.5k

Warnings: Rated M, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: something that had been sitting in my drafts for over a year and edited a bit, might as well post it since i’m probably not going to finish the entire story anyway! :) 

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anonymous asked:

Is there any other evidence of Barry being canonically bi?

There’s no real “Evidence”, no.

However, if you examine the show through a queer lens and take subtext into account, I think there’s some indication of mutual attraction between him and Eddie, him and Len, him and Oliver, and maybe other hints besides.

To preface, before I go into that, it’s important to note that Barry is (wonderfully so) a character who sometimes eschews traditional gender norms. He cries and wears his heart on his sleeve, is sometimes the one being saved by his lady love (like he’s the one saved by true love’s kiss in 3x17 [Duet]) and has a body type that isn’t the muscle-bound huge-armed male power fantasy we’ve come to associate with male superheroes.

So we have to take that into consideration when we consider Barry. Is he just a feminist and emotionally self-aware dude who is comfortable enough with himself to eschew gender norms, or does he have an actual attraction to more than one gender (and in this case, looking more specifically at whether he’s attracted to men and male-aligned folks). Let’s see if we can figure out if he’s just comfortable in his own skin or if there’s any attraction going on.

First, taking the easiest example, let’s look at how he sometimes negotiates his relationship with Eddie. Although not inherently romantic, we’ve got Barry thinking flowers are the right gift to get Eddie in the hospital.

Originally posted by deanhasabigdickinsidesammy

There’s some guilt and layers to Barry being worried about Eddie here, and it is a very sweet thing for Barry to do to bring him flowers, but it’s still atypical.

There’s a lot more that gives us something more concrete to work with though. Like the scene between him and Eddie where Eddie is trying to help Barry get out his anger and he’s holding the punching bag for Barry, and the “harder” line?

Originally posted by dracoharry

Originally posted by bisexuals-r-us

Originally posted by serialwolf15

If you take off straight goggles (which is basically how you put on a queer lens), this becomes a lot more… charged. The way Eddie starts stripping right there for Barry to watch, pectorals pronounced? The way Barry glances down at Eddie’s body? The smirk when Eddie tells him to hit it harder?

I’ll include this example too, mostly because it made me laugh so hard:

Originally posted by ludi-lin

(Barry only shifts away from Eddie after Eddie pushes for more space, note).

And of course, what I think of as one of the more telling examples, Barry’s fantasy world / daydream in which Eddie and looks at him like he hung the freaking moon:

Originally posted by neulina

Eddie’s admiration is important to Barry, like very important. And obviously there is survivor’s guilt and layers to that, but just freaking look at Eddie’s expression. That’s Barry’s fantasy expression for how he wants Eddie to look at him. Awed. Admiring. In love.

So okay, queer lens, some indications of Barry being attracted to Eddie. 

(For the record and as a bit of an aside, early in the show, Cisco also compliments Eddie and how attractive he is when Barry’s basically staring at Eddie with Iris at the bar. There’s tons of canon “evidence” for Cisco also being like, super bi. The way he compliments Eddie and “Jay” (Hunter)’s bodies and forms, the Chronicles of Cisco episode where he talks about Captain Cold’s blue eyes being mesmerizing. Cisco is Not Straight.)

Moving on.

Barry’s response to Hartley’s flirting doesn’t give us much.

Originally posted by nearsatan

Because he mostly just looks a bit put upon by it? Doesn’t flirt back, but he doesn’t say anything disparaging either. And we know that the actors weren’t unaware of how close they were standing in the earlier scene, based on the blooper reel:

Originally posted by saraliz36

(here’s the actual scene:

Originally posted by illyakuryiakin

kind of intense, huh?)

Then of course there is the tension between Barry and Len which becomes especially palpable in 1x22. But there’s a flirting sort of lean to how Len asks for a ride back to town in 1x16 after the woods scene, and how close Barry gets to him to threaten him about not hurting anyone Barry cares about.

Originally posted by barryallendaily

Then of course there is the space thing here:

Originally posted by coldsflash

If you want a reference, preferred interpersonal distance among acquaintances in USA is ~2 feet. This is far more of the “intimate” distance category (Sorokowska et al. 2017). Barry gets weirdly close to Len at times (and like I pointed out above, got weirdly close to Hartley).

Originally posted by coldsflash

(Not that Len’s always complaining based on his own expressions…)

Moving on more.

