the way he grabbed harry

Let's Do Your Makeup

Request: “Harry Hook imagine where the reader helps him apply his eyeliner? Just super cute maybe?”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

Warnings: None

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The sun’s rays pierced through the curtains of your bedroom. Signifying that it was a brand new day at the Isle. You checked your clock it was 11. No wonder you slept so good, you hadn’t woken up early. You got up and changed as for hair you decided to leave it down. Right before you were about to leave your room you heard your boyfriend Harry’s lovely voice.

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Ghostly Attire

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Pairing: Draco x Slytherin!Reader

Content/Warnings: none

Words: 276

A/N: My writer’s block for the last part of When We Were Young has reached an all-time, ridiculous high. So here’s this lovely, Halloween-themed fic starring Draco Malfoy to tide you over. It was requested by anon, for 23 and 27. Enjoy, friends!

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Sometimes you wished you weren’t such a procrastinator. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be stuck modifying one of your white sheets into a ghost costume. You were tempted to put on your robes and say you were a witch, but you didn’t think the other Slytherins would get the joke. The rest of your dorm-mates were already down in the common room as you finished up, finally happy with your ‘costume’, which you had managed to charm to make you slightly transparent. It was still pretty obvious you were wearing a sheet, though.

You didn’t let your sub-par costume dampen your Halloween spirit, however, ignoring Pansy Parkinson’s jab and scanning the crowd of Slytherins for your boyfriend, Draco. You finally spotted him chatting with Crabbe and Goyle, who were for some reason dressed up as members of the Weird Sisters. Draco seemed to be going for irony, considering he had decided to dress up as Snape, and you grinned in amusement as you made your way through throngs of Slytherins towards him.

“Hey Draco!” You greeted, causing him to glance over from Crabbe and Goyle. “Check my costume. I’m a ghost - oOOoo!” You raised your hands up for dramatic effect, causing him to snicker.

“Nice bit of charm work you did on that,” Draco laughed, viewing your attire in amusement. “Though… I don’t know if I’d call a sheet over your head a costume.

You poked your lip out at him. “Don’t be a downer.”

“Ah, fine, I’ll quit poking fun at your costume,” He sighed. “Want to go grab some punch?”

“Sure,” You agreed, grinning as he grabbed your hand. “Lead the way.”

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prompt- a boyfriend AU where harry thought niall left him because half his clothes are missing but niall actually packed their bags for a surprise getaway vacation but he never realised half his clothes are missing too, fluff happens.

This is a mixture of fluff, angst, and comedy and so many different emotions packed into one fic! I am so happy how this turned out. Thank you for this prompt. 

“I brought take-out!” Harry’s voice boomed throughout the flat as he opened the front door skillfully with his elbow as he juggled a bag of Chinese take-out and his brief case in both arms.

He didn’t get an answer back, usually Niall would be stomping his socked feet down the hallway with a big smile on his face, with a yell of ‘Harold!’ coming from his mouth before he’d embrace Harry in a large and warm hug. But it didn’t really worry Harry that much, they’ve been doing these constant greetings for two years now, it doesn’t need to be a routine to have them both welcome each other at the door.

He made his way into the kitchen, setting down the Chinese on the counter with a large huff of relief at the lessoned weight on his arms. He placed his briefcase where it was usually put, right by the front door on the bench, and then got himself comfortable by taking off his shoes and coat.

Niall should be here by now, his presence should be all around Harry with him gushing about his day or furiously asking Harry how his went. But still, Niall was no where to be heard or seen, and Harry stood in the middle of the hallway perplexed at the emptiness he suddenly felt.

This was dramatic, he was being dramatic. It’s Niall for god sakes, he could be sound asleep in their bedroom all wrapped around the covers and so tangled up he’d be tripping his way out to grab Harry and bring him into a hug. He could also have went to the Tesco across the road, wanting to buy something to eat or drink without knowing that Harry was coming home with food.

Harry really didn’t want to worry so much right now, he’d get himself sick with all this unneeded stress on his shoulders from the simplest things.

He walked calmly towards their bedroom, feet light along the floorboards in case Niall really was sleeping. Niall has been having stressful days at his job these past couple weeks, so he has been more and more exhausted during the days when he’d get home with dark bags under his eyes and incoherent words coming through his mouth as he’d stumble his way to the bedroom to pass out without even getting out of his work uniform.

But Niall wasn’t there, not at all. Harry walked into the room to find it empty, the bed still the way it was from when Harry made it this morning while Niall made breakfast. There was a cold draft in the air from one of the windows not fully closed, sending goosebumps along his skin.

“Niall?” He found his voice through the shock that sent an earthquake down his spine, he didn’t really know why he said Niall’s name, because obviously the other brunet wasn’t around. There wasn’t much places to go in their one bedroom, one bathroom flat.

The next move was to the windows, closing the one that was opened and staring out across the street. He strained his eyes, trying to look into the windows of the shop but failing. Was Niall there? Maybe, there is still a chance, why would he be anywhere else without telling him?

But then he caught something at the corner of his eye, him slowly straightening himself out and turning to stare at the door to their closet that was wide opened. All of Niall’s clothes on his side, gone.

“Fuck, no…no fucking way.” He swore up a storm, everything hitting rock bottom and his feet felt like they had ten pound weights strapped onto them as he walked forward to get a better look. There was a big gap in Niall’s side of the closet, and Niall’s suitcase was gone too.

There was an obvious answer to the question that were fast-moving throughout his brain, and it made his blood run cold. He had to trip over himself to get towards the bed, sitting himself down and burying his head into his hands, the cool metal of his rings digging into his cheeks.

They have had their little fights here and there throughout their relationship, and one particular big one a week ago. But it wasn’t something that would ever make their relationship labeled as toxic, wasn’t something that would be worth leaving for. They would always work it all out in the end, say their apologies and give each other soothing kisses that threw all their problems away.

