the way he look at jinki ;~;


This will forever be my favorite Onho gif set because
1.) Look how Onew shyly touches Minho’s back until he notices and moves his arms
2.) Onew’s like “I’ll just put my hands here” and Minho’s like “Nope, bring them ALL the way around me, hyung!”
3.) The way Minho pats Onew’s hands around his stomach
4.) Onew looks so content to be back hugging Minho

My Prince Jinki (27/): Onglasses 

[ Onew | JonghyunKeyMinho | Taemin | OT5 ]

280417 JAT 2017 Yoyogi

Jinki was so happy today, and i could feel how much he was just enjoying the show. Smiling all throughout, even when just meeting eyes with the rest of the boys. And he was in such a good condition today too! He was all fired up but he didn’t look as tired or as out of breath as in the past. He was really having fun. And what a joy to see him like this! In MTTM, during the dance break after they introduced the band, Jonghyun motioned to Jinki to join him in the center. They were then playfully slapping their hands, happily, and then they posed with a cute v sign while holding on to each other. All five of them were laughing so much after. At the end of the set, as they were exiting the stage, Minkey copied what Jongyu did.^^

So many Minkey moments tonight. Actually, all the Onew ships were sailing tonight too. Haha. Like the way, they would smile at each other when their eyes meet, while performing. Onho. Onkey. Ontae.

When they were performing Diamond Sky, while Jinki was singing and the screen was focused on him, Key was watching him on the screen all throughout, smiling.

Key was AMAZING!! I can’t help it. My eyes are drawn to him when he’s dancing. He does so powerfully, gracefully, beautifully. And to think that he’s tired from his drama shoot and just arrived in Tokyo this morning! And his voice was strong and clear and lovely. KEY IS BEAUTIFUL.

Minho, our beloved Choi Tenderheart, is always smiling, waving to every side of the stadium, smiling and smiling and smiling. And ohmygod. Minho during ABOAB!!!! All i could think about was “What the hell are those hips doing?”!!!

Jinki during ABOAB is always my fave because he’s just… SO EXTRA. When they were on the swings, he was leaning all the way forward as the stage was turning. And he was grinning and looking hot AF. Really, just the way he looks as he does this song. Ugh. Another fave is the way he watches Taemin during the latter’s dance break in Replay. After, he would give him a high five. In all the JATs I’ve seen, Jinki does this.

I’m not supposed to be here today, but all my worries and apprehensions melted during these 3 hours with you. Thank you 샤이니 for all the happiness you bring! ❤️

Tattoos: Remastered

If asked, Jinki would tell you he’d been cursed with his tattoo at the age of 16 and his life seemed to have gone downhill from there. Ever since that fateful day, he couldn’t make heads or tales of the marking. Jinki sat in front of his birthday cake—his 16th, the “coming of age,”—and he knew that as soon as the clock struck midnight, the first words spoken to him by his soulmate would appear somewhere on his body, as it had for everyone else.

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That walk. How wide his shoulders are. His expression. Damn. It all says something like “I’m the leader, I’m in charge. Don’t fuck with me. This shit isn’t new, I know you’re staring.”

Okay, to clear this up, I did NOT create this gif. I got this particular one from another page: eun-sook . Well, now that that has been acknowledged, please feel free to divert your attention/likes/re-blogs to their original post if you please, I have reblogged that post already. Now, to further clear things up, at that time, I didn’t really get how this tumblr stuff worked as far as credit and tags and reblogs were concerned (I damn near still don’t, lol *just got tagging down a few weeks ago*) and I didn’t know that you could comment on a post either. So, on my phone and just googling around, I saw the post and thought oh, that looks really cool, so I just saved it and posted it with my little commentary added to it. I didn’t think that people would assume that I’d created the gif or anything, I was more focused on what I was saying ABOUT the gif and Jinki. I wasn’t trying to steal or get over on anyone or find a way to rack up notes. Idgaf about the notes, or how many follows I get, I just honestly didn’t think about it when I posted it. So, once again, if you like the gif and would like to like it or reblog it, please use the original on eun-sook tumblr page if you want.