Barry and Oliver’s relationship could be interpreted as mentor/mentee, older/younger brother, or just friends. But there’s also an easy flirting-type bent to do it, a lot of the time.

Originally posted by ghostthinxx

(Look at these dorks and tell me they’re not flirting, honestly).

Originally posted by reignssquad

Look at how Barry looks at him. (Is this even canon? Is this a blooper? Or is Barry’s crush just that obvious?)

Then you’ve got Barry being distracted by Oliver’s arms and then both unable to suppress smiles because again, they practically can’t help but be a step away from flirting one with another at all times?

Originally posted by oliversmoaked

And look at how Ollie looks at him ffs. You’d have to pay me to convince me that Oliver isn’t trying to reel in thoughts of the things he’s tempted to do to Barry right here.

Originally posted by onlyscientist

(They have a lot of chemistry; it’s part of why the crossovers always work so well).

Anyway, it’s clear Barry admires Oliver a lot and is eager to introduce him and talk him up.

Originally posted by dailysupergirlgifs

(Barry, honey, your crush is showing. Even Iris isn’t as obvious about her crush on Oliver).

And like, this been since Barry was introduced to the DCTV canon. Pretty sure his crush on The Arrow predates his crush on Oliver.

Originally posted by barthallens

(There’s some moment in this episode where he mentions how wonderful and handsome Oliver is so of course Felicity is in love with him. It’s written to sound jealous and downtrodden but he’s basically there acknowledging how attractive he thinks Ollie is).

And then this line, I mean.

Originally posted by supercanaries

I’m sure there’s a straighter way to say that…

So, in sum, looking across a few of his dealings with other men in the show, particularly men a few to many years older than him who don’t fit a parental role but instead challenge him? Especially men with broad chests and large shoulders? Barry displays some signs that we can take as attraction to these men, if we’re willing to set aside the heteronormative lens and put on a queer one.

None of this is conclusive, of course, and there are straight men who are going to display the traits Barry is here. But note that none of this is about, say, hugging men (like dragging Oliver in for hugs) and eschewing toxic masculinity by talking about his feelings. And it’s so much more than just complimenting these men. So none of this is coming from a place of “if you aren’t embodied toxic masculinity then you’re inherently queer”. 

It’s about how he looks at them and their chemistry, the way they flirt, the way he embeds himself into the space of men, using challenge as an excuse to get right up and personal with them. The line between “heart thumping from fear-stress” and “heart pumping from attraction-arousal” is a crazy thin one, so thin it can be misinterpreted by people about their own emotions, and they misattribute fear as arousal (Dutton and Aron 1974).

So… I think a queer reading of Barry is a pretty valid one. I truly read him as bi and have from season 1.

Exposure // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Three [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One Part Two

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Virginity Loss, Sinning, Daddy Kink, and Swearing.

Word Count: 8,233 (I got slightly carried away)

Song: Dance For You by Beyonce

A/N: I love Nia so much in this she reminds me of season one Stiles and aaah it just makes me smile brightly. Also, I really hope you guys like the surprise ending as much as I do.

“He’s at your house?!” Nia freaked out at me, slamming my locker door shut in the girl’s locker room. “The same guy from the club?!" 

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Taehyung takes being mean to you too far. Part.5

[Part.1] [Part.2] [Part.3] [Part.4] [Part.5]

Originally posted by rapnamu

Taehyung’s p.o.v

I woke up to the scent of vanilla hitting my nose, the scent is pleasant and not too strong. Lying there still with my eyes closed, I felt slight movements in my arms, something that was warm and snuggly. I opened my eyes and looked at the figure I held in my arms, Y/N was lying on top of my left arm whilst I had my right arm draped over her waist, in other words - we were basically cuddling. I lifted my arm and froze there for a second to try and gather my thoughts.

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for ilostmyshoe-79!

Dean studied the wall of his room critically. Sure, there was some space in between the various weapons he had hung up, but was it enough?

… did Cas even have posters he’d want to put up?

Dean shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. This really shouldn’t be this hard. Or this nerve-wrecking. It was just Cas, after all.

But then again, this was Cas.

Dean had already emptied two of his dresser drawers, mostly of the lint and cobwebs that had taken up residence there. He’d never been one to hoard clothes, mostly because that was impractical when you were living out of a duffle bag. He’d attempted to tidy the desk too, but given up when he realized he was just shuffling the few items upon it around.

