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Night Falls: Chapter 20

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,971


A/N: Brace yourself, friends. 

In case you’re squirmish, it gets a little bloody below. Just a warning. 

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Night Falls Master List

Your jaw clenches as you hang up the phone. Crowley plucks it from your hand before his henchman grabs your wrists and ties them behind the back of the chair you had been thrown into when you arrived at the warehouse.

After you had made your decision, the same man who was tying your wrists just a little too tight for comfort appeared in your apartment and gripped your arm, forcing you to stand with a grunt. A gun was waiting in his hand, and he had pressed it into your stomach as he led you from your apartment to an awaiting limo outside. 

It was late, so there was no one around to see you as you got shoved into the car. From the tinted windows, you could see the unmarked car that was parked right across the street, and you could see the face of an unknown agent, his head resting against the window with his eyes closed. If you hadn’t known any better, he looked like some guy napping in his car.  Your stomach clenched as you had to fight down the urge to be sick.

Crowley’s henchman–who seemed to have no name–climbed into the car behind you before Crowley joined you, someone outside closing the door once he was settled. The man with you had pulled you onto the seat with him and kept the cold barrel of the gun pressed against you. 

The three of you drove in silence for about thirty minutes until you had pulled up to a row of warehouses along the river. You had never been to this part of town before, not that you had any reason to before now. It looked like some sort of shipping yard–and with not a single person in sight. 

You had been dragged inside and thrown into the chair you were currently tied down to before Crowley had handed you a cell phone and instructed you to call Dean. 

You hated yourself for the choice you had made, but Dean was smart. He would figure out at some point that this was a trap, wouldn’t he? Your fingers had hesitated over the phone screen, second guessing your choice before Crowley’s man backhanded you across your cheek. 

The sting had burned and you hissed as your neck snapped to one side. It had been a warning to cooperate. 

So you called Dean and said a prayer that the two of you would make it out of this alive. 

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The morning after | Tyler Down & Montgomery De la cruiz

{ The morning after Jessica Davis’s party}

Your POV.

You woke up and could still feel the alcohol from last night swimming around in your head. You grunted into the pillow. Your eyes ached, your brain felt like it was doing 100 sit ups and your entire body felt weak, as if you had dropped half your body weight last night.

You looked around and noticed that you wasn’t in your bed. You didn’t know whose bed you laid in. None the less, it was annoyingly comfortable.

Did I hook up with someone last night?  And if so, who the fuck was it? - you racked your brain for thoughts

“Hell no” you mumbled to yourself. One night stands was completely out of your character. I mean, you couldn’t even stand sharing a bed with your sister, let alone some kid from school. Plus you weren’t single.

You looked around and noticed your phone, facedown on the bedside table. The brightness made your head throb so you turned it down a few notches before reading the time. 7:15 am. The door creaked open, your head snapped towards Tyler, who walked in carrying a tall glass of water.

“Tyler?” You questioned as you scratched near your hair line.

“Y/N?” He snapped back

“Did you and I… did we?”

“Have sex?” Tyler chuckled “He’ll no. I would never take advantage of you like that”

He dropped a pain relief pill into the glass and watched it dissolve before handing it to you. You looked under the duvet to see that you we’re not dressed in your outfit from last night, but an oversized ‘guns & roses’ t-shirt.

“But you did undress me”

“Only because you vomited all over your clothes from last night”

Your eyebrow raised “Touché Taylor”

“Tyler” he corrected

“My bad”

Tyler smirked at you before sitting down by your feet. You didn’t know Tyler that well, you saw him occasionally down the hallway at school or in the corner at any big event, hidden behind a camera. But that’s all.

“Well thanks for taking care of me, I thought one of the girls would have at least taken me home..or Monty”

“Why? Is that what you wanted?” Tyler questioned

You sipped the last of the water and whipped he corners of your mouth and eventually responded with “Is what, what I wanted?”

“..For Monty to take you home?”

“Well, we are dating” you tell him, putting extra emphasis on the ‘are’ “It’s low-key but, it’s the least he could do for me”

“Oh right. I didn’t know” Tyler says as he rose to his feet. He walked over to his desk and picked up his camera.

“Can I be honest with you Y/N?” Tyler asked with his back turned away from you.


“..Why are you dating Montgomery? From what I know, he’s a shit person and probably a shittier boyfriend?”