But apparently not all their problems were gone, not everything was fixed, and now Niall was gone and never coming back, leaving Harry in the dust to suffocate.

It was obviously him, the reason Niall left was because Harry did something wrong to get him so determined to pack all his things and leave to only become a lost memory for Harry. Harry was a bad boyfriend, probably didn’t comfort Niall enough when he would have his hard days at work. He didn’t apologize enough when they got into their fights, didn’t take Niall out to nice dates as much as they did at the start of their relationship. Were they just two ghosts in one flat, just moving around in different rooms with no sense of communication, with no love between one another anymore? Harry thought they weren’t, but Niall’s feelings towards him were toxic and broken so that must mean Harry was wrong all along, so completely blind to their relationship.

He should call Niall, that’s something he needs to do before he completely breaks down. All he really wants to do is curl up into a ball and forget the reality he’s living in, since the only reality that matters, the only reality that he wants, is him with Niall.

The phone was still tucked in the back pocket of his jeans, and he was just placing his hand back onto the hard surface of where his phone was when he heard the front door open, it being quiet like someone was trying to sneak their way in.

He didn’t think, his brain was smothered already so there was no sense of thought left in him. Harry just ran down the hallway and almost banged right into the man he thought he’d never see again. Now he was just a statue in front of Niall, body frozen and not knowing what to do.

Should he be fighting like his life depended on it? Try and get Niall back with soft words and ‘I love you’s?’ Or should he just let Niall walk out, grab whatever things he forgot about and let him think about where they really stood now that they officially were broken up.

Niall looked surprised at first when he saw Harry, brows raised high in his forehead and a small gasp passing his lips when he was forced to stop before he collided right with Harry. But then a smile was coming across his face, and Harry was officially confused.

“Didn’t think you’d be home, guess I lost track of time!” He didn’t sound guarded or scared. There was no nervous tone to his voice like he was worried about what Harry was going to do, his expression was…normal, and almost overly happy even.

“Babe, have you been crying?” Niall spoke again after there was a tight silence, Harry was still in shock at this encounter. He expected to be on his knees begging for Niall to come back, but Niall’s acting like it’s just a normal day, maybe even rare good day, and Harry is here standing with no voice or actions.

“I-I…” Harry tried, but it didn’t work out the first time speaking, so he attempted again. “I thought you left, your-your clothes are gone, your suitcase is gone!” He pointed a stiff finger down the hallway, still never losing eye contact with Niall, as if he was scared he’d disappear into thin air as soon as he looked away.

“Your clothes are gone too, and your suitcase.” Niall chuckled, folding his arms over his chest and giving Harry a more sympathetic smile now that he realized the state he was in. But everything still wasn’t making sense, and Harry felt a headache grow like weeds in his mind thinking about it all.

“What?” He asked, shoulders slumping in defeat.

“I packed both of our suitcases, I just got back from putting them in the boot of my car.” Niall shrugged, pouting out his bottom lip all cute and innocently.

“So…” Harry took a step back, feeling unbalanced and having to put his hand against the wall to keep himself up. “You’re leaving me, taking all your stuff…and mine?”

Niall’s expression dropped, and there was a pause before Niall bursted out laughing, moving in and tugging Harry into a tight embrace. Harry didn’t really know what was happening still, but Niall’s familiar hug and scent had calmed him immediately, and he almost completely slumped forward to let Niall hold up his whole bodyweight, but he didn’t really want them crumbling to the floor at a time like this.

“Babe you thought I was leaving you? Where the hell did you get the thought that I was leaving you?” Niall still sounded like he was holding back a laugh, but his voice was soft and comforting, a hand coming down to rub at Harry’s back.

“Your clothes were gone and I guess I didn’t really think about looking at my own or finding my suitcase.” As Harry talked he realized how much of an idiot he was, and he sighed loudly, burying his nose into Niall’s neck and giving his boyfriend, still boyfriend, a good squeeze of a hug. “I’m sorry, I’m an idiot.” He grumbled out.

“No, you’re not. Just please don’t think I’d leave you like that, I love you.” They pulled away so Niall could meet Harry right in the eyes, blue eyes like calm waters that brought Harry into a hypnotizing state of mind.

“I know, I love you too.” He grabbed Niall again, not being able to wait any longer to kiss him. They kissed long and hard, fingers tangling in hairs and chests brushing together as if they were trying to rub the hearts inside them, reviving them.

They parted again, still close to each other, breathing one another in. “I mean I do like to wear your shirts around the house and your style is definitely iconic, but I don’t think I’d take it for myself ya know?” Niall joked, making Harry laugh. It was nice to laugh, the darkness from the hazardous atmosphere getting blown away.

“So now that all that is out of the way, can you drive us to the airport so we can get our arses on a plane to Hawaii? I got a break off work, called in for you too.” Niall was giving Harry a cheeky grin, pulling away and grabbing Harry’s wrist to pull them along to the front door.

“No fucking way.” Harry chuckled out, and Niall only shrugged with that stupid shit-eating grin still plastered across his face. Harry wanted to kiss him silly, realizing how much has changed in only the span of a few minutes of him getting into their flat, thinking his life was over, and now leaving with his boyfriend on a trip that might be the best days of his life ahead.

“Can we eat the take-out that I bought for dinner on the way, then?” He asked, stopping just as he and Niall got to the door. He dug his heels into the rug, forcing Niall to a stop before he could open the door.

Niall looked over his shoulder, raising a brow in question and looking like he was mentally asking 'are you for real?’ But Harry just blinked at him, still keeping his feet planted on the ground before an amused grin slowly drug itself onto Niall’s face, him nodding right after and letting Harry go to rush and grab the Chinese food still placed on the counter in the kitchen.

Not Just A Mudblood

Paring: Ron Weasley/Reader

Tags: Kissing, female reader, reader is friends with mostly everyone, cute, fluff

Summary:  Ron Weasley catches sight of you, a friendly student in his year.

