the way he looks up when casey says she should stay

Toddler Care / Dean Winchester


In which reader is hit by a spell which turns her into a toddler and Dean has to take care of her

Word Count: 1,389

A/n: omg this is late i’m so sorry. I haven’t been able to get on a desktop/laptop to post this until now. 

“So, get this,” Sam started, his eyes not leaving his laptop screen. “What’s up?” You asked as you grabbed a fry off of Dean’s plate and dipped it in some ketchup before taking a bite. “Hey, that was my fry.” Dean pouted. You looked at him and smirked. “Not anymore.” You said, swallowing the last bite of the fry. “You suck.” He grumbled. “And you swallow.” Dean choked on his drink and Sam huffed in annoyance. “Guys, can you please be mature for one minute and listen to this?” He asked. “Nope.” You and Dean said in unison and grinned at each other. “So, as I was saying, there’s this town in Wisconsin where people keep dying in abnormal deaths. It says here that one guy burned to death in the shower a day ago.” Dean just looked at Sam. “Okay, so maybe he just took long shower with the water too hot.” He said. “Or maybe, a something  got to him.” You nodded in agreement with Sam. “I agree, we should go check it out.” Dean stood up and threw some money on the table. “Alright, let’s go check it out.”

During the trip to Wisconsin, it was, as always, you sitting in the back seat of the Impala while Sam sat shotgun and Dean drove. You were staring out the window and watched as scenery blurred by, not really paying attention to the songs that were on playing on your playlist. You averted your attention from the scenery to look in the rearview mirror, studying Dean. After a year of consistent flirting, fighting, and hiding feelings for each other, the two of you finally ended up together, thanks for Sam.

It took fifteen hours to get to Wisconsin, and once there, you eagerly jumped out of the Impala, thankful to stretch your legs. “I’ll go get the rooms, you two stay here and watch baby.” Dean said, eyeing you and Sam. “Dean, your car isn’t going anywhere unless you’re driving it.” Sam rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, watch her.” He mumbled and shot you one last glance at you before winking and walking away.

“Sammy, you stay here and do the research while y/n and I go out and investigate.” Dean said. You playfully glared at him. “What if I wanted to stay and research?” Dean just looked at you. “Since when do you want to do research?” You grinned when you heard Sam sigh. “Never, now let’s go.” You said, grabbing his arm and leaving the room.

“So, who to first?” You asked once the two of you were situated in the car. “I was thinking about going to Casey Finnet first since her husband recently died, then go from there.” Dean said, pulling out of the parking lot. “Sounds like a plan to me.” Dean glanced over at you and his lips twitched up in a smile. “Glad you agree.”

“Hi, Mrs. Finnet. I’m Katherine Lewis and this is my partner, Ashton Daniel.” You introduced, you and Dean flashing your fake F.B.I badges. The lady who stood in front of the door had graying, brown hair and wrinkles around her sad, brown eyes. “If you’re here to ask questions, then please see your way out. I’ve already gone over this with the police one too many times.” She said. “Mrs. Finnet, it’s important that we ask you these questions, we need to know as much information as possible to help you find whoever did this.” Dean said. The old lady looked hesitant, but nodded her head. “Alright, well, come in.” She stepped aside to let you and Dean in.

“Mrs. Finnet, can you tell my partner and I how Mr. Finnet died?” Dean asked. Mrs. Finnet eyed Dean before taking a breath. “There was nothing abnormal about the day he died, everything was the same. James left for work at six, our cleaning lady, Bonnet, came at ten and clean the house, I went to the daily ladies gathering at our church, after that I took our dog out for a walk around the block, and James came home at five and we ate meatloaf for dinner. It was our ordinary day. Except, of course, when he burned in the shower. It was awful, I could hear him screaming and when I got to the door, it wouldn’t open. Only when his screaming stopped the door finally opened. He was unrecognizable, his skin looked like a piece of burnt toast.” She explained. You and Dean shared a quick look. “Mrs. Finnet, would you please tell me where the bathroom is?” You asked. “Of course, dear. It’s up those stairs, the first door on the right.” You smiled at her before turning away and up the stairs. You checked the bathroom first, looking for anything strange. Coming empty handed, you made your way to what seemed to be their bedroom. You thoroughly checked the bedroom, checking the dresser drawers and cringing when you came across one filled with sex toys. You were slowly giving up hope when you opened the last drawer. Bingo. You thought, picking up the tiny, brown bag. You hid it in your shirt before making your way downstairs.

“So, what’d you find out?” Sam asked once you and Dean got back. “They were a sexually active couple.” You grimaced, thinking about the drawer with the sex toys. Dean grinned. “Y/n found a drawer dedicated to sex toys. I told her we should’ve stole them for our own use.” He Sam tried to hide his annoyance. “Okay, anything else?”  You grabbed the hex bag from your pocket and put it on the table. “We’re dealing with a witch.” You said. “Alright, now we’re getting somewhere.” Sam said. “Now, all we have to do is find out who the witch is and gank the son of a bitch.” Dean added. “Oh, and don’t forget about the getting wasted after.” You chimed in. Both brothers rolled their eyes. “Only you, y/n.” Dean chuckled.

Three days and Dean almost getting hexed later, you successfully managed to find the witch. It happened to be Mrs. Finnet,  who had killed him because she found out about an affair that he was having. Now, she had Dean pinned up against the wall and was getting ready to put a spell on him. “Dean, no!” You shouted, jumping in front of him. The next thing you knew, the world became smaller and the witches lifeless body laid on the floor. Sam came into view and he looked at you cautiously before laughing. “Dean, look at her!” He laughed. Now, both brothers came into view and they seemed taller than ever. It was Dean’s turn to burst out laughing. “Guys, can you please stop laughing for one second and tell me why you seem taller than ever.” You wined. There was a split moment where their laughter died down, only to resurface. “You’re so adorable, y/n! With your little legs and your high pitched voice.” Dean giggled. “What are you talking about?” You asked, becoming more and more confused. “Come here,” Dean said, walking over to you. Before you could move, Dean picked you up and propped you on his hip. He brought you over to a mirror and your eyes widened in horror. “The witch must’ve put a spell on you to turn you into a toddler.” Dean smirked. “Well, fucking shit.” You looked the same way, only in a four year old’s body.

“Sam, take her while I call Rowena and ask her about the spell.” Dean demanded, handing you over to Sam. “Just because I’m a little shorter doesn’t mean I’m not capable of standing.” You huffed in annoyance. Dean ignored you as he grabbed his phone and called Rowena. Thankfully, however, Sam listened to your wishes and put you down. “Okay, Rowena said the spell would lift off in a week, she also wants a picture.” Dean smirked at you, his green eyes filled with laughter. You flipped Dean off as he took the picture. “Lesson number one, no flipping people off. It’s a naughty thing to do, you hear?” You glared at him as his smirk grew. “Man,” he started, “I am so going to enjoy this next week.” You were going to make sure he wasn’t, in any way, shape, or form going to enjoy the following week.

Zalfie Meddles

a/n: any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and requests are open! (also, i know this is a pain in the ass to scroll through. i put it under a read more and it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile :-/ sorry! i’m trying to figure it out.)

word count: 2.6k+

summary: thanks to zoe and alfie, you and joe talk about taking the next step in your relationship.

“Oh, hi! Come in, come in!” Zoe greets the two of you, beckoning you into her home. “I wasn’t expecting you until later! It’s only eight in the morning.” She gives Joe a hug and does the same to you, laughing, “Look at me! I’m still in my pajamas.”

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Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Sometime after 4.18
Genre: Angst/Comfort

A/N: I hope you didn’t forget me yet. I hope you like this, it just sort of poured out. As always you can thank @allenting​ for encouraging my headcanons (what would I do without you to feed my giant ego).

I think this was the hardest thing for me to write. I really wanted to get the conversation and the reasons right. I hope I managed to keep it in character.

I’ll appreciate any feedback!!

For the longest time, Erin’s favourite part of the day was coming home and snuggling into Jay’s chest after a tough day at work. Now, she has to be satisfied with a long-awaited beer at her favourite bar. The added bonus is that Jay is also there at the moment, and she can at least stare at him longingly, if nothing else.

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Kind of Like Narnia (Part 2/4)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader

Notes: Hi! Part two here, let me know what you think c: Also, I’m using Splinter’s meditation room as ‘the dojo’

Warnings: Swearing, and playboy magazines.

Word count: 991

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“You are so conceited, and arrogant and just- just- down right rude!” It had been about a week since you’d been staying with the turtles, whilst trying to help Donnie come up with a way of getting you and [P/N] back home. You’d even met April and Casey. But so far, Raphael had managed to piss you off every chance he got.

 You’d crashed on the couch in the lair after spending hours upon hours playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ with Mikey, and you’d woken up to Raphael screaming at the TV as he watched some weird wrestling show he was into. Right. Next. To. You, and quite rightly, you got very upset. Beauty sleep is important to you.

 “I’m the rude one? Who owns the cat that pissed of my bed on Tuesday? Huh?” 

“Maybe it wouldn’t piss on your bed if it didn’t smell like a toilet bowl all the fucking time!”

“What’re ya even doing in my room for ya to know it smells like a toilet?”

“So you agree!” you laughed mockingly at the red-clad turtles obvious anger

 At this point, the screaming had gotten louder, but not any less threatening. The other turtle brothers had dispersed to their usual spots, and left you and Raphael to shout at each other. However, Master Splinter did not appreciate the yelling, at all.

 “What is all of this noise?” The large rat walked into the room, his glare on the two teenagers in front of him. A dark blush of embarrassment covered your cheeks as Raphael huffed, clearly still aggravated.

“She started it Master Splinter! I say we just kick her out, let her find her own way home.” He growled at you, narrowing his eyes. You glared back at the turtle, sticking your tongue at him. Why was he your favourite turtle again?

