the water was pretty nice too


Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  1035
Requested by Anonymous:  hi! can i request a dean x reader where bobby is like an adoptive father to the reader and dean falls for her (reader has always liked dean) and dean then talks to bobby about how to approach her, but the reader accidentally listens and well you do what you want from there lol! as long as bobby is a protective dad too thank you!!!

          “There’s my girl,” Bobby said when you made your way into the house after finishing up the hunt with Sam and Dean.

           “Hey,” you hurried over to hug him. Bobby might not have been your biological father, but he had been the closest thing to a father you had ever known.

           “How was the hunt?” he asked.

           “Not too bad,” you shrugged as the guys came into the house, “The three of us make a pretty good team.”

           “Yeah, we do,” Dean said.

           “Well, good,” Bobby said, “You kids hungry?”

           “Starving,” all three of you answered, making him laugh.

           “I’ll fix something up then,” he said, going into the kitchen to get to work on fixing something for dinner.

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kpop stans on

1. aesthetic stan: probably got a cute url or smth like … 1melon or whatever lmao …… they either reblog aesthetic posts on their main or have a special side blog for it where they post random pictures from instagram…. pretty mobile themes… usually quiet and nice. probably like using heart emojis. have a nice tagging system!

2. loud, extra stan: TAGS TAGS TAGS oh god the tags, they cant live without TAGS, you either Go Full On Caps Lock When You See A Picture Of Ur Ultimate Bias Or You Go Home, enthusiastic, lovely, and humorous! might not have many friends but many people love them and are too shy to tell them usually, they Scream and They Make Memes Probably, “INVENTOR OF THIS COLOR INVENTOR OF MUSIC INVENTOR OF JEANS INVENTOR INVENTOR INVENTOR”, feel lots of things At Once, “OJYMNDNSNDNSKDJNDND”, usually pretty popular stans, have urls that are not forgettable and funny

3. soft stan: theyll never shut up about their bias trust me, will see a picture of two trees probably and go “me and (bias)💘”, actually write love letters to their biases sometimes, really just want the best for their bias, “my baby…. my cinnamon apple😢💕💞💘💗💝💞💕”, uses heart emojis alot whew!, or just emojis in general… they love them, they seem polite, sweet and their presence is usually calming!, probably likes reblogging aesthetic stuff as well!, probably has some url like “(bias)sgf/bf/girl/girlfriend/baby/etc”, usually pretty protective over their bias, probably well liked

4. the ‘i never talk’ stan: never uses tags, never posts, all just reblogs…., they probably like ur posts ALOT, and you kinda wanna follow back, but who… are they even, mobile theme is.. questionable sometimes, i think all they care about is just reblogging the stuff they like lmfao theyre not about that tumblr life probably

5. drama stan: have beef with everyone, probably have a mile long byf page, and a block list lmfao, they usually post aesthetic stuff and maybe have nice urls too, seem intimidating and ‘mean’ usually, “callout post for (insert url)”, petty and nosy as hell, cant mind their own business!

6. the normal stan: a pretty cool person actually, you just think…. Wow i wanna be friends w them bc they seem so tolerant and nice?, uses tags but in a normal way, like “#oh my god #hes the cutest #my heart”, you just wonder how someone can be this chill…, they probably rarely come online too!

7. the multifandom stan: their blog is….. Everything, a pretty MESS, how can they even keep up like dang…, have so much love for so many people… its great!, might occasionally post personal stuff, probably a gif maker, generally liked, friends with the normal stans probably!, a great tagging system usually

8. the NASTY stan: “DADDY😫😫😫”, probably use twitter, thirsty as hell Give Them Water, theyre similar to the extra stans usually, kinky as hell, probably under 18 LMFAO, “i want them to **** ** ** *** ***”, people probably told them to chill before, they usually dont really care, NOOOOO CHILL, loves reading smut probably🙃

9. the gfx stan: SO GREAT, MAKE AMAZING EDITS, come up with great things you just wonder yoooo how they Do That, probably too cool for you, might not talk often! but they get lots of messages probably saying how nice their work is, are just great people like… thanks Gfx Stans For Existing

Minho teaches Newt pick up lines
  • Minho: Go Newt! With these, there's no way Y/N won't notice your feelings!
  • Newt: Okay..
  • 1st try.
  • Y/N: Newt, you're injured! what happened?
  • Newt: I kinda fell for you.
  • Jeff: Now I know why all the slicers are injured.
  • 2nd Try.
  • Y/N: Sometimes I wonder about my parents, like what did my dad do for a living?
  • Newt: He was probably a priest.
  • Y/N: ....Why?
  • Newt: Coz you're a blessing.
  • Gally: In a very good disguise.
  • Y/N: I hope there's some good in you too Gally.
  • 3rd Try.
  • Y/N: Ugh I HATE helping the slicers! their job is sickening and it get's me all dirty.
  • Newt: You won't be complaining when I get you all dirty.
  • Y/N: You mean at the gardens?
  • Newt: *sigh* Yes at the gardens.
  • 4rth try.
  • Y/N: The builders are making a new shack apparently.
  • Newt: That's nice the two of us should try building something new too.
  • Y/N: Oh? Like What?
  • Alby: A nice big lock for your door Y/N.
  • Newt: .....
  • 5th Try
  • Y/N: I'm thirsty.
  • Newt: Well good thing my body is 75% water.
  • Y/N: Yea well mine is too but that ain't enough.
  • 6th try
  • Y/N: Heyyy! The creators sent up clothes!
  • Newt: Yep, managed to grab myself a new sweat shirt.
  • Y/N *touches what Newt's wearing* : Nice! What material is it?
  • Newt: Boyfriend Material
  • Frypan: Really? pretty sure it's nylon.
  • 7th try.
  • Y/N: I wish I could have some ice cream, I can barely remember that sweet sticky thing trickling down my throat.
  • Newt: Get down on your knees and I'll give you some sweet sticky thing down your throat
  • Y/N: What?
  • Newt: ..You know, there are these berries..which have a sweet juice..
  • (later on)
  • Y/N: Newt? Are you alright, you've been acting really strangely lately.
  • Newt: It's nothing, I think Thomas has finally got to my nerves.
  • Thomas: Hey why does everyone just put the blame on me?
  • Gally: Because when you're pinned as the source of trouble its completely believable.
blue — zach dempsey

prompt: you’re at a pool party with zach and he gets drunk.

request: a pool party with drunk zach fluff?

warnings: fluff, swearing and a little bit of smut (ps im low-key waiting for someone to request a zach smut — just saying!!)

tonight bryce walker was hosting a party, specifically a pool party. things like this weren’t really your thing but you were going for your boyfriends sake, zach.

you just can’t resist his puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous face of his.

but, you told yourself that you’d be the sensible driver tonight and you wanted zach to have a good time anyways and to not worry about getting home because you’ve got it all figured out.

you both arrived at the party, people crowded the edge of the pool as some of the jocks were all jumping in and messing around.