Word Count: 1,103

Posting Date:  2016-05-20

Current Date: 2017-05-10

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Harmione Headcanon.

*Not for Hinny shippers.*

‘’ So, Harry, you ready?’’ Hermione asked, a smile on her face, ‘’ your whole life ahead of you.’’ Hermione gestured to the wedding setting. Floating lanterns hovering above the setting. The air filled with laughs and joy. Ginny was beautiful in a white dress, smiling and talking to everyone.

‘’ I hope so, you know, I really love Ginny and…’’ Harry trailed off. He re-adjusted himself on the bench. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, his stomach in coils. He kept on glancing at the gate. Maybe I should make a run for it and move to Spain.He looked at Ginny, his wife. Those two words stung. His. Wife. This wasn’t how grooms were supposed to feel. What groom wanted to run away to Spain, what groom felt like his wedding was the biggest mistake?  He looked at Ginny, as if it would bring back the feeling he first felt when he saw her. It didn’t. He swallowed, his throat dry. He looked at Hermione, Her hair had been left open and was falling in loose curls around her face. She was wearing a deep purple Bridesmaid’s gown, she looked stunning.Why was he feeling this way about his best friend? I’m a terrible person.Absentmindedly, he took a drink from his empty glass.

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He was so busy. You’d come with him all the way to some town in the Netherlands nobody had even heard of, but you hardly got to see him. It obviously wasn’t his fault, you’d seen his tight schedule before you agreed to come and knew you would have limited time with him. But, you thought it would be better than sitting at home missing him. And it was, it definitely was. However, only getting to see him for a few hours before bed was constantly contributing to the feeling of loneliness that had been aching inside you since the day he started filming.

You absolutely loved being here with him and being able to hear about his day when he came home- whether you celebrated something amazing that had happened or let him rant about something that was bothering him. He always made a point to ask about your day, but you had the same answer for him every time:

“I sat around here watching television all day.” It was starting to get old.

There was no place you’d rather be than here with Harry, but homesickness was starting to take over. Due to the time difference, there was hardly ever a good time to have a conversation with friends or family back home. Not to mention that Harry didn’t want you leaving the rented apartment without him, due to the fans he was greeted with on a daily basis. It just wasn’t safe, and he wasn’t going to risk you getting hurt while he was busy filming. You were starting to feel like you had no contact whatsoever with the outside world.

Before you even noticed your eyes were welling up, there were tears streaming down your face. You missed everyone. Your family, friends, pets, you even missed Harry and he was living with you.

At any other moment, the sound of the door opening would’ve been met with you running to it excitedly, but not today. You sat up straighter and tried to look like you hadn’t just had a complete breakdown on the couch.

“I’m home early! Where’d you go, love?” He called, his footsteps heavy as he started to approach the room where you sat. You knew your face was tear stained and red, and it was only a matter of time before he saw you, so there was no use in hiding it. Turning around to look at him, you managed to smile sadly.

“Oh no, baby what’s wrong?” His voice was soft, not wanting to set off any more tears. What you needed right now was comfort and reassurance, and he was fully prepared to help you with whatever had you so upset. It was safe to say that watching you cry was his least favorite thing in the world.

His knees softly hit the ground in front of the couch, and two large hands were placed on your legs as his concerned gaze bore into you.

“What’s bothering you, my love?” His thumbs rubbed gentle circles on your thighs, soothing you enough to make your breathing steady.

“I don’t even know anymore. I guess… Everything.” He frowned at your confession, his eyebrows narrowing as he became even more concerned. How had he not noticed? How long had you been feeling like this? He thought you seemed a little quiet lately, but he had dismissed it as you being tired. Now, he was beating himself up for not questioning you sooner, because maybe you wouldn’t be crying if he had. He didn’t say anything, just continued the comforting gesture of pressing his warm hands into your thighs, in hopes you’d talk when you were ready.

“I just feel really lonely.” You admitted quietly. If he hadn’t been listening so closely, he wouldn’t have heard you. He swore his heart had shattered right there on the hard wood floors. His girl should never be lonely- it was his job to keep her happy. And here you were admitting your loneliness, and he felt as if he had failed.

“Sweetheart.” The word was spoken in a breath, tilting your head up to meet his eyes. Tears were starting to overflow again, and you cursed yourself for being so emotional all the time.

“I don’t know what to say… Besides that I love you so much, and I’m sorry I’ve let you feel this way.” He whispered, his head tilting down now as if he was ashamed. And he was, in a way.

“No, this isn’t your fault. Not at all. I knew how busy you’d be when I agreed to come; I just didn’t realize how hard this was.” You sighed, reaching a shaky hand up to wipe the tears off your cheeks. He caught your wrists before you could reach your face, taking the task of wiping the steady stream of tears. He smiled sadly as the wetness hit his thumbs and he swiped it to the side, letting your eyes fall closed to release even more tears. You felt like they just wouldn’t stop.

“Can you tell me why you feel so lonely? Is it because I’m always gone? Because I need to know how to help, gosh, I can’t… I can’t have you crying like this. You shouldn’t have to feel this way.” He sighed.

“Do not blame yourself for this, Harry,” You sniffled, grabbing his hand from your thigh and pressing your chapped lips to it. “Come sit by me.” Scooting over to make room for him, you patted the space next to you. He slowly stood up, his knees cracking as he did so, and cautiously sat next to you. You leaned into him and he was quick to tuck an arm under your legs, the other supporting your back as he pulled you on top of his lap.

It was a comforting gesture, but there was so much more to it in his eyes. He wanted to shake this lonely feeling you had, and he figured that the closer you were to him, the less lonely you’d feel.

“Tell me what’s got you like this, please love.” His request was soft, making you melt even further into his chest.

