the wax robotic

Klance Fluff Week Day 7

I started this but left it untouched the rest of the day till now and when I came back it wasn’t saved in drafts and now I have to start over oops (kill me)

Theme: Pranks

•Ever since the food goo fight is become tradition for everyone in castle of lions to participate in a “Prank War”. Allura and Coran decided it was a good bonding exercise.

•The only rules are 1)they can’t be harmful. 2)You must clean up if there’s any mess left over. And 3)After its all over you have to say sorry to everyone you pranked.

•The first few Prank Wars were okay, everyone had a lot of fun. Then, alliances started happening. Two to three people would hang up on the others and it’s would be chaos.

•At first, Lance and Keith refused to team up.

•Then they started dating.

•Everyone now fears when the Prank Wars are coming up, cause that couple is bound to make an alliance and will drop a “right leg and arm of Voltron” bomb on them (man, that sounded really stupid I’m so sorry)

•It’ll go as far as: Putting dye into Coran’s special “Stache wax”, Painting Shiro’s robot arm while he’s sleeping, Making Allura wake up thinking she has the slipperies (how they do that? Idk) and messing with Hunk and Pidge’s tech. The mice are safe tho, cause they cool with everybody.

•Then, the day comes, when the alliance of literally everyone else (except the mice) makes an alliance against Lance and Keith. It was a glorious day, the others finally got back at them. (How so? I don’t know. You decide lol)

•There’s a new rule now.

•4) No alliances (we’re looking at you Keith and Lance)

(This is the first week/month thing I’ve contributed to I’m so happy I finished! Keep loving Klance my friends~ thanks to everyone for liking and rebloging! Makes me feel warm inside)

Crayola Nightmare

I had a weird dream the other night that was a mix of Blade Runner and the Wax Droids from Red Dwarf.  Basically I was an employee in a giant factory complex that built wax robots.  These robots were brightly colored like crayons and looked like giant cartoon characters.  They had revolutionized industry as they could be cheaply mass produced and were located in all facets of society, from heavy labor, entertainment, and personal use. 

However, the wax used to make them would slowly degrade.  The robots would become brittle and porous, and bits would flake off.  Every five years or so, the robots would have to come to the factory to replace the brittle wax with fresh wax.  I was greeting some of these robots, and they looked kind of sad, and I wondered why.  I thought that they would be happy that they were getting maintenance.  The robots divided themselves by their primary colors and entered different doors based on their color. 

When I went to the finish line where the robots emerged fresh, I noticed that they seemed different from the robots entering.  They were more naïve and childlike, and didn’t remember me greeting them.  I then began to explore the factory and found the answer. 

To cut costs, the wax robots were not given maintenance like they were supposed to.  Instead of just replacing the surface wax, the robots were melted completely in large vats.  They divided themselves by color so that the different colors would not mix and ruin the bulk wax.  This melted and reformed wax was then poured into molds that made copies of the robots that entered.  Thus, the robots seeking maintenance marched to their doom, and the robots that emerged were new robots with no memories of the robots they were replacing.  I tried to escape the facility to reveal the truth, but I was hauled away by security.  The truth was eventually revealed, but the outside world did not care as by then the robots were too integral to society to justify changing manufacturing processes, and the company was too powerful. 

Anyway, that is the end of that weird dream. 

the year is 2020. all gleam youtubers have been preserved perfectly as wax robots so that they never age and always look pretty so that they can always make maximum profits. girl online 27 has been released. alfie’s on his 15th pointless book. gleam owns about 77% of the world’s oceans. everyone who wants to drink clean water has to like comment and subscribe.