the way he claps is adorable

Can we talk about BTS’ reaction to Twice’s aegyo? 

Jin: literally dying inside 

Taehyung: Bitch, I can do it better *glares at them and internally flips his hair*

Hobi: *claps like a seal* 

Namjoon: tries to keep his cool, but is unable to hide a smile (let’s be real, he finds it way too adorable)

Jimin: initially keeps a straight face, but then sees Jin and loses it


First Impressions // Barry x Reader

Request: Can there be a smut for you being a new intern at the police department and Barry takes a liking to you, soon you become his assistant and you guys end up having sex all around his lab?

Warnings: I got secondhand butterflies just writing this tbh. Flirty!Barry and steamy smut oooh

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Superfluous (pt 1)

Prompt: Are you still taking angsty Virgil prompts? Can I suggest something you reblogged a while ago, where the others are all in a relationship and have always wanted Virge to join, but he’s bad with confrontation so they do it really subtly. Like, way too subtly because he doesn’t think that there’s anyway that they could want/love him, so when they’re being so sweet and lovely he’s just getting more and more heartbroken because he wants them so badly, but they don’t want him back. ~ @soiguessthisismyusername

Notes: I feel vaguely guilty writing this prompt because it’s been done a few times and beautifully so but IT’S SUCH A POTENT ANGSTFEST that I can’t resist? so here we go, just a lil’ thingy. I anticipate 2 parts. 

CW: Self-deprecation, sadness, low self-esteem, negative self-image

Pairing: Polyamsanders/LAMP (Romantic)

Inspiration: This takes some inspiration from @parsnipit ‘s Once Upon a Dream and @nerdy-emo-royal-dad‘s The List. Both fantastic fics, please go read them if you haven’t because you’re missing out!! 

The others are so sweet with each other. 

Watching them fall in love has been like watching a fairy tale unfold, and Virgil tries to tell himself he’s lucky to even get to witness it–lucky they let him see it happening, because honestly they would have been well within their rights to tell him to fuck off. It’s none of his business. 

But they don’t. Instead, they let him linger at the edges of their glow, trying his best to absorb the reflected warmth. It’s a little like trying to absorb the warmth from a fireplace on a cold winter night while you’re standing outside in the snow, but that’s okay, too, really, because he’s not built for warmth. He’s not meant for love or affection or kindness, and he’s definitely not meant for those sweet little kisses they share, or those long loving embraces. No one wants to gaze into his eyes or lace their fingers with his. Of course they don’t; he’s Anxiety. His eyes are bloodshot and shadowed with fatigue and his fingers are always cold. 

None of this is news to him, so he’s not sure why it hurts anew every day. It’s probably because he is the way he is. He’s never been a fast learner. His heart is stupid, and it doesn’t seem to understand how foolish a thing ‘hope’ really is. It clings on, building mountains out of molehills, creating elaborate fantasies where the smile someone gives him is actually meant for him and not just the leftover expression they’d been wearing for someone else a moment ago. Fantasies where they laugh at his joke because it’s funny, because they were listening, not just because they’re happy and in love and find it easy to laugh at anything. Fantasies where an accidental brush of someone’s hand against his own is not accidental at all, but a gentle, deliberate touch, meant just for him

He can’t stop his poor, foolish heart from hoping, but he doesn’t let it get to his head, because his heart may be a pathetic lovesick thing but his head is as rational as it ever was. 

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Fanboys || BTS

Request - Anonymous said: Hello! Can I request an AU where BTS are the fanboys and you’re actually the idol? Thank you if you decide to do this 👀😊  

Pairing - BTS x Reader

Genre - Fluff

Summary - For a change, these ethereal men are your fans.

Plis forgive me for blatantly copying off the certain interactions that actually happened between ARMY and BTS. It’s too cute to ignore. Hope you understand :)

What do they sign though? Books? That’s what they look like :p

You intertwined your fingers with the boy’s who was knelt on the other side of the table, his eyes literally swimming with tears. He looked so much younger to you, it was adorable.

“Gosh, Noona, I love you so much! You’re my ultimate bias and-” Color flourished his cheeks and you giggled at his reaction. You cocked your head, his hand never leaving yours as you used your other to sign the book in front of you.

“Aigoo, what’s your name?” You asked as you finished signing, his cheeks slightly damp from the tears that had spilled over in happiness.

“It’s Jeongguk!”

“What a cute name for a cute boy!” You reached over to pinch his cheek and you could’ve sworn he was about to faint right then. A dreamy smile took place on his lips and you had to blush at that. You hadn’t met anyone who seemed so floored just over your gestures. When the staff behind you asked him to move on, he pouted cutely before he mumbled a string of “I love you, Noona!” and “Please remember me!” before he moved on to the next member of your group.

Of course you’d remember that adorable boy.

The next thing you noticed first was wild, purple colored hair that matched yours. You greeted a wide-eyed man who seemed to be in his early twenties, a cute smile adorning his lips, the tips deepened into his cheeks causing two small dimples to form.

“Hello~” You smiled at him, immediately reaching for his hand. His was trembling as you held it in yours, your smile turning into a laugh. “What’s your name?”

“Nam- Namjoon.” He was still shook by the greeting. You reached over and ruffled his hair, “It’s okay, Joon, you don’t have to be nervous!” He instantly melted at your touch, and it seemed impossible but, his dimples dug even deeper. You signed the book in front of you before you asked him, “Is it okay if I touch your dimples?”

His eyes widened but turned into crescents so quickly you had to laugh at that. He turned a cheek towards you and you reached over to press the pad of your finger on it, causing the fans sitting in the auditorium to squeal in unison. “Noona, I love you!” He blurted suddenly, stretching his hands over his head and tipping his fingers to touch his head, so it formed a big heart. You giggled as he turned away, feeling shy of his ministrations, before he moved onto the next member, his cheeks so red it looked like he applied a lot of rouge.

When you watched the next person come in front of you, you were struck into awe by his too good looks. He let out a deep giggle as he noticed your reaction, your own cheeks turning red from being caught.

You tilted your head, “Wow, you look so good!”

“Ah, don’t say that Noona!” He almost whined, his lips forming a fake pout. Clearly, he was very flustered.

“You’re the good looking person here!” He said, cupping his face in his big palms, his eyes twinkling with adoration.