“It’s just… A combination of everything. I left home; all my friends and family are having fun without me and I feel so left out. There’s never a good time to call because of stupid time zones. You’re gone all the time and I’m stuck in this unfamiliar apartment all alone, with literally nothing to entertain myself with. I miss you all day and by the time you come home, neither one of us want to go out. Do you realize, in the two weeks we’ve been here, I haven’t left the house once?” You ranted. He looked so disappointed. He couldn’t believe you’d felt this way for so long, and he hadn’t noticed.

“I’m going to make this better, I promise. I’m sure we can set up a time to Skype your family, and if you want to go home I can arrange it. But if you stay here with me, I promise I’ll try harder, I promise baby. We’ll have dinner dates, or I’ll take you shopping so you get to see the town. Maybe you can come on set during my lunch breaks or something… You could even sit in my trailer, I’m in and out of there all day. I know it’s not the ideal situation but at least we can see eachother a bit more, and it would certainly brighten up my day, what do you think?” He was rambling on and on, but your smile grew wider as he kept talking. You slowly nodded as he finished and you leaned up to kiss his little dimple.

“I would love that Harry, as long as I’m not causing trouble.” He chuckled and squeezed you closer to him.

“You’re not any trouble, I promise. I’m sure everyone would love to meet you.” He smiled and let you nuzzle your head into the crook of his neck, goosebumps forming when you pressed your lips to it softly.

He was so relieved. This life was hard, and seeing it take a toll on someone he loved so much had killed him. But overall, he loved that he was able to fix it. After everything you’d sacrificed to be with him, you still stayed, and it meant the world.

Desiderio Di Essere Amato (Part 1)

Summary: It’s your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the buzz about the one and only Harry Potter joining for the first time sparked your interest. You had everything planned out, everything was perfect. Until a certain Malfoy had to tamper with your plans, and change everything. Possibly for the better, possibly for the worse.

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 2,773

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’ve literally been thinking about writing this for such a long time, and now I’ll finally get the chance. This fic is going to be a multiple part thing, and it’s obviously going to start off from their first year to the sixth year. I’m doing things a little different and taking a risk with this, because I want to show you a different kind of view to a story, the history and the past that Draco and the reader (you) create. So i hope you like Part 1, and if you ever want to request something, feel free! Or even if you just want to talk, I’m always here! ♡

Title Translation: “Desire to be Loved”

Part 2 | Part 3

“Holy cow!” You gasped as you watched a young, brunette haired boy with round glasses jump into a magical portal.

Your eyes widened as they had disappeared immediately, the portal wavering due to movement in and out of it. Your mother clicked her heels together, grinning at you.

“Is this the entrance to Platform 9 ¾, mother?” You asked, curiosity and amazement lacing your tone. Your mother nodded, and you looked back to the portal with a sudden sense of fear in your eyes.

Your mother noticed, causing her to place a comforting hand on your shoulder. “Just do what everybody else is doing and get a head start. Then run into the portal, and make sure you keep your feet and bags steady so you don’t make a mess over there. Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll be right behind you.” She explained.

You gulped down your nerves and nodded, standing right before the magical wall and steadying your feet to the ground. You tightened your hold on the trolley that held all your bags and your cat named Winnie, bracing yourself for what’s come in just one moment.

“Go on, Y/N, it’s not that bad!” Your mother tried to encourage, but her efforts proved to be no help as the pit in your stomach grew.

However, before you could panic any longer, you pushed yourself and soon, you were disapparating through the portal and reapparating onto Platform 9 ¾.

“Oh dear…” You swallowed as you landed on the balls of your feet, your trolley swaying slightly. Before all your things could tip over, the grip on the arm handle was enough to keep it from falling and save you from  a boatload of embarrassment.

Your eyes wandered around you, seeing all different kinds of children scattering throughout the station with expressions full of every emotion you could possibly name. Children of all different ages and their parents littered Hogwarts Express, getting on and off the train in a matter of seconds. Some were already wearing the robes that were provided to each student, but others wore almost casual clothing, allowing others to pick out who is who. The rumbling and buzzing of the train surrounded you as you watched families separate from each other. White smoke oozed out of the top of the black and red train, and the usual choo choo of the engine echoed in your ears.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Your mother’s voice broke you out of your trance, and you nodded excitingly, causing her to grin. “Come on. We can’t have you being late for your first day at Hogwarts, now can we?” She teased.

Your cat, Winnie, meowed and hissed at the passing bystanders, causing you to demand for her to stop her whining and sit quietly. She had listened, closing her eyes and cuddling into one corner of the cage. Your mother stopped you before you could get any closer to the train, crouching down beside you to bid you one last goodbye before going off to start your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Remember, Y/N, never let anybody make you think you are incapable of doing anything. You know your strengths and weaknesses, nobody else. Now stay strong for me, stay brave, and do your best. I love you, my sweet baby girl. I know you’re going to do great here.” 

Your eyes watered as you nodded at your mother, wrapping your arms around her neck and bringing her into a tight hug. You whispered an “I love you” into her ear before grabbing your bags and your cage and finally stepping onto the Hogwarts Express. The sound of chatter and squeals invaded your senses, slightly overwhelming you. You walked through the corridor of the train, looking through every section to find not one seat empty.

However, just as you were about to pass a section with three girls and one boy, a voice broke through your thoughts, causing your to turn your head.

“Hey, you! You can sit with us, if you’d like! We don’t bite!” The cheery, jovial voice was coming from a girl with long black hair and piercing green eyes. She looked quite inviting, what with her large, warming smile and pink rosy cheeks that were tattered with possibly thousands of freckles.

You smiled at the girl, squeezing yourself through the entrance of the section a sitting down next to her. You placed your bags beside you as you heard different girl’s voice.

“What’s your name?” You wouldn’t say her tone was bitter, but you wouldn’t say it was exactly as inviting as the first girl who invited you in.

You ignored it, smiling at a young girl with slightly brown or dirty blonde, curly hair and bangs, and cold brown eyes. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You said proudly, greeting the other two people in the room.

