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BTS Reaction - when they’re the sub (Hyung line)


The softest sigh of pleasure escapes Jin’s lips as you trail yours along the slope of his neck,  caressing his skin with every lingering kiss.  He’s never one to be particularly noisy, but you can tell from the way his hands are kneading into your fleshy curves that he’s enjoying all of the attention he’s being lavished with, quiet or not.

“Jinnie,” you murmur against his shoulder, rolling your hips to grind against the bulge in his pants and delighting in the way his breath hitches.   Nothing gives you more pleasure than making Jin fall apart under your touch, and it takes little more than the feel of his abdominals shuddering under your fingertips to make your core start to throb with want.  “Remember what we talked about a couple weeks ago, Jinnie?”  

“Hmm?” he murmurs half-heartedly, flopping his head to the side to allow you even greater access to his throat as you continue to pepper kisses along it.  

“About spicing things up a little bit?”  Suddenly you have his full attention, turning back to face you with opened eyes, his hands stilling on your hips.  You watch as the smallest of creases appear between Jin’s eyebrows and the way he pauses to lick his lips before speaking, seemingly hesitant.  

“I don’t really like the idea of being rough with you, Jagi…” His eyes flick between yours, trying to gauge whether his rebuttal of your previous request is making you upset.  “I don’t want to call you names or… or hurt you.”  Honestly, you’d been expecting him to say this anyway.  The first time you’d mentioned him taking a more dominant position in the bedroom he’d seemed less than keen on the idea, and even though he’d promised to think about it, you knew his answer would still be no the next time you asked.  That’s why you’ve come armed with another suggestion this time, the thought of which intrigues you just as much as the last.  

You lean down on your elbows either side of Jin’s head, looking down into his deep brown eyes with small smile.  

“What about if I take the lead instead?”  you propose quietly.  You don’t wait to witness Jin’s reaction, leaning down to kiss him leisurely instead, giving him time to mull it over.

“You?”  he murmurs against your lips, his hands slipping down from your hips to your behind, giving you a squeeze.    

“Me,” you confirm, pulling away and sitting up, looking down from where you’re sat astride his lips.  It’s difficult to read Jin’s expression or thoughts about the idea - but at least he doesn’t look so immediately negative as he did last time.  “Do you trust me?”  

“Of course.”  His answer is automatic, without even a hint of doubt; a reminder of just how much Jin loves you and how lucky you are to have him.  

You strip yourself of your blouse under Jin’s watchful eyes, smiling at the way his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as his gaze shamelessly drifts over the swell of your breasts.  As soon as it’s off of your body you fold it into a makeshift blindfold, and though Jin initially looks a little confused, he soon realises what you’re intending to do as you lean forward and lay it gently across his eyes.  

His natural reaction is to pull away, twisting his face away, but when you utter a soft ‘trust me’ Jin suddenly stills, letting you apply the blindfold and secure it tightly behind his head.  The quickening of his breath is almost instantaneous, though you don’t pass comment on it.  

“Can you see me?”  you ask quietly, climbing off of his hips to kneel between his open legs, slipping your hands down his naked chest and watching with satisfaction at the way all his muscles jump at your touch.  

“No,” he answers huskily, and after that you remain completely silent, letting Jin’s panting breaths fill the room.  You undo his belt and pants deftly, pulling them off along with his boxers, and Jin’s hips instinctively thrust up into nothing as the cold air hits his cock.  It’s already weeping with anticipation,  laying thick and heavy against his stomach, and although every instinct is telling you to climb back on top of him and put it to good use, you force yourself to focus solely on his pleasure instead, dipping your head to start licking and kissing your way up the inside of his thighs.  

Not being able to see you seems to be heightening Jin’s sense of touch, and when you blow gently against one of the wet marks you just sucked onto his thigh, he lets out a sound you’ve never heard from him before.  It’s a whimper, a mewl; a sound that shoots straight to your core and has you rubbing your thighs together to ease your arousal.  Slowly, you work your way up towards his cock, taking your sweet time, greedily trying to drag more and more noises of pleasure from his lips.  

Jin starts grabbing at the sheets when you start to plant kisses along the length of his cock, travelling upward and kitten licking at the head when you get there, blowing on it when you pull away.  

“S-shit…” he curses under his breath, and just that one word is telling of how much this is affecting him - Jin never swears in front of you.  You tease him relentlessly after that, giving him just the slightest of touches of your lips or teeth or tongue but never actually letting him slip inside the heat of your mouth, and within minutes Jin is losing his composure, his hips twisting restlessly underneath you, gasps and whimpers and sinful moans pouring out of him with abandon.  

“Aa-ah!” Jin cries out when you flick your tongue against his frenulum, smirking as you look up at him from between his legs, knowing he can’t see you.  “Please… Jagi…”

“What’s wrong Jinnie?”  You can see Jin struggling between his need for release and his own pride as he purses his lips together for a moment, turning his face to the side.  “You need something?”  

“You.”  He lets out another strangled moan when you lick up the bead of pre-cum leaking from his slit and nothing more.  “You, please!”

“What would you like me to do, hmm?”  Again he pauses, breathing raggedly, broad chest heaving up and down as his cheeks turn a deep shade of pink when he finally relents, voice breaking as he begs,

“Put your mouth around me, please, Jagi.  Let me cum down your throat.”  

And he does, mere seconds after you take him between your lips, smiling like the cat that got the cream.   


“M-mommy…”  You’re watching Yoongi like a predator watches their prey, eyes fixed on him as you wet your lips and tilt your head, closely noting the way his muscles tick as you push him closer to his orgasm.

He’s quite the sight to see tonight; covered in a fine sheen of sweat, hair sticking to his forehead, hands grasping the sheets helplessly.  You love having Yoongi like this beneath you, trussed up and whimpering.  He’s never more beautiful than when he’s begging for release, which is why you’ve been making him do just that for the last thirty minutes, relishing in every broken sound he makes.  

“You’re doing so well, baby boy,” you coo, dragging your palm up and down his cock, squeezing on the upstroke.  It’s impossible to keep the smirk that appears on your face at bay at the way he responds; his hips jerking up from the bed, throwing his head back into the pillow.  It’s criminal, really, how much pleasure you derive in watching him suffer.   “Just a little longer.”

“Too much,” he whimpers, his head craning so far to the side like it’s he’s trying to hide, eyes screwing up tight as you quicken the pace of your hand,  “‘s too much.”  

“I thought you liked it when mommy played with your little dick?”   Yoongi mewls again as you run your thumb over his slit, spreading what little pre-cum there still remains after so long over the swollen, sensitive head.  His cock is anything if small, actually - especially now, when it’s so hard and angry and red - but you know how much he likes being made to feel little, and you’re more than happy to indulge his various kinks and fantasies.   “Maybe I should stop, hmm?”  

“No!”  he quickly disagrees, eyes opening up wide as he picks his head up from the pillow to stare down at you, a panicked look on his face.   “Just… feels so good - I can’t-”  

“You can,” you insist, speeding up after that all too brief reprieve, eager to watch Yoongi fall apart.  He lets out a strangled moan, his hips rocking from side to side as you work him roughly, cupping his balls in your other hand and giving them the lightest squeeze, knowing that it’ll push him closer to the edge.  

Yoongi bites his lips, tipping his head back as you feel his length start to swell in your hand, his testicles drawing up tight, and just as he’s about to reach his high you abruptly stop your ministrations, grabbing the base of his cock and squeezing it tight to stop the orgasm in its tracks.   Yoongi’s beside himself when he realises; shaking his head from side to side at your continuing denial of his pleasure, his whole body trembling.  

“No, no, no, please!” he sobs, lifting his clasped hands from his stomach and drawing them up to his face, using the heel of his palms to stop the tears that are threatening to spill.   He passed the point of being ashamed of his desperation approximately four near-orgasms ago, his cock is throbbing and pulsing but spilling not a drop, and with every dry heave of Yoongi’s chest you feel your own arousal growing, dripping onto the sheets underneath you.  “Please let me cum, mommy.  P-please!”  

The poor boy, it must feel like agony.  

Once again, you begin gently fondling Yoongi’s cock, wondering to yourself just how long you can keep this up without him having to resort to using his safe word.  He’s never used it yet, but by the way his bottom lip is shaking, bitten to ribbons and bleeding, you think it must not be far off.  Perhaps it’s time to take pity on him - before it goes that far.  

“You’ve been a very, very good boy,” you tell him softly, “So good for your mommy.”  He looks back at you with beseeching eyes, holding his breath as he waits for your next words, clearly hoping that you’re going to show him some mercy.  “You know what good boys get, baby?”  Finally releasing him, you sink back on your heels and spread your legs a little wider, letting both your hands reach between them seek out your core and allowing yourself the slightest groan when you discover just how wet you are.  

Apparently Yoongi isn’t the only one who’s been suffering.  

Yoongi gives the slightest shake of his head, hair falling into his eyes.  

“Good boys get to cum inside.”  You hear his breath hitch as he watches you play with yourself, sending him a salacious smile and looking up at him from under your lashes.  “Would you like that?  Cumming inside mommy’s hot, tight cunt?”  He nods frantically, scrambling up onto his knees, cock bobbing against his stomach as he moves.

Slowly, you turn yourself on the spot and put yourself on all fours on the mattress, presenting yourself to him by sinking down onto your elbows and arching your back invitingly, and Yoongi wastes no time at all taking his place behind you.  He places his hand on your lower back, so slow and gentle that it almost seems reverential, but you can feel the way he’s shaking as he lines up his length with your entrance, waiting for your permission.  

“Mommy?” he whispers, and you look back over your shoulder at him with an adoring smile, pushing back a little to slip just the tip of his cock between your folds.  It’s a struggle to not show how much it affects you; you’re almost as desperate for this as he is, your pussy aching with the need to be filled and satisfied.  

“Go ahead.”  Your soft words of encouragement are all Yoongi needs to hear to finally push inside you, slipping in down to the very hilt with how warm and wet you are, and as you feel him stretch out your walls you bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning, wanting to hear the groans he makes over any of your own.  He’s throbbing inside you already as he starts thrusting in and out of your at a slow, steady pace, holding onto your hips and breathing harder than you’d expect for only just having gotten started - if you hadn’t have been edging him for so long, that is.  

