the way he lifts her into his lap

*Sketches* Newt x reader

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Newt x reader. Newt finds his wife sketches of all his creatures. After she went to tend to their daughter. He asks her if can use them in his book

❤ I absolutely love this request! I hope you enjoy ^_^

You glanced up at the relaxing graphorns before turning your gaze back down to your sketchbook in your lap. Your pencil moved gracefully over the paper as you bought the beast to life. Smudging your charcoal to perfect the shading, you were instantly taken away from your work when you heard the cry of your young one year old daughter, Eva. Setting your sketchbook down, you instantly made your way in to the hut where she was resting in a tiny crib. Lifting her up in to your arms, you began swaying her back and fourth while rubbing her back.

“Shhh.. mommy’s here… mommy’s here…” Kissing the top of her head you continued to sway until her crying died down. Moving over to the rocking chair Newt had added in the corner so you could watch him work while tending to Eva, you sat down and began rocking her hoping she’d fall back asleep.

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Because @propshophannah has converted me and I do not wish to go back. Love you hon❤ also it’s in third person, shoot me if you want it’s how I write best.

They sat away from everyone else, happy in their own silence while the rest of them argued about wars and soldiers and King’s.
Azriel sat and carefully watched the gentle weaving Elaine was doing with the daisy’s in her hands. Her long fingers moving quickly, back and forth, twisting the stalks together into smooth curves that were tangling in her lap. A small smile was on her face and he couldn’t stop himself from noticing the way it made her eyes shift into warmer tones and make her whole face glow with a certain joy he had never seen anyone else posses. Not even Mor, whose presence had long since stopped lifting his shadows unless Elaine was with her.
He supposed Mor and Elaine had formed some sort of a friendship, although everyone had formed a friendship with her, everyone in Velaris loved her, her smile, her laugh, the constant joy in her step despite everything.
But no one was immune to pain, or hurt, or sadness. And he could feel it inside of her, feel her sorrow, and her need to cry and go home inside of her everyday. Like a constant pain in his heart. He could feel it now, despite her smile because even from this distance, high on the cliff face of a garden the voices of his brothers and Mor drifted to them. Cassian and Rhys were two words short of threatening the other and Mor was barley keeping the peace. Nesta ur assumed was lounging in front of the map, not letting on that she was planning her own course of action no matter what the rest of them agreed on. He didn’t doubt that once more Cassian would see her plan was right. By right he should be down there, planning to get words to his spies, helping Mor keep the peace. But Elaine… she looked so lost, standing in front of the map and glancing to land marked over the wall, to a small dot that was her village. He hadn’t even had to convince her to hold on to him so he could bring her to the garden, she had just, known. Her gentle hands had wrapped around his forearm, one slipping to glue over his scars and without another word they had left.
“Should we go back?” She whispered to him, not removing her eyes from the chain.
“They’re fine,” his voice was just as soft, when he meet her eyes he smiled and reached out a tentative hand towards the tangled loops of knotted daisy’s. “Let me help,” he said, she nodded, letting the line hang between them and while she platted he untangled being careful not to break of a single petal.
“I know you want to be planning with them, you don’t have to babysit me.”
“I’m not, and right now I think it’s better of I didn’t have to argue with them.”
“What do you mean?” Her fingers flattered for a second and he didn’t speak until she regained her rhythm.
“Well Nesta in the end is going to come out with the best idea and just sitting there arguing until she speaks would be rather boring for me.” She looked up from under her lashes and gave him a shy smile that made his heart skip a beat and then pound to make up for it.
“But untangling Daisy chains isn’t boring.”
“It’s the most interesting thing I’ve ever done,” he teased although something inside of him made it feel as if he wasn’t lying. She gave him that shy smile again and one of his own slipped onto his face without warning. His shadows began to brighten when she didn’t break away from his gaze and he almost blushed when he looked back down at the chain and say that it was tangling in between his fingers.
Silently they got back to their work, but he could feel Nesta’s eyes on his back, marking him as a target if Elaine so much as looked mildly upset while in his company. If it wasn’t for the fact she scared the shadows out of him he would’ve told her to mind her own business.