“zach, bro. you made it.“ bryce hollered as he did his bro—hug with zach who returned it, none of you liked bryce at all but we’ll keep that between you and me for now, okay?

zach instantly ran towards the beers that were laid out on the table, he waved one in front of your face but you declined it — he did it once again but this time with puppy dog eyes and a pout on his face.

“i hate you so much.” you giggled, taking the beer from his hands and opening the can. he chuckled before wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on the top of your head since he was so much taller than you.

everyone had gotten into bryce’s hot tub and you got in with zach, you allowed the heat of the water to relax you as zach rests his arm over your shoulder.

jessica had ordered some pizza and she had left it on the table as hannah baker walked out into the pool area, we all cheered and greeted her and she smiles.

“hannah, thank god you’re here. can you please pass me that pizza box?” jessica reaches out for it as hannah collects the box and walks over towards the hot tub.

“baker’s pizza deliveries at your service.” she giggles as you begged for her to get in, everyone agreed as zach takes a swig from the bottle of beer.

“i think i’m drunk.” jessica slurs as she rests her head on justin’s shoulder, you did the same with zach and he gracefully rested his head against yours.

hannah got into the steaming hot tub as you grabbed two slices of pizza, one for you and one for zach.

“thanks baby.” he murmurs as he kisses the side of your head, a blush creeps onto your cheeks as hannah watches you both with admiration.

everyone joked around for a little while and you were one hundred percent sure that zach was completely intoxicated, he was laughing like crazy and him and justin kept going under the water and doing their own see who can hold their breath the longest competitions.

“you’re both wasted.” you giggled as zach’s eyes fluttered closed and opened them again, he smirks before reaching out for another beer that had been placed on the edge of the hot tub.

“yeah but it’s fun.” zach chuckles as he chugs the beer in a matter of seconds, all of the boys cheered as zach raises his hands up in accomplishment.

“fuck, we’ve run out of beers.” justin cursed as zach jumps up instantly, water dripping from his toned body.

“i’ll do it.” zach announces as he climbs out of the boiling hot tub, he holds out his hand for you with another puppy dog face.

“please come with me, baby.” he whines as you rolled your eyes, a prominent smile on your face as you followed after him.

he trails into bryce’s kitchen, water dripping across the carpet as zach stumbles over towards the rack of beers that he tried to hold in one hand.

“here, let me help you.” you giggled as you took some of the beers from his hands, he smirked before placing the ones he was holding down onto the counter.

“you know—“ he cut himself off as he hiccuped, you laughed as he grins. “you’re a really pretty girl and really nice too. i think we should have sex, upstairs, now.” zach slurs as you chuckled at his cuteness.

“well aren’t you just adorable, mr. dempsey?” you smiled as he picks up the beers and stumbles outside.

he hurriedly puts the rack of beers on the edge of the hot tub as he speeds back over towards you.

“yo zach! where’re you going, bro?” justin as zach giggles, he points towards you slyly as you slapped his arm playfully.

“can i tell you a secret, justy?” zach skips towards him like a child entering a candy shop as he leans down towards justin’s ear. “i’m gonna get some.” zach whispers as justin laughs.

“okay bro, don’t be too long.” justin grins as zach runs back over towards you before dragging you inside.

“you’re so drunk.” you mumbled against zach’s wet lips, he chuckles.

“yeah, but you love it.” he grins as you two had the night of your lives.

anonymous asked:

Can I have when it's like in the middle of the night and the Paladin's S/o just gets up from the bed and leaves the room, only to get a cup of water or something and the Paladins wake up only to see that their s/o isn't at their side, freaks out, only to find them in the kitchen with a cup of water in their hands.. Sorry if this is long

Hey it’s mod Enki! This is really super cute so it’s gonna be like a tiny drabble for each! I’m sorry this is so long orz I kinda got carried away. 



You woke up with the taste of dried spit and left over whatever you had for dinner. Space goo again? You could have sworn it was something different this past time. Either way, it didn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. With what little light in the room you looked to your side to see Shiro comfortably asleep next to you, his head on your shoulder. Even though you hated to disturb him from his sleep, you needed to get a glass of water. You were a little hot, too, from being so close to him while you slept. With a sigh you gently wiggled your way from out of the covers and out of the bed. As soon as your bare feet hit the cold floor you shivered. Suddenly you weren’t so hot anymore and even debated going back to bed. The grimy taste in your mouth told you otherwise and you headed to the door. 

Once out of the room you flinched at the bright lights in the hallway almost bumping into a few things as your eyes adjusted. Even as you got used to the bright lights, you still stumbled your way to the kitchen like a drunkard. Fumbling with the light switch you managed to light the kitchen. It didn’t take you too long to get a nice refreshing glass of water and you pretty much downed it in one go. 

However, when you turned around to refill your glass you practically jumped three feet in the air as you saw someone out of the corner of your eye. You couldn’t manage to hold on to your glass in your fright and it fell right out of your hands. You fumbled trying to properly catch it until your hands managed to get purchase on the slippery glass. A low chuckle resounded to your side and you almost jumped again. Instead you turned to face the source only to see none other than your loving boyfriend, in the same groggy state as you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said, his voice low and a little scratchy.

“I don’t think startle really covers it.” You replied clearly exasperated. “I would phrase it more like… scared the living shit out of me.” 