“I’m not-”  He cuts himself off with a whimper and a falter of his hips, and it takes a second for Yoongi to collect himself enough to speak again.  “I’m g-gonna cum so fast, m-m-, I’m s-sorry.”  He can barely get his words out, his fingertips digging into your hips, and you can tell from the way he’s pushing into you so shallowly that he’s desperately trying to hold on for just a little bit longer.  “Can I, mommy, c-can I?  Please?”  

“Go on, baby,” you groan, rocking yourself backwards onto him, forcing him deeper.  You really don’t want him to cum yet - you’re nowhere near your own high - but you know it’d be both unfair and unrealistic to expect him not to after teasing him for so long.  “Let me hear you.”  He picks up speed, bending over you so his chest pressed against your back as he drills into you, exhaling heavily with every thrust.  

Within seconds  Yoongi’s pace is faltering, sloppy and uncoordinated, and as he starts to cum a shout of ecstasy leaves his lip, his body tensing behind you as his cock pulses inside.  It seems to go on forever, like he’s having every orgasm you deprived him of all at once, grabbing at your hips and crying and whimpering against the space between your shoulder blades as it finally begins to fade.  You feel so full.  Full, and satisfied.  

“Thank you, thank you,” Yoongi mumbles mindlessly against your skin, his hands caressing up and down your waist.  He slips out of you, and even without you shifting position you can feel his cum starting to dribble out, far too much to be able to keep inside.  You turn your head to, resting your cheek on the mattress and closing your eyes as you enjoy the feel of Yoongi pressing loving kisses all the way down your spine.  He gradually works his way downward, finally pressing a kiss against the back of your thigh.  “I’ll make you feel good, mommy, promise.”  

As his tongue starts to lap against your entrance, licking up his own cum and your arousal with a happy hum, you’ve no doubt he will.  


“Hobi, I’m home!” you call as you shut the apartment door behind yourself, dropping your bag on the hallway floor.  There’s no reply from the next room, or from down the hall, which even on a normal day would seem a little strange.  Hoseok would usually be tackling you into a hug by now, and with the text messages you’d been exchanging earlier… well, he’d seemed so needy that you’d half expected him to be waiting naked by the door from the moment you got back.  

He’s not in the living room, the kitchen, or your shared bedroom, but as you re-enter the hall you suddenly hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.  You smile to yourself as you push open the door, trying to be as quiet as possible so you can retain the element of surprise, but as the steam from the piping hot water starts to clear and you get a glimpse of your boyfriend through the misty shower screen, that smile quickly fades.  

Hobi’s stood under the running water with his head flopped forward, chest rising and falling heavily with breaths you can’t quite hear as his hand runs slowly up and down his hardened cock.  He’s got his eyes closed, lips parted, lost in the pleasure he’d so sweetly promised he’d save for when you got home.  

So much for that, hm?  

You strip yourself of your clothes and then silently climb into the tub behind him, watching the way the muscles in his shoulders are flexing and rippling as he touches himself, quietly groaning your name.  

“I thought I told you to wait.”  Hobi practically jumps out of his skin as he hears your voice and feels your arms wrap around his hips, abruptly letting go of himself and twisting his head to try and look at you over his shoulder, flushing guiltily.  

“I wasn’t going to make myself cum, promise,” he says quickly, placing his hands on top of yours and squeezing them,  “I just wanted to be nice and clean for when you got home…. but then I started thinking about you again and it just… it felt really good…”

“I’m sure it did,” you tut, pressing featherlight kisses against his back, wetting your lips with the water that’s still raining down on the two of you, “But I told you to wait, Hobi.”  You feel a tremor run through him when you pull your hands out from under his and take a step back, admiring his pert behind and strong legs with hungry eyes.  

Yes, you’re annoyed that he started without you, but you can’t deny how the sight of it has turned you on.  

You push on Hobi’s lower back, forcing him to bend forward and brace himself on the edge of the tub with his ass in the air.  He’d easily be able to resist you if he wanted to, but then that’s the point; Hobi wants to submit.  He knew he’d get punished if he was caught, and yet he chose to do it anyway.  

“You know what happens when you don’t listen,” you purr, reaching out and taking his buttocks in both hands, squeezing and kneading the wet, slippery flesh.  “Don’t you?”  You see him nod, his eyes closed and biting his lip, waiting for the slap he knows is coming.  “Answer me, Hoseok.”  

“I-I know,” he confirms thickly, rocking back on his heels to push his ass further into your hands.  Through his parted legs you can see his cock dangling toward the the bottom of the tub, still rock hard, a string of clear, sticky fluid seeping from the tip that has you licking your lips at the sight of it.  God, you can’t wait to have him inside you.  

Hobi is soundless the first time your palm slaps harshly against his buttock, the sound of it echoing around the room, but he’s gritting his teeth, his forehead pressed against the bathroom tiles, clearly feeling it’s effects.  He inhales sharply with the second, hissing through his teeth by the third, and with the fourth and fifth he lets out long, wavering moans of pleasure and pain, his back arching when you cup his ass in your hands again.  You watch as his skin reddens beautifully, running your fingertips over the outlines of your multiple handprints and smiling at the way he trembles and whimpers at your touch.  

“You still owe me an apology,” you remind him as you let your hands drop.  Hobi straightens up, turning to face you with a heaving chest.  His cheeks are gorgeously flushed, wet hair plastered to his head.  He reaches for you and you allow him to take you into his arms, pulling you close under the water, his erection digging into your stomach as he presses kisses to the top of your head, murmuring a heartfelt sorry.  “Make it up to me.”  

Hobi pulls away slightly, looking down at you, a bead of water hanging off the end of his nose that’s brushed away when he leans down to kiss you.  He takes your face in his hands, and as his mouth moves keenly against yours you let out a soft moan, dragging your fingernails down his washboard stomach.   

As you’d hoped, it soon escalates into more.  Without breaking your kiss Hobi effortlessly picks you up, holding your ass in his hands as you wrap your legs around his waist and tangle your fingers in his wet hair, pressing your back against the cold bathroom tiles to steady you both.  Part of you realises what a bad idea this is - if he loses his footing even for a moment you could both end up with broken arms or legs or worse - but as you feel his cock brush against your folds you just can’t seem to care.  

“Fuck me,” you demand, pausing only to speak before crashing your lips together again, delving your tongue into Hobi’s mouth as he obediently shoves you in one hard, sharp thrust.  Without any foreplay you can’t deny that it hurts, but as he starts to move, forcefully rutting into you, that pain dissolves into a pleasure that has you clawing at his scalp.  “Harder.  Fuck, harder, Hobi.”  He moans into your shoulder, snapping his hips against you, the bones digging the soft flesh of the inside of your thighs.  “Yes, baby, yes, don’t stop.”  

He kisses you again, so hard that your head bangs back against the tiles, and you answer his assault with a harsh bite of his bottom lip, tugging on it so hard that he yelps from the pain.  You can’t have him thinking he’s in charge, not even for a second; the only reason he’s fucking you now is because you allowed it.  If he hadn’t have spent all day turning you on with his needy texts and call you would’ve just spanked him and left.  

“Make me cum.  God, Hobi, I’m so close, make me cum on your cock.”  For once, your boyfriend listens, altering the angle of his thrusts to somehow get even deeper than before.  That’s all it takes to push you over the edge, white hot pleasure blossoming deep in your core and then spreading all over your body, hitting you in wave after wave, your walls contracting around him as he continues his thrusts, his eyes fixed on the look of bliss on your face.  

As soon as it starts to fade and you regain some clarity, you start to wriggle in his grasp, forcing Hobi to pull out and put you down for fear of dropping you, his brows knitting in confusion.  

“Honey?” he murmurs, reaching for your hand as you turn your back on him, climbing out of the tub without a word.   You grab a towel from the heater and wrap it around yourself before finally turning back to him with a smirk, throwing your wet hair over your shoulder.

“You should’ve listened, Hobi.”  You see him swallow, wetting his lips nervously as he tries to guage whether or not you’re just joking.  He should know you well enough by now to know you’re not.  “You aren’t cumming till I say so.” 


You’ve had the worst of days.  Your boss has been riding you all day over something that wasn’t even your fault, and the office bitch has been… well, a total bitch, as usual.  All day you’ve been counting the down minutes until you can leave, till you can go home to Namjoon, and now that you’re stood outside your apartment you can already feel some of the stress starting to melt away already.  

You can’t hear a single sound from inside the apartment but instinctively you know that Namjoon will be there, waiting for you, and sure enough when you push open the door his slender form is the first thing your eyes see.  Pushing the door closed behind you, you let the smallest of smiles grow across your face, exhaling a happy sigh.  

Namjoon’s kneeling in his usual spot, his eyes on the floor and hands folded neatly in his lap, wearing nothing more than a pair of black jeans and a thick, matching collar around his neck.  You’d almost think he hadn’t even realised you’d come in, so well-controlled is his reaction save the slight increase his breathing rate which gives him away.  

“You’re a welcome sight to come home to,” you tell him softly, and as soon as Namjoon hears you address him directly he picks his eyes up off the floor to look up at you, his plushy pink lips slightly parted.  “Come here, boy.”   You beckon with your finger and Namjoon crawls forward to kneel by your feet, tilting his head to the side when you lovingly run your fingers your his soft, fine hair.   “Talk to me.”   

“Was it a long day, mistress?” he asks you quietly, his voice coming out slightly croaky at first.  

“The worst,” you sigh, continuing to push his hair back from his forehead.  He really is the most handsome of toys you’ve ever owned.  “But I feel much better now I’m home with you.”  You cup his chin in your palm, smiling down at him and feeling your heart flutter when he smiles sweetly back up at you, those perfect dimples of his making an all too fleeting appearance.  

“I’m glad, mistress.  I missed you.”  

“I missed you too.”  You open up your purse and pull out Namjoon’s leash, deftly attaching it to the ring on his collar.  He hums happily when you give it a little tug, shifting his weight from one knee to another, and then reaches out towards your shoes before stopping himself short, looking up at you.