“If shittier is even a word” he continued

“First things first, it isn’t, and secondly..” You sighed “You don’t know him like I do”

“That’s what they all say” Tyler mumbled

He turned to face you “I just thought you knew you we’re better than that”

A puzzled expression plastered across your face “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“That you are worth so much more than him”

The room feel silent. Then suddenly the door burst open and a middle- aged female stepped into the room.

“Tyler time for school-

You sat upright in the bed and smiled towards what you assumed, was his mother.

“Oh- sorry. I didn’t realise Ty had a girl up here” she said before smiling back at you.

“Yeah but it’s not like that” Tyler informed her, pinching at the bride he of his nose “We’re just friends”

Friends? You thought.

“Right” his mum nodded awkwardly


At school.

You and Tyler walked arm in arm into school that day, just talking about random shit that you didn’t realise you both had in common. You really appreciated Tyler for his act of kindness and for not trying anything with you like most boys would.

As soon as you walked in, you spotted Montgomery at his locker. Your boyfriends nose flared as he noticed the guys besides you. Immediately he, stormed over to you and Tyler. You knew Monty very well, and you knew exactly what he was thinking. And he was beyond pissed off about it.

“So this is who you we’re with last night?” Monty questioned you but before you could even answer, he shoved Tyler up against the lockers and grabbed his shirt. The sound of Tyler’s camera smashing against the floor caused a few people to stop and look over.

“Monty let go of him” you warned as you tugged on his strong arms, not budging him one bit.

“Did you sleep with my girlfriend?!” Monty yelled, catching the attention of more people.

“We didn’t do anything Y/N tell him” Tyler panicked- all in one breath

“Monty he didn’t touch me. I swear” you said calmly. “Ty and I..

"Oh so it’s 'Ty’ now? Last week you didn’t even know his fucking name!” Monty yelled

“Your just jumping to conclusions” Tyler stutters

“Oh am I?” Monty asked as he clenched his fist by his side.

“Just leave him alone!” you snapped “You can argue with me all you want…just leave him alone”

Monty looked to you then back to Tyler.

“..I don’t want to see you anywhere near her. Do you understand?” Monty threatened and Tyler nodded

“Fucking leave her alone” he warned

“Montgomery?” you huffed. Monty finally freed Tyler, holding his hands in surrender as he did so. Tyler hopelessly slid against the locker then stumbled away and picked his camera up off the floor, holding the shattered pieces in his hands.

You motioned to him but Montgomery held you back “I’m so sorry Tyler- I’ll get you a new one-

Tyler cut his eyes at you and just walked off, disappearing into the crowd of kids.

"Y/N, why the fuck we’re you with Tyler last night?” Monty questioned

You didn’t answer. You raised your hand and slapped Montgomery across the face, earning a few 'Ooo’s’ from Justin and the rest of the jocks as they approached the two of you. He stood there- in shook- holding onto his sore cheek.

“Ty was right” you began “Your a shit person and an even shittier boyfriend”

You stormed away

“Shittier’s not a word babe!” he called after you

You rolled your eyes and held up your middle finger, flipping him off and earning a few cheers from his so-called friends.


I have a thing for slapping Montgomery in all my imagines… oh well. What d'you guys think?😅

ATLA AU little things:

- With Izuku probably being an earthbender, Bakugou used to call him “useless pebble” when they were kids

- Toshinori has a waterbender necklace or belt buckle that looks a bit like the belt he has in the manga (you know, the All Might-belt buckle)

- Nana, Inko and Uraraka with airbender tattoos

- Bakugou breathing fire when he gets angry and everyone covers until it’s over because everyone is just used to it by now.

- Present Mic as an airbender that can blast enemies away with a combination of wind and his voice

- Recovery Girl smacking people over the head with little water whips because she can’t reach their heads otherwise

- Thirteen sucking people into sort-of-black holes that are actually maelstroms of either air or water, but are super dangerous

- Shigaraki is a bloodbender or earthbender that has somehow learned to dry out his enemies / turn them into dust .

- Kaminari repeatedly zapping himself with little lightning because while he does know how to bend them, he sometimes fucks up.

- Ectoplasm either water-, earth- or swampbender that learned how to create clones of himself.

- Izuku joking, trying to lighten the mood, about Toshinori “probably being a bloodbender” because the man keeps spitting blood. (Toshinori dumps water over his head for that one)

@deku-for-all look what you have done. Take responsibility, please. XD

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2seok cookin’ it up


Hiccup’s hands on your waist are the only things keeping you focused right now. Your foot is comfortable in the adjustable stirrup, and your hands comfortable in the handle, but the fact of completely controlling a dragon and that if you make one mistake you could both die…its daunting.

