the way he got dragged off his feet

The Mysterious Case of Missing Moose Items

Warnings: None. Just fluffiness
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You keep taking Sam’s stuff
Reader’s Age: Any
Word Count: 588(like I said it’s a drabble)

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Wrote half of this awhile ago when I still had my laptop and I finished it a few days ago and boom here it is! Also figured y'all needed something nice and fluffy after the last imagine… Heh… Enjoy!

“Dean, have you seen my laptop?” Sam asked his brother, looking frantically around the library.

“No. Did you lose it?”

Sam gave Dean the classic Winchester bitch-face. “If I hadn’t lost it, I wouldn’t be asking you,” Sam snarked.

“Well looks like you also just lost my help,” Dean picked up his book and walked off.

Sam’s alarm clock blared in his room and startled him awake. He rolled over with a groan and shut it off. Sighing, he got up and dragged his feet, heavy with sleep, over to his dresser. Sam opened a drawer, realizing he only had two flannels left. With a confused look, Sam took one of the two flannels left and came to the conclusion that simply no one’s done the laundry in awhile.

Sam had a shower, got dressed and made his way to the library.

“Is Y/N up yet?” Sam asked once he saw Dean scrolling on his laptop, feet up on the table and leaning back in a chair.

“Not that I know of,” Dean answered, noticing Sam’s flannel. “Didn’t you wear that a few days ago?”

“I thought so too…” Sam looked down at his clothes, “All my shirts and flannels are disappearing. Has anyone done the laundry?”

“Yeah. Y/N did it yesterday,” Dean told Sam, fianlly getting into this odd mystery.

“Maybe she hasn’t brought my clothes to my room yet.” Sam said just above a whisper, but with the quiet that the Bunker always had, Dean heard.

“Dean!” Sam yelled from down the hall, peeking his head out of his bedroom door.

“What?!” Dean yelled back, not bothering to get up from his comfy spot in a chair.

“Did you take one of my books?” Sam yelled back, walking around the corner into the kitchen.

Dean called back, “Dude, I haven’t taken any of your stuff.”

Sam’s eyebrows furrowed together, wondering why his stuff keeps magically disappearing.

Sam’s thoughts were interrupted as he saw you waltz into the kitchen. His eyes instantly went to the flannel you were wearing, not just any flannel, his flannel.

Sam cleared his throat. “Y/N?” You turned around, giving him a silent cue to continue. “Is that my flannel?” He pointed to the giant red plaid flannel you were wearing. You looked down at it and fiddled with the soft, long sleeves.

“Uhmmm… no?” you answered, avoiding Sam’s eyes in hopes he won’t make you give them back.

“Are you the one stealing my stuff?” Sam couldn’t help the grin that wormed it’s way in.

“Okay,” you huffed in defeat. “I usually just take like one or two of your flannels, but then I kept losing them so I kept taking more…”

Sam gave you a straight and unreadable face, making you crack like an egg. “They’re comfy!” you defended, waving your hands around and the long sleeves flew around, nearly hitting a pan.

“I want my flannels back, and all the other stuff you took from me,” Sam chuckled, “but… you can keep one.

“Fine…” You pouted, shuffling back to your room to find all the hidden flannels you stole. Dean started laughing as he watched the mystery unfold.

“I don’t get why she goes after my things,” Sam chuckled.

“As long as she doesn’t take my stuff…” Dean snarked, earning an eye roll from Sam. “Y'know… Some of my blankets have been going missing- Y/N!!” Dean yelled, racing out of the kitchen after you as he heard Sam burst out laughing.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Peter in so much pain

You heard the door unlock to your apartment. You looked at the door confused, of course it would be Peter but he usually came through the window.

You heard a groan from the other side of the door,“ Peter?"you called.

"Mmmm,” he groaned again. He seemed like he was in so much pain.

You ran to the door and opened it.


He lost his balance and fell on top of you.

“Oh my gosh, baby, what happened?”

He just kept responding in groans of pain.

You gently roll him to the side so you can get up and close the door, carefully moving his legs out of the way.

You pull him up and he lays on you, all jelly like. He couldn’t move and his arms were just dangling as you dragged him to your room.

You got his suit off and he laid on your bed naked. Except for boxers of course.

You examined his bruised up body. It looked like a galaxy, that’s how bruised up he was.

“Oh my gosh,” you said,“ Pete what happened?”

He just hummed a response.

You looked at his face and saw how dry and busted his lips were. It must’ve been so painful to talk.

You left to go to the kitchen and got some frozen peas.

When you got back, you pulled Peter all the way up on the bed so his feet weren’t dangling on the edge.

You laid the frozen peas all over his chest.

You also brought back frozen ice cubes wrapped in towels, to place on his lips.

You sat right above him, placing his head to lay on your lap.

You carefully press the towel on his lips and he winced.


You ran your finger through his hair, knowing it’ll help him sleep.

In about an hour or so, Peter was able to move more, still in a bit of pain but not as bad as he was when he got home.

“Do you want some tea, honey?” You asked.

He shook his head no,“ can we just cuddle for the night, baby. I really need it.”

“Of course,” you said, leaning down to give his temple a kiss.

You got up and got a new blanket.

You laid it on top of him and tucked it under his chin. You crawled in next to him. He instantly hugged your waist, and laid his head right on top of your breast. You wrap your legs gently around his waist and hugged his head.

You nuzzled his hair with your nose and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you love, for taking care of me.”

“No problem baby, are you ready to tell me what happened now?”

You waited for his respond and you looked down seeing him fast asleep.

His breathing and light snores filled up the silent air, helping you fall fast asleep as well.

A/N: Feed back would be great! I hope you like this super quick fic that I wrote :) I’ve been obsessed about Peter for a couple of days and I can’t stop writing about him so here’s another one :D
Ps. Cuddles help solve everything

Those who are Broken | Chapter Eight

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 3195

I spent most of the weekend writing for ten minutes before going back to bed with a heating pad and accepting death. Ya girl got this shit in check

Chapter list

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You eventually found your way back to your apartment. After leaving Taehyung, you were so pissed at how stupid he was, that you went for a walk around the academy. There was no point in lying when you know you were lost hours ago and had no idea where to go to find something that looked familiar. You also hated yourself for being that mad that you ended up lost. You haven’t been that mad since you were first kicked out of the orphanage—briefly kicked out if you were going to be technical.

After punching in the code, you entered your apartment just as Jimin came in through your window. As he looked up, the two of you met gazes in complete, awkward silence.

You forgot to lock your fucking window.

You looked away, not wanting to feel your heart race and those damn butterflies flutter in your stomach. Looking down towards his chest region, something red caught your attention. Looking down towards his hand, you noticed blood trickling. You were at his side within seconds, taking his bloody hand in yours.

“Are you okay? Does it hurt? We should clean it up,” you said in a rush, the tips of your fingers trying to lightly wipe away the blood so that you could see how deep the wound on his knuckles were. You felt him flinch. You apologized, looking up at him. He was staring down at you in slight surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it when nothing came out. You took a step back, letting go of his hand. “We should clean that up. I have a first aid kit in the bathroom,” you informed, turning around and walking towards your bathroom without even giving a glance in his direction.

What is wrong with you? What the hell happened back there?

When did you become concerned for Jimin? That’s the question that should be asked.

But you knew. You knew exactly why you were like this. And you were beginning to hate yourself for it.

