the water was pretty nice too

Morning- the enemy of the majority of the planet. But, I’ve found a few ways to make my mornings a lil smoother.

Bedtime: probably the easiest. I’ve found what makes me feel the most rested is going to sleep at a (mostly) consistent time. An easy way to make sure you do this, at least for iPhone users, is the new Bedtime feature (found in the Clock app) that pretty much reminds you when to sleep. You tell the app how much sleep you need, and it calculates what time you should sleep and reminds you. It’s pretty handy if you’re like me and are always telling yourself “just five more minutes”.

Water!: another really easy one! Water not only helps you stay hydrated, but it can help wake you up too! I recommend putting a glass/bottle of water in the fridge either before you go to bed or when you wake up, so it gets nice and cold and helps wake you up. If you like essential oils, add a drop of lemon. It helps clear all the gunk out of your throat (sorry for people that are easily grossed out!) without being sour.

Other Essential Oils*: Peppermint essential oil is a great way to wake up in the morning. It’s just refreshing. Stress Away™ is great for, like it says on label, reducing stress. It’s a morning essential for me.

Wash your face!: Although you should probably be doing this anyways, washing your face is a great way to wake up in the morning, especially if you have something citrus-scented.

*I only recommend Young Living essential oils. With YL products, you can guarantee that what you are using is 100% therapeutic grade, plus, you can trust that there is no alcohol or chemicals in their products.

-Flower Girl, Emily

mervlock  asked:

concept: sherlock and john fall asleep in the mattress store

“John, can we have an water bed?”
“Hell no.”
“No way. I don’t wanna wake up with a water pool in our room.Because where there is you, there is no way it will survive a week”

“Okay…this one?”
“This one is nice.”

A rustle of coat and limbs.

“Ah this one is soft!.. Come John. Lie down with me.”
“This is a store. And I didn’t have a good night’s sleep. I might fall asleep.”
“You won’t. I will wake you up. Pretty please.”
“Heck. okay.”
“We need bedsheets too John.I saw a bee printed one. I want that.”
“And we need to go to Tesco.”
“ soft..” And John drifts away.

Sherlock observes him for a while. John is gonna be so angry when he wakes up from a sleeping the middle of a store.The owner will come at any minute.

Let’s make a bed together in every place we go.

Sherlock closes his eyes too because this is oddly perfect.

This was silly af. :3

10 days of Eos 10: Day 7

Fave headcanons and dream cast:

Ryan aka Ry-Ry: Smol. Very smol. Like, 5′4″. Loves hot chocolate, but has coffee if it’s going to be a long day. Has never tried pineapple on pizza because no thanks. Amazing pink hair that he always conditions. Drinks lots of water and generally has good self-care practices. Ensures those self-care practices are practiced by Akmazian too. Purely from a doctor-patient perspective. It’s not like he’s… in love with him or something. (He is)
I don’t have a specific ethnicity hc for him, but… Asian.

 Urvidian aka Saltmaster 5000: Pretty tall. Total coffee guy. Puts alcohol in his coffee. Really nice hair that he can’t be bothered to take care of so he keeps it super short. But takes care of his beard. 

 Jane aka Carpe diem more like Carpe the neck: Super tall and amazing and muscular. Has always hated peas with a vengeance. Went through a huge emo phase. The person who puts three shots of tequila, Monster energy drink and Redbull into coffee and drinks the whole thing to one-up Urvidian. Half-alien, and isn’t as affected by alcohol as humans are. She can generally drink thrice as much as a normal human. Her skin is dark purple. (Mom was a purple alien, dad was black.)

Levi aka Hypochondriac sinnamon roll: Brown skin. Has the legs of a horse that look like they’ve been intricately carved. Actually hated ruling his empire, but loved the power and the benefits. The people of his kingdom were totally right to depose him, tbh. Floofy hair. As straight as a cooked noodle, because his species don’t have the same notions of gender and sexuality as humans do. 

Akmazian aka Space Ace: Ace pilot Akmazian. Also gay ace Akmazian. Uses awful pickup lines on Ryan: “I don’t care if I’m a wanted man in the entire galaxy. I care that I’m a wanted man around you.” Loves puns but might sometimes over-explain his jokes. “How do you create a fake accusation about a person who’s NOT a terrorist? You planet. Get it? Plan-it?” Ryan pretends to roll his eyes at him but he secretly likes them.

 Quarter-master aka I hate two-faced people because I don’t know which face to slap first: Does everything “by the book” Except when it comes to Ryan. In which case the rule-book flies out of the window and he will do anything in his power to deny Ryan’s request. Has a not-so secret crush on Jane. Had an unsuccessful stand-up comedy career. Hates coffee and tea. Puts pineapple on pizza.

Interface aka “What is this??? An emotion??? Why?”: Hates being alone. Loves teaming up with Jane to pull pranks on the rest of the gang. Becomes best friends with Levi. She learns to customize her responses to his questions about his symptoms so that he doesn’t panic anymore. 

gurguliare  asked:

gondolindrim? or gondolin scenes. or gondolin headcanons!