It’s like your boyfriend feels your tension. “Relax, you’re doing great! Now try a left turn. Go around that rock.”

Swallowing nervously, you move your right foot gently to the left. Feeling the shift in movement, Toothless makes a perfect left turn around the huge rock rising out of the ocean indicated. You laugh to yourself at the ease you and the dragon work together with. You’re glad Toothless has come to like you nearly as much as Hiccup since the two of you got together.

Hiccup leans over your shoulder to look at your face and chuckles at your smile. “Alright, you’re getting the hang of it! Now let’s go up. Above the clouds.”

You grin and tilt your toes down, effectively relaxing the end of the tail so Toothless can easily climb up above the golden clouds. This is your favorite part about flying: Seeing the whole world laid out below you. The ocean sparkles in the sunlight far below, and the tops of the sun bleached rocks poke above the surface like teeth.

Once above the clouds, you level out your foot and fall into a gentle glide, smiling at how Toothless’s wings just skim the tops of the clouds, effectively whipping up a sort of white smoke. You laugh out loud at how powerful this dragon is, and how easy he is to fly.

Hiccup laughs along with you, and his hands leave your waist. When you turn around he’s holding out his arms in bliss as he feels the wind around him. You wish you could do the same, but as this is your first time flying Toothless, you’re still a little wary of letting go of the handle.

Once you clear the cloud, Hiccup’s hands return to your waist, this time wrapping around it firmly. “Alright, want to try a dive?”

You tense up at the question. “Hiccup, I’m not even good at diving on my own dragon.”

“Ah, come on, you’ll be fine!” he exclaims, not an ounce of doubt in his voice. “I have all the faith in the world. Just keep your foot level until you reach the surface, and Toothless will do the rest of the work.”

Nodding tensely, you readjust your grip. “Okay, I got this. I got this.” You push your heel down so Toothless moves his head down, and then he folds in his wings and you’re diving.

At this speed, it’s a little hard to keep your foot level, but you do it and you’re smiling at how fast the world is moving around you. You love (d/n) but she never moves like this. The water is still hundreds of feet below when you hear Hiccup whoop in exhilaration. You laugh.

You wait to pull up until the last possible second, Toothless’s feet brushing the surface of the water and whipping up the salty sea breeze around you. You throw your hands above your head and whoop loudly, the adrenaline coursing through your veins making you feel ecstatic. Hiccup laughs and leans forward, kissing your cheek.

“That was awesome!”

You lean forward, placing a hand on Toothless’s head. “He’s awesome. It’s so different riding him when I’m the one flying.”

“I know,” Hiccup says fondly. “But don’t get used to it,” he teases, “it’s only for the days I’m a little too busy to fly him.”

“Watch out, Haddock. I’m about to steal your dragon.” Toothless hums underneath you, as if he’s laughing.

Hiccup rolls his eyes with a smile and leans forward you peck your cheek. “Alright, alright. Now let’s head home.”


Middle photo by Kelly Jo Smart/NPR

Beans, beans, the magical fruit

Healthy, tasty

And useful, to boot!

Save that canned water,

And whip it to foam

It’s an egg-white replacement

Made right at home!

OK, so it’s not the playground rhyme you grew up with. But with the avid following that canned bean water — more appetizingly known as “aquafaba” — has gained in just a few short years, maybe it’s time that rhyme got rewritten.

A bumper crop of new vegan cookbooks has sprung up to celebrate aquafaba – find out more here.

– Petra

British Invasion | 3

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] This chapter is rucas centric and covers what happened when they last saw each other.
Chapter Three: “There’s never a right time.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2
Word Count: 3,729 


Countryside bathed in brilliant summer sunlight and hills covered in weeds and daisies was all Riley saw as she climbed out of her taxi. In less than 48 hours she’d be reunited with her friends for the summer and the excitement of it all was starting to get to her.

The six of them, herself included, made a plan to spend 3 weeks of the summer before sophomore year in Texas on Lucas’ family ranch. After incessantly begging her parents to let her go, they finally agreed and she spent every second after that looking forward to the trip. She hadn’t seen any of her friends since before her family left for London so getting to spend 3 weeks with them in the sun was everything to her.

School in the UK lets out earlier than school in the US so Riley arrived in Texas a day and a half before the rest of the gang would. Her parents didn’t see the point in paying to fly her out to NY just so she can take another flight to Texas. So instead she hopped on a plane from London straight to Austin.

Lucas’ grandfather was more than willing to help her get settled in and show her the ropes of country life. He took a real liking to her the last time she visited, back in middle school, so he was excited to have her back.

