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This ask was so pure I’m blessed… T/W for mentions of self harm

Lazy Saturday mornings were always Tendou’s favorite. It wasn’t that he was necessarily lazy himself, but the euphoric feeling of not having to wake up, take four shots of espresso, and finish three reports he had procrastinated on for two weeks on was an amazing change. Well, maybe Tendou was a bit lazy.

Tendou didn’t even feel like moving from his small space on the bed. He took lethargic interest with the way the sun cast through the blinds and how Mourning Doves vied for attention. He could roll over and fall back asleep, if he wanted to. Though, he was right on the edge of the bed and his girlfriend was still asleep on his chest, and he’d rather take a bullet than risk waking her up. He yawned, then noticed her stir for a moment before nuzzling back into him. At this point, Tendou was willing to stop breathing. She looked so peaceful, and Tendou couldn’t quite remember the last time he had actually seen __ with her eyes closed. She still harbored remarkable purple eye bags, though, to which Tendou made a mental note to tease her about later.

After about twenty minutes or so, Tendou didn’t oppose the idea of waking her up so much any longer. His mind wandered to places he’d rather not go when he wasn’t occupied with something. He figured he could just leave the bed and do something in the living room, but he knew for a fact the rest of the apartment would be absolutely freezing; February did not treat them nice. He slowly turned to his side instead, cupping her head in his hand and placing her down on the pillow next to him. She whined and burrowed herself in the duvet, still asleep, but gaining conscious. Tendou smirked, tugged the duvet out of her loosened hands and flipped her onto her back. He sat up and positioned himself above her and threw one leg over her side. He leaned down and pressed his lips against her neck softly, going in for a kiss, but decided against it. Instead he blew, hard, right against the part of her neck he knew was the most sensitive.

Almost immediately, she was up and screaming, her hands on his shoulders attempting to pull him away. He smirked and continued blowing raspberries, effortlessly grabbing her arms and pinning them above her head. She writhed underneath him, giggling incomprehensible words and attempting to kick him off of her. Usually, she’d have him flat on his ass in the matter of thirty seconds, but catching him at her most delirious gave him a definite advantage. After a while, he figured he had tortured her enough, her chest still heaving and a long, drawled out cuss spilling from her lips. He cut himself off with a wet smack to the red spot on her neck, which instantaneously quieted her down, too. She was completely awake, now, and able to rip her arms away from his and sit up. She merely looked him in the eyes, saying nothing. She used the fabric of the duvet to wipe his saliva from her neck, to which she grimaced, not noticeably, but Tendou noticed.

“You know, Satori, sweetheart…” __ sniffled in a broken voice. “For someone who pays all your damn rent, that was sure a lovely way to thank me.” Tendou smiled sheepishly, looking down at her from his seat between her legs.

“Not gonna say anything? Okay…” She shook her head and smiled, stretching her arms behind her head and cracking her back before snaking them around Tendou’s neck. “You’re so lucky I love you.”

“I know I am.” Tendou hummed, cupping her chin. She flinched, making sure he wasn’t going back for her neck again, before leaning into his touch.

“Now you’ve got something to say, huh?” She chuckled. She grabbed his hips and guided him off of her, leaving him laying on his back as she sat cross legged, rubbing her eyes. “If this thing is still here when I go to work on Monday and my boss asks me what it is, I dunno if I tell him the truth or make up a much more believable lie.”

“What’s so unbelievable about raspberries?” Tendou laughed.

“We’re twenty, that’s what.”

She finished rubbing her eyes and rolled herself on top of him, straddling his waist as he had hers seconds ago. Absentmindedly, she traced the skin on his bare chest, and Tendou thought she was either incredibly amused with how his skin felt or she was still in a sleepy haze. He didn’t mind though, watching her with a lovestruck grin on his face. He watched her as she slid her hand across his chest to his shoulders, and her fingertips taking sudden interest with his freckles.

“You know what I’ve always found odd?” She said, her pointer finger drawing triangles into his skin, presumably a shape his freckles had made.


“You’ve got freckles everywhere, except your face.”