Gondolin headcanons, super brief version:

1. Idril + Tuor + like 5 friends meeting in the basement w/coffee + ‘private card game’ and/or support group every midnight going over their plans for this Sooper Sekrit Tunnel, Idril the one who if this were a 1970s thriller would smoke and have an undone tie + suit suspenders and slam fist on table yelling “we don’t have time, damnit!” involves also planning a bunch of distracting bullshit to cover up said tunnel building

2. Ecthelion thinks his giant helmet spike Turgon made him wear is fucking idiotic until T minus 30 seconds

3. Yeah sorry Idril’s hair is pretty nice but the hair that shone with the light of Laurelin was Glorfindel’s and young Hurin and Huor were just too no homo to admit it

4. Aredhel never liked it much at all.

5. The “Rock of Water Music” -> “Hidden Rock” thing is intentionally sarcastic and it rankles some ppl HARD

Easy Cleansing Spray Recipe

This is my first try at making a cleansing spray, so I came up with one that was easy to make and uses only a few ingredients. All things I had around the kitchen. And the smell is pretty nice, but not very strong.

What I used:
-Water (for a base and because cleansing properties)
-Sea salt (regular salt works too, for purification and protection)
-White tea (purification and protection)
-Lemon juice (cleansing and purifying)
-Some kind of spray bottle (this one is small and was like a dollar in the travel section at target)

Start by bringing water to a boil. Then allow the white tea to steep for a few minutes. Then stir in some sea salt and a few drops of lemon juice until they’re completely mixed in. Let it cool for a while, then pour it into your spray bottle. A funnel can make the pouring less messy, especially if you have a small bottle like I did. Feel free to change something or add your own touch to this too.

@ma-sulevin replied to your photo: My nails and my drink for tonight’s drunk writing…

your nails are always so pretty. do you do them? how do they look like that all the time??

thank you!

yes I do them my self. It is (yet another) hobby/obsession. I have a lot of nailpolish. Like… 250 bottles?

They look nice since I use a good basecoat, take a biotin supplment (scientific evidence weak, but present), and almost ALWAYS keep they polished. Water and work is very damaging to nails, so keeping them polished help. I also use a lot of nail oil, on my cuticles too.

as for doing patterns and stuff, I follow nail bloggers on instagram to get inspired, and then practice practice practice.

my IG is mostly nails, and if anyone wants to follow feel free to msg me, I just dont want to put my account name out in the public here.

If you want to see some crazy nailart, there is narmai ( who does a bunch of nail painting with brushes and it is insane.

One of the biggest nail IG is sveta_sanders ( who has more than 1 million followers.

This evening I might have accidentally freaked out a supermarket queue of people.

Premise: I (barely) survived nine almost uninterrupted hours in the lab, triumphing over my effin’ samples at the cost of becoming the new testimonial for, and self-moving distributor of, “eaou de solphuric acid”.
So, imagine this awkward gal (I’m not a pretty picture at my best), wearing her worst clothes (not risking the nice ones today), with the expression of someone who has seen too much and is about to collapse holding a pack of six water bottles in one hand and a bag of onions in the other (because my preferences fit eerily into a stereotype), stinking to high heavens (the lab coat in the backpack didn’t help) with headphones firmly planted in her ears.
All of this in the drab, tired, mid-week evening crowd.
Done that imagine the perfidious “shuffle” function of my i-phone suddenly springing on me an absolutely hilarious song about calfs with feet of the most disparate materials (from balsa wood to cobalt going through tuna sauce) being drama at each other.

Imagine now the above-described individual suddenly ,and for no apparent reason, dropping the water pack she is holding to laugh her head off while queueing for the cash register.

I did apologise, profusely, to the lady before me who almost jumped out of her shoes at my mad cackling (a move that, in retrospect, might not have helped as much as I thought it would), still I cannot help but feel like a comic-book supervillain. 
This evening some people will go to bed more disquieted than they would otherwise have… Because of me! 


Commission - Pokemon Trainer Alec

Finally had some time to get a commission from a year ago started and finished!

This is Alec and his Poliwrath. Alec is a water polo player, hence the lack of trousers, and it fits very nicely that his favourite Pokemon would be exceptionally good at the sport.

I’m pretty pleased with how Poliwrath turned out design wise. I have seen some versions that are just pure frog based, but i figured that the exposure to compounds in the water stone would take Poliwhirl away from its current evolutionary path and more towards a form suited for combat. Hence why i looked into giant salamander legs to make him look more muscular, but still amphibian in nature. Frog hands are almost similar to human hands, so that wasn’t too far of a stretch. I also felt that the ‘visible intestines’ idea would be cool for poliwag, and maybe young poliwhirls, but for a large Pokemon of this size, the intestines wouldn’t make the same pattern now as they did as an infant. So instead, i decided to make them skin markings, so that i can still keep the distinctive pattern.

I imagine Politoed to be the more frog-like of the two evolutionary paths, so this form works perfectly for what i had in mind.