“Can I?”   You nod, lifting up your foot for him to slip off your heels for you one by one.  

“So good to me, aren’t you?”  

“I only want to please you, mistress,” he tells you, looking up at you from under his dark lashes.  

“And you do, boy.”   You thumb his cheek gently before letting go and padding your way over to the sofa with leash in hand, crawling obediently behind you, and when you flop down onto it he kneels himself at your feet again, waiting for your command.  

“Are you hungry, mistress?  

“No,” you sigh, letting yourself slump to the side, your head on the arm of the sofa.  Honestly, all you want is unwind in his company after such a horrible day.  “Just… help me relax.”  Namjoon blinks back at you for just a moment, clearly expecting more instruction.

“What would you like me to do, mistress?”  he asks, and you know that a good dom would tell him exactly what they want and exactly how to do it, but right now your brain is so frazzled that even you don’t know what you want.  

“Just… anything you want.”  His eyes widen slightly, his head tilting to the side in confusion.  This isn’t how things normally go between the two of you - not at all.   “You’ve been so well behaved just lately; my gorgeous little boy is long overdue a real treat.”  

“Thank you, mistress,” Namjoon says solemnly, dropping his gaze to the floor and wetting his lips, and when he looks up again you notice that his the black of his irises have expanded.  He looks darker all of a sudden, seductive.  

Slowly, he repositions himself so he’s kneeling directly between your legs and picks up one of your feet, placing it on his thigh.  He starts to massage your foot through your stockings, kneading the sore pads of your toes, and once he’s satisfied there he slides his hands up and starts to work the muscle in your calf, too.  Namjoon’s eyes are locked on yours throughout, and by the time he’s moved onto your second leg something that had started out quite innocently has got you breathing heavily and throbbing under your skirt.  

“Undress me,” you command suddenly, sitting up and shifting forward so your bottom is on the edge of the sofa.  Namjoon’s whole face lights up.

“Yes…”  He strips you of your stockings one by one, trailing his fingertips down the length of your legs, and then rises up onto his knees to start unbuttoning your blouse.   As his fingers work you let your eyes drift over his body, admiring his dark caramel skin, pinched waist and toned stomach, and as your gaze travels lower you’re pleased to see that all that light touching had affected him just as it had you.  Namjoon’s rock hard beneath his jeans, the large bulge in the centre of his crotch causing the buttons to gape.  

As soon as your blouse is undone you shrug it off your shoulders, eager to shed anything and everything you can, so flushed with arousal that your blood feels like it’s burning under your skin.  Namjoon reaches for your bra but you shake your head briskly, wrapping his leash around your knuckles as you hitch up your skirt to expose the black lace panties you underneath.  

“Take them off,” you tell him, voice pitched low and husky.  His eyes fix on your core, pressing his lips together as he hooks his thumbs into the waistband of your panties and then pulls them down, his cheeks starting to flush with excitement.  Once they’re off you pick your feet up from the floor to plant your heels on the edge of the sofa, spreading yourself wide open and tugging on his leash to pull him towards you, guiding his mouth towards your dripping heat, biting your lip with excitement.  As soon as Namjoon is within reach you’re grabbing onto him, using your grip on his hair and his leash to yank him in the rest of the way, pushing him greedily into your pussy and moaning when he slips his tongue straight inside, evidently eager to taste you too.   

“Fuck, yes,” you groan, flexing your hips to push his tongue in deeper, his nose brushing against your clitoris.   “How does my pussy taste, boy?  Does it taste good?”   Namjoon groans into your folds and the pleasure that comes from the feel of the vibration shoots straight up your spine, your head flopping back into the cushions.   

He pleasures you that evening for as long as you require him to, making you cum with his fingers and tongue until you feel like there are no bones left in your body, and as he finishes himself off standing over you, spurting his cum all over your swollen pussy, you let out a happy, contented sigh.  

He really is your best, most favourite boy. 

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I'm so pumped/angsty in the best possible way that so many of my favorite blogs are reblogging that gifset of the radio show moment because the video lasts less than 10 seconds I believe? And its a video I always go back to on youtube because of the fast yet prominent moment of catching someone off guard with his feelings exposed for just a second. Just a moment before he goes back to camera mode and its beautiful to look at

phil just swaying and then dan looking over at him while that song is playing and you know they can hear the lyrics and phil meeting dan’s eyes and for a beat or two just staring back and then phil looking forward and pulling that face and dan looking around like he’s just not sure what he’s supposed to do and then phil sways in a more exaggerated way that bumps their bodies together and it feels like such a Moment where phil knows dan was making some kind of gesture and he knows he tried to play the gesture off but he also really wants to make some kind of gesture back and he can’t do it with words and he can’t even do it with a look since dan just did that so he does it with touch and it leaves the whole thing just feeling like there was a beginning and there will be an after but all we’re witness to is this moment that translates to a long sigh in the middle of a sentence of a conversation we’re not privy to 

i’m sorry if you didn’t want fanfic you shouldn’t have sent the ask 

~College!au Pen Pal Hoseok~PART FOURTEEN: END

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~Two Weeks Later~

“Did you see Mark today? He was practically begging that girl for one date,” Hoseok chuckled, tossing his phone in the air a few times and catching it. 

“I didn’t but I’m sure it was funny. Gotta thank that guy at the lounge who recorded the whole thing and posted it online,” You scoffed, looking up from your book. 

You and Hoseok were hanging out in your dorm, him sitting at your desk chair with his feet propped up on your desk, while you lay on your stomach on your bed.

“Wait,”  Hoseok took his feet off your desk and turned to you. “You didn’t find out who was recording?”

Shaking your head with furrowed brows, you said, “No…”

“It was Jackson! Jackson Wang.”

“The one he was pretending to be?”

“Yeah, turns out they were friends and Jackson wasn’t too fond of someone pretending to be him. He said something egotistical like Mark not being worthy of being ‘Jackson’,” Hoseok rolled his eyes.

“I know Jackson. He’s nice,” You bit your lip, holding in a laugh. It sure did sound Jackson to get angry at something as silly as that and get a bit of revenge. 

“He got his revenge for us,” Hoseok laughed. 

“Yeah, now no one wants anything to do with Mark. Hell, girls I don’t even know are asking to be my friend because I ‘put him in his place.’ Whatever that means,” You rolled your eyes. “Really wish I smacked him. Probably would’ve gotten the video more views,” You smirked.

“You’re so cocky,” Hoseok playfully rolled his eyes and sat at the edge of your bed. 

“Yeah, but you love me for it, Smiley,” You grinned.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to think, Gumdrop.”

“C’mon we’re besties. I’m always going to be teasing you.”

Hoseok huffed to himself. He hated that title with a passion. It was partially his fault. He was the one who put in your mind that you were ‘besties.’

I’m so going to regret this, Hoseok thought before crawling over to you. 

“What’re you doing?” You asked when you felt him inching closer to you. You looked up from your book to behind you and saw him hovering over you. Furrowing your brows, you squeaked when you felt his hands on your waist to turn your body around so you were facing him.

“Hi,” you breathed out when you noticed how close you two were. Letting out a laugh, he smiled softly, “Hi.”

“Uh, what are you–”

“I’ve been friend-zoned enough times,” Hoseok began and you felt a blush creep up your neck. Hoseok was admittedly bashful and had his shy moments, but he knew when he had to be serious. And you had a feeling this was one of those times.

“You think?” You were way too scared to act upon your feelings. Even when texting the boy, when he answered as soon as you texted him made your heart flutter. And knowing him personally now? Man, you wondered how you managed to be blessed with such a good looking human being. 

“What do you mean ‘you think?’ Y/N, I don’t think you understand what I mean,” Hoseok chuckled lightly, his breath fanning your lips.

“Sure, I do,” You had no idea but if you were going to find out, you were going to make your guess the boldest one you could think of. “You like me.”

Blinking rapidly, Hoseok was loss for words. You knew?

“I uh…Was I that obvious?” 

Widening your eyes, you gaped, “You mean, I’m right?”

Hoseok broke into a smile, “Gumdrop, yes you are. Since the beginning.”

“The beginning?”

“Even before I heard about Mark. Man, I thought I had a chance with you but then you mentioned the dick and I got…upset. That’s why I didn’t answer and ignored you for a while. I had to, you know, keep my distance. I didn’t want to ruin your relationship because of my dumb feelings.”

“Your feelings aren’t dumb, Hobi. I wish I dumped that ass way before I started talking to you. I would’ve asked to meet you earlier. But I was taken and I was afraid if we did meet, I’d do something I’d regret.”

“Oh yeah?” Hoseok smirked. “Something like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” By then your cheeks were as red as tomatoes. Since when was Hoseok so bold?

“Well, I’ll tell you: If we met earlier I was afraid I’d do something I’ve been waiting to do and–Y/N, you have to stop blushing like that, you’re making it really hard for me not to kiss you.”

“Well what are you waiting for then? Don’t you think I would’ve pushed you off by now if I didn’t feel the same way?”

Hoseok gulped, feeling his heart beat out of his chest. Did you just say that? 

He leaned down and gave you a quick peck. Leaning back, you scrunched your nose up. “Not that that wasn’t amazing but…that was what you’ve been waiting to do? A peck?”

“Hey, Gumdrop. This is about the boldest thing I’ve done so I think I’m all out of bravery.”

“That’s okay. I got the message,” You grinned leaning up and giving his nose a kiss.

“Wow, we’re dorks, you know that right?”

“Nah, I think we’re goals. Like sea otters.”


Next pen pal (for those of you who don’t know) is Namjoon!:)

Happy Thanksgiving, here’s some more of this older!Stiles AU that I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to name eventually since it keeps going.

“It was somewhere over here, I remember this bend in the stream,” Erica said, carefully stepping over a fallen branch. She was moving slowly, cautiously, like she was afraid to trigger another seizure. It was probably too soon for her to be out wandering in the woods, but she insisted she was okay and who was Stiles to tell her she was wrong?

Scott knew more about her epilepsy and he was walking with her, so if anything went wrong with her, he would know what to do. Stiles was more focused on the ground, looking for anything out of the ordinary as they moved deeper into the preserve.