He let out a frustrated groan. Dean had wanted to clear some space for Cas, and while he was relatively pleased about the half-empty dresser, it didn’t feel like enough. He wanted something visible; knickknacks on the shelves, posters on the walls, a hand-knitted blanket on the bed. Something obvious that showed this wasn’t just Dean’s room anymore.

It looked like he couldn’t even do that. His room had hardly changed and Cas was supposed to move his stuff in here today. 

What if Cas ended up thinking this was a mistake? What if Cas didn’t have enough space for his things? It wasn’t as if the newly-fallen angel had much in the way of material possessions, and if Cas felt obligated to give those up just because Dean liked waking up with Cas in the mornings…

Dean was pulled out of his thoughts by the door opening. He turned to see Cas poking his head into the room, carrying a large box under one arm, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. His expression was soft and warm, and Dean felt his own lips twitch upwards in response.

“Hey,” Dean said, walking to the door to help Cas with his things. Cas shifted so Dean could grab the box, which Dean nearly dropped upon realizing that it was, in fact, a lot heavier than Cas had made it seem. “What do you got in here, bricks?”

“Books,” Cas replied matter-of-factly, still smiling as he leaned forward to kiss Dean chastely on the mouth. He pulled away after a moment, leaving Dean sighing in contentment. “Help me unpack?”

“Sure,” Dean said. He set the box on the bed and opened the top up while Cas disappeared through the door again. Cas was back a second later with a pillow and a blanket, both of which he immediately set on the bed and then laid his duffle on top.

Dean stared for a moment at the second pillow next to his on what was now, officially, their bed.

Cas didn’t spare the sight a second glance, instead moving on to his duffle bag and opening it up. He quickly transferred the entire contents of the bag to the bottom two drawers of Dean’s dresser, then folded the bag and set it on the closet shelf next to Dean’s.

Dean shook himself and started going through the box Cas had brought. As he thought, there wasn’t much in it. There was a framed photograph of him, Cas, and Sam. Beneath that were a few knickknacks Cas had collected over the years; a coffee mug Dean thought might be from Biggerson’s, smooth river rocks the size of Cas’s palm, a few dark feathers that gleamed like an oil spill. And, as promised, at the bottom of the box were books.

A few were titles Dean recognized, some he had even read and enjoyed, and yet others were things he would never in a million years admit to reading. Cheap romance novels, books of poetry, textbooks on things like history, biology, and even…

Dean snorted, his cheeks turning faintly pink as he lifted up an illustrated copy of The Gay Kama Sutra.

“Really, Cas?” he said, raising an eyebrow. Cas shrugged.

“It’s been very informative,” he said. “Charlie gave it to me.”

“Of course she did,” Dean muttered, flipping through the pages. He heard Cas chuckle quietly as he began to move the books from the box onto the small bookcase that housed Dean’s few, well-loved copies of Vonnegut.

Dean paused on one particularly… interesting illustration in the book, coughed, and quickly closed it.

“Remind me to send her a fruit basket,” he said, handing it over to Cas. Cas stashed it with the rest of the books, right next to a volume of poems by Byron.

The rocks and feathers from the box found their place on top of the dresser. The mug Cas placed on the desk, right next to the mason jar full of pens and pencils. The framed photograph found space right next to it.

And, quite suddenly, it was done. Dean blinked as Cas broke down the cardboard box he’d carried his things in with a satisfied hum.

“Is that everything?” Dean asked, looking around. Everywhere he looked, he could see Cas.

“Yes, that’s all,” Cas said, surveying the room filled with their mingled possessions for the first time with a pleased smile.

The room looked suddenly fuller, more lived-in. As if maybe Dean hadn’t needed to move things around to accomodate Cas, but instead Cas slipped neatly into the gaps Dean hadn’t even realized were there.

Dean smiled, chest fit to burst with emotion, and reached out to tug Cas closer. Cas came willingly, tilting his head for the expected kiss. Dean obliged him.

“I’m sure we’ll find more stuff. We haven’t even been to the Grand Canyon yet,” Dean said, leaning his forehead against Cas’s.

“I look forward to it,” Cas replied, leaning in to kiss Dean again.

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Can you see me?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Contains: Ghost!Taehyung, Fluff, angst

Word count: 3169

Summary: You know those times you would leave the house and remember you had left the flat iron on, but on returning home, it was actually off? Or the times you would trip and somehow still manage to catch yourself? Sometimes while you were asleep, you would feel your hair being stroked, but you’d wake up to no one there…A friendly ghost may have fallen deeply in love with you.

