the way he gazes at her in the second one

One More - Jughead x Veronica

This was requested!
To be honest, I really struggled writing this (as you can tell by its dismal length); we barely get any Jughead/Veronica interaction in the show!
It ended up having more of a friendship vibe but I suppose you can read into it any way you want.
I apologise if it is sub-par. I tried.

“The Blue And Gold seems to be going pretty well,” Veronica remarks idly as she gazes at the stacks of the school paper at their office.

“You and Betty did a good job with the playbook,” Jughead nods, looking slightly impressed, “Breaking and entering huh?”

“No one messes with a Lodge,” she grins, looking victorious.

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Damian/Blind! Reader

“Damian, I am blind, not helpless.”

Damian blinked several times and glanced beside him. (Y/N) was smiling playfully and focusing her grey eyes on him, shaking her head slightly. He sighed, only gripping her fingers tighter and pulled her closer to his side as they made their way up the steps towards the ballroom. Another one of Father’s galas, another worry attack that seized his youngest son.

“Your pulse just spiked again.” (Y/N) said calmly, lifting one of her hands to reach for his face. He chuckled, leaning forward so her fingers could touch his cheek. He closed his eyes for a second, shivering from the sparks from where her skin touched his, even for a second. Opening his eyes again, he gently met her gaze, still leaning into her hand.

“Did it?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

“Yes, yes it did.” She rolled her eyes but giggled nonetheless. “You need to calm down. I can fight crime blind, I can handle a gala blind too. You need not worry so much. I’ll be fine.”

Damian scoffed and pursed his lips. He knew that (Y/N) could take care of herself. He knew that. Heck, she went on patrol with him almost every night nowadays. She could beat up bad guys as good as any of the Bat-clan, despite her disability. She had kicked her fair share of Joker’s butt and taken down Bane by herself. He had no doubt that she could handle a dance floor.

Did that ease his worry?

No, no it did not.

Hey, cut him some slack. He was a protective boyfriend.

“Yes, yes I know, Beloved.” He replied, leading her carefully into the large ballroom, ignoring her huff of annoyance. “You can kick ass just as well as the rest of us. I know. I’ve seen you do it.”

“Then stop worrying.”

“Tt, I’m not worried.”

She sighed. “And your pulse just sped up again, signaling you’re lying. I’m not a fragile piece of china, Dami. And I don’t want to be treated as such.”

The 17-year-old could hear the irritation lacing her tone. He knew she hated it when he, or anyone else for that matter, treated her like she was some helpless child. Her whole life she had trained and practiced and fought so she could be strong. Stronger. She was a hero, just like him, and she had kicked ass just like he did. She didn’t need help and she definitely wasn’t a helpless child.

Damian knew that.

Did it ease his worry?

No, no it did not.

“I-I know, (Y/N).” he sighed, pulling her to the side and running his hands down her shoulders. Despite her annoyed tone, she smiled softly and tilted her head to the side, happiness sparkling in her grey hues. Damian had to force himself to finish, because if he kept staring he wouldn’t be able to resist kissing her. “I know you’re strong and can take care of yourself. But you must understand, I have lost many people in my time, to the job and just to life itself. You… you have a disability that they don’t have, and yet you are just as amazing and talented. You kick ass just as well as Drake or Brown. I know that. But I’ve already lost so many people. I don’t want to lose you too.”

(Y/N)’s slightly irritated expression was completely gone by the time he stopped talking. She chuckled, shaking her head and placing her hands at the base of his neck gently. Her touch sent sparks flying through his body and he couldn’t help but grin. “You know, for the son of Batman, you sure are an idiot.”

Then she leaned up and kissed him. He laughed into her lips and wrapped his arms protectively around her waist. Pulling away, she pressed her lips to his nose and giggled, closing her eyes and laying her forehead against his.

“Well, when it comes to you,” Damian said. “Idiot seems to be a very easy look for me to achieve.”

(Y/N) laughed at that, slipping her hand back in his. Leaning his head into his shoulder, she let him lead her around the ballroom. And this time, she wasn’t annoyed at all. “By the way, Damian?”

“Yes, Beloved?”

“I love you too.”

He grinned and kissed her temple, feeling the happiest he had felt in a long time.

shrapnelsong  asked:

They're making desserts together and decorating each individual little cake with chocolate sauce. When Sanji instinctively reaches out to swipe a heavy drop from the underside of the spoon before it can ruin the perfectly smooth layer he'd just laid, she brings his hand to her lips and slowly licks his finger clean, holding his gaze with a hint of mischief shining in her eyes. ♡

❤; @shrapnelsong

The first lick made him drop the spoon, the surprise of her tongue swiping at his finger jarring the sensitive nerves. The second lick sent another rush of tiny sparks, these ones warm and finding comfort in the deepest part of his gut. A tiny, confused whimper escaped the befuddled cook. His eyes were heavily lidded, unable to widen the way they would have if she had surprised him any other way.

