the way anna looks down at the end


It was a Tuseday. You were working late, as usual. You worked at a restaruant in downtown LA, a small but popular place. The place had gained popularity due to some youtuber praising your hamburgers over twitter a year ago, and since then your boss had decided that it would be a good idea to close the restaurant at a later time than before. And since most people tended to come during the evenings, this meant he needed more starff at night. Which lead to you having to work the late shifts or no shifts at all. And since you had to pay rent in order to have a place to live there really was no choice.

You hated working late. Your boyfriend had a busy scehdule during the day, and since you usually wouldn’t stumble inside your own apartment until past midnight there were barely any time to see him. Your schedules seemed to constantly collide. When you had a weekend off he was out of town. When you had a night off he had a concert or some other fancy event he needed to attend. Nights used to be the time you could spend together, but work pulled you away. 

There were only a few costumers left, and you were cleaning some empty tables at the back as the clock seemed to have stopped at 11.01. You sighed. The last hour always went by in such a slow pase. Twentynine minutes and you could go home. If you were lucky and the traffic were light you could be home and cuddled down in your bed before the clock had even struck 12.

“Y/N!” your coworker and best friend Anna shouted from across the restaurant. You looked up. She leaned over the bar where she was situated and waved furiously with her arms. In one hand a phone dangled, dangerously close to slip from her clumsy fingers. “You have a call!”

You frowned. The phone by the bar were there for emergencies and emergencies only. Who could possibly be in such a desperate need for you that they would call the work phone twentyseven minutes before the end of your day?

You threw the towel you had used to clean over a chair and made your way across the maze of tables and grabbed the phone from Anna. She gave you a look filled with concern before going back to place new and clean glasses at the shelves behind her.

You pressed the phone against your ear and breathed out a soft, “Hello?”

“Y/N?” Ashton whined in relief from the other end of the phone. “Thank god. When do you end?”

“Ashton?” You sank down on a chair and waved your hand at Anna when she raised an eyebrow as if to swat away her worries. “This phone is for emergencies. You can’t call me to ask when I end. If you’d just ask Cal then you’d-”

“But that’s the thing!” Ashton interrupted you before you had any chance to finish your upset rambling. “It is an emergency.”

“If this is about you losing Luke’s key again so you can’t get to Petunia I will never speak to you again.”

“It’s Calum.”

Your heart sank at the sound of your boyfriend’s name. “What happened? Is he okay?”

You heard some incoherent yelling that sounded suspiciously much like Michael from Ashton’s side of the phone. “Not really. How fast can you get here?”


You hadn’t gotten any specifics on why exactly Calum was not okay. Not that it really mattered, if Calum was anything but fine you’d come running no matter what. Your boss had allowed you to leave as you had rambled on about an emergency whilst grabbing all your things, and you were soon in your car driving towards Calum’s apartment. You were worried. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend since the beginning of last week due to the band leaving LA for a few days and then practically living in the studio for another few. You had barely spoken besides the texts you both made sure to squeeze in each day.

What if’s of all kinds crossed your mind in a dangerous speed as you slowly got closer and closer to your destination. Scenarios filled with tragedy and accidents flashed before your eyes as you parked your car and threw yourself out. The key to Calum’s apartment felt heavy in your palm as you climbed the familiar stairs that eventually lead you to his door. You let yourself in, prepared for a crime scene of some sort.

Ashton bounced up from a chair in the kitchen, throwing himself in your arms before you even had a chance to close the door. “Thank god.”

“What’s wrong, Ash?” You pried his fingers away from your arms. “You’re scarying me. Where’s Cal?”

“He’s in his room.” Ashton pulled a few golden curls away from his eyes. “He won’t stop throwing up and I don’t know what to do. Michael had to leave and I have to leave soon and oh god, he’s so sick, Y/N. I don’t know what happened, he woke up like that but he’s just gotten worse, Michael and I tried some medicine and we facetimed Luke and his mom told us to just let him sleep but he has been sleeping forever and he isn’t getting any better and ,oh god, I don’t know what to do.”

“Ashton, breath!” You shrugged your jacket off and kicked your shoes off. “He’s sick?”

During the two years of dating Calum he had only had a fever once. He never got sick, but when he did he got really sick. No wonder Ashton had panicked.

“Yes! And I feel awful for calling on you when you were working but I really need to go and I-”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.” you shook your head. “I’m glad you called. I’ll stay the night, don’t worry. I have the day off tomorrow.”

“You’re an angel, Y/N.” Ashton grabbed his jacket from behind you, glancing at the clock. “Call me or Michael if you need anything. Again, I’m so sorry, but I really need to leave.”

“Go! I’ve got this!”

After locking the door behind Ashto you prepared a tall glass of water for your boyfriend and made your way to his room. The lights were out and you could see the sillhouette of a body on top of the bed. After putting down the glass you began searching for a pair of Calum’s basketball shorts for you to wear. After chaning out of your jeans and into the soft material you placed tha glass on the bedside table and climbed into the bed. Your heart sank at the sound of Calum’s heavy breathing.

You ran your fingers through Calum’s thick curls, a soft gasp escaping as your skin came in contact with his heated forehead. “Baby? It’s me. Are you awake?”
After a few seconds of complete silence Calum managed a low grunt. You leaned down to drop a kiss on his cheek and was surprised to be met with two deep brown eyes when pulling away. His big eyes looked tired and glossy with fever. You felt yourself melt at the look of him.

Calum slowly raised a hot hand in order to stroke a finger down your nose. As he opened his mouth his voice was raspy, sleep still tugging at it. “Watcha doing here?”

“I heard my boyfriend was awfully sick,” you mumbled, pressing a soft kiss to his finger as it left your nose and travelled across your lips. “so I came to take care of him.”

“I’m not awfully sick.” Calum shook his head stubbornly. “It’s just a cold.”

“Stop acting like you’re all strong and invincible. You’re sick,” you softly pushed away his hand from your face and sat up. “let me make you feel better.”

Calum closed his eyes, dark circles clinging to his face like bruises. And it was when he softly breathed out an “okay” that you knew he truly wasn’t feeling himself. Calum usually dismissed every little cold and refused to admit when he wasn’t feeling his best.

You settled down and curled your arms around Calum and sighed softly as he nuzzled his face against your neck. You pressed your lips against his temple. “God, baby, you’re burning up.”

That’s how you spent the night. With Calum craddled in your arms. Every now and then he would rush up, heading for the bathroom with his palm covering his mouth. You’d then spend a good ten minutes stroking his hair on the bathroom floor, whispering reassuring words as he sobbed of exhaustion. 

When Calum’s laid his forehead on the cold floor for the fifth time that night you softly patted his back. “Lets give you a bath. You will feel much better.”

You prepared a bath, helping Calum up on two wobbly legs before softly removing his sweaty t-shirt, his warm sweatpants. He sank into the water with the help of your shoulder under his arm. He sat there for a while with closed eyes as you replaced the damp sheets in the bed with new and cold ones and brought in a pair of fresh shorts and a clean t-shirt.

Humming quietly you grabbed a bottle of shampoo, your fingers scratching Calum’s scalp. An approving groan escaped your boyfriend. You worked your fingers over the wet skin of his shoulder, relief flooded through your body as the tension in his muscles finally softened. You slowly helped Calum clean, and then you just sat there, your arms around his torso and your lips against his back. His heartbeat finally slowed down under your fingers as parts of the hot fever seemed to seep out from him and into the water along with the sweat in his damp curls.

After what felt like forever you helped him get dressed. His big body leaned against yours for support as you shuffled towards his bed. Calum fell down with a deep sigh, his body curling into a ball the moment his head hit the pillow. Your heart swelled at the sight of him: damp curls, puffy face and feverish limbs. He struggled to keep his eyes on you as you climbed up next to him, but sleep pulled at his eyelids.

You pressed a kiss on his forehead before pulling his body close to yours, your legs trapping his. “Get some sleep, babe. You will feel better tomorrow.”

The room grew quiet for a few long minutes. The only sound coming from Calum’s heavy breaths as your fingers in his hair lulled him to sleep.

Calum eventually broke the silence with his whispered words. “Y/N?”

“Hm?” you closed your own eyes as his nose pressed against your neck.

“Thank you.”

You smiled to yourself, twirling a strand of his hair between your fingers. “Don’t thank me, Cal.”

