the way he goes right for it

Promptis Headcanon

So why does Noctis like him so much anyways?

The whole “he doesn’t treat me like a Prince” is obvious, but so many people act that way towards him (Dino, Vyv, Ardyn, Aranea, Ravus, every side quest person ever…) but they don’t get along quite the same. I think it goes beyond mutual interests (like dogs and video games) too. 

One of the reasons why Noctis likes Prompto so much is because he feels like he’s needed around him. Like he’s doing something right

Imagine growing up, the ever incompetent Prince who can’t even clean up his own candy wrappers, and who had little to no interest in politics. He’s catered to his whole life, and disappointed so many people in his life.

Then there’s Prompto, who’s a little needy, clingy and an obvious klutz, and Noctis finds himself on the other end of the spectrum. 

Prompto tumbles and falls in the middle of a link strike: Noctis catches him and flicks his forehead. Tells him to be careful.

Prompto trips and hits the ground while they’re out camping: Noctis bends down, puts the camera away and makes sure he’s alright.

And Prompto thanks him so much throughout the game, when other people are just constantly berating him. Like he needs to focus more, get stronger, make better decisions. But with Prompto, his life seems a little less like it’s falling apart, because for once, he actually feels like he’s in a position to help someone else, and using his own power. For once, Noctis is good enough for someone too. He even caters to him (at least, if you let him) like taking random pictures, heading to the closest hotel when he’s tired, actually heading for the chocobo races, etc.

I mean, Prompto wants to be seaside supermodels? That’s really gay, but if that’s what Prompto wants, then Prompto will get it. Anything for Prompto.

Tldr; the real prince in the relationship is Prompto.

im tired anyway here’s some more time travel fic

Everything goes the way it does in the books, except that occasionally someone looks up and Neil isn’t there and the air smells a bit like burning, but then they blink and he’s right back in front of them. The Ravens switch divisions. Neil and the monsters go to Eden’s Twilight. Neil pays someone to knock him out. He hitchhikes back to Palmetto. He tells Andrew his half-truths and whole lies. They go on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. He fights Riko. Andrew offers Neil his protection.

It goes the same. Sometimes Neil travels in time and space, sometimes only in time. Usually to somewhere around Andrew, except he hates Andrew, so for the most part, Neil stays away, even when Andrew is an angry-looking kid, even when Andrew is a calm-looking adult.

Until one day, when he gets whisked into a bedroom in the middle of the night and the figure on the bed stirs.

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Bucky breaks up with Tony, because he thinks Tony belongs with Steve. Because he sees the way they look at each other. What he doesn't know is that Tony is glaring a hole in Steves stupid face, while Steve is actually quietly pining. And Tony is heartbroken and goes into his workshop for days. And then Bucky is about to cave cause he misses Tony so much he goes back to him and finds Steve confessing. Tony instead of accepting him, blows up in Steves face and blames him for Bucky leaving.

Tony breaks down in tears. Steve leaves heartbroken, but Bucky can’t focus on that right now. Winteriron Happy Ending.

(this is also for @dreamcatchersdaughter  cause I hurt her with the unhappy Stuckony one)

It’s a little over 1.1k so watch out for the cut.

“We’re over,” Bucky says the moment Tony enters their floor and Tony stops dead in his tracks.

“What?” he asks, voice already breaking and he hates how easily he starts to cry.

“We’re over,” Bucky repeats and it makes as much sense to Tony as the first time Bucky said it.

It must show on Tony’s face too, because Bucky takes a deep breath and then picks up the bag that was waiting at his feet.

“I’m breaking up with you,” he clarifies and Tony immediately feels unstable on his feet.

“Why?” he manages before his voice completely breaks and Bucky shrugs.

“It’s just not working out with us, is it. I think we made a mistake, trying this out at all,” Bucky explains and he seems absolutely untouched by the tears streaming down Tony’s face.