Okay I literally only watch this performance for the live vocals, the dance, and Onew’s outfit.

He is serving LOOKS I say

Just look at this majestic man!!

I’m entranced by how flawless he is ughhh

He needs to stay in his lane please… I really can’t take this much beauty;;

Everyone be warned! Lee Jinki is a dangerous man I tell you! Don’t let him fool you with his fluffiness! Once he flips the switch you’re done for;;




1365 words

in which jonghyun’s tattoos are finally kissed as they should be!! + kisses on his soft tummy!!!!

for the sake of proper tattoo care, this takes place in the future. tattoos are virtually an open wound so pls don’t kiss them for a while. imagine they had practiced that day for their swc in hong kong or something and are staying the night in the dorm before boarding a plane in the morning. i also have no self control and this is way longer than i intended :/

They are seated on the floor of their dorm, drinking wine from crystalline glasses Kibum spent too much money on (“You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes,” he had explained to Taemin, handing his limitless credit card to the cashier) as they watched an uninteresting drama on the television. Taemin and Minho are seated on the left side of the table, Jinki across from them. Jonghyun and Kibum are leaning against the couch, Jonghyun watching the drama while Kibum entertains himself with his phone.

Taemin, the least interested in the Straights™, is watching anime on his phone as he leans back against Minho, who is focused entirely on the bag of spicy potato chips on the table in front. Jinki pours himself his fourth glass of wine.

Jonghyun spins the sparkling juice (“Even if you’re not drinking, you’re drinking with us.”) in his glass as the drama focuses on the uninteresting subplot concerning the main character and her cousin, who bullied her when they were both children. While arguably the most invested in the drama, it’s only because the male lead has a crooked smile and broad shoulders.

Kibum pokes Jonghyun in the arm. “Can I see?”

Jonghyun turns to Kibum, brow furrowed. “See what?”

“Your tattoos!” he whines. “Last time I saw them they were gross and peeling.” Kibum pulls at Jonghyun’s sweatshirt. “Come on, Jjong, let us see them.”

“Fine,” Jjong says with a shrug, straightening from the couch to pull off his sweatshirt, revealing his bare arms and the tank top he had put on earlier before realizing it was too cold in their dorm. He throws it back onto the couch and reaches for his glass. It isn’t until the liquid touches his lips that he remembers its virgin—and that he has no excuse for the blush growing on his cheeks. There’s no reason for him to be embarrassed or nervous right now, he’s just showing his tattoos to his boyfriends, and it’s not like they hadn’t seem them before now…

Kibum wraps his fingers on Jonghyun’s right wrist and stretches out his arm. He has to adjust his position a bit, pushing himself forward so Jonghyun’s arm is behind him. “It’s alright to touch right?”

Jonghyun nods, his free hand holding his sweatpants in a tight grip. “Yeah, they’re all healed now. On the surface at least…so it’s okay.”

Jonghyun watches as Kibum pokes a curious finger directly on the dot between “NEVER” and “THE.” He runs his finger slowly across the rest of the tattoo, brushing the skin slightly.

Jonghyun yelps in surprise as Minho grabs his other wrist. “I want to see the other one,” he explains, encouraging him forward with a light tug.

Jonghyun complies, scooting toward the table as Minho readjusts his position, spreading out his right leg straight past Jonghyun and Kibum’s back and bending his other at the knee, socked foot brushing Jonghyun’s thigh. His touch is less inquisitive than Kibum’s, determined but still gentle as he swipes his thumb over the word. “Inspiration,” he whispers and Jonghyun’s blush intensifies and he draws both arms closer toward his body.

“I’m still looking,” Kibum grumbles, pulling Jonghyun’s arm out again.

