the way he keeps it with his beautiful hands

soft™ even & isak moments

  • even resting his head atop isak’s when they’re just standing around in the hallways having a conversation, or in line for kebab. on the bus even putting his hands in isak’s hoodie pockets from behind him to keep his hands warm 
  • entire weekends spent together just laying in bed. even shows isak all his favorite movies but they just end up making out half way through. even thinks it’s a good idea to put the movies on mute and narrate them to isak with his own dialogue, and he’s mostly right
  • even getting restless a lot and isak telling him to draw on him for something to do with his hands
    • sometimes even draws the most elaborate, beautiful landscapes on his arms that isak complains because he’s going to have to wash it off 
    • other times he draws,,, other things 
    • or sometimes even will ask isak to take off his shirt and the first time isak raises his eyebrows bc ;-0 but actually even wants to paint on his back
  • even maintaining his extraness and keeps using little doodles to communicate
    • he leaves one of a universe where they have no eggs, in which there’s a little drawing of his pouty face and a grumbling stomach. and another of the opposite - instead of just asking isak to go grocery shopping  
  • isak wakes up to even resting but awake right beside him because after that one morning isak told him he was afraid he’d left even most always stays in bed until isak wakes, at least for some time before isak notices it’s a deliberate thing and tells him he doesn’t need to, that he’s not afraid of him leaving and never had been after that morning
  • even waking up after isak, which only starts happening the further into their relationship and the more stable his medications get
  • calling each other boyfriends so much at first people have to stop and ask isak what even’s actual name is and vice versa

boy with hell in his smile and a summer storm in his eyes.

he will look at you and you will tell yourself that he isn’t all that beautiful (he is). when the casual graze of his hand against yours keeps you awake at night you will say you do not wish him to steal you and keep you in his arms until the sun comes up (you do). 

boy with a thousand nights of excess between his ribs.

you will decorate your hair with flowers and dance in the sun. you will lie to yourself when you say you don’t want to live the night the way he does and poison your body until you are so intoxicated with him that the only thing that’s real anymore is his breath on your neck.

boy with heaven in his tongue and a scorching desert on his fingertips.

you will try to erase the prints he has left on your skin but when they talk about ilium burning all you can remember is the way his mouth felt on yours and how he caught his breath when your lips were on his chest. he will make you forget what having a body felt like before you met him.  

boy who will steal your lungs and your guts and your heart.

—  [warnings to spring girls with restless hearts] (modern persephone x hades)- Carmen A.

Baron Corbin  x reader

He spends a whole day trying to propose to (y/n) but things keep going wrong. He’s very nervous and awkward not knowing what to say and trying to be tough during it but in the end he speaks from his heart.

TAGS: @heyambrose @fan-fiction-galore @hardcorewwetrash @helluvawriter  @banrioncethlenn  @emmarablack

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Josh Dun x reader. Age Difference

Word count: 952

a/g= age gap

How can a man be such a cute dork and be incredibly hot at the same time?!
I’m standing with a glass of water in my hand at the side of the stage as I watch Tyler and Josh doing sound check.
Oh my gosh. Just look at him, his just so PERFECT. He has a colorful hair, tattoos, piercings, a beautiful body and he is the most kind, cute, dorky person I have ever met!

Damnit Y/n stopping thinking about him that way! He is older than you!

I sigh and keep staring at him until he looked my way and I awkwardly try and turn around as I crash with one of the crew members dropping the glass.
“Holy shit! I’m so so sorry!” I said crouching down trying to get all the pieces of broken glass.
“It’s okay,” he said “You were a bit distracted, weren’t you?” He said looking over to Josh.
“What? What do you mean? What are you talking about?” I responded turning red probably like a tomato.
The dude just shook his head laughing.

So yeah I probably have a tiny little crush on Josh… well Probably a bit bigger than crush… OKAY I properly like the dude, but he is a/g older than me and I don’t know, people tend to be mean and judgmental over things like these.
Tyler and Josh finished sound check and walked over to where I was standing.

“Um y/n?” Tyler said.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“Why is your hand bleeding?” He asked pointing at my hand.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.” I ran to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands in the sink, Josh came in the bathroom.

“Hey. How you doing?” He asked looking at me. “Great just great. What about you?” I responded.

“Oh, I’m cool.” He said and I looked up from staring at my hands to stare at his eyes.

He smiled an innocent smile, he sighed.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said. I tilted my head to the side and asked

“Which way?”