“Oh please, don’t say that’s odd.” Tendou snorted. The way her fingertips were running across his shoulders and chest made him sigh, suddenly. “Do you know how much more shit I would’ve gotten from people?”

“Aw darling, don’t say that.” __ cooed, scooting herself back on his lap to kiss at his shoulders.

“I kno-ow.”

“Anyways, I dunno about you, but I think the freckles are gorgeous. They add to your dorky charm.” Tendou shook his head, the silly smile on his face growing wider. He had to bite his lip to contain it. She traced the freckles on his chest and stomach next, drawing shapes and what he could only presume were constellations. The only time she stopped was to mutter, “that looks like a jellyfish”, as she traced a cluster of freckles on his stomach. Tendou didn’t really care what his freckles looked like, all he could focus on was her. Every time she ran her fingertips across his skin a jolt ran up his spine, because even after years of her touch, he was still starved for it. He found himself absentmindedly closing his eyes, even if he was trying so hard to focus on the beautiful little amused smile on her face. Tendou gave into the heaviness of his eyes and chuckled, he was absolutely living. His eyes fluttered back open when __ started fingering with the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down slightly to reveal his hips.

“Satori, darling.” Her fingertips traced gently over the puffy lines on his hip. “How did you get these?” With anyone else, Tendou would’ve been a nervous wreck discussing the scars on his body, but with her, he couldn’t feel more sane.

“I put ‘em there myself.”

She frowned, but didn’t stop brushing her fingers over them.

“How come I’ve never noticed these?” She frowned, taking the other side of his boxers and pulling them down completely, sliding them off his legs and throwing it to the edge of the bed. “You’ve got a lot, huh?”

Her fingertips moved from his hips to his upper thighs, rubbing at similar puffy scars. Tendou just watched her stare at them, the admiration her eyes once held, gone. The love hadn’t fled, though. In fact, Tendou swore he could see it more.

“I never really pointed them out ‘cause there was no need to.” Tendou shrugged, meeting her eyes. “It’s all in the past. I really don’t feel like that anymore, you know.”

“I know.” Her eyes flickered from his back down to the scars on his thighs. “Can I? Can I, uh…” She shifted himself so that she was face level with his thighs, and ever so softly, pressed a gentle kiss against the scarred areas. He gasped, not out of fear or disgust, but out of pure and utter shock.

Ba-abe.” Tendou whined, throwing his hands up to his cheeks. “My heart’s gonna explode.”

She looked up at him, mouth agape, before pouting, and pecking another series of kisses along his right thigh. Although Tendou was used to the proximity between her and him, this entire gesture made his heart beat rapidly in his chest. When she shifted her weight and nuzzled into his other thigh, Tendou swore he giggled. He covered his mouth and cheeks with his hand, the latter burning furiously. He did this until she traced a trail of kisses up his stomach and pulled herself up completely, moving his hand away from his mouth herself. She then kissed his lips, short and sweet, before pulling him into a hug.

“I love you.” Tendou muttered into the tresses of her hair in his face.

“I love you too, my perfect angel.”

She gave him one last squeeze before sliding back on the bed. She sat cross legged by his knees, patting on her legs to signal him to kick his up onto hers. He did, careful not to force his weight on her too hard. She then took one of his legs in her hands, running her fingertips up his calves.

“I love how even your leg hair is ginger, wow.” She chuckled, sarcastically. “Makes it easy to see your pale ass skin, though.”

“It’s hard to imagine just two fucking seconds ago you called me your perfect angel, wow.” Tendou mocked her, lightly kicking her in the chest. She laughed, tightening her grip on his calf. He laughed with her.

She continued with her soft touches for a while, sending Tendou back into a relaxed state. After a while though, she stopped, pressing her finger over a certain part on his leg.

“How’d you get this?” __ asked. Tendou sat up and looked at the scar she was pointing at, a dark brown one sitting above his ankle. “It’s the only scar on your legs.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Tendou shook his head. “In my last year of elementary school, my class took a field trip to a petting zoo, and since I was actually ten years old, I thought it would be hysterical to chase after a bunch of chickens-”

“Tendou Satori don’t you dare tell me you got a permanent scar from a flock of chickens.”

