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Dance With Me - OngNiel

I gave in…. this probably isn’t any good but i just felt the feels and needed to write something. 

Enjoy …

Dance With Me 
Daniel entered the training room quietly. It was late. Not ‘I’m a trainee, this is time to practice late’ but ‘Everyone in their right mind has been asleep for an hour’ late. He was looking for Seongwoo, the other boy slept in the bunk opposite his and Daniel could tell that the bed hadn’t been slept on.
He tried to sleep but something kept him up. It was almost five am and they had group evaluations the next day. All trainees were advised to have an early night, even Hyunbin who arguably needed the most help in their group had gone to bed on the advice of the trainers.
Seongwoo was dancing, Daniel watched him for a moment, an intense look of determination etched on his undeniably handsome face. He didn’t seem to notice the other boy’s entrance, despite standing in front of a wall of mirrors. The loud melody of ‘Sorry, Sorry’ echoed through the room and Daniel almost winced, he was truly sick of the song after hearing it so often over the past couple of days.
“What’re you doing?” He asked, finally making his presence known. He crossed his arms across his chest and leant against the wall. Seongwoo jumped, clutching his chest and swinging around to address him.
“When did you get here?” He quirked an eyebrow.
“Just now, why are you still up? We got told to go to bed hours ago.”
“I need some extra practice; I’ll go back soon.” He shrugged off and turned back to face the mirror, trying to get back into the routine.
“It’s almost five and you know they are going to blare ‘Pick Me’ at the crack of dawn. Come on. You’re good.” Daniel reassured him with a lopsided grin.
“Not good enough,” Seongwoo groaned as he gave up on the dance, letting himself drop to the ground in exhaustion. “I am the centre, I have to do well, for the group.”
“Don’t be stupid, Seongwoo ah, you are obviously going to do okay.” Daniel responded, unable to keep the frustration from his tone. Seongwoo would do brilliantly, he knew it, everyone did. He walked over and dropped himself down, lying beside the older boy.
He felt a weak jab at his side, “Ya, ‘Seongwoo ah’?  I’m older than you, you brat.” Seongwoo jokingly ranted.
Daniel gasped in a fake voice, “Oh, Hyung! I’m so sorry. My humble apologies!”  He grasped the other boy’s arm in faux panic. They both laughed knowing Seongwoo was not serious, he wasn’t one to care about respect or formality.
They fell into a comfortable silence.
Daniel turned his head to the side, to find that Seongwoo was already looking back at him; the others boy’s cheeks were rosy from the extended exercise, fringe dampened, sticking to his forehead in a messy fashion. Daniel tried not to show the way his heart stuttered as they locked eyes.
He was beautiful.
Daniel couldn’t deny it. He also couldn’t break the eye contact. They lay there for a few moments or hours, he couldn’t tell. He knew he had to move though. As he sat back up he was stopped by slender fingers that intertwined with his own.
“Niel ah, do you really think it will be okay?” Seongwoo’s goofy grin couldn’t hide the concern in his voice, or the tremor in his hand.
“Don’t be stupid, you are great and you will do GREAT.” Daniel spoke confidently, as he pulled the two of them to stand. He walked over to the speakers, without releasing the other’s hand for even a second.
“What are yo-” Seongwoo was interrupted by a new song that was blaring through the speakers.
Hey, hey, hey
I got a condo in Manhattan
Baby girl, what’s hatnin’?
You and your ass invited
So gon’ and get to clappin’
Go pop it for a pimp, pop-pop it for me…
Seongwoo groaned at the sound of his audition song, while Daniel made his way back to the centre of the room and began to dance dorkily, pulling cute faces.
“Hyung… Ong shii…. come on pop-pop it for me.” He laughed.
“Niel ah, I’m not in the mood.” Seongwoo replied, only to be ignored by the taller boy who just pulled him in forcing him to dance around.
Daniel knew they probably looked ridiculous, almost flailing around, but it was enough to see that smile work its way back onto Seongwoo’s face. After a short moment of resistance, Seongwoo began to dance on his own, popping and spinning his way around Daniel. They cracked up, dancing through the song, letting the next one play without stopping. Their moves got more and more fluid, getting closer and closer together. At some point, they just began dancing with each other; arm’s winding around necks, hands grasping at hips, bodies rolling against one another.
Daniel came back to his senses first, realising his sudden proximity to the older boy. His sharp intake of breath shattering the moment. They stood frozen; chest to chest. A tense silence enveloped them, Daniel instinctively looked down, he couldn’t take the weight of Seongwoo’s stare.
“Niel ah,” His voice was breathy and tickled Daniel’s cheek. He still couldn’t bring himself to look up. That was when a hand, with slender fingers and soft skin, tilted up his chin.
“Hyung…” He winced at the weakness in his voice, causing Seongwoo to crack a lopsided grin.
“Thank you.” He replied, unable to resist the urge to mimic Daniel’s tone. He then leaned in and brushed his lips against the younger boy’s, before bolting out of the room. Daniel stood there unable to move, certain that his face was an overpowering shade of crimson.
As he lay in his bunk that night, feeling the other boy stir beside him, Daniel couldn’t hide the pounding of his heart in his ears and he decided that he didn’t want to. He turned in the cramped bunk, burying his face into the crook of his Hyung’s neck and letting himself drift off, as the early hours of morning began to surface.