“I expect better, from you Raphael,” you grinned, a smug expression on your face as you gave Raph the side eye. “[Y/N] I am disappointed in you also.” Now it was Raphael’s turn to smirk.

“Stop this nonsense, you will both go, and stay in the dojo until you can learn to get along.” He ordered, his face very serious and angry. Raphael’s face dropped, as did yours as you both began to protest. Splinter wasn’t having any of it. He simply gestured for both of you to follow him.

Two hours in and you both were sat on different sides of the dojo, glaring at each other. He was now officially your least favourite turtle. Huffing, you stood up and started wandering around the small room. It was definitely smaller than all the others. There were boom boxes lined up against the back wall, there must have been over 100. As you ran your hand over each of the stereos, Raphael watched you closely. He didn’t trust you, at least not fully.

“I have a question.” He started, sitting up as best as he could. Turning around, you gave him a quizzical look. “Mikey told me ya didn’t freak out when ya first met him, why?” You stared at him for a while, trying to figure out a way to keep your secret, without sounding suspicious or creepy. 

“Just because you guys are different, doesn’t mean I should freak out.” Raphael rolled his eyes, standing up as well and crossing his arms.

“That’s not an answer, shortstack.” Huffing, you crossed your arms as well, imitating his stance. That made him smirk slightly. “Are ya mocking me?” You giggled, stepping back away from him.

“Maybe I am, what’re you gonna do?” He laughed at how you tried to emulate his voice – his ‘Batman Voice.’ You found yourself blushing as he laughed: “You should smile more, you look hot-” your eyes widened as you said that, smiling awkwardly. Raph stared at you quizzically before looking away shyly.


Splinter opened the door 37 horribly awkward minutes later – yes you were counting. 

When you both went separate ways, you to the couch you now claimed at your own and Raph to his weights, the turtles and their father watched.

For once, neither of you were arguing; it was surprising. Even Splinter didn’t think it would actually work.

“Give it a couple of days, they will be back to screaming at each other.”

But you weren’t. You stayed out of each other’s way for days, almost as if you both were trying to ignore what you’d said. It was a sweet complement, why were you ignoring each other?

After a while, you got sick of Raphael ignoring you, so you decided to confront him. Leo told you he was in his room, reading a comic book he presumed.

You hesitated before knocking, and barging into the room he shared with Mikey. Sure enough, he was sat on the top bunk reading a comic book with a red vine in his mouth.

“Why are you ignoring me?” you demanded, narrowing your eyes and crossing your arms.

“So now ya decide ta talk ta me.” He rolled his eyes and burrowed deeper under his covers, still concentrating on his comic.

“Yes, I’m talking to you, you could at least have the decency to put that stupid comic down and listen to me!” you jumped on to the ladder of the bunk bed and grabbed his comic, ripping it away from him. However, upon further unwilling inspection, it was not a comic. It was a bunch of half naked girls splashed about on the two-page spread. You yelped and dropped it, staring at Raph who looked absolutely mortified and enraged at the same time. “Get the fuck out [Y/N].” he growled, sitting up straight and watching you dash out of the room.

Raphael, the Dog Lover (TMNT)

This is the pitbull thing that was requested a while ago and I figured I’d write it while I’m in the swing of writing requests. ^.^ Plus this so cute and I love doggies…

My only issue is because I love doggies, I know there are several breeds of dog that are called ‘pit bull’. It’s a type of dog, not a breed. Personally I’m going to write the dog as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Why? My own dog is a staffie, and a recuse for that matter.

Serious note before we get onto the fic, pit bulls are often victimised by the media but the dogs are sweethearts and anyone who knows anything about the breed is well aware of this. Owners are to blame. I say this as someone who owns a dog who was quite nasty when I got her. Now she is very sweet. Her old owner used to beat her. I think that speaks miles about it. Because of this abuse of the breeds known as pitbulls, most of them end up in shelters. About half a million pit bulls are euthanised in shelters every year, about 40% of all dogs euthanised. (Not that kill shelters aren’t a problem in and of themselves) Please, please, please, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, consider a pit. It’s a bit of a long story and this foreword is getting too long as it is, but my pitbull saved myself and my sister from being murdered. And it’s not we might have been hurt, we would have died. I’ll never forget that. And I’m not trying to say another dog breed wouldn’t do that, all dogs would but that’s my point. Pits are not these evil creatures the media makes them out to be. They’re dogs.


Raphael sighed, as he ventured the rooftops. Alone. Unusual for this time of night. He should be heading home, with his brothers but tonight had been different. He’d had a small… Exchange with Mikey forcing Leo and Donnie to step in- But dammit Mikey had started it with that dumb prank!

So now, he was taking the long way home. Descending from the city buildings, he made his way into the alleyway, only to hear… Whimpering? It was a strange noise but in a city like this it was one he could recognise as a dog. There were so many pet pooches around, he’d grown used to their noises.

While he could have just went home and forgot about the whole thing, he was up for anything in order to avoid going home to confront his family. So follow it he did, tracking the noise to the back of some garbage cans.

Lying there, nursing a clearly broken paw and a skeletal body, was the thinnest dog Raphael had ever seen. She whimpered and whined, licking at the blood seeping from the wound.

Raphael grunted a little, the sight unnerving him. Poor dog, how had she gotten into such a state? He wondered. “ Yer not lookin’ yer best, are ye, girl? ” He asked, making a few soft kissy noises to get her attention.

In response the dog’s head snapped up, her ears pinned back, a low growl escaping a throat. Raph slowly raises his hands.

“ S'alright, I’m not gonna hurt ya, ” He assured, trying to work out how to calm the canine. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small wrapper. It was just a cereal bar, mostly oatmeal and honey. He usually carried one or two on him, for working out if he got hungry so he didn’t need to stop. Unwrapping it, he held it out carefully to her.

The dog seemed to give a small sniff, examining the extended morsel before giving a few uncertain licks. Having come to the decision it was not dangerous and tasted good, she wolfed it down, her tail wagging heavily; beating against the ground.

“ There’s a good girl. Were you hungry? ” He asked, very slowly moving a hand towards her to sniff, clenched in a fist. At the sight, the dog howled, whimpering and trying to back off. Quickly Raph stopped and she calmed. He paused for a moment, frowning before he tried it again, his hand held loosely now. She seemed more calm with this, her wet nose rubbing his scales.

Raph clenched his teeth a little. “ It was a person that did this to you, wasn’t it girl? ” He asked, as she continued to explore his hand with her tongue. He wasn’t really sure why he was talking to the dog, she couldn’t talk back, it just felt more natural than silence.

After staying there for maybe ten, fifteen minutes, slowly building up some trust with her; Raph very carefully moved to slip his strong arms beneath her, scooping her up, paying no mind to the blood that coated his arm now.

The dog seemed somewhat happy to have the pressure taken off of her leg, it seemed. Slightly less so about the smell of the sewer.

Upon arriving, Mikey was the first to greet him, as usual. Looking up from the comic he was reading, he took a moment to register before gasping in shock.

“ Dude, that’s a dog, ” He said, leaning over the couch, childishly. Raph grunted.

“ Yes, Mikey, she’s a dog, ” Raph agreed, making his way to Donnie’s lab.

“ What’s wrong with her leg? And how’d you know she’s a she? ” Mikey asked.

“ Someone hurt her… And you can tell on pitbulls, ” He responded.

“ Pitbull? ” Donnie looked up from his work as Raph walked in, the messy bundle of chocolate and white fur in his arms still. Studying the creature as he rose out of his chair, he corrected, “ Actually I think she’s a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. While Pitbull is technically correct, that’s a type of dog, not a breed. ”

“ Whatever you say Kennel Club, can you help her? ” Raph asked nervously.

“ I don’t know, I’m no vet… I’ll call April and Casey, if they’re free I’ll ask one of them to take her to a vet. I’ll try and make her comfortable until then, ” Donnie agreed, clearing a space on the table for her while searching for his phone.

“ Al'ight, but don’t mess around, ” Raph agreed, patting soft ears as he placed her down.


It was a week later when Raph got a call. From April. Placing his weights to the side, he grabbed his phone and answered.

“ Hey? ” He asked, wondering what she wanted.

“ Hey, Raph, it’s about that dog you found. The vet’s prescribed her a medical plan and they’ve operated on her leg but they’ve had to amputate it, ” At the mention of this, Raph winced at the memory of the mangled leg. He wasn’t surprised, it’d been a mess. “ She’s really underweight but the vet says she should make a full recovery and she should still be able to walk once she figures out how to balance, ” April finished.

“ That’s great, I’m glad she’s doing good, ” Raphael told her, as he picked up a bottle of energy drink, downing half the bottle.

“ Yeah but now they want to know what to do with her. The state could take her but… The nearest shelter is a high kill one. So the vet asked if I wanted to take her… But I really don’t have the time for a dog. ”

“ You’re asking me if I want her? ” Raph asked.

“ Yeah, I am… I guess if you don’t we could try and find someone el- ”

“ No, ” He cut her off. “ I’ll take her, ” He agreed without a moment of hesitation. Master Splinter was going to kill him.

But it was the right thing to do.


Once she got home, she was like a new dog. Raph could hardly believe this dog April had brought with her was the same pitbull he’d found last week.

“ Thatta girl, ” He praised, rubbing her belly as she ambled over to him, still trying to perfect the balance of running on only three legs.

“ Are you going to name her? ” Leo asked, watching vaguely amused from the couch.

“ Name her? ”

“ Well, duh, she needs a name, ” Mikey quipped in response. “ I vote for Turtledog. Like Batdog, but a turtle. ”

Raphael rolled his eyes, considering for a moment. “ I don’t know, I’m no good at names, ” He admitted.

“ What about Tenshi? ” Leo offered idly. While Raph’s Japanese might not have been as great as his brothers, he could translate that well enough, Angel.