“Like that. With those eyes.”

“What eyes Josh? Sorry but I won’t stick a spoon in my eyes and pop them out just for you.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” He took a step closer to me “Y/n. Look I-”

“You?” I questioned.

“You know what is happening between us.” He said.

“No. I don’t.” I lied. Of course, I know. It is impossible to not notice how he stares at me, or how I stare at him. Oh, yeah, we have also slept in the same bed, same couch and same bunk bed once or twice… or more.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you more than you think.” He said.

“Josh. We can’t.”


“Is it not obvious?” I asked and he shook his head, “Josh you’re a/g older than me. I’m just an immature kid and you’re, not the most mature adult, but you’re an adult thinking about important things. I don’t even know what I’ll do with my life after the tour. I’m just a photographer who doesn’t even know what to eat for dinner. Basically, I’m still looking for myself, I’m still trying to understand myself while you’re already sure about your whole life, why would you want to be with a hormonal kid like me? Oh, and what would your fans think about this?” I spoked.

He just stared at me.

“I- I don’t, I don’t know.” He responded.
Josh placed both his hands in my hips. He pulled me closer to him colliding both our lips. I placed my hands in his neck.

This feels so real and perfect and just right.

We separated our lips and he looked at me and said, “I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just want you Y/n. I want your immature comments, your immature actions and I want to be with you and help you find yourself. I just want all of you.”

I took a step back.

“Josh I-” I tried speaking but nothing came out of my mind.
I ran out of the bathroom.
I got out of the venue and called a taxi.
I asked the taxi to take me to the hotel.
I was laying down in the floor of my hotel room with a soda to my right and chips to my left.
I stared at the fan in the ceiling.
I should be in the concert right now, taking photos, but I couldn’t get up from the floor.
XXXXX 3 hours later XXXXXXXX

“Y/n” I heard from outside my door.

“I know you’re in there” The voice said.

It was Josh.

I sighed.

“Doors open.” I yelled.

I heard the door open and close. Footsteps were getting closer to me.

Josh laid down on the floor with me. I turned to my side and looked at him.

“I’m sorry. Is that I’m just scared.” I whispered.

“I know. You shouldn’t.” He turned to my side and grabbed my hand.

“Y/n I like you. I know you’re younger than me. I know people will talk. The thing is that I don’t care as long as we’re happy. Wouldn’t you be happy being with me? Because I would.” He said.

I closed my eyes and nodded.

I heard Josh giggle. He got closer to me and placed a kiss to my nose.

“Look at me.” He whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Y/n, be mine.”

“I’m yours Josh. I’m yours.”

Babytalk (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by luvn-loki

You watched Loki, hidden behind the door to your shared room. He had a bright smile on his face, which even reached his eyes, making them light up in the most beautiful way. He laughed and cooed at your child, poking the infant occasionally with his hands. The child giggled with him, adoring the way their father paid attention to them. Loki lifted them high above him, and the child squealed, little arms flailing wildly. “You’re quite lively today, little one!”, he cooed. You felt your heart warm up at the cute scene.

“You’re looking more like (YN) every day.”, he sighed dreamily, gently running his hand over the infants head. A blush appeared on your face, and you had to bite your lip to keep from giggling. That was so adorable. Loki turned his head, looking straight at you. “You can come in. We’re not going to bite.”, he smiled, bringing his attention back to your child. As soon as the door was open, the childs gaze landed on you. They held out their arms, still giggling. Carefully you took them, cradling them close to your chest. Little fists grabbed your shirt as they yawned cutely. “Aw, I think it’s bedtime.”, you cooed, pressing a kiss to their temple. You bounced whilst walking to their bed, gently bringing them down into it. Loki stood from the bed, making his way over to you.

Arms wrapped around your middle and his head rested on top of yours. The two of you stayed silent for a while, watching your child fall asleep. “I want another one”, Loki whispered. Your eyebrows raised. “Really, mister ‘I’ll be a bad father’?” He chuckled and nuzzled into the side of your head. “Well, what do you say? Do you want another child?” You nodded absent-mindedly, a yawn escaping you. “Not right now, I see. Let’s go to bed too, love.”

livecement  asked:

if you're still taking prompts: bokuaka, understanding :)

Akaashi’s upset. 