“Finished,” Elaine giggled, passing him the last of the daisy’s which slipped like silk through his fingers. It now lay between them, dancing softly in the breeze. Nesta and the rest of his family had stopped arguing long ago and he suspected they had moved else where when the wind had picked up and threatened to blow away their maps and plans.
“It’s beautiful,” he smiled, lifting up a small stretch of it and playing with it between his fingers.
“Would you like to wear it?” She teased, picking up her own stretch and admiring her work. “Or is it too girly for you?” A deep chuckle rose through him and he shook his head.
“It would be an honour,” she smiled, like sunshine through a heavy clouds and leaned towards him. The chain seemed to slither into her hands of its own accord and she wasted no time wrapping it around his head in a loose crown. He smiled as she did so, unable to notice how close her body was to his, the way her scent of roses and peppermint intoxicated him, made him dizzy, made him want to hold on to her to stop the world from spinning.
“Ta da,” she breathed, making him shiver as he felt around his head at the crown.
“Do I look as beautiful as I feel?” He asked, waiting for her to stand before he too stood up, stretching his wings and body after hours of sitting.
“Depends on how beautiful you feel?” Multiple lines rose to his head, each worse than the last, each one trying to complement her in return. He couldn’t settle on anyone of them so he smiled, turning to fave the edge of the cliff and looking to sea below. She stood too and they stayed silent for all of two minutes. “You’re very pretty when you smile,” she murmured, almost afraid to say the words too loudly in case the sea threw them back at her.
“Pretty is not a word that’s often used to describe me.” He looked at her from the corner of his eyes and saw him fidgeting with her hands, the smile slowly leaving her face.
“I think it should be used,"she said in the same careful voice.
"Why?” He turned around to face her and she slowly did the same.
“Because I think you’re pretty,” she offered, her hands still fidgeting nervously. He reached out his own hands to claps around hers. They were cold and shaking and seemed to tense when his hands encompassed them completely. He was aware she was Lucian’s mate but he couldn’t stop himself from wishing sometimes that she wasn’t, that she wasn’t claimed, that her heart wasn’t meant for someone else’s.
“You may be the only one who thinks that,” he murmured, stepping in closer as the wind whipped around them, making her hair lift and toss wildly and the crown on top of his head fall away. He was too slow to stop all of it, but a he managed to catch a single Daisy between his fingers before it too left. He noticed the sadness fall into Elaine’s eyes, saw her watch the chain fly away and float to the sea. “Here,” he breathed, holding out the broken daisy. She looked down slowly and when she saw the crushed petals her face lit up again. He smiled, reaching up to tuck the daisy behind her ear and spread his wings to shelter them from the wind. She looked at the wings and smiled again, reaching out a hand to place on the lighter membrane. He shuddered, closing his eyes and butting back a moan as she moved her hand up and down the span of them.
“Sorry,” she said abruptly, drawing back her hand and he opened his eyes, desperately trying to regain control of his breathing.
“You’re fine, they’re just sensitive.”
“But they’re so-”
“Pretty?” He offered and watched as she bit her lip and nodded, before letting off a slight shiver. “Are you cold?” She shook her head and he stepped in closer wrapping his wings tighter around them.
“If you are tell me because if I bring you back even a degree cooler than you’re meant to be Nesta will have me on trial.” She giggled, like an unexpected bubbling of noise.
“I don’t know why you’re so scared of her.”
“I’m not scared,” he said, “just aware that she’s very protective and has very good aim.” He thought again for a moment before adding. “I blame Cassian for ever teaching her to throw knives.”
“That would be because he likes her and was trying to impress her.” He nodded and was aware of how close their bodies were. “Do you like anyone enough to teach them how to throw knives?” Their was an innocence but yet a need in her question. He was too stunned to think of a lie.
“I know of people I wouldn’t mind teaching those sort of things to, but theirs only one who I’d want too.”
“Is it Mor?” She whispered and he looked down at her, properly saw her before shaking his head, she bit her lip again and he almost groaned, moving in closer to her, needing to feel her. She reached up a hand and traced his lips, an almost involuntary movement that he couldn’t move away from.
“I wish I didn’t have a mate,” she admitted, still tracing his lips and he had to steady himself by gripping her waist to stop him stumbling into her. She didn’t reject his touch. She almost seemed too arch into it, a small gasp escaping her lips.
“What’s wrong with having a mate?” He breathed, his voice barely audible against the howling wind.
“I don’t know him. He betrayed Feyre. I don’t want him to be my mate, or my friend, or my anything.”
“A mating bond works both ways,” he muttered against her finger tips. “You don’t have to accept it.”
“Really?” He nodded, bringing her body into his, letting the side of him that was raw and desperate show through the cracks of his shadows. “And what happens to the other person?”
“If they love you enough,” he was breathless as he spoke, “they’ll accept it.”
“And if they don’t. If they don’t love me enough?”
“They don’t deserve you.” She moved her fingers from his lips and held his face between her hands.
“And who does deserve me?” She begged.
“You’re too good for all of us if I’m being honest.”
“Does that mean I deserve no one,” she whimpered and he began to see her cracks, the sadness, the need, the depression that she hid from everyone else.
“It means you deserve the world.” Slowly he slid a hand from her waist and began teaching her lips with his fingers, cupping her cheek, listening to the hitch in her voice as if she was about to let all the tears she restrained finally flow.
“And what about you? Do I deserve you?” He shook his head and she closed her eyes, creasing her forehead in pain. “But I want you.” His heart stilled before leaping violently in his chest.
“It’s just a want Elaine,” as he said her name he thought he had never heard something so beautiful. “You could wake up tomorrow and want your mate,” he tried not to make the word sound like venom but it was as possible as not loving Elaine was and he may have failed at that.
“I need you,” she whimpered, inching her face upwards, eyes fluttering open. “I- please Azriel.” Possibly her saying his name was sweeter than him saying her’s.
“Elaine,” he breathed in warning, but he couldn’t stop her, he wouldn’t stop her as she reached up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. He dipped his head, pulling her body firmly into his. And when she didn’t balk, didn’t run away from his shadows which were dancing in wild flurries, when she pulled his head in closer he kissed her.