“I want to see too,” Taemin chimes in, putting down his phone. Jonghyun blinks up at him, amazed that he had managed to look up from his anime at all. He rises to his feet and squats beside Minho. A moment later Jonghyun feels the soft, almost ticklish touch of Taemin’s pinky across the red line of his tattoo. Minho lifts his own finger so Taemin can trace it in its entirety.

Jonghyun only realizes Jinki has joined in on feeling out his tattoos when he feels his finger join Kibum’s on his left arm. He looks over at Jinki, who flashes him a large smile. “They’re cool, Jjong.”

“It makes me want one,” Taemin breathes. “Maybe like… a cross somewhere.”

“Or you could get One Punch Man,” Kibum says dryly, to which Taemin frowns.

Minho pushes Taemin away from him. “I”m going to check out the tattoo on the other arm.”

Jonghyun’s blush flares up again. “Why are you guys doing this to me? I’m not a doll or something.”

“But you’re our boyfriend and you did just permanently mark your skin,” Kibum replies. “We have a right to investigate.”

“Yeah, we have a right,” Minho parrots, rising to his feet stepping around Jonghyun. Kibum follows suit, Jinki scooting forward to resume Kibum’s old position while Taemin slides forward into Minho’s. There’s a moment of shuffling before all four are again prodding his skin and tracing the inked words.

“Why are you guys like this?” whines Jonghyun, voice straining. “This is so embarass—ah.”

Jinki giggles into his skin, leaning forward and kissing his tattoo gently again. “Hmm?” Jinki asks, rubbing his thumb beneath the tattoo.

Minho pushes Jinki to the side, leaning over him to press his lips to “LESS.” Jonghyun holds back a gasp, the area sensitive and the feel of both of their lips sudden.

He really shouldn’t be shocked when lips press to “INSPIRATION,” but he still inhales sharply. Taemin, who has dropped to his stomach, pulls back to giggle before kissing his tattoo at the far left, then again a little to the right, and again and again as he traces his way over the tattoo’s entirety. Jinki and Minho, too, are peppering his skin with their soft lips, gently kissing his inked skin.

Kibum, who cannot join Taemin in kissing the INSPIRATION tattoo due to its odd placement, looks up at Jonghyun, who is so red one would think all the blood in his body has pooled in his cheeks. “Are you thinking of getting tattoos anywhere else, Jonghyun?”

“Um, probably… I think I might get another little one on my wrist but I’m not sure,” he answers, if only to distract himself from the feel of his boyfriends’ lips on his skin.

Before Jonghyun even finishes, Kibum shifts downward so he is on his knees right where Jonghyun’s hand is resting against his thigh. Closing his eyes, Kibum leans forward and breathes softly against the inside of his wrist once, twice, and then presses his lips gingerly against the sensitive skin.

“K-Kibum, what are you doing?”

“Getting it ready,” he replies simply, eyes still closed. His breath ghosts teasingly over Jonghyun’s wrist as he speaks. “Tattoos aren’t great for your skin, so I’m kissing it better preemptively.”

Speechless and embarrassed beyond belief, Jonghyun watches as Minho, too, pulls back from his tattoo and begins to kiss his opposite wrist. “M-Min…”

Raising to a seated position, Taemin drags his finger along the INSPIRATION tattoo, but his breath flutters warmly against the base of his neck. “I think you should get one here, too,” he mutters before pressing his lips against the skin there.

Both Kibum and Minho are now making their way up Jonghyun’s arm, pausing briefly at the inside of his elbow because of how sensitive Jonghyun is there.

“What about here?” Jinki asks teasingly, lifting up Jonghyun’s shirt and kissing his tummy right beside his belly button.

Jjong gasps in surprise. “S-stop, I’m ticklish!”

“That’d be cute,” Kibum says, sliding beneath Jonghyun’s arm and kissing his stomach. “What about flowers right here? Going around your belly button…”

“Cute,” giggles Minho, pulling away from his tattoo and kissing his shoulder. “You could get something here, too.”