Riley took a deep breath and looked around at the hot and cloudless lazy summer day. She had to cover her eyes for the sun was too bright but once her eyes adjusted she couldn’t help but let out a soft gasp at her surroundings. She forgot how beautiful it was.

She breathed in the fresh air around her and let out a genuine smile.

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See You Soon

Warnings: Violence, Water, Death

Pairing: Idek Peter M x Reader

Originally posted by fandomediiits

“Don’t go, Peter. It’s not worth it.” you told him as you grabbed his arm.

“Babe, I have to. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” he gave you a reassuring smile. “I’ll be back before you finish your mission.” You nodded and waited for the Warbird to take off.

Next was your mission. You, Jubilee, Kurt, and Ororo were assigned this mission. You had an interesting mission ahead of you. Three mutants with agrokinesis took over a forest and were attacking all who enter. Nothing you couldn’t handle.


You and your team jumped back as a tree fell down behind you. Everyone looked back and in front of them, another tree fell. Jubilee started walking the way you all came from, but Ororo grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the forest.

“‘It will be easy’ he said. 'Nothing you can’t handle’ he said.” Jubilee muttered.

“Jubes, have you gotten crushed by a tree yet?” you asked.

“…no…” she said.

“Charles knows ve can do zis.” Kurt piped in.

One of the mutants dropped out of a tree and landed behind Jubilee. She let out a shriek and shot a firework in the mutants face. The mutant cupped her face and retreated.

“Nobody sneaks up on Jubilation Lee without consequences.” Jubilee remarked as she crossed her arms.

“See? Not that bad.” Ororo told her. Jubilee narrowed her eyes but a leaf fell on her head and startled her.

You used your hydrokinesis and whipped the water violently at the vines and trees to break what was attacking you. Ororo shot a lightning bolt at a distant tree that a mutant was attacking from, immediately knocking her out. Kurt teleported behind the mutant who Jubilee had hit with a firework only a few hours ago, and held her back while Jubilee delivered the final blow. There was only one mutant to go before you could finally go home to see your boyfriend.

You wrapped a bubble of water around her leg pulled it down so she hit the ground. Kurt launched her towards you and you kicked her in the stomach, lifted her up, and knocked her out.

On the trip home, all you could do was smile. You couldn’t wait to see Peter.

You ran out the ship when you arrived at the School. You searched for Peter, but you couldn’t find him. Then you searched for the Professor. You found him and Hank staring into the monitor.

“Is something wrong?” you asked. They turned around and saw you with a worried expression. They hadn’t seen that face since the mansion blew up and they searched for Alex. Hank looked over to the Professor, waiting for him to say something.

“Uhm… Peter’s team hasn’t come back from their mission yet.” He told you. You frowned.

“Why not? What happened?” you questioned.

“They’ve been captured.” Hank cut in. Charles gave him a dirty look. “What? They needed to know.” You’re eyes filled with tears and you felt a rush of rage run through your body.

You ran through the hallways and pushed anyone who got in your way. A few people noticed, including your team, Jean, and Raven. They followed you and watched you get into the ship. They rushed in and found out what was going on.

“Just let us help, (Y/N). Give us a few minutes to suit up and we can all go together.” Jean said as she held your hand. You nodded and she pulled you up and led you out of the ship, just in case you changed your mind and tried to leave.

You were on your way there and the team could notice your nervous fidgeting. Jubilee was the one to hold your hand on the way there. There hadn’t been any contact with the team in 3 days. You wondered if he was okay or…

The aircraft landed and you all exited. You started running, and the team went after you. There was a lot that could happen in 3 days. You noticed that you were near a lot of water, which would come in handy.

You snuck down the hallways of the containment facility and took out at least 10 guards before spotting the cell that Peter was in. A silver-haired boy with a silver “X” on his costume wasn’t very hard to miss.

You rushed to the cell and saw Peter motionless on the floor. You directed Jean to the controls to unlock it. Once it opened you immediately fell to the floor to check Peter’s pulse. Weak, but there. You shook him, but there was no response. You shook him again, but harder. Tears fell down your cheek as his eyes opened ever so slightly. It took him a moment to recognize you, but once he did, he gave you a weak smile.

You knew what was coming and burst into tears.

“Hey babe.” He whispered. You tried to smile through the tears.

“Hey baby.” You said back.

“I love you.” He told you.

“I love you, too.” You sniffled.

“I’ll see you again someday.” He said quietly. You finally broke and started sobbing.