She moaned against his lips, pressed her body against his, curled her fingers in his hair and he could do was go still, gripping her waist tightly as she kissed him and eventually his body responded. His lips parted and he felt her tongue slid against them. Shuddering, feeling his wings wrap in closer he let loose a small groan as he let himself loose control, as his shadows rolled around like the waves below them. When she pulled away, flushed faced and shy he wrapped her in his arms, leaving down and kissing her softly, letting their bodies mould together.

Hours later when they arrived back Nesta was waiting alongside Rhys and Cassian. Elaine simply glared at her in warning before going to her room.

That night after a sparing match with the oldest sister he found himself knocking in Elaine’s door.

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Three Lies Preview

“When he heard her faint snoring, a slight flush dusted his face. Her snores were softer and much cuter than any other girl that he had heard sleeping, that was for sure. Her blonde hair was still in his hand, and he lifted a few strands and smelled them carefully as to not awaken her. They smelled like sunshine and strawberries, like Lucy herself. And he had to admit that night that he loved Lucy for all that she was, and all that she’d ever be.

Natsu slowly let her head down off his lap, letting go of the stands that he gripped in his hands. With a heavy heart he made his way over to the couch, grabbing a blanket from the basket that Lucy kept them in. He threw it over himself and pushed himself onto the rough texture of the sofa, wishing more and more that he could fit between the sheets with Lucy and snuggle up to her. He desired more than anything to feel her warm skin on his own.”

-Three Lies, my new angst NaLu fic that I will have posted by next week

Stay tuned! <3

Tony Stark Headcanon: He’s not the most excited inviting Avengers and Agents to his childs birthday, no matter how much he loves them. He’s seen how they are in battle, and worries how they’ll interact with a party of kids, though he’s pleasently surprised. Bruce would be busy showing the kids a present he made in his lab, probably something that lights up. Thor would love giving the tiny humans rides on his shoulders, and he’d help them when they try to lift his hammer without them knowing. Steve and Nat would mingle with the parents, helping keep everything in check, making the best Mom/Dad jokes. Clint probably would’ve bought the kid his own plastic archery set, becoming one of kids while he teaches them to use it, making fart jokes along the way. Wanda would be on the floor, a child in her lap, teaching the children sweet words in Slovakian and telling them all the cute stories of the Avengers, especially about movie night. And of course they cheer a little too loudly when his child blows out the candles on their birthday cake and breathe in the helium in the balloons, entertaining everyone. Y'all know Bucky is the one who sings while his voice is really high and laughs with the kids as it begins to lower.

Single Punk Daddy Luke

“Daddyyy?” Luke’s three year old daughter, Jaden, asked as she skipped into the living room, her curly blonde hair bouncing as she made her way over, stopping in front of Luke and placing her small hands on his knees. “Why do you have all those pictures on your arms?” She questionned, her voice small and innocent.

“Just because I like them, sweetie.” Luke shrugged, lifting his daughter to sit on his lap. Then, holding out one of his arms and showing her one that he had on his wrist. “See, that’s your name.” He told her, pointing to it as she brought her fingers up to trace over the fancy lettering as best she could. “And look, this one says ‘Kingsley’.” He smiled, pointing to the one just bellow it, refering to Jaden’s two month old brother currently asleep in the nursery.

“If you had another baby…” Jaden began, and Luke already didn’t like where this question was going. “Would you get their name on you as well?” She finished, tilting her head back to look up at her dad.