Koutarou hates when Akaashi is upset. Mostly because Akaashi rarely ever lets things bother him enough to visibly show it; Akaashi is a do-er, not a wallow-in-despair-er. That’s Koutarou’s job. Akaashi is the type to get things done and solve what’s making him upset before it has a chance to really make him upset. So when Akaashi gets upset, Koutarou is torn between wanting to beat something up and wanting to hold the other boy until he’s smiling in that small beautiful way of his again.

But today, Akaashi is upset, and Koutarou is struggling to understand why. He came home with his midterms crinkled in his hands, eyes tinged red, mumbling about percentages and flunking out of college. Koutarou is certain there is no way Akaashi is failing, but he keeps his mouth shut because he knows more than anyone how failing to meet personal expectations is the worst failure of all. 

And suddenly, Koutarou understands. 

It’s like when he’s at practice, trying to nail the perfect straight spike, and for some reason just not getting it right. Staying behind all those extra hours, jumping and slamming the ball down until his legs are wobbly and his vision hazy, and still not getting it right. His teammates clapping him on the back and saying, “It’s okay, tomorrow you’ll get it,” and the disgusting feeling of self-loathing and disappointment filling his gut and eating at his appetite. Walking home and locking himself in the shower because he doesn’t deserve to face Akaashi when he can’t hit that spike, when he’s a failure. And taking hours, maybe days, to come back around even though Akaashi never once agreed with him calling himself a failure. 

And, most importantly, going back to try again.

Koutarou isn’t patient and understanding like Akaashi is. But he knows how horribly bitter personal failure tastes, and he knows what makes him spit it out instead of swallowing it in. He sits next to Akaashi, close enough for the other boy to know he’s there, whenever he needs him. 

“I don’t think you’re a failure,” Koutarou says, and when Akaashi falls still, Koutarou starts to list all the ways Akaashi shines, until finally, Akaashi reaches out for his hand, and holds on.

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janaespecter14  asked:

Headcannon for dating Crowley

  • Ruling over Hell together
  • Having your own hellhound pet (or four)
  • Being in charge whenever Crowley is away on business
  • Nicknames
    • Calling him ‘My King’
    • Him calling you ‘My Queen’
  • Mimicking his accent to tease him
  • Him growing aggravated when you keep it up for long periods of time.
    • So he starts to mimic the way that you talk in retaliation
    • “I don’t sound like that!”
  • Him spoiling you
    • Taking you on vacations to wherever you want to go
    • Always being stylish because he gifts you with clothes and jewlery
    • Don’t get me started on the jewelry man.
      • All original pieces
      • Hand crafted
  • Teasing the Winchester brothers with him
    • “Squirrel and Moose?  What kind of stupid nicknames are those?”
  • And teasing Crowley with the Winchester brothers
    • “Whose side are you on, Y/N?”
  • Constantly being in danger because of who you are and who you’re in a relationship with
  • Him hating the fact that he’s the reason you’re never safe
  • Knowing how to use a variety of weapons and hand to hand combat in case you ever need to use it
    • You need to use it quite often
  • Getting taken once or twice by Crowley’s rivals
    • Crowley stopping at absolutely nothing until you’re found.
    • Even the Winchesters help look for you
  • You’re both stubborn, so when you get into fights they can get pretty nasty
    • Not talking to each other for hours
    • Maybe even the whole day depending on when the fight started
    • Crowley hates going to bed with you angry at him, so by the end of the night he comes to you and apologizes (even though he’s still convinced that he’s right)
  • Being the only person that Crowley completely trusts
    • It takes a while, but eventually he begins to tell you everything, instead of what he used to do which was keep you in the dark about plans and things.
    • Trusting him completely and totally as well
  • The Winchester Brothers are completely confused by your relationship
    • Because come on, Crowley actually loving something?  That’s ridiculous.
    • Crowley being nice?  Okay, now hell must have frozen over.
  • Always reminding him that you love him.  Just in case he forgets.
Juice Ortiz - Size |Part 1|


Imagine Juice having a crush on you and the guys tease him because you’re Plus Size.

Juice had been watching you for a good long while now. How could he not when you were one of the only women around the Club that actually had more meat than probably a handful of croweaters combined. You were large, but not too large. You were probably anywhere between a size 16 and a size 20 if he would have guessed.

You were what a true plus size woman looked like but that wasn’t the only reason he couldn’t keep his eyes off you – you were beautiful.