Taemin’s lips, climbing up his neck, pause beneath his ear. “Something little here… A bow, maybe?”

“Y-you guys…” Jonghyun whines.

Minho slides his hand beneath Jonghyun’s chin, turning his head so they are facing one another. “You’re really cute.” He leans forward and pecks Jonghyun’s lips.

When Minho pulls away, Jonghyun breathes. “I’m not going to tattoo my lips.”

“Oh?” Minho breathes, one hand traveling toward the hem of Jonghyun’s shirt and lifting it upward. “What about here, then?” he mutters, leaning his head downward to join Kibum and Jinki in kissing his shot tummy. Taemin, too, clambers over Kibum to press his lips right over his belly button.

“M-maybe…” Jonghyun mutters, finally giving into the warmth that lingers on his skin with each loving kiss.


jongyu / band au, omegaverse / r / 1500 words
warning: omegaverse things
Jonghyun never imagined that Jinki would want him.

this is the first part of a drabble series. i will write in it off and on, but each piece will probably be short (1-1.5k) and can standalone, which i think will make it easier for me to write in it over time.

The elevator seems smaller with just the two of them, because Jinki is standing so close. Jonghyun’s pulse speeds from the proximity, and he’s cursing himself for agreeing to take Jinki back to the dorm from the after party. He knows better than to do something like this when his heat is coming up soon. Being close to an alpha when his hormones are starting to fire up is always a mistake, but it’s the worst possible decision when the alpha is Jinki.

He feels their shoulders touch as Jinki’s head tilts down to lean against him. “You smell nice,” Jinki mumbles. His voice is soft and low, warm breath blowing against the sensitive skin of Jonghyun’s neck. 

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King’s Orders 1/3

’m sorry @jinkirella , I couldn’t wait ;;;;;; 

So, uh Pairing: Onkey

rating: pg-13ish for the one part of very vanilla smut if you ask me but it’s in there so fair warning

w/c: like 2 words from 3k, and.. angstish. 

Kibum’s a career soldier, Jinki’s the town baker, and one day their quiet lives are interrupted again when Kibum is given the King’s Orders.

Jinki scowled down at the old bow laid over the front counter of his shop. His fingers curled around the weapon, flour powdering around where his hand was, as he moved to carry it through the door leading into the kitchens where his Husband was. Kibum was across the room focusing on putting icing on the small specialty cakes. He wasn’t a baker, but his aim with a bow translated to his accuracy with the pipette. “I thought I told you no weapons in my bakery.”

Kibum smiled wide, having heard the man’s soft footsteps echo across the wooden floors. “It was from my morning hunt Love. I came in from selling the meat down at the butcher to see you taking bread out of the oven… and I forgot.” He put the pipette in the bowl on the table before him and wiped his hands on his apron as he walked toward Jinki to take the bow from him. He pressed a kiss to the corner of the baker’s lips. “I’ll go put this up.”

The tiny bell ringing signaling the front door being open took his attention from Kibum heading up the stairs to their living quarters. He expected a villager, but when he turned the corner standing there were two soldiers, uniforms neatly tucked in and boots polished. “May I help you?”

“Is Kibum Kim at this residence?” The taller one on the left asked. “We have important orders from the King.”

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150417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

Jinki looked fine to me. I don’t think he was hurt or anything. He was exhausted, yes. He was evidently quite tired during MTTM, because he couldn’t do the chicken leg step and he didn’t bend his body all the way back. Taemin and him had their arms on each other’s shoulders while doing that “are you married to the music?” part. They were like that in Saitama too. I mean, they just danced to Sherlock, ABOAB and Nothing to Lose before MTTM. And Jinki always gets extra during these songs. That’s quite a set for all of them.

Yes, he didn’t do the propeller step all the way. But that’s how he has been doing it during these JAT concerts.