“Keep your hand under the water,” you told him, going for the first aid kit in the mirror cabinet. You heard him turn on the sink water. Turning back towards him, you placed the kit on the counter, opening the lid and began to pull out the necessities. Grabbing the towel from the corner of the counter, you carefully took his hand from under the water and began to lightly pat his cut dry. Tossing the towel to the ground, you began to work on cleaning and bandaging his hand.

You were quiet as you tried your best not to hurt him, but you knew the ointment would sting. You apologized to him several times when he lightly flinched, but he remained quiet. When you finished taking care of his hand, you looked up at the small cut on his lip. You cupped his cheeks, careful not to touch him with your finger covered in ointment, and brought him to eye level. With your finger, you lightly dabbed the ointment on his cut before placing a Band-Aid over it.

You finally went from his lips to meet his eyes. It was then that you realized how close the two of you were. You wanted to jump back, but played it off by turning your attention to the first aid kit. You began to pack up. “You didn’t come here to have your cuts cleaned,” you began, placing the items back in the box, “so why are you here?”

“Is he okay?” he asked, somewhat avoiding your question.

“Who? Taehyung?” you asked, and when he didn’t reply, it confirmed your answer. “He’s being an idiot—just like you.” You closed the lid to the first aid kit and placed it back to its original place. “Whatever the hell the two of you are fighting over, get over it and apologize.” Turning to face him, you were met with a blank stare. Growing frustrated by his lack of expression, you rolled up your sleeves and ran a hand through your hair. “I don’t know how Taehyung is because I yelled at him, too.” You walked past him. “So, if you want to know how he’s doing, go ask Jungkook, or ask him yourself.”

You sometimes wondered if he was as stubborn as Taehyung. He never apologizes first, and he would never admit to being in the wrong. Either he was right, or you’d probably never hear from him again. With you, however, Taehyung never disappeared off the face of the earth when the two of you fought. He would disappear for a couple of hours and come back to “apologize.” The funny thing is, Taehyung never actually apologizes. He either bought you something cute to say how sorry he was, or “I’m sorry, I was wrong” sex. Usually the latter.

You made your way towards the front door, telling him, “Taehyung should either be somewhere wandering around, or at his place. You can go look for him there.” Grabbing the handle, you were about to turn it when Jimin grabbed your hand. A small yelp escaped past your lips as he spun you around to face him. You stared up at him, his eyes on you before traveling down to his hand holding yours. You followed his gaze until your eyes landed on his name inked on your inner wrist. You immediately covered it with your hand.

“My name is on your wrist,” he said in a low voice. Using his other hand, he lightly grabbed a hold of your hand covering your wrist. You weakly gave in, letting him move your hand back to your side. “Why?”

You let out a soft scoff. “You make it sound like I know. I’m guessing because of all the encounters we had, and all the persistence coming from you,” you told him, looking off to the side. “I’m more broken than before.” He brushed his fingers along your wrist—as if he was trying to wipe it away. “I’ve already tried—” A sudden knock interrupted you causing you to jump a bit. You turned your head towards the door behind you, but Jimin carefully cupped your cheek, turning your attention back towards him. He shook his head.

The knock came again. “Cupcake, open up. I need to talk to Jimin,” Taehyung said from the other side of the door.

Jimin? How does Taehyung know Jimin is at your place?

“How did you know I was here?” Jimin asked, eyes still on you.

The butterflies in your stomach were multiplying.

“You came in through her window like a fucking creep. If you’re going to be sneaking into people’s apartments, at least do it when no one is looking,” Taehyung replied, voice low and exhausted. “Can you open the door?”

Jimin took several steps back, allowing you to open the door for the brunette waiting outside. You turned around, unlocking the door, and opened it. Taehyung leaned a hand against the doorframe, several cuts on his cheek and corner of his lip. His clothes were dirty, and his hair disheveled.

“Taehyung, what the hell happened to you?” you asked, opening the door more for him to enter.

Pushing himself off the doorframe, his familiar box-like grin appeared on his face. “I ran into Seohyun and her boy toy—”

Before he could finish his statement, a figure appeared out of nowhere, tackling Taehyung to the ground. Jimin was out in the hall in an instant, staring down the hall where you could hear grunts and fists meeting body parts. Jimin opened his mouth to say something, but another figure appeared from behind him, attacking him and both falling to the ground.

“Jimin!” As you took one step towards the hallway to stop the fight that was happening, you felt something hard hit your cheek.

Your cheek stung as you turned your head to see a familiar face smirking at you. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now,” Seohyun said, bringing her hand back and throwing a punch in your direction. You threw yourself backwards, barely missing her fist. You stumbled a bit, but quickly regained your balance as you watched Seohyun enter your apartment and run straight for you. When you moved to the side, watching her stumble past you, she yelled, “Why the hell are you ruining my life!” She turned back around to throw another punch in your direction, but she missed again. “First you leave a cut on my face—ruining my party.” She threw another punch, missing you again. “Now you’re trying to steal Jimin away from me!”

Steal him away? You don’t even talk to Jimin, and she’s accusing you of stealing him from her? She can have Jimin all she wants—

Seohyun took advantage of the confused look on your face, and brought her fist to your cheek. You stumbled back. “Come on, you stupid bitch. I thought you were the tough one?” she mocked, making her way towards you.

As quickly as you could, you lunged for her, throwing both of you to the ground. You got on top of her, but Seohyun was faster, hitting you across the face. She hit you again, but you caught her hand before she could throw her third punch. You threw in two good hits before you were lifted off her and tossed to the side. You glared up at as an unfamiliar man lift Seohyun to her feet, sleep evident on his face, but he was beyond pissed. Seohyun was yelling, holding her bleeding nose, as she was dragged out of your apartment. You quickly followed, watching as Seohyun continued to scream and curse.

“Would you shut the fuck up?” the man dragging her yelled, lifting her off the ground as she continued to struggle. It was then you realized it was the same voice who hit your neighbor for having loud sex in the middle of the night. “Get the rest of these fuckers out of here,” he said, never looking back as he continued down the hall with a screaming Seohyun.

You turned towards the group of guys. Jimin and Taehyung, along with two other guys were being escorted out the building. “Wait,” you called running up to the group. You pushed past the guys until you reached Taehyung and Jimin. Grabbing their hands, you told them, “They’re with me.” Staring up at one of the guys, who didn’t look like he got the shit beat out of him, you watched him stare at you for a second before nodding, pushing the other two down the hall. When the three of you were alone in the hallway, you let out a sigh. “Tae, what the hell was that?” You turned to look up at the brunette next to you.

He looked down at you, a big smile plastered on his face. “Sorry about that, Cupcake. I didn’t think they’d actually follow me, or bring a friend for that matter.”

You shook your head, letting out a sigh. “Let’s get inside and clean your cuts.” You turned towards Jimin, staring down at his bandaged hand in yours. Blood seeped through the bandage. “We’ll have to rebandage this.” You dragged the two into your apartment, letting their hands go once they were inside.

You walked back into the bathroom to grab the first aid kit from the cabinet. Walking out of the bathroom, you made your way towards the couch where Taehyung and Jimin sat. Taehyung had his eyes close as he rested his head on the backrest. Jimin sat on the couch in silence, staring down at his hands. You placed yourself between them, getting on your knees as you began to work on Taehyung. He let out a hum as you rubbed the ointment on his cuts.

“Tae…” Jimin trailed off.

“Just,” Taehyung began, bringing his hand closer to your bare leg, rubbing circles on your skin with his thumb, “find someone better than her.”

“Sorry, Tae,” Jimin quietly said, his voice barely loud enough for you to hear.