You had some of the biggest breasts he’d ever seen for starters - let’s face it, he noticed right away - and the way your body curved in places just made him wanna grab you up and take you into the back rooms. He didn’t really understand what was the matter with him when he looked at you it was like his dick just sprung to life and he couldn’t help it.

But there was a slight problem that kept him from actually going and talking with you… and that was his Brother’s.

“Aye boys! Juicy-boy is making doe eyes again at his girl!”

Chibs hollard and teased causing Juice to rip his eyes from you and give Chibs a startled look. Jax, Tig, and Bobby all chuckled at him.

“Hey man, I’m not one to judge, but I didn’t know you were into that big of a load.”

Jax chuckled as he tried his best to contain his laughter. Bobby shook his head and scoffed.

“I think what Jax’s meant, brother, was are you sure you can handle that much woman? They’re nice, but they can be trouble.”

Bobby said, having his fair share of heavier set women. Juice shook his head and scoffed as he looked down at the bar.

“I don’t – I don’t like her! I’m just watching to – ”

“Aye! Sure ya are Juicy! Sure ya are!”

Chibs interrupted not even letting Juice get a shitty excuse out to the four that knew better than to believe him when he said he wasn’t interested in you. He closed his mouth after Tig made a comment that heavy set girls were normally really crazy and kinky in bed. The guys all groaned and split apart leaving Tig questioning them on what he said wrong, but wearing that shit eating grin already knowing.

Juice sighed and rubbed his forehead after being left alone at the bar. He only lifted it up when he heard the sound of a cap popping and a bottle being sat in front of him. He looked up and his mouth gaped slightly when he seen you standing there wiping down your hands with a rag.

“You look like you could use one.”

You said nodding to the beer. Juice cleared his throat and little before he nodded his head and muttered a ‘thanks’. He noticed you lingered for a moment, but right as soon as he was preparing to speak with you, you put the rag back down behind the counter and walked away. He watched as you walked back into the kitchen and dissappeared. He sighed deeply and took a sip of his drink before he lowered his head.

He was so tired of the guys picking on him for having a thing for you and all because you happened to be a bit bigger of a woman. He was torn between his wants and his needs and the guys weren’t making it any easier on him. He knew they weren’t doing it to be mean, you were a nice person and the guys all loved you, but heavy forbid when anyone of them had gotten a whiff of someone liking someone else and all hell broke loose when it came to teasing.

“I’m going to head home if you don’t need anything else?”

You said as you emerged from the kitchen with your wallet in your hand and looking through it for something. Juice watched you as you put your wallet away in your back pocket before you went to walk past him. He closed his eyes and shook his head slowly and before he knew what he was doing his arm reached out and grabbed you by the wrist, stopping you suddenly in your tracks.

A small gasp escaped your parted lips as the action startled you greatly as the tug caused you to nearly stumble. As you looked at Juice you noticed his eyes were closed and his head hung low. You blinked slowly as you stood still standing there your mind blank as you tried to process what was happening right now.

“I need to talk to you.”

. In Tenebris . 16

“So this was your father’s shop, Gajeel?”

Levy was peeking around at the emptied shelves, the counter, and the beautiful display windows. She was aware that her own store was only a block away and contained her two friends, who were getting somewhat crabby with her for not going in. Beside her, despite the decent weather, Gajeel stood with his hands shoved into his jacket pockets. He was nervous - not that she could blame him.

He wasn’t completely de-scaled. There were several along his arms and back and legs. He’d merely hid them from view with clothes and was determined to keep them that way. He made sure to keep himself calm as he ran his hand over the counter, calloused fingers catching at the edge.

“Yeah.” He pressed his lips together. “This was my old man’s place. He taught me. I won’t be as good. But he showed me how to work iron and create things out of it…ironic that I’m some kind of freak obsessed with the stuff now. At least I won’t have to stress over what’s the good stuff.”

“I like it,” she said honestly. She pushed the paper that held her name into her pocket. Makarov had made sure to get the shop purchased under her name so that if they wanted to change something, she could just deal with it.

“Thanks.” Gajeel ducked behind the counter and slid through a door. She scampered after him, reminding him silently that they did have to still meet with Natsu and Lucy at the town square soon. Wendy would be with them, of course. She and Natsu had been more than just a little curious. Sting and Rogue had been disappointed about not going, but Yukino had promised them they could choose whatever they did and they’d been satisfied.