He was laughing and he was joining Jjong in his robot dance tonight. Even during the last ment. He was cutely doing it, even sticking his butt out that Jjong had to pat it. 😂 And during Diamond Sky, he even made a heart sign with both hands!

Is it okay if I...?


Rated M:  Smut

Word Count:  1400~

Warnings:  Daddy Kink  (BUT probably one of the mildest daddy kink fics ever though…)  

When Jinki realizes Taemin wasn’t asking to be considerate, he was asking for permission.  

“I had a really good time tonight.”  

Jinki was just about to start the car when a hand landed on his thigh.  The street lamps in the empty lot left just enough glow to see each other in the car when he looked over at Taemin.  

“Me too.”  Jinki smiled widely.  “I’m really glad you agreed to come out tonight.”  The grip on his leg tightened as Taemin leaned over the console.  

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jongyu / seaside au / 860 words
Jonghyun moves to a quiet seaside town, looking for a fresh start and maybe even a new muse for his next novel. He finds one in Jinki, his lonely and handsome next door neighbor who, just like Jonghyun, carries a past he can’t seem to let go. 

i’ve had this idea ever since i saw the teasers for jonghyun’s lonely mv and jinki’s lullaby mv because they seemed to match so nicely. this is just a small part of a very long au. thank you to @shitfics​ for reading this over for me! 

Jinki regards him carefully, eyes dark and reflecting the pale moonlight that rises over the waves behind them. “So why did you decide to leave Seoul to come out here, Jonghyun?” he asks.

There’s so many things Jonghyun could say. Family issues. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Betrayal.  He decides to go with the simplest one. “Writer’s block,” he replies. “My editor thought a change of scenery might help me get out of my funk.”

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Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV

Fitted, silky materials surrounded the prince as he looked at himself in the mirror, not completely sure if he’s supposed to hate or love what he sees. His hair was parted slightly in the middle, noticing Kibum behind him as he tries to sow the little parts that were a little unfitting on the skinny prince. Taemin was never one for expensive clothing, different? Absolutely, yes. There was just something thrilling of trying new things and seeing how they looked on him, but it was almost impossible to try so when your clothing was sown and prepared exactly for you by Kim Kibum, the most perfectionist fashion enthusiast you’ll ever meet.

“Straighten your back, for fuck’s sake,” Kibum mumbles, some of his utensils hanging from his mouth as the sewing needle went through the navy clothing he was wearing. Taemin, following Kibum’s instructions, lets out a scoff, but he can’t help but be a little nervous…what was this person his mother was talking about? “You’re exceptionally quiet, today.”

“Am I not like that usually?” Taemin asks, knowing damn well that he was a perfect mixture between talking too much and too little. He was a mystery, per say, he didn’t say anything about himself but he did talk to others; that’s how he lived his whole life. Kibum looks at him from over his shoulder, pulling on Taemin’s sleeves as a pleased smile appears on his face. The suit looked perfect.

“Well,” Kibum says as he places his needle on the little box he had for them, giving Taemin a watch to wear with his suit as he leans back against the little table on Taemin’s wardrobe, or rather…changing room for himself. “You’re one to say something back when I try to tease you, but you haven’t said anything today.”

“Mhm…” Taemin hums as he fixes the watch on his wrist, looking at the time to see that he still had twenty minutes for the meeting he had with his parents. “Just feeling a little bit lost, that’s it.”

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(170407) swv ~five~ in osaka day iii ☼ sayu_urin33

taemin asked onew to perform this line in “because of you” the way they discussed back in the hotel, to position himself sitting on the floor with a spotlight on him looking lonely. onew did as he was told, but taemin said he was wrong and sat down beside him to demonstrate.

O: isn’t that the same?!!

K: You two look like drunkards sitting there drinking alcohol!