Hope you like him!

Beet and Orange Liqueur for Love and Luck

I tried out this recipe when I ended up with some beets and had no idea what to use them for. I had cooked with beets in the past and found that I didn’t really like the way they interacted with savory dishes but also didn’t know any sort of sweet recipes that were easy enough for my lazy ass. So of course I decided to soak them in some alcohol and just use them that way. The result is pretty darn delicious in a rather unique way. It’s definitely sweet (the orange and the simple syrup make sure of that) but the beets give it kind of an earthy taste too. It went really well with the tonic water I mix everything with which is all that really matters to me. It’s also a really pretty dark pink/purple color which is a nice bonus.

The most frequent association I found for beets was love and love spells. Mostly romantic love, from the European lore I see referenced. I haven’t researched beets for magick before this, so I was surprised at how much was out there about it. I see a lot of the same for oranges. I instinctively figured they were connected to the sun and all that comes with that association, which also includes an association with love, though I’ve also seen an association with luck pop up. So that’s what this recipe is best for, either finding love or strengthening the romantic love you might already feel for a partner. The luck can tie in by granting you the luck you need to find the right person or the luck you need to stay out of bad or upsetting situations with your partner.

Recipe after the cut

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Hoi guys!!!! Im back!! I just came back from “Gerês”!~ I din´t stay for too long after all (unfortunately) but also i din´t have any time in there to be on my portable to draw, din´t have internet too since its was a countryside.

 But It was great! The mountains… the waterfalls…the animals. SO PRETTY/GREAT! 😍 😍 😍!!!  🌲 🌲 🐏

It was so terrible hot so the best part was the beach…Gosh it was so beautifull:

The view was incredible and the beach SO CLEAN! LIKE SRLS i never saw a water so transparent befoure!!:  🐠 🐠  🚣

Meet alot of nice old ppl helping us in evrything since we are not exacly the country type 😂  😂

But it was fun!, if you guys have the opportunity to go there, don´t miss it, JUST GO! 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗

let’s talk about love, yeah? 

let’s talk about love and society, and how the two get along about as well as fire and water.

love is fire, brimstone, spurting hot sparks towards those who dare to get near. 

society, on the contrary, is water. cold, suffocating, with the capacity to wash out and overwhelm those who wander too far off the deep end.

when i was in second grade i had my first crush on a girl. i couldn’t really grasp the concept that it was a crush, though. instead, i had always told myself i had a crush on a boy named kevin, because he was funny and we both liked ninja turtles.

but then i met a girl named julia. she was funny and nice and pretty and she completely blew kevin out of the water. we were best friends all year, and i remember laying in bed the night before she came over to my house and thinking that i really liked julia. and as i turned over to look at a picture of us that i’d taped on my wall, i thought that maybe, just maybe, i would risk my life to save her own.

pretty drastic for a second grader, i know. but love has always been about self sacrifice for me. i just didn’t realize it at the time. 

maybe that’s why i get taken advantage of easily… because i’m someone who’s willing to be the mat you wipe your feet on at the door. i’m willing to lose time and time again as long as you win. maybe that’s more important then i think it is. 

anyway, julia was wonderful. i was very very sad when she moved away, and i wrote her tons of letters that i never got replies to. it was hard to keep in touch and that age. plus i was only seven years old. there wasn’t much substance there for me. i moved on.

third grade rolled around and the pressure to fit in hit us all. i met a girl named emily, who wore lots of black and painted her nails and loved high school musical. and i was so fascinated by her. i did whatever it took to be her friend. it’s funny… how i developed this pattern of forming best friendships with the girls i was attracted to.

as long as i could be close, i figured.

as long as i could be close, i would be happy. 

but sometimes, closeness isn’t the best idea. because being a few metaphorical inches away from something you can’t have is very frustrating. 

this is where society began to drip. it started as a steady leak, one i didn't even notice. before long, though, i was drowning. 

i’ve never had a crush on a guy. and it's weird for me to say that, because i’ve convinced myself that i have. but it’s not a crush in the contextual way that most people believe. it was me looking at other girls and their crushes and thinking “wow, she likes him because he has a bowl cut. maybe i should like him because he has a bowl cut and he’s funny.” it was never an unconscious attraction on my part. it was forced. it was make believe, so i would have something to gush about with my friends. i guess i’ve always been a good liar.

after i finished third grade, we moved about an hour away. the following few years were pretty eventful for me. i was thrown into my adolescent years a bit earlier than i would have preferred, and i struggled to keep up with all the girls who were getting their first bras and doing their makeup - while all i wanted to do was jump on the trampoline and make blanket forts with my friends. however, i didn’t want to be left behind either. those years were a balancing act for me… dipping my toes in the water of growing up while desperately clinging onto what remained of my fleeting childhood. (i don’t think my inner child ever really left, though. i hope she never does. i hold her dear to me.)