“Me too. Are we cool?” Taehyung asked, his circles slowing down.

“Of course.”

Taehyung let out a small smile. “That’s good…” Taehyung’s breathing slowed.

You finished what you could as you go off the couch. “Can you help me?” you asked, gesturing towards the sleeping brunette. Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s legs as you held his head. Together, the two of you shifted him into a lying position on the couch. You went to the small dresser up against the wall and grabbed a small, white blanket. You draped it over Taehyung’s sleeping form before grabbing the first aid kit and made your way towards the table. You sat down, placing the kit on the table and grabbed the chair, pulling it in front of you. You looked towards Jimin, patting the chair expectantly. “You’re next.”

You watched as Jimin made his way over to you, sitting himself on the chair in front of you. You got to work on his old cuts, and now new ones. It was silent between the two of you as you tried to focus on cleaning his cuts, but you could feel his eyes on you.

If the two of you continued to sit in this silence, you’d probably explode. From whatever was causing you to squirm under his gaze.

“I’m sorry she did whatever she did,” you told him, wrapping his hand in a new bandage.

“She cheated.”

“Ah.” You gave a curt nod. You could tell him how much of a bitch she is, and how he deserves better. Well, everyone deserves better if they were to date her. Seohyun was trash, but you figured Jimin already knew that. Plus, she is his soulmate, so you can’t talk bad about her. You finally finished cleaning his cuts. “Thankfully both you and Taehyung know how to fight, so your cuts aren’t anything serious.” You began to pack, but stopped when Jimin’s hand took a hold of yours. You turned towards him, hoping the blush appearing on your cheeks weren’t that visible. “What?”

“You have cuts, too,” he said, grabbing the kit from your hands and began to pull out the ointment and Band-Aid. You watched as he lightly dabbed his finger in the ointment before carefully smearing it on the cut on your cheek. You lightly winced. It was cold and stung a bit. “Why did you date Taehyung?”

Sooner or later, you knew this question would come. You were honestly hoping it would be later, but fate just said fuck you and presented the question you didn’t want to answer. But with Jimin cleaning your cut carefully, and your heart racing, you found yourself answering him, “I didn’t believe the rumors of Broken not being able to feel love.” You kept your attention on the Band-Aid on his cheek. “I met Taehyung by accident when we were both trying to steal the same thing. He was more of a “first come, first serve” kind of person and sort of stole what I was aiming for.” You chuckled. “Bastard gave it to me for our anniversary.”

“So, you dated him out of curiosity,” Jimin said, placing a Band-Aid on your left cheek.

“I wanted to believe that we could feel, but after two years of dating, I guess the rumors were true.” You closed your eyes as he got to work on the cut on your cheekbone.

“Do you believe any rumors Broken spread?” Jimin asked, rubbing a small circle on your cheekbone.

“You mean the doppelganger one? That’s the most recent rumor. That’s a lie. It’s just giving us hope for something that can never happen.” There was a rumor going around saying that if a Broken’s doppelganger did something worse than what a Broken had did, then that doppelganger is basically sentenced to death. The Broken dies, but is reincarnated as their doppelganger. Memories and all are there. A rumor that is giving them nothing but false hope.

Same thing with some other dimension giving people one hundred days to find their soulmate before they die. Everyone has a soulmate. Again, lies.

“You’re finished,” he said, placing all the items back in the box before sliding it over to you.

“Thank you,” you said, picking up the box. You got to your feet, but immediately sat back down. “Why are you suddenly different?” you couldn’t help but ask, catching him off guard by your question. “You’ve hated me since we first met.”

Jimin leaned back in his chair, a sigh escaping past his lips. “I never hated you.”

“That’s a lie.”

“I was protecting Taehyung.” Jimin’s eyes wandered to the couch where the brunette was fast asleep. “He’s my best friend.”

You stared at Jimin. You could see it in his eyes how much Taehyung meant to him. Taehyung never mentioned any of the guys to you, but just the look on Jimin’s face said everything. They’ve been through a lot of hard times, great moments, and so much more. Jimin would do anything for Taehyung, and so would you.

“I guess you can say he’s my best friend, too,” you told him, watching his gaze land back on you. “More like he’s all I have. He’s keeping me sane in this fucked up world.” You shrugged, getting up from your seat. “I’d recommend you climb through the window to go back to your place. Those guys might be outside the complex waiting for you.” You pushed your chair back to its original place. “I’m sorry your soulmate is a bitch.” You froze, mentally hitting yourself for being so blunt. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“She’s not my soulmate,” he said, getting up from his seat and pushing the chair in. You frowned, looking up at him. Seeing your confusion as to why he would date someone like her, he continued, “She was, but not anymore.”

“She was…”

“I woke up this morning with a new name on my wrist.”

Jimin was the last rare case in the group. It wasn’t Namjoon or the other two. It was Jimin.

“Ah. So, how does that work?” you asked.

“It’s usually based off of my feelings for someone,” he said in a nonchalant manner.

“You had feelings for—” you stopped yourself, holding up your hands. “I’m sorry. You must have liked her for a reason.”

You were just fucking things up badly. Maybe keeping your mouth shut is the best option.

“Are you sure my name is on your wrist?” Jimin asked, eyes on his name inked into your wrist.

“I’ve spent hours trying to wipe it off thinking it was a pen or marker, but apparently, it’s real,” you told him staring down at your wrist. “But don’t worry, your soulmate doesn’t need to know about this.” Incoherent words left Jimin’s mouth, causing you to look up at him in confusion. “What?”

Letting out a sigh, he pushed his sleeve up, revealing his inked wrist. “Your name was found on my wrist this morning.”

Looking down at his hand, you found your name inked across his wrist in perfect cursive.

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Idek if you're taking requests but if you are can you write a Harry imagine where you guys get invited to a Christmas Eve party and Harry seems like he doesn't want to go but you don't know why and at the party he's being really clingy and quiet and eventually he asks you guys if you can leave and he looks almost like he's in pain and once you guys get home he breaks down and starts getting really sick and is upset because he's really sick to his stomach on Christmas. Thanks love!

Thank you for the request sweetie. I’m sorry for the extreme delay! I hope this mends it! Love ya

#11: I’ll Take Care Of You

The soft padding of his feet came to be heard in the kitchen as Y/N sauntered in there, clearing up some tit-bits of their lunch. The house was awfully quiet considering the fact that they had been asleep for a while before, and now as Y/N was awake, Harry was still getting over his jetlag. 

Until his groan came loud into the kitchen and Y/N turned around in her place to see him walking in groggily, fingers rubbing his eyes and his lips pouted, pink and plump. 

“Hiya baby.” Y/N smiled as Harry now approached her with open arms. 

In reply to her he groaned some more and went in for a tight hug from her, snuggling his nose in the crook of her neck and winding his one leg around her hip in an attempt to find the desired warmth. Chuckling, Y/N wound her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his hair sweetly. 

“Why’d ya get out ‘o bed, huh?” His deeply husks, words muffled into her skin and tone extremely languid. 


“C’mon, I wanna get back, c’mon.” He didn’t even let her leave her position, and snug his arms under her bum, pulling her off of her feet and carrying all the way upstairs to their bedroom. 

Y/N shuffled the blankets away at their feet as Harry sat her on the bed. She raised her arms to him, inviting him closer to her, and Harry gratified, pushed himself down at her till they both lay on the bed, him atop her. 

His lips found her neck, peppering kisses lazily, while her hand found his hair, scratching at the scalp and tugging on his roots that gave him a lighter feeling. 