You waved a hand, “No, no, no, nothing like that!”

You began signing on the book he’d given you before you asked him what his name was.

“Kim Taehyung!” He replied cheerfully, and you noticed how much of a widely boxed smile he had. You couldn’t resist, so you reached over and pinched his cheeks, “Taehyung-ah, you’re so handsome!” You said, letting him move on to the next person. You were still looking at him when you felt something hard brush against your fingers. Looking straight, you noticed a cute, bubblegum pink haired boy smiling shyly at you - one of your group members had the same color hair on.

“I know who your bias is,” You wiggled your eyebrows at him, causing the younger to blush furiously. You giggled at that, ruffling his hair before you signed his book. He seemed to remain quiet, so you reached over to hold his hand. It was clammy and shaky, and you were very familiar with it.

“Aigoo, it’s okay. Don’t be too nervous, she’ll love you. I love you already.” You winked at him, his eyes widening a fraction. He mumbled silently, “Thank you, Noona! Fighting!” He used his other hand and curled it into a fist, his eye smile way too adorable for you. You asked for his name before you exclaimed back, “Jimin, Fighting!”

A squeal made you jump in your seat, your hands coming to your chest as you snapped your head to see a dopey smiled boy, his blond hair in a nest of curls on his head. He was clapping his hands like an excited child, barely able to control the radiation of his happiness. He looked like a sun to you.

He squealed again, almost shouting, so you squealed back, both your hands intertwining with his as you shook them around, your feet tapping against the stage floor. “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU NOONA!!” He shouted and you shouted back, “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU TOO-” and then you paused, realizing you didn’t know his name. Like he understood that, he told you his name - almost screamed it out - causing you to laugh.

“I LOVE YOU HOSEOK!” You shouted again, sending him to the next person, with an enthusiastic smile and an autograph.

“Hello,” You turned back to see a broad-shouldered guy in front of you, smiling at you charmingly. You felt your heart skip a beat, and had to place your palms on your chest in emphasis, “Oh my, what’s your name?”

His cheeks flushed noticeably, but he held your gaze, “Kim SeokJin.” He smiled that smile again. You felt your shoulders shudder and you had to pay attention to the book that was placed in front of you so wouldn’t fall for his good looks. Really, he was that good-looking.

“You know, SeokJin,” You said as you finished signing, “If you were an idol, you’d be my ultimate bias.” You winked at a thoroughly flustered man, his eyes wavering slightly as he bent over as much as he could, expressing his gratitude, “Ah- please, oh my god. Thank you!” He had to cover his face with his palms, your giggles loud as you watched him move.

“I’m going to sue you.” A blatant remark made you turn around wide-eyed, the mint green haired boy watching you with a bored face, but with more defined eyes. You cocked your head, “Aw, why is that?” You asked, genuinely curious.

And that broke his resolve - he chewed on his lip, like he was trying hard to stop a smile before he almost cried out in a whine, “You look way too good!!

You laughed, the fans behind him howling and screaming in agreement.

You took his hands in yours and you brought your face forward, his pale face coloring the slightest. “I hope I can pay the price.” Okay, you were flirting a lot today, but it was too fun, honestly. The guy smirked playfully, “Min Yoongi. Hope the hair is enough indication if you ever see me around.” You were almost baffled into silence by his straight-forward attitude and bluntness. When you saw a hand from the corner of your eye whipping to the side, you moved fast to sign the book. Yoongi began moving but you held his hand.

“You’re really some fan, Yoongi. I like you.” You smiled. He returned it, a cute gummy smile taking form instantly. “Good, because I like you too.”

Wedding Drama

Originally posted by olvrsfelicity

Series: Peter Parker Imagines

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Fluff, Angst, Violence

A/N: My mom had surgery and I’ve been adjusting to having my grandma around. She’s been coming into my room randomly at night invading my privacy which makes it hard asf to type. 

Also btw, If it’s lower than 2k words I’ll put a word count.

[Peter’s POV]

“Peter.. PETER”

“Uh yes?” I blink a couple times to see Tony standing in front of me. He had a scotch in his hand with a stern look on his face. The ice clinking against the glass as he took a sip. His glasses were a light blue tinted lens.

“Kid you blanked out on me, I asked if you were ready… then you spaced out into a different universe”

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Picture Purrfect

Also on AO3

Marinette’s pencil brushed lightly across the page as she shaded the sketch of Chat Noir, sitting casually on her balcony’s railing.

“How’s it going?” he asked.  She wasn’t sure how he managed to stay so still, in the same pose, without altering his expression.

“Almost done.”  Catching the pencil in her teeth, she rubbed at the graphite with her thumb to blend it better.  "Just need the last few touches on the background.“

"How do you do that?”  The cat was definitely curious.

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neighbor! Minghao

admin seri: well jess wrote the first put off this about a month? after we started the blog, it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come :’) . here’s me finishing this as we open requests :) hope you enjoy!! (p.s. i think i have a thing for convenience stores, my bad hehe)