“That’s where I slipped,” Erica continued, pointing to a groove in the muddy bank from sneakers sliding. “So I think it’s…” She straightened and looked around her, hesitating.

“It’s okay, take your time,” Scott assured her with his big, earnest eyes. And despite the fact that it was already in the first moments of getting dark, he added, “We’ve got all day.”

Speak for yourself, Stiles didn’t say aloud. He was running on no sleep, he hadn’t changed out of his uniform in over twenty-four hours now, and he still had to stop by the store on the way home because he was pretty much out of real food.

Despite spending his teenage years getting the groceries for the house and demanding his dad eat healthy meals, all of his amazing shopping habits died surprisingly fast once he moved out on his own. Now he just had a real bad habit of putting it off for days on end and finding himself at the one twenty-four hour convenience store at 5am after a night shift, shamefully filling his arms with microwave burritos while Hector the cashier watched in judging silence.

He didn’t like that an eighteen year old had that kind of dirt on him, but they had an understanding, wherein Hector told no one about the burritos and Stiles looked the other way that one time he saw a six pack of Bud Light in the cashier’s backpack behind the counter. It was Bud Light and Stiles was buying six burritos and pack of gummy worms. There was already enough silent shame between them.

“This way,” Erica decided with a nod, but still glanced at Stiles before moving like she was expecting him to tell her she was wrong.

He just nodded right back and followed her lead.

He always felt a little awkward around Erica; she was so quiet and shy that he felt like he was railroading her into conversation every time he talked to her, but Scott always insisted she wasn’t normally like that. Which…still didn’t make Stiles feel great about it.

You’re just a little intense, she’ll get used to you, Scott said every time he brought it up, but he’d also been saying that for four years. It wasn’t looking good.

They clambered up a small embankment with more slips in the mud, and there at the top…was nothing.

“It’s gone,” Erica said, taking a few more steps forward.

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can you do 18 please? love your work xx

18. If you insist. 

Victor spun in slow circles on the ice, steel of his skates tearing lines through it. He should be focusing, but Victor found his mind constantly wandering to the weekend before. To the party. To Yuuri and his wide, dark eyes that haunted Victor’s sleep ever since that night.

Victor had been more than foolish; he’d apparently stepped right through the veil of insanity to say such a thing to Yuuri then. What had he been thinking? Victor had just been struck, so lost in the memory of when they had met first that he had lost all sense. Friedrich said himself that Yuuri’s beauty inspired transgression, but Victor was sure confessions of affection to his betrothed were outside the Tsarevich’s allowance.

After that night, Victor half-expected his door to be beaten down by the police. For him to be dragged through town, name with him, as Yuuri was bound to tell his betrothed of Victor’s audacity. But nothing had come, Friedrich bidding Victor fond goodbye from the party when Victor excused himself early after spending the rest of the evening watching Yuuri’s back retreat from him.

It seemed Yuuri was of a mind to simply dismiss Victor altogether as punishment and Victor was not entirely sure if that was better. He had tried to rid himself of the ache in his heart that burst on seeing Yuuri, the ghost of an emotion that skimmed the faded edges of grief for something Victor was never entitled to have to begin with. Not even the ice was any comfort.

‘Victor!’ Chris cried, sounding panicked and his voice echoing off the high ceiling of the rink. Victor turned to a stop, regarding his friend and pianist from the ice show with confusion. ‘Get off the ice, right now!’

‘What is it? What’s the matter?’ Victor asked, skating up to the small gate off the ice. Chris looked wild behind his round spectacles, mouth hopping between a dazed grin and grimace, running a hand through his sandy hair.

‘The Tsarevich’s consort is here to see you,’ Chris said, sounding half-mad with it. Victor froze in where he was brushing ice from his steel, a swallowing swoop in his stomach. When Victor asked Chris to explain, Chris only shrugged; ‘He wouldn’t say why he’s here. Only that he wished to speak with you.’

‘Did he bring a guard?’ Victor asked, wondering if perhaps having Yuuri ignore him and not ending up in prison was really so unfortunate a situation, heartbreak or not. Chris frowned.

‘No, he’s escorted himself. Why? Does he need a guard?’ Chris asked, but Victor was already off the ice, walking as straight he could in his skates towards the foyer. 

Yuuri was there, dressed in the Vienna fashion this time. He was in a long coat of dark wool, large hood like a bell from where it was raised over Yuuri’s head. Had he not announced himself, Victor was sure Yuuri could’ve passed through the rink entirely unseen, with only the fine fabric of his coat giving away his status.

Yuuri turned, hands in front of him in perfect posture. The gloves he wore were fine leather, showing off his slim fingers and Victor found himself staring before he could stop himself, reminded of the large ones he’d gifted almost ten years ago. Suddenly feeling under-dressed in his loose shirt and plain trousers, Victor bent low in a bow.

‘Your grace,’ Victor said, wondering if he should wait until he was addressed before straightening up.

When Yuuri said nothing, Victor took a chance and looked up. Yuuri was regarding Victor from beneath his hood, a pair of modern spectacles sat on his nose. They were fetching, a blue veneer across their fine frames. Victor licked his lips, daring to speak.

‘Please forgive me for speaking out of turn,’ Victor said, watching Yuuri’s face indulgently. ‘I don’t know why you’re here, but I must tell you I am pleased to see you again.’

Yuuri visibly tensed at that, his hands balling into delicate fists. He regarded Victor carefully, like Yuuri were poised to take flight any moment. Victor felt like there was suddenly a string pulled taut between them, like a vector. Victor mentally berated himself for managing to offend so quickly. That had to be a new record.

‘I got your letter,’ Yuuri said brusquely, standing tall like he were to shake the tension off his shoulders. Victor was caught off guard by the lack of manners, but something like relief pooled. ‘You needn’t have apologised.’

Victor blinked, surprised. He had sent the letter the morning after the party, convinced to try and make up for what he had said. Victor had kept it deliberately oblique, so as not to incriminate himself or worse, insinuate towards Yuuri. Victor never expected a reply, he had just felt that he could not rest easy unless Yuuri knew that he was sorry. And now that letter had brought Yuuri all the way down from the visitor’s palace to Victor’s humble rink.

‘Forgive me, but that was not impression I got,’ Victor said, feeling daring though he knew it was improper. Yuuri frowned, mouth opening to retort. ‘After my indiscretion on the balcony, you gave me no chance to apologise and avoided me the whole evening like I were the plague.’

‘I was not in the mood to be teased,’ Yuuri said coldly and Victor looked away, ashamed. ‘I think that can be allowed given the extent you went to in trying to mock me.’

‘That was not my intention,’ Victor said firmly.

‘Pray tell me then, what was your intention?’ Yuuri asked, eyes fixed on Victor from behind his spectacles. ‘What else did you expect of such a joke?’

‘It was not a joke,’ Victor said, rising up to meet Yuuri eye to eye. Taking advantage of his height over Yuuri’s small build.

For a moment, Victor thought Yuuri might retreat from where he was standing, back down into demurity. But Yuuri only narrowed his eyes, pulling his gloves off in a manner of argument and looking resolute. Victor took advantage, as he clearly had Yuuri’s interest.

‘Not entirely, anyway. I only meant to tell you that I have thought of our meeting in Saint Petersburg often, perhaps even to the point of lovesickness as a young man. I did not mean to imply anything adverse. I just wished to humour you if I could, you were so despondent.’

‘Then you admit it was a tease,’ Yuuri said coolly and Victor flushed, rubbing the back of his neck.

‘Of a sorts,’ Victor sighed, ashamed. He looked up to Yuuri, taking in the way Yuuri gripped his fine gloves so tight, Yuuri’s knuckles were pale. Victor must’ve caused great offence. ‘But I promise you, it was a jest at my own expense and not an attempt to discomfort you.’

‘So you are not in love with me?’ Yuuri asked, tone almost sarcastic if his manners would allow it. It gave Victor the impression he might be close to being forgiven.

‘No more than the rest of Russia, I’m sure,’ Victor said, heart leaping when Yuuri’s cheeks coloured. Victor tried to appear cool in response, but he’d never been able to manage such a thing when his heart was so treacherously light in his chest.

‘I’m glad to hear it,’ Yuuri said, bowing low like he had that evening at the ball. ‘Thank you for your apology, Mister Nikiforov. I’ll let you return to your practice.’

Yuuri went to leave and Victor panicked suddenly, not wanting Yuuri to go without the promise of seeing him again. He could not bear to lose him twice.

‘Allow me to make up for the transgression,’ Victor pleaded, desperation so clear in his voice it must’ve been what caused Yuuri to stop so suddenly.

Yuuri turned, looking at Victor with undisguised suspicion. When he spoke, his voice was carefully level; ‘How would you have me do that?’

‘Did you ever learn how to skate?’ Victor asked, pleased when Yuuri shook his head. Victor opened an arm behind himself, towards the rink entrance. ‘Then grant me the opportunity to teach you. If only once.’

Yuuri was remarkably well mannered, hiding his surprise well. But his cheeks coloured, eyes wide on Victor’s face that most endearingly gave him away.

‘You would teach me?’ Yuuri asked, eyes flirting down to take in the steel of Victor’s skates. ‘You would really do that?’

‘Without doubt.’

‘I don’t want you to feel obligated,’ Yuuri said, looking wary again. ‘I meant what I said that you are forgiven. You owe the crown nothing.’

‘I do not care so much for the Japanese court and even less for the Russian one, Your Grace,’ Victor said sincerely. ‘ I would not offer unless it was my own desire to do so.’

Victor walked up towards Yuuri, closing the space between them. Victor couldn’t help himself. There was a gravity around Yuuri that pulled at Victor, something more than just beauty lurking in his eyes. A spark of interest that had been there since childhood, Victor thought.

When Yuuri had still said nothing, Victor then offered a hand out for Yuuri to shake. A gentlemen’s agreement, if Yuuri would accept. Yuuri hesitated for a moment, eyes fixed on Victor’s outstretched hand. Then, slowly, Yuuri reached out and took it. His hand was warm and it had Victor’s skin tingling.