“I’ll miss…you.” You said in between your sobs. You kissed him briefly and he put his hand on you cheek until he faded out. You heard footsteps coming towards the cell but you payed no attention to them.

You let out a scream and could hear the water move with loud crashes outside. When his and your team reached the cell, they already knew what happened and rushed to your side.

He was gone. And there was nothing you could do about it.


Car sex...

I pulled up on him . He got in and the smell of his cologne filled my car. He was chocolate. He had on a grey nike hoodie, adida joggers and jordans. His hair was freshly cut and he was sitting in my passenger seat looking daddyish af … he kissed me and said “hey baby, how’s your day been?” I rambled… as usual.

I honestly wasn’t in the best moods, it had been a long week. We’d gotten into a small argument as well, I’d worked 6 days straight and even though i was a little pissed at him he was the only thing that actually made me feel better.

We pull off and we just ride around, talking and just hashing out our differences. He was holding my hand and just listening to me talk , he kept telling me how cute i was and i was just blushing…

We go park up at the mountain and just sit and talk more. He kisses me more… and tries to get me to relax… gradually i calm down. He started to touch me, my body… and he just kept looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes and those long ass eyelashes. He whispered to me “ baby you’re so perfect.” Little did he know him kissing and touching me made me oh so wet for him.

We go and we ride around some more.. we wind up at a park.. so i turn my car off and take off my jacket , i lift up my arm rest & i lean over and kiss him. Slowly and deeply, we’re making out , giving each other nasty kisses. I start to rub his lap and his dick so hard for me… it made my mouth water.

I whipped out his dick and i popped it right in my mouth… i was so fucking eager to see what he tasted like & his dick filled my mouth so perfectly. I sucked and slurped & moaned with pleasure. He just looked at me , ran his fingers through my hair and told me how good i was doing and how good it felt.

He told me to lay back , took my pants off and spread my legs and began to eat me out. Baby ate my pussy so good…he wrapped his lips around my clit so perfectly. He licked and kissed me… reaching up and grabbing my boobs, playing with my nipples.. then he pulled my closer , spread my pussy lips and just sucked my clit till i came alll over his lipss…

I kissed him.. and then i climbed on top of him & he slipped inside of me perfectly. I could feeel every inch of him and it was so fucking amazing… i rode the fuck outta him. My whole car rocked back and forth … I’d occasionally give him kisses. He was holding my asss and running his hands up and down my back. Then he wrapped his hand around my neck and started to choke me … that right there made me cum for him sooo hard.. he gave me a little break and then he put it back in and pounded me till he came… he held me so tight and kissed and sucked on my nipples and then gave me a nasty ass kiss…

He told me he loved & i told him i loved him back.

I was still horny , so i started to rub my pussy again , and he helped me… he sucked my nipples and fingered my pussy while i rubbed my clit and i came so hard again on his fingers… he stuck em in mouth and sucked all of my juices off of them. He kissed me again & called me nasty. I’m only this nasty for him..

Someday I’ll write my Skwistok fanfic loosely based on the time Rihanna curbed Drake at the MTV Music Awards.

In the beginning there was nothing, nor was anything lacking.
The paper was blank. We pick up the paint brush and create the
scene. The landscape, the wind whipping water into waves.
Everything depends upon the stroke of our brush.
Our Ox lets the good earth lead it,
Just as our brush allows our hand to move it.
Take any direction, roam the world to its farthest edge.
All comes back to where it started… to blessed Emptiness.

Hsu Yun  - 26, August 1840–13 October 1959  (image: Gao Xingjian)

