the watering down of taste

So this morning, I set up and made my coffee, then left the room. I put hot water in my coffee cup to keep it warm. I came back, glanced at my coffee maker, and didn’t immediately see coffee in it, so I assumed Mom had put it in my cup like she sometimes does. The liquid in my cup tasted like watered-down coffee because coffee is all I put i  that cup. I’ve been sitting here like an idiot drinking water and wondering why I’m sleepy for an hour.


I got really excited about old man Corvo today

So I work in a coffee shop, and ofc lattés are a popular drink. They’re made with one or two shots of espresso depending on the size and then topped with steamed milk. That’s it. So this woman comes in and asks for a large latte with just one shot, and mostly water instead of steamed milk. I tell her I’ve never done that before so I’m not sure how it will taste, but she says she gets that all the time so I make it, she takes it and leaves. About an hour later she comes back, and I’m a helping another customer my manager goes over and I see her face and mentally I’m like “ok here we go”. I see my manager take some money from the till and she leaves. He comes over and asks what I did to her latte and I tell her what she asked for and he goes “wtf”. She came back to complain that her latte was too bland and tasted like it had been watered down. ?????? That’s what you asked for???????

Black moms have no chill when they feel disrespected

So in fifth grade I had these two guy best friends Kev (who was black) and Jake (who was white). Now it seems random af to point out the race but it will make sense as the story unravels.
So one day we are chilling at Kev’s house and we get hungry. Kev pops some chicken tenders in the microwave, makes us some kool-aid and we just living the good life. Jake (white boy) tries the kool-aid and says, “wow this is really sweet how much sugar did you put in it?” Now Kev and I look at each other because we confused. The kool-aid tasted fine to me but you know white people kool-aid be tasting like watered down tears and broken dreams so I guess I understand now.
Kev’s mom comes home after work, sees us eating and says, “So Kev, you just gon’ have friends in my house eating up all my food like y'all pay bills too?” Now at a young age every black kid deals with their tired black mom coming home after work tripping over nothing so we learn to get used to it. But apparently our white friend Jake has never been through such a situation and has had the nerve to say, “Kev what the hell, you’re going to let her talk to you like that?”
PAUSE….let that sink in for a second.
Shit went from 0-100 real fucking quick. As soon as Jake said this Kev and I both looked at each other with nothing but fear in our eyes. Jake is sitting there proud of his damn self for standing up for his friend. This nigga thought we were in a Full House episode. My jaw dropped.
All of a sudden Kev’s mom grabs the neck of Jakes shirt, lifts him up so he’s eye to eye with her, feet were dangling n errything . Now Jake is asthmatic so that quick jolt in the air had his ass wheezing. Kev’s mom says to Jake, “now listen to me you little stank ass golden retriever, I don’t know what type of shit your parents let you get away with at home but you not gon come up in my house and disrespect me you fucking hear me?” Jake is shook, his ass couldn’t even speak😂😂he just started nodding his head up and down. Kev’s mom puts Jake back down and has the nerve to FUCKING PAT HIM ON THE HEAD AND SMILE AFTER SHE ALMOST GAVE THIS NIGGA A HEART ATTACK. She turns to Kev and goes, “now you, don’t be bringing no disrespectful ass white kids to my house, I ain’t got time for dat shit my blood pressure already too high”

Black moms are not meant to be fucked with. White moms might be feel threatened when their child says they’re going to run away but a black mom will tell you to pack your shit and will look for someone to rent your room to on the same day 💀


Can I request? Sirius Black knowing that he will be taken away after the death of Lily and James but still trying to tell her everything will be okay? 

Warnings: swearing, not many times but there’s a couple f-bombs in there.

It was raining.

It was raining and he could feel the droplets of water rolling down his face. Licking his lips, he could taste the salt. He was trying to gulp in as much air as he could, squeezing his bright grey eyes shut.