Silence. And then, a breath against your neck, barely audible. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

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Did you notice that hewlett said Anna in the same tone he said "oh dear" when they kissed

Oh gosh, I just rewatched that part. He says her name so softly. And then, just as softly, “No, no–”, and closes his eyes, shakes his head, spends a long moment looking down and opening his mouth but not speaking…

When he opens his mouth again at the end of that second gif, he’s not saying anything; he just hesitates as though about to speak before finally shaking his head and insisting that science is his TRUE love and he’s TOTALLY FINE being alone. Hewlett may be trying to act like he’s over Anna, but that face, the way he’s blinking and working his jaw … There’s still a lot of pain in there. I hadn’t connected his tone to that previous moment specifically, but you’re right: both instances are hushed, taut, full of emotion, raw.

markhyuck fluff headcanons
idek if some of these count as headcanons
  • sometimes mark and hyuck will have lil duets where hyuck sings and mark plays the guitar for him
  • mark makes them cover high school musical songs
  • mark teaches hyuck how to play guitar but honestly hyuck would rather watch mark play the guitar because he just loves seeing mark so concentrated
  • it makes hyuck’s heart stop beating and his lungs just fill with mark and his brain short circuits awH
  • hyuck genuinely does wanna learn how to play the guitar but he cant ever concentrate when he’s around mark
  • whenever hyuck’s fingers get sore from pressing on the guitar strings, mark’ll kiss the pad of hyuck’s fingers sabfhgavsdbhd
  • hyuck pretends to hate it but they both know he loves it honestly
  • ok so mark doesnt really sing often because he’s not that confident in his voice :(((
  • bUuuUuuUT when he does it’s usually always with hyuck or because of hyuck
  • mark just feels really comfortable with hyuck ya know?
  • he feels like he can do anything if hyuck is by his side
  • i mean they’ve trained together and debuted together and experienced so many things together and mark just knows he’ll be able to do anything and everything with hyuck
  • mark likes writing songs and he always lets hyuck listen to them because even tho hyuck is mean to him he’ll always be honest (even if he has to sugarcoat it)
  • hyuck knows how hard it is for mark to show him his songs and he knows when to be mean and when not to be
  • also hyuck is mark’s muse but hyuck will never know that
  • hyuck hangs around in the studio with mark because he doesn’t wanna leave mark alone
  • he knows how frustrating song writing is for mark sometimes so he always wants to be there to calm him down
  • mark always gets inspiration late at night and sometimes hyuck will fall asleep on the floor in the studio
  • but mark always knows when hyuck’s about to fall asleep so right before he does, mark’ll drag hyuck onto his lap so he can fall asleep there
  • what a baby im screaming
  • hyuck resting his head on mark’s shoulder when he’s writing lyrics or producing something
  • when they walk home on snowy days, hyuck’s cheeks get really red and mark will pull them somewhere where he knows nobody will see them and kisses hyuck’s cheek
  • on cold days, mark will hold hyuck’s hand and put their intertwined hands in his pocket
  • hyuck looks like a big marshmallow on winter days
  • his face will be covered by a scarf and mark will always be a sneaky shit and pull the scarf down so he can peck hyuck’s lips
  • late night talks are also a frequent thing
  • sometimes mark will start quietly singing a song to himself when he’s bored and hyuck will join in afgdfgajdkfn
  • hyuck hates stormy nights bc thunder freaks him out so he always sneaks into mark’s bed and mark wouldnt even complain because hyuck makes him feel all warm and happy inside
  • mark only talks in his sleep when hyuck sleeps with him because mark only sleep talks when he’s really comfortable and relaxed
  • on the rare times hyuck sleeps in his own bed, mark will find a way to drag him back
  • ”hyuck look at this meme !!! this pupper !!!! A BIG DOGGO !!!!!!!!”
  • hyuck ends up getting annoyed from moving back and forth so much, he ends up just laying beside mark
  • i bet hyuck buries his face in the crook of mark’s neck in the early mornings when he realizes he’s woken up too early
  • hyuck makes sure mark eats enough and sleeps enough because if mark ever gets hurt from pushing himself too hard hyuck will SCREAM
  • if hyuck ever gets hurt, mark will cry
  • like, flat out cry
  • hyuck calls him dumb and tells him that he shouldnt waste his tears on him but mark gets so worried and he just never wants to lose hyuck asvadshfsdf\
  • theyre honestly fucking soulmates, whether it’s platonic or romantic, they just connect in a way that nobody else can understand
  • tbh still into you by paramore is their couple song and always will be
  • encouraging boyfriends that will always cheer each other on
  • their classmates dont question how they ever got together because there’s just something different in the way they look at each other, ya know?
  • there’s a different glint in hyuck’s eyes when he looks at mark and something in him just tugs on his heart strings
  • and everything inside mark softens into a big mush and his heart tightens up and all the oxygen in his body just leaves him bc lol bye who needs air when i have lee donghyuck
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forehead kisses when the two of them are tired out of their mind
  • if one of them cant figure out a dance move, the other will always help them out
  • hyuck’s seems really mean to mark but he’s sosososo encouraging when he needs to be
  • they’re each other’s first love dsbagfvsfh
  • no matter what happens they both know theyll always have a piece of each other’s hearts
  • because that’s just what first loves do, right?
  • when mark found out he was in love with hyuck he freaked the absolute fuck out
  • he’s had a crush on hyuck for the longest while but he wasn’t in love with him or anything
  • but then the two of climbed onto sm’s roof (wow how cliche anna) to look at the stars together and mark looked over at hyuck for a split second and couldnt take his eyes off him
  • he couldnt register how the moonlight shone down on hyuck in an almost ethereal way and he couldnt figure out how he ended up falling in love with his best friend
  • but then hyuck looked over too and they locked eyes
  • and he just knew hyuck felt the same way
  • they’re both awkward lil beans that dont know how to express their feelings which is why they work together so well
  • they kinda had a love at first sight kind of thing but it was more of a ‘i know im gonna spend the rest of my life with you whether we stay friends or become more’
  • hyuck seems like he doesn’t care much but he cares way too much
  • he notices all the little things with mark and manages to fall in love with him over and over again
  • jaehyun said they fight every night but tbh i bet you my left sock that it’s petty ass fights
  • ”hyuck close the lights”
  • ”no you close the lights!”
  • ”youre closer!”
  • when hyuck wakes mark up in the mornings, he always does it in the meanest ways bUT THEY WORK
  • hyuck screams in mark’s ear and makes mark fall out of his bed
  • mark curses hyuck out in english and korean
  • ”listen mark i may not know english but i know what bitch means and iM FIGHTING YOU SQUARE THE FUCK UP YO”
  • mark wakes hyuck up by cuddling him and peppering kisses over his face until hyuck tries pushing him off
  • hyuck falling asleep on the couch is a common thing bc whenever he watches videos on his phone, he’ll get sleepy and just pass out there
  • and one time, mark found him asleep on the couch so he carried him back to their room and put him on his bed
  • and then he went to leave but hyuck groggily grabbed his arm and asks him to stay sleepily aKHSDFBSHDKNFML
  • mark has the urge to protect hyuck 24/7
Siege of Arendelle- Chapter Six

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I’ll be honest, this chapter is basically a transition chapter for what’s coming soon. So prepare yourselves for PLOT coming soon.

Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- For now
Words: 3442

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Love Bites?

Love bites?

Previous Imagine: You Suck!

“Hey what’s up you guys, today we’re going to do something different. Pranks! I’ve done maybe 2 pranks on this channel so far, and I’ve never managed to prank the prank king himself Joe Sugg. As you all know he is my boyfriend, and I’ve decided the perfect prank for him is the “I cheated,” prank. Here’s the situation in the past I was a bit of what we call a “Fuckboy,” now, so this shouldn’t be too hard. I went out last night with Mikey, Alex, Oli, Josh, and Caspar, I didn’t come home until around 3. Joe was asleep, and he’s a pretty hard sleeper in fact he still asleep now, so I’m going to go out to go over to Conor’s because Anna’s there and she’s going to draw some hickey’s on my neck, Joe’s going to think I just went out to get breakfast since I left a note. You’ll see me in a bit,” With that recorded Jack turned the camera off and went on his way to Conor’s.

Once Jack arrived at Conor’s he quickly briefed them on the prank and Anna got to work with her makeup. “So how many Hickey’s do you want?”

“Just decorate them around my neck, I want to look like I’ve had a pleasant night,” Jack answered getting excited about the prank.

“Aren’t you scared that he’s going to break down or something. What if he kicks you out?” Anna asks while applying the makeup to Jacks neck.

“Well it’s just a prank so hopefully he doesn’t take it too seriously, if it does end our relationship I’ll just have to win him back won’t I?” He replies rather cockily.

15 minutes later Anna was done and Jack’s neck was littered with 7 hickeys 3 on both sides and one in the middle. He wrapped a scarf around his neck so Joe didn’t see anything yet, then headed out to grab Joe’s favorite breakfast item from McDonald’s.

By the time he got home Joe was up and moving around, Jack was greeted with hugs and kisses. “Good morning to you too,” Jack smiled into the kiss before pulling back and handed Joe his breakfast.

“McDonald’s y’know I’m not allowed to have this,” Joe whined as he opened the bag and grabbed his bacon and egg biscuit.

“One morning can’t do too much damage, now can it?” Jack teased while pinching Joe’s side, causing the older man to chuckle.

“I guess not, I missed you what took you so long?” Joe sat himself down on the couch while Jack moved into the kitchen quickly setting up his camera while Jack was distracted with finding a channel to watch.