“What happened? Don’t feel good?” Y/N asks in a hush voice, tracing her lips on his outer face as he gradually paused his lips at her skin and just breathed her in in long breaths. 

“It’s too cold. Just wanna stay here, with you.” He lifts his head to her, bringing his lips down and meeting hers in a slow, soft kiss. 

Tugging at his shoulders, Y/N succeeded in bringing him under her and priced his tired face and slump mood with soft, longing kisses. Harry held her hair, tugging up in a ponytail as she slowly trailed down his face, on his neck and then on his bare chest, and the anticipation of all of this made his breathing raspier. 

She had reached the hemline of his boxer briefs and Harry couldn’t wait to give out to her when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Y/N lifted herself off of the bed, annoyed at the abruptness of this petty gadget and sat on the edge of the bed as she received the call. 

Harry sat up behind her, running a hand through his hair as he eyed her back suggestively. His hips bucked up, slowly sliding him across the mattress to her until his groan touched her behind. His arms closed around her waist, slipping his hands under her top until they met in a knot at her navel. He kissed her shoulder, back and side of her neck before resting his head on her skin, rocking back and forth with her, completely ignorant of her chit chat.  

“I can’t believe it just left my mind. God, we have time right? I mean it’s definitely not startin’ before 9 even though it says 7?” The thought of the pre-Christmas party at her friend’s home had completely left her mind; but she couldn’t really blame herself when Harry had arrived back home. 

“Okay, I’ll make it. Just let’s arrive there together so I don’t be the only one late. Kay, see ya.” She put her phone back to its place, and slowed arched her neck to see Harry’s face at her side, chin propped up on her shoulder. Resisting somehow, she grants him a peck on his lips and even after he urges for more with lip biting, she refrains and gets off of the bed. 

“We gotta get ready. There’s a party at Makayla’s place.” Y/N announces, looking at Harry now slouching back on the bed with the support on his arms. 

“And we’re not going..?” He hints slowly, giving her a curious look. 

Y/N sighs through her mouth. “We have to. It was planned like long back, Harry. I have to be there.”

“But now I’m home so we’re staying back here, baby, c’mere.” He lifts his arms to hold her but she flinches back. 

“That’s what it is. You weren’t supposed to be back till next week and I got committed to certain outings and plans which I doubt I can cancel now.” Y/N whines, biting her lip in slight tanginess of her words. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide. “So it’s coming down on me then, is it really now?” He grew serious, eyes sombre. 

“You can stay home if you want, I’ll be back soon.” Shrugging her shoulders, Y/N turned to walk to the wardrobe when he held her wrist to tug her back. 

“I’ll come with ya.” 


The house is packed and merry with familiar faces, all laughing and chatting about in casualty. Y/N smiled at her friend walking to her, enclosing her in a tight hug with her one hand that was free of Harry’s hold. Pulling away from Y/N, Makayla turned to Harry who gave her a mere smile, and quick hug, almost equivalent to a shrug. All this while, not leaving Y/N’s hand for a moment. 

“Come on, get your drinks, guys, we’ll start with some games after that.” Saying so, Makayla walked off in the party. 

Y/N looked up from her hand intertwined with his to his serious, jaw tightened face. She cupped the side of his face with her other hand and brought him down, kissing his cheeks twice. 

“I’m sorry about before, baby. Please let’s go through this thing together and all smiley?” She waited for him to respond while pressing her nose on his cheek repeatedly. 

“Hmm.” He responded, looking down at her with a slight neutral expression. 

“Now gimme a kiss and smile, sweetheart.” They kiss slowly - something a little more than a peck - and Harry pulls back, tucking his hands in the pocket of his jeans while leaving Y/N from the warmth. She frowned, nevertheless held his bicep and together, walked in the crowd. 

A while later, Y/N found herself on her third glass of wine, a little light headed as she sat on the arm rest of the couch, laughing about imbecile topics. Harry joined the group at the couch, sliding down Y/N from the armrest to his lap abruptly, almost toppling the wine glass on her lap. 

“Woah, easy there, honey.” She chuckled, looking back at Harry with glassy eyes. 

“You too there, love.” He gestured to her glass, keeping a straight face. Y/N chuckled some more and aimed for a kiss on his lips but he turned and she found his scruff under her lips. She turned back to the group, not minding his actions at the moment. 

One of the guys in the group, later, picked out his guitar and sang songs, changing the lyrics someway and making them sound chessy and sweet to the crowd. He serenaded every woman during this, looking in their eyes and smiling a handsome one. 

he approaches Y/N, shifting a chord here and there on the guitar, beginning to play soft, amorous tune with lyrics that he dragged to a slurry tone. Y/N smiled, not really minding the deal with the man - he’s just being sweet. The guy slowly drew close to her face, urging her to sing along and Y/N chuckled, looking away shyly. 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Harry’s voice came through and the music stopped, all eyes turning to the stoic man behind Y/N. 

“Yes?” The man questioned. 

Harry got up, making Y/N stay together with him. His hand came down against the man’s chest, flat, and it just seemed he was an inch away from shoving the man on to the group sat behind him. 

“That was good, but thank you, enough of it, we’re leaving.” With this, he grabs Y/N’s hand and drags her out of the building, the wine glass in her hand falling to the ground and breaking on the way. 


Y/N shuffles at the door, taking off her heels, Harry hot at her feet. She scurries away from the door in haste but Harry’s voice makes her stop. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m n-”

“What was that?” She demanded, turning around. 

Harry’s face grew struck with shock. “We were coming back, anyways, might as well did an hour or so before - what’s wrong with that?” 

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? When you had thought that you’re gonna be absolutely rude to my friends, act like absolutely out of this world person and be absolutely sulking away my mood along with yours, I guess you played really well then.” She flared her nose at him. 

Harry’s shoulders dropped.” Baby, I wasn’t feeling well at all.” 

“I told you to stay at home, didn’t I?” Y/N accused. “I think you purposely act around like this arrogant and stoic in front of my friends just to maintain this air and talk about Harry Styles, don’t you? Goodness, you’re so implausible at times.” She hurried away to their bedroom. Harry trailed behind her, quick in his steps and got inside the bedroom before she could have closed the door at his face. 

Not sparing any look to him, Y/N quietly walked to the dresser to put away her earrings. It was until she heard sniffles that she turned around. 

With his face in his hands and his figure turned small at the edge of the bed, Harry openly let his sobs be heard. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, biting her lip, and walked to him. Standing before him, she spoke,” Why are you crying?” 

With his face burried in his hands still, Harry answered. “I’m not feeling good, Y/N. After being home sick for so long, all I wanted was to spend time with you when I’d come back and you drag me to this party where there’s guys tryna flirt with ya. It makes me so sick, but is that what you’ve been doing while I was away?” 

Y/N dropped to her knees before him, clutching his wrists to bring his hands away from his face. 

“No, I would never do that, I swear, baby. And I didn’t drag you to the party, you could’ve stayed home if you wanted.” She spoke in a less monotonous and more understanding, soft voice. 

Harry looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes. “But I wanna be with you, why don’t you understand?” He burries his face back in his hands ,and Y/N’s fighting to have him look at her. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, Harry. Please look at me, I love you, I’m so so sorry, baby.” She hugs him over him trying to hide his face, and she’s squishing his body in her grip before he finally wraps his arms around her. 

“Please smile, it’s almost Christmas, baby. I’m so glad you’re home!” She squeals into his shoulder, kissing his ear and neck and everywhere that she can. 