  • somehow I see a display of nunchucks and a katana his fireplace mantle?
  • for scientific reasons only cough
  • somehow it fits into the aesthetics of his house though?
  • the coat closet houses skateboards and hats, “what else is that closet for?”
  • has a surprising collection of wine glasses and red a variety of red wines
  • cabinets have a dark earthy brown color, kind of a vintage countertop, but modern look overall
  • renovated either a room or the whole basement into a dance studio
  • goes skateboarding early in the morning
  • invites people over for lunch often
  • isn’t really a neighborhood watch kind of guy or welcoming committee person
  • but your doorbell rings and you open the door and there’s a bouquet of flowers and the sound of a skateboard fleeing the scene
  • has enough pillows on the couch to drown a man
  • the one with an intricate stone pathway in their backyard with lots of vines and interesting plants and a bench so he can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful green canopy of his private rain forest
  • parkours over all the garbage cans on garbage day and never knocks even a single one over
  • hosts video game nights, like just dance so y'all can dab at the wrong parts, and overwatch, or LOL
  • the one crazy enough to buy tiki torches because Jun dared him and nearly set Jeonghan’s cat on fire smh
  • plays jazz in his house, you can hear the sax solo every Tuesday night
  • goes “camping” in his driveway with Mingyu, Seokmin, and other 97 liners
  • pranks by the 97 line
  • ding dong ditches your house only to run by a few minutes later, excessively dabbing
  • except Seungcheol scolds them
  • so they apologize to everyone and bakes everyone cake instead
  • teaches the kids how to dance/ bboy and how to skate
  • imagine that cute grin on his face while doing so
  • leads adventures to defeat the Jun dragon for all the gold hidden (chocolate coins)
  • wears sunglasses indoors
  • “Minghao it’s 8pm, can you even see out of those?”
  • “nope”
  • broken cat doors and fences are magically fixed overnight with a little note saying, “97 line was here, your payment will be one dab”
  • flips water bottles onto the roof until they get stuck
  • and needs to borrow a ladder to retrieve them
  • but not Seungcheol’s oh no
  • “should we ask Seungcheol hyung…”
  • Minghao stares while Mingyu excessively shakes his head
  • yeah they don’t want to go through that time again
  • now if someone where to peek outside their door,
  • they’d see three adults wearing all black creeping down the hallway as if they were in a spy movie
  • until they reach Minghao’s place where the original plan was to play games until the morning and figure it out then
  • but then they see “suspicious” boxes stacked outside Minghao’s door
  • except now it wasn’t just out his door
  • because right across from him the used to be empty place’s door was being held open by those boxes
  • but they also saw a ladder being slower pushed into the doorway
  • “HEY MINGHAO! your new neighbor has one!!! go ask them!”
  • getting prodded forward, he gets a look at you
  • who was lifting one side of the ladder struggling
  • bending down, he picks it up
  • and you knew you didn’t just get super human strength so you glance up
  • flipping his hair naturally, Minghao puts on an embarrassed smile
  • “Hey I️ live across from you, welcome to the area!”
  • “Thank you!” you say brightly, then nod towards his hands hold the ladder,
  • “and thank you”
  • “it’s no problem” putting on that embarrassed smile again, he chuckles nervously
  • “actually, me and my friends would like to use it right now?”
  • “Oh!” your eyes widen in surprise
  • you laugh slightly, smiling
  • “go ahead”
  • “thanks!”
  • and with barely any effort at all, he takes the ladder by himself,
  • flashing you a small smile before maneuvering his way out your doorway and down the hall
  • you feel a little weak at the knees
  • and while you excuse it to the amount of lifting you’ve done
  • you know a small portion is because of your neighbors most adorable smile
  • and then there’s Minghao,
  • letting out a little giggle to himself
  • because damn his neighbor is cute
  • “what’s that smile for???” Mingyu raises an eyebrow at his different face
  • “what? nothing” Minghao shrugs casually
  • squinting at his face, Seokmin claps
  • “Ah! Were they a she? a pretty she?”
  • the both wiggle their eyebrows at Minghao
  • “Aye why do looks matter?”
  • walking past them carrying the ladder,
  • almost hitting them, not on purpose at all
  • he avoids the question well
  • so it somehow became who could chug the most
  • *but she was cute’ he thinks, smiling softly to himself
  • they manage to take hours getting the many many water bottles of the roof
  • “what a waste of water” Seokmin sighs, balancing a bottle on his arm
  • this is where you see three crazy guys on the roof fighting for water bottles
  • “well your gonna have to run for it” 
  • ever seen grown men running carefully and dramatically 
  • its hilarious 
  • what should’ve taken 10 minutes turned into a whole two hours 
  • already night time and sneaking down from the roof
  • and crowded inside Minghao’s place playing FIFA
  • “what are you gonna do about the ladder over there” Mingyu calls from the kitchen making snacks of course
  • “i’ll bring it over tomorrow morning” 
  • “you should bring her food too! as a welcome!!” Seokmin nudges Minghao wiggling his brows
  • making him shove back, trying to concentrate on the game
  • “YES! i’ll start making food!!” Mingyu claps excitedly
  • ‘oh lord, this is going to be a mess’ 
  • and that’s how he ends up at your door, a basket of food in his hands stacked almost up to his chin
  • you swing open the door, your breakfast sandwich in hand, still in your PJ’s, hair up into a bun 
  • “AH” you yelp, swinging the door close on reflex
  • and then opening it again cringing at the way you look
  • Minghao glances at the corner of your lips,
  • where a bread crumb lays
  • “your neighbor, remember me?” 
  • “yes the c-” you smile pausing, still flustered, “the guy borrowing the ladder” 
  • “i see you have it” you laugh slightly motioning to the ladder behind him
  • “and with a welcome gift” 
  • and grabbing the basket from him, you walk inside, letting him set the ladder down in your living room
  • “i would invite you to stay but…” 
  • he nods, “you just moved in, your busy i get it” 
  • Minghao smiles backtracking out the door
  • “i’m right across from you if you need anything” 
  • closing your door, you lean back against the wall, 
  • “oh my god i’m a mess” you whisper to yourself 
  • and smirking, opening the door just down the hall from yours, 
  • he shakes his head at himself
  • ‘nevermind, i’m a mess,’ 
  • taking a breathe, and grabbing his skateboard, he laughs
  • “well, she’s adorable” 
  • you, are well, going about your moving in process, 
  • occasionally letting the cute neighbor run though your mind
  • who, oh my god, you guys don’t even know each other’s names
  • taking a break from your many boxes, your run to the nearest convenience store to find dinner 
  • only to find it particularly crowded in the ramyeon section 
  • your eyes wonder to your neighbor, surprisingly
  • and your reaction is to blast your way outta there
  • until you guys make eye contact
  • making Minghao not very subtly leaving his group
  • “finding dinner?” he asks, tucking his hand into his pockets 
  • “just getting some necessities, like instant noodles” 
  • he chuckles, agreeing
  • sticking out your hand, “i realized we never introduced ourselves, it’s y/n” 
  • he shakes your hand, “Minghao” 
  • “well we’re kind of past the introducing stage aren’t we” he jokes
  • referring to your appearance this morning, or the ladder, or both 
  • either way, your cheeks heat up 
  • it feels sudden to you, but he hands you his phone
  • “let’s exchange numbers, i can help you with your boxes,” he smirks, “or show you around” 
  • “oh?” you, catch on to what he might be insinuating 
  • though your heartbeat makes you want to tell yourself not to read into it
  • “did you ask her out ye-” Seokmin comes out of no where swinging his arm around Minghao 
  • who elbows him into his stomach a little too late
  • nevermind, your definitely reading into it
  • smiling meaningfully at him,
  • “i’ll stop bothering you guys then”  you say spinning around
  • “you-” 
  • “call me!” you say without turning 
  • Minghao nods, smiling
  • “how does it feel to be cut off huh” Seokmin huffs, grinning
  • “how can you smile like that as if we aren’t here huh” Mingyu teases 
  • “quit” Minghao glares jokingly 
  • not stopping the rest of the guys from getting on his case though, 
  • “so when are we gonna hear the story of how they met” Seungcheol smirks 
  • “uhhh” 
  • the three of them say in sync
  • “gotta blast” 
  • the three of them take their food as Minghao skates away with the other three running behind him 
  • you happen to catch a glance at the three whiling checking out 
  • and laugh, covering your mouth, eyes following them out
  • ‘that’ll be a good conversation for next time’ 

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admin jess & seri

About Time

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Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, maybe a little self hatred nothing major though. 