“I went to visit Anna and Conor he picked her up last night, she wants to have lunch later,” Jack halfway lied, while checking to see if his camera was in the perfect position.

“Yay! I love little Maynard,” Jack smiled at Joe’s nickname for his sister, Anna and Joe got on so well it always made him smile when the two had fun together. “What did you have in mind?”

“Nandos probably, or she could come over here and you can make us a delicious lunch,” Jack walked over to Joe, leaning down to steal a piece from his biscuit.

“Hey!” Although Joe let him have it, before shoving the rest in his mouth. “Maybe, only if you go run me a nice hot bath.”

“Can I join you in this bath?” Jack gave Joe a flirty look, causing the man to blush. Even after being together for 3 years he still managed to make Joe blush.

“Nope, since you went out last night and came in late,” Jack pout appeared after hearing this, but Joe just gave him a kiss and shooed him off. “Now go draw me a bath peasant.”

“Yes Master,” he walked over with a laugh, Joe was just too cute for him.

An hour later Joe was finishing up with his bath which meant show time. Jack just finished explaining the hickey’s, and was on to the little friend that was helping him out with this prank.

“Okay guys so I’m going to have Josh texting me every second and instead of it saying Josh my phone is going to say Sarah with kissy face,” Jack held up his phone to demonstrate the name, it read: Sarah 😘😘. “Joe will be down in a minute he’s going to be suspicious since I’m still wearing this scarf and not paying him any attention whatsoever, God please don’t let this backfire, let me still have a boyfriend in the end.”

Jack quickly set the camera back up before going to sit on the couch and texting ‘Sarah’ things like “last night was amazing, we should do it again,” and “what are you wearing at the moment,” even going so far as to send ‘her’ the most fuckboy picture he had of himself.

“Babe, what are you doing? Taking a picture for Snap?” Joe asked entering the room, he looked super cuddly in his glasses and his favorite green Sugg hoodie. Jack quickly dropped his phone on his lap, wanting to make it look like he was being caught doing something wrong.

“Yeah something like that,” he answered as he sent ‘Sarah’ another text telling her ‘she’ looked beautiful. Joe came and sat down next to Jack wanting to cuddle with him, Jack had to do everything in his power to ignore the older man.

Joe pouted but shook it off before making himself comfy on Jacks shoulder and watching whatever was currently on. “So I was wondering what you wanted for lunch?”

Jack let out an ‘mmhm’ before texting ‘Sarah’ something else, which ‘she’ quickly replied to with something super inappropriate. Joe just sat and watched his boyfriend for a minute who was sending text at a mile per hour and receiving them in the exact same speed.

“Who are you texting?” Joe reached for Jacks phone but he quickly snatched it away, causing Joe to flinch back in confusion.

“It’s just Mikey, we’re having a argument on whether or not he’s a good driver,” Jack lied, while his face blushes at the new message ‘Sarah’ sent.

“Why are you blushing then? And why are you still wearing that scarf Jack, it’s like 98 degrees in here,” Joe quickly yanked the scarf off Jack’s neck revealing the hickeys. When Joe’s eyes settle on Jack’s neck he felt his heart literally break. “What the fuck are those?”

“Nothing, Joe what are you talking about?” Jack quickly moved his hand to hide his neck, which leads to revealing the ones on the other side.

“Jack I’m not an idiot you love bites all over your neck, and I definitely didn’t give those to you… So you cheated on me,” Joe looked so defeated that Jacks heart squeezed in pain at the thought of all the pain Joe must be going through.

“I didn’t cheat Joe, it’s just a few love bites you acting like I had sex with this person, I didn’t,” Jack weakly defends as his phone bings three times in a row.

“Who the fuck is texting you?!” Joe manages to snatch Jacks phone off his lap, the lock screen turning on to reveal dirty messages from ‘Sarah’. “Huh I thought you said it was Mikey, is this the girl you cheated on me with? Must be the first text from her is, “Last night was amazing, when can we do it again?” You can’t be fucking serious, what is this Jack?” Joe threw Jacks phone onto the couch, and stood up making a move to leave.

“Joe where are you going?” Jack asked panic could be heard in his voice, a he stood up and went after Joe. “Look babe I’m sorry! It didn’t mean anything.”

“If it didn’t mean anything why are you still texting her morning prior? Does our relationship not mean anything to you?” Joe had made his way up the stairs, ripping open their bedroom door. Luckily Jack put a hidden camera on in here.

“Of course it means the world to me, I love you,” Jack stood back watching his boyfriend grab his suitcase. “What are you doing Joe? Where are you going?”

“I’m packing, I need to be in a place that you’re not so I can think,” At this point Jack could see the tears coming down Joe’s face, and hear the little sniffles his boyfriend was releasing.

“Joe it’s not that serious, babe come on,” Jack walked over and began to remove the clothes that Joe was putting in the suitcase. “You’re seriously going to leave me over some love bites?”

“Jack just leave me alone, if you love me so much like you claim, you would have never let this happen in the first place,” Joe ripped the clothes out of Jack’s hands and threw them back into the suitcase.

“Fine, I’m going to leave you alone because you acting like a psychopath at the moment,” Jack sneered, as he got up and left the room. He waited a few minutes out the door just to hear what was going on, Joe was full on crying at the moment he seemed to be making a call to someone, probably Zoe.

Jack left downstairs to explain the situation, he feels like the worst boyfriend in the world. “Okay guys update on what’s happening, Joe is upstairs packing and bawling his eyes. I feel so horrible, like shit actually. I believe he’s going to try to leave, which frankly I can’t let happen so let’s see how this one plays out.”

Jack moves the camera to where it’s able to see Jack standing by Joe’s stares, it isn’t long until you can hear someone moving down the steps which happens to be Joe. Once he gets to the final step, Jack comes from the corner with his arms crossed.

“So you’re really going to do this?” Joe just huffed and made a move to go past Jack, causing Jack to immediately grab both of Joe’s sides. Joe may have been working out and getting into shape but Jack is still strong than the smaller man.

“Jack get off me, I’m asking you nicely,” Joe states while trying to remove himself from Jack, but instead Jack just manages to back Joe into the wall, where he can actually get a good look at his boyfriend. He looks like his whole world has been torn apart.

“You’re just going to leave, leave me after these past 3 years we’ve shared together,” Jack tries to make himself sound angry and threatening, Joe just crosses his arms, while trying to look at anything but Jack.

“You’ve thrown it away once you decided to do whoever knows what with Sarah,” Joe states angrily, while finally looking into Jack’s eyes his swimming with hurt.

“I didn’t do anything with Sarah, Joe. In fact there is no Sarah, this is a prank, here take my phone and call her,” Jack handed Joe his phone, and Joe quickly went to his contacts calling Sarah.

“Hello?” Josh’s manly voice rang through the phone as clear as day.

“You guys are both fucking assholes! I hate you,” Joe sounded angry but his face was shining with happiness. “But the love bites?”

“Fake, Anna painted them on with makeup,” Jack licked his thumb and proceeds to wipe the hickey’s off which they come off pretty easily.

“I was seriously going to leave you! Why did you do this?” Joe asked while Jack pulled him in for a tight hug. “I called Zoe, and my dad!”

“I just wanted to prank you baby, the Prank King has now been pranked,” Joe pinched Jack’s ear tightly, but stayed buried in his chest. “The hardest part was not calling it off when you started crying, you cried babe!”

“Because I love you, and I thought you cheated on me with bloody ‘Sarah’, you’re so cruel!!!” Joe whined while Jack placed multiple kisses on Joe’s face, and the top of his head.

“I would never, why cheat when I come home to the most amazing person in the world?” This earned Jack a kiss from Joe, it was a small and delicate one that was going to grow into a full on passionate make out in a minute. “I’m surprised that you’re not angry.”

“It was a prank, I got to admit you got me good, but I hope you know I’m coming back 10 times harder,” Joe threatened while Jack shivered, his boyfriend is the Prank King, anything is possible.

“Please don’t cause bodily harm to me,” He begs while Joe just smiled in a devilish way.

“No promises,” Joe says before pulling Jack back down wanting more kisses, which he happily grants his boyfriend.

Kissing on my Tattoos Part 3

You can read part two here and follow the link from part two to part one.

Tom glared at the new editor and chief.

“What do you mean she no longer works here? Where did she go?” Tom was trying to hold back his anger, as he did not want to arouse suspicion in regards to his relationship with you.

“She moved back to New York. Is there anything I can help you with Mr. Hardy?”

Tom felt like a baseball hit his stomach 200 miles an hour. You moved away from London. You left him and took his child?

“Is she at another magazine?” Tom asked as calmly as he could.

Anna the new editor and chief started to side eye Tom. He was just a little too curious about you and she already gave too much of your information to him. Was he the reason you left London so quickly?

“Is there anything I can help you with Mr. Hardy?” Anna asked again. Tom knew she was becoming curious so he left. He will have to hunt you down himself.