The girl with the curls greeted you by holding out her hand and saying, “Hermione Granger. Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

You agreed, then the girl who had invited to sit with them had also held her hand out to you.

“Charlotte Smith. Daughter of Katherine and Jason Smith.” The girl, now known as Charlotte, exclaimed proudly, rapidly shaking your hand.

You chuckled, turning to the only two people who hadn’t introduced themselves yet, a girl with sparkling gray eyes and bright blonde hair and a young boy with dark brown hair and a slightly chubby body.

“Evangelina Marcus.” The blonde girl greeted, sending you a bright smile. You nodded her way then turned to the boy.

“Neville Longbottom.” He introduced, nodding in your direction while playing with the frog that was in his cage. You could tell he was quite shy, probably a very lonely person. However, you could tell he still had friends, just by one look at him. It was a talent of yours, predicting things like that. Almost second nature.

“Nice to meet you all.” You said just as Neville had opened his cage - which was a big mistake on his part.

“God, Neville, you’re supposed to keep them in the cage until we get our houses and rooms sorted!” Hermione groaned as the frog leaped out of our second and into the corridor of the train. One more jump, and it had leaped out of everyone’s sight, disappearing to only God knows where.
“I’ll go after it, you all just get ready. I assume we’ll be arriving at Hogwarts soon, so I suggest you all start getting your robes on at the moment.”

“Did you hear about the rumor that’s been spreading about the new student?” Charlotte raved just as you finished getting your robe on.

You furrowed your eyebrows at her and tilted your head to the side. “Technically we’re all new students, but go on!” You urged her.

She smiled at you with a slight sparkling in her eyes. “Apparently Harry Potter is supposed to be joining us this year!” Her eyes bulged out of their head as she looked at all of us.

I gasped, my jaw dropping immediately. “Do you mean the Harry Potter?! As in The Chosen One?! As in the boy with the lightning shaped scar on his forehead?!”

Charlotte rapidly nodded her at you. “Yes, that’s exactly the one!”

Your mind tried to process the news just as Hermione had returned and the train had arrived at Hogwarts. You all gathered your belongings, and skipped off the train together, suddenly ending up behind the one and only Harry Potter. Charlotte had elbowed in the ribs and pointed excitingly at him, making you giggle. You examined him from behind as you walked, but your attention was soon averted elsewhere as the lot of you stopped right in front a very tall man with a huge beard.

“Hello, Harry!” He greeted Harry Potter with a smile.

They know each other?!

“Hey, Hagrid!” Potter greeted back before Hagrid took you all to a shore and collected you onto several boats that lead to Hogwarts. The lights from the castle illuminated the water that surrounded you all, gasps emanating from almost every single boat on the water.

“Did you see that?! Did you see him?!” Charlotte nudged your shoulder, causing you to laugh.

“Calm down, Charlotte, he’s just a boy!”

Soon, you and all the first year’s were walking up a white, grand staircase that led you all to a stop in front of a woman wearing a witches hat and a green robe. She greeted you all with a smile.

“Welcome to Hogwarts!” She announced, everyone coming to a stop. “Now, in a few moments, you will pass through these doors with you and and your classmates, but before you can take your seats, you must be sorted into your houses.”

Small whispers were being throughout the crowd, bugging you only slightly.

“They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.”

You winced at the mention of a Slytherin. You knew Slytherin’s too well, they were almost always rude people. Always thinking they’re better than everyone else.

“Now, while you’re here, your house will be like your family. Your triumphs will earn points. Any rule breaking, and you will lose points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup-”

“Trevor!” Neville cheered from beside me, pushing his way past Harry and Hermione to grab his frog that he had let out.

Giggles came from every direction around you, but you stayed silent, watching as the woman on the top step slightly glared at Nevile.

“Sorry…” Neville apologized, backing his way up into the crowd.

“The sorting ceremony will begin momentarily.” The woman announced, backing away and walking through a set of double doors.

Nerves coursed through your body, but you had no time to panic as a sudden bitter voice broke through the silence of the crowd.

“It’s true then,” They spat, and you turned your head to your left to see a boy your age with gelled blonde hair staring at Harry with pure hatred in his eyes. “what they’re saying on the train.” He continued. “Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.”

Gasps and whispers of his name erupted into the crowd, everyone’s eyes suddenly going straight to Harry, but not yours. You kept your sight trained on the bitter, blonde young boy who had enough guts to greet the Chosen One with such disrespect.

He nodded to a boy in front of him. “This is Crabbe…” then nodded to the boy who stood behind him. “and Goyle… and I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” The boy, now known as Draco, then pushed himself off of the stairs and walked right in front of Harry, pushing his face only so close to his.

The one and only, Draco Malfoy. You thought. You had heard about him everywhere! ‘The Slytherin son of Lucius Malfoy!’

The redhead who stood beside Harry let out a cackle at his name, Draco immediately snapping his head towards him with a glare. Charlotte elbowed me again in the ribs, looking at me with wide eyes.

That’s Draco Malfoy!” She whispered in a tone you couldn’t quite decipher.

You nodded your head at her, shrugging. “So what?”

“Think my name is funny, do you?” Draco spat, causing the redhead to frown. “No need to ask you yours. Red hair.. and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasly!” He turned back to Harry, dismissing the Weasly that stood in front of you. “You’ll soon find out that some wizarding families are better than others, Potter. You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort.” He looked back at the redhead and then back at Potter again, holding out his hand. “I can help you there.”

Harry dismissed his hand almost immediately, looking up at Draco with pride in his stance. “I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks.” He retorts, causing you to grin.

And soon, after the small incident on the stairs, you and all the rest of the first year’s were soon being walked into the Great Hall by the teacher who had explained how this would go earlier. Four lines of long, rectangular tables were placed in the middle of the large room, candles floating above everyone. There was an illusion that mimicked the castle ceiling as a starry night sky. You gaped and gasped at every little corner and crevice of the massive room.