He chuckled again putting his hands up in surrender. “Okay okay, I got it. Next time I’ll send you a letter before I enter a room.”

“Oh ha ha…” You mocked sarcastically. “What are you doing up anyways?”

“I woke up and couldn’t feel you next to me and got worried. Sounds a little silly I know.” 

“I see, then I guess the next time I leave the bed I’ll be sending you a letter of warning.” You said quoting his earlier remark. He just shook his head before letting out a yawn. It wasn’t long before you were yawning, too. Setting down the glass you shuffled your way over to him, rubbing your arms for warmth.

“Let’s just go to bed already, I’m cold.” You mumbled. 

“Alright.” Shiro pressed a kiss to your forehead before the two of you headed back to his room for some much needed rest. 


It was probably the dead of night when you woke up, annoyed by the boy sleeping beside you. He was practically sprawled out on the bed and kicking you in the side. All the blankets were bunched up onto you and clearly overheating you to the point of being pretty uncomfortable. You angrily shoved the blankets off of you and onto Lance who was dead ass asleep and drooling onto the bed. A sigh forced it’s way out of you and you tried to think of how exactly you were going to get out of the bed with the mess of a boy beside you. You debated just shoving him off the bed entirely so you could just get out easily. Hell, he probably wouldn’t even wake up if you did. 

As tempting as it was, you weren’t that mean. Or you were and you just didn’t have the energy to move his dumb ass. Either way you managed to escape from the bed and exit out into the hallway. You were too god damn hot and needed to get something that could cool you down. The lights of the hallway were probably even more annoying than Lance’s sleeping habits at the moment and you squinted to make sense of your surroundings. 

“Stupid lights…” You mumbled to yourself as you finally made your way to the kitchen. 

You perked up as soon as you got your water and felt the cool liquid slide down your throat. It was so simple yet so refreshing to you. You sighed contently and just stood there for a second, relishing in the peace you had found in the dead of night. That is, before you felt two arms wrap around you and a face bury itself in your neck. 

“Y/n…. Come back to bed. You scared me I thought you were gone.” Lance mumbled. 

“You’re so dumb sometimes… I just needed a glass of water.” You said trying to wiggle out of his grasp. His grip was too solid though and you had no choice but to give up. 

“Y/n…” He mumbled your name again and you couldn’t help but realize how ironic it was. He never wanted to cuddle you in bed but suddenly he was all over you. 

“Well I can’t go back to bed if you keep holding me like this.” You said trying to shove him away. 

He seemed to comply this time and let go, eyes still closed, almost like he was sleep walking. You took him by the hand and led him out of the kitchen and back to bed where you two could hopefully get some more sleep. 


When you woke up you were surprisingly comfortable, tangled up in the sheets with Keith and head resting on his chest. You sat there for a second just listening to his heartbeat and steady breathing. Everything seemed just perfect until you realized just how thirsty you were. It was that kind of thirst that you could feel all the way to the back of your throat. It was bothering you more and more every second you sat there just dealing with it. You really didn’t want to get up, it broke your heart to leave your boyfriend as he was probably having one of the most peaceful sleeps he’s had in a while. But man, you were thirsty as hell and there was no way you could go back to sleep now. 

You begrudgingly got out of bed, untangling yourself from the covers and from Keith. He looked so cute in his sleep so you quickly kissed his cheek before you made your way out into the hallway. The lights blinded you and you really regretted getting out of bed. But you had come this far so there was no way you were going back now. You zombied your way to the kitchen and managed to down two whole glasses of water before you heard someone running down the hall. 

Sitting on the counter you just shrugged before downing another glass and setting it down beside you. A yawn escaped your lips and you could’ve sworn you heard someone calling your name. You listened again and you heard it call a second time, a little louder this time. It wasn’t hard to recognize and you almost hit yourself for thinking he wouldn’t notice you leaving. 

“Keith…!” You beckoned from the kitchen. It wasn’t long before you could hear the taps of his feet as he made his way to you. He called out your name again when he entered the kitchen and you noticed how his expression turned from a scowl to a more relieved one. 

“Wow, I didn’t think you would notice me gone for literally five minutes.” You said laughing a little.

“I was worried something happened to you!” He defended himself. “You should’ve told me where you were going.”

“I was gone for five minutes, Keith.” You said. 

“Still…” He mumbled. “Just don’t do it again.”

“Okaaaaay.” You drawled getting down from the counter. “You just looked so cute while you were sleeping that I didn’t want to wake you up!” 

“Oh whatever.” He huffed. “Let’s go back to bed.”

“Whatever you saaaay.” You laughed lightly, trailing after him and back to bed.


As much as you loved Hunk, he radiated nothing but heat when you two cuddled and while you were 100% okay with this you were really feeling the heat right about now. It was late, everyone was surely asleep by now which meant you could wander the castle in whatever gross sleep state you were in right now. Sweat collected on your back and forehead and you really needed to cool off right about now. You wiggled out of your lover’s grasp and hated to part him while he was so contently sleeping. But when you’re gross and sweating and extremely hot it literally feels like the worst. 

You really preferred to be cold most of the time because it was really easy to just cuddle up with Hunk to get warm. It’s a whole different story for when your were hot though. When your feet touched the nice cool floor you really debated just laying on it for like an hour to properly cool off. But it didn’t really sound like something you had the patience for. A nice glass of water sounded way more appealing than just laying on the ground feeling like you’re dying. 

So you stepped out into the hallways and absorbed the shock of the lights and nice cool air blowing over your body. Once you were done bathing in this new found bliss you headed down to the kitchen. It still smelled of whatever goodies Hunk had managed to cook up for dinner when you entered it. You smiled to yourself as you stood in the kitchen with a nice glass of water. 

Closing your eyes you could’ve sworn you could fall asleep just standing up. However a warm voice pulled you from your sleepy stupor. 

“Of course I would find my favorite person in my favorite place.” Hunk said entering the kitchen. You looked at him with surprise before breaking into a small smile.

“Oh, what are you doing up?” You asked. 

“I mean I woke up and you weren’t there suddenly. It’s just a little scary you know?” He said scratching the back of his neck. 