Yuuri looked away from Victor’s face, voice low and endearing in Victor’s ear; ‘I must tell you something, Mister Nikiforov.’

‘You have my full attention,’ Victor said honestly, instantly regretful when Yuuri pulled his hand away.

‘I’ve followed your career for years,’ Yuuri said quietly, eyes still downcast. ‘You were so impressive and I was- I am, so in awe of your talent. I saw your show Aria in Geneva, almost two years ago to the day now.’

‘You were in Geneva?’ Victor asked, surprised. Yuuri looked up, spectacles catching the light like coins. ‘I never saw you. You should’ve sent me a letter, I would’ve made sure we met.’

‘I was afraid you would not remember me,’ Yuuri said, twisting his gloves. ‘I did not want to impose myself upon you or have you feel any kind of obligation, just because of my association.’

‘Yuuri,’ Victor said gently, reaching out to touch Yuuri’s elbow. Yuuri started, blushing brightly from Victor’s use of his name no doubt. Victor had never been one for manners. ‘I would have been so happy to see you then. I’m only sorry that we’ve lost time together.’

Yuuri licked his lips and Victor’s heart stumbled over itself to try and commit the action to memory.

‘Please,’ Victor said earnestly, barely containing himself from reaching out again. ‘Let me not just make up for my words, but also up for the time we’ve lost these years.’

Yuuri’s eyes roamed over Victor’s face- perhaps wary of further teasing. But Victor had never meant anything as truly as he meant this offer.

Yuuri smiled, a shy thing that settled something warm in Victor’s stomach.

‘If you insist.’

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Bewitched By Your Flame

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you

No, I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
With you.

What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you…

- Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca

So I forgot to post these here but I decided to do my own (Fire) Witch Keith AU. Except he’s more like a guardian sent to protect Matt from witches that have gone dark. This will be a fic and it will include:
- Lance and Keith as ex boyfriends which I honestly think is such a fun dynamic to work with for them because they’re still close and want each other to be happy even though they bicker.
- Matt has a boyfriend which shouldn’t be a problem for Keith anyways because, witches can’t fall in love with mortals… but his feelings say otherwise.
- Alex is a nerd. He’s a good egg and I wouldn’t give Matt some generic asshole bc I hate that “main character likes other main character who is dating an asshole/bitch” so no hate for my cute OC nerd.
- Lotor and his generals are the dark witches who have strayed
- Everyone from the voltron crew are witches except Matt, and Pidge… but they’re much more important than they realize, so Lance and Hunk are Pidge’s guardians as Keith is Matt’s. 
- And the rest are spoilers so i cant say : ) This is honestly my favorite Rebel Fire AU yet. 


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a/n: in honor of me and probably everyone else always crying over this boy

genre: Flufffffff

Warning: possibly too fluffy?????? jkjk

Seungcheol knew from the moment he sat next to you in his god-awful morning class, that you were something entirely special. You were so quiet, so reserved, always sitting in the library by yourself. And little by little, Seungcheol made himself apart of your life.

It began with questions in class, to study sessions outside of class, to casual lunch meals, to sitting outside of the library where he could hold a conversation with you freely and without a librarian telling him to quiet down.

He noticed your closed off demeanor. You were always picky with your words, making sure to say what you thought would be okay to say, as if you were uncomfortable to tell him your true thoughts. Seungcheol watched you many times, as you were off in your own world for seconds to decide if what you were going to say was even worth for him to hear.

That’s when he knew he liked you.

When he realized it didn’t matter what it was you were debating to tell him. He wanted to know everything, every little detail, every little thought that came across your mind. He didn’t want you to debate anything. He wanted you to view him as someone you didn’t have to hide yourself from.

And he pushed himself to achieve that. He shoved, and broke, and withered down every barrier you had managed to build up. And through every wall he had torn, you stood shocked and bewildered at the man who held out his hand to help you to your feet.

A year, that’s how long it had taken the man to reach your core, and if he were honest, it wasn’t what he had expected.

If someone asked Seungcheol two years ago, something he would have never expected to see you do, it would be to see you cry over every children’s movie created.

Sure, when actual, real life, actors and actresses were playing out a heart wrenching scene that even had Jihoon crying, you wouldn’t bat an eye. In fact, you would criticize the directors for portraying the scene horribly. But the moment Seungcheol pops in Big Hero 6 for the fifth time, he’d end up thirty minutes in holding you as tears spilled over the death of Tadashi.

Never, in a million years, would Seungcheol have guessed that you were so soft-hearted for animated films. Actually, scratch that, Seungcheol would have never guessed that you were so soft-hearted for so many things.

He watched you tear up and soften over children, plants, cats, heck he even had to tell you continuously that you were to not bring home any more stray dogs you had found on the street.

“But Cheol!”

“No buts!”

You were suddenly like a child in his presence. Whining and pouting in front of him with your arms crossed. He found it undeniably adorable. The constant innocence in your eyes, the way you often dragged him into small cutely decorated stationary shops, promising you’d buy one thing only to come out with a bag full.

If someone had asked him now, if there was something you probably wouldn’t cry about, he’d probably say, himself. Through little arguments and days of silent treatments, he had never seen you cry over him. Not once did you ever shed a tear meant for him.

And never, in all his life, would he have expected it to happen.

“Are you crying?”

“No!” You shouted in defense as you rolled to your other side, giving Seungcheol a good view of your back in bed.

“Don’t.” Seungcheol turns you over with the strength of his arms, holding you in place with his body pressed closely to yours. Tears spilled from your eyes as you sniffled, “What’s wrong?” He asked sincerely, the tip of his nose barely brushing against yours, “You can tell me anything, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” You laughed out the words.

“What’s making you cry then. Was it the movie? Was it what Seokmin said? I’ll hurt him for you.”

“It’s really nothing.” You laughed through your teeth once again, “Now can you please let me go so we can sleep.”

“No. Not until you tell me who or what is making you cry.” Seungcheol demanded, gripping onto you tighter to show that he wasn’t going to back down soon.

A moment of silence passes, and like two years ago, he watches you ponder in your head.

“It’s you.” The words leave your lips in a whisper.

His arms loosen, eyes falling, “Me? Did I do something wrong?”

“No! Oh god no!” You pressed a hand onto his cheek, assuring him clearly, “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Then why were you crying.”

He sees your eyes welling up once again, concern filling him immensely. Your voice croaked, your lips quivering harshly as you stared into his eyes, “I just love you so much and you make me so happy.”

Seungcheol couldn’t believe his ears. His face felt as if it would break from the way his lips curled, he spits out a toothy grin before breaking into chuckles, “That’s why you’re crying!”

“Shut up!” You bring your hands to your face, “I’m just feeling a lot of emotions okay!”

“You love me!” He teases.

“Shut up.”

Seungcheol leans up onto his elbows, looking down at you who was covering your face with your hands, “Come on. If it makes you feel better.” Seungcheol pauses, seeing you peek from through your fingers. His voice falls low, a more serious tone taking over as he gazes at you, “I love you too.”

He waits for a response. A second passes, then two, three, four, and right on five.

“God! I’m crying! Stop! Don’t look at me! Your face is making me cry!” You squirm under the sheets, fingers covering your eyes as you kick him.

“Fine fine fine.” You feel him fall back onto the bed, he shifts and when you peek through your fingers, you see his back facing towards you, “I’ll sleep like this so you don’t cry anymore.”

He feels hands sneak themselves around his mid, and he grins. Quickly he moves around, resting his chin on our head as he lets you bury your head into his chest. Your sniffles being covered with the fabric of his shirt.

“You’re such a softie.” He whispers.

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The most difficult thing is, the Host not only has to learn how to deal with Anti, he also has to do it in a way that Anti doesn't glitch out of nervousness, cuz that'll hurt him

The Host takes a deep breath and repositions himself in his armchair. “Anti, when you were in that other place and you learned about what happened to the others, how did it make you feel?”

Anti frowns and wonders if this is somehow the Host’s way of avoiding his question. “I felt kinda cold, like I was empty and cold.”

Host nods. “I want to save the others from feeling that if I can, and I’m afraid of failing them. I’m afraid of having all these talents but never finding a happy ending to this story. I’m afraid fading a failure, if you must know!” He gets up and stalks off out of the lamplight.

Anti glitches when the Host yells and then yelps in pain. The Host turns back to him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

Anti shifts uncomfortably. “‘s okay. Not the first time I’ve been shot ya know.”

Host smirks. “Yes, I imagine it’s not.”

“You stopped doing that third person thing,” Anti points out, and the Host makes a face. Anti grins. “I’ll leave ya alone. The Doc likes ya at least, so I’ll keep my pesterin’ to a minimum.”

“Thank you,” Host says with a laugh. “Now, will you please let me help you?”

Anti shrugs. “I suppose.”

Host seems to jump a little in surprise. “Really?” He picks up his cane. “Alright then, see that radio there on the desk?”

Anti nods and grabs the portable radio. “What’s it do?”

Host smirks. “Turn it on.”

Anti switches it on and listens as it comes to life. A movement in the corner of his vision catches his eyes, and Anti glitches again when he realizes it’s another one of the triangles.

“Now, now, steady,” Host says softly. “You control it, not the other way around. Who ever heard of a glitch that’s afraid of triangles anyway?”