Wiping his hand down his face, Sirius Black looked up and down the street. The heavy rain was dulling the street lights, creating more of a mist than anything else. The handsome man was staring across the street at a house. To anybody else, it would have been just a simple building. There was nothing extravagant about it. It was the kind of house you’d picture with a white picket fence and a happy family.

And, to Sirius, that was what it was supposed to be. After all of this was over, her was going to move in with her, and everything was going to be okay. They’d live together, and do all those sappy, sweet domestic couple things. They’d be married, she’d be a Healer and him an Auror. Both respectable jobs that’d make plenty of money to keep them and their kids going. And of course they’d have kids. He’d always wanted some; to prove to himself that he was truly better than his parents and it wasn’t just all in his head.

But his idyllic dreams had all gone to shit about half an hour ago.

James and Lily were dead. Murdered by Lord Voldemort, who had been assisted by Peter Pettigrew. Sirius’ body was vibrating from the rage that he felt. Peter had been one of them, he’d been a Marauder.

And now, because of this stupid, fucking rat James and Lily were dead. He couldn’t just let that go. Screw ‘forgive and forget’. Sirius wanted revenge.

But first…

Inhaling deeply, Sirius ran a hand through his hair and ran across the street. He stopped at the door, squeezing his eyes tightly. Raising a hand, he knocked three times.

Nearly automatically, he heard a clang and a swear, followed by rushed footsteps. Sirius allowed himself a small snicker, shoving his hands into his pockets. She had probably tripped over something. The footsteps stopped just outside the door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me.”

“Who’s me?” she pressed.

“It’s Sirius, baby.”

“Prove it,” she declared. “What was my nickname to the Marauders and why?”

His lips curled. “Frosty, cause you would always be super cold to us because Prongs would bother Lily, and I fancied you. Moony and- Moony came up with it. He found it funny.”

His heart stopped. Wormtail… he… Peter would know the answer to the question. He had helped… Moony hadn’t been the only one.

The door opened slowly, except for the chain lock. A small woman with golden eyes stared up at him. “Well?” she asked. “Are you going to ask me a question or what?”

“Where was our first kiss? Not the one we told everyone.”

Her freckled face reddened. “By the Black Lake. You threw me in immediately afterwards.”

Sirius nodded, mouthing ‘yeah’. Instantly, the door was shut again and he heard the shifting of metal against metal. The door swung fully open this time, revealing Y/N Cassidy. Her dark, brown hair was thrown up into a haphazard ponytail. She was barefoot and wore leggings with an overly large sweatshirt that had originally been Sirius’.

“Sirius,” she breathed, allowing him to step through the door before launching herself at him with a hug. Sirius embraced her tightly, burying his head in the crook of her neck. She pulled back, giving him a small smile. Grabbing his hand, Y/N pulled him after her into the living room. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

He was staring at her. His eyes hadn’t left her since she had opened the door. It was like he was trying to commit every part of her to memory.

“Just wanted to stop by for a bit.”

“How are James and Lily?” she had curled up at the other side of the sofa.

Sirius gulped. “What time is it?”

“Just past nine. Why?”

He had originally left the Potter’s around two hours ago.

“Guess I just lost track of time.”

“Oh, okay.” She didn’t believe him. He could tell. “You never answered my question.”

“Oh. Right. James is a prat, as usual. Evans told me to tell you to stop by soon, and Harry kept asking for Frosty.”

He didn’t know why he wasn’t telling her. Then again, how could he? How could he tell this beautiful, pure woman before him that he had found her best friend of about ten years’ corpse before her child’s crib? How could he tell her that her godson was an orphan, and that the two of them were about to become parents sooner than either of them expected? How was he supposed to tell her that one of their best friends was the reason two more had died?

“So they’re fine,” she chuckled.


“Are you though?”

“What?” Sirius was snapped out of his reverie.

“You haven’t stopped staring at me since you got here,” Y/N said. “Even so, your eyes have been glazed over. Like you’re not really seeing me. Sirius, did something happen? Is everyone really okay?”

He licked his lips. Taking Y/N’s hands in his, he squeezed them tightly.