“ Mm, I guess it’s better than Turtledog, ” Raph agreed, chuckling as he pet her ears.

“ Oh and Raph, the vet mentioned something else, ” April said.

“ Really what? ”

“ Just to mention she’s recently had pups. Maybe she was part of a puppy farm and they decided they didn’t want her anymore? ” April offered, trying to explain it somehow.

Raphael nodded, looking back to Tenshi as she snuggled up to him. A sigh escaped him, “ Where are your babies girl? I hope they’re doing better than you were. ”


The next day, Raph was walking Tenshi. It was a little hard, given he had to avoid being seen and let her pee and all, but he managed it. Somehow. He didn’t have a leash but he didn’t seem to need one, as she happily plodded along.

At some point however, she seemed to be leading him, rather than him her.

“ Tenshi, Tenshi c'mere, where ye going girl? ” He called after her, carefully following as she crossed the street. This was near where he’d found her, only maybe a block or so away.

He continued to follow her, all the way to a seemingly abandoned warehouse, continuing to call after her but stubbornly she seemed to be ignoring him. Once inside, he followed her further, round the back of some dusty crates that hadn’t been touched in what could have been years.

There he found something most unusual. Tucked into a makeshift bed of the sheets that used to cover crates were four skinny puppies, guarded by a Dalmatian; his face battle scarred and worn.

Tenshi greeted the other dog happily, nuzzling and licking faced as Raph followed curiously. Upon getting closer the Dalmatian snarled, baring his fangs however Tenshi happily trotted up to him and pressed some slobbery kissed to his leg and the spotty dog accompanying her seemed to understand.

“ Tenshi, these are your babies, ” Raph said happily, a very proud smile on his face, his heart melting. He was glad his brothers weren’t around to see him consumed by his soft side. Carefully holding out a hand to pet the Dalmatian who was now equally as curious about him, he smiled. “ Is this yer mate? Has he been looking after yer pups? He’s a good boy, ” He praised, ruffling his ears.

“ C'mon, ” He said, gathering up the pups in the sheet with no protest from either parent. “ Let’s go home, all of us. ”


A year later, Raph lounged by the TV. To one side of him Tenshi was snuggled up to him. Her stomach was once more swollen with pups, she’d give birth soon. By his feet lay her loyal protector and 'Raph’s good boy’, Butch the Dalmatian. Only two of their first litter still remained in the Lair. Turtledog, who was of course Mikey’s bundle of fun and Hana (Flower in Japanese) who had become something of a therapy dog for Master Splinter. Beowulf and Godzilla were never far behind their master, Casey.

“ You want some beef jerky? ” Raph offered the dogs and at the mention of 'beef jerky’ Turtledog had somehow appeared from the woodwork for her fair share of the food. Hana didn’t seem so bothered, resting still by Splinter’s feet.

Looking around him, Raph was very happy he had decided to keep Tenshi. She had only brought their family happiness. She was an angel, just with four legs and a tail rather than wings.

hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

AU in which Jackie never gets back with Kelso after JBH, she forms a friendship with Hyde and she's single at the same time as Donna and together find their own worth without any boy's fart near them.


Okay, so. Maybe she does feels the weakness for Kelso after seeing him having a bad time with his little situation. When she’s in that inter between feeling sorry and still not wanting him back, Fez and Donna realize what is going on and quickly talk her into noticing NO, IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA, DON’T DO IT.

When Kelso persues her to get back together after realizing his dick wants Jackie again, she realizes its because of the sex thing and rejects him. Everyone knows about it by the time she’s back at the basement, and both Fez and Donna are like :D! 

Meanwhile, Hyde feels better about the fact that Jackie didn’t use him to get over Kelso/get back at Kelso after all.

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• halfway there || part 2

A/N: Here’s part two of halfway there, again I had my friend Sammie help me out obviously since he knows a bit more of acting than I do. Plus I decided to add him in here as a thank you for his help so you’ll see him around, plus I might make some appearances as well! I have yet to know how many parts this might have but will try to post each week a new part. Possibly around 10 parts as maximum so far but we’ll see right?  No, you’re not together with KJ yet, soon I promise like maybe in part 4 before something goes down. You get to meet more of the cast in this drabble. Key for this episode of halfway there – MG-N is Mean Girl’s Name, C/N is Character Name, F/O is Favorite Outfit, YN/N is Your Nickname. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by prettyboyaesthetic

             » Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader (friendship), Various Cast Members & Reader (friendship), MG/N & Reader (competition) «

You finally had gotten settled in after the help with KJ carrying your heavy suitcase of clothes among whatever you felt like you might need. Especially your camera, the one thing you could never leave without you liked to take pictures of places you’ve been, your friends and family too. You put away your messenger bag on your bed as you went out of your trailer with your camera, might as well introduce yourself too and not hide right? You thought as you walked around until you noticed Camille and Lili who looked up and gave you a small wave to go over to them.

“You’re Y/N right? The one whom is playing C/N? I’m Lili and Camille but I think you knew that.” Lili says as she offers her hand to you as you shake it with nod before shaking Camille’s hand. They were even more pretty in real life than on the TV screen at home but it was also nice to know that they were also friendly too which made your nerves calm down a little.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N L/N or you can just uh, call me YN/N is Y/N is too much for you. I’m sorry if I sound weird ahead of time since this is my first time with cameras.” You studder slightly and tried to take another breath in, “Care for a picture? I like to take pictures of places and my friends. Well if you want to be my friend of course.”

Camille smiled but nodded as she looked at Lili and back to you, “Yeah we can be friends. Trust me, we all are a bunch of weirdos so it’s okay Y/N.” She says as you got your camera ready to take a picture, getting your angle ready to take it. It would’ve been a perfect shot of the two girls smiling at your camera until someone came running up behind them and scaring you three.

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commutingtoreality  asked:

Thanks for taking prompts! Should I not be too late for this meme and if it please you, could I ask for a 16 RaphxCasey? I love when you make those two work hard, and nothing says "self-conscious turtle & boyfriend" more than quiet sweetness. Alternately, Apritello 17? If you already have your fill of requests, don't worry: I'll take my popcorn and enjoy with gusto the other prompts you choose to write! :)

16. when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead 


Raph’s known Casey for ten years, and in that time, Casey’s had twenty-seven jobs. They all start the same way: Casey comes slamming into the lair or April’s apartment, wherever everyone’s hanging out that night, and yells “My dudes! Guess who’s gainfully employed!”. Then he flexes for a while, invades someone’s personal space – usually Donnie’s, sometimes Leo’s – till someone bites the bullet and asks for the full story. 

Twenty-seven times Raph’s done this rodeo, and he knows exactly where it’s going to end. Maybe in three days, maybe in six months, but there’s only one place Casey ever ends up: fired. 

(”Does it ever bug you?” Raph asked him once, right after Casey was very politely asked to get the hell out of PetSmart and to please never come back. “Like, when April got fired from Trader Joe’s, she punched a hole in the wall.” 

Casey just shrugged. “I mean, yeah, it sucks, but I get it. Not many places are gonna be pumped about a cashier comin’ in with bruises all the time. Kinda scares the customers.” 

Both of them knew there was no way Casey was gonna stop what gave him the bruises, because Casey Jones is Lawful Stupid and would be till the day he died.) 

It’s different this time. Raph swings through the living room window, six pack under his arm and ready to huddle under a blanket to watch the game, just to find the living room empty. 

“Case?” he calls. “You there?” 

Something rattles in the kitchen. Raph heads in that direction, after a backwards look to make sure April’s door is good and closed. Not that he minds having April around, but he’d just rather not have her around being a turd about how the Rangers are going to crap out, again. Casey’s already enough of a headcase about them as it is. 

But April’s door is closed, and the only light in the apartment is coming from the kitchen. Raph walks inside to find Casey at the stove, glaring into a pot of boiling water, tapping a metal spoon against the side. 

“I’m here.” Raph drops the beers on the table and sits down in his usual seat. “What’s for dinner?” 

Casey ignores him to keep tapping the spoon against the pot. From what Raph can see through the heavy sweep of his hair, Casey’s scowling, face all creased up, like Donnie’s when some experiment dares to betray him by not succeeding immediately. 

“Hey,” says Raph, kicking Casey in the leg. “Anybody home?” 

“Jesus, Raph, I’m right here.” Casey shifts away. “And pasta, we’re doin’ pasta.” 

“Whoa, what crawled up your ass and died?” Raph reaches for a beer, because it’s obviously going to be that kind of night, and he might as well get started now. “I was just asking –” 

“Yeah, I know, and I answered.” Casey glares at him, brows low and mouth tugged down in a hard curve. “Or did you want me to read you the ingredients while I was at it?” 

Raph avoids feelings, talking about feelings, thinking about feelings, and having feelings as much as possible; that kind of stuff slows you down in a fight, when all you should be thinking about is how to take the bad guys down hard enough so that they don’t get up again. Do your job, do your best, and things will work out. 

He’s got feelings, he just doesn’t deal with them. But sometimes he makes an exception for Casey, because there’s a soft gooey center under all that hair gel and ego, and something in Raph – something just as soft, that he’s never going to admit to having – wants to make sure that nothing keeps Casey down for good. 

“You okay?” he asks, popping the cap off another beer and holding it out to Casey. “Because if you’re not, you should…talk to April.” 

Critical miss! yells Donnie inside Raph’s head. 

“Yeah, because talking to Little Miss Perfect’s gonna make everything all better. Thanks for that, Raph.” Casey takes the beer and drains half of it in a gulp. 

“Or you could talk to me,” Raph says in a rush, before he can stop himself. He scratches the back of his neck, not looking at Casey, and silently sighs in relief when Casey drops into the seat across from him. 

“I got fired,” Casey says, once he’s finished his beer. “Go ahead, I think it’s your turn for the I told you so.” 