Anti nods, his face growing hard and determined. “Now what?”

best friends (with benefits) to lovers! daniel

member: kang daniel

summary: the title says it all so….

genre: idk lol angst + fluff?

a/n: requested by an anon and this was really long compare to my other scenarios…..because i really had no idea how to plot this properly and how to end it………….idk if it’s even nice lol anyway hope you guys enjoy reading it??? tell me how it is if you guys want!! (thank you for requesting anon, i’m SO SORRY IF IT’S REALLY THAT BAD) p/s it’s not that rated i think…….i’m actually just an innocent child…….jk and also i’m sorry if there’s any grammatical errors or like ugly sentences that doesn’t make sense because i haven’t reread this… 

  • daniel has been your best friend since you were in high school and it was like a mutual interest on daily escapes from school tbh
  • like you often bump into daniel outside school during school hours and at first you didn’t want to talk to him at all 
  • because daniel is famous for always escaping classes yet he always being liked by the teachers and students
  • while you, on the other hand, always get detentions and etc etc
  • it wasn’t like you hated how daniel always get away from these troubles
  • it was just you beginning to see him often during your escapes and he was always there looking at you and smiling
  • and at one point, daniel went to talk to you and you were just like
  • “i don’t want to talk to you”
  • “then don’t. i just want you to listen”
  • and your brows rose in confusion and you saw daniel’s lips form a smirk
  • “wanna go to the amusement park?”
  • and after that day, you and daniel always escaped classes together
  • and the news spread fast and everyone saw you both as a powerful duo
  • and tbh it was still funny for the both of you
  • because you just wanted to skip school because it was boring, and daniel had that mindset too
  • and then you both got to know each other and slowly, you both just knew everything about each other
  • like his love for cats, his passion for dancing and him making everything seem so calm, so positive
  • while he knows you love to get away from reality, how you always dream big and just want to move away from everything
  • and somehow you both just fill in every flaws you both have
  • and you realized how much daniel really know about you and honestly it was a naturally best friends label between you both
  • you both would text with each other about everything and anything that could possibly be dumb or funny
  • until one day, during one of your stressful days
  • you received a call from daniel and it was almost 12am
  • and you expected for him to say some ranting from his part time job
  • but you hear his breathing only and somehow that made you nervous
  • “what’s up, daniel?”
  • “can you open your door?”
  • and your eyes quickly shifted on your door before you hear a knock
  • “okay”
  • so you opened the door, revealing daniel with his messy hair and his shirt unbuttoned on the top which was a distraction to you
  • “hi”
  • “h-hi” 
  • so you tried to avoid looking at daniel and he realized, he realized that there was something between you both
  • “how are you?”
  • “pretty stressful”
  • daniel softly laughs, his eyes were finding yours as his hand brought your chin to look up at him
  • “do you want me to help you relax?”
  • and you saw him, his eyes turned dark as his hand travel down to your neck 
  • you looked at him longer, and it was killing you both
  • because you knew you both had sexual attractions towards each other but kept it a secret
  • and daniel appearing right before you looking like a sexy mess, had meant he no longer want it as a secret
  • and you smiled, your hand pull his shirt closer to you and you felt daniel’s lips kissing you roughly but passionately
  • and you brought him into your room where everything started
  • a relationship of best friends with benefits
  • daniel and you don’t usually do it often, just when you both need to let go of everything
  • and most of the times it’s when you both are stressed out or just frustrated by one another
  • and somehow it went along for a few months after that and you both just got used to it
  • then one day your friends invited you both to hang out at their apartment and it’s the normal thing to go to and you and daniel are casually going there together
  • and you both see the friends of yours and you spotted this new person
  • and you’re about to ask who are they
  • but daniel just passes by you really quickly and give the person a hug
  • “long time no see!”
  • you see daniel smiling really widely and you feel….weird… like your heart feels empty suddenly
  • and it’s odd because daniel is usually like that to other people but this particular person…it feels a little different
  • and you just force a smile when daniel introduces you to them
  • “this is y/n, my best friend” 
  • and you look at daniel and he looks back at you, smiling before turning his focus back to the person
  • “so where have you been? how are you?”
  • suddenly you feel like you’re being left out? like it’s fine and all but you suddenly crave for daniel’s attention
  • but daniel is still talking to the person, and they got too close for your comfort
  • and you start to think how silly you are because daniel could do anything he wants to do because you’re just his best friend
  • best friend….
  • daniel gets extra excited over whatever the person is talking with him and you got annoyed tbh and then you feel someone tapping your shoulder
  • “are you okay?”
  • you see jisung smiling worriedly to you and you nod your head to reassure
  • “you don’t seem okay to me….”
  • jisung looks at you and looks at daniel 
  • “why aren’t you guys talking with each other?”
  • “daniel seem to know that person from somewhere,,, i guess they want to catch up?”
  • jisung squinted his eyes to see the person that daniel is talking to and his eyes widen, and you’re like ‘what’s the matter’
  • “that’s daniel’s ex”
  • and somehow you feel like everything just crumbles down because daniel never mentioned about this ex to you before and it hurts you? because you are daniel’s best friend…. you have the rights to know……. right?
  • “…when did they got together?”
  • “like, before you guys knew each other? i’m not sure exactly when but maybe before high school?”
  • “that’s long time ago….”
  • “yeah, you don’t have to worry about it”
  • jisung looks at you, and you’re just like ‘um okay?’ and he’s like smiling while looking back at daniel and the person
  • “just.. you know, don’t get too obvious if you want to keep it a secret”
  • jisung winks at you and you’re so confused…..but later caught on what he was thinking about
  • “whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong”
  • jisung nods his head, but ignoring your statement and he stands up to leave
  • “an advice would be telling him the truth…. before he makes a move…again”
  • “what do you the truth–okay no, i don’t like–”
  • jisung just leaves you alone quickly and you’re huffing in anger
  • basically like an upset child
  • “hey y/n, come here”
  • daniel calls you and his smile is still plaster on his face and honestly it’s getting on your nerve and you just shook your head to him
  • he blinks, and tilted his head in confusion
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • “nothing” you tell him and leaves the area to where jisung is
  • daniel looks at the person apologetically before headed towards you
  • “hey hey, what’s wrong”
  • “i said nothing, daniel, gosh”
  • daniel stares at you and then looks at jisung who is witnessing the scene
  • jisung shrugs, but his smile creeps on his face which make daniel more confused as ever
  • “then why are you being aggressive so suddenly?”
  • “i am not”
  • “yes, you are. you never get this angry before. did i do something wrong?”
  • “no– actually yes, yes you did”
  • you glare at daniel and he’s taken back and it’s worrying him alot because you never glare at him seriously until now
  • “that’s your ex, right?”
  • “……well, yeah. wait, how do you know?”
  • “jisung told me. but why didn’t you tell me about them?”
  • daniel looks at you in disbelief and you waited for him to answer but he stays silent and you had enough of it
  • tbh why did you even get so fed up with it?
  • ….. because you like him
  • like a lot
  • and it’s so dumb for you to fell for him….. but he’s always there with you doing dumb stuff together and whenever he makes you feel good, you always wonder if daniel even feels the same way as you….
  • but you knew daniel doesn’t feel the same thing as you…. whenever you both are done with late night activities, you always wanted him to stay for awhile and cuddle up… but daniel just leaves the place and it wasn’t a bother to you until you realized you like him… a little too much
  • okay so jisung is right about you liking daniel
  • and jisung looking at you now is making things alot worser
  • “nevermind, daniel. just go have fun with them”
  • “it’s not something to nevermind about. let’s just talk in private”
  • daniel takes your hand and bring you outside of the apartment
  • “talk to me”
  • “no, i don’t want to talk to you”
  • “since when do you not want to talk to me?”
  • “since now! daniel, just give me some space”
  • you push him away but he holds onto your wrist to stop you and you’re getting frustrated over his action
  • “it’s about my ex, right? because i didn’t tell you about them? is that what it is?”
  • “yes, daniel. that’s all”
  • “are you sure? because i feel like there’s more”
  • “there’s no more, daniel”
  • you try to pull your arm from his but he grips it tighter and you look at him angrily 
  • but daniel just looks at you back but now he’s smiling
  • “what”
  • “are you jealous”
  • “jealous? what the hell, i’m not jealous–”
  • “really? i want you to be jealous though”
  • “why would you want me to be jealous of you and that person? i have no time to do that”
  • “because it’s cute. someone i like is actually jealous of me with another person”
  • and you just stands there, frozen, staring back at daniel. your eyes just softens like basically you’re starting to panic because did daniel just said ‘someone i like’……….which is you??
  • daniel smiles wider and his eyesmile plays on his face and your heart flutters over it and half of yourself is so mad at yourself because you’re supposed to be angry at him, NOT getting butterflies in your stomach right now
  • then you feel something on your cheek and you shake yourself off from your thoughts, only to naturally touch your cheek because did kang daniel just kiss your cheek
  • “what are you doing”
  • “i was waking you up. a kiss. from the prince”
  • “are you drunk or something? i didn’t need that kiss”
  • “uh yes you do. you’ve been standing there like a statue for a long time”
  • “that’s because i’m surprised that you…like… me…. but hey, that doesn’t mean i like you back, okay”
  • “what do you mean you don’t like me back? your jealousy only meant one thing”
  • daniel wiggles his eyebrows playfully while swinging your arm and you’re just like ‘what..the..’
  • “how many times do i need to tell you that i’m not jealous about it”
  • “a lot of times. because i won’t believe you”
  • “that’s it. i’m leaving. besides you’re playing with me”
  • “playing with what? if you think i’m lying about me liking you, then you’re wrong”
  • “how am i sure that you really like me, daniel? isn’t it just the friends with benefits that you like me about?”
  • daniel’s smile fades from his face and honestly that scares you 
  • he lets go off your hand and sigh, his eyes never leave yours and you got really nervous
  • “i don’t know how to convince you that i really like you. but i really do like you, y/n…. possibly love you….. alot. and no, it’s not the friends with benefits thing that i like about you. sure, we did a lot of mess with each other but i…actually like you before we even did it for the first time. and it was dumb of me not to confess early… but at the same time, i really thought you had no feelings for me beside as a best friend to you. honestly i really want to do more stuff with you like as a couple… but then i saw you just now, with jisung. and i thought i’m too late…because jisung was smiling a lot more when he was with you just now and i just wanted to give up–”
  • “wait, so you were jealous? because of jisung?”
  • “okay no, i wasn’t jealous–”
  • “so you are jealous”
  • “that’s not the point, y’n”
  • you start to smile at him and he’s frowning at your replies to him and your fingers place on each corner of his lips and bring his lips to make a smile
  • “i love you too, dummy”
  • daniel looks at you and he feels relief because all this time he’s planning what to say to you if you don’t love him back
  • but thank god you love him like how he is to you and he’s so ecstatic and hugs you tightly
  • and it’s a different kind of hug, like a bear hug but a daniel-kind of bear hug and you love it so much
  • daniel releases you and his lips form a smirk and you suddenly get worried yet excited over it because daniel just goes
  • “do you want to ditch this place and go home, you know, so that i can show you how much i love you?” 


Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: the reader meets a boy with seemingly common problems

Prompts: none

Song: Daddy Issues- The Neighbourhood

Request: nah, I just like boys with pretty blue eyes

Warning(s): abuse mentions, death of family members, family break ups, slight angst, cursing. This one might hit close to home for some.

Word count: 1.1k

Author’s note: i might make this one into a multi-parter!

Originally posted by shinydun

You were walking down the street, not wanting to be anywhere near your dad. The blowout fights were getting worse, as if they weren’t already bad enough. But you could stand it. You promised the second he laid a hand on you, you’d leave. But the both of you were stressed, you understood that, what you didn’t understand was the way the both of you were coping with it.

You found yourself at a small diner, walked in, ordered some pumpkin pie, and waited, playing aimlessly with the foggy window.

A boy slid in the booth in front of you, his back to you, but you could tell he was upset. You decided to not intervene, he needed space, just like you. When the waitress comes back with your pie, you ask her to send the boy in front of you a milkshake in an attempt to make him feel better. At this point he was breathing unsteadily, his head in his hands. The waitress kindly nods and goes to the side of the restaurant and makes the milkshake, then gives it to the poor boy in front of you. You watch him look at it, then back up to the waitress.

“I didn’t order anything.” he asks, voice gruff from the cigarette he was smoking. The waitress explains it was prepaid for him and smiles before walks away.

You wait some amount of time after eating your dessert, watching him gingerly drink his milkshake, before deciding to actually get up and sit across the boy.

And that’s when you realized.

This poor boy got the living shit beat out of him. A blue bruise adorned his jaw, his lip was split open, his cheekbone was brown from a nearly done healing bruise. He’d already cleaned up enough to make himself presentable. When he looked at you, you noticed his eyes were red from bottled emotions and contemplation.

“I hope you like chocolate. It’s been my favorite since I was little.” you said quietly, looking down at your hands instead of his face, not wanting him to be self conscious.

He stared quietly at you before speaking up, “You go to Hawkins.”

It was a statement, he’d seen you before. But you hadn’t seen him, somehow. You didn’t know how you hadn’t; he was certainly handsome, a ladies man, a guy other loud people liked to hang out with. You looked up and nodded. He reached his hand forward to shake your hand, which you accepted.

“The name’s Billy. Pleased to meet you.”


“What brings you here? Buying a guy a milkshake, sitting down in his booth?”

“I hope you don’t mind,” you began, joking halfway.

“A fight.” you finally stated, looking at his hands, which were fiddling with a new unlit cigarette.

“Me too… if you couldn’t tell.” he tried cracking a joke, his split lip making it impossible for him to smile, but he did anyway; he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable. You looked at the time. It was only 9:30, you could still hang out, but you’d rather it not be in a stuffy diner, as nice as it was. He had just finished his milkshake anyway.

“Walk with me.” you said, getting out of the booth. He obliged, standing up and lighting another cigarette outside, asking if you wanted one, which you kindly declined, but said you’d share one with him instead. There was a silence between the both of you, comfortable, but fragile. The both of you radiated bottled feelings that wanted to be let out. Your head swooned with the nicotine as you passed Billy his much shorter cigarette and coughed. You stopped walking, sitting on the curb of the sidewalk, Billy following suit.

“Can I open up to a stranger?” He asked, not looking at you.

“Only if I can, too.” you said, also not looking at him. It’s not that you didn’t want to, it’s that you were worried he’d break down. And he did. He told you of how his dad treats him, and how he takes it out on his stepsister, but he really does love her, and how much he misses his mom.

“Where’s your mom at?” you asked gingerly, looking at the crying boy who angrily wiped away his tears. You wouldn’t have stopped him, he wasn’t someone used to opening themselves up.

He chuckled sardonically, “In a cemetery upstate California.”

You almost seethed, “What happened?”

“Car accident while I was driving. Driver’s side was hit by a drunk driver.” his voice was monotonous, but he hadn’t told anyone this, you could tell, but he’d practiced it.

You looked at him, “Do you blame yourself?”

He looked at you in the eyes.


You took his hand and looked forward while he intertwined your fingers, another thing you could tell he hadn’t done. He didn’t look the romantic type, but he craved love.

You told him about how your mom had left your dad, how he’d take it out on you, how he’d lost his job so you started keeping up with two jobs and school all at once. Billy was rubbing your knuckles gently. You noticed his knuckles matched yours, the same bruised expressions from either punching something or someone.

“Guess we’re both a little fucked, hm?” he nudged you with his shoulder, you nodding.

“Got the time?” you asked. He looked at his watch, telling you it was nearing 10:30.

“I gotta get home.” You stated, standing up, Billy losing the hold of your hand., looking almost lost when it happened. He pouted smalley.

“I’ll walk you.”

The two of you talked a bit, back and forth, before he walked you up your front porch.

“So, (Y/N), are we still strangers?” he asked, head down, eyes up.

“We’re strange people. But I’d like to be more than strangers.”

He smiled, training his eyes down. You took the opportunity to kiss his cheek and hug him, wrapping your arms around his torso..

He hugged back, an arm around your shoulder, another the back of your head, swaying you a little while resting his chin on top of your head.

“Don’t be a stranger, (Y/N).”

“Only if you won’t.”

You let go of him, going to your door, watching him leave through the window, only after you closed it.

cranes in the sky - peter parker

Originally posted by msmarvel

thatonesoftgrungegirl asked: Could you do a Peter/Spider-Man x Reader, she’s bffs with Peter, where the readers feeling rly sad due to bullies and Spider-Man cheers her up and suddenly confessed that he loves her and then school happens and Peter seems rly weird and she figures it out then fluff?????? Sorry it was super long

pairing: peter parker x fem!reader

warnings: bad words, depressive thoughts, a batman v superman reference

author’s note: THIS IS SO LENGTHY. i love it. for a second there it got really bvs i’m SORRY i laughed writing it. requests are still open. happy thanksgiving friends :) 

Entering your bedroom, the gaping hole in Peter’s chest is ripped further apart, filling with the guilt of knowing that you’re not okay. Although it is nearing three in the afternoon, the thick, drawn curtains make your room nearly pitch black. The decorations lining the walls - photographs, tickets, posters - used to indicate so much of your personality and what you held dear, but the joyous girl in those photos has been notably absent from Peter’s life, and it’s killing him. He carefully steps over your carelessly strewn belongings, closing the window that is letting the cold autumnal breeze into the small space. You’re slumped on your bed, but you barely react as Peter moves about, as you’re covered by a mountain of blankets that insulate your desolation. 

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New Heights

Pairing: Dacre x reader


This is my first ever imagine so I’m a little nervous she please be nice 🤭

My laptop is in repair so I had to write this on my phone, if there’s any mistakes I apologize, I will fix them when I finally get it back.

Open to requests!


This imagine was inspired by this photo ;)


“Now boarding rows A-B to Los Angeles”

“Oh god that’s me” you mumbled as you gathered your backpack and headed for the gate.

Wishing you had taken the bus at this very moment because of how much flying terrified you, you wiped your sweaty palms on you jeans before handing the ticket to the stewardess.

“Enjoy your flight miss!” The stewardess said as she flashed you a smile.

You said your thanks and made your way down the tunnel that connected to the plane. You looked at your ticket “seat 12A” you said to yourself.

Looking at the numbers above the seats you finally find your section, you noticed a man sitting in the aisle seat of your row. He was gorgeous, golden blond hair, sharp jawline with a little scruff, and you could tell he definitely worked out. “Great, now I’m going to look like an idiot next to this eye candy” you scolded yourself mentally.

“Excuse me, I have the middle seat” you said to this mystery man.

“Oh! Pardon me” he said as he let you in, giving you a smile that would normally turn you into goo, but not today, today you had to make it through this flight.

You sat down, shoving your backpack under the seat and buckling yourself in. Fear finally setting your nerves off, you start bouncing your legs up and down, taking deep breaths as you close your eyes while death gripping your armrest.

“Excuse me” said the man next to you “I can’t help but notice that you seem a little anxious”

“That obvious?” You replied.

He chuckled “a blind mind could feel the anxiety radiating off of you dear” he said. “The names Dacre”.

“(Y/N)” you responded.

“So, what has you all worked up?” Dacre asked.

“Flying terrifies me, I hate it” you stated. After you said that the plane started pushing back from the gate causing you to jump.

“Hey, it’s alright, why don’t you tell me why you hate flying?” He enquired.

“Uh, lets see, the heights, the confined space, the possibility of falling hundreds of feet from the air to our inevitable deaths before crashing into the earth into a ball of flames” you said.

“Well, when you put it that way…anything I can do to help?” Dacre asked.

“Keep talking?” You said “it’s a good distraction and the take off and landing are the worst for me.”

“That I can do” he tells you with a smile. “So what brings you to L.A.?” He questions.

“Visiting my parents for the holidays, they actually live in Huntington Beach but it’s only an hour drive from the airport. What about you?” You turned to him as you asked.

“I have some business to attend to before I head back home for a couple of months.” He said.

“Are you an aspiring actor?” You asked.

He looked at you surprised “how did you guess?”

“You’re to pretty to live a normal life” you said matter of factly.

He let out a big laugh “are you flirting with me now?” The smile never leaving his face.

You returned the smile “No, just stating facts” you responded.

The plane started to speed up for take off causing your anxiety to rise, you went to grip the armrest but accidentally grabbed Dacre‘s hand but he didn’t seem to care. He gave your hand a small squeeze to reassure you that you were alright.

After the plane made it to its designated altitude you let go “thank you” you told him “I’m such a baby” you stated while covering your face with your hands.

“It’s no trouble, anything I can do to help a beautiful damsel in distress” he said causing you to blush.

For the rest of the two hour flight you guys talked about everything, your jobs, family, goals, and your dreams. He made a trip you were dreading, into something you actually enjoyed.