Tom laid in the bed wide awake at 3am. He was livid at you. He should have known something was up when he tried to call you when he was on his press tour and your phone was out of service. He had tried every day to reach you. No one at the magazine gave any info about you over the phone so as soon as he got back in town he was at the magazine’s office. Charlotte moved a little in her sleep and Tom looked over at her. Her stomach was starting to show and Tom could not help but wonder if you were starting to show. Tom sighed and crawled out of bed. He could not sleep and got up from the bed. He went to his man cave a room that was just for him to study scripts, watch movies and even play a game or two on the PlayStation 4 whenever he needed to unwind and destress. Tom went straight to the closet and pulled out a small lock box. He put in the combination and open the box. He sighed with pleasure when he saw the stack of nude photos of you. Tom enjoyed taking photos of you with your phone when you two were intimate and you would upload them to your laptop and print them for him before deleting them off your phone. He looked at each picture and found himself becoming hard. He put down the photos and picked up one of your panties he took from you and sniffed them. He was harder now and started to ache. He would need to relieve himself. Grabbing one of his favorite pictures of you, he rushed to the bathroom, stroked himself while looking at your photo and finally released. As he wiped himself he begin to get angry at you again for leaving. He loved you and wish he was inside you right now. He would not stop until he found you. He knew you lived in Manhattan before you moved to London . You had also worked for a magazine but you never told you which one. He would just have to call all the magazines in the area until he found you. He was thinking of hiring a private investigator. Tom heard Charlotte call his name. Shit! He left the box open! He quickly adjust himself, washed his hands and rushed out the bathroom. He threw your picture back in the box, quickly shut it and hid it back where it was just as Charlotte walked in.

“Honey what are you doing? You can’t sleep.” Charlotte asked yawning.

“I can’t sleep.” Tom confirmed.

“Did you take your sleeping pill?” Charlotte walked up to her husband and caressed his cheek.

“I don’t want to become dependent on them. I will be alright. Let me sit in here for a few and I will be back to bed.” Tom leaned over and kissed Charlotte’s forehead.

“Ok. Don’t stay up to late.” Charlotte told him before returning to their bedroom. Tom sighed and sat on his lazy boy chair. He put his head in his hand and was surprised as he felt tears roll down his face.

“Did you tell him where I was?” Panic laced your voice as you asked Anna.

“No. I just told him New York. Nothing further. What is going on?” Anna asked as her mouth started to water with the anticipation of great gossip. She already had enough evidence as to her thoughts by the way you and Tom acted.

“Nothing.” You snapped. “Thanks Anna.” You hung up and your hand rested on your belly. You knew Tom would be looking for you but you prayed and hoped he would stop at the dead end at the magazine. You wished Anna did not tell him you went back to New York but you knew he would have figured that out on his own after all that was where you resided before moving to London. You tried to push Tom out of your thoughts as you grabbed the stack of fashion magazines that were considered competition. You absent-mindedly flipped through the pages. There was nothing new in appearance or content in most of them. Anything that caught your attention you put a sticky note on the page and jot down a note. A sharp gasp escaped your mouth when you turned one of the magazines pages and saw Tom and Charlotte staring back at you. You read the article and it read that a couple of weeks they were together at a premiere. You all of a sudden felt nausea and you leaned over and vomited in your trash can by your desk. You could not make it to the bathroom in your office. Hearing you gag your assistant Sharon was in your office in a flash.

“Y/N! Is the baby making you nausea?” she asked as she went to get some paper towels from your bathroom and wet them.

“Yes. It’s the baby.” You lied as you took the wet paper towels and wiped your mouth. “Thank you.”

“Do you think you will throw up again?” Sharon asked eyeing the trashcan.

“No. I think I am fine. Sharon do you mind taking these magazines away.” You glanced at the picture of Tom and his wife one more time before slamming the magazine shut with unnecessary force.

“Ok. Just let me empty the trash first.” Sharon tied the bag and disappeared out the office for a few moments before returning with a new trash bag.

“Thank you Sharon. I’m so sorry about this.” You were embarrassed that she cleaned up after you like you were a toddler.

“It’s no problem. I’m your assistant and I am here to help you anyway I can.” Sharon told you as she put in the new trash bag and removed the magazines off your desk.

“Can you have Lauren look over the magazines with sticky notes attached?”  

“Will do. Buzz me if you need anything.”

You nodded at Sharon as she left your office. You sat back in your office chair and rubbed your belly. You smiled down at your baby bump. You frowned as the image of Charlotte flashed in your head. She also was showing a baby bump in the beautiful gown she was wearing. Your heart ached for Tom. You missed him terribly but you knew you made the right decision in leaving. From the look of the photo of him and his wife, he was making no effort to leave her and you could not be a sidepiece anymore.  Thinking of the conversation you had with Anna you wished you never told Tom you were pregnant. Maybe then he would not be trying as hard to find you. You shook your head at yourself. What’s done is done you told yourself. You decided you had enough of the office and needed to get home. You needed to find something yummy to eat and zone out.

You smelled lasagna when you open the door to your brownstone. Thank God! You tore off your heels and coat and headed to the kitchen to find your best friend Calvin at the counter making a salad.

“Oh My God Calvin I just love you!” you told him as you wrapped your arms around his waist.  Calvin turned around, gathered you into his arms, and planted a kiss on your forehead.

“You saw the picture didn’t you?”

You knew exactly what Calvin was talking about. You shook your head yes.

“I knew it as soon as Sharon called me and told me you threw up in the office. That fuckin asshole still has a hold on you.”

“He will always have a hold on me Calvin. I am carrying his child.”

“I warned you not to get involved with him.”

“I know Calvin.”

“Sit down at the table the lasagna is done and I will be done with the salad in a minute. I knew you would be famish after losing your lunch.”

You had two plates of lasagna and two servings of salad without an ounce of guilt. You would get on the treadmill later.

“Oh! I almost forgot.” Calvin leaped up from the table and went through your stack of mail sitting on the kitchen counter he had opened for you. He handed you an invitation. “I am your plus one. We are going no excuses.”

You looked at the invitation to a black tie charity ball Leonardo was hosting  in two weeks. You sighed as you did not feel like going anywhere. “I will RSVP tomorrow with a check.” Calvin told you.

“Fine! Leo and his saving the planet stuff!” You slammed the invitation down on the table. Now you have to go look for a gown that would fit over your baby bump and still fit you snuggly. As if reading your mind as he often seem to do Calvin reassured you that you will find a gown. He had already spotted one on a mannequin at his friend’s Paul’s house who was an up and coming designer. You would look flawless in it.

 Two Weeks Later

 Calvin was right as he eyed you up and down. You were flawless as you looked at yourself for the hundredth time in your full-length mirror that was in your massive closet.

“You are to die for!” Calvin praised as he walked over and tucked a lose strand of your hair back in the bun he perfected for you earlier. God he was good he told himself as he eyed your hair, makeup, gown and heels. You were pure perfection. The baby bump even accented your look.

As you and Calvin exited your vehicle, the massive flashes of hundreds of cameras temporarily blinded you.  You knew you were important in this city as you were editor and chief of one of the top five fashion magazines in the United States. So everyone made sure to ask where you got your beautiful gown. Calvin’s designer friend was about to become very busy. You and Calvin were the first to your assign table. There was four more chairs. You hoped it would be with people you could hold a conversation with. Being nosy you looked at the place card next to you and gasped.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Calvin could see you were about to hyperventilate.

“We need to leave!” you whispered harshly as you showed him the name card. It said Tom Hardy.

“I’m afraid it’s too late baby girl he is walking up now and he already sees you.”


You turned to look at an approaching Tom and your breath caught in your throat. He was extremely handsome in his tuxedo. He was more buff than you remembered he must be beefing up for a role. You looked to his right and saw Charlotte. Who did you piss off in the universe for this to be happening to you? Tom’s eyes locked with yours as he and Charlotte approached the table. He knew you were going to be at the event. He had exhausted all means of trying to find you as all the magazines he called would not divulge any information about their employees. So when he got the invitation from his friend Leonardo he called Leo up and asked if you were on the guest list. Leonardo asked his assistant to check and indeed you were. Tom made a special request to be seated next to you. He had plan on asking his mum to be his plus one but Charlotte got wind of the event and wanted to come. He could not say no. He knew he would have to get you alone somehow to talk to you.

“Hello.” He said as pulled the chair out for Charlotte and glared at Calvin. Calvin leaned into your ear.

“He better stop side eyeing me like that. The nerve!” He harshly whispered in your ear.

“Hello.” You said back as Tom took a seat next to you. You got a whiff of your favorite cologne that you coincidentally brought for him and went weak in the knees.

“It’s so good to see you again Y/N. You remember my wife Charlotte?” He asked looking over at Charlotte who was smiling at you.