Luke sighed in relief as he looked down at her, still overwhelmed by how much she looked like him. Same eyes and nose Liz always said, and the same little dimples that popped up when she smiled. “Well, yeah, I guess so.” He shrugged, and was about to say something else when he heard Kingsley’s cries from down the hall. “But I think I’ll stick with just you two for now.” He chuckled, lifting her off of his lap again as he stood, placing her on the floor. “Come on.” He offered, reaching his arm back towards her and gesturing with his head for her to follow him.

The little girl happily took her father’s hand, skipping along behind him as they walked into the nursery, but letting go and standing on her tip-toes to watch as Luke carefully scooped Kingsley up in his arms.

“Hey buddy.” He cooed, bouncing him slightly, the boy quietening slightly but still fussing in Luke’s arms.

“I want to give him a kiss daddy.” Jaden whispered, tugging on the bottom of Luke’s t-shirt.

“Go on then, gently remember.” He whispered back, crouching down so that she could reach, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss to her brother’s forehead. And, to both of their surprises, he quietened down again.

“Huh, well done Jades.” Luke congratulated his daughter, still continuing to cradle his baby.

“It’s cause I have magic kisses, daddy.” She told him, sounding rather proud of herself.

“Does daddy get a magic kiss?” Luke asked, pouting down at her. To which she just smiled widely, nodding back at him before leaning up on her toes, grabbing his stubbly face with one of her soft hands and placing a firm kiss to his cheek.

“Thank you, baby.” He smiled, standing up and resting Kingsley against his chest. “Now how about we go cuddle and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”


here’s a lil sneaky peaky of the mini series I’m currently working on (-:

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Smirking, Derek chuckled darkly at her rigid posture. Clutching her phone tightly in one hand while she chewed unconsciously on her bottom lip. Eyes dancing around the room, avoiding his.

Now that everyone had left the room, he finally had Lorena right where he wanted her. All to himself

“Lorena, come here.” Derek commanded softly 

“I am here, see.” she said, taking a small step

He lifted a hand, crooking his finger at her, “No, I mean all the way here.”

Huffing her breath, Lorena strided over to Derek slowly. Growing impatient, Derek snaked his arm out to wrap around her waist, promptly pulling her onto his lap. 

Now straddling him, Lorena felt the bulge straining from his workout shorts along the inner of her thighs. She gasped softly as he subtley rotated his hips forward

“Derek I don’t think this is-” She managed to breathe out, lust clouding her senses and judgement

Guiding her hips to the rhythm of his, Derek began to unbutton her shirt slowly. Pressing small kisses to column of her throat. 

“Shhh, don’t think. Just let me make you feel good baby.”


Anon wrote : “So i have a prompt. Cristina returns with her kid who is Owen’s and she doesn’t know he got married. And Amelia finds out she is pregnant.

I’ve extracted and improvised a section from an earlier oneshot of mine,  ‘ Hello, It’s Me’.


‘Mummy i’m tiwed.’ An innocent voice and a tap on her arm interrupted Cristina from her brief slumber.

She looked over at the little boy sitting beside her. He is a great mixture of both his parents. He has Cristina’s black hair, her black eyes and her fiesty personality. But the rest of his facial features, he inherited from his father. The father whom he is on the way to see right now. The father whom he had never seen before.

’ Well, you can sleep then.’ said Cristina as she unbuckled his seatbelt, lifted up her armrest and pulled him over to rest his head on her lap. A few minutes later, he closed his eyes and was fast asleep.

Cristina would be lying if she said that she wasn’t nervous . In fact, her heart was hammering in her chest. She wondered how Owen would react when he finds out that he has a son who was being kept from him for 3 years. He would be furious definitely- but she guessed once he got over the initial shock of the news, he would be a great father to his child. She knew that Owen had always wanted to be a father- and he would be glad now that his wish is being fulfilled.

She rehearsed in her mind for the hundredth time the speech she was going to give Owen. She went through her mind how she was going to explain to him that the reason why she kept his child away from him was because she was because she heard from Meredith that he had moved on and is happy with his life. She didn’t want to interrupt his happiness, he deserved to be happy.

She also rehearsed in her mind how she was going to reveal to Owen the actual reason why she brought their son to see him after 3 years of keeping him away. The truth was bitter, the truth hurt and she didn’t want to think about it.

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Don’t read this. I’m serious. If you really are determined to ignore my warnings please please have a box of tissues and several soft toys at hand.

The title is foreboding, not happy.


He knew it was going to turn out this way from the very beginning. For him it was a matter of life or death; for her it was only one of the two.

They’d won, but he’d hardly call this winning anymore.

“R… RGB?”

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