Attention ladies and gentlemen, we are now descending to L.A., please make sure to turn off all electronics and that your tray table in in the upright position, and as always, thank you for flying delta!” The stewardess rang over the intercom.

You started to feel nervous again but before you could start freaking out you felt a hand grab yours. Dacre didn’t say anything causing you to smile again. “This man really is too sweet” you said to yourself.

Once the plane landed you gathered your things and both you and Dacre stood up to leave.

“It was a pleasure meeting you (Y/N)” he said. “Thank you for making this trip entertaining and less dreadful.”

“And thank you for putting up with my crippling anxiety” you joked.

“Anytime” he responded with a chuckle.

You two hugged and went your separate ways which made you feel a little sad that you would never see this man again. You stuck you hands in the pockets of your hoody only to feel a piece of paper inside.

Taking it out you opened it, it had a phone number and a note that read “maybe we can grab dinner before we both leave L.A.? - Your savior, Dacre.”

You smile and thought to yourself “that sneaky bastard.” Already excited to see the man that saved you from your trip.

Switching roles (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: Patrick always has the lead when it comes to sex but this time he wakes up to a little surprise.

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, like very NSWF, unprotected sex, swearing.

Author’s notes: I’m so happy with how this imagine came out and I really hope you like it! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language.

► Taglist: @makotta @that-one-emo-kid@screechingwanton@sittingwithlucifer @mr-zippy@dannibarnesflair@pennywisetheslut@mrshockstetter@sighlilyc@angeli-fucking-cat @baileystorm17 @itwasmathilda@everheart2121@schneewittchen00  (Patrick Hockstetter imagines taglist is still open! If you want to get tagged on the next ones let me know!)

Feel free to contact me HERE or send me a message with anything you need!

Constructive criticism is always welcome

Patrick was laying on your bed, peacefully sleeping while you were doing your homework, the same he should be doing but of course he didn’t care at all.
At first he had tried to persuade you on doing things far more interesting than your literature homework such as study our own anatomies as he had said but you were as stubborn as he was sometimes and besides literature was your favorite subject.
He had growled in a defeated way when he threw his body onto your mattress but he remained silent, letting you work because as soon as you finished the true fun could begin.

Books now closed and the reading lamp off. You turned still sitting on your desk wheelchair to see your boyfriend sleeping and occupying your whole bed. A playful and lustful smirk appeared on your face as soon as the idea hit you.
Sex with Patrick was great, like really great, but there was something you always wanted to try and he had never let you, at least completely; being on control.
When you tried to take control over the situation he always made you know that it wasn’t going to happen, or maybe he’ll let you be the one calling the shots for a short while so when he was leading again he could see your pouting and frustrated face, which he happened to love.
Patrick was a heavy sleeper and you knew that so why not take advantage from it?

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anonymous asked:

What moment(s) do tale, fell, mafia and error sans have with their s/o that truly make them happy

no error here–sorry hun, but i can do the others - m.m.


He likes the days he sneaks you into Mettaton’s place, best. What’s more thrilling than a dine-n-dash? Nah, he’s just kidding. But he has to admit, the way the lighting frames you, that soft blue yellow that makes you look almost angelic; the tiny smile on your face as you link hands under the table. Goddamn, he wouldn’t trade those little moments for anything in the world.


Getting alone time with you. Any time alone is good enough for him. No boss, no pesky customers, no crowd at Grillby’s. Just you, him, & maybe a couple of terrible Mettaton reruns. You, snuggled under his arm, your head on his ribcage, & the feeling of your SOULs beating in tandem as you just…chill. Just getting a little rest.


Dance Night: even if he’s not a jitterbones, there’s nothing he likes more than watching you twirl your stuff on the dance-floor. Watching your body move to the music, catching your eyes under the flickering lights, making out the shape of your silhouette in the crowd when the shadows drop. It’s enticing. It’s beautiful. You’re so damn gorgeous in those moments, he just wants to capture those little moments forever.

Thursday…Thanksgiving Day

Before the sun shone in the sky on Thanksgiving morning, a knock sounded on Rick’s bedroom door. Michonne was about to ignore it, when the knock came again.

Sighing, Michonne tried to sit up. That was a lot easier said than done because as soon as she starting moving out of Rick’s arms, his hold tightened and his eyes fluttered opened.

“Where are you going?” he asked in a voice husky from sleep.

“Jeffy’s knocking on the door again. I’m about to go hurt him. I’ll be back in a second.”

Rick kissed Michonne’s shoulder before loosening his hold. “Okay, I’ll keep the bed warm for you.”

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anonymous asked:

11, 15, 16 please!?!?!

11. it’s okay to leave a bruise
15. make sure you leave a mark
16. take me now. take me rough

prompt list

He was always gentle. Soft kisses, careful fingers dancing across goosebump covered flesh, never rough of demanding. 

A lot of times, that was what you desired. For him to treat you like the treasure you were. But tonight, you didn’t want to be handled like china. You wanted him to break you, you needed it after the day you had. You were wound as tight as the steel coils within the mattress you were currently sprawled across. 

“Bill…” You whispered, hardly able to find your voice in your throat. He was on top of you, mouth trailing over every bit of exposed skin, hot and wet. 

“Yes, my love?”

Your eyes found his, and you settled your fingers in his hair. “It’s…it’s okay to leave a bruise.” You wanted his teeth against your skin. 

“Where do you want me?” He breathed out, touching his mouth to your own, nimble fingers finding their way between your legs, brushing over your silken core. 

You looked into his eyes. “Anywhere. Sink your teeth into me, make sure you leave a mark. I want to be reminded that I am yours.”

The green in his eyes was darker. His breath kissed your face, warm and rushed, and you watched as he nodded his head. He could practically feel the desire radiating from your body. This was different than any other encounter you’d shared. 

He lowered himself, mouthing your collarbone before he sucked the warm skin into his mouth, teeth scraping at the skin. You mewled at the sensation, arching against him as a sudden throb vibrated through you. 

When he pulled back, there was already a mark where he’d been, and he ran cool fingers over it, knowing that it would turn into a noticeable bruise. You looked pretty with his mark, he decided. 

You hardly gave him enough time to admire it before you were grasping his shoulders and pulling him even closer, capturing his swollen lips in a rough, unforgiving kiss. Your desire had only increased tenfold. 

With a tug of his hair and a satisfying grunt, you spoke. “Take me now. Take me rough.” 

And with a final nod, he obliged, pushing into you without hesitation, filling you so deliciously that it had your eyes rolling back in your head. His hands gripped your hips hard enough to hurt, and you felt so alive.

He gave you all you longed for, fucking you so good, it hurt in the most wonderful ways imaginable. He had you shouting his name into the night, surely waking up your neighbors. But neither of you could be bothered to care. The release that followed was earth shattering, and you were rendered speechless, unable to do anything but kiss the side of his head repeatedly, thanking him the only way you knew how.

He held you as you calmed down from the intensity, and the last words you heard before succumbing to the sleep that weighed heavy on your eyes, were “I love you, sweet girl.”

anonymous asked:

Reddie and singing headcanons?

- eddie’s kinda shy about singing but he does it quietly a lot to himself

- his voice is soft and comforting

- like the kind of comforting when you’re cooking in the kitchen with your significant other and everything feels right or you’re trying to make someone feel better

- richie loves it

- anytime someone comments on eddie’s singing saying its nice he blushes and smiles and stops singing

-richie hates it

- eddie will only sing for the losers if they ask (he still blushes tho)

- richie on the other hand is a lot more confident and everyone loves his singing voice

- it’s low and gravely and comforting but not in the way eddie’s is

- it’s like a rainy day comforting like when you’re inside and it’s raining heavy and all you want is for someone to sing to you in your ear while you’re both wrapped around each other

- when all the losers are hanging out at someone’s house they always ask richie to bring his guitar and sing and they all just join in

- when richie or eddie have a bad day their thing is to lie in bed and spoon the one that’s feeling shitty and sing softly to them like love songs or something

- one time the losers walked in on them like this because they were all going to hang out but they didn’t know that richie had a bad day and bev walked in first and squeaked because they looked so sweet with stan running into her because she stopped so abruptly

- richie was tired and feeling shitty overall so he didn’t say any smartass comment when they walked in and just turned in eddie’s arms and buried his head into eddie’s chest

- they all backed out and left with bev giving eddie a soft smile

- eddie just blushes and continues to sing softly into richie’s hair

Originally posted by holy-spn

“Wasting my efforts, I see.” You couldn’t resist the temptation to tease Sam as the turkey hit the table after missing it’s target.

“Shut up,” But, the words were weak. Cloaked by his burst of laughter. Making his brother, and the rest of the table, lose it as well.

You didn’t remember the last time you’d seen your boys laugh. Much less enjoy anything as much as they’d enjoyed the food.

“You’re a godsend,” Bobby sighed out, stretching his legs out as he patted his stomach. Content in the way that only a well fed man could be.

“Feel free to move in with me,” Jody sighed. Taking a sip of her wine. Thankful to have been invited away from her empty home for the holidays. Taking her mind away from all that was lost.

“I just figured that it’s about time we all had a little normal… A little good in our lives. Even if it just is a proper holiday meal.” Your cheeks were warm from both the praise and the wine.

“That wasn’t normal, sweety. That was incredible.” Dean let out a belch that had you rolling your eyes while the rest of the table scolded him for his lack of manners. Taking away from the slightly somber undertones that had begun creeping back into everyone.

“Really, though, Y/N. It was great.” Sam’s foot bumped against your leg. And when your eyes met his, a naughty grin lined his lips. Hinting that his feast wasn’t over with, just yet. He hadn’t had desert, after all…

Crime and Punishment Part 2

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Post Season 2 but no spoilers.  You’re a bit of a bookworm and one day when you’re in the library Steve Harrington attempts to engage you in a conversation about a book he’s clearly never read, because he’s crushing on you and all other attempts of striking up conversation have flown right over your oblivious head (part 1).  He has now gone on a search for said book so he can read it to impress you.  He also looks back at the time he started to have feelings for you (part 2).  Fluffy and short.  Probably gonna do a third part.

Warnings: none

Word count: 760 (short af)

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