“Machinery’s probably out of date,” Gajeel grunted. “I wonder why the previous owners didn’t get rid of it.” He slid into a massive area behind the shop. “There’s a place over top, too. It’s mine, right?”

“Yes, but…we thought you guys wanted to stay at the mansion.” Levy bit her lip thoughtfully.

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Dating Alec Lightwood would include

• making eachother laugh
• going on hunts together
• making sure your both okay after hunts
• getting him to open up about his feeling
• the occasional fight
• him feeling sorry when he argues with you
• tons of making out
• “your so beautiful”
• “holy fuck I love you”
• training together
• training sessions turned into makeout sessions
• Alec being scared that he hurt you when sparring
• you pretending your hurt so he becomes vulnerable then taking your chance to take him down
• archery competitions
• him not being able to take his eyes off your body when your dressed to play bait for a hunt
• “that dress would look way better if it was in a pile of my clothes on the floor”
• cuddling
• him not being able to keep his hands off you in his room
• leaving hickeys on eachother and saying “now they’ll know your mine”
• smirking
• him being horny but you teasing him and not giving it to him
• him begging
• him lashing out yelling after something big happened then immediately running and apologizing and feeling sorry
• you running out after arguments then him going out looking for you
• him grabbing you and carrying you around
• his bare torso
• waking up with his strong arms wrapped around you possessively
• his azure blue eyes
• that one piece of hair that always falls into his face
• his perfectly messy black hair
• your perfect dark brown curls and light brown eyes
• running into his arms and crying
•him holding you and never wanting to let go
• drawing runes on eachother
• you saying “I’m going to go shower” and him replying with “am I invited?”
• Izzy having to interrupt your makeouts
• his soft lips
• him walking out of his room covered in lipstick off your lips
• him kissing your neck when your giving him the silent treatment
• being so afraid when one of you gets hurt on a hunt
• calling him “lightwood”
• “you look good”
• lots of ripped shirts
• Finding yourselves on top of eachother
• him wrapping his arms around your waist from behind unexpectedly
• you curling up into his chest and falling asleep
• sex often
• Isabelle buying you lingerie that she thinks will impress him
• him giving you roses
• yelling in the rain
• kissing in the rain
• him protecting you
• having eachothers backs on hunts
• “can we just have sex already”
• him calling you “babe, sexy, love, baby girl, baby, beautiful, miss”
• you calling him “babe, darling, lightwood”
• sassy come backs
• eye rolling
• worrying about eachother
• wrestling
• mocking him when he’s not looking
• swaying your hips to tease him
• him totally wanting you
• not being able to live without eachother
• laughing when he tries to be romantic but fails
• comforting eachother
• the morning after
• his hands always on your waist
• Jace and izzy teasing him about loving you • “I’m yours”

being intimate with Sebastian Stan would include

Originally posted by vanillaa-ice

  • him being in control most of the time
  • everything always begins with neck kisses
  • him caressing your cheek with his hand
  • leaning onto his touch
  • him thumbing the put of your bottom lip
  • sliding his fingertips down your neck
  • feeling his hot breath on your face
  • looking into each other’s eyes
  • his lips finding their way to yours
  • passionate kisses
  • him licking your bottom lip, asking for entrance
  • playing with his hair
  • a groan leaving his pump lips as you’re tugging on his hair
  • his hands sliding down to your waist
  • savoring every minute
  • when you become one, he laces his fingers with yours
  • him staring at you in awe
  • “how did i get so lucky”
  • leaving small kisses on your insecurities
  • mumbling “so beautiful” against your skin
  • cupping the sides of your face to keep you still
  • earlobe kisses
  • whispering dirty things in your ear
  • giggling to himself when you blush at his words
  • “keep your eyes open, darling”
  • moaning onto each other’s mouths
  • jawline kisses
  • leaving small kisses along his sharp jawline
  • your name leaving his mouth
  • him feeling a shudder run down his skin while you’re trying to take control out of his hands
  • running his hands along your back when you’re on top
  • Romanian words escaping his mouth as you both reach your high
  • taking post love making baths
  • you falling asleep against his chest, in the bathtub
  • him carrying you back to your room
  • placing you directly on top of him
  • kissing your head
  • falling asleep with a smile on his face
Loki - 10 Things He Loves About You