“Everything’s going to be fine.”

And it would be. As soon as Peter Pettigrew was dead. He had no right to be able to live or be free if James and Lily weren’t.

“Sirius, I don’t understand. What’s-”

“Y/N,” he cut her off. “I promise you, everything will be okay.”

“And why isn’t it now? Sirius, what are you hiding?”

Taking a deep breath, Sirius placed his hands on Y/N’s cheeks, making her meet his eyes. Slowly, he stroked his thumb over her cheek bone.

“I can’t tell you,” he said, gaze not wavering. “Not right now. But I will, okay? I will explain everything.”

Y/N shook her head, staring at the man before her, placing her small hands over his much larger ones. “Is everything okay, SIrius? You didn’t get into any trouble, did you?”

He shook his head and placed his forehead against hers. “No. No, I didn’t.”

“Then why can’t you tell me what’s going on?” she pressed.

“Because a lot of stuff is happening, all at once, and I don’t want you to worry, okay?” Tears were welling up again, and his voice cracked.

“Sirius, you’re just making me worry more.”

“I know. I know, baby, and I’m sorry, but I… I can’t right now, okay?”

“Sirius, I don’t understand!”

“I know you don’t, but I… I need you to know that I love you. So. Much. You are one of the most important people in my life. If not the most. I love you, okay? I love you.”


He didn’t allow her to talk, choosing to kiss her instead. Tears rolled down his face, mixing with their kiss. He pulled her even closer to him, never wanting to let go. Never wanting to forget her. Reluctantly, he pulled away.

“You’re crying,” she whispered.

He ignored her. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Sirius.”

The man nodded, unable to speak past the frog in his throat. Pecking her lips one last time, Sirius stood from the couch. Y/N instantly followed suit.

“You’re not leaving, are you?”

“I am,” he said, walking to the door. “But I’ll be home soon.”

“Wait,” she said, following after him. “Everything’s going to be fine, though…right?”

“Of course,” Sirius said. “I promise you. We’ll all be okay, and I’ll be back soon.”

“You promise?”


With one last peck on Y/N Cassidy’s lips, Sirius Black walked out the door.

The rain was heavier now.

Three days later, Remus Lupin and Y/N Cassidy stood side by side in Godric’s Hollow. Tears mixed with the rain on their faces.

“How could he?” Remus growled. “How could he do this to them? All three of them!”

Y/N’s voice was quiet and broken. “He visited me.”

“What?” Remus asked.

“On Halloween. He stopped by after going to visit them, after murdering them probably. I should have known. He didn’t tell me what the fuck was going on. He was probably already on the run. Poor Peter probably tracked him down about half an hour after he left. He- I… I should have known.”

“No one can blame you, Y/N. It wasn’t your fault.” He placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder.

“He told me he loved me,” she whimpered. “After killing them, he said he loved me. He promised that everything would be okay, and that he would be home soon. He promised me!”

Unable to hold back any longer, Y/N Cassidy fell to her knees in the middle of the cemetery where too of her best friend’s had been freshly buried. Face in her hands, she started to weep. Remus stood next to her, tears rolling down his cheeks, and hands in his pockets.

Lightning flashed across the sky and, miles away, a dog howled. 

Welp. This is sad. Sorry, not sorry. - Admin Nox

It was raining, actually it hadn’t stopped raining in like three days and to say Amy wasn’t used to the intense weather change Seattle was from New York was an understatement. She had been transferred from her familiar NYPD job, where she knew where all the best coffee carts were to Seattle which seemed like no one served a decent cup of dark coffee. It all tasted watered down, and not nearly strong enough to put up with the bummer that was the weather in her new location. Taking a sip of what felt like the fourth coffee spot she groaned, watered down again. “where can a girl find decent coffee around here?” She said to herself not noticing the figure aside her. She wasn’t sure how to survive this move let alone do her job without a cup of decently strong coffee. 

anonymous asked:

A flavored energon drink appears on your desk, complete with a tiny umbrella and fun curly straw. (I quit my job recently and today is my last day I'm so happy)

A quick scan, and then Tarantulas is sipping delicately at the little curly straw between his mandibles. As soon as the energon coils all the way up -

“I can taste it!”