“Sorry, I guess I should’ve woken you up then. I needed to cool off for a second.” You said sheepishly. “I’m done now though, so let’s go back to bed.”

“Sounds good to me.” 

The two of you walked back to bed, hand in hand humming a tune the both of you vaguely knew. It wasn’t long before you were back to cuddling and sweet dreams.


It was one of those rare occasions that Pidge was asleep next to you at a reasonable hour. You were very grateful to be blessed with this opportunity to finally cuddle your girlfriend after a long week of missions and helping out around the castle ship. Everything was perfect. Well, almost everything… You were sleeping so soundly that you managed to drool all over the pillow and now your mouth felt as dry as a desert. Dried spit didn’t taste too well and it really did bother you. 

Pidge probably wouldn’t take too kindly to your gross slobber breath or the fact that you drooled all over the pillow. So you wiggled out of bed and flipped over the pillow to the dry side of it. Your first task was done so now you were one to accomplish the next. You stepped out into the bright ass hallway and instantly regretted it. You stumbled around like you were afflicted with some sort of illness. In fact, you took you the longest time to get used to these blinding lights. 

You weren’t too fond of the lights in the hallway so you didn’t even bother turning on the lights in the kitchen. It seemed like a much better idea to just let the lights from the hallway filter into the kitchen. The darkness of the kitchen was comforting and it helped keep you groggy enough to be ready to fall back to sleep the second you got in bed. 

As soon as you got your water you quickly downed it to re-hydrate your mouth. It was nice and refreshing, although a little cold making you shiver a bit. Turning on your heel you were about to head back to the room when you saw a figure in the door way. You let out a mixture of startled noises before realizing it was just Pidge. She started at you with a blank expression. 

“Did you drool all over the pillow again?” She asked. You could practically feel your heart stop.


“Y/n, you only get a glass of water after you drool in your sleep.” She added, completely trapping you.

“Fine, you got me. I’ll wash the pillow case in the morning.” You admitted. “Why are you up anyways. You never come after me just for drooling on a pillow.”

“It just scared me that you weren’t beside me while I slept like you always are.” She mumbled. “I had a bad dream.”

You smiled and went to hug her from behind. She sniffled a bit and you squeezed her a little harder. 

“You’re just the only one I have left.” 

“Don’t worry, Pidge. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

“...would...but...” -(으)련마는

More advanced grammar! This form actually gave me a lot of problems, especially its usage with past tense, but with some quiet thinking time and some help from some friends, I figured it out. I hope that reading this helps you as much as actually thinking about and writing it helped me!

This one is a pretty old form and it is also fairly literary as well, so you might hear it spoken by older people but you’ll probably be okay if you can just recognize and understand it when it pops up even if it doesn’t really come to mind for personal usage.


This grammar is similar to some that I already covered. Expressing a supposition or expectation in the antecedent (preceding) clause that is then offset by an opposite situation or condition in the following clause, this grammar carries a feeling of hoping for one thing but getting something else instead. In this way, it’s similar to -겠건마는/건만 for advanced grammar, -(으)ㄹ 텐데 for intermediate, and -겠지만 for a rough beginner-level equivalent. You can think of it as “but” in the context of an expectation and the reality when that expectation is not fulfilled. An important facet of this grammar is also that you not only point out that something other than the expected occurred but also express some sort of regret or feeling of dissatisfaction. To emphasize that expectation/reality divide in English we could, depending on the situation, translate it roughly as “It would be nice if… but…” or “One would think that… but…” A bit more simply, just “would… but…” will suffice in general!


This grammar can be used with action verbs, descriptive verbs, and nouns in the past and present tenses. In all cases, it can be shortened to -(으)련만.

Action verbs:

  • PAST: -았/었으련마는
    • 우리가 파티에 도착했을 때 음식이 조금만이라도 남았으면 친구들과 같이 먹었으련마는 사람들이 이미 다 먹어버렸었어요. (When we arrived at the party if there had been even a little food left we would have eaten with our friends, but they had already eaten it all.)
    • 용기를 좀 더 냈었더라면 고백했으련마는 너무 소심해서 하지 못했어요. (If I had had a bit more courage I would have confessed, but I was too timid so I couldn’t do it.)
  • PRESENT: -(으)련마는
    • 돈이 좀 더 많으면 여행 가련만 어차피 돈이 없어서 그런 생각을 안 하는 게 나아요. (If I had a bit more money I would go on a trip, but I don’t have the money anyway so not thinking about it is better.)
    • 보통 그런 간단한 문제를 쉽게 풀련만 왠지 오늘은 잘 안 풀여요. (Normally I would easily solve that kind of simple problem, but for some reason today I can’t do it.)

Descriptive verbs:

  • PAST: -았/었으련마는
    • 담배를 피우지 않았더라면 예뻤으련마는 오랫동안 담배를 피워서 얼굴이 실제 나이에 비해 더 늙어보였어요. (If she had not smoked she would have been pretty, but since she smoked for a long time, her face looked older than her true age.)
    • 내 남동생이 좀 더 일찍 일어났더라면 공항에 가기 전에 아침을 먹을 시간이 충분했으련만 너무 늦게 일어나서 밥 먹기는커녕 물을 마실 시간도 없었어요. (If my brother had gotten up a little earlier there would have been enough time to eat breakfast before going to the airport, but since he got up too late there wasn’t even time to drink water, never mind eating a meal.) 
  • PRESENT: -(으)련마는
    •   1등 당첨이 되면 좋으련만 매번 아무 상도 못 받아요. (It would be nice if I won the grand prize in the lottery, but I never get anything.)
    • 운동을 좀 했으면 건강하련만 그는 너무 오랫동안 운동을 안 해서 건강이 나빠지고 있어요. (If he exercised a bit he would be healthy, but he hasn’t exercised in a long time so his health is deteriorating.)