Then taemin took his towel and wrapped it round his forehead like an ojisan (an uncle).

cr. ipipie

(please do not edit or remove logo)

peanut butter

pairing: ontae (jinki / taemin), pals!taekey (kibum / taemin)
genre: humor
rating: pg-13 (language)
word count: 1460
summary: taemin makes the best sandwiches
a/n: for @eyes0ny0u inspired by this post

the first time it happened it took taemin a full minute to stop blinking at the man who appeared in front of him.  mostly because he appeared in the thickest, fluffiest sweater he had ever seen, face disappearing beneath the pale green cashmere folds & hands nonexistent.  in the middle of june.

“what are you…what are you wearing?”, he asked with a frown. the guy’s face sunk even lower into his sweater.

“nothing,” came the muffled reply.

“what?”  the guy’s eyes grew wide & he poked his head back out.

“a sweater,” he corrected, “i was cold.”

“it’s june.”  the guy glanced around, nodding at taemin’s kitchen.


“it’s 35 degrees.”


“but you’re cold?”


“ok…”  the guy kept nodding, looking around the kitchen before finally catching taemin’s eye.

“oh!” he said in surprise, as though he’d forgotten taemin was there. “um…so i’m a demon & you summoned me?”

“what?” taemin asked, frowning, more confused by the summoning than the idea of a demon in his kitchen.  what the fuck had he touched now?

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anonymous asked:

Jongyu for the kiss thing! And the first one bc I really couldn't choose one and they're all so cute ;;

Jinki was lying on the couch, playing a game on his phone when Jonghyun returned home that evening. It had been a long night for the short man. After practice and prerecordings, Jonghyun was exhausted. The worst part was returning to his past radio show. After being gone for over a month, the wound was still fresh. He slid off his shoes in the dorm and saw Jinki lying there on the couch. Knowing Jinki, Jonghyun was shocked to see Jinki awake at 2 am. As Jinki was avidly playing his game, it took him a moment to look up and greet Jonghyun's sleepy eyes.

“Hey,” Jinki smiled, “How’s my sleepy Jonggie?” He stood and left his phone behind, a gesture that was much appreciated by Jonghyun. In the past, it had been hard to get Jinki’s undivided attention, but seeing how he tossed the phone aside now made Jonghyun felt that much more loved.

When Jinki hugged him, Jonghyun finally relaxed, resting into the hug. “Do you know how hard it is for me to be there?” He asked, squeezing Jinki before he came out of the hug. Jinki nodded, “I know, I’m sorry…” he brushed Jonghyun’s hair from his face to get a better look at him. 

Jinki brought his lips to Jonghyun’s, resting softly there. The two hadn’t been alone in so long. Between busy schedules and the members wanting to be together as a group, things just never seemed to work out. Finally Jinki had Jonghyun in his arms to hold, and love, and kiss. God did he miss kissing Jonghyun’s soft lips. He missed the way Jonghyun would touch him while they kissed, the way his lips would twitch up eagerly in anticipation of whatever came next. Jinki pulled away just as quickly as he had come, and looked at Jonghyun who still had his eyes closed, still living in the kiss. Chuckling, Jinki kissed Jonghyun’s nose.

“Let’s go lie down baby, I want you to sleep well tonight.” Jinki picked Jonghyun up and carried the other man like he was a koala to the bedroom, laying him on the bed. While the two had been gone for so long, Jinki didn’t want to do anything more than this, just lying and having Jonghyun in his arms was enough. 

Flowers and Ink II

Rating: G

Warning: N/A

Jinki gets his first tattoo on the day he turns 19. His mother almost falls off her chair when he proudly shows her the small flower on his bicep and he isn’t allowed to show it in public. 

Unluckily for Jinki’s mother, he is old enough to get more than one tattoo.

In Jinki’s opinion, tattoos are the most exquisite form of art. He admires those who paint on him and other people and often wishes that he could do it too.

His own passion lies elsewhere, however. Such as with the countless of orchids that fills his room and his most beloved bonsai that sits proudly in his window sill. His friends think he’s silly - Jinki likes to think that it shows how compassionate and warm he is.