“But I love you,” Tony says like maybe that could change anything but of course it doesn’t.

“Sometimes that just isn’t enough, you know,” Bucky replies without meeting his eyes and then he shoulders past Tony to leave.

It’s a long time before Tony finds the will to move again.


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Can you please do the rfa reacting to a sick mc? Thank you!

I get sick basically every other week and I wish that I had the RFA members to take care of me! This was a super fun request so I hope that you like it!! :3


  • Yoosung’s lived on his own for a while so when he realizes that you’re sick, he has a pretty good idea of how to take care of you
  • Nurse Yoosung Mode: Activated 
  • Lowkey excited to brag about his medical knowledge to you since he’s been studying extra at his university
  • “Yoosung, these are nice facts, but you know that I’m not a dog right?” You tell him
  • Poor boy blushes bright red and decides to just take care of you the proper way
  • He makes the best homemade soup you’ve ever had 
  • Once Yoosung’s given you some medicine and you’ve fallen asleep, he goes to the convenience store to buy you lots of goodies
  • It’s nothing major, just some of your favorite candy, some heating pads, and a new movie for the two of you to watch
  • Yoosung comes home, puts the movie on, cuddles with you on the bed, not caring if he gets sick, and rubs your tummy so you until you feel better
  • The two of you end up falling asleep and by the time you wake up, you’re already feeling much better thanks to your precious little cuties


  • When Zen wakes up to find you in the bathroom throwing up, he gets so worried
  • Of course he’ll be a good boyfriend and hold your hair away from your face and rub your back soothingly
  • He makes you lay back down but from there, Zen’s lost
  • Zen doesn’t even remember the last time he was sick so he has no clue on how to help you
  • He quickly asks Jaehee what he should do and gets some good advice
  • Zen tries, but completely fails, while trying to make you something to eat so he ends up making you some warm tea and getting you some crackers
  • When you wake up, Zen helps you eat some and drink but you tell him how tired you are
  • Zen grabs another blanket for you and lies down with you, singing softly while he gently plays with your hair
  • You end up falling asleep for a while and when you wake up feeling much better, you see Zen still by your side
  •  Zen gives you lots of small kisses and you thank him for taking such good care of you, boosting his ego even more


  • She tries to avoid getting sick at all cost since she doesn’t want to miss work
  • But when she wakes up and sees you’ve become a sweating mess, Jaehee sighs and calls off work for the day
  • You wake up feeling dizzy and try to get out of bed only to have Jaehee come in and scold you for getting sick in the first place
  • You only nod weakly but she then brings in some medicine and a cold wash cloth for your forehead
  • Once you take a quick power nap, Jaehee helps you get a soothing cold shower to try and bring your temperature down
  • She then puts in one of Zen’s musical DVDs and brings you some soup to enjoy
  • Jaehee notices you dozing off and she giggles, getting ready to leave to let you sleep
  • But you call her and tell her that you can’t sleep without her
  • She sighs but smiles and she lays down next to you, holding you close to her
  • By the time you wake up, your temperature has gone completely down and you see Jaehee still sleeping
  • You made a mental note to buy her some new coffee as a thank you gift


  • He wakes up only to find you not in bed with him
  • Jumin wanders around to find you in the kitchen, shakily trying to get yourself a glass of water
  • When he sees you almost faint, Jumin’s immediately at your side to hold you in his arms
  • He’s got his phone ready to call the doctors when you tell him that you only have a cold and that it’s okay
  • Jumin decides to take the day off so that he can take care of you, even though he’s not really sure what he’s doing
  • Tries his best to make you something to eat but almost burns down his kitchen so he ends up calling the chef in
  • When he returns to the bedroom, Jumin has everything you could possible ask for
  • Gourmet soup, an array of warm drinks, extra blankets and pillows, heating pads, warm wash clothes, so may different types of medicine, a humidifier, just basically everything
  • Jumin makes you eat some and decides to read to you so you can fall asleep easily
  • When he sees you finally asleep, he smiles and takes a bunch of blurry pictures because you look so cute to him
  • You wake up feeling much better so you and Jumin cuddle the day away 