“It’s not real, the ceiling. It’s just bewitched to look like the night sky…” Hermione explained, breaking you out of your daze. 

“It’s so beautiful!” Charlotte gushed at you, looking up at the ceiling with a sparkle of wonder in her eyes. You nodded, agreeing with her.

Suddenly, as the crowd came to a stop, the woman from before began to talk again.

“Now, before we begin, Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words.”

Everyone’s eyes averted to a man wearing a purple robe and black robe with a huge, white beard topped with a pair of glasses upon the bridge of his nose. Intrigued, you had started to walk forward, startling Charlotte. And soon you were near the front of the crowd, brushing hands with someone. A gasp escaped your mouth as you felt a spark surge up your hand and throughout you entire body, and you looked to your right to connect eyes Draco. His expression startled you, bitter and cold.

“S-Sorry.” You apologized, feeling your cheeks heat up under his gaze.

His brows furrowed, his eyes turning even colder, but his tone of voice was slightly different than you had expected.

“It’s okay.” He stated, pulling his hand away from yours.

You looked away from him when you felt a tap on your shoulder, looking to your right to see a confused Charlotte by your side.

“Why’d you leave me?” She asked, looking between you and Draco, causing him to look away from you and back to Professor Dumbledore in a rush.

You blinked at her, unsure of what to say, your thoughts still glued to what happened only a minute ago. You had quit listening to what the woman was saying before you all, and just looked toward the ground, frowning.

“Hermione Granger!” The woman suddenly called, pulling you out of your thoughts and drawing your attention back to the matter at hand.

You watched as Hermione whispered to herself before stepping upon the platform ahead of everyone and sitting on a chair placed there, the woman placing a witches hat upon her head that abruptly started talking.

You gasped, listening to what it had to say, drawing Draco and Charlotte’s attention.

“Ahh, right then.” The Sorting Hat gruffed. “Hmm, right… okay.. GRYFFINDOR!” It announced, sorting Hermione into her house.

Interesting… You thought, giggling to yourself.

“Would you stop being so loud?!” Draco spat at you, causing you to wince.

“Draco Malfoy!” His name was called for sorting, and he froze, slowly making his way up the platform.

You glared at the back of his head until he turned around to sit down, his eyes immediately connecting with yours. Your breath caught in your throat, your mind floating with questions as to why you were acting this way under just his gaze.

“SLYTHERIN!” The hat yelled before it could even sit atop of his head.

Draco smirked at you, making his way over to the table that had been cheering for him. You groaned under your breath.

Of course he’s Slytherin!

“Y/N Y/L/N!” Your name was called next, releasing a gasp from your mouth. You closed your eyes for a second before tiptoeing your way up the platform and onto the seat.

The hat was placed on your head just as your bum touched the seat. “OH!” It had shouted, seeming as if it were pondering upon your position. “Hmm… You’re an interesting one, aren’t you? Very courageous… very mature… Yet, very shy- HUFFLEPUFF!”

The table you would sit down at cheered and hollered for you, and you smiled, immediately running over to them. Everyone who sat there patted your back and welcomed you with a warm hug. However, you felt a pair of piercing eyes burning into your back. You looked behind you, immediately connecting eye contact with Draco Malfoy once again.

His expression was cold and bitter, but his eyes showed a glimmer of humor in them. You smiled at him, showing him he had no power over you, and turned back around to your table, smiling down at your lap.

Oh, you just knew this year was going to be interesting!

And you could not wait for the fun to begin!

Harry didn’t like being touched by most people; he did, however, crave the physical contact of the people he let into his life. He rarely initiated the touches, and had reduced Molly to tears one year when they’d gone to a Samhain memorial ceremony for Fred one year, when he’d put an arm around her shoulder and had given her a soft squeeze.

But he loved when Hermione or Ginny fussed over his hair, he felt a sense of happy belonging when Ron clasped his shoulder after a match and he was currently enjoying the way Draco grabbed at him as if he couldn’t decide which part of Harry he needed to feel first. They bumped against the wall next to the door, turning in a complex dance that had one after the other pressed against unyielding surfaces in rhythmic progression.
seeing him again ☓ niall&harry

Niall quite liked the weather outside today. Which is why he chose to sit outside while he waited for the waiter to come back to take his order, his eyes skimming through the menu. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a very familiar face he hadn’t seen in well over a year. From first glance, not much had changed except for the obvious hair cut he knew Harry had gotten for his role in Dunkirk. Niall thought for a moment about what he was going to say but thought maybe just a simple greeting would suffice. He didn’t know whether or not Harry still shared the same feelings he did even long after they had gone their separate ways. “Harry? Is that you?” he called out hoping to grab the other’s attention. 

A Winter Storm with Patrick Stump

I trace my fingers down the window pane, drawing designs in the condensation my breath had made as I stare out into the world. The first snow of the season had turned my bland, boring front yard into a gorgeous winter wonderland, and it seriously sucked. Several inches of snow may mean a beautiful landscape, but it also meant that my plans with Patrick, our first date, are cancelled. Sadly, I glance down at my phone and push send on my text.

“Hey Trick, snow storm’s coming, no day in the park for us :( “

I sigh and lock my phone, moving away from the window, and back towards the couch in my living room. This blows, I’ve been looking forward to this date since last week when Patrick asked me, finally picking up on the fact that I liked him. In the middle of my wallowing, my phone lights up with a text from Patrick.

“ Don’t worry, I always have a plan B ;). See you in ten”

Confused, but excited, I crack a smile, and jump off the couch. If Patrick is coming here, in ten minutes no less, I seriously needed to change out of the gross over sized shirt and old sweats I was wearing. I speed towards my bedroom, and over to the closet. Changing into dark grey leggings, with a soft maroon sweater over a black tank top, I can’t deny my heartbeat, the one that always seems to speed up when I think of Patrick. I duck into my bathroom, and hurriedly pull a brush through my hair. I pull my hair into a decent looking french braid, before throwing on some mascara. As I give myself one more look over, I hear the doorbell ring. I scurry out of the bathroom, through the living room, and pull open the door to reveal Patrick, wrapped up in a big heavy coat and scarf, with a huge bag slung over his shoulder. I see his eyes light up as they catch mine, and he steps through the door. He sets down his bag on the floor, shrugs off his coat and scarf, hangs them on the coat rack, and turns toward me with a smile.