Normally, Raph would be all over that, but Casey’s usually the one to start making fun of himself once the inevitable hits. He doesn’t try to boil spaghetti water with his brain, and he doesn’t shit on April. And this job had meant something to Casey. Raph’s a dick, but he’s not an asshole. “I’ll pass,” he says. “What happened?” 

Casey’s scowl deepens, hard lines on either side of his mouth and at his eyes. “Came in late and beat up one too many times, same as always,” he says. “Can’t have the kiddos seeing their coach all beat to hell. Bad example. Or that’s what the school board said.” 

There’s a beat of quiet, then Casey drops his forehead to the table. “Fuck,” he says, muffled by the wood. “Just this once, I thought I was doin’ something good.”

Raph squirms in his seat. It sucks for Casey, more than anyone can say, but he’s got no idea how to handle this. How pathetic is this, that Casey’s his boyfriend but even Donnie could handle this better? 

Casey stays facedown on the table, his hands clenched in his hair, till Raph feels the irresistible impulse to stand up, lean over the table, and lift Casey up by the shoulders. 

“You were doing something good,” he says, the words nearly choking him. “They’re assholes. I’m sorry.” 

And then, because Casey’s still scowling and Raph has no idea what to do next, he kisses Casey on the forehead, like he’s seen April do whenever Donnie gets into a funk. 

There’s another beat, and then Casey snickers. “Oh my god,” he says. “That’s so sweet. You been takin’ lessons?” 

Raph pulls away so he won’t strangle Casey with his own bandanna, and grabs the beer. “You’re the worst,” he says, stalking back toward the living room. “I try to do one thing –” 

“It was just really heterosexual!” Casey yells, following him and grinning like an asshole now. “I’m not used to –” 

Raph tackles him to the floor and starts punching for his kidneys, but Casey is laughing, and hey, at least now he’s dealt with feelings for the next year or so, right? 


anonymous asked:

I know we should take spoilers with a grain of salt but if you know, did the 'Archie choses Betty' spoilers come out before the jubilee set photos? Because Bughead are walking with linked arms so unless something happens within 42 minutes I don't get it... Unless they've decided to stay friends for now and then we get Archie confessing to Betty. (Of course that could also be that its not Bughead in the photo and its BTS of the actors on set?)

i don’t know which came out first. i think maybe the pictures from set were first, or i at least heard about them after i’d seen the pictures from set. i’m not sure when they were first posted. the pictures are definitely in character, though. they have cameras following them and a microphone over their heads. the first time i saw them i thought maybe they were just being friendly walking arm and arm, but she was holding onto his arm exactly like that in the last episode and they’re together in episode 7. taking a closer look at the one where they’re talking with her family

her arm appears to still be linked with his and she’s leaning against him. have you ever cuddled with someone you’re just friends with in front of your family? 

i talked about why it doesn’t make sense for archie and betty to end the season together before, but i’ll say it again: 

it doesn’t make sense for betty and archie to end the season together. for starters, we’re nearly halfway through the season and the only romantic progress they’ve encountered is archie telling betty he doesn’t have feelings for her and her coming to terms with it.

we know that archie is going to experience some kind of jealousy when betty and jughead get together, which has a lot of people frightened– but, honestly, i think that makes it even more unlikely that they’ll get together in the finale. riverdale is supposed to be about female empowerment. that’s why they decided not to make the betty/archie/veronica triangle a focal point of the series. they didn’t want a boy coming between two women who were destined to be best friends (that is an actual quote from lili). we had an entire episode where betty and veronica brought down a half dozen football players for disrespecting women. there is no wayNO WAY that they’re going to have betty break up with somebody she’s built a beautiful, deep relationship with for a boy who “wants what he can’t have.” it would make her look so weak. it would be horrendous character development for both betty and archie.

then there’s the fact betty is the one they gave a love interest outside of archie to. as far as we know, veronica isn’t going to have a love interest this season. at least not a serious one. v is a strong, independent woman, so of course she doesn’t need a significant other– but i still think that it’s telling that she’s going to be off on her own while betty grows closer and closer to jughead. i believe they’re going to spend the season building up varchie with those lingering looks and supportive attitude we saw in ep 6, even as he got together with val.

there is a difference between a surprising turn of events and bad writing. having archie and betty get together in the season finale would fall into the latter category. it would garner shock and surprise in the audience for a hot minute, but then they’d have to spend a good portion of season 2 trying to make them not look like total assholes. besides the fact betty and jughead are happily walking through the snow with their arms linked in the finale (suggesting that they’re probably still together), in episode 10 (only 3 episodes before the finale) jughead takes his hat off for the first time! and he does it in a super vulnerable scene with betty. that implies that he really trusts her and for her to turn around and get together with his best friend would look terrible.

and then i have a hard time believing that camila would say she wanted archie and v together and that v was his strength if he ended the season with betty. there’s also the long list of quotes from cole and lili describing betty and jughead’s relationship as beautiful, romantic, deep, and even stating that they make each other happy. kj has also expressed a liking for betty and jughead not just with his infamous tweet (which lili, camila, and one of the writers liked), but he also said in an interview that he thinks their dynamic is awesome and that he loves their storyline because it keeps getting better and better. he’s also not the only cast member to express that they like betty and jughead together– camila, ashleigh, hayley, and casey have all either posted bughead positive tweets or liked them. i, again, have a hard time believing that they’d have such support if the writers did them dirty in the finale. until i’m given evidence to the contrary, i firmly believe the season is going to end with bughead and varchie.


Chapter 23

A/N: Let me know what you think.


I looked up from my interview notes. I knew they were going to toss me a lot of easy questions, but who knew? In an age where Teen Vogue is at the forefront of educating people about difference, anything is possible.

He was leaning against the doorframe with his arms cross. Attempting and failing to look causal.

I really didn’t want to talk, but it was either this or starting at my notes while my brain puts Lucy’s exit on a loop. So I took the lesser of two. Closing my notes and I said.

“I’m sorry I just… I shouldn’t have said the way I did, which doesn’t mean…. I don’t mean the essence of it.” I saw he little smile that had been playing around his lips disappear, and his arms arms tighten. As if he was trying to protect himself from me. “Sorry that came out wrong again. I’m not very good at this…”

“I noticed.” He said a dry laugh escaping his lips. I noded

“I deserve that.” I didn’t really know how to start something like this. How do you tell someone that… I didn’t even know what. That I liked looking at his face? That being in this house had become my happy place when I was overly stressed at work. That when he was kissing me, the rest of the world melted away. How do you tell someone something like that?

He sat down next to me. 

“Let’s start slow. How were the first two weeks of work?”

“I am not sure how I’m still standing.”

I quickly added. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just…” I looked down at my wringing hands. “It is so much work. Not even the content. I know all of that, but… everything around that. I know nothing about editing, or management. I am lucky that they all get along because, I have no idea how to play Solomon. How much is too much…? Now these minisodes.” I let out a huff of breath.


“Casey wants me to do 10 minute segments on current events, like voter fraud and…”

“That sounds great.” He actually looked excited. 

“It is a great idea but… we have so much work to do. Casey wants these to start rolling out in November… and I honestly don’t know if I can. Every day I think about quitting. I feel so ungrateful, because they are taking a chance on me.”

The exhaustion of the last week crash over me, and I started to cry. Without a word Seth pulled me to his chest, and started to rub my back. My heart slowed and the crushing sense of exhaustion lessened a bit.

“You’re going to be fine.”

“How do you know that?” I asked, sobs still breaking out of my chest in waves.

“Because you’re Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman can do anything. I get the stress your under. The first couple of years I lived in constant fear of…”

“Cancelation?” He let out a small laugh.  

“That too, but more that people would start to hate me. That my staff would fall apart, and I would be stuck doing this alone.”  

“No wonder you do most of the voices.”

“Well that has many reasons.”

“Perfectionist much?” He chuckled. It reverberated in his chest, and through me and it gave me comfort. Something to hold onto. That this right here, was real.

“Takes one to know one.”

“Yeah, I keep having nightmares about the show going up in flames.”

Sometimes it was my fault. Like the one where I get something completely wrong. Everyone disavows me, and the show is driven off the air. Then there were ones where our ratings are just not good enough. Or every person I had ever held in any esteem calls me, to tell me that I had made was the worst piece of TV they had ever seen.

“Then you’ll get a fire extinguisher and save it.”

“Thanks Steve.”


“I googled it. Steve Trevor is one of Wonder Woman’s sidekicks.”

“Happy to be Steve.” We stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. I synced my breathing with his, and just as I thought he had fallen asleep, he said.

“So I was talking to Charlize.”

“That is always a sign of trouble.” I did love her, but there were times…   

“She said we should…”

“Work on just the next six months? She told me the same thing.” I knew she was going to do something like that. My best guess was that she had done it while I was in the bathroom.

“So we reevaluate in November? Before or after the premiere of the minisodes?” He smiled down at me. This felt more like planning for a garden party than a relationship checkpoint. To be fair, I didn’t know many couples with relationship checkpoints.

“After. I can’t deal with all of that at once. You might have to sedate me.” 

“I’ll be ready with the syringe.” I gave him a crooked smile. 

Six months. 

I could do six months, right? Six months weren’t that long. Not having to spend weekends in an empty hotel room by myself would be a nice plus.

“Ok six months. I can do that. I think we should set perimeters.” I took a deep breath. I wanted this. Him, but could I do this? Could we make it six months?

“What kind?”

“Who were going to tell. Not the entire world. I can not deal with that on top of everything. I get you’re close to your family. I love that. It shows you were raised right.”

“What does that say about you?”

“That a golden cage can be as bad as an iron one.” I quickly went on. My upbringing was not something Seth needed to know about right now. “What I mean is, that I get it. How about you tell them I exist, but that I am not ready. Honesty is always good. I also don’t want them to think I am a bitch.” 