Request:  Could you maybe write a Bucky x Fat!Reader where everyone except reader knows about Bucky’s crush on her so when Tony is working on his arm (being the little shit he is) asks reader to help and Bucky gets all flustered and stuff? Thanks, Wolfling🐺❄️

AN: @native-snowflake your request is all done babe, I hope you like it! 

Please go ahead and add yourself to my taglist over here…. TAGLIST 

Or check out my masterlist over here…. MASTERLIST 

@just4muggles @morganlb23 @yet-another-lockup @theraputicwritings @unevenpages @littlepartofheaven @itsbubbaog @this-is-bucky-barnes @cassandras-musings @callmebucky-doll  @queendarkmuffin @frostbyte-horan @georgiagrl1990 @angelaiswriting @selldraug

You knocked hesitantly on the door to Tony’s lab. You could see shadowy figures moving around behind the frosted glass panes so knew he was indeed inside. He’d asked FRIDAY to get you to report up to his lab as soon as possible which in Stark language meant he’d needed you there yesterday.

Working for Tony was possibly the best and at the same time worst job you’d ever had. Sure, being a lawyer in a usual firm had its terrible points, working for corporate firms who wanted nothing but to make money had never been your scene. Working for Tony Stark had seemed like a dream come true, he had money to burn so that wasn’t his issue. What he needed you to do was cope with the ever-expanding pile of HR complaints and civil lawsuits that the Avenger’s team racked up.

“Enter” Tony’s voice shouted out “but if you aren’t Y/N then you better be leaving again”

“It is me Mr Stark” you moved carefully into the Lab following Tony’s voice as you tried not to stand on anything that looked important or expensive.

“Ah Y/N my favourite person” Tony was beaming at you as you finally managed to find where he was. Stopping awkwardly because he wasn’t on his own. “Just ignore Frosty here” Tony said waving at a shirtless James Barnes who was sat on a metal workbench completely ignoring you. “Bionic man here is rusting away so we’re just getting him up and running again, you know oiling joints that sort of thing. It happens when your pushing 90”

“Alright” you agreed when Tony stared at you like he expected you to speak. “Mr Stark shall I come back when you’re not…” you motioned to Bucky’s arm “busy” you sounded pathetic and didn’t like how squeaky your voice had become.

James Barnes made you beyond nervous. With that cold blue stare that seemed to pierce through your mind deep into your soul. He almost never spoke and when he did his voice rasped in a way that made your insides melt. He was a delectable man and he never even looked twice at you. Then again, why would he? You were nothing if not average, shaped nothing like the slender and exceptionally pretty women who hung around the Avengers attempting to land one of them.  

“No come here” Tony ordered pointing to the spot directly in front of him.

Bucky still wasn’t speaking but he had managed to look at you. You bit your lip but didn’t dare to disobey your boss so moved to stand in front of him.

“Sergeant Barnes if you would be so kind?” Tony pulled on the metal arm rotating and twitching at varying different joints.

You’d never seen the fusion of metal arm to Bucky’s skin before. He was normally very careful about covering the scar, even when he wore tank tops they were cut high enough that you couldn’t see the scaring. It was bad, skin badly fused and damaged.

Your eyes finally met his. He’d been watching you stare at him and you blushed instantly embarrassed to be caught staring.

“I know. Ugly huh?” he eventually said apparently ignoring Tony and whatever he was doing to his arm.

“What? No” you shook your head. “I just… I mean I was thinking… it must have hurt”

He actually looked surprised at that as Tony snorted. “Super serum pumped Soldiers don’t get hurt” he snarked out “Unlike us mortal people”

Bucky went back to looking tense and uncomfortable at Tony’s words just reverting to staring at nothing.

“Mr Stark, you wanted to see me?” you tried to get this strange surreal experience back onto a ground you knew. “If this is about the depositions from yesterday than they’ve already been filed”

“This isn’t about your work” Tony was grinning again “I hired you Y/N so it means I know you can do your job without me helicopter parenting over you”

“So…. What?”

“You had a date last night correct?”

Bucky’s knee twitched and you wondered just how much Tony was hurting him by fiddling with screws and such in his arm.

You had had a date last night, with another guy from Tony’s HR department. You’d gone to dinner and it hadn’t even taken you until the starter was delivered for you to know that this wasn’t going to go well. He’d talked about nothing but improving his standing at Stark Industries or the new Jaguar he was going to buy with his next pay check. You’d lasted until desert before it was either walk away very quickly or blow your brains out.

That didn’t explain though why your boss was so interested in your personal life all of a sudden. “I did” you agreed “But why?”

“Why do I care?” he asked “well Y/N I’m an inherently curious person its one of my many strong points. I like to know what my employees are doing especially if my favourite lawyer is about to jet off on a honeymoon and maternity leave and all that achingly normal… stuff”

“Ignoring the fact that you could be sued for that statement Mr Stark you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere. He was much more interested in dating you than he was me” Bucky’s jaw was now tense his teeth almost grating together and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Concentrate on what you’re doing Mr Stark, you’re hurting him”

Bucky’s eyes flew to yours once more and Tony just smirked “Oh Y/N trust me it isn’t me that’s hurting Frosty”

“Excuse me?” you stared confused at him then glance at Bucky. “Are you alright? Is he hurting you?”

“I’m fine” he paused then smiled at you “thank you”

That smile caused your stomach to drop down to your toes and your brain to stop working.