“Yes I do.” Your smile was strained and you fought back the sudden urge to clock Tom in the face,

“Y/N the cover issue with Tom on it was excellent and so well written. Thank you for doing that. I didn’t know you left London.” Charlotte said to you.

“Yes I am with another magazine here.” You replied smile still strain. You had to control your breathing as you did not want to bring on a panic attack. This could not be happening to you. You were trying to never see him again and he here he was just two months later sitting next to you.

“Really what magazine?” Charlotte asked truly interested.


“Oh I love Elle!!” Charlotte smiled at you. You wanted to throw up.

“Who is this chap beside you?” Tom asked eyeing Calvin.

“This is Calvin. Calvin this is Tom and his wife Charlotte.” You introduced.

“Nice to meet you mate.” Tom nodded his head toward Calvin.

“Likewise.” Calvin nodded back as they both eyed each other.

The last two seats were filled by Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt. You had just done a cover story on them and you were relieved when Angelina and Brad talked your ear off. You now considered them dear friends.  Everyone was chatting and enjoying their meal and you tried with all your strength not to look over at Tom even though you could feel the heat of his gaze on you. You almost choked on your food when you felt a warm hand rub your thigh. You quickly looked over at Tom who was looking at you with his gorgeous blue eyes. You quickly looked over to Charlotte who was in deep conversation with Angelina. Tom leaned over to your ear.

“We need to talk.” He whispered his hot breath sending shivers down your spine as his hand caressed your thigh underneath the table.

“Will you excuse me.” You told the table as you got up. You needed to get away from him and collect yourself.

“Are you alright?” Brad asked.

“Yes I’m fine. Thank you. I will be right back.” You quickly exited the ballroom.

Tom leaned in and kissed his wife’s forehead.

“I will be back sweetheart I need to go to the loo.” He told her getting up with every intention to catch up with you. You rushed down an almost empty hallway. You just need to be alone for a minute. You needed to calm down because you could not take a xanax for anxiety. You saw the perfect hiding spot. You pulled on the janitor’s closet hoping it was unlock. You sighed with relief when it was. You turned on the light and sat down on a crate that was against the wall. Before you could close your eyes and regulate your breathing the door opened and Tom entered, turned and locked the door and glared down at you.

“Tom please.” You sighed.

“Did you think I was not going to find you and my child?”

You stood up with a heavy sigh disappointed you would not get a moment of peace.

“I don’t want to have this conversation right now.”

“We will have this conversation right now. “ Tom walked up so close to you your back hit the wall. He slowly rubbed on your belly. “Why did you leave?”

“Tom please.” You begged. You did not want to talk about it now.

“Please what?” His face moved closer to yours. “Please what? Touch you here?” Tom lifted up your gown, pushed your panties to the side and slowly swept over your folds. “You are wet for me or is it for that guy you are with.

Tom’s fingers touching you were sending you over the edge, two months of building a wall was crashing down from his one single touch.

“Who is he Y/N?” He asked his voice laced with jealousy.

“You have the nerve to ask me that when you have your wife with you…ahhhh.” You moan the last as Tom’s two fingers found their way into your aching pussy.

“Who is he” he demanded as he slowly began to finger fuck you.

“He’s my best friend. He would be interested in you not me. He’s gay.”

Tom removed his hands from you and began to unzip his pants. “I need you and I need you now. It’s been too long. Way too long.”

“Here?” You asked in shocked as you looked around the janitor’s closet.

“Yes here.” Tom released himself and you bit your lower lip at how hard he was already. You could not deny that you wanted him. You missed him. Tom lifted your gown up more, pushed your panties to the side and wasted no time in plunging into you and you both sighed in ecstasy as your bodies melted together.

“Tell me you still love me.” Tom whispered in your ear before nipping your ear lobe as he began thrusting in you. You moaned as you declared your love for him. It was true you did love him and no amount of miles and oceans that separated you would change that. Tom’s luscious lips came crashing down on yours as his thrust quicken.

“God I miss you. You feel so damn good.” Tom murmured on your lips. As Tom fucked you up against the wall of a janitors closet you both tried hard to suppress your moans and groans. It didn’t work very well as you both started to get louder as you both came to release.

“Fuck Y/N you are going to be the death of me.” Tom groaned as his orgasm hit.

You moaned his name over and over as your wave hit your body.

“We are not done talking.” Tom said as he adjusted himself back in his pants and you adjusted your panties which was soaked with your juices and Tom’s cum that began to ooze out of you. You smoothed down your dress and made sure your hair was still in place.

“Where are you staying?” Tom asked . “We need to talk. I am going to be in my child’s life.”

You nodded. “Is your number still the same?”


“I will text it to you.”
“Don’t bullshit me  Y/N. I know where you work now and I will find you.” Tom said with a serious expression on his face.

“I will text you Tom.” You assured him. Tom leaned down and kissed your stomach.

“I will leave out first and you wait five minutes and then leave out.” You instructed.


Just before you were to open the door Tom pulled you around and crashed his lips down on yours. You open your mouth to receive him and his tongue. You were getting wet again. You slowly pulled away.

“Wipe your mouth before going back. My lipstick is all over your lips.” You told him before leaving the small room. You smooth your dress down, went to the restroom to pee and check your appearance. You looked fine. You sat down with as much dignity as you could muster after the hard fast fuck Tom just gave you. Calvin eyed you.

“I did not know you were pregnant. How many weeks?” Charlotte asked you after seeing your baby bump.

“16” you forced another smile at her.

“Oh we were just two weeks apart. I’m 18 weeks!” she said excited,

I know cause I’m carrying your husband’s child also.

Calvin grabbed your hand to get your attention.

Did you just fuck him? You smell like sex.” Calvin whispered in your ear. You just looked at Calvin and he got his confirmation in your eyes. “You little bitch!”

Tom walked back into the ballroom as if nothing had happen. He was a pro at acting. You could not help but watch him approach the table and felt a little flush. That man had such swag. You knew he was always going to be in your life at least for the next eighteen years but how could you get him to be exclusively yours. Even though the feelings you had for him never went away it seem tonight brought on a flood of new awakening feelings for him. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones or maybe you were still head over heels in love with him. Calvin read the expression on your face.

“Oh shit!” he said as he looked at you and then Tom.

All Hands on Deck: Part 1

This has been nagging me to write down and it’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things I want to write…

I don’t know anything about yachting or working on a yacht, so go easy on me, lol!

Rating: K (for now)

“What did you say the name of the boat was?” Sven scanned the pier at the seemingly endless rows of gleaming white sailboats and cruisers.   Everything around them screamed money.

“Valient.  And it’s not a boat.   It’s a yacht.”

“Same difference.  A yacht is just a giant boat.”

Kristoff shook his head at his friend.  “I don’t think the term ‘boat’ works for a 50 meter luxury yacht.”

“Whatever.  You know what I meant.”

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Turbulence - Part Two

Rated: T
Word Count: Aprox 3100
A/N: I had two solid hours to myself last weekend to write anything, anything… and this is the first thing my brain thought of.  I had not intended this to be more than the original oneshot, but I guess there was a little more to tell with this story.

Part One

Kristoff put the earphones in his ears and tried to lose himself in the playlist that Anna had made for him.  He had put in his password and let her have wonton abandon with his credit card, because he never bothered to put any music on his phone, opting instead to simply listen to the radio.  

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ok but ive been thinking about this ever since i saw the vid of mark kissing hyuck’s cheek and

am i the only one who noticed he pulled away a lil bit faster than he did with chen and doyoung??

like maybe im just imagining it but

i just think that’s honestly so cute??

like, some of you may be like “oh he probably wanted to kiss him the least or maybe it’s awkward” but i dont interpret it like that

i interpret it as some kid playing spin the bottle and it miraculously ends up landing on their crush and when they kiss it’s quick and small because even if they dont want it to end, they dont want it to last for long because if it does, even for a nanosecond, their heart will burst and everything will suddenly come pouring out

and the way mark curls up and crouches down like he’s about to kill himself trying to not scream is sososos cute to me it’s just



he kept subtly looking at mark’s lips and maybe im just imagining this again but omg??


honestly i just love markhyuck so much fml



A sexually precocious teenage girl in 1970s California, soundtracked by Heart and Television - there’s no way I was going to dislike this movie. THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL is a messy, uncompromising look at the warts-and-all sexual awakening of 15-year old Minnie Goetz in 1976 San Francisco. Bel Powley is about to blow up following this film’s release, and with good reason: she’s incredibly believable as Goetz, full of needy lust - sexual, chemical, creative, and otherwise - personified. Kristen Wiig (as Minnie’s freewheeling, jealous mother) and Alexander Skarsgard (as her mother’s boyfriend and Minnie’s consistent lover) deliver strong supporting turns, especially Skarsgard who conveys the overwhelming desperation of a hunky dude moving towards middle-age who’s fallen pathetically in love with a fifteen-year old. While animation sequences don’t always quite work (but really, how much can you be bothered by animation that gives a shout-out to Aline Kominsky-Crumb?), this is a major debut for writer-director Marielle Heller, who allows Diary to transcend the usual trappings of the “young girl sleeps with older guy as a part of her sexual awakening” narrative by never judging or punishing Minnie for a second, even when her behavior veers into the dangerous. This will be an important film for teenage girls for years to come.