Life had pushed you to renting an apartment far from your hometown. You wanted to start afresh, open a new book, and begin to write down your new life.

You had no regrets as you entered the unfamiliar place that will now be called your home. The smell of emptiness and cold bricks filled your nose. Inhaling the sweet smell of freedom, you took of your coat as you examined your new surroundings.

You walked around the living room, grazing your fingers over the furniture. Then you headed over to your bedroom, it was small, but cozy, just perfect for you.

You remembered the boxes filled with your things that you had left outside the door and rushed over to get them. As you got to the door, you realized the boxes were arranged by the wall in your living room. That surprised you because you clearly recalled leaving them outside. A neighbor must have helped bring them in, who else would have?

After you finished unpacking your things, you aimed your next destination to the bathroom. After all that unpacking and sweating, only a shower could wash it away. The shower could also be the washing away of your old life, and the beginning of your new one.

Taehyung was in awe. The moment you had walked through that door he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. You were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, in the life he used to have and even after his death.

He marveled at the way your skin gleamed under the dim lights of the apartment. The way you would fumble with your things as you put them away. The little things you would do, like stretch your arms, or just as simple as a yawn, would send butterflies straight down to his stomach.

All those years of having different people move into this flat, he had never even spared them a glance. He didn’t even believe that ghosts could still develop feelings. Yet here he was, experiencing love at first sight.

Taehyung was the one who moved your boxes into the living room. He wanted to make life for you easier, even if it was just by doing the simplest things for you. He would do anything to see you smile.

You climbed into the small shower, large enough only for one. As the water ran down your feeble skin, you could feel yourself fill up with positivity.

Upon getting out of the shower, you reached out to grab a towel. As you took a step onto the tiled floor, you felt yourself slip. Your right leg skidded forward as your left leg gave out under the sudden impact of pressure. You were sure that you were going to have a nasty fall.

Then you abruptly caught yourself. At first it felt like a slight push on your back, but that was ridiculous, there was no one there. You thought yourself lucky, as that could have ended quite badly. You sighed in relief as you wrapped the towel around your body and exited the dreaded bathroom.

After such a long day you decided to reward yourself with a movie night. You put on a simple white shirt and some grey sweatpants and headed over to your living room.

Taehyung was there as you entered the bathroom. By now he was so deeply in love with you he wanted to memorize every detail of your body, but he stopped himself. He stood patiently outside the bathroom door and waited for you, he waited for you as if it was his job to follow you around.

Once he heard the shower door open his ghostly heart quickened, this time he snuck a peek. He poked his head through the wall just in time to see you loose your balance. He flew over to you and gently caught you just as you were about to plunder to the ground.

This made Taehyung want to protect you even more, he glanced away as you tied the towel around your body and left the bathroom. He felt connected to you more and more by every second he spent with you.

You took a seat on your couch and shuffled around to find a comfortable position. You placed your feet on the small coffee table in front of you and pulled a blanket over your legs. Gradually, you scrolled through Netflix searching for something to watch.

In the end you decided on a romance/comedy movie. It’s been a while since you felt the sensation of a smile on your lips, or the awkward sound that would come out of your mouth when something was actually whimsical and entertaining.

As the movie began to play you felt a warmth next to you, it wasn’t anything horrendous, but it was faintly noticeable. You turned to the side, but you saw nothing. You waved your hand over the area, but indeed there was nothing there.

Hence you switched your attention back to the monitor on the wall. The lighting of the television illuminating the dark room ever so often.

Your eyes began to slowly flicker as you felt yourself drifting off to sleep, beginning to lose consciousness of whatever was going on around you. Taehyung watched as you finally shut your eyes, and he gently stroked your cheek as he gazed at you, admiring your soft features. The feeling of his fingers leaving tingles on your skin ever so delicately.

The next morning you felt great, the TV screen was turned off to your surprise. Once again you could’ve sworn that it was still playing when you fell asleep, it must have turned off on it’s own.

You couldn’t recall much from last night, just that you were watching a movie and suddenly caught by sleep. You didn’t have much planned for the day so you decided to invite your best friend, Baily, over to take a look at your brand new apartment.

After placing the few trays of snacks on the tiny coffee table, you heard loud knocks on your door and your name being called.

“Y/N! You in there!?”

“Shutup, you’re too loud.”

You smiled widely as you recognized the very familiar voices coming from outside your door. Slowly, you opened the door with the widest grin as you spotted your best friend, and next to her stood her boyfriend. They basically did everything and went everywhere together, even the bathroom.