Oh yeah I did. Don’t regret it one bit.” Tendou laughed at the way she shook her head, muttering something about, “I can’t believe I fell in love with you.” After that, she decided to leave his legs alone. She had him flip on his stomach, next, which Tendou had no complaints about. He loved the feeling of nails on his back, and if she took her time there like she did everywhere else, Tendou swore he would fall back to sleep in an instant.

The moment her fingertips brushed against his shoulder blades, Tendou had already melted. He audibly sighed, nuzzing his face into the pillow. He could hear her giggle from behind him, continuing to touch him.

“What are all the scars up by your shoulders from?” She asked him, running the palm of her hand across the nape of his neck to the small of his back.

“Acne scars, babe.”

“Oh.” She peeped. “Sorry.” She leaned in, her palm flat on his back, and kissed his nape gently.

“For what?” He laughed, flopping back down into the pillow. “This is literally the best day of my li-ife.”

Tendou swore he had reached Nirvana in those next five or so minutes. She traced all the freckles on his back, from where his hairline stopped to where his tail bone lay. He’d sigh every so often, the only indication he was giving her that he was awake. There was a point where she was doing nothing in particular, just scratching up and down his back softly, making his eyelids droop. He swore he was on the brink of passing out once more, just one more gentle touch, but she paused, her hand leaving his skin for a moment before it came in sharp contact with his bum. He whined in protest, but that was covered by her booming laughter.

“Wha’ was that for?” He mumbled, lifting his head up from the pillow to look at her.

“You have freckles on your bum. I thought it was cute.”

“So you slapped me-e?”

“Well, all’s fair in love and war.” She smiled fictitiously. “That wasn’t half as bad as the raspberry.”

Tendou shook his head, leaning across the bed to grab her in his arms. He held her there for a moment before throwing himself back onto the bed. She squealed, although she was silenced by Tendou pressing his lips against hers. She broke away then kissed him again, starting a cycle of soft lips moving against each other while hands roamed. Tendou parted away after a while, resting his forehead against hers.

“I love you…” Was all he said before kissing her again.

Times like these were just his absolute favorite.

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Can i have a fic where sasuke has to deal with sakura having her period


he’s first clued in to it being that time of the month when she doesn’t really answer his questions clearly and most of her answers revolve around him going to fuck himself. when he asks her what she wants for dinner, he expects a similar curse. 

“i don’t care,” she snaps as predicted. “you just choose. like why do i always have to choose?”

he wisely keeps his mouth shut at that, even though the reality is that she always chooses because she literally has never given him the chance to choose.

“so…okonomiyaki?” he suggests.

“what? no, i don’t want that.” sakura looks down the street, assessing their food choices while rubbing her abdomen. she’s not hungry, she’s in pain. “you know what? i don’t care.”


“no, i don’t want that either.”

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My Own Brand Of Heroin - Part 2

Original Request from anon: Hey, do you think you could write a Bucky x Reader based on the line “ I lost myself between your legs, your medicine is in my head ” from Jaymes Young’s song “ Habits of my heart ” please ? It’d be awesome ! :)

Note: A number of you asked for a part 2 to this so….enjoy! I apologise for the length of it but once I started typing I just seemed to keep going! Essentially you and Bucky find yourselves addicted to one another, unable to stay away, but there is one big problem….

Bucky x Reader

Words: 3,756

Warnings: Smut, threat of being caught, slight dominance.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3 ….and obviously the lyrics in the request are not my own.


“You don’t have to go you know, you can stay.”

“Bucky. Please don’t.”

“Don’t what?” There was an anger to his words as he propped himself up onto his elbows. “Don’t, for the love of god, ask for you to stay just for a few short minutes after we have fucked?”

Your hand was resting on the door handle by this point as a heavy sigh, laced with annoyance, left your lips.

“You know that can’t happen.” Your phone begins to vibrate inside the pocket of your jeans that you had just put back on but you continued to let it ring as you got your last few words out. “We can’t go there.” Before he can say another word you answer the call and put the phone to your war while opening the door. “Hi sweetheart. Yeah I’m sorry work ran a little late I’ll be home in ten minutes.”