Whatever it truly shows doesn’t really matter, though, because Jinki still proudly nurses his flowers and the garden as if it was his kid and no matter what people say, they can’t change that fact. That’s why most people have accepted that flowers and Jinki go hand in hand. Now Jinki and tattoos go hand in hand as well.

Over the next couple of years, Jinki collects a sleeve, a small side tattoo and black and white line art on his shin. Jinki’s mother slowly starts to accept that her son is beginning to look like those rockers she sees in the news sometimes - except Jinki’s tattoos are of flowers and plants and mostly harmless, not skeletons, guns and girls.

When Jinki turns 26, Minho hands him a beer and sits down beside him.

“I’ve heard a new tattooist started in Hongdae,” he says and takes a swig of his beer. “Rumors has it that there is this really cute piercer.”

Jinki bites his lower lip so he doesn’t start laughing at Minho’s dreamy sigh.

“You could barely handle getting your eyebrow pierced. I don’t think you could get another,” Jinki says and Minho turns to glare at him.

“I could if she’s cute.” He takes another gulp of his beer and then points it towards Jinki. “Hey, you should go with me. Get a new tattoo from this place as well! Maybe the tattooist is awesome. After Taeyeon left The Holy Koi you haven’t really been able to find a new one as good as her!”

Jinki grumbles a little at that. Minho is right. Taeyeon had been Jinki’s tattooist the past year but she had left for Tokyo with her boyfriend Jongin and Jinki was not flying to Japan every time he needed a new tattoo.

After a few seconds of thoughts he nodded and agreed to accompany Minho to the shop, if only because Minho wants to flirt with the piercer.

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First thing first

Gwiboon and Jonghyun are parents for the first time, of a cute little girl.
Jinki doesn’t know what to do but Minho is there to help him, like a knight in a shining armor, or a charming prince, Jinki can’t decide which one is better to describe the younger man.

“Do you want to hold her?” Gwiboon asked smiling, cradling the little girl in her arms.

If Jinki wanted to hold the baby? No way, he had never held a baby so small before, he did not even know how to hold a baby.

“N-no, it’s okay, I…”

“Don’t be shy, hyung,” Jonghyun said with raised eyebrows. “You can hold her, she’s just a baby, she won’t bite you.” he said with a chuckle and fell silent when Gwiboon glared at him.

“Hyung,” Minho said softly, drawing closer. “Come here, I’ll help you.”

Everyone was looking at Jinki who bit his lip and let Gwiboon put the small thing in his, trembling, arms. He had a second to panic, when he felt Minho hold him from behind, passing his arms between him and guiding Jinki’s hand to gently hold the little girl’s bottom.

“You put your hand here,” Minho practically whispered into his ear. “And put your arm like that,” he said sliding his fingers into Jinki’s biceps for him to relax his arm a little. “Just relax, you’re doing great.”

Jinki’s face was red with embarrassment. Gwiboon and Jonghyun were standing there staring at the two of them and Minho was pressed against him so intimidatingly, his scent intoxicating Jinki that he was feeling his head spin.

And then Minho pulled away, leaving Jinki shaking lightly and holding the baby who looked curiously at him with bright eyes. With wide eyes, he realized that he had the little girl in his arms, holding her, not like a pro but he gets there.

“Oh,” he sighed, glancing briefly at Gwiboon who was smiling fondly at him. “I did it.”

“Yes, you did, dear,” Gwiboon nodded and then looked at Minho. “Thanks to Minho.”

Jinki felt his face get hot again and he looked at Minho, mumbling a thank you. The younger man winked and Jinki made a mental note to thank Minho later, maybe he should finally get up the courage and declare to Minho and maybe he would finally get a kiss.

Biting his lips to hold back the smile, Jinki looked at the baby in his arms. “Hey there, little thing.”