I Hope you liked that, or y’no at least didn’t hate it with a burning passion hahah I may write more, it’s a long wait between each episode and the subs coming out. I suppose if you have a suggestion or criticism, put it in my ask? 

Friends with Benefits + One


Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while so I hope this makes up for it. Requested by ANON: ah, is it weird that I feel dirty and I like it when I read all of that smut?>.< anyway, I really love your stories aaaand I have a request as well! I want a threesome with niel and chunji and I shall leave the rest up to you… pretty please? :3 


Chunji has been your best friend since as long as you can remember. Well, not that long. Ever since you came to South Korea, that is. You two met at a typical small coffee shop during his trainee period, only you two didn’t end up dating, you just became really close friends. Even though you considered dating once or twice, deep down you knew it wouldn’t work. So you settled for a friendship.

You haven’t really seen him since his debut but you two have texted and called each other though not recently. It didn’t completely bother you because you knew what he has to go through on a daily basis to get to where he was now in the idol world but… you still had urges. Let’s face it, you found him attractive, who wouldn’t? Of course nobody knew about you being in a ‘friends-with-benefits’ relationship with him, you two agreed it would be your ‘dirty little secret’. It didn’t start out this way, you two were a good 11 months into your friendship when it kind of just happened. 

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So I’m pissed now. And this isn’t even just about Niel. It’s about everything. How idols are treated in particular. This god damn witch hunt by fans of his own group. Getting shit left and right from K-netz and I-netz. The fact that he was forced to apologise. The fan ‘explanations’ as to why they’re mad. It’s absolute bullshit. BULL. SHIT. SO I’m going to vent.  This is going to be some major TL;DR. So proceed at caution. Or maybe look away idk. I just want to rant.

First, Let me set out the grand tale for you thus far:

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Why do you like changjo?

ooh lots of reason :3

I like the fact that he can literally go from being the cutest shit ever


to this liferuining asshole

and then there’s the derp selcas

and the really good selcas

and most of the time i dont know whats going on inside that head (probably communicating with aliens)

and the fact that he can dance sing and rap  -u-

that little smirk he does when he sees a camera

the fact that the first thing he wanted to do in new york was climb the buildings like spiderman

that hes such a little kid

but can be so fucking charismatic


no but honestly the main reason I like him is because he has flaws i guess? Just, like, he’s insecure about his cheeks, and there was a time he looked unhealthy because he got so skinny. and the way he gets angry really quickly,and I know he does it partly because it’s funny, but you can tell he gets upset easily. And I think that makes him seem really down to earth,kind normal I guess, because he isn’t idol like and idk hes just the sweetest little kid

(lets not forget that time his first kiss was stolen by niel)

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/ no reuploading the video or second edits / 

eng translation

Ricky: As I thought, overseas is different. 

Ricky: I’ve finally arrived to the land of my dreams.

Ricky: After getting off the airplane and on the way to our hotel,

Ricky: There was a beach.

Ricky: I looked across the beach but there were many noonas and hyungs with amazing bodies.

Changjo: (i think, he’s mumbling.. so i can’t really tell very well) He says noona. 

Ricky: so it made me feel very embarrassed. 