BROOKLYN was my biggest surprise of the festival, and on its face, seems like something we’ve seen a thousand times before. Saoirse Ronan plays Eilis, an Irish immigrant struggling to survive her first year in Brooklyn after leaving rural Ireland. Director John Crowley and screenwriter Nick Hornby (adapting a popular novel I’d never heard of) never let Brooklyn slide into treacle, and instead focus on Eilis’ small victories in America and nagging doubt about leaving her widowed mother and spinster sister back in Ireland. It’s been sometime since I’ve seen a movie I’d call legitimately sweet, something I could show my grandma, but Eilis’ romance with a shy Italian plumber, Tony (Emory Cohen, previously seen in The Place Beyond the Pines as B. Coop’s grown, asshole son) is damn near impossible not to root for. Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent are always a welcome presence, and their small parts here give the film some of its funniest and most touching moments, respectively. Domhnall Gleeson, as one of Eilis’ potential suitors, is perhaps a bit underused here, but that’s my only real gripe with the movie.

IT FOLLOWS may be Cronenberg-y in premise, but the directing feels much closer to Halloween by way of Gia Coppola. Between The Guest and this film, Maika Monroe has established herself as the best new scream queen we’ve had in years. Here she plays Jay, a high schooler who contracts an STD after sleeping with a new boyfriend that causes unrelenting figures - a grandma, a giant, a syphilitic woman - to follow her everywhere she goes, every day. Writer-director Robert David Mitchell figures out how to tease maximum suspense from these followers, who never stop walking towards Jay, intent on raping and murdering her, with simple tricks of filling the frame and precipitating the horror with a deliciously spooky score by Disasterpeace. Mitchell does some really fun stuff in terms of playing with time period - Jay warns a crush of his impending doom on a house phone, but one of her friends reads The Idiot on a tiny handeld device shaped like a seashell. It Follows leaves a lot unexplained, and it mostly works, at least to the extent that I’m still wondering about the film, even if I still have questions about the mechanics of the mythology.

Writer-director Leslye Headland self-described SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE as “When Harry Met Sally for assholes,” so clearly I liked it a lot better than that precursor film. Jake (Jason Sudekis) and Lainey (Alison Brie) meet again in a sex addicts meeting after losing their virginities to each other in college. They strike up an intense friendship after agreeing that sex would ruin their rediscovered bond, and their non-romance throughout the film provides us with one of the most believable, sexually tense onscreen pairings in recent memory. Sudekis is the real surprise here, giving Jake’s horndog ways and total devotion to Lainey an earnestness that’s unexpected. Brie is great as always, and Headland doesn’t shy away from showing the dark side of Lainey’s pathological hook-ups with a married ex-conquest, a mustachioed Adam Scott, in supreme douche mode. The movie could stand to lose ten minutes (which was true of nearly everything I saw at Sundance) and honestly, would’ve worked a little better for me if it chose to end on the bittersweet note the film seemed to have been building to, but it’s as funny and sweet of a rom-com as we’ve had in some time.

Opinion was sharply divided on THE BRONZE, but I found the “Bad Gymnast” riff to be quite funny throughout. Melissa Rauch (who co-wrote and produced with her husband) plays Hope Ann Greggory, a former Olympic bronze medalist who is still glorified in her small Ohio town after a Kerri Strug-esque win at the Olympics. Now though, Hope spends most of her days snorting Claritin (a plot point that’s conveniently neglected after the first act), masturbating to her victory footage, and stomping around Amherst, Ohio in her Olympic sweats like she owns the place, because she sort of still does. Her long-suffering father (Gary Cole) pushes Hope to coach a young gymnastics upstart in town after Hope’s former coach commits suicide, and promises Hope $500,00 to coach the young hopeful to the Olympics. The plotting of the film certainly isn’t revolutionary in terms of its reluctant old dog/perky new dog narrative, but Rauch inhabits Hope Ann with believable venom. Thomas Middleditch (as the twitchy owner of Hope’s former gymnastics studio) and Sebastian Stan (as a delightfully smarmy national gymnastics coach) create a second-act love triangle for Hope that gives us the long-promised payoff of “gymnast sex” teased throughout the film. I’m also pro any Ohio movie (somebody in the production HAD to have grown-up there) even if the film goes on too long and ends too tidily with a montage that Drop Dead Gorgeous did far better.

MISSISSIPPI GRIND was my most frustrating watch of the whole festival. For the first hour, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s look at lovable losers and degenerate gamblers Ryan Reynolds (a smooth operator whose grey around the temples suggests he’s not quite as spry as he seems) and Ben Mendelsohn (greasy and great in cheap shirts, as always) is a fun ride as we watch the two amble down the Mississippi on the way to a card game in New Orleans with a $25,000 buy-in. But as the film moves towards its close (and conveniently remembers, y’know, these guys play high-stakes poker) Boden and Fleck lose the thread of grimy desperation for their leads, and go for a Hollywood ending that totally undermines the thematic intentions of the film’s first half. Robin Weigert, Alfre Woodard (as an Iowa bookie! I wanna see that movie!), and Sienna Miller are essentially reduced to one-scene roles, which is a damn shame. There were several other, better movies that existed within Grind’s runtime, and I’m so disappointed that Boden and Fleck chose to go for the happy ending instead of staying true to their characters’ more likely trajectories.

I don’t even know what to say about RESULTS, which failed to engage me from minute one. I guess on paper, to someone, somewhere, a personal fitness comedy involving a love triangle between Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, and…Kevin Corrigan sounds like a good idea, but director Andrew Bujalski never makes any of them feel like real people with real struggles. Guy Pearce wants to expand his small gym, and newly rich Corrigan gives him the means to do so, if they can stop fighting over Smulders. I’m sorry, but the suspension of disbelief over a Smulders-Corrigan romance is just too ridiculous, or at least it is as Bujalski portrays it. Results isn’t ever all that funny or romantic, needs a narrative engine, and has no discernable thematic takeaway. All three leads do the best they can with the material (but really, why are we trying to make Cobie Smulders a thing?) but this one is DOA. And there’s a totally wasted “Six Months in a Leaky Boat” song queue I’m still mad about!

Shame on me for thinking Eli Roth could produce something compelling, but I guess I was still dealing with a case of John Wick heart-eyes when I decided to see KNOCK KNOCK at a midnight screening. An inexplicable remake of 1977’s Death Game, Knock Knock finds Roth eschewing most of his usual gratuitous gore, but the film is still plenty icky, especially in terms of its incest fixation. Keanu Reeves stars as Evan, a devoted husband and father (snooooore) who answers the door one rainy night to find two beautiful girls (one of whom is Roth’s twenty-three year old wife) in need of a phone and a taxi (double snoooore). You can guess where things go from there, and honestly, until the tables turn on Evan, the film is enjoyable if slight. But once the women expose their true intentions to Evan, Roth never misses an opportunity to capitalize on the squick factor of two young women fucking an older man in his own home, in his own daughter’s bed. I’m sure Roth has convinced himself the film is somehow feminist in its depiction of all men as helpless to resist nubile jailbait, but he sure as hell doesn’t know how to convey that idea with any kind of deeper takeaway on a familiar theme that’s honestly done a lot better in Hard Candy.

Three of the films I saw were directed by women (one as co-director).

Four of the films I saw were written by women (two as co-writers).

Five of the films I saw featured female protagonists.


#the way Anna is either laughing or smiling real big as she moves towards Britt
#and how neither can wait for Britt to put down her cup, phone and shades before moving into the hug
#and how it looks like Anna has to tiptoe a little
#and the look of contentment on Brittany’s face as she nuzzles into Anna’s shoulder
#and that little squeeze at the end
#get married already

Prompt #10 high school popular kid/nerd AU

A hand slapped down on her desk jolting her awake.

Mr. Weselton AKA the Weasel glared down at her over his giant mustache.  

“Since you seem to be so enraptured with my lesson Miss Stone, why don’t you tell the class the answer.” He humphed.

“Uh, What is, Abraham Lincoln?”  She grinned. The class burst into roaring laughter and the weasels eyes narrowed unamused.

“That might work in history, Miss Stone, but this is biology if you’ve forgotten. Pay attention.” He spun on heel and stomped back to the front of the class.

Anna sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day as she slumped back down over the desk, beanie sitting skewed atop her head from sleeping in class. Her black t-shirt with “Dark Souls” printed across the front was a little wrinkled as well, she pulled at the sleeves of her undershirt.

“Now, before the bell rings releasing you all for the weekend, I have an assignment for you.” Groans filled the room. The weasel glared.

“This will be a partner project.” The groans stopped. “I will be picking them” The groans returned “I want a poster board detailing one of the processes we’ve covered this week. Now, as for partners.” He began down the list of students.