“Please come and hold me, I’m feeling so cold.” Harry murmurs against her hair. 

“I’ll take care of you baby, I’ll love you so much. C’mon.” Y/N urges pushing him back on the bed. She wipes his cheeks as she kisses him under his eyes and moves her hands down to help him change up. 

“I love you, Y/N and I’ve missed you and I love you so much.” Harry smiles at her. 

She leans to his face, pecking a kiss on his lips and smiles back. “I’ve missed you too,bug. Love you so much.” 

And their lips meet again. 


A Small Flame || Jungkook || Pt. 6

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 6660

Genre: dystopian/utopian!au, angst, drama

Summary: In this colorless world, her vision was painted with streaks of the rainbow whenever she saw him and that was enough to start a rebellion.

Fingers cracked in the darkness of the room that was illuminated only by three screens. A figure sat in front of the three screens, his round glasses reflecting the light and his hair kept out of his face by a backwards snapback. He sat hunched, his legs crossed on the rolling chair and his longer fingers flying over the keyboards, his eyes drifting from one profile to the next, whisking past them and shoving aside people that were of no use to him. He let out a sigh as he approached a firewall. He yawned, cracked his neck, and proceeded to break the wall down with several simple taps and he was in the database further.

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Gardens (Photographer!Yoongi)

Plot: Spending a special day with photographer!Yoongi (part of the One Day series)

Word Count: 1272

A/N: so this series is basically about when BTS get really really busy and don’t have much free time and what would happen once they got a day off, where they would go, what they would do, stuff like that, the link for this is photographer!Yoongi (here)

The scent of flowers surrounded you, the click of a camera was the only sound. Your legs were beginning to grow tired from walking so much but you couldn’t bring yourself to mind when you saw the look of peace on Yoongi’s face. The thought of leaving hadn’t crossed your mind, nor his, despite having arrived three hours ago. There was something comforting about being there, maybe it was gentle breeze ruffling through your hair, maybe it was the wide smile on Yoongi’s face now that he was back in his element, maybe it was the silence, no cars, no people, none of the city noise you had grown used to.

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R&J // Jughead Jones

Hi! I love your stories! Could we get one where Jughead’s s/o got cast in a play with a kissing scene? (I’m new to the fandom so I’m not sure how he would react, but I do like angst ending with fluff.) Thank you!

Hey, welcome to the fandom! We honestly need to get a name or something because it’s full of amazing people. Anyway, this is gonna be adorable (hopefully) two in one day I’m on a roll!


I checked the school board, a smile growing on my face as I jumped for joy. I had been cadged as the main role in our schools play. I had been waiting for three years to snag a lead role and I finally did it. I turned my head to see Ronnie looking at the list of names with me.

‘Congrats, Y/N, you finally did it!’ She cheered, side hugging me. 'But, how are you going to tell Jug that you have to kiss your co-lead?’

'I haven’t thought that through yet, I’m just too excited to finally have a chance to show everyone what I can do.’ I smiled. 'But, I need to go snd face the music and slowly ease him into it. Wish me luck.’ I waved to Ronnie, catching sight of Jughead standing at his locker.

'Juggie!’ I screamed, running towards him. He lifted his head from his locker as I jumped in his arms, hugging him tightly around the neck.

'Whoa, slow down,’ he chuckled, pulling away to look down at me, 'what’s got you in a good mood?’

'Guess?’ I said, grabbing his hands.

'Um…you finally got your daily dose of white chocolate?’ He joked. I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm.

'Yes…but, no, that’s not it. Guess who got the lead in the schools play?’ I giggled. Jughead’s smile grew, hugging me again.

'I’m so proud of you! Wait - what’s the play again?’ He asked, grabbing his books out of his locker. I bit my lip awkwardly, looking down at my feet.

'It’s uh - R&J…’ I dragged out, waiting to see his reaction. He jerked his head in my direction quickly, his eyes wide.

'Wait - you mean Romeo and Juliet? You know you’re going to have to-’

'Yes I know that.’ I sighed, cutting him off. 'But, maybe I might find a way around it?’ I suggested. The frown on his face never changed, making me sign in annoyance. 'Oh cmon, I’ve been waiting for this since…forever, to finally have a chance at a lead role.’

He slammed his locker shut, frowning at me. 'You don’t get it, Y/N. The thought of someone else kissing you makes me angry. It’s a Shakespeare play about two star crossed lovers, LOVERS, Y/N.’

I stepped closer to him, raising my eyebrow at him. 'You mean - you’re jealous?’ I smirked, trying not to laugh at his facial expression.

He licked his lips, closing his eyes and trying not to smile and remain serious towards me. 'Y/N, this is a serious conversation.’

'Oh, yes,’ I nodded sarcastically, wrapping my arms around his waist, 'and you’re definitely a serious guy.’ Jughead sighed, shaking his head whilst letting out a chuckle.

'You making me laugh isn’t helping, it’s ruining my rep of being the silent, judging outcast with no emotion.’ He said, cupping my cheek.

'I’m okay with that.’ I whispered, leaning in and connecting his lips with mine. I pulled away slowly, opening my eyes to his gorgeous orbs. 'Don’t worry, stage kisses are a thing.’ I smiled cheekily, grabbing his hand and leading him down the hallway.

'It better be a stage kiss.’ He muttered, pecking my cheek.

All I Want to do Right now

Paring: Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood

Word: 24927

Summary: Marcus had told himself this so many times, he wasn’t gay. He just couldn’t be gay. But Oliver Wood had his attention and as much as he hated it, he did feel a way about him he shouldn’t. 

Marcus had tried telling himself that the tugging feeling in his stomach he got whenever he saw Wood wasn’t attraction, it wasn’t interest, and it certainly wasn’t anything gay.

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anonymous asked:

How about rfa clothes shopping with MC?

-Was reluctant at first cause he thought it would be really boring
-But once she starts to try on clothes and asking his opinion on things he starts to really enjoy it and gets an idea
-They start having like a mini fashion show with all the clothes they try on and they’re laughing the whole time
-They take a lot of pictures of each other doing different poses
-It goes on probably for at least 2 hours
-They don’t end up buying anything but it was still really fun and they plan on doing it again

-Gets really excited about the idea so they dedicate a whole day just for clothes shopping
-He gives her a lot of fashion advice on what looks good with what and makes her look sexy af
-She also helps him pick out some new outfits for him to wear to auditions and stuff like that
-He probably spends most of his last paycheck on her
-After they’re done they change into one of the outfits they both got and go out to a really nice dinner
-They plan on making this become a regular thing, even if they don’t buy anything

-Clothes shopping isn’t really her thing so she tries to find a way out of going by saying she has work
-MC had already talked to Jumin to make sure she had the day off so she had no choice
-Jahee is kinda dragging her feet in the beginning of it but when MC says it could be a fun bonding time for them so she tries to enjoy it
-They pick out different outfits for each other to wear when they go out together
-MC finds her a few cute work outfits that she falls in love with
-She ends up really enjoying herself and apologizes for not wanting to go

-At first he’s just saying “We don’t need to go out just look at a catalog and I’ll get you what you want”
-“Jumin it’s not the same please come with”
-She bribes him to come by saying he can see her try on really sexy outfits that he might like
-So when they go she runs around and makes comments on all the clothes she sees and he finds it really freaking cute how she can have all these opinions just on clothes
-He picks out a few things that he thinks would look good on her and he was so right he’s just thinking ‘look at my sexy girl’
-Buys her everything no matter how much she protests

-Complains that he has work but then thinks of all the ways they could goof off
-With that in mind he drags her to the store as fast as he can
-They both just run around and insult all the ugly clothes they see
-They pretend to be mannequins in the windows and make really inappropriate poses that get them kicked out
-They do this at every store they go to and basically get banned from the mall for all eternity
-They didn’t get to buy anything but they still had a lot of fun and that’s all that matters

We Can’t Part III ~ Sirius

Here it is!!!