You enveloped your friend in a warm hug, you gave her boyfriend, Yoongi, a hug as well. Baily only let you ever come near him, as she was quite protective of him, but she trusted you with all her life.

When Taehyung saw the guests he was fascinated by them, he saw how dearly you treated them and prepared for them. The whole time they were over he sat by your side, not leaving it for the slightest second.

“Y/N have you tried using the oujia board here?” Baily has always been up to date with whatever was booming on the internet. She would read controversial theories and occasionally send you a link to whatever she was currently interested in.

Yoongi on the other hand was a quiet and laid back fellow, he was the perfect match for Baily. They would both sleep for length less periods of times together, in the most confusing positions known to man. Yoongi would listen to Baily chat about something for as long as she wanted to, occasionally chiming in to let her know he was listening. You wished you had this kind of relationship with someone, you would hope for someone to care as much about you the way Yoongi cared for Baily.

“No I haven’t.” You glanced at Yoongi hoping for a hint of what was about to happen next, but he just returned your anxious look with a shrug.

“Let’s try it, you never know, maybe there are some spirits here. That would be freaky.” While Baily was speaking she brought out an ouija board straight from her bag. You wanted to ask if she carried it around with her everywhere but you rather not. She must have probably just brought it along since she was coming to your new apartment and figured that she could finally try it out. You saw as Yoongi just smiled and shook his head as he watched Baily place everything cautiously on the ground in front of you.

Once she was done, you all lightly placed two fingers on the pointer. Baily went along to begin the whole thing as it was her idea after all.

When Taehyung saw all of you put your fingers on the pointer, he felt obliged to do the same. He had no idea what was happening, so he waited for what you would do next. Occasionally he would spare glances at you and try and focus on the board as well, he just loved you so much.

“Are there any spirits here that would like to communicate with us?” Baily asked with a gloomy tone, you sometimes watched how people would laugh while doing this. You didn’t understand them, this wasn’t a game and if you did something wrong you could have some rather serious problems, so the three of you were dead silent carrying a straight face.

When Taehyung heard Baily, he finally took time to study the board and realized that they were actually attempting to talk to him. He instantly lit up as he slowly moved the pointer to the the word ‘Yes’.

He watched as you all began to panic, he didn’t mean to scare you and he immediately felt sorrow. “Y/N please don’t be afraid of me, I’d never want to hurt you.” He spoke right in front of you, but you looked straight through him, as you heard…nothing.

After claiming that one of you were moving the pointer and all three denying to have done so, Baily reassured everyone that it could be a good spirit and sought to continue with her questions.

“Are you a bad spirit?”

“Wow, straight to the point I guess.” Yoongi stifled a laugh but immediately stopped as the pointer began to move once again.

Everyone watched with their mouths agape as the pointer moved to ‘No’. With a relieved sigh you smiled to Baily who in return went on to ask another question.

“Is there anything you want to tell us?” And slowly the pointer began to move across the board.

Taehyung was shocked at how simple it was to maneuver the little pointer across the board. Normally, moving things took a lot of effort, especially those boxes that he had moved, it drained so much energy, but he did it for you.

Taehyung wanted to tell you. He wanted to tell you the words he had been telling you every second of every minute he was with you, but he was scared. He was worried that if he did, you would leave him forever, and so, that’s how the pointer ended on 'Goodbye’

You were surprised, that was for sure, you hadn’t expected the spirit to just leave. You were even starting to become curious, but it was over and so you took your fingers of the pointer.

“Well that was quick.” Baily said as she rubbed the back of her neck, you were sure she had a whole list of questions for the spirit, just waiting to be asked.

“Maybe he’s in a bad mood or something.” You shrugged your shoulders.


After talking for hours and showing Baily and Yoongi around, it had become quite late and so you exchanged your goodbyes as you watched them leave.

You retired to your bed as you were exhausted from practically nothing, by now you had completely forgotten about the incident with the ouija board. You turned to the side as you shut your eyes and let the darkness of your room envelop you, your mind becoming a wasteland of thoughts. You let yourself get carried away by the sweet sensation of slumber.

Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung laid right beside you, gently stroking your hair as he began to sing to you. He softly sang into your ear with his deep angelic voice, he sang to you about everything he wished for, he sang about how he wanted to be with you but he simply could not.