That would sour the mood, and as much as people say they’re open minded. Everyone knows that first impressions are king.  

“They won’t think that.”

“You’d be surprised what people think of me.” Despite appearances, I wasn’t the girl you brought home to your parents.

A rueful smile playing around his lips. “Oh I can imagine, but my family will love you.”


“Because…” He stopped and changed course. “You’re an amazing person and you make me happy. Who are you telling? Izzy?”

“I… no I don’t think we are friends anymore.” I hadn’t really thought about that phone call since it happened.

“What happened?” A fresh wave of tears overcame me, and Seth hugged me closer to his chest, and started rubbing my back again. This time in smooth, and from what I could tell perfect circles.

“I fucked it up. I got so focused on the show that I forgot to tell her…. I wasn’t coming back, and I just didn’t think that she would have to pay rent. She is a cop not….”

“The heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune?” I let out a mirthless chuckle. “Give her some time.”
“Ok… I don’t really have anyone else to tell.” I shrugged. “Wait, I should text Em. She is going to get a kick out of this.” I saw a dark shadow cross Seth’s features.

“What don’t I know?”

“Nothing, I have only met her in passing. What about Charlize? Or your parents?” I pulled out my phone, and sent Em a quick text. Guess who is dating? If you put your money on your best friend, then this one time you would be correct. I sent it, adding the picture of Seth and I giggling by the pool. I couldn’t wait for her response.

“Knowing Charlize, she already knows. My mother will bring in the armed forces if she finds out I’m dating. Trust me you don’t want that.” I smiled as I imaged my mother’s reaction. Those were the only times she was really proud of me. Not that she said anything, but you could feel it.

“What’s wrong with the armed forces?” I laughed.

“I mean the actual armed forces. We are a military family. My granddad dropped into Normandy on D-Day. Both my dad and uncle were fighter jet pilots in Vietnam. Even my mother was an army nurse. That’s how she met my dad.” I could see the horror grow in his eyes.

“Since when do people with your…”

“Money? You have to remember that my dad married rich. That part of my family worked most of their lives at production plant in New Jersey.”  

“And your afraid of meeting my family?”

“I knew I could get you to come around my way of thinking.” I looked at the time, and started to get up, but Seth pulled me back down into his lap.

“Hey,” he said quietly, smiling.

“Hey.” I replied just as quietly and grinning.

After a small pause, he kissed me. 

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Small Packages

A quick ficlet of Mikey being a badass, and space arc shenanigans with the whole team. 

because people don’t seem to respect that he’s just as much of a ninja as his brothers and probably twice as terrifying 

AO3 version.


“We go out for drinks, and this happens,” Donnie muttered irritably, shifting the ropes tied around his wrists. “And they weren’t even alcoholic this time.”

“In Leo and Raph’s and my own defense-” April said, also tugging at her bound wrists. “-none of us knew that we weren’t supposed to climb that particular statue. And it’s you, Casey, and Mikey who wandered off; we were just trying to find you!”

“Wonderful job of that. You found us, and then we all got arrested,” Donnie said dryly.

“I said we were sorry!”

“You did, they didn’t,” Donnie nodded at his older brothers, who were slumped against one another unconscious. Casey and Mikey were still conscious, for all the good that did; the two of them also struggling against the rough rope that they’d all been trussed up with.

Around them, the majority of the village they’d stopped down in was gathered. In hindsight, it may not have been the best idea to pick a planet that still had tribal rule, and warrior code. Donnie didn’t like the look of blades swinging from the aliens’ waists, or the sizable masses of their arms.

Earlier, he’d thought it was all very fascinating. A bipedal species with two sets of arms, claw like nails, and fierce looking tusks jutted from their mouths. A genetic marvel from where he came. They also resembled ‘World of Warcraft’ characters, and never let it be said Donnie wasn’t interested in the gaming community, for all its grievous errors and rampant biasness.

Though now, as the chief of the village called to order her assembled followers, they seemed more intimidating than fascinating.

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I Knew it Was a Bad Idea (But I Did it Anyway)

Summary: You left Sam fourteen years ago to try and give your daughter a normal life, but she is determined to find him. When you have to go and get her from the bunker… You almost lose your resolve.
Word Count: 3,468
Pairing: Sam x Reader; Sam & Your Daughter
Warning: None
A/N: If you like guys like maybe I’ll make a second part ^-^
“I” is your daughter, Elizabeth Casey, everyone else is in third person, this is a reader insert.
Also, a little bit of help, what tags should I use, or, what tags do you guys look for the most when you’re looking for this kind of thing. I’m still trying to figure out how to tag things.
Much love, hope you enjoy

Sam and Dean were sitting at a table doing research when someone knocked on the door. Dean and Sam locked eyes, each asking if the other had invited someone.

Dean took point, gun in hand and Sam right behind him, where he’d be hidden behind the open door.

So, I knew that it was a bad idea. I knew that, I just didn’t care. Mom would be pissed, so pissed, but you know what, this was what we both needed. To see Dad. Or, Sam, I guess I can’ trust call him Dad, or maybe I can. I’m not sure how that actually works.

Well, Dad/Sam was in for a surprise, if he was alive. Let’s be honest though, he’s alive. I know that he is. He has to be.

If Sam weren’t alive, that’d be a weird thing to leave out of the books.

So, if Sam and Dean weren’t dead yet, they’d probably be here, at this super secret bunker whose location a thirteen year old girl could find. Of course, I’m a very persistent thirteen year old girl.

I knocked on the door and waited, expecting to have a gun pointed at me when the doors opened, and I was right. I didn’t know who the person was pointing a gun at me, but I smiled and tried to act as naturally as possible. I’d never been told stories about my father by my mother, but I’d managed to coerce some other people into telling me stories, and this was the greeting that I was expecting. The intense man edging on fifty was fit and attractive, so I kind thought be might be one of the men I was looking for.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m looking for Sam Winchester.”

“You’re a kid,” He said, never lowering his gun.

“I’m his kid, more specifically. Hi,” I smiled, waving my hand at him. I was acting more bubbly than I normally would, but having a gun pointed at you is surprisingly scary.

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A Good Man

A/N: Day 1 of 25 days of DC Christmas. This was an anon request. Hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

Request:  a Christmas one where barry spends the holiday with reader and meets the parents and hella fluff please.

Word Count: 2,015

The sound of dishes clanging rose me from my slumber on a cold winter morning, as I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in an empty bed. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the cracked door and grabbed my attention. My amazing boyfriend, Barry, was in the kitchen making breakfast. I rolled out of bed and slipped out of the bedroom to find him standing in his gray tee and boxers wearing my apron as he poked at the bacon with the spatula.

“Morning, hon,” I smiled and tried to smooth my hair back.

“Morning,” he beamed as he turned towards me with a plate in his hand, “Breakfast is ready.”

I walked over and snaked my arms around him, and buried my head in his chest. Today we were supposed to go to my parents’ for an early Christmas dinner, it was the only time my entire family could get together, but I would have much rather preferred to just stay home, “Do you think I can call and say I’m sick?”

“What? No, we have to go. It’s your family. And it’s Christmas. Plus I want to meet your parents,” he argued. I had been trying to sway him for weeks but he loved everything about this time of year. I personally would rather drink hot cocoa and watch Netflix.

“Fine,” I conceded knowing how hard it was to change Barry’s mind.

“Now smile,” he said before placing a a quick kiss on my cheek and leading me to the table for breakfast.

“Before we go though there are a couple things we should go over… so you’re prepared.”

“What is this a family dinner or a job interview?” he laughed as he shoveled eggs into his mouth.

“I’m serious, my family dinners aren’t like dinners at the West or Allen household. My parents are all about appearances and feel superior to most people,” Barry rolled his eyes, “At least hear me out?” I asked with a small pout.

“Okay,” he smirked as he grabbed my hand, “What do I need to know?”

“Well, my dad is a marine, he has a habit of threatening my previous boyfriends, he also is extremely conservative. Talk sports, football mostly, the Cowboys are his favorite team. Stay far away from the topic of the Philadelphia Eagles. Also if he starts talking about the metahumans change the topic immediately. And my mother is very into appearances, as long as you compliment her on how she styled the house, on her outfit, basically anything superficial you should be good. But if she asks you about working with the CCPD, downplay it. She’s trying to get a meeting with the mayor. My sister is very proper, super intelligent, and holier than thou. If she starts saying some snobbish bull shit just ignore her. My brother isn’t bad, but he normally doesn’t come to family events because my parents and him kind of had a falling out three years ago.”

“Whoa… that’s a lot of information to process.”

“Yeah… I still think it would just be better if we stay home and curl up on the couch,” I ran my foot along his leg trying to tempt him.

“No, we’ve been dating for almost a year, you’ve met Joe and Henry. I should meet your parents.”

“Okay. Oh, you’re going to need to wear a suit.”

The uber driver dropped us off outside of my parents house. I looked up at the familiar white house with the blue door. It almost looked friendly and welcoming from the outside. We started up the small walkway towards the front door. Before ringing the doorbell I messed with Barry’s tie and straightened his collar, “Remember Cowboys, not Eagles. No metahuman talk. Compliments. Not too much about CCPD. And ignore my sister.”

“Got it,” he smiled and winked, then he leaned down and planted a kiss on my cheek before whispering in my ear, “Relax. I’m right here with you.” His fingers intertwined with my own and he gave my hand a quick squeeze before I smoothed out my dress and rang the doorbell.

A few seconds later my father was standing at the door. He stood tall and proud in his uniform, towering over Barry and myself, “Hey, sweet pea,” he smiled and then he saw Barry holding my hand and he shot him a skeptical look, “You must be Gary,” he stuck out his hand.

“Barry, actually,” he smiled and gave him a firm handshake. I noticed my dad squeeze tighter and Barry flinched only slightly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” My father released his hand and I saw Barry in the corner of my eye stretching out his fingers. He leaned to me and whispered, “He’s got quite a grip.”