As the door closed behind you leaving Bucky alone in the dark room the emptiness hit him harder than it usually did. There had been the smallest bit of hope inside of him that this would be the day you would reciprocate the love he felt for you but when he had watched you walk away he knew it would never happen…..and yet still he knew he would answer your call each and every time no matter how much it killed him inside each time.

                                             * * * * * * * * * *

“You’ve got this beautiful. You are going to be absolutely fine.” Your gorgeous boyfriend of two years places a soft kiss onto your lips to try and settle the steadily building nerves inside of you as you stand in the lobby of Stark Tower. “It’s not like everyone in there is going to be a stranger to you.”

“Oi Rogers! Hands off my new asset.” Tony Stark’s voice seemed to boom around the whole of the large lobby as he expertly jumped over the security barrier and headed towards the two of you. “Last thing I need is for her to be a big pile of goo. What good would she be then?”

With a playful roll of your eyes, which seemed to happen in unison with the blonde Avenger stood before you, your gaze turns to the man who, for some unknown reason, had decided to ‘hire your expertise’ for a while. Well it was supposed to be a temporary thing but the way he had spoken to you at the end of your interview he was making it very clear that he wanted you there permanently.

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just a little something for the absolute sunshine who we all adore on her birthday, hope you like this aaron centric theme fic @aarondingel

It’s the sound of trees whistling in the breeze which stirs Aaron awake, he can hear the birds chirping away outside and something travels through him with ease as he flickers his eyes open.

Robert’s laying next to him, face turned towards his, freckles even more noticeable against his soft complexion and bed hair. He looks oddly at peace and Aaron can’t help but leave him like that for a little longer. He’s wrapping an arm around his husband, nestling closer into Robert’s chest and tugging the covers over them both because the world can wait a little while.

He’s woken up again this time by the sound of flipping drums and tin cans being smashed together and he fights the need to swear as he senses two little children bouncing through the room. Robert’s there, turning over in bed and he’s fully awake now, shivering slightly because he probably hasn’t even bothered to put the heating on.

Robert leans down and kisses Aaron, sends something pulsating through the younger man as he looks at his lips. “I’d kiss ya thirty times but -”

Aaron gulps, “Yeah, keep it PG.” He mumbles out, desperately fighting the need to just go crazy and ask Robert to touch him in all the right places.

He can’t go around doing that though because Annie and Jacob are edging closer and they’re looking ridiculously adorable. They’ve both got neon hi-vis jackets on and the colour startles Aaron’s sleepy eyes.

Jacob’s only five but he seems to think he’s much older as he stands there cheekily waiting for his dads to pay him attention. He’d grown so much recently and it’s scary. Aaron can think back to the days when he used to sleep in between him and Robert and they’d just watch him breathe because they were that scared about something going wrong. He was perfect though, in every way he could be.

“Daddy! Happy birthday!” He’s saying, jumps hard on the bed and lands on Aaron’s thigh making him groan out in pain as Jacob fights a laugh and Annie looks all concerned.

She’s like that, Robert says she gets it from Aaron but Aaron’s always there to remind him of how caring and sweet he can be too and yeah, Robert only believes it sometimes.

He’s still got a long way to go before he genuinely believes Aaron’s sticking around and it’s crazy because Aaron was convinced he was the insecure wreck in the relationship. But since they got married officially, it’s Robert who says soppy things about wanting to not waste a single second of happiness.

Like it’s going to just evaporate soon.

It isn’t. Aaron knows it isn’t.

“You can’t do that to daddy anymore, he’s getting old like me.” Robert laughs out, watches Aaron laugh and then start attacking Jacob with tickles as his curly brown hair charges into Aaron’s chest.

Aaron rolls his asks, reminds Jacob and Annie how old he is now and watches them gasp and widen their eyes in shock.

Then Robert tells him his age and they topple over the bed dramatically as they gasp.

It’s a light moment, one Aaron didn’t think he could afford.