“Elsa Arendelle and Anna Stone…good luck, Miss Arendelle…” He said. Anna stuck her tongue out at him when he looked elsewhere, before glancing over across the room as one of the most popular and beautiful girls in school. The captain of the volleyball team as well.

Elsa Arendelle was, Anna believed, A Norwegian goddess. She had to be. Her skin was pale and flawless as ivory, hair the color of opaque moonlight fell in a long braid over her shoulder and her eyes were the bluest Anna had ever seen.

The same blues were looking at her right now. Full red lips pulled into a smile and she wiggled her fingers at the redhead in a wave. Anna waved back dumbly.

“Due Monday!” The Weasel called out over the bell as it began to ring and people began to file out or grab their partners. Anna threw her head back and groaned, beanie falling off her copper haired head.

So much for that weekend long video game marathon with Kristoff and Sven.  A quiet giggle made her jolt up. Elsa was standing next to her desk, holding out her beanie.

“You dropped this.” Anna took it, cheeks pinking.

‘Thanks…” She mumbled quietly. The platinum blond clasped her hands in front of her.

“Are you free to work on the project tonight? If we can finish it tonight we won’t have to work on it this weekend.” She asked.

“uh…yeah. Yeah I’m free.”  She nodded and a wide smile broke out across the blondes face and she pulled out a pen and took Anna’s palm and wrote an address across it.

“5 sound okay?” Anna nodded dumbly and Elsa wiggled her fingers before turning and walking out of the classroom. Anna’s eyes glued to the swing of her hips. That would be distracting.


Anna pulled off her helmet and glanced at the address on the house she had pulled up in front of then glanced at her palm.

This was it. Elsa’s house. She kicked down the stand of the motorbike and hopped off, helmet under her arm as she walked up the front steps and knocked. She scuffed her bright green chucks against the cement as she waited.

“Coming!” called out somewhere behind the door. A moment later the door opened and Elsa was standing before her in some low rise jeans and baby blue tank top. Anna bit her tongue to stop the salivating.

“Hi Anna…Is that your bike?” She asked surprised. Anna looked over her shoulder as if expecting another motorcycle to be sitting by the curb.

“Oh, uh yea.”  She shrugged. Elsa looked impressed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Come in.” She stepped aside allowing the redhead in.

“Thanks.”  She followed Elsa into the kitchen, setting her helmet down and shrugging off her bag.

It was awkward for Anna at first, but she quickly found how easy it was to make the blonde laugh, and it was addicting.

When Elsa offered to order Pizza the redhead couldn’t say no. Between stuffing her face with pizza and doing her damnedest to make the blonde smile it took far longer to complete the assignment then she’d thought.

It was no later than 9 when Anna pulled on her backpack and grabbed her helmet.

“Since you can’t I’ll keep the poster and bring it to school on Monday.”  Elsa stood out on the porch with her.

“Cool. Sounds fine to me.”  She smiled.

“This was fun, despite being an assignment. Maybe we could do it again sometime?” The blonde laid a hand on Anna’s forearm. She was close. Close enough Anna could smell her perfume. She would never be sure what came over her, but it took a strong hold and before she knew what she was doing she haid kissed the blondes cheek.

Her lips hadn’t even left the other girls face before a tidal wave of self-loathing washed over Anna. Even more so when she leaned back to see the surprise across Elsa’s face. Her face burned as red as her hair.

“I.. I’m Sorry!” She turned and jumped off the porch running to her bike, throwing on her helmet and kickstarting it before peeling away, not daring to look back, unable to hear Elsa calling after her or see the blonde run out into the street after her.


 Kristoff called her Saturday but she said she didn’t feel well and would have to cancel their game plans after all.  She spent the entire weekend beating herself up over the kiss.  She laid across her bed starring up at the ceiling.

“I am so stupid…” She sighed.

When Monday came Anna slunk around the school like a secret agent. They would all graduate in a few months. She just had to lay low till then, luckily she only shared one class with Elsa. Biology and it was the last class of the day.

Rather than sit in the back as she was wont to do she sat in the very front, closest to the door. She didn’t want the blonde to trap her in the back of the room, but now she also had to stay awake.

When Elsa walked into the room she made an immediate line for Anna who hunkered down, shoulders around her ears. Within a few feet the tardy bell rang and the Weasel was ushering everyone into a seat. Luckily all the seats near her were full and Elsa was half way across the room, but she could feel those beautiful blue eyes piercing her.

Anna didn’t dare look up.

The moment class ended Anna bolted from her seat, running down the hall, this time she was well aware of Elsa calling after her but she didn’t stop till she was in front of her locker, she fiddled with the lock trying to open it quickly and retrieve her helmet. Once she had it she had to go back the way she came.

She peaked around the corner and stopped.

Elsa was backed up against the lockers. The captain of the baseball team leaning over her, Hans Westerguard.

“Please Elsa. I promise you’ll have a good time.” He smiled charmingly. Elsa sneered.

“I told you no. I’m not interested.” She moved to leave but he boxed her in with his arms.

“Come on, just” He didn’t get to finish what was most likely a tired and pathetic attempt to charm.

“Leave her alone.” Hans glanced at the frowning redhead over his shoulder. Elsa glanced around him.

“Anna.” She said it quietly.

“Mind your own business, Stone. The other nerds are probably looking for you.” He turned back to Elsa. That was his first second and third mistake.  Not letting the blonde go, turning his back on her and calling her a nerd.

“I’m a geek, you fuck head!” She slammed her helmet into his side. Hans reeled back wheezing, glaring up at her. “And I said leave her alone!” She snarled.  The students in the hall all stopped, loud muttering started.

Hans leapt forward, slamming his fist into her face. Anna’s head whipped back and she could immediately taste the blood, trailing down her face from her nose.   

With a strangled roar she tackled him to the ground. Students hollered and cheered as they two wailed on each other.

“Teacher!” Someone screamed and immediately the two separated. And everyone made a break for it. They shared one more fiery glare before turning, Anna pleased as punch at the blood dribbling down the auburn boys chin.

Anna grabbed her helmet off the ground and ran, not stopping until she was across the street from the school hidden behind some trees where her bike was parked.

Anna sighed and looked down at herself. The front of her white t-shirt was stained scarlet all the way down to her stomach and her nose was still bleeding. No doubt she’d left a puddle in the hall.

A hand landed on her arm making her jump. She spun around to find Elsa looking at her. Her grip on the redhead tightened.

“Don’t run away this time.” She gave a squeeze before letting go and opening her bag, pulling out a pack of tissues and a bottle of water. Anna stayed leaned against the bike as Elsa cleaned her face of blood.

“You’re going to have a black eye.” She frowned. Anna gave a small shrug.

“So will he.” She snorted. Once her fac3e was clean she handed the shorter girl a dry tissue. Anna immediately plugged up her bleeding nose, not looking at the blonde.

“Anna” The hand on her arm was back.

She hesitated before timidly turning to look at Elsa. Soft lips pressed against hers for a brief moment.

When she pulled back Anna could see her blush in stark contrast with her pale skin. Anna was no doubt as red.

“Thank you.” She said quietly. Anna nodded.

“You’re welcome.” She mumbled. Voice nasally from the tissues in her nose.

 “Do you want to come to my house? We can put some ice on that eye.”   She smiled.

Anna blushed harder but nodded.



Last one! there ya go hyogoko

Flatmates - 6

Rated MA for FURTHER FILTH (I’m not saying this AU is an excuse to write smut, I’m just saying it’s not NOT an excuse to write smut). Also for language. And I hope jessica988 doesn’t mind

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Rio Dreams Part 1

So, the Olympics start tonight and I wanted to get the first part out of this fic before the opening ceremonies just because.  This will have two chapters, maybe three.  First up, some snapshots of the opening ceremonies for these two. 

Chapter Index: I  Part 2  I  Part 3  I  Part 4  I  Epilogue  I Bonus

Kristoff grimaced in the mirror at his appearance.  The blazer and shirt he had on were tolerable, although rather snug, but the pants just had to go.  He turned around several times convinced that they were too tight, even though they had been tailored to his exact measurements.  He’d heard the entire outfit cost over $1400.  It was the most expensive thing he’d ever worn in his life and he’d never felt so uncomfortable or ridiculous.

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dammit Randy stop wonking things up for poor Finja

Frozen AU where Randy’s a dumb shoob and ends up freezing all of Norrisville on accident and Finja has to chase him down and beat his ass help him figure out a way to thaw everything out

also princess dresses

don’t look at me

put it all behind you // part one

Dean’s best friend was getting married and he’d agreed to be best man. More importantly he’d agreed to be best man for his ex-husband’s brother. Fuck. 

It started with a phone call. A phone call at two in the morning. Dean had only just started to drift off to sleep when his cell phone started to blare loudly. He fumbled around in the dark, he was basically blind without his contact lenses in, before he found the source of the noise.