  • PAST: -이었/였으련마는
    • 원래 계획한 대로 기차로 갔으면 통근 시간이 한 시간이었으련만 차로 가서 거의 두 시간이 걸렸어요. (If I had gone by train as originally planned my commute would have been one hour, but since I went by car it took almost two hours.)
    • 좀 더 빨리 백화점에서 도착했으면 그 상품이 무료였으련만 이벤트 마감 시간 5분 뒤에 도착해서 할인을 조금밖에 못 받았어요. (If I had arrived at the department store a bit more quickly that product would have been free, but since I arrived five minutes past the event cutoff time, I only got a small discount.)
  • PRESENT: -이련마는
    • 제 친구들 중에서 유빈이는 가장 외향적인 사람이련만 요즘 무슨 일이 일어났는지 갑자기 소심해졌어요. (Yubin would usually be the most extroverted person among all of my friends, but lately it seems something happened and she’s suddenly become more timid.)
    • 저 카페는 미나 씨가 제일 좋아하는 곳이련만 요즘 돈이 없어서 못 가고 있어요. (That cafe is [would be] Mina’s favorite place, but lately she has no money so she can’t go.)

BONUS: This form can also be used to end a sentence! When used in this way, it sounds like a wistful exclamation.

  • 1등 당첨이 되면 좋으련만…! (If only I got the lottery grand prize…!)

As always, thank you for reading! Happy studying, everyone <3

I watched the new Ghost in the Shell movie today.

And holy shit it was awesome. It stuck scene-wise very close to the original films and made a mash up of the original films and the animated series. The screenplay was spectacular and pretty much framed the blade-runner-esuqe depiction of a future like it did in the original Ghost in the Shell. At some points the plot got a little too much into Hollywood waters, but all in all a great piece of film. I recommend watching the original films and the animated series to get a better understanding of what is going on there and who the portrayed characters are. And to all the SJWS complaining about “white washing” you’re in for a nice surprise.

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The Fitting (Part 1 - Jungkook)

(The younger Jungkook has a workplace crush on you, but you let the flattery get to you and make a proposition you can’t take back.)

You checked yourself in the mirror, tucking your hair behind your ears and undoing the top two buttons of your dress to show just a little cleavage… “Ugh, what am I doing?”, you thought, buttoning back up. “This is wrong. I’m only here to work and flirting is certainly not part of the job.”

You had been working as a stylist for BTS for the past three months and the job came at the perfect time in your life. For the previous few years you had been working in New York in the costuming department for a theater group and preparing to get married, you thought everything was great until one day you came home to find your fiancé in bed with someone else. Your world crashed in that moment and after spending a few months moping around feeling sorry for yourself, you decided to pack your bags and move to Seoul where you had family and you could start your life over again.

A big part of your new job was being responsible for doing all alterations. It was tedious work and not very creative, but it was a foot in the door and the group members and all your coworkers were pretty nice to you.

You looked at the clock, it was 9pm and he would be here any minute. So you checked the mirror one more time, “maybe I’ll just undo one button…”

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“Swimming” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 1,083

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: You and Carl come across a river while exploring and decide to go swimming.

Warnings: All the fluff

A/N: I kept this short and sweet, as I’m on vacation at the moment, but I was desperate to write something, This so cute and fluffy and ugh omg I want a guy like Carl

Originally posted by chandler-af

“Be careful, there’s a root up here that’s sticking out of the ground. I don’t want you to trip over it and get hurt.” Carl warns, holding your hand as he walks in front of you.

“Thanks.” You smile, thankful that he’s facing the other way and can’t see you blush.

You and Carl have been friends since you can remember. Your mothers were best friends before the outbreak, and once the outbreak began, you and your mother had joined the same group that Carl and Lori were in. You were friends before then, but after you two were forced to be together at all hours of the day at the camp, you became best friends. “Two peas in a pod,” Rick used to say about you two.

Now, the group had settled in Alexandria, and your friendship with Carl grew even more. You two were closer than ever, but you admit that your feelings were a bit more than platonic. You hadn’t ever seen him as anything other than a friend, but one day a while ago, it was like something clicked in your mind- Carl is hot.

You don’t know how Carl feels about you, especially with Enid being in the picture now as well. They were friends, and you knew that Carl thought she was cute. He had admitted to you one night while the two of you were sitting on the roof of your house, looking at the stars. It made you jealous, but you knew you didn’t have the right to feel jealous. Carl doesn’t even know how you feel about him, and you’re pretty sure he just thinks of you as a sister more than a potential girlfriend.

One thing that you and Carl always did was go exploring outside the gates of Alexandria. At first, Rick protested and wouldn’t let you two, but after some convincing he was alright with it. As long as you two brought your knives and guns. Which leads you to what you’re doing now- walking through the woods with Carl, hand in hand, no set destination.

“Hey, there’s some sort of river up here, want to check it out?” Carl asks you, pausing and turning around to face you.

“Why not?” You shrug your shoulders, and you look ahead. It was pretty calm, no currents, and it looked like it was pretty deep.

You two approach the water, and you stick your foot in it. It’s surprisingly not too cold; it’s actually pretty warm, and it feels nice.

“Carl, it’s really-“ You start to say, but you’re cut off by the feeling of him pushing you into the water. You fall into the river, water surrounding your body. When you swim up to the top, you see Carl laughing harder than you think he’d laughed in a long time.

“Carl!” You yell, trying to act mad, but you can’t hide the smile on your face.

“Man, you’re so clumsy, how’d you manage to fall into the river like that?” Carl smirks.

“Help me back up?” You ask sweetly. He reaches his hand down to help you, but you grab onto his arm and pull him into the river with you.

“I guess I deserved that.” He emerges from the water, his long hair clinging to his face.

“It’s like an hour walk back to Alexandria, and we’re now both soaking wet. Your dad is probably going to kill us.” You laugh, floating on your back in the river. You hadn’t gone swimming in years, and admittedly you were enjoying this. No walkers in sight, the water was warm, the sun was shining, and your best friend (and man of your dreams) was here with you. It was perfect.

“Eh, I don’t think my dad will care.” Carl swims over to you, flipping you over so you were facing him. “I don’t think two teenagers going swimming is the worst of his worries at the moment.”

“You’re probably right.” You say. You’re suddenly aware of how close the two of your bodies were- your chests were almost touching.

Carl goes to say something, but you cut him off by splashing water at him.

