the way he looks at heeeer

MHA dub commentary episode 7:

(this one got so long i had to put it under a readmore)

  • it’s been a while since i last saw an episode so i’m gonna have to readjust to hearing everyone’s dub voices again
  • i think it’s kinda interesting how Bakugou actually ask’s someone else’s opinion on Izuku having a quirk here, since usually he wouldn’t ask anyone else on their opinion on anything
  • especially since it’s Iida and on the first day they were already not getting along 
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” and heeeere is the start of all of Bakugou’s personal problems, oh boy
  • i always enjoyed how Izuku still admires Bakugou despite all of his bad qualities. he’s not gonna let Bakugou win this tho, no matter what, he’s just gotta try harder this time
  • the scene with the splitscreen when All Might announces the start of the battle looks weirdly drawn to me
  • aaannnd here comes Bakugou. he has absolutely no chill whatsoever
  • oh we’re still on the recap lmao
  • kinda odd but Uraraka’s little squeak as she was pushed out of the way of Bakugou’s attack was adorable
  • i was gonna say “I wonder where Izuku got those fighting moves from” but then i realized it was from hauling all that trash 
  • and now he’s….. hauling…. Bakugou……..
  • …………………. there’s a “taking out the trash” joke in there somewhere
  • i’m sorry Bakugou (…. tho you were pretty awful early on so)
  • baby Izuku’s voice is so fucking cute

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