“Oh, you two are just so adorable” Tony clapped his hands together in one of those ways that he managed his mood changed instantly. “Frosty take Y/N back through to legal please. You’re done and I have work that’s actually important to you know, the world”

You couldn’t keep up with his mercurial mood swings at the best of times so instead of questioning him you simply moved back to the door. Bucky was moving easily behind you and leant forward to push the door of the lab open for you.

“Thank you” you whispered, cursing yourself for an idiot. Why couldn’t you say something to him, anything.

“You know that guy was a fucking idiot if he let you walk away from him”

You almost tripped over at his words, managing to look over at him. “What?”

“Well doll, if I was ever lucky enough to take someone like you out on a date I for sure wouldn’t be letting you slip away from me”

“Take me out?” you were utterly confused at this point. “Why would someone like you ever want to be seen with someone like me?”

“What?” now Bucky was the one who was looking confused. He stopped walking making you stop as well. “What are you talking about someone like me and you?”

“James” you were squirming in embarrassment as he stared down at you “come on, please don’t make me say it”

“Say what?” he still didn’t look like he knew what you were talking about. “I don’t understand”

Sighing you couldn’t look him in the face anymore as you indicated your body. “People who look like me don’t end up with people who look like you”

You heard him snort and the suddenly his hand was on your chin lifting your face up so you had no choice but to stare up into his eyes. “You are fucking gorgeous” he stated flatly no room for questions in his tone. One corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “When you told Tony to concentrate because you thought he was hurting me…”

“He said it wasn’t him that was hurting you”

“He was right It wasn’t him”

“I don’t understand”

“It’s you doll” his thumb stroked back and forth across your chin a few times. “Hearing about someone else being allowed to take you out on a date. That’s what hurts me. That’s what drives me crazy”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. Was James Barnes actually admitting to liking you? That couldn’t be true.

“I don’t know what to say right now” you admitted to him “I never even thought… I mean”

He cut off your babbling by using the thumb still on your chin to press against your lips silencing the words spilling out. “I tell you what why don’t a give you a question you can answer?”


“Will you come out to dinner with me?”

Finally, you smiled nodding your head at him. “I will. Of course, I will”

You got another one of those heart stopping smiles from Bucky.

“Miss Y/L/N” FRIDAY’s voice filled the hallway “Mr Stark would like me to inform you that staff fraternisation is not allowed in his hallways as per your own rules. Please take your conversation with Sergeant Barnes elsewhere and Sergeant Barnes he says about fucking time”

EXO Reaction to you picking up their quirks

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Aren’t we cool jagi? Doing the same things? We are a couple with style”


“I’m not gonna lie… I love when we are dorky together… I love you”


*He’ll go shy in one second* “She claps the same way I do… she even laughs like me… it’s so adorable”


*You’ll probably end up having a battle of shy “teehee”s*


*He just loves that face you make when you eat, that is exactly like his dorky face* “I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more… the food or your face”


“Pleasee jagi puff your cheeks like this… please… you look adorable… my special baozi”


“Jagi…. are you starting to smile like this… rectangle smile? Ohmigowd this is hilarious” *He just can’t stop watching you*


“Please let me kiss you baobei… it’s so cute every time you say “yo” like I do”




*He just can’t with the imitation you make of his so knows Satansoo face* “I never thought someone would do it better than myself…”


“My girl… slapping butts everywhere she goes… I should be mad but…. You learned from the best”


*Shy puppy* “Aigoo jagi… I can’t with your adorable self…. look at that pout… let me squeeze you”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Flashing Lights (part 2) - Benedict x reader

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while, but I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted like two days ago, so you can imagine the mess that I am right now…
I wasn’t planning on writing this second part, but a friend asked for some intense riding smut, so here I am. lol.
To @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch who sent this lovely request my way, I hope you don’t mind but I’m planning on writing that as a part three, so sit tight because it’s coming!
Also, if any of you want to be tagged in the next part, do send me an ask and I’d be glad to add you!

Word count: 2481
Warnings: smut

[Part 1] - [Part 3]

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submitting for the imagine xx

thank you for submitting this post this was different from what i usually write and i hope you like it because i had a lot of feels while writing this!!

my heart still ached. i knew it was over with peter, he shattered my heart into millions of little pieces that were unable to be put back together. i still picked myself up and got myself al prettied up for school. peter and i were from two different worlds but that didn’t mean i didn’t love him.

peter lived in a small apartment and i lived in a large house, that didn’t mean we weren’t meant for each other but to my parts that wasn’t gonna slide. i loved peter so much, i still love him. its only been a week and I’ve avoided seeing him at all, there are times when ill see him push past people.

whenever i see him I’m frowning. he’s frowning. everyone is mad.

the bell rang and it was lunch time. i did what has become routine over the last few weeks. wipe my eyes, plug in my headphones, pick myself up, and keep walking. thats all i ever did, it was peter who taught me how to love.

his beautiful smile was what i fell in love with, or the way his eyes sparkle when he gets excited, when his smiles really big his eyes crinkle at the sides lightly. these were all small parts of peter that i love. 

when i se him i just want to kiss those lips again, i want to run my hands through his soft curls like i used to when we would cuddle and have our saturday night movie nights. 

when i was with peter everything was perfect. 

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Exchange Student -3- Jungkook

Originally posted by kookmint

Exchange Student - Jungkook

a/n; I love writing this story and I really hope you guys like the pace I’m using in this series. Let me know if you like the chapter, I’m always curious and love your reactions!

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

rating; mature

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.655

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS.

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Take The Compliment

Originally posted by nestorquik

Request: Hi, I love reading your stories and I was wondering if you could do an Ethan x Fem reader where the reader and Ethan are best friend. The reader is super self conscious of herself and every time Ethan will compliment her she always turns them down saying things like “No I’m not” etc. Ethan can get really tired of this and out of no where maybe kisses her saying “Please stop saying you’re not beautiful cause you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” or something like that 😊 Thank you

Summary: Fem!Reader can’t take a compliment. Ethan gets annoyed.

A/N: Let me be real guys, I’ve been going through a dry spell with writing lately. Sorry this sucks, but I hope you enjoy this flaming pile of crap anyway.

Wordcount: 732

Requests are closed for now, sorry!