Draco Malfoy X Reader - Swimming

[(Y/L/N) = Your last name] You shook your head, water whipping from your hair. You strolled out of Black Lake and over to your bag. You picked up your wand and muttered an incantation, which lifted your towels around you, shielding your body from view. You quickly dried and dressed yourself before walking into Hogwarts, down towards the dungeons.  After speaking the password, you tiptoed in, to find everyone was gone, probably of enjoying themselves or studying for summer exams.  After entering your dorm you grabbed your hair brush and hair dryer. Your hair dryer was wizard made and enchanted, the only reason it didn’t break or go rogue like Weasley’s car.  You strolled back into the common room, and sitting down on one of the plush couches, you plugged your hair dryer into one of the two sockets in the common room.   You knew of a spell that could instantly dry your hair, but you preferred to do it the Muggle way, the way you were brought up.  After brushing your hair out, you became aware of another presence in the room. You looked around before your eyes locked onto him. “Buzz off Malfoy, not in the mood,” “Aww (Y/L/N), you wound me. I was curious on how a Halfblood dried their hair, the ‘Muggle way’ I presume,” “Guessed right,” You abruptly answered before switching on your hair dryer. You saw Malfoy stand up after a few minutes. You turned your back on him, focusing on your hair. There were a few seconds before you felt a dip in the couch… and a hand on yours. You spun around, to see Malfoy staring at your hair dryer in shock. “(Y/N) c-can I try that?” he mumbled. “W-what?! Draco Malfoy, Perfect Pureblood, wanting to use a Muggle object. You’ll never live this down,” You commented, before handing him the hair dryer. You picked up your hair brush and began attempting to get rid of tangles. Yet again Mal-Draco’s hand was on yours. You released the hair brush and he picked it up. Draco slowly but surely managed to detangle your hair. Once the tangles were gone, he picked up the hair dryer but just sat with it in his hands. You turned to him once more, gently saying, “You flick this switch for the speed,” pointing at one, “and this switch for heat,” pointing at the other.  Turning back around, you sat still for him. Draco flicked the hair dryer into action and began to dry your hair. When your hair was nearly dry, you leaned back into him. Draco, suprised, put the hair dryer down. He looked at you to see you were asleep.  He kissed the top of your head, before moving out from under you. “Sweet dreams Love,” he whispered before heading out to find Crabbe and Goyle.   Unbeknownst to Draco, you were just resting your eyes. After cracking one eye open, you saw you were alone once more. You smiled, “Love you too,”  You slowly raised your body from the couch and brought your stuff to your room. You grabbed your Transfiguration and Alchemy textbooks, shoved your wand in the back pocket of your jeans, and walked to the library.  You studied for an hour before packing up your books and returning them to your dorm. You kept your Transfiguration notes however. You picked up your cat, and strolled to the lake. You stopped under a tree where you began practising changing your cat to and from different forms.   That is until a pair of hands found your waist and pulled you close to their owner. “You were awake, weren’t you?” was whispered into your ear. You instantly recognised that voice, it was Draco’s.  "Sure was, Babe,“ you stated "W-what? Babe?” He seemed confused. “Well if you call me 'Love’ then I’ll call you Babe. Simple,” You turned around after saying that to see him frozen. You gulped then stood on your tip-toe and kissed him on his cheek. You asked, “Heh maybe next time you would like to come swimming with me? And date me?” You rushed the last part, hoping he didn’t hear.  Draco seemed to unfreeze, “I would like that very much so yes… to both questions,”

Slave Michelle: Wanna Be Nancy Who?

Michelle was always a clever girl, and everybody thought so. She was always pretending to be Nancy Drew; always trying to figure out the clever little puzzles. As she got older he became less cute and she became more annoying. She was constantly frustrated that nobody could appreciate how smart she was. She knew one day that she would leave her small little town and become a famous detective somewhere.

It was because of course her own cleverness that she realized something no one else in her town did. It seemed that her one very isolated neighbor departure and arrival in town always bracketed the disappearance report on the news about some girl in another town or local college.

Of course, most folks in her town didn’t even bother to watch TV because they didn’t care about anything outside of their little bubble. She however was always watching the news, to learn about the world outside of her town. She wanted to know as much as she could.

So, with her suspicions truly aroused, and her own natural detective skills she decided to investigate and see if her suspicions could be correct.

When she snuck into the barn she heard a sound like moaning. She followed the sound and then came face-to-face with the face that she seen on the local news just that day. She found the girl, nude and gagged, bound into what looked like a horribly painful chair.

She started to say something but victim’s eyes went wide and she tried to say something to Michelle. That was the last thing Michelle saw before the sickening sweet rag was pressed over her face.

 When she woke up she was bound tightly at the foot of the of the victim.

The man, her neighbor, asked what she was doing there; who she had told about him. In her naïveté, thinking that she was the heroine in this little epic, and had caught the bad guy, she told him how she had so cleverly figured out what he was doing. She explained exactly how he had messed up and how now, it was time to give himself up to the police.

He stared at her with incredulity before laughing hysterically and then left to get some dinner. He ignored her shouts behind him and continued struggling, gagging her as he said, “I think you need to learn a few lessons my dear and I will be happy to teach them to you.”

A short while later he returned. Michelle found herself bound helplessly next to the other girl. She tried screaming at him that he had to let her go, as he was in enough trouble he didn’t want to go further. He ignored her as he rubbed her cunt lips gently and she involuntarily moistened and then moaned.