“Did you just- Oh, Y/N, you just started a war.” Carl sends an even bigger splash of water towards you. You laugh and try to swim away, but he swims after you. You look back, ready to splash him again, but you’re met with water hitting your face.

“Okay, truce, you win.” You giggle, rubbing your eyes to get the water out. Carl grabs you by your waist, and pulls you back into the position that you were in before you started the ‘war.’

“I’m having a lot of fun.” Carl admits, and moves a strand of wet hair out of your face. You can see him leaning in, and your hearts begins to race quickly.

His lips touch yours very softly and gently, only for a moment before he pulls away. There was no doubt that this was both of your guys’ first kiss, and neither of you knew what you were doing, but that was okay.

“What was that for?” You whisper, your foreheads still touching.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

“I thought you liked Enid…”

“Trust me, I don’t. I like you.” Carl whispers, and he kisses you again, this time longer than the first.

You two stood there in the water, kissing, and you felt like nothing was could ever go wrong in the world ever again. He gave you the feeling that everything was going to be ok.

“We should get back.” Carl pulls away, trying to hold back his giant smile.

“Let’s just stay here for a while. We can face the consequences later.” You don’t have a care in the world right now, only Carl. You finally had what you wanted.

Liquid Dirt

By sheer coincidence of me not wanting to waste anything I made a spray that smells just like potting soil/mulch! And I love it! It’s such a deep earthy scent and it’s great! Seriously I wish you guys could smell this! If you love the smell of dirt like me you will love this spray.

Originally posted by themovingboxes

I mostly use it for cleansing my room, namely my bed, (and just as a nice scent), but all the ingredients are also good for protection and healing so you can use it for that too. And its ultra simple, with only three ingredients, and pretty cheap!


-peppermint tea*

- tea tree oil

- rose water**

*i let this steep until the water was cool so a really really long time because I was just going to use it for a spray also its not pickle juice I promise I just reuse pickle jars after cleaning them!

**this rose water was the water that was actually boiling my rose petals not the distilled water you can catch (hence the color), i just wanted to find a use for it aside from just adding it to my garden so I kept it.


-I just used a 16 oz spray bottle I have and filled it with about 2-3 oz of the rose water, filled up the rest with the peppermint tea, and added 4-5 drops of the tea tree oil. I eyeballed these but its about a 1:5 rose water to peppermint tea ratio with 1 drop tea tree for every 4 oz.

-Shake and spray! Seriously that’s it!

-Pair it with any sigils you have (I have a cleansing sigil on the bottom of my bottle) and any crystals(tho i cant recommend spraying the crystals or keeping them in the water, just next to, or a pendant wrapped around the bottle is recommended)

happy crafting!

The Signs As Weather 🌦

Sunny - Nice all the time, too friendly, has way too much energy:

Misty Fog - Pretty mysterious, amazing when you get to know them:

Rainy - Spontaneous, super fun, most everyone loves them:

Snow - Beautiful, tranquil and serene, super chill and cool:

anonymous asked:

!!! i love your minghao flowershop!au ㅠㅜㅠㅜ can you do one with jihoon, please? thank you! and keep up the good work ♡