Originally posted by kate-kross

  1. He loves the way you rest your head on his shoulder and hold his hand as he brings your fingers to his lips and kisses them gently
  2. He loves that you never bore him, always keeping up with his thought processes and having something interesting to add
  3. The way you always seem brighter than everything else to him, clearer in colour, more in focus
  4. The way your hands grip his shoulders when you kiss, keeping him close
  5. He loves how fascinating you are to him, every inch of your body is beautiful and interesting and there’s always something new to learn about you
  6. He loves your sarcasm and sass and how you laugh with him when he jokingly complains about things
  7. The way you smile and blush and run your fingers through his hair when he calls you his Queen/King
  8. How you can comfort him without being too intrusive. He rarely gets irritated with you and whenever he’s mad or upset he only wants you
  9. That he can always trust you for your honest opinion, even if it starts a debate
  10. The warmth of your hand against his when he lays in bed with you, one of his hands resting gently on your stomach, feeling the rise and fall as you breathe.
For Never Was a Story of More Woe Than of Those Who Reside in Monticello (Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

This story was written by the talented @katiethemstie ! It was not a request, but it’s amazing and you should all read it! I will likely be posting more of katiethemstie’s work in the future, which is especially helpful for me during this busy time. I’m sure you will all enjoy it!

Everything was really stressing you out. There were too many obnoxious people at work, too much to do for your classes, not enough free time…and, keeping with the theme, your love life was exhausting.

On the one hand, there was Alexander Hamilton. He really had a way with words and beautiful eyes that shone like precious gems. Sometimes he could be a bit of a loudmouth, but there was nothing wrong with having beliefs….

On the other hand, there was Thomas Jefferson. The squad liked to point out his tendency to be smug and condescending, but when he was around you, he was sweet and doting. His intelligence was nothing to scoff at either.

They were similar in many ways, which may be why both of their sights were set on you.

Discounting your romantic problems, you were still drained, which brought you to the debate club that day.

“I promise you’ll enjoy it,” your friend, Aaron Burr, pleaded. “You love debates. It’ll be fun, and you need some of that.”

Through your tired eyes, you saw Aaron’s concerned expression. “I need to go to my room and pass out.”

“If you hate it after ten minutes, I’ll walk you back to your dorm.”

You nodded, relenting. “Fine. Ten minutes.”

He picked up your books and led you to the room where it would happen. Somehow, the club members didn’t surprise you; your closest friends Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens waved at you. Alexander began subtly tapping the chair next to him.

“Well, there’s a new face,” George Washington raised his eyebrows.

“Une belle visage,” Lafayette winked.

“What are you doing here?” John asked.

“Trying to relax,” you replied, sitting down with Alex.

“Maybe she needs a sensual shoulder massage,” Hercules coughed.

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind it…” You shrugged, too disoriented to understand the implications.

Suddenly, you felt strong hands kneading your shoulders. John let out a wolf whistle and you knew the hands were Alexander’s. You were a bit embarrassed, but it felt so good.

“Thanks, Alex…” You grinned thankfully, turning to look at his handsome face.

Thomas had to choose that moment to walk in, accompanied by James Madison. His eyes met yours and his mouth began to crinkle into a smile until he saw Alexander behind you. He glared harshly; James followed suit.

“Well, now that all the usual suspects are here,” George hollered as they sat down, “it’s time to start the meeting. Our topic today?”

“I’ve been wondering something!” John piped up. “This girl I’m seeing is really into Shakespeare, so I figure I can impress her if I quote Romeo and Juliet. What I’m thinking now is, wouldn’t everything have been better if Juliet just married Paris? No one would’ve died!”

“I guess you could make a case for that,” you wondered out loud.

“And I intend to.” Thomas stood up. “I’ll argue that Juliet should’ve married Paris.”

Alexander shot up. “I’ll have to disagree with that.”

You thought you heard George mutter “Drama queens,” under his breath, but you weren’t sure.

“Romeo and Juliet were in love with each other, practically made for each other. She belonged with Romeo.”

“Juliet never gave Paris any attention,” Thomas argued. “How could she possibly know if he was right for her or not?”

“Because she knew Romeo was the only one for her, even though he didn’t have too much.”

“Paris could’ve given her everything she ever wanted and been a good husband.”

Alexander smirked. “Even if she had stayed with Paris, she would have kept seeing Romeo on the side.”

“Maybe he’d have to exile Romeo.”

“That would really win her love,” he snorted.

“Maybe Romeo manipulated Juliet into thinking a certain way about Paris,” Thomas snarled. “Maybe if she got to know him, she’d like him better.”

“Juliet can think for herself!”

