the way Ikkaku looks up to Yumichika is already making me cry

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 8 Full translation.

report 4 part 3/3

“Renji, let’s get everyone something to eat or drink soon.”

“Right! Please, we beg your assistance!”

Hearing Renji’s request, the nakai turned her body towards everyone.

“Then, we will begin….How about beverages?” She asked whilst bowing deeply in a seated position.

“It’s okay if we request whatever we want, captain Kuchiki’s treat right!? Then let’s have your most expensive sake please~!”

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anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot of these Ikkaku roleplayers are getting too OOC, I mean, he's a meat head, and that's pretty much it - dumb, loud, violent, slob. Let's not look too far into things. Is there a reason why people are so into him? I wish I could see it, but I don't. Help?

Alright, since you’ve invited me to, allow me to tell you a thing.

Ikkaku able to cry, Ikkaku as ace/demi, Ikkaku showing a ‘soft’ side, Ikkaku being less than the complete asshole that people like to see on the surface… Why do I think all that can be written/roleplayed easily without making it OOC?

Pack some clean socks - you’re in for the long run, so I can hook and drown you on one of my favorite sweeties.

So, to prove to you that this dork isn’t a flat or shallow character, let’s just hear a complete rundown of my Ikkaku headcanons, backed up with canon examples and pictures. Yes, because I am just that obsessive. I even had to update this post because this little shit keeps developing more and more.

Yes, Ikkaku is a rough-and-tough fighter who eats nails for breakfast without any milk. Lean, mean, fighting machine, yada yada, but he’s not heartless. He’s got layers, okay?

On the surface, Ikkaku does put up a tough guy veneer, but it’s plain to anyone with a brain stem that he’s sensitive and still has his doubts about himself. I mean, although it’s subtle most of the time, it’s definitely not subtle if you hit him in his sore spot, because then he’ll stoop to fighting with children. Exhibit A: 

(Read all panels right to left. It’s manga, so I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but…)

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Happy birthday to my beautiful Aussie buddy (one of many), actual sunshine child, walking goddess among mortals (seriously, how are you so pretty?!), Nami / @duckiesteasmiles! I hope today treated you so, so well, because you deserve nothing but good things in the world. Like tooth-rotting IR fluff, for instance. I originally started writing this for a @deathberryprompts prompt (fireworks) ages ago, and I thought your birthday was as good an excuse as any to finish it! (Also, it kind of fits in with the latest prompt, ‘memories’. heh. multitasking for the win?)

Anyway, happy birthday, darling, my life is a little richer for knowing you and I hope this brings you some well-deserved joy! <3 <3 <3 

Title: one of these days

Fandom: Bleach

Pairings: Ichiruki

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary: Maybe one of these days, their two worlds would become one.

The first thing Rukia does when she gets back to the human world is drag Ichigo ice-skating.

Well, ok, that’s a lie. The first thing she does in the human world is stab him, kick him, yell at him, slash at him with a sword, then jump in front of another sword for him, in that order. Look, it doesn’t even faze Ichigo anymore; that’s just how the tempo of their relationship goes. He’s long since learned not to try and deconstruct their bond to fit conventional labels. They are what they are, and Ichigo finds it’s much easier to keep things like that than try to figure out just what exactly they may be to each other.

All he knows is that he’s glad she’s back.

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