Just then I heard my mother’s squeal as she rounded the corner, “Is that my girl?“ she came closer to me and grabbed my shoulders. Then she tilted her head and started messing with my hair.

“Mother stop,” I pulled her hands from my face and noticed Barry stifling a laugh. 

“I wish you would let me take you to the salon every once in a while.”

“I happen to like my hair,” I argued. Then she glanced down at my red halter a-line dress.

“Why didn’t you wear the dress I bought you?”

“I am wearing the dress you bought me.”

“Oh, it-it looked different on the rack,” she sighed and then turned her attention to Barry.

“You must be Bartholomew,” she smiled and then looked him up and down, “He’s quite the sharp dresser.”

“Please call me Barry, and may I say you look lovely Mrs. Y/L/N,” that charm threw my mother in a fit of giggles as she and my father led us into the house.

We walked into the dining room where we found my sister fussing over the extravagant centerpiece my mother had laid out, “Would you quit messing with that!” my mother snapped causing Casey to pull away and her attention turned to me.

“Oh hello, y/n,” she said coldly.

“Hey, Casey,” I asked in as friendly of a voice as I could muster.

“Is this him?” she asked in a distasteful tone. Casey always thought that a man should be clean-cut, well-raised, and even though she didn’t say it, rich.

“Yes, this is my boyfriend Barry,” I smiled proudly as I grabbed his arm.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he held out his hand but she just stared at it and did not respond, leaving Barry standing there quite awkwardly.

“Well at least someone is able to tolerate you,” she forced a smile as if she had just given high praise. Barry winced slightly and wore a small look of shock, as if what she just said was unwarranted, but he didn’t know Casey. I’d learned to live with it, “You really should stay away from the color red, it’s not doing you any favors,” she smiled and then walked out of the room.

I turned to Barry and played with the lapel of his jacket, “So that’s my sister…”

“Did she really just say that?” his eyes were blown wide with disbelief.

“Oh yeah… I tried to warn you.”

“That was extremely tasteless,” he huffed.

“Well no one ever said Casey was classy,” I smiled and whispered, “She just thinks she is.”

My mother peeked her head in the doorway, “We still have about a half an hour til dinner, how about you join me in the kitchen and Barry can go watch football with your father.”

“Mom, why don’t you get Casey to help you?” I suggested politely.

She waved her hand at me as she grabbed my arm, “Nonsense, Casey has much better things to do. Barry will get along just fine,” she started dragging me with her then turned back to my loving boyfriend, “The family room is just around the corner.”

I turned back to him and mouthed “help me” he just laughed quietly, “you’ll be fine.”

When we walked into the kitchen I discovered that everything was almost finished, my mother didn’t need my help. But she blocked the door way and my only escape, “He’s quite charming isn’t he. And a very smooth dresser. What does he do again?”

“I’ve told you a thousand times, he’s a CSI.”

“A CSI, for the CCPD? Does he know the mayor? I’ve been trying to get a hold of him for weeks. Your father and I would appreciate tickets to the banquet on Christmas Eve,” she began rambling, trying to bargain her way into a position of status.

“Mother, no. You are not berating my boyfriend for tickets to anything!” I snapped, cutting her off.

She dismissed my outburst as she often did, “Fine, fine. You know though you picked a good one. If I were twenty years younger…”

“Mom, I’m begging you, please don’t finish that sentence,” I did not need any more insight into the inter-workings of my mothers twisted thought process.

“All I was going to say is that he’s a keeper. At least you got something right,” she smiled, then she came to me and wrapped me into a large hug, something she rarely did, “I’m proud of you.”

After we finished setting the table my mother and I strutted into the family room to find something I never expected. My dad, and my boyfriend, laughing? It made absolutely no sense. My father had never once approved of one of my boyfriends. I would have tried to guess what was different, but I knew Barry. He had a way of connecting with people. 

“And here are the lovely ladies,” my dad smiled larger than life.

“Dinner’s ready,” my mother’s voice sang.

My mother led the way out of the room and Barry followed quickly after My dad wrapped his arm around me, “I like him. He’s a good man.”

“Yes he is,” I smiled surprised at how Barry had managed to win over my father. 

We sat down to a gorgeous dinner, I leaned over to Barry and whispered, “What did you do to my dad?”

He just smiled to himself and grabbed my hand under the table, giving it a light squeeze, and I felt myself fill with a warmth I recognized as utter blissful happiness. 

By the end of dinner Barry had effectively won over every one of my family members, he had easily swayed my parents. My sister was more of a challenge, one he managed to conquer by discussing his relationships with Harrison Wells, Martin Stein, and Christina McGee, making my sister effectively jealous. She was baffled by Barry’s intellect. Even more so by my relationship with such a man. 

The only thing missing from the evening was my brother. I would never bring up Kyle at a family dinner, it would only cause a nuclear disaster and possibly the start of World War 3 but I could help but feel an emptiness as his chair was left empty at the end of the table.

After dinner and dessert we said our goodbyes and waited out front for our ride to arrive. Barry wrapped his arms around me allowing me to bury myself in him to keep warm, “What’s wrong y/n?” Barry asked, a slight tone of worry could be detected in his voice.

“Nothing Barr, tonight was perfect. You managed to magically win over each one of my family members,” desperately I tried to mask the sadness in my voice.

But he knew what I was feeling, he always did, “… except your brother.”

I nodded into his chest and he pulled me tighter. 

“Well, I’d like to meet him,” just then our car pulled up and we climbed into the car.

“Where are we going folks?” the driver asked cheerfully. Barry looked at me and mouthed “Where does he live?”

I beamed brightly and gave the driver my brother’s address. I turned and placed a soft chilled kiss on his lips, “My dad was right. You are a good man, Barry Allen.”

Leonardo x Reader: Past Your Bedtime

The one episode with the dream beavers kind of inspired this, especially how in the end of the episode Leo talks about how he ends up feeling better after resting.

I’m sorry for not updating in a while, I’ve been hooked onto Pokemon for quite some time. I haven’t seen the newer TMNT episodes either, so I’ve been trying to steer clear of any TMNT related places because I don’t want spoilers, hehe… Also, apologies for any mistakes, as usual.

Rating: PG
Genre: Fluffies, fluffies everywhere. Some emotional moments here and there.
Paring: Leonardo x Reader

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jessmoriano  asked:

Wait, I want to know about Jackie's side of that story. How did she end up in New York? and doing ballet?

[Hyde’s side of the story]

Once Hyde leaves, life goes on and Kelso cheats on her (again). No one even tries to tell her what is going on, and noticing this, makes Jackie leaves the basement even when she is completely alone now. Donna tries to make it up to her, but at the same time starts having her own damn problems with her parents, Eric, a new job, and with Jackie not going to the basement, they just kind of let it go.

In her attempt to have new friends and run away from Kelso once he starts trying to get into her pants again, she calls Hyde to the number all of them have and talk with him for good three hours into the night. This is when he tells her she needs to realize she can do better than Kelso and so on. He also tells her she should keep in touch with Donna, that their friend can be kind of dense sometimes, but is a good friend at the end of the day.

One of her cheerleader friends invites her to a free class of her mother’s new ballet studio, and she likes it quite a lot. She did ballet when she was younger, Jackie liked it because it make her feel like an actual princess and it was the only way her dad would look at her. But when her dad stopped going to her classes, she did too.

Now, she finds a way out and new friends in these ballet classes. She waits for a phone call that never comes, has her moments with Kelso until Donna approaches her and tries to make her go back to the basement. She doesn’t feel welcome there. Donna hurts her by criticizing her choises and activities, Eric couldn’t care less about her, Kelso is always trying to get in her pants, and Fez only sees her as some kind of prize to win. Yet, she goes back to Kelso.

A rumor is started in school, that she slept with Chip and then, that she slept with the entire band. Her new friends slut shame her without reason, and here is when Donna truly goes for her and rescues her from those bitches, keeps her with them now and protects her from Kelso’s stupidity until she can’t do it anymore with all that happens between her, Casey, Eric, and her parents.

She breaks up with Kelso, spends alone the summer trying to run from Fez and feeling bad for Eric, until he goes to California too.

When her dad goes to jail and Pam disappears, Jackie doesn’t know what to do. She calls Hyde again, but he no longer lives there and the person who answered the phone has no idea where he is, and Donna’s support is nice, it truly is, but she feels like she can’t stand it anymore. That’s when her grandmother, who loved that she was dancing ballet now, calls and offers her to go to New York.

Going to NY means leaving all behind. She is incredible attached to Donna now, but even her friend tells her maybe going with her family is a better idea than staying alone in Point Place. With a hopeful goodbye to her friend, she goes to NYC to live with her grandmother and dance. 

Her old teacher sends her with Sharon, a friend of her that has a prestigious and small studio in a good zone of the city. She gets into a private school for girls in Brooklyn and laughs in the phone with Donna when her friend tells her she is also in a girl’s school too. It all seems nice now, even when she misses her friends.

In the other side of the street where the studio is, there’s a music store that is always full of dancers and moms. Sharon tells her is because there is a handsome boy working there, and Jackie gets curious. One day, standing in the street wating for the last class to end to take hers, she looks up and sees someone she hasn’t seen in years.

He has a beard now, his body is thicker, and looks healthier than when they were younger. But his blue eyes remains the same, as kind as when he took her to prom when no one else would, and his voice as tender as when he sooth her on the telephone almost two years ago.

She crosses the street first, and after the initial shock, because who would say they would see each other again after all, themfrom all people, they are now standing in front of the other.

“Hey, Jackie”, he says.

“Steven! Hi!”, she says back.