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Berlin in bullet points bc that’s all I’m capable of rn

- first thing’s first: I’ll never love another man as much as I love harry styles

- Muna was fucking GOOD. really fucking good and they have such a positive energy and they were very grateful and very cute

- from the moment they stopped all I could think was ‘oh god harry’s out there somewhere’ and then the pink curtain came and then I was like ‘wtf that bitch is probably standing right there’ and then the spotlight came and I was 'OMG THAT BITCH IS ACTUALLY STANDING THERE’ and then it was like that for at least four more songs

- I was crying by the second song. esny has been one of my favourites from the start and the fact that he was actually there singing was surreal and then two ghosts started and I was like ok bye and started crying

- he accidentally dropped his mic inbetween two songs and then was like 'woops’ and everybody was done for

- he sang/counted up to like 20 or something in german just to show he could and I was too endeared

- I think the rainbow flag he waved during only angel was one of his own bc the flag he took from the audience was a germany one and then he went to take the rainbow one from sarah’s platform and he waved them together which was a bit weird for me but he waved a rainbow flag so I’m good

- nearing the end of woman someone threw some duck thing on the stage and he used it to do the duck noise at the end of the song and then afterwards he was like 'who is this from??’ and then blew it again and said 'WOMAN’ and it was very cute

- he went to dance with mitch during woman which was very cute as well

- mmith live is the closest I’ve ever been and will ever be to a religious experience. it’s been one of my faves from the start and hearing it live literally rendered me speechless and it was everything I could have asked for

- jalboyh was so good??? it also made me cry but I think a big part of that was bc it was just after mmith which Fucked Me Up

- everyone kept singing the oooooh’s at the of jalboyh for so long that at one point adam was like standing there w his arms crossed like 'ok then’ and it was adorable

- the chain was SO FUCKING GOOD

- clare was clapping her hands in a cute way during and it made him laugh

- during the chain at one point he was like 'if you haven’t sang until now that’s completely fine, if you haven’t danced until now that’s completely fine etc’ but you knew that bitch was judging tf out of everybody who wouldn’t have danced yet

- his version of stockholm syndrome owns my heart

- he got a lot of flower crowns thrown at him and he tried putting one on his head but it immediately fell off but he tried I guess

- kiwi goes so fucking hard it was incredible

- when he was waving his goodbyes he bumped into mitch and patted him on the bum, thanks for doing me a solid styles

- he left the stage and was almost at the bottom of the stairs but then he returned and waved some more

- I like that after he’s left the stage the band keeps playing and the final applause is just for them

- I think that was everything for now and I just want to say this whole experience was fucking incredible and I’ll never forget it and I am gonna miss that guy so fucking much wth

Hope, baby

Requested by Anon - I heard you have baby fever! Can you do a Klaus Mikaelson imagine please? Where you help him watch Hope while Hailey and Elijah are out. He absolutely adores the way you are with her. And he admits his feelings for you and you to him. You guys kids and you guys don’t notice Hope crawled into the room and she claps (those cute slow baby claps😊) and you guys get startled. But all you guys end up falling asleep while watching a movie. Thank you❣️❣️Hoe is maybe 1 and half.

Word Count – 536

Characters – Klaus x Reader

You walked up to the quarter and were greeted by the Hope, you bent down to her height and looked at her with creased eyebrows.
‘What are you doing her Hope?’ You asked her, she giggled.
‘Where is your Klaus?’ You asked her, she raised her hands and wanting lifted. You lifted her up and placed her on your hip.
‘Have you been running away from your dad?’ You asked her as you tickled her.
‘Hope.’ You heard Klaus shout out.
‘You dad’s shouting you.’ You said and placed her down. She took off in the direction of Klaus’s voice.
‘And where were you miss?’ You heard Klaus ask. You walked up the stairs and stood at the top of them.
‘Y/N.’ She said, and turned around. Klaus followed her line of sight.
‘When did you get here?’ Klaus asked smiling, as Hope wriggled in his arms, he placed her down.
‘Ten minutes ago.’ You said to him, as you got onto your knees, as Hope came running to you.
‘Thank you for coming.’ He said he walked over and placed a gentle kiss on your head. You smiled up to him.
‘Well I had to come and see this little one. I couldn’t stay away. So, I couldn’t.’ You said as he were lifting up Hope and bringing her back down.

Klaus came back into the room, looking slightly less stressed, when he saw you laying on the bed he smiled. He was happy he had you.
‘What do you want to watch?’ You asked, as you saw him enter the room.
‘Nothing.’ He said walking over to the bed.
‘What?’ You asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘I just want to talk with you.’ He said, climbing on top of the bed. You rolled onto your side and smiled up at him, as he wrapped his arm around you, placing a kiss on your forehead.
‘What do you want to talk about?’ You asked him.
‘You.’ He said, rubbing circles on your back.
‘Me?’ You asked, looking up.
‘I want a family with you, I love you and seeing you with hope makes my heart swell.’ He said, you looked up with wide eyes.
‘Klaus.’ You started but he cut you off.
‘No listen. You are amazing, Hope adores you and so will our baby. I am not forcing you into having one right this minute but please think about it. We could have a hope to ourselves, we cou-‘ Klaus explained himself, but he was cut off when he heard clapping, you both sat up and you couldn’t help but smile as Hope was standing at the door, clapping her hands and giggling.
‘I thought you put her down?’ You asked Klaus, he looked at you and sighed before standing up and reaching for her.
‘I did.’ He told you, he got back into bed and placed Hope between the both of you. She lay on her back, waving her hands in the air. You looked at her and then back down to Klaus.
‘I’ll think about it.’ You said to him, he looked up and with wide eyes. You smiled and he sat up leaning over and placing a kiss on your forehead.

Originally posted by eternalmikaelson

Keep your enemies closer.

↳ parents au + dad!taeyong | 5.3 K

You finally meet the cute guy that drops his kids off and picks them up when you do…only to find out that it’s his son that has been teasing your daughter. Well, how’s that for first impressions?

a/n: this is the product of me spending an ungodly amount of time babysitting and playing Dream Daddy. I wish I could say I’m sorry but I’m really not huehue.

“Shit.” The word slips past your lips faster than you could possibly hope to stop it and, with eyes blown wide with guilt, you turn to meet the equally shocked faces of your kids in the mirror. For a tense moment it’s silent in the car save for the indignant hoot of the car that had cut across you as it races off, the older man driving shooting you a dirty look (that you match with equal ferocity) on his way out.