“I’m not saying she can’t…I mean, couldn’t!” Thomas rolled his eyes. “Besides, what separates Juliet from Rosaline? Wasn’t Romeo just fawning over another girl? At least Paris is faithful.”

“Well, Romeo saw her first,” Alexander pouted.

“Well, Paris likes her more.” Thomas shot back.

“Well, Juliet likes Romeo more than she likes Paris.”

“She wasn’t saying that when she and Paris were having a private rendezvous at Angelica’s party.”

“Are we still talking about the book?” John inquired helplessly while your face burned.

“You think Romeo’s intimidated by that? She and Romeo have been out together plenty of times!”

“If Romeo doesn’t step up his game, Juliet’s going to move out of Verona and take up a private residence in Paris, know what I’m sayin’?” He high-fived James and preened.

It took the full force of George and Hercules to keep Alexander from murdering Thomas.

“I feel like we’ve strayed from the topic,” George grunted.

“Sounds like Jefferson is equating himself to the arrogant and possessive Paris,” Alexander spat.

“Sounds like Hamilton is equating himself to the naîve and impetuous Romeo.” Thomas glared.

“How could you make that comPARISon?” John cracked. Hercules nearly fell out of his chair.

George put his head in his hands. “Can we just talk about something easier, like war?”

While Alexander and Thomas composed themselves, you muttered to Aaron, “I like them both. Who do I choose?”

“Well, you could always follow my strategy,” he offered.

“What’s that?”

“Decide not to decide.”

You had a feeling that was easier said than done.

When in Rome (M) // BamBam

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Smut // Fluff

Summary: BamBam takes you to Rome for the first time, giving you surprise after surprise as he shows you how much you mean to him.

After the longest flight you had ever been on, you and BamBam finally touched down at the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome. He knew that you had never been on a long haul flight – so he wanted to be the first person to take you to a place that you always wanted to visit and hold your hand in his every step of the way.

He managed to keep everything a surprise for you – even with your constant pestering and questions.

“You’ll see when we get there babe~ Now shush, let me hold you in peace” he cooed as you pouted cutely into his face in the back of the taxi which was en route to your hotel.

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46captain46  asked:

Hey love! This is the sns week surprise fairy! When Sasuke comes back from a mission, the first thing Naruto does is hug him tightly whispering “You’re home.” the relief evident in his voice. And Sasuke hugs him back just as tightly before saying softly “I’m home.” Neither lets go for quite a while.

YESSSSSSS!! And Naruto has to touch Sasuke in some way the whole day/night bc he’s still a little scared that this is all a dream and Sasuke will disappear any moment. And Sas understands and holds hands the entire day and cuddles him and holds him in his sleep and keeps whsipering “it’s not a dream, I’m here”. And only then can Naruto sleep. Especially after long missions. 

And now I’m crying! This is sooo beautiful!!!

Also: OMG!!! I GOT A SURPRISE FAIRY TOO!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU!!!!!
(I didn’t think I would get one)

Also: @46captain46 were you by any chance in the stream from @bahare-uzuchiha ? :333


“Are you done yet?” Dean asked in an exasperated voice tone. He looked at you and then at James, the guy you’ve been talking with for the past two hours. Or well, more like flirting.

“Uh yeah, just a minute” James answered instead of you and Dean made a face, then glared at him. Or more like his back. James had turned to write his number on a small paper. He turned to you and handed it with a big grin.

“Hope I hear from you soon, beautiful” he said and kissed your cheek. HE got up and made his way out of the bar, not forgetting to wave at you.

You waved back at him with a huge smile and then looked down at the small paper with the number and his name written on it. You bit your lips to keep the big smile from spreading again, in vain though.

“You’re kidding me, right?!” Dean’s voice broke your trail of thoughts and made you look at him.

“Huh?” you only asked and he rolled his eyes.

“You can’t be serious, right now! You’re really considering calling him?!” he asked with wide eyes.

“Uh, yeah yeah. I think so” you said with a little shrug.

“Seriously?!” he asked again and you frowned at his reaction.

“Yeah, why? He is smart, funny, charming, cute and let’s not forget freaking hot!” you said with a big smile.

Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes “You call that hot?” 

“Yeah, I actually do. Why, you have a different opinion?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, well, you could do a lot better than that. And he definitely ain’t that hot. I mean, if you’re looking for someone actually hot to flirt with then, well, you know you could try with… me ” he said trying to act normal.