i had a ‘boyfriend’ in fifth grade. although i wouldn’t even call him that. his name was jacob, and i always thought he was weird, but we were good friends because he lived in my neighborhood. i was the one to ask him out, actually. it was a joke, but when he took it seriously, i had to stop and think for a moment. it was my chance, i suppose. so now we were “dating.” i even ran all the way home and giddily told my mom before i even got in the front door. 

i vividly remember laying in bed that night and feeling something i hadn’t really felt before, though. i couldn’t quite put a finger on it. all i knew is that i didn’t like it.

regret. it was regret. i can still feel it so clearly. it kept me up that night.

we lasted for about 3 days. he came over to my house and we ate sour patch kids and jumped on my neighbor’s trampoline.

he broke up with me in the lunch line. i think he expected me to be upset, but i just shrugged and grabbed my lunch tray and proceeded to join my friends at the table and completely forget about him. ah, the trials and tribulations of a fifth grade relationship. (jake turned into an absolute douche in the following years. he sat next to me in seventh grade math and made fun of me endlessly. i’ve always had stellar taste in guys.)

anyway, fast forward to middle school. hormones galore.

me? i was still content with building cardboard arcade games in the basement and jumping on the trampoline. (hell, i still am.)

middle school was hell. it was and i think it always will be. you just can't throw those many kids in one place and expect everything to sail smoothly. i didn’t really have any friends expect for the girls in my neighborhood.

my friend that i sat next to on the bus had a new crush every month, and she’d assume the routine of teasing me with this secret information before making me swear on my family’s name that i wouldn’t tell a soul. then she’d bashfully whisper a boy’s name into my ear and i’d laugh and go along with it, because i figured it was normal.

something that stands out to me now when i look back on my middle school years, was the rise of justin bieber and the scrutiny of the word ‘gay.’ it was thrown around so freely that i unknowingly picked it up as an insult. soon it was part of my vocabulary. i never even thought about what it meant. i was a follower at the time. 

until it slipped out at a family dinner, where my uncle (who is very, very gay. although i wasn’t aware at the time) immediately stopped me and talked to me about it. he never did tell me that he was gay (i asked my mother when i was older), but he made it very clear that it wasn’t a word to be used like that. and so i made sure that the word ‘gay’ never left my mouth as an insult. 

it’s funny, though. because i don’t remember ever learning what the word 'gay’ actually meant. and i never remembering considering that i was anything but straight. although, in my defense, i never remember thinking that i was 100% straight, either. to me, romance had cooties. i used to squeal and hide my face whenever a couple kissed on the television. i wasn’t mature enough to think about those type of things, yet.

middle school started as hell and ended as a hospital visit. which although, to my mother’s surprise, had nothing to do with my sexuality.

high school rolled around at a new school. a private, christian school that was my parent’s last hope and wish for me. maybe less kids would make me feel more comfortable. maybe i could make friends.
and i did. i met my best friend sarah there and we’re still friends to this day, even after ridding ourselves of such a toxic environment. it’s funny, because i was never attracted to her. she’s practically my sister, that’s just weird.  

anyway, in freshman math class, on the first day, the teacher asked us to partner up with someone we didn’t know very well. i wasn’t sure what to do, because i knew no one. but, before i could act, someone had scurried over to my desk and slapped her hand down on the surface, laughing: “i call her!”

her name was tori.

now, i’m not sure if i believe in love at first sight, but when i saw her i just knew something was different. i like to think of it as attraction at first sight. 

she was beautiful, and funny, and outgoing. and she knew who she was. she was confident. she walked around the school like she owned the place. and to me, she was unattainable. we remained acquaintances for the remainder of freshman year, but i never thought we would become as close as we did.

in sophomore year, tori’s boyfriend moved to a different school and somehow i was the person she latched onto. although she was still dating her colombian boyfriend, i somehow became her closest friend at the school. 

i could get into so much detail, but i’ll keep it short - i really liked her. 

looking back, it’s funny to me that i used to wonder why i was never satisfied with our friendship. we were the best of friends that anyone could be. teachers were shocked to see us apart. yet, for me, something was missing. i wanted more, but i wasn’t sure what “more” was.

i realize now that the thought of holding her hand or being close to her as more than just a friend was such an abominable idea for me that i pushed it as far away as i could. if i thought about it, i’d have to face that fact that it wasn’t as far off of an idea as i thought it was. 

remember how i said my love was about self sacrifice?

yeah. i would have given everything for that girl.

my grades suffered because i used to stay up until 1am helping her with her homework, or merely keeping her company on facetime while she reorganized her closet (for the millionth time). i comforted her night after night, through family problems and boyfriend issues, all the way to when she was diagnosed with lymes disease and nearly had give up her dream of playing basketball. god, i even gave her boyfriend my ipod so he could have a way to communicate with her. i stole money from my parents to buy her a cross necklace after she lost hers and nearly cried (because it was special to her.)

i would have taken a bullet for her. not even caring if she was the one holding the trigger.

i can’t put it into words. i’ve never been that close to someone… that enamored… that endeared. she was everything to me at the time. all my other friendships began to suffer because i had tunnel vision. all i saw was her.