Then all hell breaks loose: Jisoo laughs out loud, clapping her tiny hands together and drumming her bare legs against the seat as she parrots back the word, delighted when you squawk in alarm. Kwon peers around from his carseat, chubby cheeks screwing up adorably as he struggles to understand the commotion- still trying to put coherent sentences together as he nears his second birthday. At least you have that to be grateful for.

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Ship requested by: @chana-ninja

It was not the best decision but I thought it was the best at that moment. Running away from the castle after having enough of this terrible week is a reasonable choice. I let my guard down, releasing the tears I’ve been holding back. I can’t take it anymore. I look around to see if anyone followed me. I want to be alone.

I wish to be alone yet…

I yearn for someone to talk to.

But here I am.

Alone in the woods-


I whip head to the sound of a twig snapping. Lo and behold, a black dog standing by a tree that is a few meters away from me.

“What are you doing here, boy?“ I say in soft tone. I crouch down to the ground as I wipe away fresh tear stains on my cheeks.

“Hi.“ I smile at the dog. I pat down the grass in front of me. The dog looks at me with a curious face, it’s head titled to one side and one ear flopped up.

I wait for the dog to respond but he continued to stare at me that way causing me to giggle.

“You look so adorable. So cute.“

I sit down on the ground not caring if my robes get dirty. I clap my hands and ask “What’s your name?”

The dog walks towards me, stopping three feet away from to me. I have my hand out to let the dog smell it. He sniffs my palm and leans his cheek on m palm. Awww this dog is trusts me. My lips are in a form of a smile. I immediately scratch his fur.

“Where’s your owner?“ I ask and look for a collar and a tag. He doesn’t have one. I continue to scratch his fur and smiled.

“Do you wanna play?“ I don’t know if it was my imagination or not but I swear the dog seems to nod his head as he wag his tail. I grab a twig beside me and wave it in front of him. I stand up and bent down a little.

“Here, boy. Wanna play fetch?“ The dog jumped up and down. He wags his tail as he have his tongue out. He barks in response.

“Ok! Go fetch!“ I say before I throw the twig as hard as I could. He follows the twig with his head as it flies in the air. And as soon as the twig flies past him, he turns around and runs after it. I find myself cheering for him, jumping up and down with matching clapping hands and wohhhs, as he runs after the it. When he reaches the spot the twig fell, he grabs it quickly with his mouth and turns towards me with a wide big grin and starts running towards me.

“Come on, boy!“

He immediately got in front of me and I kneel down to his level. He sits down while he wags his tail. I have my palm out and he gives me the twig. I take the twig and rub the top of his head.

“Good boy!“ I smile at him. “Do you still want to play?“ I ask him and he stands up with his four legs. I stand up and throw the twig.

We continue to play for the rest of the afternoon until I notice that the sun will start to set in a few minutes.

“You are such a good boy.” I say and i rub his belly while he is laying in the grass.

“You aren’t really suppose to be out here, you know? Dogs aren’t allowed he in Hogwarts and I assume you don’t live in the forest either. But, thanks for being here though. I had a really rough week.” Why am I saying this to a dog? It doesn’t matter now. I am really surprise with his reaction though. Immediately after I told him that I was feeling bad, I hear him whimper.

“You help a lot. So, thanks.” I say

I give him a few more belly rubs when I hear from a distance someone calling out “PADFOOT!” Immediately, the dog looks towards the direction of the sound and gets up from the grass. I too stand up from kneeling down beside him.

“I guess Padfoot is your name.” I tell him and he looks at me as he wags his tail.

“Your owner’s calling you. You should go. I hope to see you soon, Padfoot.“ I smile at him and soon after he barks and runs towards the sound of his name. I watch him go and run freely. I do wish to see him again.

Pynch Fic Rec - M&E Rated


A couple of days ago I was asked to provide a Pynch fic rec.
What follows is me being a PhD student at heart (more than I would like to) and  surveying my Ao3 History to find every fic I’ve ever read while connected to my account *coff-literaturereview-coff*.

The fics I’m listing here, in strict alphabetical order, are stuff that I read between June ‘16 and now. I tried to restrain myself to putting WIPs or too many brutally famous fics. As such, it is obviously incomplete (there are fics I really love or I have in my To Read bucket that are missing) but I hope it will dust off some of the amazing creative content we have in the fandom <3

For each and every one of the listing, I put the author and their tumblr (if someone can point me to the missing ones, I’ll be grateful). I encourage everyone to go into their personal page and check other stuff they wrote. Each and every one of them is excellent!

And now…enjoy :DDD (+ over here for the G&T rated)

A Truth So Loud You Can’t Ignore by coffeehanjan ( @nottrising )

Rating: E, Featuring: Pynch exploring feelings, domesticity, harsh past and a lot of smut in a past TRK setting, all from Adam POV.

Personally: I’ve read this fic at least 3 times, nottrising is adorable and a really talented writing, and this was a super endearing read, comforting and perfectly executed!

Adam Parrish and the Scientific Method
by poorchoices

Rating: E, Featuring: Adam is incapable of treating his hots for Ronan in a normal, easy-going way, so he painstakingly analyse his very physical attraction in a really accurate, scientific and reproducible fashion.

Personally: Hilarious, amazing, loud clapping and all the love. You can have the sheer perception of Ronan’s “oh my GOD” throughout the whole ordeal and it’s amazing.

Before you know it
by Luz ( @raventrash )

Rating: E, Featuring: Ronan being restless with Adam while out with the gang, some feeling, some smut, much awesomeness.

Personally: Luz owns 143% of my arse, and not only because she’s my beta. She’s just brilliant. So I’ll rec you this and you read everything else she ever wrote, deal? ❤

Better slow it down
by BeautifulSoup ( @pygmypyncher )

Rating: E, Featuring: Inappropriately horny teenagers in a car, Gansey getting coffee, blowjobs :D

Personally: This is shameless, really entertaining, and will make you go “guys pleaseeee” all the way through. I loved it.

Burning away from the inside
by littlelionvanz 

Rating: M, Featuring: The boys are snowed in the Barns for days and shenenigans, feelings and a tiny bit of smut happen.