“Jimmy? The fuck dude, it’s two in the morning. You better be dying in a ditch or somethin’ or I gonna kick your ass.”

“I did it Dean. I asked Amelia to marry me.” Jimmy replied without to much as a hello or apology for waking Dean up. “We’re getting married!" 

"Congratulations. Now can I go the fuck back to sleep?” Dean grumbled. 

“Dean…” Oh shit it was that voice. The voice Jimmy had used since their freshman year at KU. It was the voice he used when he wanted something. This could range from the last slice of bacon at breakfast or to copy Dean’s notes because Jimmy had slept through his class. 

“No I’m not coming to celebrate. It’s the dead of ass at night.” Dean said yawning loudly. 

“Stop being an asshole and listen.” Jimmy said. “Dean…will you be my best man?" 

"What about…” Dean didn’t feel right saying his name even after two years. 

“He’s out the country. Prague the last time I spoke to him.” Jimmy said. That was news to Dean, then again why would Dean know his whereabouts anymore? “You’re my best friend Dean, you introduced me to Amelia after all.”

“If I say yes then can I go back to sleep?” Dean asked.

“You’re an asshole.” Jimmy retorted.

“Is that a yes?”

“Is that a yes?” Jimmy pressed with a snort of laughter. 

“Of course dude, if anyone is gonna kick your ass down that aisle then it’s gotta be me.” Dean said. “Now can I go to sleep?" 

"Yeah man, you can go to sleep.”

“Congratulations. Tell Amelia that she’s the only girl I would accept you marrying.”

“I’ll just tell her you said congratulations, asshole." Jimmy said with a snort. They said their goodbyes and Dean was fast asleep in seconds.

It was only when Dean was showering the next morning that it hit him. His best friend was getting married and he’d agreed to be best man. 

More importantly he’d agreed to be best man for his ex-husband’s brother. 


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Swimming lesson

“Daniel, I’m not so sure about this,” said Annalise cautiously as she dipped a toe into the water, checking the temperature.  Joining the swim club seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she’s starting to have second thoughts.  Especially since she wasn’t a good swimmer.  Being a land locked country contributed to this, but also the fact that Daniel being there made her feel flustered.

“Don’t Anna, you’ll do fine,” Daniel reassured her as he put his arm around her.  Anna blushed a bit.  Even though Daniel meant well, she even got more flustered.  "There’s no need to be nervous, you’re not even in the water.“  Dan climbs down the ladder into the pool.  "Now you climb down.”  Anna looks down at Dan in the water.

“Ok, but be ready to catch me.”  She starts to make her way in, the water chilling her as rises to her knees.  As Anna had one foot left on the ladder, she lept (as much as one can leap in water) into Daniel’s arms, who falls over.  This leads to Anna spluttering and panicing.  "DANIEL, WHERE ARE YOU!“

"Right here,” he comes up laughing.


“Anna, we’re in the shallow end, just stand up.”  Anna stops and her face goes red when she realizes what Dan just said.  Her toes were on the bottom in the three foot end.

“Oh… um.. well then…” she fidgets her hands, a little bit a ashamed.

“It’s ok, I sort of expected it,” Dan remarks.  This draws a pout from Anna.  "Ok, I"m going to take you in my arms and lay you horizontally on your back.  You want to relax and just float.  No kicking.“  Dan takes Anna and lays her flat.  She puts her goggles on just in case.  She breathes slowly and sure enough, she floats.  "Good, you’re almost there, now stand up.”  Anna does, feeling a little accomplished.  "Now, just stand there for a bit.  We’re gonna work on your strokes.  I"m just going to swim from one side to the pool and back.  You pay attention to my arms and legs.“  Dan sets off in a splash, swimming like the pro he is.  Anna couldn’t help but smile, seeing Dan in his element.  It was nice to have moments like these once in a while.  Seeing him tear through the water, his sleek body piercing the water, his tan muscles at work and…   Anna shakes herself out of her trance.  At this time Dan came back.

"You are a master at what you do, Daniel.”

“Sweet talking isn’t going to get you special treatment princess.”  Anna blushes again.  "So did you pay attention to my strokes?“  Anna nods.  "Now I’m going to hold you again, and you try to copy me.”  Back into the floating position Anna goes.  She starts moving her arms and legs, but does but becomes a splash machine, soaking Daniel.  "Ok, ok, try your legs first.  You want to kick, not thrash"

“Sorry.”  Anna does what she’s told, and her legs work beautifully. 

“Beautiful Anna, beautiful.  Now try your arms.  And don’t forget to move your head to the side above water.  You need to breathe.”  She moves her arms but it’s not perfect.  "Ok, I’m going to take your hands and drag you through the pool.  Don’t worry about your arms, just kick.“  Soon, there were going in a small circle, Daniel swimming backward and Annalise kicking.

"I’m swimming!” Anna declares.  It was a childish remark, but Dan couldn’t help but smile.

“See I could you could do it.  You still have to work with your arm strokes, but your legs are strong.  So you’ll be good at underwater swimming.  So take a deep breath.”

“What?” And before Anna knew they were underwater.  Anna was surprised at first to say the least, but then she realized she was swimming by herself with Daniel right below her.  She was actually doing it!  At least when it came to the legs.  Then Daniel took her hands and swam with her, then kissed her.  They both come up for air laugh in each other’s arms.  “You know,” Annalise said in between kisses, “I think I like you as my teacher.  I want more lessons.”  Daniel returned the kiss, still strong as ever.

“As you wish, Princess.”

((I hope this satisfies your need Rin.  Forgive me if it’s not perfect.  It’s my first fic ever! :) ))


A quick Elsanna drabble

For misssuchaflirt, I’ve written a short Elsanna moment based off of this post:

Elsa watched intently as the ball flew towards her, her hands clenched together in the bumping position to intercept the volleyball before it hit the floor.

Elsa sucked in a breath, tensed her shoulders and as the ball made contact with her arms, the sharp jolt ran its way up her arms but was hardly noticed as she watched the ball, successfully aimed, sail over the net towards the other team.

   There was a girl on the opposing team that Elsa had her eye on for the majority of the game. There was just something about how the girl moved…something clumsy about her, but there also was a hint of grace in her steps. The woman had gorgeous red hair and an amazing smile that distracted Elsa no matter what. The blonde was so transfixed by the way the woman moved that she had missed the ball at one point in the game due to her shameless staring…

   Elsa desperately wanted to know her name…

   Almost towards the ending of the game, Elsa was distracted yet again by the beautiful, grinning redhead, and was unaware of the ball was heading straight towards her.

   “ELSA!” A fellow teammate cried off to her left.

   The blonde tore her eyes away from Anna, looked up, and saw the ball flying down towards her face.

   On the other side of the net, Anna, seeing the ball headed straight for the gorgeous blonde, began to bolt. She, ignoring her teammates cries of confusion as to why she was running to the other side of the net, Anna jumped and tackled the other played out of the way of the ball just moments before it would have connected with her nose.

   Elsa was knocked dizzy momentarily, having hit her head off the gym floor as she and the other girl fell together. Elsa came to her senses moments later and felt a presence above her. When she opened her eyes, her gaze was met two shining teal eyes and a smiling freckled face. Elsa bit her lip as she realized the person who had saved her from possibly getting knocked out with a volleyball was none other than the pretty redhead she had been ogling at for the majority of the game.

   Anna, unbeknownst to Elsa, had been watching her too…

   “Hey.” Anna giggled, still on top of Elsa, her red hair hanging down over the player’s face, “Do…you have any plans for later?”

   The blonde, taken aback by the sudden question, stuttered in reply, “M-maybe…” then she took a deep breath and decided to go for it since this might be the only chance she would get to speak to the pretty volleyball player and continued in a slightly lower tone, “But there is something I really want to…DO…later…”

   “Oh cool!” Anna said, sitting up and smiling, oblivious to Elsa’s suggestive answer, “Do you want to go and get some drinks later? I’ll-“

   Then, much to Anna’s (and the rest of their team’s) surprise, Elsa sat up, put her arms around Anna’s neck, pulled her back down to the gym floor, and connected their lips in a soft kiss. Anna’s eyes fell shut in her pleasure and she kissed the blonde back softly, loving the way it felt when the blonde’s legs wrapped around her waist from below. Their kiss was held out for a few lengthy moments, but was broken soon after by the stunned referee, who blew on his whistle harshly and called for a time out.

   Both women let go and Elsa lay on the gym floor breathless, smiling up at the giggling redhead. Anna stood, then held out a hand for Elsa to take. Helping her rival teammate to her feet, Anna stood on her tip toes and placed a sweet kiss on Elsa’s cheek before jogging back to the other side of the net.

   For the rest of the match, both of the girls couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other, casting smiles in their direction until the very end of the game.

   “You ready?” Elsa asked, walking up to her crush and taking her hand, lacing their fingers together gently.

   “Oh, yes.” Anna replied, rubbing against the taller woman, “Very ready.”