a certain day in our friendship sticks out to me. it was the weekend, but the school’s art class had a field trip to an art museum. it was mandatory for art students (like tori), and optional for everyone else (like me). of course, i opted to go because i wanted to spend time with her. (what else is new?)

one of the buses was overcrowded, and so i texted tori and asked if she wanted to squeeze into the back of the van that me and my friend’s family was taking. when she responded with “only if i can sit next to you,” i remember feeling like i was on top of the world, even from something that small. 

she was glued to my side the entire time we walked around the museum. i didn’t mind, either. 

at one point, we sat down and she was practically on my lap. she looked at me, laughed, and said; “it’s like we’re a couple.“ 

and in that moment, i felt both completely crushed and completely filled. i decided then and there that i could deal with this. i’d be fine with pretending. i would have rather been just out of reach than completely distant. 

i got my first real boyfriend in my junior year. his name was matt and he wanted to be a pastor when he grew up. he asked me out via video text on imessage and i remember cringing so hard when it happened. but we had been talking, and i didn’t want to lead him on, and tori had been very excited that i was actually talking to a guy. so i became involved with him.

the most we did was hug. actually, i remember the first time we hugged. it was at a school retreat, and we walked back to the cabins together. after we hugged, i ran back to my cabin and squealed to the girls, jumping up and down. i remembering hearing them whisper afterwards about how i was overreacting, which was funny, because i must have been forcing such a dramatic reaction to keep everyone fooled that i didn’t even realize it was over the top.

about two days after we started dating officially, matt told me he loved me. i was baffled. love? what? wasn’t that supposed to be mutual? i was disgusted at the thought. i drew the line once he became mad at me for not being able to say it back. our relationship ended as quickly as it started, and i was back to being glued by tori’s side.

however, things happen, and my closeness eventually suffocated tori into the ending of our friendship. i left private school and homeschooled my way through high school. i still miss her, though. i think about her a lot. all i hope is that she’s doing okay.

even now, she could pull the trigger and i would still thank her a million times over.

the initial thought that i was gay probably appeared in my high school years. i think i knew all along. but i was young, i told myself. i didn’t have to deal with this right now. i pushed it as far away as i could and continued trying to find myself. funny how i openly denied a large part of myself. it was staring my straight in the face.

that’s where society comes into play. everything around us is tunnel visioned for heterosexuality. when i first learned what the word “gay” actually meant, i assumed that maybe… i don’t know… 1 in every 1000 people was gay. little did i know. 

every show i watched was straight. even the antagonizing little sisters were gushing over some male celebrity. it was normal. i never even questioned it. i never even knew that straight wasn’t the only option. it’s almost as if i was brainwashed. sexuality was so set in stone that i just assumed it was how i was, too.

even now, images of two girls kissing makes me somewhat uncomfortable. not because it’s “unnatural,” but because my whole life has been training me to think a certain way. when i see something that goes outside those lines, it’s as if my brain short circuits for a moment, before i realize there’s no reason for me to feel uncomfortable. 

being a lesbian (although i don’t identify as strictly homosexual) is beginning to acquire a new portrayal in the media. before, you never saw lesbians outside of porn. but now, they’re on tv. although many are strictly butch. many are stictly femme. many have strict “male and female” roles in same sex relationships. two drunken girls hook up at parties and forget anything ever happened. it’s not real. 

one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever is in the movie 'gia,’ where angelina jolie’s character makes her girlfriend dinner and they sit down together and start kissing, all giggly and cracking jokes. it’s stripped down. it’s not hollywood-style lesbians. it’s real. they’re kissing and they’re laughing and pulling away because they’re laughing so hard that they can’t keep kissing. it’s what i want. not some oversexualized bullshit to cater to a straight man’s fantasy. 

now, i’m 16. i’m in college. i’ve published a book about a relationship between two girls. i came out to my mother last week. she asked, and i told her. it was simple. i delivered myself with confidence and because i did so, she accepted it. i think if i had told her earlier, when i was insecure and nervous, it would have been a lot more difficult for the both of us. 

i’m still working on accepting myself, though. i’m going through myself and cutting out the parts of me that i’ve created to please others, and clinging onto the parts of me that are gut-wrenchingly real. when i told my best friend was gay, i knew she had already suspected it. i didn’t expect her reaction, though… and it was no reaction. within five minutes of the dreaded “i’m gay” confession, we were already laughing and joking and moving onto another topic.

sometimes i think she’s more at peace with my sexuality than i am. 

but it’s okay. i’m working on it. i’d be alright with staying single forever. at this point in my life, i’m focusing on my relationship with myself. i'm learning to love the parts of myself that i've kept hidden for so long, and this is just one of them. so even if i never do get my first kiss, i won’t even need it.

besides, at the end of the day, you’re the only person you lie down with at night. and you’re the only person you wake up with in the morning. so you better know and love yourself just as much as you would a partner. i’m on my way there.