Cap: Why did you feel embarrassed.

l. joe: Why did you feel embarrassed?

Changjo: Why would you feel embarrassed?

Cap: We’ve gone swimming a lot in Korea.

Niel: What’s wrong with you?

Ricky: No… it’s…

Niel: Why did you feel embarrassed?

Ricky: Because… there were many people with these kinds of bodies.

Niel: WHy?

L. Joe: You have been talking about weird things all day today.

L. Joe: Asking to see other people’s underwear. (the context here is a bit of a mystery because I don’t know what happened)

cap: Yeah.

Niel: What?

L. Joe: Ricky what’s wrong?

L. Joe: *smirk* You’re being weird.

Niel: What’s wrong with you.

Changjo: Hey, why are you getting red for?!

Ricky: I’m going to go again tomorrow.

Niel: WHERE are you going?!

Changjo: Where are you going to go?

Cap: Where?

Ricky: I’m going to our photo shoot.

Ricky: To our photoshoot.

Chunji: Ah, our photoshoot.

Cap: You said you’re just going but you didn’t write where.

Ricky: I’m going to go to our photoshoot tomorrow.

[ Going to the dream land of many hyung and noonas with great bodies ]

Ricky: END!

Changjo: waaa~!


“After all, you don’t conquer loneliness… you just… endure it”

I never knew how much he endure so many things by himself. He contributed alot for TEEN TOP and did alot too. After watching ‘4사가지쇼’ , when L.Joe said about Niel doing alot of shows and solo activities and he said 'Now that I think about it again, Niel going for programs and coming back after staying up all night,Niel did it for TEEN TOP.Now I realized, I am thankful to him’ I somehow realized, he loved TEEN TOP so much and did his best to bring TEEN TOP this far.

As much as the other members contributed too,by judging from his solo activities, if we were one of TEEN TOP members, we would question ourselves 'why is he always the one?’ and 'why him again?’ and might think that he’s taking it all.

The fact that TEEN TOP is actually really precious to him, and said 'I’d die if we split up… it’s because we are together that we’ve come this far’ and how he really despise when he sees people calling TEEN TOP 'Niel and the boys’.

It seems to me… As much as TEEN TOP as a whole, is so precious to Angels, Niel also look at the members the same way we do, precious.. and they look at each other the same way he does.Maybe even deeper than ours.


Real People: Send a Message

If you’re interested in clothes, like I am, you’ll always feel the nagging need to make what you’re wearing look interesting. That might include wearing a bit of color, adding a little texture, or using something with an unusual detail. It comes from the idea that, in order to look stylish, you also need to be eye-catching. 

Instead of thinking about what you’re wearing as art (things you can combine in an infinite number of ways for positive effect), think about it as language. In the above photo, Niels in Berlin is wearing the simplest of outfits: a dark grey suit with a black tie, combined with a white shirt and white pocket square. No unusual colors or accessories here. Not even the tie clip that some would want to wear for Mad Men effect. 

Yet, he looks great. Not because “simple is better” (which is still about judging clothes in terms of their combination), but because of the message that’s being sent. For decades, a dark suit with a dark tie, worn with a white shirt and white pocket square, has meant something very specific. It means, “I’m here for business,” whether that’s the business of actually doing business, or the business of attending an important event. Change the pocket square, shirt, or tie for something more fun, and the message becomes something else. 

You can combine things a bit more freely in casualwear, but traditional men’s clothing is often about language. There’s still a lot of room for self-expression, but just as you can express yourself through writing, think about the message you’re creating when you’re putting on a coat-and-tie, rather than just the visual presentation. 

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Annyoo~~♡ Can you do an gif set imagine of teen top,when they can't stop staring at you..or me...ah idk ^0^~ pleeasee > 3 < Fightiiing~♡

Thank you for requesting~

Niel: [A smile appears when he realizes he’s been staring for a long time and he would look away so you wouldn’t notice. He’d keep glancing your way though]

L.Joe: [He pouts knowing he can’t get you]

Chunji: [He’d keep staring because of how pretty you look]

C.A.P.: [Stares in awe]

Ricky: [He can’t help but smile because of you]

Changjo: [Amazed by your beauty and hopes you’re available]