@wordacadabra and @a-jem-found-in-a-papaya wanted me to tag them so here it is!
I think this is the last installment of this series, thanks you all for reading and being so supportive of it! I love you all. 

School started up again in September. The sky was clear and the air was fresh as you got off the train. The opening feast and sorting dragged on slowly. The food was good, of course, but you were tired and you just wanted to sleep.

On your way to your common room, you caught Sirius Black’s eye and he smiled a little bit. You immediately looked down at your feet to avoid his gaze. You could still feel his eyes burning into your head but continued ignoring him and kept walking.

You reached your dorm room and collapsed on your bed. You hd forgotten that going back to school would also mean seeing Sirius. You looked at the ceiling and sighed deeply, just thinking about what to do about him.

He had come to your window a lot over the summer and you would go to his. You spent the nights talking together then making out, only to stop when you wanted him most. He never pressured you into anything and was respectful when you forced yourself to your senses, and that peaked your interest in him.

But none of that mattered now, you were tired and wanted to figure out what was going on between the two of you on another day. You closed your eyes ad drifted to sleep soon enough. You heard the faint chatter of your roommates as they shuffled into the dorm and went to bed, excited for the year to come


You and Dorcas met up for breakfast the next morning, walking to the Great Hall together. You two were comparing schedules and talking about the professors as you entered the hall to grab your breakfast and head outside.

You and Dorcas always took your early meals outside to avoid the clamour of the Hall. It started in third year and has continued since then. The grass was still wet from the dew of the night when you sat don at your normal place that looked out over the school grounds.

“How’d you sleep?” Dorcas asked, pointing out the circles under your eyes.

“Eh, could have been better. I fell asleep but was restless, you know?” You told her.


“I guess I was thinking subconsciously.” You shrugged, taking a bite of your apple.

“What about?” She pressed the subject further, furrowing her brows.

“Uh- Sirius Black.” You coughed.


“Sirius Black,” You said louder this time, “I don’t know what to do about him.”

Dorcas looked at you as if to say ‘I told you so’

“He’s not bothering me, it’s just- I want more of what it is we have, but I don’t know how to ask for that, and I’m scared of what will happen if we-”

“Relationship?” Dorcas’s eyes widened, “You’re not telling me something.”

“I haven’t and I’m sorry, but I’ll tell you now,” You apologized, standing up so you could pace to calm your jittery nerves, “Sirius and I have been getting together at night and talking for a while, then we snog and I’ll call it off before it gets too heated.”

“Have you told him anything he can hold against you for any reason?”

“No. It’s just small talk, and stuff about his family.” You reassured her.

“Well, keep on doing it if you want, just make sure he is committed if you take it further.” She advised.

You nodded and finished your breakfast while talking about the dorky first years and laughing at the girls fawning over the attractive boys.

You went through your classes quickly. You always hated the first days of school. It was all rules and procedure and course objectives. You knew everyone was going to break the rules, the procedure was the same as every year and the objectives would either be met or passed up depending on the class.

You had potions class in the afternoon. Before even sitting down, Professor Slughorn made you gather up your things because he was going to assign partners that would sit together for the year. Dorcas got put with Remus Lupin, your friend Lily Evans got put with James Potter. Poor Lily, that guy was all over getting Lils to go on a date with him. And just your luck (not knowing if it was bad or good), you got put with Sirius Black.

“Hey, love.” He said, sitting next to you in the back as everyone shuffled to their spots in the classroom.

“Hey,” You replied, “snog any girls yet?”

“Not yet, I’ve got my eye on one though.” He smirked.

You couldn’t tell if he was talking about you or another girl, and you weren’t sure which you wanted.

“Sounds fun.”

Slughorn started talking and you two lowered your voices to a whisper.

“You excited for this year?” You asked, trying to practice confidently speaking to him.

“Yeah, I’m especially ready to learn some dueling technique.” He told you, leaning in closer to you so you could hear him.

His breath fanned your neck and if you weren’t distracted before you were now.

“You alright?” Sirius asked, ginning at your response to him being so close.

“Shut up.” You told him, knowing he would tease you if you didn’t answer.

“Just asking.” He smirked, pulling away.

The room suddenly became colder with the absence of Sirius right by you. You made eye contact with Dorcas, who was watching you from across the row of chairs and tables. You smiled at her awkwardly, making her laugh and looked at the Professor, trying to recenter yourself and focus.

For the rest of class, every move Sirius mad agonized you. You forced yourself not to look at him, but if was hard when he was inching closer to you to pretend to read the notes you were taking to help you focus. By the time the hour was up, you needed a cold shower and ot up as soon as you were dismissed.

“What the hell was that?” Dorcas hooted once you two joined in the hallway.

“Horrible.” You blushed, walking along side your friend.

“You looked like a scared bunny!” She laughed. “What was I supposed to do when he was trying to get my attention? Give it to him? Retaliate? I’m sorry if I didn’t want to snog in the back of the classroom where everyone could see us!” You scoffed, lightening up.  

“You need to talk to that boy.” SHe shook her head in disbelief, “You need to figure out what you two are.”

“I know.” You sighed.

You were able to stand your ground and flirt with Sirius during potions as the week went on. He would say something witty and you would throw something back at him, the two of you laughing in good sport afterwards.

You turned your focus from boys to school and worked on getting good marks. You bundled up all your feelings for Sirius and shoved them to the side. You get closer with your group of friends and even made some new ones.

Without the snogging that went on during summer, you didn’t have to really worry about defining what you and Sirius were. You were just friends. Sure you had stronger feelings, but you wanted to play it safe. You decided to push those feelings aside. You knew they will bubble up again sometime, but you were hoping maybe you could keep them at bay for as long as possible.

And you did. You got quite good at pretending to not care even though you did. You even convinced yourself at one point that there was nothing going on between you two at all. That was, until Professor Slughorn gave you a potion to brew for homework and you and Sirius had to get together outside of class.

It was after all the classes had let out and people were in the library studying, or in their dorms sleeping or outside, screwing around with friends. You and Sirius made plans to meet up and get ahead on brewing since it would take a few days.

You were the first to arrive in the hollow classroom, empty of everyone except you and the Bloody Baron who just scowled at you.

“OI! Baron, scram, we’ve got work to do and you’re bothering the lady.” Sirius’ voice said as you were trying to avoid the gaze of the ghost and set up your notes.

The ghost screeched in reply and disappeared from his spot in the corner.

“Thanks,” You laughed as Sirius came up beside you and looked over the notes.

“Felix Felicis.” He murmured.

“Liquid luck.”

“You have any idea where to start?” He asked you.

“With the ingredients.” You said, moving to the cabinet in the back of the room that Slughorn kept the materials in. You opened it up and Sirius read off the list of things for you to get. After filling your arms with the materials, you walked carefully back to the table you were working at.

You began brewing the potion. You and Sirius were focused on the work and didn’t talk much. There was he occasional comment about a class or drama going around the school, but that was it. There were times when his hand would brush against yours, or he would go behind you to grab something on the other side of the table and place his hand on your waist.