He looks ecstatic, and who can blame him? Most energon tastes like watered-down swill in comparison to obtenteum. Thanks for the treat, anon~

Ferret Update - 👍🏼💕

Things are tentatively hopeful. Ginny still isn’t eating solids (she had a few pieces of kibble early this morning), but she’s lapping up a broth I made of prime rib and ground kibble, and the vet says she is regaining colour in her gums and she is definitely more active when she’s not napping (but she’s been a tired wee bab for a while; she’s an old girl, with health problems). Some of her bodily functions seem to be improving.

It’s been a tiring few days, but it’s absolutely been worth it. Ginny’s needed to be syringe-fed, but she really seems to enjoy the broth so luckily I don’t need to force it into her, which the vet says is excellent. He’s also given her some medicine today to help with her bowel movements which she hates the taste of, so I’m going to try and sneak it into some watered-down broth to hide the taste.

Thank you for anyone who helped out re: my last post, and for all the kind words. Also thank you to magic-for-the-masses whose sigils I’ve been drawing a lot of the past few days. I made an offering of some vodka I’ve been saving to Loki and Odin, added some maple syrup that I thought they might like too. I also gave some Baileys I bought special to Idunn as a placeholder for something more relevant, and got her some apple juice I like with golden apples on the packaging.

Would anyone like photos? I’ve taken a ridiculous number of photographs…

But it so happens that everything on this planet is, ultimately, irrational; there is not, and cannot be, any reason for the causal connexion of things, if only because our use of the word “reason” already implies the idea of causal connexion. But, even if we avoid this fundamental difficulty, Hume said that causal connexion was not merely unprovable, but unthinkable; and, in shallower waters still, one cannot assign a true reason why water should flow down hill, or sugar taste sweet in the mouth. Attempts to explain these simple matters always progress into a learned lucidity, and on further analysis retire to a remote stronghold where every thing is irrational and unthinkable.

If you cut off a man’s head, he dies. Why? Because it kills him. That is really the whole answer. Learned excursions into anatomy and physiology only beg the question; it does not explain why the heart is necessary to life to say that it is a vital organ. Yet that is exactly what is done, the trick that is played on every inquiring mind. Why cannot I see in the dark? Because light is necessary to sight. No confusion of that issue by talk of rods and cones, and optical centres, and foci, and lenses, and vibrations is very different to Edwin Arthwait’s treatment of the long-suffering English language.

Knowledge is really confined to experience. The laws of Nature are, as Kant said, the laws of our minds, and, as Huxley said, the generalization of observed facts.

It is, therefore, no argument against ceremonial magic to say that it is “absurd” to try to raise a thunderstorm by beating a drum; it is not even fair to say that you have tried the experiment, found it would not work, and so perceived it to be “impossible.” You might as well claim that, as you had taken paint and canvas, and not produced a Rembrandt, it was evident that the pictures attributed to his painting were really produced in quite a different way.

You do not see why the skull of a parricide should help you to raise a dead man, as you do not see why the mercury in a thermometer should rise and fall, though you elaborately pretend that you do; and you could not raise a dead man by the aid of the skull of a parricide, just as you could not play the violin like Kreisler; though in the latter case you might modestly add that you thought you could learn.

This is not the special pleading of a professed magician; it boils down to the advice not to judge subjects of which you are perfectly ignorant, and is to be found, stated in clearer and lovelier language, in the Essays of Thomas Henry Huxley.

—  Aleister Crowley
There You Are (Part Twelve)

This is a college AU. Instead of the professor/student relationship, how about a student/student one? Reader x Dean, with some familiar characters thrown in. This will be angsty at times, sad at times, maybe definitely smutty. ;) Pretty much the definition of “slow burn.” Title borrowed from a Martina McBride song.