You looked at him with narrowed eyes, trying to understand what was actually going on until it all clicked.

“Oh my gosh” you exclaimed and the started laughing. You put a hand in front of your mouth to stifle your laughter in vain, though.

“Why are you laughing?” Dean asked with a frown and a small pout.

“You- you’re jealous! You’re actually jealous of him!” you exclaimed, still laughing.

Dean’s eyes widened a while but then he tried to brush it off as nothing “Wh-what? N-no, of course not! How did you even think of it? You saw that guy, why in hell would I be jealous of someone like him?” he laughed nervously and tried to avoid eye contact with you.

“I really have no idea what you’re talking about, (Y/n)” he said with another nervous laugh, but then pursed his lips and looked away from you.

“Oh Winchester, I never thought you felt that way about me. But really, there is no need to be jealous of him. I definitely think you are much hotter” you winked at him and got off your seat making your way out of the bar.

It took Dean a while to process what you had actually said “Wh-what?”

[Request by Anon]

I’ll Be Your First (Mycroft X Reader)

Characters: Mycroft X Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Mentions or losing virginity and sexual themes


Request: Reader losing their virginity to Mycroft please?

Originally posted by reichebach

Mycroft and you had been a thing for a while. He did introduce you as his significant other, and you did the same. With Mycroft, it was a serious relationship, and you knew this.

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The Bible and Witchcraft: Part Four

Last time we talked about Joseph and his use of oneiromancy. This time we continue with talking about Joseph and another type of divination. Strangely, this is the one occurrence of witchcraft in the Bible I have seen anti-witchcraft preachers and bloggers actually flip out over and try and explain away. I’m not sure why the earlier mentions from Parts 1-3 don’t get the same treatment.

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anonymous asked:

brothers with insecure chubby mc? ;_;

nothing wrong with chubby, just more for them to hold on to


  • “I told you that I would make you the happiest woman in the world, right? I want you to keep feeling that way.”
  • Honestly doesn’t care about your weight
  • loves to run his hands all over your curves and praises your body
  • pokes your tummy sometimes and how 


  • doesn’t say much, but he can tell you’re insecure about it
  • would make sure to remind you that you’re beautiful daily
  • in every aspect of your life
  • in work, in your lazy clothes, in your work clothes
  • with no clothes


  • understands your insecurities bc he’s a model
  • realises it probably makes it worse bc he’s a model
  • wants to give you all the affection in the world
  • loves to squeeze you and compliments how you feel against him


  • feels bad for calling you a piggy all the time bc
  • ‘holy shit she might’ve taken it personally and I don’t actually wanna make her mad’
  • wraps his arms around you from behind and squeezes ur belly
  • but lovingly and just loves how soft u feel


  • he doesn’t really understand the insecurities bc
  • like physical looks are just??? unimportant to him like
  • he just loves you for you & thinks you have no reason bc
  • you’re beautiful to him either way
  • does his best to soothe you but doesn’t know how


  • complete understanding saint
  • comforts you endlessly and holds you and reassures you that there’s nothing wrong with your body because THERE ISN’T
  • soft caresses along your curves while you’re curled up on the couch and watching movies and just relaxing or w/e 
  • probably also leaves cute little kisses and marks bc there’s just more for him to take a bite out of yano

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that yoongi frickin worships hobi's body~ like he can't get enough of his lean muscle (abs,back) and golden skin and thiGHS and he likes to massage and stroke him all the time, just sayin rlly cheesy shit to hoseok to make him laugh but he secretly means it❗️like "I can't believe I get to touch & lov u everyday like wow what an honor~" "omg stfu yoongi-hyung" and inside yoongi is like "but I'm serious?? ?" 💖

this is exactly how it would be probably is!!!

I can literally picture yoongi watching hobi practice his dancing, his body twisting and bending in the most impressive ways. the movements of his muscles cause yoongi to shift in his place. he can’t believe how beautiful hobi’ is in his entirety 

at the end of the day yoongi always offers massages to hobi, partly because he wants hobi to feel relaxed after his workout and partly because he wants his hands on hobi. usually he keeps quiet about his feelings, but in these moments he can’t help but admit his love out loud. of course hobi just chuckles and brushes it off, not thinking yoongi is serious because why would anyone love his body so much?

yoongi just grins. if hobi only knew just how much he adored his body. maybe he would make a point of showing it in the bedroom?