Personally: Another one of the “look at this cheesy trope I would read 3000 of them”, it’s in canon divergence pre TRK so it’s an alternative way for them to get around each other and…geez…so lovely!

Despite the Odds
by Lion-ness ( @lion–ness )

Rating: E, Featuring: Series of 5 one-shot fics, at the moment, post TRK, smoking-hot sex, magic, questionable rituals, sarchensey hints.

Personally: What do you want more? It’s so good I could cry and it accompanied me through an incredibly tiresome scientific experiment so I do have a bit of emotional attachment to it ❤

Good times, for a change
by skai ( @bipolarmercutio )

Rating: M, Featuring: 1960-non magical AU, Adam’s very very gay awakening while out dancing with Blue.

Personally: of course everything by skai is quality time, but I feel like this fic of hers is usually not recced around and OMG it is beautiful. Sexy vibes all over the place and a really nice approach to the setting of the AU.

In the soft of the early evening glow
by @redhoods

Rating: M, Featuring: Adam comes home for a college break, Opal and Ronan are there to greet him at the Barns.

Personally: Very very sofffffttt, and there is something in redhood’s writing that always strikes me as diffuse and lovely.

keep those eyes wide
by @fahye

Rating: E, Featuring: well before TRK, alternative way to get our guys together. There is ritual sex and the build-up of plot around it.

Personally: I cry over everything Fahye writes, in 300 fandoms, I’m like a little fangirl stalker. This is soooo gooooood, you’ve got to read it, especially because as her usual the surrounding plot blossoms like a canvas and every character that appears is spot on. Pleaseee. ❤

Kings and thrones
by heyfightme ( @heyfightme )

Rating: E, Featuring: Lapsitting, adorableness, Pynch being tentatively soft with each other in really nicely constructed situation. A nice sex scene but it’s not overwhelming.

Personally: I adored this fic, I have a thing for lap sitting, and there is a bit when Declan makes his appearance that is really nicely set up :3

Only to Come Back
by @aknightley

Rating: M, Featuring: The everloving emotional Pynch mess leading to Adam moving in the Barns.

Personally: I love this type of “let’s get our shit together” stuff, especially with The Doom of Misunderstanding quickly resolved in favour of something better, so sign me up for this fic whenever.

by LydiaStJames ( @lydia-st-james )

Rating: M, Featuring: series of 3 fics, one more lovely than the other. Non-magical-AU, grown-up characters but with some flashbacks. Adam is sure that Ronan is a damn playboy, and of course he has nothing, absolutely nothing, do do with the fact that they always end up in bed whenever they meet.

Personally: my love for these fics is UNENDING, and I got hooked up on Rachel because of them. They are genuinly hilarious but then The Feels and The Background Story pop up when you least expect it and OMG. An absolute Do Read in my opinion. ❤

Roses in Between My Thighs
by orphan_account

Rating: E, Featuring: Another instance of Pynch working through a relationship like the two very complicated people they are. Dreams hanging around, loads of superfluous existential crises, sex, sex, veryveryvery good sex!

Personally: This fic is another one of “everyone and their siblings can recommend it”, but I’m still gonna do it because it’s hot. Also, dreams things popping up are my jam in all the possible senses.

Roses on Parade
by orphan_account

Rating: E, Featuring: Emotional constipation, getting together, this is set before the canon of TRK ensues and there are too many feelings for our boys to handle.

Personally: One of the best execution of total miscommunication and use of Ronan’s dream scape I’ve seen. I also suggest you read the companion fic by the same author in which Gansey loses it over Blue in a barely contained fashion.

Spinning gotten strange
by @spikenards

Rating: E, Featuring: unbelievably believable Pynch phonesex in a pre-TRK moment.

Personally: I would recommend even the AIR that Spikenard breaths but this is the fic that make me discover him as an author so I’m attached to it.

by Lion-ness ( @lion–ness )

Rating: E, Featuring: An unbelievable amount of feelings and character study carefully drenched in spotless porn to account for the emotional constipation of our boys. Post TRK, pre Adam going to college.

Personally: This fic being tagged as PWP is a brutal case of false advertisement because GOD THE FEELS, and the description of the environment in this fic are spot on.

Take My Hunger
by bucketmouse ( @vaultedthewall )

Rating: E, Featuring: Vampire AU!!!, Canon modification to fit this new amazing thing in, blood sharing kink, psychic connections, really nice outlined plot.The series currently has two fics included. (((WIP)))

Personally: I would sell my soul for this series, I love it so much, the writing it’s incredibly good and the atmosphere is set in an impressive way. The construction of the AU is unbelievable and I’m a bitch for plot, as you all know, so I can’t wait to see where all the hinted bits and pieces with lead us. ❤

the one who makes you come undone
by @anirondack

Rating: E, Featuring: Adam + Ronan + perfect dynamic + night at the Barns + fingering + self-combustion-worthy smut

Personally: Holy shit I had to read this fic again as soon as I fished it out to add it to this list. You have no idea. If at any time in my like I’ll be able to write a smut so hot and with a concurrent banter so ON SPOT, I would be satisfied. Please read it ❤

The Sky above, The field below
by likeasugarcube ( @likeasugarcube-blog )

Rating: M, Featuring: An healthy mix of Pynch and Blusey, general handiness, lap sitting, sexual impromptus, everyday life.

Personally: It’s a short and very lovely fic, nice back and forth between all the characters involved, I love when the dynamic reaches out to the friends and not only involves the ever-loving OTP.

You touch my mind
by @aknightley

Rating: E, Featuring: Adam lusting over Ronan, a lot, and following smut, A+. One of the best Pynch+Rimming fics I’ve read.

Personally: I have roughly 2032340 fantasies for Adam watching Ronan, and it shows. I also love this type of smut, and it shows as well.

We all fill up with time
by @interropunct

Rating: E, Featuring: grown-up AU, a shit ton of BDSM, trans characters, all the feels, all the stumbling, all the perfectly executed non-magical plot. You have No Idea and You’ve got to read this!!!

Personally: This fic has seen me awake and waiting for Ise to update the new chapter for all my Christmas break, staying up until 3 o'clock in the morning to comment it through different means. This fic for me is The AU, especially if you’re into BDSM. The dynamic of the whole gang is so perfect it hurts and it got me Ise as a friend so please, please, give it a shot if you haven’t already ❤