  • Seven had finished a long day of work and went to go bother you
  • He went to find you laying down in bed looking like you were in pain
  • Seven immediately went to your side and felt that your skin was freezing cold 
  • Since Seven had to take care of his sickly brother a lot when they were younger, he actually knew exactly what to do
  • The problem was Seven had little food and no medicine at his home so he went out on a mission to the convenience store
  • When you woke up, you saw Seven in a nurse cosplay, medicine on a tray, and with a wink said “How may I serve you master MC?”
  • You couldn’t stop laughing until you had a coughing fit
  • He went straight to your side and patted your back, giving you some medicine and water
  • All day long, Seven told you all kinds of jokes and constantly sending you memes 
  • He laid down with you, rubbing your back and making sure that you were tucked in tight with lots of blankets
  • You woke up telling Seven that you were feeling better thanks to him taking good care of you
  • Seven smiled brightly and said “Well laughter is the best medicine MC!”

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(1/2) After techie and kylo start showing interest in each other Matt starts saying some not so nice things about ren like not out right mean but like facts that aren't that great and kylo finds out and roughs Matt up a bit because kylo knows that Matt is interested in techie and kylo doesn't out right kill him because he is friends with techie and also kylo knows that there would be no way in he'll the Hux would let kylo near his brother if kylo started kill crew members.

(2/2) Hux hears about the latest radar tech that kylo has beat up so he goes and visits the tech in med bay and Matt eventually admits to everything and while Hux isn’t super thrilled about the situation he is happy that he now has someone to bitch about kylo ren with and Matt and Hux start meeting and having regular bitching sessions. They start spending time together and develop feelings~~ next thing you know Matt is bugging Techie for facts about his big bro        

OH MY GOD this is the perfect setup fo Kylo/Techie & Matt/Hux!

Imagine Kylo being all soft with Techie when he has a nightmare about his time in captivity with MaMa, and imagine Hux & Matt making out and between kisses they say bitchy things about Kylo

Okay, so I’m rewatching the Will-free moments of 4,722 Hours, and like, Jemma spent weeks next to the pond with the monster plant. WEEKS. Which, you know, is smart, since it’s the only water source that she could find. 

She says something about losing her way to the entry site, which means that she tried to find her way back to where she left her necklace, and she couldn’t find it. Basically, she’s consigned to camping out at the pond until she can figure out her next move.

And then, she goes to investigate a noise, walks what, fifty feet(?) away from her campsite, and literally falls into Will’s cave place thing.

I mean, it makes sense that Will would stay near a water source. But he was right next door to a human woman for WEEKS, and didn’t give her any sign that she was there. Did he not need water at all that whole time?

AND THEN, according to the deleted scenes, when he does actually meet her and learns her story, he hands her the necklace that she left behind. Just hands it right over.

So did Will know she was there the whole time? Did he assume that she was Hive? I mean, he would have seen a young woman sitting next to a fire, talking to herself. That’s not a thing that scary sand monsters do. They certainly don’t keep it up for days and weeks and months.

And it seems to me that at one point, Will must have tried to figure out where she came from, right? Or maybe he just stumbled upon a necklace by accident? At the bottom of an arrow made of rocks? An arrow that was clearly made by a human and points in the general direction of the pond? 


I mean, I love Jemma for 85% of that episode. I loved her most of all in the pre-Will parts where she survives on her own. I also love her when she tries to find her way home despite Will the Downer. But we all know nothing this episode doesn’t match up with the rest of season 3 (Hive and the sand monster act completely differently; Will is apparently a completely different person with a different background; Jemma’s reactions don’t line up with her experiences). But, I mean, it doesn’t even make sense internally. 