“A—Alice…?” His voice cracked, lips wobbling as he tried to pull them into a smile. She had to know; with that lingering gaze and the deliberate movement of her tongue, she had to be well aware of the effect this was having on him.

Hand retreating, he swiped aside more of the chocolate sauce and held it out for her. Blue eyes darted away, but it was clear he didn’t mind her licking his finger clean if he was offering her more.

(Kurt and Blaine AU Meeting) I’m so sorry for staring at you and following you I thought you were a tour guide.

“What are those?” Rachel says, standing on her toes to peer at thin, threaded fabric behind a glass display case. “Cuffs?”

“They’re mittens,” Kurt replies, admiring the woven gloves that look as though they’re made from sheer fabric. “Nineteenth century. Those ones look like they’re made out of cotton—but I’ve seen pairs done in silk before.”

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I’m stealing someone’s wifi.

Day 1 - Acknowledgment.

The sky opens up above them, the sharp smell of sweat and sulfur swept away by cool, refreshing breeze. A short breath leaves her in a gust, her fingers curling into her palms at her sides and her head tipping back to catch the rays of light piercing through the cloak of darkness. Her eyes dart back and forth and for a second she swears it’s beautiful; the rippling edges of his power, the all-encompassing wreathe of him, pressing in against her own skin. Had it been any other person, she would be crumpling under the pressure, the ice it sends down her spine—all melted immediately as she meets his gaze, watching her from across the way.

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oo1: Matchmaker

notes: sasusaku, naruhina



Naruto and Hinata suppose the least they can do for their best friends is to help them (finally!) find happiness in each other.


Hinata’s tiny hand in his never felt more natural. He gave her two squeezes—the first one tight and warm; the second a faint echo of the last. Naruto adored how he would catch her staring at his prominent whiskers, before she averted her timid gaze once she knew he had caught onto her act.

“Ah, so, Naruto-kun,” Hinata spoke. A cruel blush gave way to her embarrassment. “How have Sakura-chan and Sasuke-kun been?”


Hinata pressed her palm against his bulky forearm, in a manner that meant to be a playful slap but was instead a soothing touch. He caught her fingers in his and brought the pale knuckles up to his dark pink lips. And since he’d never tire of her darling reactions to his ostensible romancing, Naruto emitted a deep chuckle and enclosed Hinata within his arms.

“I’m kidding,” he laughed. “They’re doing alright, I suppose.”

Hinata wrestled herself out of Naruto’s embrace, despite the blond struggling to keep their bodies glued together like animals huddling for warmth.

“You suppose?” Hinata asked. Now, Naruto noted with a smirk, she was trying to act angry. Her eyebrows formed a meek V on her forehead, and her mouth, usually puckered into a sheepish smile, frowned at the corners. Her arms were crossed. Her foot tapped in an erratic beat.

“Look, the thing is…they’ve been, well, awkward around each other. I don’t know how else to say it, Hinata, but I think they might be…jealous of us.”

“Aa?!” Hinata’s mouth sprung open. Her irises, circles of watered milk, were merely pinpricks of dull color in her white corneas. “You mean they still haven’t—“ she looked around to see if anyone could overhear, before leaning in to whisper, “—gotten together yet?” as if she had uttered a dirty phrase.

Naruto bit his lip. “Uh…”

“Naruto!” This time, Hinata really was mad. Naruto knew nothing good could come out of Hinata dropping the kun from his name.

Naruto watched, a helpless observer, while Hinata slung her bulky purse over her shoulder and tied her silky blanket of violet hair behind her. Then, without any sort of formal Hyuuga goodbye—as he’d been accustomed to—she dove off and left a trail of dust behind her.

“Hey, Hinata-chan! Where are you going?” he called.

To his surprise, he was shocked to hear the resonant ringing of her call: “To help my friend!”

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Since hiatus began, I’ve been randomly watching various episodes of Arrow, Season 2, bouncing back and forth between early episodes and those in the back half of the season.  While every touch and those long looks remain incredibly intimate between Oliver and Felicity, I can’t help but see those touches and glances that take place after 2x06 in a different light.  Ridiculous, right? But I can’t help it.

I mean, seriously, just look at Oliver in these two gifs.  The way he keeps his arm around her in the first gif, his gaze lingering on her face, almost as if he is drinking her in, making sure she is real and not one of his “ghosts.” And then in the second gif, how his eyes follow her as she moves away, like he is watching for her approval as he pulls up his hood. It was there all along and while I saw it, knowing that the show intended for me to see it makes it all the more incredible to me.

*Gifs not mine. Found via Google.