- you’re broke and need a job asap
- you quit your last job to focus more on school but now it’s summer break and here you are….. jobless and somewhat regretful
- so now you’re walking around handing out resumes, just begging for someone to hire you
- and that’s when you come across a little flower shop
- a sign that reads “HIRING” is stuck on the window and you’re like !!! this is my chance !!!
- but you stop because…… you don’t know anything about flowers…… but you’re like oh well they’ll train me anyway and i really need the money
- you enter the shop and this boy by the counter greets you while fixing a bouquet of flowers for the customer he’s serving
- there are about three more people in line and you patiently wait for him to finish ringing them up before going to the counter
- when they all leave, you go up to him and say “hello, i saw the sign you put up and i was wondering if i could apply?” and the boy says “do you have your resume?”
- you nod and clumsily hand it to him, and while he’s reading it you shift nervously
- when he’s done he says “well, it seems you have enough experience. when can you start?” and you’re like……. wait what AM I HIRED??? THIS FAST???
- you stutter “u-uh i can start t-tomorrow” and he just nods his head and says “good. i could use the extra help. it’s nice to meet you, (name). i’m jihoon.” and he holds out a hand
- you say “o-oh! nice to meet you too!” and you shake his hand
- he firmly says “you start tomorrow. we open at 9am. don’t be late.”
- you nod your head and walk out the door like…. did that just happen???
- you show up to work the next day and jihoon hands you the uniform which is pretty much just an apron with the shop’s logo on it
- there aren’t too many customers in the morning, so he just shows you where all the cleaning tools are, how to water the plants, where the bags of soil are and just the basics
- the shop starts getting a little crowded by noon and that’s when jihoon is really starting to need your help
- so you go up to a customer and ask “hello, may i help you?” and they ask “hi! a good friend of mine just got promoted and i thought i’d get them flowers for their hard work. do you think you can make me a small bouquet that means congratulations?”
- you freeze after hearing their question
- you nervously say “um…. one second i’ll be right back” and run over to jihoon who’s ringing up customers at the counter
- you ask him “hey jihoon? there’s this customer that needs a bouquet that means congratulations”
- he tells you “okay? go make them one. the flowers are all in front of you, just go ahead and pick some” but you say “no that’s not the problem, it’s that…… i….. have no idea about the meaning of flowers”
- jihoon stops what he’s doing and slowly turns to you and says “are. you. serious.”
- and you quietly say “….yeah.”
- more people start entering the shop and the line just grows as more and more people ask for custom bouquets to be made
- jihoon has dealt with this before so he takes care of it all on his own while you just shamefully watch on the side
- when all the customers are gone, jihoon walks up to you and asks “okay. let me get this straight; you know nothing about flowers but you applied at a FLOWER SHOP??”
- you argue “i thought you’d train me!! how could you expect me to know right away??”
- he argues “do you not understand?? you have to STUDY about flowers and their meaning. red roses and orange lilies may look pretty together but you can’t just ASSUME they can be paired up. you actually have to KNOW what they mean to avoid confusion or contradiction.”
- you end up just cleaning and watering the plants for the rest of the day and when it’s closing time, jihoon calls you over
- you walk up to him and you’re like ok it’s over i’m fired
- but he says “i’ll see you again tomorrow. oh and make sure not to make any plans because i still need you after closing.” you’re kind of confused but you say “oh, okay then.”
- the next day, you show up on time and jihoon tells you that you’re in charge of cleaning, watering and stock again while he takes care of the counter
- so the day goes on and you’re getting so bored because there’s only so much you can do but eventually it’s closing time and you’re excited to go home
- when you remember jihoon needs you after closing and you’re like fml
- he calls you over and says “ok look. i’m not going to fire you because i do need the help, but if you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to study.”
- he then takes a book out of his bag and it’s a book on flowers and their meaning
- he says “every other day after work, we’re going to study this. i’ll pay you for the overtime. i just need help because it gets stressful around here, and i can’t do it alone.”
- you nod your head and say “okay…. i’ll try my best”
- at first you’re like “omg wtf why do i have to study for this” but then you tell yourself “it’s either this or jobless for the summer” so you just go along with it
- your first lesson is on roses and you manage to memorize them well in one sitting, it’s only one category after all so it’s no big deal
- the next day, you’re watering the flowers when a customer comes up to you and asks “hi, sorry, do you think you could help me?”
- you’re about to tell them they could ask jihoon but you notice he’s busy with someone else
- so you look back at the customer and say “uh….. i could try??” and they ask “do you know a flower that means thank you?? i just need one.”
- your eyes light up and you say “oh i know!! pink roses mean thank you!!” and you hand the customer the healthiest pink rose you can find
- they thank you and walk up to the counter to ring it up and you’ve never felt so proud of yourself
- when your shift is over, you tell jihoon “i helped someone today!! and i gave them the right flower!!” and he just says “good. let’s see if it stays this way when you learn the others.”
- you’re like…… wow…… how nice of you.
- so every other day, it’s the same thing; work, then study with jihoon
- you thought it was pretty simple at first but then it started getting so confusing because of all the flowers
- “wrong. it’s white lilies.”
- “close. red tulips, not pink.”
- “for the last time, it’s orange gardenias.”
- you start getting a little frustrated but no, you won’t give up
- and every time you help out a customer, you get really excited and unknown to you, a little smile appears on jihoon’s face whenever you do
- when you have a good idea of the meaning of flowers, jihoon decides to teach you how to rearrange a bouquet and while he’s talking, you’re watching his face rather than the flowers
- he may look cold and all but when he smiles while talking about flowers….. he really is handsome…… and his voice is so soothing too…….
- “—did you get that?”
- you snap out of your thoughts and say “….huh?” and you’re expecting to get scolded at but instead
- jihoon laughs
- and you get flustered as he says “i’ll say it one more time. you better listen this time.”
- you listen carefully this time but while you are, you could feel your heart beating a little faster
- the next day, a few minutes before closing, one last customer walks into the shop and jihoon says “take them.”
- and your eyes widen like no no i don’t think i can?? but he tells you to take them again and you nod your head and hope you can do it
- you walk up to the customer and ask “hi, how may i help you?”
- they say “yes, my friend is sick at the hospital, so i was thinking of getting her a get well soon bouquet.”
- you take a quick glance over at jihoon who nods his head and gestures for you to go on, and you feel so confident seeing how much he believes in you
- you turn back to the customer and say “i’ll make you a bouquet in no time. so, tell me about this friend. what are they like?”
- after giving you a brief description of them, you arrange this beautiful bouquet that means get well soon while also incorporating the person’s personality, making it all the more special, as if the bouquet was designed for them and them only
- jihoon rings up the customer and you both say goodbye as she walks out the door
- he then walks over to you and says with a rare smile “good job. i knew you could do it.”
- you blush and say “thanks jihoon…. it’s all because of your help.”
- you say good night to him, but before you could leave the shop, jihoon says “wait.”
- you turn around and say “huh? is there something i didn’t do?” and jihoon is silent for a while before saying “wait right there. i’ll be back.”
- he walks to the back and returns a few mins later with the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen, it looks as though it’s been delicately put together for days
- you ask “oh, whose bouquet is that for?” and jihoon stays quiet as he walks over to you
- and then he holds it out for you and says “you.”
- your eyes widen at what he said, and you carefully take the bouquet out of his hands and ask “…for me?”
- he shyly looks away and says “well now that you know the meanings of flowers….. you should know what i’m trying to say…..”
- you look down at the bouquet and start reading into the meanings of each flower
- and then it clicks
- jihoon likes you
- you must have been silent for a long time because he nervously says “so….. what do you—”
- you cut him off by leaning in and kissing him right on the lips
- and when you pull away, you smile at him and say “i like you too, jihoon”
- after this, you and jihoon start dating!!
- jihoon gets embarrassed every time you bring up his confession because it’s like a scene right out of a movie
- he surprises you with bouquets so much your apartment is filled with them but you water them every day and take really good care of them
- cute dates after each shift
- interrupts any customer who flirts with you by saying “(name), why don’t you go ring up those customers, and I’ll deal with this jerk—i mean customer.”
- slips an orange lily (which means i hate you) into their bouquets
- not very vocal about his feelings so he tells you he loves you through flowers and you respond with flowers too while laughing
- florist jihoon’s honestly the softest and he loves you so much
- all those red roses he gave you is enough proof that he really, really does

thank you for your request!! ^^


Summary: Reader is a close member of the McCall Pack through Chris Argent’s friendship with her mother. Taking a break from the pack following the supernatural deadpool Reader runs into a pair of hunting brothers on a hunt. She reaches the town Riverdale where she intrigues two investigating teens in the wake of a murder

Characters: Reader, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Scott McCall, Stiles Silinski, Lydia Martin (mentioned), Liam Dunbar (mentioned), Deaton, and Polly Cooper (mentioned)

Words: 3399

Disclaimer: I don’t own Riverdale, Archie Comics, Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own any songs ot gifs that may show up either.

Warnings: Swearing, blood, wounds, supernatural beings, and possession.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Tagged: At the bottom

A/N: Hope everyone enjoys this!