It was those times that you thought about the nights during the summer. Then you started thinking about why things were different now, and how much you just wanted him for yourself and how you wanted to tell him things about you even though you didn’t trust him.

But you wante to trust him. You wanted to trust him completely with everything. He had that effect on you. You didn’t know what to do. Now was the perfect time to say something, but you weren’t sure you could pluck up the courage to.

Finally, you did.

“Sirius,” You said calmly while still working on your potion, “what are we?”

“What are we?” He paused his work and you, though you kept your head down, could tell he was looking at you.


“We- we’re friends I guess, friends that snog every now and then.” He said as if it was no big deal.

“And how do you feel about that, deep down?” You asked, stirring the potion three times.

“Does it matter?” He asked awkwardly.

“Yes.” This time you looked at him as you spoke.

“Okay- I uh- it’s cool.” You could tell he was putting up walls.

“Just cool?” He nodded.  

“Just cool.”

“Well, Sirius Black, can I tell you what I think?” You didn’t wait for an answer, “Ever since I met you I was intrigued by the boy in the mask. When I found out your identity and you mine, my heart fell because I knew you would never care for me, and if you did, the world would be against us because of status. When you came to my window the first time, I was so happy because I thought you actually cared. Then you came to snog me and I was disappointed because I was just a means to an end, but then you opened up to me. I didn’t open up to you because you can break my heart with anything I tell you.

“And our little meetings happened more frequently, and we got closer and closer. Then you stopped when school started and it has been two months. Every time you touch me my skin burns. I miss the feeling of your lips and your hands on my body, but I’m not sure how you feel. So I’ve left those desires to simmer down and die, but they haven’t. But let me tell you, I will not be burned by you. So, you better tell me exactly how you feel about me and break my heart so I can go back to normal, because we can’t go on like this. I can’t.”

Sirius stared at you blankly. You could tell he was searching for words that he could not find.

“(Y/N),” He breathed a last, “I- I don’t know what to say.”

“What are you thinking?” You asked.

“Think I want to kiss you>” He smiled, looking down.

“Use your words.” You laughed.

“I’m not good with words.” He said, looking you deep in the eyes.

This time you moved to kiss him. Slowly, not as urgent as all the other times.

“You think we can do this?” He murmured against your lips.

“I think we can.”

anonymous asked:

in-universe prompt: ninja b/rian has been having a rough time (you can decide why) so he tries to meditate to get his mind off the bad stuff but it keeps coming back to him, ending up with him getting semi flashbacks to being berated at the ninja clan for not being able to hold his emotions in check. As he's starting to dissociate in a panic, danny just happens to walk in on him and manages to calm him down and convince him that he's awesome just the way he is <3 - love, @sin-grumps

This got long


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Come on out Kiddo

@supernaturallife123 requested: Can you do an image were demon dean all most killed his little sister and she is scared of him please.

A/N: I’m terrible at getting requests out in a timely manner. I also turned it into a one-shot because I couldn’t do it justice in an imagine. My bad. Hope you like it love & that it was worth the wait. This takes place in the episode that Dean is cured as a demon. Reader’s age isn’t too specific, however the reader is younger then Sam.

Warnings: Angst, Season 10 spoilers

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

“Come out Sammy!” You heard Dean shout from your hiding place in a closet next to the kitchen. “Come on Sam, I just wanna talk. We were having such a nice chat earlier!” Dean’s voice was quickly approaching your hiding place and you had no where to go.

Originally Sam didn’t want you anywhere near the bunker while he cured Dean; not until Cas got there were you supposed to arrive. However once you got a text from Cas saying he was thirty minutes out that you threw caution into the wind and walked into the bunker from it’s garage you were waiting in. It wasn’t until you heard Dean’s voice shouting for Sam that you realized something was wrong. You quickly dashed into the closest place you could find and wanted to smack yourself upside the head when you realized you were in a closet.

You had closed off any chance at escaping. For now you just had to hope that Dean didn’t realize you were in the bunker and that he wouldn’t decide to check the closet you were standing in.

However you are a Winchester, and Winchester’s don’t have luck.

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Tattoo Kisses

Title: Tattoo Kisses

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,909

Warning: Smut and swearing

A/N: I have six tattoos with plans for more and I feel like Dean would appreciate them. Hope you like it! Feedback is welcome and appreciated! Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything! Stay awesome everyone <3

You needed a drink, bad. This week had sucked at work, you didn’t sleep well at all the past couple nights, and you just really needed to blow off some steam. There was a little bar, O’Rileys, that had great food so you figured you’d hide out there for a few hours before heading home for the night.

“Hey Y/N,” Joe called from behind the bar as you walked in. “It’s been a while, where ya been? Not cheating on me I hope?” He shot you a wink. Joe was in his sixties and had taken over the bar from his dad. He definitely fit the bill of the wise old bartender that took care of his patrons.

“Joe you know you’re the only man in my life,” you grabbed your usual seat, “I’m gonna need the best sandwich you can make, a beer, and a shot of something strong.”

“That bad of a week huh?”

You smiled weakly, “oh yeah.”

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Bet (Bad Boy!Jungkook)

Plot: #038: “Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud.” + #056: “I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed.” + #062: “I beat you at Mario Kart and now you’re banishing me to the couch for the night?” with bad boy!Jungkook 

Word Count: 605

A/N: so we’re getting really close to the Christmas series!! I’m personally really excited bc December is probably my favorite month and Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday but this request just sounded really really cute, the link for the original bad boy!post is right here, it isn’t required to read it but it just has more of the back story and lil details

Weekends with Jungkook were always exciting. Sometimes he would convince you to go to a party Jimin invited him to, whining at you because he didn’t want to go alone. Sometimes he would bring you along on the adventures the boys got themselves into, normally ending in the two of you breathlessly laughing, running back to your apartment with your shoes in hand and the boys running after you. But some weekends, you two didn’t go out at all. Sometimes you two just had a game night, pulling out the Monopoly board or sitting on the couch and playing videos games together. It always ended up bringing the competitive side out of Jungkook, ended up with him trying to cheat in subtle ways or pouting when he lost.

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[RvB Fic]

Title: Agent Washington’s Feeling For Snow

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Church/Wash

Characters: Alpha!Church, Washington, Tucker, Caboose

Notes: Written for @eidolonally for a prompt ages ago. It kind of grew to be a lot bigger than I expected. Set at the end of S6, and post S8.

Summary: Church tangles mental fingers around that memory. He wraps it up like a gift in blue, a tight little box, and pushes it down into the depths of Wash’s subconscious. Deep down where it’ll be safe. Where it can’t be discarded or forgotten or mangled by self-hatred and hurt. 

Wash hates snow, Church wants to help, and Wash learns the true meaning of Christmas potentially freezing to death out of guilt.

“What do you mean, you don’t like snow?” Church says. “Seriously?”

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You Brought Him?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Jake (OC)
Words: ~2,259
Warnings: Smut, Death, Cursing.
Prompt: “You brought him?”
Summary: Fluffy smut. This is my submission for @roxy-davenport ‘s SPN Halloween Writing Challenge where my prompt was “You brought him?” Reader is going to her friend’s Halloween party; Dean ends up saving her life. 
A/N: Happy Halloween! This was supposed to be kinda scary but it isn’t at all so I’m sorry lol but it is pretty fluffy so.
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Your friend’s Halloween party was in a week and you still hadn’t decided what you were going to wear and who you would bring as your date. You were sitting on the couch, looking for something to watch when Vikings came on.