Only In America

Title: Only in America

Athlete: Johnny Gaudreau

Word Count: 2,802

Requested?: Yes

Request: Could you possibly do a Johnny Gaudreau imagine? If you need a plot line, could you write how Johnny and the girl have been family friends for a long time, and the parents can see them eventually getting together. And the Gaudreau’s are having a 4th of July picnic, and at one point, the girl is standing by the pool and she sees Johnny from the corner of her eye running towards her and knocking her in the pool fully clothed?

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Makes me ready for the summer!!

Your name: submit What is this?

Watching your mother run around the kitchen like a crazy person was more than amusing at 8:45 in the morning.  She’d started cooking at six and you weren’t sure how she did it.  She and Mrs. Gaudreau had split up the food preparation for the barbecue and both of them had been hyperactive the past few days.  Thankfully, you had been able to stay out of it for the most part.

“Y/N, can’t you wear something a little festive for the day?” Looking down at your simple green tank top and shorts you shrugged.

“It’s the Fourth of July Mom, not Christmas.” Did she want you to put on the American flag and run around screaming the national anthem?

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anonymous asked:

So how would you describe Steve and Wanda's relationship?

They’ve been friends for something like ten years in the comics (my math, it is not great). They didn’t meet until she joined the Avengers. He didn’t recruit her; that was Tony. For anyone who doesn’t know, it was the two of them, Pietro, and Clint, and they were the funnest, most disastrous Avengers team. He was a Silver Age jerk, and she had a crush on him. Specifically, she liked that he was strong (but gentle!), and also, she liked watching him work out. There are some people who read that era as ‘well, he was their dad and he took them in,’ but that isn’t how I read it at all. He wasn’t their dad. He was slightly older and in charge. And he was a Silver Age jerk about it.

There is also this idea that he’s some kind of father figure to her in general or that he’s like a brother to her, which isn’t true. Wanda has had more than enough fathers, and she and Steve don’t refer to each other as “brother” or “sister.” Other characters sometimes refer to them as being “like family,” but I kinda think they’re friends, not family. Nothing about their relationship feels particularly familial to me, and if people are trying to say they’re like siblings to imply their relationship is platonic, well, that ship has sailed. And anyway, Steve calls other white dudes “brother” all the time, and people have no trouble glossing over that. But I digress!

The crush eventually goes away, and they settle into this friendship that’s rarely in the foreground but stays consistent. She has this unwavering faith in him. It’s not hero worship. She just believes in him and doesn’t doubt him at all. And that’s born of all the years they knew each other, and this trust that they built. He trusts her and believes in her too, even after… everything. He thinks she’s badass too, except when he’s being too protective and forgets that she could totally kick his ass. But he’s not afraid of her the way that maybe a rational person would be.

There’s this ease to their relationship, overall.

STEVE: Wanda. Can I help you?

The Scarlet Witch doesn’t even bother to ask how he knew she was in the control booth.

WANDA: What are you doing in here, Steve?

STEVE: Just thinking.

Captain America Annual 1999 by Joe Casey & Pablo Raimondi

She’s sitting around watching him practice, and he somehow knows she’s there, and she doesn’t even question how he knows anyone is there, let alone her. Of course, he knows.

They sometimes disagree, but it’s never a huge deal, with the possible exception of the end of Avengers West Coast where she was probably as mad at him as she’s ever been. Even that didn’t feel mutual. It was more her being pissed off at him. They have some philosophical differences. It is a rare but not unheard of thing for her to be portrayed as having a more European mindset when it comes to politics and that’s used to contrast her with the American characters. There are also times when he’s not being a very good leader, and she has to tell him that. But he listens to her, even if he has to go sulk first.

I think the primary difference between their friendship and a lot of the other relationships Wanda has had with men in her life is that he never acted like he owned her. He was never trying to control her or having sex with her when she had amnesia (ahem). Steve just always respected her as a person and her opinions.

STEVE: Wanda, we’ve known each other a long time, and I consider myself a friend to both you and your bother. But I have to tell you that the idea of choosing between two loves is only Pietro’s. If you were to lose him in order to gain the Vision, it would be his choice… not yours. You don’t have to play his rules.

Avengers Vol. 1 #110 by Steve Englehart & Don Heck

See how he supports her and gives good advice and yeah, I love everything about this panel.

There are other things I feel obligated to mention: One time, he bought her a magic book as a present, but it was haunted! She once healed his jaw by stroking his cheek! Sometimes, he draws her and it makes me happy! There is also this minor implication that he could tell how powerful she was before anyone else. I don’t know if I buy that, but I think he noticed she had more potential than she seemed to have.

And then… Disassembled. Without getting into all the details and the different interpretations, they, uh, made out? He’s off doing something dangerous, and she keeps showing up to save him, even though he tells her not to. He’s being way too protective and kinda condescending (the way he sometimes gets with his girlfriends), and then she kisses him. And he kisses her. And she spends the night at his apartment and wakes up wearing his clothes, but they don’t have sex.

This is all complicated by the fact that she was messing with his head at the time, showing him visions of herself and of Bucky (who was still supposed to be dead at that point). I don’t think she was doing it on purpose, but she did it nonetheless. There’s a lot of different ways of looking at what happened. I’m not going to come down on any one side since we don’t know. Remender said he was going to clear all of this up, but then he never did.

And Steve still trusts her and still believes in her and was very adamant that they not kill her when everyone had the “we should totally just kill Wanda” meeting. Different writers have contradicted each other about whether or not he still has feelings for her or if he was ever “in love” with her. It’s up in the air as to whether that will be followed up on. There have certainly been hints in Uncanny Avengers that something is still lingering there, but I don’t know if they’ll amount to anything.

Left Behind

Originally posted by deepglory

Requested by anonymous:

“Can you do a young sam imagine where sam and dean have to start a new high school in y/n’s small town, so she takes it upon herself to befriend the new kid sam, since he’s in her grade. They become the best of friends and both form crushes on one another, so they both go to dean for advice and even though he knows how they both feel, he acts like he knows nothing. You both were each others first love. Then in college you see each other again. Then a few years after that you meet up once again.”

Warnings: fluff, some angst, swearing

Note: My first supernatural request, and it’s sammy (my baby) anyway I hope you guys like it! xx 

(Please note that I have only watched seasons 1 & 2 but am doing my best to catch up considering there’s 11 seasons :’) x )

“I hope you have a good first day back!” Your mum smiled as she pulled outside your school.

“Trust me, I won’t.” You sighed as you unbuckled your seatbelt.

“Hey remember what we talked about?”

“Be positive.” You groaned and your mum smiled and nodded.

“Yes, positive now go or you’ll be late.” She said sternly causing you to roll your eyes as you opened the car door. “Ok, bye mum.” You spoke, hurriedly pecking her on the cheek as you hopped out of the car.

“Bye honey oh and tell Casey to be home straight away after school, she’s still grounded!” Your mum called out as you shut the car door.

“Yeah ‘cause Casey’s gonna listen to me.” You mumble under your breath before sending her a final wave as she peeled out of her car space.

You sighed as you turned to look at the school sign, Rosewood High School. Your favourite place in the world, not. You’d only had two weeks off for Christmas and that went by in a flash and now you were back. You stalked towards the entrance preparing yourself for another uneventful semester.

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Just Between Us (Part 1)

Rich!Dan is engaged and she isn’t faithful and he has a fuck buddy situation with the cleaner (reader) but it turns into something more.

(Ok but TiO by Zayn is a rlly good song for this kkkk)

also lol I didn’t edit because I was being rushed so I’m sorry if there is missing words, grammar and or spelling mistakes. As my idol Hannah Montana said, “Nobody’s Perfect”


Warnings: Swearing, sexualness

November 23rd

I’d gotten used to my regular routine by now. Ever since being hired at my new job I’d had to adapt to my new way of living. I’d grown up living a mediocre life and I wasn’t one to expect much from anyone. I came from a home that contained a 5 kids, two adults, and 1 elder. I had my fair share of living in a crowded situation.

As soon as I turned 22, I figured I should start trying to branch out on my own. I was the eldest of the 5 kids and it was time to act mature and be the example to them that when the time came they needed to grow up.

Well, that was the argument I told my parents when I broke the news to them that I was moving out.

“Y/N-how are you going to find an apartment to live in and pay for it? You need to think about these things before you act on them.” My mother wasn’t pleased with how I wanted to take control of my life. She wanted me to stay in the house and get a job to help ad pay for the other kids.

“Lacey, if she wants to go we should just let her. She knows what she’s risking.” My father had tried his hardest to reason and understand why I was doing this, but nothing would make the situation.

That was six months ago. My time in university had just ended and before I really started looking into a job, I needed to land on my feet. It felt like such a rush the day I picked up and left my childhood home because I was finally on my own and I felt like the world was my oyster.

Well, that’s how it seemed before two months later I received a call whilst sat in a small café in Paris. My side jobs I worked at while at school had given me enough money for a cheeky little trip to France and it was a wonderful getaway while it lasted.

“Y/N, it’s your mother… She’s fallen ill and they’re keeping her in the hospital…” My father was giving me the details on my mothers apparent disease.

“What? What the fuck happened?” I almost spat out my coffee and felt my stomach drop 80,000ft to the bottom of the atmosphere.

“Language-I’m with your siblings. They don’t know but they’re running tests on her. They say that it doesn’t look good and that we may need to get a nurse to come to the house or something.”

That was how it started. It seemed that when things go good for somebody, they turn to shit for someone else.

Not long after, my mother ended up dying.

I begged my father to let me come back home and help him out with my siblings Casey, Clarissa,  Tina, and Nathan. I knew that they would all be devastated and clearly would need someone’s help to keep them on their feet but my father insisted I didn’t. He didn’t want to rain on my parade and kept repeating to me how much he wanted me to be happy. Of course, like any other situation it wasn’t that easy. Since I wasn’t needed to be back at home, I figured I should get a job and help contribute to the growth of my siblings. I knew my father would have a hard time with money and I was glad to give him some type of support.