SUMMARY: Dean makes his choice.
WARNINGS: Slight underage drinking

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Dean took a sip from the red cup in his hand, making a face at the warm, watered-down taste of the beer. Lisa was clinging to him, hanging off of his arm, and he licked his lips before he let out a sigh.

“Hey, Lis?”

She blinked up at him, chocolate-brown eyes staring into his own. He gave her a smile, nodding towards the keg they were standing near.

“Why don’t you grab something to drink?”
“I’m good. I’d rather stand right here with you.”

Dean closed his eyes as she snuggled closer to him.

“Why don’t I get you something to drink?”
“No, baby. I’m fine. We should go talk to Adam and Hale.”

It took everything in him not to roll his eyes. Instead, he took a long drink of that nasty beer and looked out at the crowd that had gathered on the dance floor. He raised an eyebrow, glancing around the room, blinking when a flash of golden hair caught his attention.


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36. - Home is Where the Heart’s at.

If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
It don’t belong to anyone but you
If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
Baby don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you
Baby, I’ve been making plans, oh love


It was barely 11am in the day and I was already exhausted and more than ready to give up on this task that Knoelle and I were tackling today. The stray curls that had escaped my bun stuck to my sweaty neck and mouth felt like cotton due to the lack of water. 

Reaching over Knoelle’s body, I grabbed her bottle of water and didn't think twice as I let the cool contents slide in my mouth and down my throat. “Mmmm water never tasted so good”, I moaned with appreciation as I handed the now half empty bottle to her and allowed her to finish off the rest.

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The story of how I drank bleach

In the spirit of sharing strange bits of my life…

Once upon a time, my mother left a white teacup full of bleach in the kitchen to clean it. She had warned me earlier in the day but I, in my infinite wisdom, forgot and swiftly gulped down half. I paused then, squinting at the cup, said, “This water tastes funny,” and… downed another gulp.

It was at that moment I finally remembered the contents were actually something that could very well kill every precious brain cell in my noggin, so I calmly put the cup down, walked to my mom and said, “I think I just did something very stupid.”

Understandably, mom freaked out and, I still don’t know if out of sheer stupidity or genius, I decided that the solution would be to chug half a carton of soy milk.

So I did that.

And I was fine.

Every time I tell this story, people laugh and ask me how old I was when it happened.

It was a year ago. I was twenty-four.


Your voice is rusty like I dunno maybe you swallowed battery acid like I did that one time and I said it tasted like sunny d                                                             It didn’t                                                                                                                 I lied                                                                                                                 And I didn’t know how to tell you so I left it like I always do and it turned luke warm in the uv radiation                                                                                     A film of indecision and a faulty memory skimming the top                                 Peeling and flaky                                                                                             Try and tell me what your saying                                                           Enunciate                                                                                           Resuscitate everything I’ve ever said just so I don’t argue                             You hated when I disagreed                                                                           You hated confrontation but                                                                                 I guess                                                                                                               Then again                                                                                                       So did                                                                                                                   I And It was kind of an empty feeling like knock off OJ                                       Like okay                                                                                                               I swear it’s only watered down vitamin c                                                               But I swear I can taste the Chapstick you wore and the way you wore me and I pick at you like peeling lips and sunburnt suburbia for the next forever and a half                                                                                                                       But it’s empty                                                                                                   Not half empty                                                                                                 Not half full                                                                                                       It’s watered down                                                                                                 It’s just sugar and additives                                                                                   To hard candy kinda coat the barbed teeth that fence off what you actually mean                                                                                                               And your gums are so swollen I thought they’d actually push each white bead out of its socket knocking it to the floor                                                             But we don’t wanna chip the paint do we                                                             I don’t wanna see what’s underneath                                                                   What used to be                                                                                               Cause then maybe                                                                                               I’ll rip up the hardwood                                                                                     Maybe I’ll put in carpet instead                                                                           But I can’t                                                                                                           We all know I can’t                                                                                       Cause orange juice stains                                                                                   And battery acid wears holes in our drywall bodies