the way he claps is adorable

Got7 Reaction: their S/O acting extra during a performance


He would be loving it. I mean, he is the kind of being extra himself. So seeing his girlfriend being that way during her performance? Yes please. He will he cheering you on!

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Like a proud mother this one. Only, not actually the mother. He’s your boyfriend. Point is, he would be cheering you on and filming the whole thing.

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He would be a little embarrassed at first. Overall he finds it very cute, not expecting you to be so extra.

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He would enjoy your performance, probably think you’re the most adorable girl in the world. He’d have the biggest smile on his face, clapping the whole time. 

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He thinks you’re super adorable! He’d be laughing and cheering along with the crowd. Probably take out his phone to snap a few pictures.

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He’d go crazy seeing you be so extra! He’d be such a proud boyfriend seeing his girlfriend giving her all. There is a good chance he will be cheering your name at the top of his lungs.

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He’d enjoy it tremendously. He’d be elbowing his friends like “Look how cute she is. Isn’t she great?”

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Reasons why I love Jongin

I don’t think you all understand how much i love Kim Jongin okay?
I love him for his Kai side, i adore him for his Jongin side.
I find my inspiration in his talent, in his passion for what he does, it always makes my day when i see him smile, but the actual smile caused by the happiness he feels because of all of us showing him love and appreciation, I love the way he talks, sometimes like an old philosopher and other times he just talks about the holy chicken-hyung. I love it when he talks in interviews and he blinks 60302019483 times. I adore his laugh and when he just opens his mouth, claps his hands and stomps his feet without letting out a single sound. I love the way he always stays strong and tells us everything is okay even though it might not be. I am so grateful for his kind and warm words. I am so proud to be able to say I love a man who always and i mean ALWAYS defends women who have been disgraced by men in any way because of the way they look. I feel so blessed when I see how much respect he has for others and how nice he is. I fell in love with the little things he does, like when he shrugs his shoulders in the cutest way possible, when he does the “chu” face, when he does his eyebrow thing and drives me insane, when he does the hip move and bites his lip EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. or when he talks about his dogs, or chicken (that boy really loves his chicken). And of course, i love the way he looks at Kyungsoo, like he is his prised posession, like he is the most important thing in the world, I love the proud look on Jongin’s face when Kyungsoo (and any other member as well) give their ment. I love how he loves us and what he does and God bless Kim Jongin, he is such a gift and I don’t think i can put my love and respect for him into words.


Hi, I really love your writing and I was wondering if I could get an imagine where the reader is terrified of thunder and Bellamy thinks its adorable and he helps out? I’d really appreciate it. Love you again  - Requested by Anonymous

A/N: Aw, thank you so much - I’m glad you like my writing, thank you for letting me know x

Thunder was way too loud. You couldn’t understand why anything needed to be that loud, ever. It scared you; the anticipation of it all, knowing that it was coming and the fact that – despite the random little tricks people had tried to teach you – it was unpredictable. The next clap of thunder could be three seconds away or ten minutes, you had no idea.

It was a fear which you’d only really gotten since arriving on Earth, which was a slight blessing you had to admit. Your time in Mount Weather had almost lulled you into the security of thinking that it wasn’t all that bad. But it had in fact made it worse.

Tonight’s storm was one of the worst that you’d seen in a while. You were huddled under the blankets, trying desperately to keep the sound out. Hoping that it’d pass quickly so that you could try and forget about it all. You hated that it could make you feel this way. Hated that –

‘(Y/n)?’ came Bellamy’s voice, pulling your thoughts away from the thunder.

You peeped out of your little cocoon nervously. ‘Yeah?’ you asked in a small voice.

A small smile slipped onto Bellamy’s face as he moved further into your tent, perching himself on the bed beside you. ‘Hey, what’s wrong?’ he asked, concern evident on his face as he lightly rubbed your back.

You felt a deep blush on your cheeks. You’d not told him about your phobia of thunder yet. In fact you’d tried to keep it hidden from everyone.

‘I don’t like the thunder,’ you admitted in a small voice. ‘It scares me.’

A small smile slipped onto Bellamy’s face, causing you to bristle.

‘It’s not funny!’ you said defensively, just before another clap of thunder echoed around the camp. You hastily moved closer to Bellamy, burying your head in his chest.

He wrapped his arms protectively around you, rubbing small circles on your back. ‘No, I know it isn’t. It’s just adorable is all,’ he explained, pulling you a little closer. ‘You know I’m here for you, right? I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you.’

You nodded into his chest. ‘You can’t stop thunder,’ you said in a small voice.

‘You know it’s just Zeus when he’s annoyed, right?’ he asked, causing you to pull away to look up at him, an eyebrow raised. ‘He throws horrible tantrums.’

You couldn’t help but chuckle slightly, a small smile slipping onto your face. ‘Oh yeah?’

Bellamy nodded earnestly, pulling you into a tighter hug – which you were grateful for. And then he explained the story of Zeus. He made sure that he embellished the story, speaking louder whenever he thought thunder was going to scare you. He stayed with you that evening, talking to you and generally trying to distract you. He held you in his arms the whole time, protecting you from the sounds when your blanket just wasn’t cutting it.

You were glad for his presence, and while it didn’t stop you from jumping at the occasional clap of thunder it was enough to help you through the night.

‘Thank you,’ you mumbled when the storm finally appeared to have passed.

‘Any time,’ he assured you, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

Seventeen: You Dancing to Mansae

“Babe…What are you doing?” Then proceeds to laugh at you. But not in a menacing way, just because it was really funny that you were singing into a spoon and dancing on the table. Jeonghan, The8, Vernon

*Claps at the finale* “Woo!! You did it better than we did. Honestly, you should just perform it on stage instead of us.” *Claps some more* “Spectacular, really. I’m gonna recommend you to Pledis wow” S.COUPS, DK

Is laughing but since you’re not facing him and have headphones on you wouldn’t notice. He’d think it was cute but he would laugh his ass off. He’d bring it up later around the boys just to poke fun at you. Jun, Woozi, Mingyu

Would just watch you the whole way through thinking it was so adorable. When you’re done he’d clap slowly and be like “Encore”. Probably chuckle a little. Joshua, Wonwoo

As soon as he sees you dancing he’d dance along. You’d be dancing around while vacuuming your room with headphones on. He’d jump in front of you and start dancing to it with you. HOSHI Seungkwan Dino


the way he claps his hands♡

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Nordics with a s/o who breaks out into song whenever music is playing?? Keep up the good work! :3

APH Denmark/Mathias:

He would do that with them once he realized that they do. Whenever their favourite song came on, he would pull them with him and would sing and dance with them loudly. 

APH Norway/Lukas:

He would find it cute and love to listen to them singing. He always claps afterwards and smiles at them, telling them that they have a lovely singing voice. 

APH Iceland/Emil:

He doesn’t pay much attention to it. Once he got used to it, then he would maybe sometimes sing along with them, or he’d just ignore it. He does enjoy listening to it and sometimes if he really likes it then he’ll record their singing. 

APH Finland/Tino:

He treats it like his own personal concert and claps loudly for them. He’ll call for an encore and usually compliments them so much that it makes them flustered in an adorable way. 

APH Sweden/Berwald:

He smiles and listens to them singing and will clap for them. Sometimes, he’ll request songs, most time he’ll just pull them into his chest and ask them to sing for him, holding them gently and humming along if he knows the song.