—  something that’s been on my mind all day

Okay so we all know that Gray and Juvia make a good team, what with the whole ice and water thing and all, but think about water and lightening. Laxus and Juvia though have been on the same team before have never teamed up together. Water conducts electricity, thus Laxus’ attacks will be stronger and more effective. This Whal (?) guy seems pretty tough, and though Laxus is pretty strong himself I think it would be nice to see Laxus needing a bit of an extra push. I’m not saying Juvia should just be his sidekick or whatever, I want my baby girl to shine too, so maybe Laxus giving her a little push in her fight as well? Plus just imagine Gray’s jealousy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Like “It’s suppose to be me and her, ice and water.” I’d love if Laxus and Juvia did a unison raid and Laxus grabs Juvia’s hand and just looks at Gray and smirks, because Laxus thinks it’s damn funny to tease him. Laxus also just wants Gray to hurry up and confess. lmao   

I also kind wanna see a trio of Laxus, Juvia and Wendy. Lightening +Water + air = storm. Team natural disaster! lol  

wispppp stuff
they’re in like, fatal wounds might kill them for all of 30 seconds before theyre up and running again as it heals up
only ways to kill them is by obliterating them, using IRON, or most commonly, drowning. Drowning’ll keep them dead as long as theyre still under, most effective if u remember to weigh them down. or…they’ll wash back up and this horrible flesh prison that inSISTS on living will finally be able to force the water out of their lungs and boom. theyre back!! 

They can sort of kill themselves though, if they wish.. staying in wisp form for too long can result in them just kind of..losing themselves, and just becoming this weird..sort of present but not really…light……………which u can catch and keep in a lantern

Anyways, elves are the leading fae in that world, and they’re pretty much exactly how folklore describes. Cruel for fun, only nice if it benefits them, etc etc, they’re generally pretty awful. the elves are that…live forever unless something kills them, sort of immortal

SU AU where instead of gems they are flowers

They would be:

  • Rose quartz= Pink Rose (duh)
  • Pearl= white Nenuphar (both pearlly white water thingies)
  • Amythest = Thistle (both are sharp but pretty)
  • Garnet = dark red dahlias (both look badass)
  • Ruby = poppy (both red)
  • Saphire = Blue bell (both are amazingly pretty)
  • Lapis = Blue water lily
  • Peridot =  Green chrysanthemum (dunno why but both annoy me in their own way but look nice)
  • Jasper =  Kniphofia rooperi (both look like big buff cheeto puffs)
  • Malachite = venus fly trap (can potential hurt itself)
  • Rainbow quartz = Rainbow rose ( aparently possible and both very pretty)
  • Opal = Orchid (so beautiful so pure)
  • Sugalite = Purple pitcher plant (both will fuck up anyone too close)
  • Alexandrite = snapdragon (comes in lots of different colors and sounds cool)
  • Sardonyx- gladiolus black jack (kinda looks like she would work in a cool casino) 
Preference #125 You get hurt while he's away on tour: (PART ONE)


“What are you cooking babe?” Harry asked, you had just started a video chat with him, excited that this would be the first Skype call since he’d been on tour. “Well, I’m boiling some water here and I’m about to make my pasta, and I might make a salad, or maybe some garlic bread.” You told him. “That sounds amazing (Y/N). I miss your cooking” Harry pouted. “Hey what about me?!” You whined. “Okay okay I guess I miss you too, not just your cooking” Harry laughed. “Yeah you better Mr.”  You teased. The radio was playing softly in the background. “So what’s it like in America?!” You had to ask. “It’s really cool here! There’s a lot of people, and it’s pretty cold, but it’s really nice” He explained. “Cool! I think- hey can you hear that? They’re playing your song on the radio!” You giggled then running over to turn on the radio. You bobbed your heard to the beat as you started to chop the lettuce. “Only getting older babyyyy, I been thinking about it lately, just how fast the night changesss” you sang out as you twirled around. Harry laughed as he watched you dance. “Does it ever drive you crazy just how fas-” you stopped sing as the knife slipped out of your hand. It was almost as if this part happened in slow motion. “(Y/N)!?” Harry called out but you, trying to think fast, tried to catch it, letting the blade slice your hand. “Ahh, H-harry” you panicked as you saw the huge gash that was now in your hand. “Oh oh my god (Y/N)! You have to listen to me. You have to call 911” he yelled. “I can’t Harry I-” you said breathing heavily. “(Y/N) I’m calling 911! Help my-my girlfriend she cut herself and-d there’s a lot of blood and- no she’s not here. She’s in England. Okay yes. They’re gonna connect me to the emergency line in England. Then they’re gonna send someone (Y/N),” Harry said his voice shaking. “O-okay” there was too much blood for you to deal with and you were starting to get dizzy. Tears poured from your eyes as you had no idea what to do. “(Y/N) you’re loosing blood you need to wrap your hand up” he said. “With what?” You needed to know, before Harry could answer you had already found a clean dish rag and wrapped it around your bleeding hand. Harry was saying something but you couldn’t really understand what he was saying. Everything was getting fuzzy and before you knew it your eyes were closed. -