“Lagertha’s pretty awesome… Maybe I’ll go as her. Now I just need someone to go with.”

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Who’s are you baby?

Request:  Can I request a mafia Jimin scenario, when Jimin is jealous and could it be smut? O////O Thank you and have a good day

A/N: This is linked to the Any last wishes series but it doens’t necessary need to be read first, if you still wanna do it here’s part one

Requests are open!!

Genre: Smut, Mafia!BTS,

Word count: 1.5 k

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Summary: You help Tae with something and Jimin gets very jealous.

y/n please… you could be really helpful for us.”

“Helpful? In what way would I be helpful here?”

“You know, he doesn’t trust us… so he won’t buy from us… but with the help of your female charm…”

“My female charm?”

“Yes, flirt with him, lure him into buying from us, really anything that could convince him to trust us is allowed.”

“Fine, but only cause Yoongi said he would kill you if you lose this man, Tae.”

“Jimin, wait, please, I already told you what happened.”

Jimin held your hand tightly and dragged you out of the warehouse towards his car. It was already dark outside. He had arrived about 10 minutes after you went into the room to talk with the man. It was a small room with a two way mirror which Taehyung stood behind. Taehyung had explained quickly what happened and Jimin knew well that they couldn’t lose the customer. He had been forced to watch your entire female charm show of 30 minutes until he could grab you and drag you away. He didn’t speak one word to you since you left the room, surprised to see Jimin.

“I know exactly what happened but that doesn’t make it better.”

“I just wanted to help Tae.”

“You were flirting with another man and I’m about to show you exactly why that was a really bad idea.”

You got in the car silently and Jimin got next to you in the drivers seat, slamming the car door as loud as he could. Neither of you spoke a word during the ride to his apartment and the tension was so thick you could almost cut it. He dragged you through the foyer of the building his apartment was in, towards the elevator. He still didn’t say a single word. You weren’t scared of what he would do, he would never hurt you in any way. You were excited.

The elevator finally arrived at the top floor in Jimins penthouse and you were pushed out of it. He instantly grabbed your arm and turned you around so you were now caged between him and the wall behind you. He stared into your eyes intently and spoke in an unusual deep voice.

“Do you think you can just flirt with some random man? You’re mine baby, and I’ll make sure the whole city knows that by the time I’m done with you.”

Shivers ran down you back as he lowered his lips until they were only millimeters away from yours. He lingered in this position for what felt like hours until he suddenly crashed his mouth onto yours in rough kisses. His body pressed you flat up against the wall as his lips roughly claimed you as his. He attacked your neck with a row of hickies. His hands held your waist tightly as he lifted you up slightly. You wrapped your legs around his torso as he carried you to the bedroom. He threw you on the giant unmade bed and was back hovering over you in seconds. His hands came back to roam over your body, holding you by the waist as you both continued making out. They wandered up your shirt to pull it over your head. His mouth returned to your breasts, unclasping your bra and throwing it away carelessly. He sucked a hicky in the valley of your breast and put one of your nipples between his fingers. You moaned at the heavenly feeling when he started playing with it gently. You tugged at the hem of his shirt, mainly out of habit, as he paused and pulled away.

“Nope baby, I’m in charge tonight, you keep your pretty hands to yourself.”

He got up off the bed and you glared at him. He wouldn’t tie you up would he?

He definitely would. When he returned you saw the silver handcuffs in his hands. He crawled over you and pinned your arms above your head to lock them in place with the handcuffs at the headboard.

“Don’t worry I even bought padded ones for my little princess so she won’t get hurt.”

He let his hands run all the way over your upper body down to the waistband of your jeans. You were quivering under his touch. Jimin unbuttoned your jeans and dragged them down to your feet to discard them somewhere. He hovered over you, his elbows either side of your waist and looked at you.

“You look so pretty lying there, so helpless and impatient. I can smell you from here and you smell fucking delicious. I might even have a taste later. And I can see how soaked your panties are, baby.”

He toyed around with the hem of your panties letting it snap back onto your skin. You winced slightly at the feeling. His finger slowly ran over your soaked panties and you could only moan at the contact. He pushed your panties to the side and entered one of his digits into your core to twist it upwards and reach a good spot. A loud moan fell from your lips, but he just chuckled and removed the finger, bringing it to his lips to lick it clean. You pushed your hips towards him to get some kind of friction but it was useless. Jimin hooked his fingers in your panties and pulled them down as well. He pressed a soft kiss to your clit and then leaned back again to look at you.

“J-Jimin please do something.”

“Should I? Do you deserve it? You were pretty bad today baby…”

“Jimin please, I’m sorry, you know that I’m sorry.”

“Then tell me,” he started circling your clit slowly as he spoke, “Who’s girlfriend are you?”

“Your g-girlfriend.”

His fingers sped up rapidly, as he replaced his index finger with his thumb and let his index finger run at your opening.

“That’s right you’re my girlfriend, my pretty little princess.”

He pushed two of his digits inside of you and you let out a loud moan of his name.

“Yeah baby make sure the whole building hears you, let them know who can pleasure you so well.”

He lowered his head to place it on your clit and started sucking whilst pushing his fingers in and out of you rapidly. You wanted nothing more than to run your fingers through his hair, but he had made sure to avoid that by tying you up earlier. Your back arched as your walls clenched around his fingers as you reached your high. You could see tiny stars dancing around as he made sure to completely ride out your orgasm.

“J-Jimin I’m done you can stop n-now.”

“Oh are you oversensitive baby? Is it too much for you? I’m sure it’s not.”

He added a third finger to stretch you out further as you squirmed under him. You were definitely oversensitive and you were already nearing your second orgasm. He smirked at you panting and moaning his name over and over. When you started clenching around his fingers again he knew you were close. He sped his fingers up even more just to abruptly remove them shortly before you had reached your orgasm.

“Are you fucking serious Park Jimin?”

“Sorry baby, after all is this your punishment for flirting with another man today. But don’t worry I’ll make it up to you.”

He went up to the headboard to unlock the handcuffs and flipped you over so you were now balanced on your hands and knees. You felt him get off the bed to finally take off his clothes as well. When he came back he caressed you ass with his hands and gave it a playful slap.

“Are you ready baby?”

Jimin positioned himself behind you and let the tip of his dick slowly run over your slit towards your clit. You moaned at the contact as he continued teasing you for a few more seconds. When he finally pushed inside of you you let out a particularly loud moan and he groaned in appreciation.

“You feel so tight and good around my dick baby, make sure the neighbours hear you screaming my name.”

He pulled out all the way just to slam back in and your hands desperately gripped the headboard to stabilize yourself. Jimin’s thrusts were rough and quick and you couldn’t do anything besides moaning his name. You lost your balance and your arms gave out so your head fell back on the pillow. This way he could reach a different angle and hit your spot with every thrust.

“J-Jimin I’m almost there.”

“Same baby, just wait a bit more.”

His arms snaked around your waist to rub your clit quickly and you were gone. Your vision went white and you basically screamed Jimins name. Your walls clenching around his dick made him reach his high too. Jimin made sure to ride both of your orgasms out completely before he pulled out and fell on the mattress besides you.

“Jimin you know I’m really sorry for flirting with this man I just wanted to help Tae, you’re his best friend, you know his puppy face when he needs your help.”

“I know baby and Yoongi will be really satisfied that we got him, he might even reward you and Tae for it.”

“I’d rather be rewarded by you.”

“We can arrange that.”