They got such praise for this episode, and there is some justification for that because Elizabeth’s performance was fantastic, and we did get a lot of great character moments. But between the character-assassination of an ending, the way that the episode fits into the season, and the way the episode fits together as a whole, you really have to wonder what the heck everyone in the writing room was thinking.


Gee: so stevie, eli looked pretty smitten back there, huh?

Chantry: no, absolutely not. and don’t go back to calling me stevie like we’re sixteen again!

Gee: you’re right, she doesn’t even spell nix the right way. okay chantilly, come on, i’ll make us dinner.

Chantry: what did i do to deserve this life

Can I just say that I love the way the crying scene in episode 7 was handled? Yuuri is feeling anxious and completely overwhelmed because his A) his final score depends on the program he’s about to perform, which determines whether or not he goes on to compete in Russia. B) His entire family is watching and expecting him to do well, and C) Victor’s career and credibility as a coach is directly tied to how well Yuuri does. Victor remembers feeling anxious as a young skater just starting out, but he’d never dealt with the stakes that Yuuri is dealing with right now. Not only does he not know why Yuuri is so anxious, he himself has no idea how to help, as a coach or just as someone who loves Yuuri.

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joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]

Okay so was I watching Order of the Phoenix again last night and idk why but I started paying a lot of attention to Draco, especially on the scene on Umbridge’s office after Fred and George explode the fireworks

Here he is all happy like “hehe Harry’s getting screwed”, as usual,but THEN

Umbridge slaps Harry and he’s like WHAT THE FUCK-

And then he has this look on his face like “wow I was just in for some light bullying but what the hell is this you old frog” (while the other slytherins in the room don’t even flinch or give a fuck about anything really)

And then right after that, they are interrupted by Snape and Draco goes back to smiling like “oh…yeah…I’m supposed to be finding this super fun” 

Now, leaving all my drarry shipping aside, it’s just really freaking brilliant the way Tom Felton portrayed Draco, and I feel like he understands the character so deeply. He portrays all of these mixed, confused emotions Draco feels, and how his image in front of others is important for him, how despite looking confident and cool inside he’s just utterly scared. Even when the scene isn’t about him he’s giving all this out. I love Tom and this saga so much.

Jack keeps kissing Bitty randomly during New Year’s Eve. During the middle of his speech, waiting outside the bathroom for him, while he’s tying his bowtie, pulled over on the side of the road on the way to dinner, right before he goes to drink his champagne. Bitty eventually asks him why. Turns out, Jack’s been kissing him any time it’s New Year’s anywhere around the world (“Because you’re meant to start the New Year how you intend it to play out, and I want to be with you. Figured it can’t hurt to be thorough.”)

I had a dream where there was a reality TV-show called Chuck vs the Alt-Right where this random Chuck would mess with bad guys and protect immigrants and stuff (my dreams are getting way too political lol), but the thing is we never see Chuck. He’s really good at evading cameras or something, idk.

Eventually the TV crew winds up at a Milo Yamsweetpotato event with a whole bunch of protestors and Milo comes out and everyone is yelling, but then bird shit drops on his head! And we all look up to see the bird, and it’s a weird toucan with a floating eye but for some reason holy moly, that’s Chuck! and everyone goes wild as this big Picasso-looking toucan flies around dive-bombing the alt-right.

Stiles knew he was in love with Derek when he started making tea for him in the morning while he made his own coffee.

He didn’t tell him until a few months later when Derek handed him a mug of coffee just the way Stiles likes it.

Derek got a sleepy little smile on his face and said, “I know. You don’t make tea for just anyone.”

“You made my coffee right,” Stiles said with a smile into his mug.

“I had to tell you I love you too somehow,” Derek said, leaning over and kissing Stiles softly on the lips before he goes to get ready for the day.