“Daddy’s coming home! Daddy’s coming home! Daddy’s coming home!” Your 3 year old daughter wouldn’t stop cheering. “Ok Amber I know I know, it’s exciting!” You laughed, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Hey baby! Are you in there?! Daddy’s coming home!” Amber yelled at your pregnant stomach. You laughed. “Oh, the baby just kicked! I think she’s excited” you told Amber. “Can we call Daddy now?” She asked. “He might be on the plane right now, but maybe he has already landed. You called your husband, and waited for an answer. "Hello?” Niall answered “Hey Nia-” “DADDY!!!!” Amber cut you off. “Hi princess!” He exclaimed. “Daddy where are you?!?!” Amber had to know. “I just landed, actually I should be home in an hour or so.” He said. “A whole hour?!” Amber cried. “Don’t worry, hon I’ll be there sooner than you imagine I just need to get my bags and then get a cab back home. I be there before you know it darling” He explained. Just as he was saying that the baby kicked, hard. “Ah” you exclaimed. Amber looked at you, concerned. “Babe, I think our little baby is really excited for you, she’s kicking” you said holding your stomach. “Be nice baby!” Amber yelled angrily at your stomach. That’s when you realized that it wasn’t just a kick, your water had just broken. “N-Niall!” You said, starting to breathe heavily. “What?! What’s happening?!” Niall yelled through the phone. My water just broke, I-I’m gonna give birth.“ You said. "What water?” Amber asked. “Oh my God, we have to call Eleanor to drive you right now (Y/N)! I’m leaving the airport right now” Niall said. “Ok ok well you better be at the hospital in less than a fucking hour” you said not even caring that Amber was sitting right there. “I will I promise” he said. After exchanging ‘I love yous’ you called Eleanor, who luckily lived less than two minutes from you. She picked you and Amber up and took you to the hospital. Your contractions were becoming more an more painful and you knew the baby was coming soon, you just hoped that Niall would get there in time.

'You up for a Facetime? I miss you loads’ Liam texted you. As much as you wanted to say yes, you knew if you said yes then he’d see your cast, which you had just got put on after breaking your wrist. You didn’t tell Liam because you really didn’t want him to freak out like you knew he would. ’I look ugly why don’t you just call me on the phone’ you texted back, though you had just gotten back from work so you were clearly dressed and made up. “I don’t care, you’re always beautiful" he replied. Before you could think of another excuse, Liam was facetiming you. You didn’t wanna seem suspicious so you just hid your disabled arm under a few blankets and answered the call. “Baby!” He exclaimed as he saw you. “Hey Li!” You said happily. “You liar, you look gorgeous” he told you. You thanked him softly. “So tell me everything, what’s up?” He wanted to know. “I mean nothing new…tell me about life on tour!” You said, trying to redirect the attention so that it was on him. “It’s going well, it’s super tiring as always, but it’s worth it” he said. He then went on to tell you about some of the adventures he and the boys went on during the nights after concerts. “So how are Coral and Shelly doing?” he asked referring to your two pet fish. “They’re great, they miss you though. Here I’ll let you say hi” you giggled as you got up and made your way over to the fish bowl. “(Y/N) whats that thing on your arm?” Liam asked. You must have accidently showed part of your arm as you were moving the camera to show Liam the fish. “Oh it’s nothing, its no big deal” you said, shrugging it off. “Well if it’s not a big deal then why can’t you tell me?” Liam said. You can tell he was starting to get annoyed with you, so you took a breath and decided to tell him. “Okay Liam, I don’t want you to freak out but its a cast… I was going down stairs to the kitchen one time and I kinda fell down a few stairs and I broke my wrist.” You explained. “What the hell (Y/N)! When did this happen!” Liam exclaimed. “A few weeks ago, I’m fine I swear.” you told him. “You broke your wrist, you’re not fine. I can’t belive you didn’t tell me” Liam told you, he looked so disappointed in you. “I’m Sorry-” “I have to go (Y/N)” he sighed, before hanging up. You didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

You hated snow, always. Even when you were little and all the kid in your neighborhood wanted to go sledding, you would never accept their offer, you’d just stay home and watch Christmas movies with your older sister. If only your younger self could see you now. After having your heart set on moving to a warm place, where did you end up? England. You had met a guy a few years ago, and he’d convinced you to move to his home with him. England was a beautiful place, and you loved your boyfriend Louis, but there was so much snow in the winter and you couldn’t stand it. Yet it was the middle of winter, and you had to drive yourself to work. You worked at a bookstore and you loved it. You drove yourself there easily and once you got there, the store was almost empty. There were only three customers in total, and after they left there was only you and your co-worker Tina. “Hey (Y/N), you can go home now, I don’t think there’s gonna be anymore customers tonight, so I’ll just lock up and we can both get home before the snow gets any worse” she told you. “Sounds good” you said as you grabbed you coat and was ready to leave. Driving home was much harder than you would have expected it to be. Though your car was in pretty good shape, the brakes didn’t do so well in the winter weather. You unfortunately had to find this out the hard way when as you were rolling down a hill and were to stop at the red light. However, you were unable to stop. You sped through the red light and immediately collided with a car which slammed in to the passengers side of your car. The last thing you remembered was screaming and flashing lights.