For days, I searched for a job that paid well and didn’t make me feel like I was deserted on a foreign planet. I managed to find a few waitress jobs, a secretary job, and a maid job.

Between all of them, the maid job paid the best. And it provided me with a living situation.

I’d be working for Business man Daniel Howell, and his fiancé Tiffany Johnson. Any sane person working for them would fall envious to the life they lived. Mr. Howell had started a corporation when he was 20 and it grew to be popular. He was one of the youngest entrepreneurs that England ever had and so he became the generic rich and famous. Around 4 years later he met Tiffany who was the daughter of one of his older co workers and they hit it off.  She was now 30 and he was 25.

 When I first took the job, I hadn’t exactly known what I was getting myself into. Mr. Howell was an absolute sex god. He was more attractive than he was rich or famous. He was tall, elegant, and polite. He seemed intimidating but only in magazines. It was sometimes so difficult to work for him because I had recurring thoughts and daydreams about what it would be like to be more than just his maid.

When it came to Tiffany, I had no opinion. She only acknowledged me when she wanted me to clean up after her or Dan and then pretended like I didn’t exist when she didn’t need me.

On my way home from sending my monthly cash delivery home to my family it was freezing. Autumn still had another month left before it went away for another year but it still felt like winter nonetheless. The moon had already come out and it was only 7pm. I swore I had lost feeling in my cheeks and every time I breathed out I could see it. There wasn’t much snow on the ground yet but there was enough to start feeling festive for the upcoming festive season.

I arrived at the Howell mansion and greeted the security guard Steve on my way in.

“Hello, Y/N. Back already?” He frowned, adjusting his belt and sniffling.

“Yeah, only had one errand. It’s kind of my night off so I made a run to the post office.” I shoved my hands in my pockets and hummed in delight as my cold hands met the warmth.

“Why don’t you go out with some of your mates? You’re young and you work to hard. Enjoy yourself.” Steve grinned at me and opened up the gate to the mansion. I chuckled and shook my head.

“Nah, not tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a nice night, Steve. Say hi to the kids for me.” I happily walked inside and hung my coat up and took off my shoes. I was looking forward to making some tea and calling it a night inside my room but that plan had to wait as I was greeted by yelling.

“-No! No! Dan, what the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you be a normal fiancé and participate in my life? I’m so sick of this shit.” Tiffany had been picking on Mr. Howell once more. This happened at least twice a week. Eventually she got over it and engaged in some kind of make up sex. It obviously wasn’t healthy, but I just wanted to get paid.

The voices sounded like they were coming from the master bedroom so now was as good a time as ever to sneak past the staircase and hide in the kitchen.

The layout of the house was simple. All the guest rooms were on the middle section of the mansion as well as where the live in workers stayed (AKA me). The top floor had the master bedroom and Mr. Howell’s office. The first floor contained the kitchen, lounge, seating area, and the conference room. The basement was the recreational area. Basically, the way to the kitchen was through the lounge. And who was in the lounge?

“Tiffany, you need to calm down.” Mr. Howell was on the couch, staring at Tiffany with a hushed expression and speaking quietly. He looked exhausted and frankly exasperated.

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Why should I when you’re being a lazy son of a bitch. What are you looking at?” Tiffany was beyond fuming at this point.

Mr. Howell had noticed me and kept his gaze on me with his mouth agape. He was the type of person to involve himself in conflict, especially when there was a chance that someone could hear him. I remained uncomfortably still as Tiffany turned around and rolled her eyes at me. She was not in the mood to be looking at me.

“Great. The maid.” She huffed, taking a look back at Dan. “Forget it, asshole. I’ll be back later.” Tiffany picked up her bag next to Mr. Howell and right before she left took a look at my casual attire. “Put on your uniform or don’t come out of your room.” She whispered before exiting. I hadn’t been wearing anything out of the ordinary. Just a long black long sleeved sweater, a black skirt, and black tights. My boots were black, too. I didn’t think I was wearing anything risqué. If anything, I looked like I was going to a funeral.

“I’m sorry about that.” Mr. Howell sighed, leaning back on the couch and crossing his legs. “You shouldn’t be put in a situation like that. It’s very unprofessional of me.”

“It’s alright-I’m used to it.” I quickly said, trying to aid the situation. Clearly, it wasn’t the correct choice of words as his response was just staring at me with his eyebrow raised. “I’m just kidding, that was a joke. I make those sometimes.” I smiled nervously.

“It’s fine. Tiffany can be-well you know.” He turned the direction of his head to the TV and switched it off. The volume hadn’t really been up before but now he just shut it off completely. “Isn’t it your night off? What are you already doing back here?”

 “It is my night off but I don’t have anything to do. Can I do anything for you? You seem… stressed.” I offered.

Mr. Howell stood up and walked over to where he kept his liquor. I’d only ever seen him have a glass of wine or drink some beer. If I’m being completely honest, I always thought that his glasses containing hard alcohol where more for decoration than consumption. He took the knob off of the pitcher and poured it into a glass.

“Would you like some, Y/N?” He asked, staring up at me. I didn’t know what else to say other than shrug a yes. I wasn’t used to drinking hard liquor but I felt like I should still try and get used to it.

He delicately served the drinks and gave me a glass.

“Thank you,” I mumbled, slowly taking a sip. The flavour was absolutely displeasing and bitter and it was hard to swallow it without spitting it back into the cup. I tried my best to get used to it by swishing it around my mouth and keeping a straight face. That didn’t work and I swallowed with difficulty. Mr. Howell chuckled.

“You don’t drink bourbon very much, huh?” He took a swig of his own glass as well as proceeding to loosen his tie.

“Nope. I don’t drink very much anyways.” Mr. Howell leaned back against the table and crossed his ankles. I put down my cup and bit my lip slightly.

“I feel as if I never see you around,” his flicked his hair to the side and stared me hard in the face. He was so attractive and it was intimidating. I was concerned that I would end up saying something completely inappropriate without meaning to.

“I’m always around. I’m that girl who always has the duster and the windex.” I went in to take another sip but decided against it. I’d had enough bourbon for one night. Mr. Howell smirked and looked down at his feet.

“It’s nice to be able and see you on your time off. You need more time off, don’t you think?”

“I’m fine working with my hours, Mr. Howell. In fact I could even work right now if you wanted me to.” I felt bad for him in a way. His problems were in no way my concern but he probably felt shitty about himself right now. I wanted to be useful and useless at the same time somehow.

Mr.Howell…” He mumbled to himself, tilting his head to the side while studying me. “There is something I’d like you to help me with. Come here.” He held out his hand and gestured with his head for me to approach him. I did as he said and he took my hand, pulling me closer. I was so close to him that I could feel his body heat radiating against  me.

“Mr. Howell?” I questioned, only to have a groan emerge from him. He placed his hands on my waist and bit his lip. I didn’t know what was happening but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

“May I please have your consent for what I’m about to do?” Yes is what I wanted to say, but I needed to pace myself.

“What are you going to do?” I knew exactly what the fuck he was going to do.

“This.” He carefully placed his lips on mine, and started kissing me. Between us two, this was a first kiss and typically you would expect it to be gentle. This kiss was rough and it was aggressive. He was putting all of his passion into the kiss and I was gladly returning it.

His hands got a firmer grip on me as he stood up straight. He was so tall that he had to lean down and continue kissing me but that was so hot.

Mr. Howell began moving us over until we reached a wall and pinned me up against his, kissing me sloppily.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered as he pulled away for a moment. “And when you’re in your uniform everyday… God, you turn me on.”

“Mr. H-Howell…” I returned with a moan and ran my fingers through his hair. “What about Tiffany?” I didn’t want to stop but I didn’t want to cause problems. He just shook his head and started hooking his fingers in the hem of my skirt.

“Don’t worry about her right now.” I had no choice right now but to trust him right now. The mere attention he gave me made me feel good. At that moment where I was feeling the real pleasure it would take too much to stop.

His hand had creeped it’s way into my skirt and most importantly in my underwear. I was already turned on beyond the max and this was the point where I considered myself near dripped. Mr. Howell was no prude and he was experienced. The first thing he went for was to rub at my clit. That was always a good choice especially when you were as turned on as I was. I pulled away from the kiss and let put a pleasant noise. Christ it was like heaven.

“That feels good then, I imagine?” Mr. Howell smiled and started kissing my neck. My legs were beginning to feel weak as he increased the pressure and the pace of his rubbing. I desperately nodded and shut my eyes, letting the feeling overwhelm me. As if it couldn’t get any better, Mr. Howell continued rubbing my clit with his thumb and circled my entrance with his finger. Soon enough, he let one slip in and thrust in and out. This process was repeated until had added another finger and began to curl them upwards.

For minutes, this continued until I let my self loose and climaxed around his fingers. Mr. Howell pulled away from me and took back with his magical fingers. He brought them to his mouth and licked them clean.

I stood there, still. I was unsure of what to say as a follow up conversation. Should I have thanked him?

Mr. Howell leaned forward and kissed my forehead. “You taste great. Now go and enjoy your night off.”

Nothing But Trouble (Stiles/Derek)

eeyore9990 said: Stiles/Derek: “I’m not sorry, this isn’t an apology, I’m just being nice so you shut up!”

This prompt fit perfectly for the 4th part of the Just Like Me series. I really hope you enjoy it! #10 in the 2017 Prompt Challenge!

Nothing But Trouble. Stiles/Derek. Teen. #4 in the Just Like Me seriesAlso on AO3.

Stiles gets Boyd’s assistance with his theory about the killer the team’s hunting. Then he has to deal with a suspicious Derek, a sleazy Matt, an annoyed Allison, and a relieved Jordan.

“Are you sure about this?” Boyd looks from Stiles’ face down to the piece of paper he’s holding.

“Nope. Not at all.” Stiles shrugs. “But I have a pretty good suspicion, or I wouldn’t involve you.”

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