You know what upsets me most is that kids are going see Trump and the way he acts and believe that it’s ok to be like that. It’s ok to harass women, it’s ok to be racist, it’s ok to be misogynistic, it’s ok to be homophobic, It’s ok to be transphobic because look look at that guy. He did it and look at where he is now. Look at where he stands today, a nation at his feet. This isn’t ok. Not everyone has that luxury of walking down the street without being judged, hated or worse abused. 

  • Hamilton: My opinion of Jefferson?
  • Hamilton: Total asshole! Probably the worst asshole there is. You wouldn’t know it right away because I guess he doesn’t yell at people like me? But that probably makes it worse. He just goes on and on about the most sanctimonious, incomprehensible garbage you ever heard. He thinks he’s better than everyone but then dresses it up in this bogus hyper-academic humility. He tries to defend people with “problems” but just winds up insulting those people in backhanded ways. He lectures people endlessly, and whenever he rises to the “defense” of his friends he usually ends up giving them a big fuck you by being implicitly judgmental.
First of all let me just say I know what you mean when you say you can’t live without him, I know how much it breaks your heart to think about him sleeping next to someone who isn’t you. I know how much it makes your soul bleed to have to picture your life without him, trust me, I know. And I know that right now you’re utterly convinced that he is the one for you even though deep down you know he isn’t, but right now the idea of him feels so right and you don’t want to start over with somebody else. But let me tell you that your heart beat way before him and your lungs could breathe way before you even knew of his existence and they’ll continue to do so way after he’s gone. Life has no pause button, it goes on with or without you. You cannot continue to force something that is out of your control. If it isn’t right anymore you have to be able to admit that and walk away from it even if you think it’ll burn your life to the ground because you don’t think you can breathe without him, newsflash: you can and you will, because sometimes you have no other choice.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write


I don’t know what this is, it’s not going anywhere. It was just a thought I had after last night and that delightful little tidbit about Julius. This is entirely predictable, sorry.

It’s not until the third time that Grog goes to the brothel in Whitestone that the Madam who runs the house pulls him aside as he’s leaving.

“I paid up, I know I did,” Grog says immediately. “She counted it out for me and everything.”

The Madam - gray hair but not old enough for it to be anything but just the way most of the adult Whitestone residents are - laughs at him. “You’re fine, lad. You treat my girls right and you pay well. I’m not turning you away. I just had a question for you.”

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Date a boy that sends you good morning texts right before he goes to bed bc he doesn’t go to sleep until way past midnight but wants you to have a nice message in the morning everyday 

I’ve seen a few viktuuri soulmate aus where the soulmate’s initial is on the other’s wrist, and yet I haven’t seen a single fic that deals with how much this would SUCK for poor Katsuki Yuuri. Because the letter V in the Cyrillic alphabet and the letter B in the Roman alphabet look exactly the same.

So poor Yuuri goes through his whole life thinking his soulmate is a westerner whose name starts with B, which is fine right up until Viktor shows up and he realizes these feelings might be a little stronger than just a fanboy crush. So then Yuuri’s feeling terrible and guilty because he’s falling for the wrong person, and Viktor certainly isn’t helping with his flirtiness. And he finally confronts Viktor about it, telling him “I really like you but there’s no way this could work because I want to be with my soulmate and there’s no way you could possibly be them” and showing Viktor his mark.

And Viktor’s so confused. He saw Yuuri’s mark at the banquet, and he’s known ever since he managed to translate his own mark that it’s the first character in Yuuri’s name, so why is Yuuri saying he can’t be Viktor’s soulmate? Viktor says as much, and now Yuuri’s confused because that’s a B, Viktor. And it finally clicks in Viktor’s head that Yuuri doesn’t know Russian, and there’s no reason why he would assume the letter was a Russian V when it looks like a Roman B. So misunderstandings are resolved, laughs and smooches are had, and Yuuri decides to learn Russian because he’d rather not have some nonsense like this happen again.

Anyway if someone would like to write this I would be eternally grateful.