“ Hey (Y/N), enjoying the weather?” He says with a smile

I laugh and pull him into a hug, “ Not particularly but i’ll live”

“ Good to hear because I have made great plans for us today, and I am personally very excited,” He says as he pulls his fedora off and hangs it on the rack, next to his coat.

“ Oh yea and what could those plans be? We can’t even leave the house, Trick”

“ Exactly! So we will party, here, by ourselves, all day, and it will be great!”

I laugh a little at his enthusiasm, but can’t deny my own curiosity as he heaves his bag off of the floor, over to the couch and onto the coffee table.

“ So here I have Mariokart and Just Dance for Wii, Life and Sorry!, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter movies, and Lord of the Rings, plus hot chocolate, popcorn, sour patch kids, and poptarts.” He speeds through his list, an excited grin on his face.

I laugh at his child-like enthusiasm. “ Alright, alright, I’m in. But be prepared, because I WILL kick your ass at almost all games mentioned above”

“ Well I accept your challenge madame, let the games begin”

For the next several hours we cycle through Mariokart and Just Dance, and Life, before abandoning Sorry! and deciding to move on to some movies.

“ Okay I’ll get the movie, you grab the food” I say, standing up from the ground, reaching out my hand and pulling him up.

“Sounds good to me, food happens to be one of my favorite things”

I chuckle at the way he eagerly heads toward the kitchen, before grabbing the first Harry Potter movie and slipping it into the player. A few minutes later, Patrick walks back into the room, balancing two very full cups of hot chocolate, and a bag of sour patch kids and poptarts clutched between his elbow and his side. Laughing at his concentration, I jump up and grab the snacks from under his arm. He cracks a smile, and meets my eye, a strange look on his face

“You know, I don’t want to watch a movie” he says.

“What? Why not?” I respond, confused.

“ I don’t know I just…want to talk I guess”

“ I have an idea” I say, smiling at him.

I leave a confused Patrick in the living room, stride into my bedroom, and begin to push an armchair away from the windows.

Patrick follows me, asking“What are you doing?”

“Just wait” I say with a smile. I pull the comforter down from my bed, along with my pillows, and set up a nice sitting area for us, before returning to the window and pulling open the curtains. The room fills with light as the darkening sky outside is revealed through the windows. I sit down on the comforter on the ground, lean against the bed, and look up at Patrick.

“Well? Are you coming over here or what?”

Patrick smiles again, before walking over, handing me my hot chocolate and sitting next to me. I snuggle closer to him and pull my knees to my chest as Patrick places his arm around my shoulders. I wrap my hands around my mug and look over at him

“How’s this?” I whisper.

He smiles at me and whispers back “Perfect,” before pressing his lips to my temple, and then resting his head on top of mine, pulling me closer and looking out the windows at the storm that’s still raging outside. Sitting here, inside the house, and wrapped in Patrick’s arms, I think that maybe this storm isn’t such a bad thing.

"That One Bar She Loves" One Shot

Author: the-game-of-fandoms

Original imagine: Imagine Dean looking at you dancing with another guy in a bar, after a bad fight

Word count: 1795

Warnings: cursing, drinking


“Where are you going?” she asked when he stood up from the table. He pointed to the empty bottle of ‘hunter’s helper,’ as he called it.

“Dean, come on, that was almost half-full, how are you still walking straight?”

“That’s just a warm-up, sweetheart” he said, trying to make another one of his jokes that usually made her laugh. She didn’t know what it was about that sentence though, maybe it was the tone he used, maybe it was the use of the word sweetheart, but he sounded just like any other drunken idiot in a bar that was about to hit on her and try to slip his hand under her skirt. God knows she had enough of those. Suddenly, she found herself really bothered and she slapped the book shut.

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He's in the mood

So I hope you like this one. Let me know. The second one should be up soon! Thanks for thee prompt!


You were curled up on couch reading your book when Liam came home from the studio. You greeted him distractedly when he walked into the room, but then went back to your book, of which you were thoroughly engrossed. Liam quietly slipped into the space behind you, against the couch cushions and you allowed your body to be pulled against his chest, curling into the warmth. It was peaceful for a few minutes, until Liam’s hands moved from your waist to the tops of your thighs, running his nimble fingers gently along the skin there. You reached down from your book to slap at his hands, “Li, I’m at a really good part” you told, making him groan, but he did pull his hands back. Another few minutes of peace passed, before you felt his hot breath on your neck followed by his gentle lips. His lips made their path up your neck, along your jaw and back to the spot behind your ear. “Liam,” you whined, “Hmmm” he hummed against your skin, making you shiver, “I’m trying to read, you’re distracting.” You said in a weak voice. “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you” he said with a smirk, before sucking slightly at your skin, and that was the last straw, you closed your book, throwing it aside. That was all the encouragement Liam needed, he turned you so you were on your back and he was hovering over you, before you pulled him down and connected your lips. He took control, biting and sucking at your bottom lip, you finally letting his hands roam.    