“You can’t do that,” she said and he again just laughed, “I am going to do so much more than that little slave.”

“I’m not a slave,” she said angrily, not understanding why he hadn’t just given up like he was supposed to.

He chuckled and said, “not yet.”

He then gagged them both as he wasn’t interested in the begging that was about to begin.

As a professional slaver, he knew well the rule about, “the third blow” when first whipping or beating a slave. The rule said it wasn’t the first blow, that taught the slave the true lessons of her new life. That blow was usually inflicted upon the uninitiated, and the new slave’s brain simply overloaded; feeling it but not completely.

The second blow, her brain was still recovering from the first and so although it was felt it wasn’t felt as deeply as it needed to be.

The third blow, however, that was the one that truly taught the lesson. It was with that blow the slave realized that the pain could literally go on for as long as the person inflicting it wanted it to. The slave had no control and no recourse but to simply sit there and endure.

It was the most psychologically devastating rule a slave learned, and the one that truly put them on the path to eventual total submission, and complete surrender.

As a professional he knew that that blow had to be delivered as nonchalantly as it was brutally. As an expert, that is exactly what happened.

She screamed in agony at the first and second blow, as did the girl beside her, and then, as expected, both started begging him to stop. He was sure, mixed in with the pleas for mercy, there were promises to do anything he wanted, but he ignored them completely.

After both were sufficiently marked up he locked the college girl back in her chair and took Michelle to another piece of equipment. She soon found herself laid face down, her legs spread wide, her arms bound down near the base of one of the supports and gagged.

He commenced to beating her ass mercilessly, telling her how stupid she had been, and what his plans were.

She would be broken, just like the other girls he had kidnapped and then sold. She was special; however, she had pissed him off.

Mostly he was pissed at himself but she would endure the brunt of it. When he was done, he told her, she wouldn’t even remember who she was.

He continued beating her ass, asshole, and cunt as she begged into her gag, crying the entire time.

When he was finished, he pulled out his hard cock. He slammed it into her exposed and sore cunt, smiling as she screamed in agony at the violation. When his cock was sufficiently covered in her cream, her body’s response to the rape, he pulled out and then slowly, but determinedly rammed his cock into her other hole.

She screamed as he buried himself to the hilt into her ass, the screams before, when he had violated her cunt, were nothing when compared to this. He figured she would have been heard in the next county if the barn wasn’t completely soundproofed.

When he was done, he locked her in heavy chains and gagged her before walking her outside so he could spray her down with cold water. He whipped her once again as she sat, kneeling on the ground.

As she sat there, chained, looking broken, demoralized, and the depression already starting to settle over her he told her, “look at the sun, stupid slave, it’s the last time you’ll be seeing it for a while.”

That began his determined quest to break her thoroughly, and completely. He started training her with the other acquisition that she had discovered, putting them through many punishments together.

Even after that girl had been broken and sold off he was still training Michelle. He worked with her through the next slave, and the one after that. She endured tortures she never even knew existed.

She became intimately familiar with belts, whips, riding crops, and paddles. He used all kinds of clamps on her pussy and tits, sometimes forcing her to stand for long hours in ballet boots, with the threat of a beating to her exposed cunt if she faltered.

Then there was the sexual abuse. It went without saying that he forced her to blow him multiple times a day, and fucked her cunt and ass daily. Forcing her to admit how much she loved it, forcing orgasm after orgasm from her helpless body, no matter how much she tried to resist.

His favorite way of making her beg to be fucked involved electricity, something she had learned to be particularly terrified of. He would hogtie her, then shock her tits till she was ready to beg for rape. He kept her gagged, of course, to start, that way, when he finally let her speak she was begging him to violate her.

The first few times he’d played this game he always enjoyed the hatred he saw, underneath the terror and pain. Making her beg was infuriating to her, and simply added to her humiliation, and it eventually helped lead to her breaking completely.

Proof of that was how the fury slowly gave way to acceptance.

After nearly 7 months she was completely and utterly destroyed.

Gone was the sassy, strong-willed, and slightly arrogant and extremely naïve young woman who thought that she could bring down a professional slaver like him.

In her place was a broken and completely obedient slave girl. She had learned that the only way to survive in the hell that she had been yanked into was to be thoroughly obedient and utterly submissive.

Servitude was her obsession, and disobedience was unthinkable.

Finally, he decided it was time to sell her off.

He put her on the block with one of his more recent acquisitions, a comparatively weak willed little cock tease he’d picked up 100 miles away and had, pathetically broken a matter of days.