-Admin A

[140313] short fanacc. of TEEN TOP @ the airport (guam) [departure to seoul]
  • my friend sophia and i were at the airport at…11ish AM. staff started coming in before 2 pm. the camerawoman i spoke to before recognized me. was surprised me + my 2 other friends (who are also fans) actually came and said it was “daebak!” lol
  • teen top came like 15-20? minutes after the staff.
  • ricky was the first member i saw bc of his bright blonde hair and his sky blue HBA shirt that went very well with his hair colour UwU
  • cap was in black and white as usual
  • chunji looked like a golfer with his cardigan/sweater? wrapped around his shoulders
  • tiny l.joe in a white, slightly baggy sweater. looking adorably tinier and cuter than usual.
  • changjo was also in a long, long-sleeved white shirt and wore a gold chain
  • niel was very casual in jeans and a shirt (DAMN SON HE LOOKS SO GOOD [not just saying that bc i’m niel biased….i swear, he’s so beautiful irl])
  • here’s a photo i took:

    (changjo was in front of niel and ricky isn’t in the photo - he was in the right side next to the staff)
    also here’s another photo. it’s blurry (darn you focus!) but changjo is the one with the long shirt, and ricky in the way right (next to the yellow luggage) in the blue + white:

  • manager-nim (who was being strict today :c) said they were in a rush and photos weren’t allowed ;_______; but asked him to get niel and changjo’s autographs on my album since the other 4 members already signed mine. here’s a photo of my album:

  • i’m guessing niel asked whose album it was because manager pointed back at me and niel looked (OH MY GODDD EYE CONTACT WITH BIAS *WHEEZEs*) and i waved and he nodded and smiled and i died inside
  • we sat down for a while. later, niel sat down on a bench by himself. he was taking a photo with a couple’s child so we took this chance to go up to him and ask for a photo (YOOOOLOOOOO [sorry for breaking the rules, teen top manager-nim [[but not really]]])
  • my friend took a photo first then o m g i saw the manager coming closer so i asked him “photo, okay?” and he definitely said it was okay so we took a selca and here it is:

  • went away after saying thank you + bye
  • they were just recording some videos, taking some more selcas + photos (AND WEREN’T IN A RUSH LIKE THEIR MANAGER CLEARLY SAID -__-) before finally going upstairs. my friends and i decided to leave as soon as they went up~

tbh, the way the manager and certain members were acting were kind of displeasant and unnecessary (i won’t say anything further about it), but all i really cared about was being able to meet niel. 

thank god he’s my bias. he’s genuinely friendly and i’m not kidding when i say he’s really beautiful and tall in real life.

anyways, i’m hoping TEEN TOP had a lot of fun in guam and hopefully they visit again soon~

take out any info with full credits to my tumblr 주세요~ (◕‿◕✿)

mamamia niel's trip withi his mother quick summary

There was someone asking about translations, but kbs is going to do it so I don’t translate mamamia. But I did write a quick summary in twitter a few days back. It’s just copy pasted ^^;; too lazy to rewrite it. (thus the hashtags lol)

#niel calls his mom “seoyoung.” (by her first name). Teentop members teased him that she’s his girlfriend.

#niel hates kimbap very much. (probably ate a lot b/c of busy schedules)

#niel teased his mom, saying “I should have gone to vacation with my gf.” when his mom asked him, “r u ok going to vacation with me?”

after #niel forgot his wallet, his mom bought them coffee. But she saved the receipt to force Niel to pay her back later ^o^

“mom, don’t eat too much today. You’re on a diet, right?” - #niel (cause he doesn’t want to spend money(?) LOL)

“Niel, you scheduled our vacation great. But it doesn’t look like it will be fun at all.” - #Niel’s mom

kimbap lunch kept getting abused. 1. forgets it at home 2. #niel hit it accidentally, rolling it to the floor @ train -> mom gets angry lol

#niel’s dad is detailed. He was doing the dishes and spotted the lunch so he drove all the way to the train station & delivered it to them.

#niel is the type of be kind behind the scene when mom can’t see. he kept opening/closing the door for his mom the whole day ^^

when Niel’s mom wanted to go into the church to look, “we don’t have time to look inside, we have to go eat lunch” - niel (cause no time)

#niel and his mom kept getting lost the whole day - mamamia