Days turned into months as you settled down into your new home. You had made a number of friends who would occasionally come visit you, or you would visit them. As time went by you slowly began to long for a relationship, which led to Baily persuading you to meet a guy. Which led to you finally inviting him over for lunch.

The moment the male walked in, Taehyung felt betrayed, it wasn’t your fault that he felt that way. It was his own fault for falling so deeply in love with you, and so he couldn’t help but feel this way.

Taehyung had gotten an idea, ghosts can possess the body of a living person, but only for a certain amount of time. Taehyung did not think twice before making his choice, all he had ever wanted was for you to notice him, to hear the words he spoke to you. With the flash of an eye, he was in the male’s body.

You weren’t really enjoying your time speaking to Sehun, but all of a sudden he had begun to act different. Different, in a good way. He behaved as if he had known you for a longer period of time than just an hour, you felt much more comfortable with him after the sudden change.

Sehun was acting very kindly towards you and it seemed like he genuinely cared about everything you had to say, he would constantly give you a smile and brush his hand over yours. Normally the physical contact would put you off, but this time it was different, he made you feel relaxed and safe and when he leaned in for a hug you didn’t hesitate to give him one.

It was strange though. He hugged you as if he was about to leave, he spoke with words that only people would speak with before they departed. Then suddenly, the man you did not enjoy speaking to earlier had returned. Taehyung had left Sehun’s body. You found yourself feeling miserable, as you forced a fake smile onto your face.

Taehyung had just had the greatest time of his lifeless life. Words could not describe how ecstatic he felt when he was finally able to hold you, to feel you, to be able to be heard by you. It was a pleasure that he never could have imagined that he would experience, and that’s how he grew even closer to you.


A time came when you were looking in the mirror whilst combing your hair. You put down the brush and gazed at your reflection. Taehyung was right beside you, it seemed like you were staring right at him. He believed that you could finally see him.

“Can…can you see me?” He asked not taking his eyes off yours, his question was soon answered when you walked away. Not even giving a look back to the mirror. Taehyung couldn’t move, he just stood there, still staring at the place your eyes once were. His hopes were raised so high yet they fell to the ground and crumbled like a dry, burnt piece of paper.

More and more time went by, and Taehyung was singing to you one night, for the very last time. He stroked your hair as he sung, not knowing this would be the last time he could. The reason being that finally after two years of living in this flat alone, you had met someone, a very special someone that treated you like a queen. He loved you with all his heart and made you happy.

Jin was your boyfriend of a year and two months, the both of you had been planning to move in together ever since you spent the night at his place.

The day that Taehyung never wished to witness finally came along, he saw you packing your things back into boxes. Slowly the flat became empty once again. Taehyung could feel his eyes start to water as Jin came in and carried the boxes out of your apartment.

You walked around to say your final good byes once you spotted the area on the ground where you had used the ouija board, which brought back wonderful memories. In nearing the door you picked up the last box and turned around at the entrance of your flat.

Taehyung’s eyes were filled with tears, he kept on calling your name, but to no avail, you didn’t answer.

“Y/N please don’t leave me!” He would say over and over as he watched you, he tried to grab for your hand to hold you back but it just went through you.

Taehyung felt like he was grasping something that wasn’t even there, the feelings he had for you now overwhelming him with pain. He wanted it all to just stop, he didn’t understand why he had fallen so deeply in love with you, but he did.

As you stood by the door, looking back once more, you heard a faint whisper,

“Can you see me?”

Taehyung was standing right in front of you, he reached out his hand as if trying to signal you of him standing there.

You stood there with the box in your arms, looking straight forward as if searching for something. Your heart was telling you that you’re supposed to be seeing something, but you couldn’t, you squinted your eyes and then you heard the faint whisper again.

“Can you see me?”

You were sure there was someone there, then suddenly a tall, male figure appeared out of thin air. On a normal basis you would be scared out of your mind, but you felt as if you know him, you were connected with him.

Once more Taehyung felt himself breaking down, and with a cracked voice he asked again.

“Can you see me?”

At that moment the voice you were hearing was his, those nights that you had thought your neighbor was singing, it was him. Looking towards him you gave him the warmest smile, a smile that came genuinely from the bottom of your heart. You very slowly nodded your head while looking him straight in the eyes. A tear rolled down your cheek.

Taehyung dreaded to watch you go, tears streaming down his face as he watched you stand there finally being able to see him.

But Taehyung realized that it was time to face the truth…he will never be with you.

Then he slowly began to fade away, you turned around to leave, and with one more glance back.

“Thank you.”

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