the way he got dragged off his feet

Mornings (Calum) - Imagine

You woke up — earlier than you wanted to — to the faint sound of Stevie Wonder and Calum singing along just a little bit too loudly for this hour of the morning. As you stared at the ceiling in your bed, you exhaled heavily before dragging yourself off the mattress and down the hall. The music got louder as you made your way downstairs to the kitchen. With the blanket from your bed held loosely around your shoulders, you peeked your head into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Calum vaguely dancing to For Once In My Life while trying to make breakfast.

“For once I can say,

This is mine you can’t take it,”

Calum whisper-sang. It wasn’t necessarily pretty because the notes were high and he was trying to be quiet, but it was cute nonetheless. His sock-clad feet slid across the tile in a hopeless attempt to nail a moonwalk. He almost tripped, but recovered and lightly laughed at his own failure. He then directed his attention back to the stove where he was cooking eggs and bacon.

You slowly walked up to him, mimicking his dance moves. He turned around eventually and, seeing you, blush immediately rose on his cheeks and he stopped singing. You smiled and put your arms around his neck. “Noooo, don’t stop,” you whined, carrying out your words, and kissing his cheek.

The song came to an end and changed to Bored to Death by Blink-182.

Calum gave a small, muffled laugh in response, obviously still a little embarrassed from the pink in his face. As he put his hands on your waist and started moving both of your bodies to the music, you whisper-sang along with him. It was hard to sing because your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

You carried on like this for a while, enjoying the warmness of each other’s smiles. You shared a few kisses during instrumental solos and brought each other gradually closer. Eventually the current song ended and you connected your eyes a last time before a feeling of alarm coursed through your body.

“Shit! Calum, the food!” you exclaimed, laughing a little as a look of panic appeared on his face. He scrambled over to the eggs, slipping a little due to wool socks on a tile floor. He got back to the food just in time. The bacon, however, was a bit blackened and much crispier than it should have been. He put everything on one big plate while you got two smaller plates and each took what you wanted.

You met each other in the living room again and sat down on the couch. The remainder of the morning was relaxing, spent eating breakfast and watching TV together.

Weird Things Couples Fight About ; Stiles Stilinski


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If there was one thing Stiles was not expecting he’d wake up to when he moved in with his girlfriend, it was to be woken up in a rather abusive way.

He was woken up by a pillow coming into contact with his bare back, his girlfriend straddling his body.

“What?” He grumbles, eyes half open and voice coated with exhaustion. He had gotten home pretty late from solving a case from the night before and he was expecting that he could get a couple more hours of peaceful sleep.

Although, knowing his girlfriend, she was not giving it to him this morning.

He barely had the time to react when he was dragged off the bed. Knowing the outburst she would have, he got to his feet and follows her down the stairs and into the kitchen.

She stops by the sink, folding her arms across her chest. Then it hits Stiles; why his girlfriend is exceptionally grumpy on a morning like this. He forgot to wash the dishes again.

“Defend yourself, Deputy,” she smiles, raising both eyebrows. “Before I physically fight you.”

“I got home in the middle of the night and I was really tired?” Stiles smiles hopefully, raising both his arms. He shrugs his shoulders and wishes that she would let him off the hook at least for just today. He had a wild night the night before, and all he wanted was to be back in bed with her in his arms again.

“Oh, screw you,” she sneers, scowling at the boy. “Do the dishes.” She points at the sink full of dirty utensils and plates, making Stiles rub his face in frustration.

He was never going to get that couple more hours of sleep he was hoping for. He drags himself towards the sink, making her lips stretch into a smile. She pats his shoulder before walking away.

“Good luck with that.”

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New Places,New Sites,But Old Faces||Open

Caspar missed home.He missed waking up to abrupt prank wars from his old roommate Joe. He missed going on road trips and holidays with Joe.He missed Emma.He missed Olie .He missed Joe. He missed his home and he had only just got off the plane and was slowly almost dragging his feet across the airline parking lot to pick up the car he would be using while he was at this god forsaken place. Once reaching the white BMW he climbed inside and sat there for what seemed like forever before he finally pulled off and made his way to the campus he would be spending his days for awhile. No Emma. No Family.No Joe.Just himself with probably no one he even knew.


When Caspar got to the uni he parked his car and got out but left his luggage inside his car,looking at the map that had been sent to him in the mail of the campus but he was confused as he stared at the large map.” Where is the alpha house?” Caspar asked himself out loud before looking around and looking completely lost.