You were such a klutz, you really should have saw it coming. It happened yesterday morning. You, in your half asleep state, went downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast and tea. You put the kettle on while you put some bread in the toaster. It wasn’t long until you could hear the teapot screeching. Knowing, that you had a big day ahead of you, you poured yourself a large cup of tea, and enjoyed your toast. With no one to talk to, you would normally check your Instagram while you ate breakfast and waited for your hot tea to cool down. Yesterday, however Zayn called you before you even had a sip of your tea. You excitedly answered the call. “Hello lov-” you heard Zayn start, but he was interrupted by the shriek you let out as the burning hot tea had fallen on to your lap. You had knocked it over as you were pressing the phone up to you ear. “You alright (Y/N)?” He needed to know. “SHIT” you exclaimed as the hot liquid was seeping through your pajama shorts. Without another word, you ended the call with Zayn so you could call an ambulance for yourself. You were informed that an ambulance was on the way, and the operator recommended you take off the shorts. Though you couldn’t; it hurt too badly when you tried. I hurt to do anything, so you just stayed put until the ambulance arrived a few minutes later to take you to the hospital. Tears fell from your eyes as a man had to literally pick you up and take you out to the ambulance, considering you couldn’t bring yourself to move. Little did you know, at this point, Zayn had been calling you endlessly; he was worried sick.
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hey, so in Australia it’s been real fuckin hot this week. this is just a reminder for all of you sick cunts to drink a good amount of water today, to give your pets a lot of water, and to stay in (if possible) as well as bring your pets inside. if you’re having a little sanga and some VB’s mate make sure you don’t drink too much because alcohol can dehydrate ya pretty quick. if you wanna go to the beach don’t be a cooked cunt and go to Bondi. EVERY Tom, dick, and Harry will be there and there’s no shade whatsoever. so be smart about it, if you wanna have a good time by all means find a nice beach that’s not as popular as Bondi and that doesn’t have any blue bottles either. don’t be a little shit and go in the water if you’re drunk because a) you’re fuckin drunk and can’t swim properly and b) you most likely will swim outside of the flags and fuckin Bondi rescue and some seci’s will have to come get ya just because you wanted to be a fuckin sicko. on the topic of Bondi rescue: DONT GO IN THE WATER IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SWIM. mate, i don’t care if you’re going in just a little bit for the waves, the water drags you the fuck in if you’re not paying attention and the next thing you know you’re neck deep next to some surfies. be smart. drink lots of water. and don’t be a shit cunt. laters mate

I think Old Navy keeps the stores a little too warm. The air seems pretty dry too.

Oh I know why. I am not falling for it, Old Navy.

Twice in the last three weeks I’ve been to Old Navy. I found a shirt I liked. My wife and I also bought a gift for someone. Each time I was there by the time we were ready to check out I was pretty thirsty.

Hey! Look at that! Glass-doored coolers filled with bottles of water and soda right where the customers wait in line to pay. Wouldn’t a complimentary cold bottle of water for a parched shopper be a nice touch?

But noooooo. It’s $2.00 for a bottle of water. Naturally there are no drinking fountains in the store despite all that warm, dry air.

No way am I paying two bucks for a bottle of water.

I guess when Everything In The Whole Store is 40% Off a free bottle of water (with purchase, of course) is simply too much to ask.

Bob! Did you say 40% off? That bottle of water would be only $1.20.

Oh no no no no no. No it’s not. There’s a sign that says the 40% discount DOES NOT apply to beverages or candy.

I will stay thirsty, my friends.

I’m back!

Thanks to everyone who sent me nice messages while I was out. The hurricane hit my city pretty bad in most areas, but thankfully my home wasn’t affected. I ended up evacuating to a place in the middle of nowhere, which turned out to be worse off. The power was cut and there was no running water (still isn’t). Lots and lots of damage in the countryside. I hope everyone will be ok!

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the comfort of my own home. I’ve opened the ask box again and will resume a normal life tomorrow. I hope those of you who were affected by the hurricane are doing ok too!

Thanks again for being so patient while this was happening!

a lot of cats tend to wander around my house so when i was like 9 i decided to make a rest stop for them, kinda like a birdhouse but for cats. So i “borrowed” some crates and boxes from my dad’s workshop as well as some old towels and made like little beds for them stacked on top of each other and shit and i made little food trays and water dishes from our recyclables and filled those up with food and water. Food being random stuff i could take from the kitchen without my mom noticing (not the best idea tbh but i was 9 afterall) and just kinda made sure everything was nice and tidy everyday. I would get hella excited whenever i saw cats sitting around my little cat motel tbh because i felt pretty accomplished lmao. But then my dad dismantled the thing like a month later because he needed his stuff back and i was soooo upset but i didn’t want to start over because it was too much work so that was the end of my cat motel and why the fuck am i telling you all this honestly