You smiled for another flashing camera on the red carpet, Harry’s arm wrapped securely around your waist. As you moved on, down the carpet, you felt Harry’s warm hand move lower till it was resting on the top of your bum. You stopped for the next photo and Harry’s hand started to slip lower. “Harry” you hissed, glancing at him quickly in warning. Harry smirked moving his hand back, only to lean in close and kiss your cheek, at least that’s what it looked like to the cameras. “Babe, you look so hot, I wanna see that dress on the floor so I can run my hands all of you, then make you feel so good” Harry whispered in a rough voice, making you flush bright red. But you smiled anyway and played along with Harry as he continued to be very hands on as you walked down the carpet, verging on inappropriate. When you finally stepped out of range of the many camera’s you sighed in relief. “Harry, what’s wrong with you, there were camera’s everywhere” you said quickly. But Harry’s hands didn’t stop their path over your hips, “I needed you, I still need you babe” he said slightly desperately, “come on there’s a bathroom this way” he told you quietly grabbing your hand and dragging you with him. “Harry” you protested weakly, but quickly gave in, admittedly his touches had got you slightly flustered as well.  


You and Niall hauled the last boxes up into your room, you dropped it onto the floor and stood with your hands on your hip, looking around at the room, which consisted of a bed, dresser, bed side table and a pile of boxes. “This is going to take so long to unpack,” you sighed, “where should we start Ni?” “I think it can wait till tomorrow” Niall said from behind you, his arms lacing around your waist.  “Why, we could start it now” you said confused. Niall spun you around in his arms, “I think I have a much better idea for our afternoon” Niall said with a smirk, walking you backwards towards the bed. “Hmmm” you said with your own smirk, “what could that possibly be” you asked teasingly. Just as you were about to speak again, Niall cut you off by connecting your lips together in a rough kiss. He pulled back slightly as your legs hit the edge of the bed. “I think the first thing we need to do is break in the new bedroom,” Niall mumbled against your lips. You squealed slightly as Niall pushed you back down onto the bed and crawled over the top of you. “Niall we really should unpack something today” you tried to insist. But Niall was having none of it he kissed along your jaw, before finally silencing you with his lips locking yours in a passionate kiss.


You had just joined Louis on tour for a week, but seeing as your plane had been delayed you arrived after Louis had already left for sound check. When you finally arrived at the venue you decided to wait for Louis in the dressing room, you collapsed onto the lounge and stretched out, enjoying the extra room you had missed on the plane. It didn’t take too long before your boyfriend Louis came racing into the room, “Y/N!” he exclaimed happily. You smiled but were cut off from replying by Paul’s voice coming through the door, “boys you have 20 minutes before you need to be with the stylists.” “Yeh, yeh, that’s enough time” Louis said absentmindedly while closing the door and rushing over to you. He wasted no time in clambering on top of you, so he was supporting himself on his forearms on either side of your head. “I missed you” he said locking your lips together in a desperately passionate kiss. His hands slipped down to the edge of your shirt and he started to push it up, but you twisted away from the kiss to speak “Lou, the boys” you said in a rough voice. “I told them to leave us alone” he said trying again to push your shirt up. “Louis!” you exclaimed making him stop momentarily, “now all the boys know what we’re doing.” “I don’t care” Louis groaned connecting your lips again.  You twisted away to protest again but Louis just moved to your collarbone, sucking on the soft skin there and you moaned, forgetting any protests you had, “Louis I missed you” you whispered out instead.


You took a deep breath, trying to stop the anger that was slowly bubbling up, from exploding. You decided to count to ten but at 6 you couldn’t take it anymore, “seriously Zayn I’m sick of this” you screamed suddenly, making him look up at you I shock. “I hate when you don’t come home when you say you will and don’t bother to text me to let me know where you are.” You started to rant, “and I know it makes me sound like a clingy bitch, but would it kill you to send a text, send me a fucking tweet if it’s easier” you raged. By this time Zayn had stood up and was slowly walking towards you. You took a deep breath to start again but your words dwindled off when you looked up to see Zayn right in front of you with a dark look in his eyes. “Z-zayn what are you….” you stuttered, but he cut you off by slamming his lips against yours, his hands grabbing your waist and pushing your back against the nearest wall. “Babe, you look so hot when you’re mad” Zayn mumbled against your lips. You pushed him away, slightly out of breath, “no, I wasn’t finished yet” you said sternly. “Babe I get it, I’m sorry I’ll text next time, hell I’ll even call if it makes you happy” Zayn said in a rushed voice, “just please, I need you now” he said. He looked at you with pouted lips and desperate eyes his hands roaming over your hips and up under your shirt. You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t working and though you tried to hold onto the anger it didn’t take you long to grab his shirt and pull his lips towards yours, channelling your anger into the desperate kiss. 

Hope you liked it. Let me know if you did.

One direction and 5SOS prompts welcome!!


same tyleroakley … same.

more in the veela!zayn ‘verse. 

When they were in fifth year, Zayn had had a crush on a sixth year Slytherin named Cassandra Simone. He hadn’t done anything about it, but Harry remembers how he’d acted with her, then. He hadn’t paid a lot of attention, because it was before Harry started remembering every little thing Zayn did, cataloguing it like his own private goblin’s hoard, but it had been so rare for Zayn to let himself show that much emotion that they’d all taken note. So Harry remembers how Zayn had looked at her, stared like she was amazing; how he’d acted when Louis decided to torture him and called her over to chat with them, the shy glances and solicitousness and how he’d laughed at her jokes even when they weren’t funny.

So he knows what Zayn looks like, when he’s into someone. And well. Harry sees how Zayn looks at him when he thinks Harry can’t see him. Hears how Zayn laughs at the worst of his jokes. Zayn had taken off to take care of him when he was ill, is always there for Harry when he needs it. Harry’d even asked Niall if he was hallucinating, because for all he knew the wanting had just gotten too strong and he was starting to grasp at straws. But Niall had agreed, something had changed, Zayn wasn’t treating Harry the same.

And that changes everything, Harry thinks, as he watches Zayn hum quietly as he messes about in the kitchen, far too low for Harry to hear. He’d come over after work to have dinner with Harry, just because, then had kicked Harry out of the kitchen so he could cook. That meant something. It had to. It’s basically a date, Zayn cooking for Harry, just the two of them. It’s definitely Zayn doing something for Harry, something he didn’t have to.

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