Aaron’s got to do the whole blindfold, act like you can’t hear your kids whispering loudly, thing.

He’s fighting a smile, biting down hard on his lip actually and then he feels a tray drop on his lap and he’s gasping.

“Take it off now daddy.” Annie whispers, all soft edges and blonde locks.

Aaron removes the blindfold and reads the toast out with a smile: ‘Happy birthday daddy.’

Robert’s standing there, looking all hot and bothered because he’s probably left the kitchen in a mess and the kids have probably run riot downstairs whilst Aaron’s been lounging about in bed. But he does this wink and something literally melts in Aaron’s heart.

After all these years.

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The Good Don’t Die Young, They Just Grow Up Too Fast - fic

Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Jon Kent
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon never lets visiting Damian be easy.
A/N: Damian’s like 30 and Jon’s 27. Based on if Jon had stayed kind of under Manchester Black’s control/ideals and stayed evil/violent justice. Damian agreed/went with him, taking over the League to bolster their strength in their fight for the world. Jon basically embraces the al Ghuls idea of being eco/bio warrior/terrorists. It’s kind of hinted, but basically Clark and Lois are heartbroken but Jon wants nothing to do with them, and might hate them more than he hates Damian’s family (who he sees as perpetually hurting/letting Damian get hurt, even now, thus he came back from space). Damian still loves his family, but knows - and doesn’t at all regret - that he picked Jon over them. They’re so in love in this garbage that he’d basically pick Jon over his fam every time, even if it still hurts them all. Jon is eternally and undyingly grateful that Damian picked him and doesn’t lord it over or bring it up to Damian, but always does to the Batfam. 


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A. Ryder: Interlude #3

There’s a new VI in the Cultural Centre, one with a hidden message meant for the Ryders from a particular individual.

A message from one pair of lovers to another, one Commander to one Pathfinder. Because sometime’s things just fall into place.

Jaal x Ryder, Garrus x Shepard. I started playing Mass Effect 2 and I’ve read a couple fanfics and, just… feels hit. And this idea hit after seeing someone mention how that one VI could be Shepard and Garrus. So Yeah. IDK how right this is. I don’t care right now. I had to write it. Enjoy ♥

Also on AO3 under ‘The Misadventures of Aria Ryder’

Jaal loves visiting the Cultural Centre when they’re on the Nexus. He’s been through every exhibit by now, gone through every piece of information both the Human and Pathfinder VI’s can give him -

-and yet, this time, it’s Aria leading him inside, a strangely determined look on her face.

“Darling One,” he’s been trying not to question her, happy to go wherever she wishes, but something seems off in her expression, some minor desperation he’s not sure he likes, “What is it that has you so harried, Aria? Has something happened?”

“Liam said they added a new VI.” is all she manages to respond before they’re there, suddenly, and she’s come to such a quick stop that Jaal nearly stumbles into her, one hand ending up on her shoulder to keep balance.

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Felicie Moreau

Your worst sin is that you have destroyed and betrayed yourself for nothing

i. It’s a long way down // ii. But for now it’s time to run // iii. He did what he had to do // iv. Paid for your time // v. Close your eyes now // vi. Sweet little words // vii. Is it cold outside? // viii. So in the wood it’s hiding // ix. I know that look dear // x. Now my neck is open wide // xi. I need noise // xii. I’m bigger than these bones

Bonus tracks with non-translated lyrics/instrumental only:

( x ) ( x ) ( x )

The Songs

The Matchmaker (6/??)

Theme : Cubism isn’t about precise forms and textures. It defies space and gives a new reality to the subjects, shown under geometrical forms. The meaning is the one we want to give it. The art student as Pablo Picasso.

Credit to the owners for all the pictures!

Title : The Matchmaker

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader x Jinyoung

Genre : Fluff, Romance, Angst

Author : Me

Summary : You love Jaebum, with all your heart. There is no way he would love you back though, considering you’re too scared to even say hello to him. One day, your friend tells you about the Matchmaker, a man who can help you get the love of your life and you decide you need this person in your life. This is the only way to make Jaebum and you a whole.