They would both be sold off, and he would use the proceeds to move his operation elsewhere.

Somehow, 7 months ago, he had gotten complacent and he had nearly been caught; had been if he was completely honest with himself.

If Michelle, or rather, the slave that used to be Michelle had been a little more street-smart than she’d been he would be in prison right now, or, most likely, worse.

Fortunately, for him the want to be Nancy Drew was now nothing more than a common sex slave and pain slut.

As he moved on to greener pastures and more enjoyable product to break, and continued profits, she would live out her life on her knees, performing whatever acts her Owner commanded.

Many months later, long after her sale the slave knelt, obediently, before her Master, waiting to be used as the slave she was. She couldn’t remember anything beyond her need to please her Owner. That was all she was now, a toy, a thing for him to use and abuse, and she was happy with her place.

Deep inside her mind, however, buried under weeks and months of punishment, torture, rape, and abuse was the girl that still remembered who she was. The girl that longed-for freedom, for justice, for revenge.

Sadly, that girl would never be seen again, because her mind knew the punishments that she would endure if that happened and she couldn’t endure those anymore. Instead, that girl would be kept locked away in the deepest, darkest pit of her psyche.


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(The Kara and Mon El kissing scene when he's in the hospital bed) R walks in, then turns around to leave, K goes after her.

You’d been excited to get off of work early, Cat had somewhere to go with Carter so she let you be since she wasn’t there. You texted Kara before heading down to DEO headquarters to make sure she was there. She replied that she was with several heart emojis, it was only reasonable you sent some back.

When you get there you say your hellos to everyone, they say hi back and ask if you’re looking for Kara. You nod as Alex greets you with a hug.

“Looking for my sister I suppose?” she asks with a chuckle. You blush and nod in response. Alex laughs again and wraps an arm around your shoulder, pointing you in the direction of the medical wing. “She’s not hurt or anything,” she adds, “She’s just comforting Mon-El at the moment.”

You thought it was weird she’d be doing that with him, or even in the same room with him, especially since it’s Kara who usually needs comfort after coming within 5 feet of the Daxamtie. You make your way up the stairs, a smile on your face as you get ready to poke your head into the Med Bay.

You stop short of it, hearing conversation between the two of them. It’s weird watching them interact when you know Mon-El likes her as much as you do.

“Did you learn a new power where you can duplicate yourself? Because I’m seeing two of you and it’s really cool,” he jokes.

“No. No, sorry. No new powers. Just I think the double vision is all you.” she replies with a smile you hope she’s putting on just to be nice.

“Oh, so I have a new power?”


“Your Earth mother, Eliza, she thinks I’m dying. I might not have your hearing, but mine’s pretty good.”

“She’s gonna find a cure,” Kara reassures him.

“It’s okay. I’ve, uh I’ve cheated death more times than anyone should.”

“It’s not okay, you shouldn’t be dying. The only reason you are dying is because of my family,” Kara says in defeat, your heart aches for her, you know she puts so much on herself and it comes crashing down at some point.

“ Eliza did her best.”

“ No. Not her. My birth father created Medusa. He’s the reason you are in so much pain, and he’s the reason that I can’t do anything about it.”

You’re curious as to what Medusa is since Kara can’t really tell you about her missions, and why she’s suddenly caring about this boy who’s done nothing but annoy her since his arrival. Why does she care? She’s National City’s hero but she doesn’t have to care about everyone, especially not some frat boy. Mon-El sighs before speaking to Kara again.

“You know, you look beautiful, with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders.”

“You don’t have to make me feel better,” she mumbles. She’s right, he doesn’t have to because that’s your role in her life. You’re jerked from your thoughts because suddenly they’re kissing. Mon-El is kissing Kara and Kara seems to be kissing back and your world is falling apart because she’s kissing someone else. A sob escapes your mouth as your eyes water. 

Kara’s head whips around, her eyes going wide and her lip trembling. She knows she’s made a mistake but she can’t do anything but try to excuse it. The only thing she can do now is try to run after you. You’re already out the door and your heart’s broken and even with Kara’s super strength she can’t hold it together.


This is when i feel most alive. Its paddling out into big overhead sets, watching your mate take the drop, the spray of water whipped up by the offshore wind, its surfing as the sun goes down and clambering over rocks in the remaining light. There is something about the feeling of surfing that can never be replicated, i guess that’s why people drop everything to chase waves all over the world. These are some photos from a big session last night that had me frothing all the way home!.

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