/ Teaser / Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V /

Part VI

“You look awful.”

It was one of these days, again. Jinyoung opened his mouth to speak but decided not to answer to his friend’s provocation.

“How sweet of you to invite me for this. Good Thing I’ll have to go soon.” He snorted before planting his fork into his fancy quinoa salad.

“I’m just saying you look like you got rolled over by a damn truck.” His friend added.

Yugyeom laughed so hard he almost dislocated his jaw. “You’re brilliant, Bambam.”

Jinyoung rolled his eyes. “It’s my natural face. You’re lucky the food is free or else I would have broken one or two bones.

Bambam shrugged. “You’re breaking my heart.”

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O handsome and beautiful person, what a blessing did Allah Azza Wa Jall give to you, right?

Ma sha Allah. You all are beautiful my dear brothers and sisters in Islam but this post is to remind you that however Allah Azza Wa Jall made us through our physical beauty, our hearts should always be more beautiful or just in accordance to the beauty He has given to our faces.

Who doesn’t know Yusuf Alaihi Salaam? With all the descriptions we have read and heard about this blessed Prophet, we can’t deny to admit that indeed He was given such beauty that became such a test to him as well.

But did you know that among the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum, even though a lot of them were so handsome (according to narrations) there was one who stood out and was given the title “A Second Yusuf”?

Na'am (Yes), He is none other than Jarir Ibn ‘Abdullah Ibn Jabir Radiyallahu Anhu! He was a popular leader of the tribe of Bajeelah from Yemen, what look and grace was given to him! Ma sha Allah!

What makes him so popular, aside from his looks, were his characters, his looks were not enough reason to be called A Second Yusuf but his characters filled the emptiness within.

One highlight of his life would define how he was blessed with such grace and beauty by Allah Azza Wa Jall, by the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam recognizing his beauty and his acceptance of Islam,.

During the 10th of Hijrah, on the month of Ramadhan, Jabir together with his well dressed people from his tribe came to Al Madinah while The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam was giving his friday khutbah.

They respectfully went and sat in the last rows. Being new faces, they got sidelong glances, until one of the people with Jabir that they were mentioned in a very appreciated and charming manner by the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam, he said:

“My trusted friends! A Prince of Yemen will soon come in your midst, he will have an impressive regal look and dignity about him.”

This made Jabir Radiyallahu Anhu so happy and delighted. After that he spoke to the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and entered to the realm of Islam, together with his people.

Now, the life of Jarir Radiyallahu Anhu is not less than inspirational from the stories of other Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum. One of the things that I (personally) remember whenever I speak of Jarir RA would be how his beauty was in accordance to his heart.

Indeed, there are people who were given such beauty yet refuses to recognize it by their hearts. There are people who recognizes their beauty through their heads, thus, arrogance, pride and haughtiness fills their hearts. While people who recognize their beauty with their hearts, such beautiful characteristics also fill their hearts, and that’s how Jarir Radiyallahu Anhu was.

The outward beauty and inner beauty of Jarir Radiyallahu Anhu were in complete harmony and accord. Once, when his hair turned gray, he took dying it with henna, and looked even more impressive even though he was of age that everyone who saw him envied him (in a good way) for such beauty that never fades even in old age.

Ma sha Allah. How can we achieve such blessings? Let’s start with our manners, our hearts, and let us keep this beautiful du'a that our Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam used to say:

“Allahumma kama hassanta khalaqee fa hassin khuluqee”

O Allah, as You have made my appearance beautiful, likewise make my character beautiful.


Story: Ibn Jabir, Ghadanfar, pp. 275-285| Musnad Ahmad
Supplication: Ahmad VI/68, #155

Prompt: “Ichigo visits Orihime on Christmas in the late afternoon because he doesn’t want her to be alone.”

Title: Keep Me Closer

Word count: 1829

A/N: A belated Happy Holidays to jiraiyaslove! I wasn’t your original partner for the exchange, but there was no way I could leave you without a gift, so I tried my best! I really hope you like it! I hope you’ve had a great holiday, and will have an even better 2015! Love, Tierney

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