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You quickly cleaned the stab would in your side that would heal pretty quick. That’s a positive to being half angel, one third demon and one third human where you would heal faster than a human but slower that the supernatural parts of you. The healing time came down to the severity of the wound and if it was given by an alpha wolf. When you were conceived your father had been possessed by a high level demon and it turned out your father, once not possessed, was revealed to be a direct descendent of Jesus. Your mother however was an angel that fell once you were born. Somehow the human part of your father had managed to come to you so technically you had two biological fathers and one mother.

“Where will you go now?” Scott asked digging into his shoulder for the bullet still lodged in there from the fight.

“Travel around.” You shrugged tying the thread in order to begin stitching up the wound. It was a gaping wound that would take twice the time if you didn’t stitch it up.

“You could stay with us.” Scott said leaning against the counter.

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First Kiss: Jeno


We’re nearing the end of the series, holy shit jdnfsh8dtbdyhs7at okay I thnk you can tell that I was running out of ideas at this point lmao. I hope you like it!

Originally posted by 1aeyong

this^^ is adorable holy shit

  • Jeno is so attractive I’m literally dead Jesus Christ
  • Am I glad that SM are actually dressing the Dream members as their age lmao
  • Anyway!
  • You and Jeno wouldn’t have had your first kiss together until you had been dating for at least a month
  • Both of you were still very young and in no rush to heavily commit to a relationship nor did you want to mess one up and have the stress of getting over it
  • That’s why you both agreed to wait until you kiss one another yes I know it sounds like they’re making a big deal out of this but it’s thEIR FIRST KISS OKAY LET THEM BE CUTE AND FLUFFY
  • I think everyone can see that Jeno is a chill guy, he takes life very well and he’d have a comfortable and reassuring aura
  • You’d be similar in this way
  • And although you both were like this, your feelings for one another were the opposite - they were crazy and excitable and if you hadn’t had this much self control in you, your emotions would’ve taken over and probably screw things up in the process
  • Your first kiss with Jeno would be partly spontaneous and partly not - you were expecting it to happen soon but not like this
  • Jeno finally had a free day and had decided that he was going to bring you to the seaside for a date
  • Everything was meticulously thought out from him
  • He brought towels, water, sun cream, money for food when you were there and had literally googled which part of the beach would be ideal for your date
  • Your heart skipped a beat, when you met down there, watching at he clumsily carried multiple bags of goods across the sand
  • Surprisingly, it was very very quiet and the sun was beating down upon you
  • Honestly, you weren’t too fussed about going to the beach
  • Of course, it was nice and pretty, but you didn’t find it as fun as Jeno did
  • He was literally like a child as soon as he arrived
  • Throwing the bags down, he greeted you with a wide grin, sighing happily that he was in his favourite place with his favourite person
  • You giggled as Jeno ran out in front of you, stretching his arms out and turning his face towards the sin
  • He whirls around a couple times, spins in the soft sand, arms outstretched, until he keeps over and collapses
  • Grinning, he looks up at you: “I remember you telling me how you used to do this when you were younger! Try it, Y/N”
  • His voice was breathless but light and happy, pleased with himself and the fact he remembered such a small memory of yours 
  • You smiled fondly at him, impressed at how he could remember that and blushing as a result
  • He stands up again, grabbing your hand and pulling your forwards, making you drop your small bag onto the ground
  • Jeno laughs and isn’t shy to hurl himself round in circles until he staggers, screaming and crashes into the sand
  • Scanning the beach briefly for anyone who might be watching and judging you, you shrug and spread your arms
  • You turn slowly at first, then faster and faster, until it’s out of control
  • The world seems to spin away and your feet lose their hold on the earth and you squeal, stagger and stumble
  • The ground shifts and comes up to slap your back and head, leaving you to rest in the sand
  • You lie there as the world continues to spin round you, and you remember why you found this so find as a child
  • It made everything go away, until there’s just you, your head reeling and your heart thumping
  • Real life churns on, the earth tilts, the sky dips
  • You hear a loud thump on the ground next to you, the sound of Jeno falling and tripping over his own feet to the ground
  • You try to grab handfuls of sand to get a hold of yourself, but the grains run away from your fingers and you fall back again
  • A hand brushes your outstretched fingers, weaving between them, it’s Jeno 
  • Both of you lie still for a few minutes, fingertips touching, waiting for the world to stop
  • Then Jeno is struggling upright, dragging you with him
  • You stumble against him, laughing and then his hands cups your face
  • He’s so close to you that you can see the unevenness of his skin, the specks of green and light brown in his eyes, the light sun freckles dotted across his skin
  • Even after a month of dating, he made you feel so special and honoured, you could believe you were dating such an incredible and hard working human being
  • He looks at you for a long moment, searching your eyes desperately and momentarily glances down at your mouth too, and then he’s kissing you
  • It’s not like how you imagined, it’s better
  • His lips taste of salt and sand and just happiness, they’re soft and inviting and you feel safe with him
  • The kiss lasts a few seconds, and although neither of you try to deepen the kiss further, it’s enough that your heart starts to race and palms start to sweat
  • Coaxing you gently, he pulls you closer to his chest, arm circling your waist
  • You break apart and he can’t stop staring at you, a glint in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips
  • His eyes scan your face looking for some sign of discouragement or discomfort, but you show none
  • Softly, he brushes sand from your cheek and hair, tutting disapprovingly at you for letting you get yourself into such a messy situation 
  • Neither of you say anything and he brings you into a tight hug, holding your head gently and rocking side to side
  • To you, the world just seems to carry on spinning around, that’s the effect of Jeno on you
  • Yes I know this was utter crap and short af and the story line is hit but I’m running out of ideas so give me a break lmao

First Kiss series

anonymous asked:

I've been an SM for 4yrs & find socialising very difficult. I'm very friendly but I tend to keep to myself. Pple invite me to things & I always politely decline (I don't even join for opening night drinks). Everyone says that succeeding in this industry has a lot to do with ur connections & because of my social anxiety, I rarely make any. I love my job so much& I'm the type of person who lives to work. I worry my career won't last. Do u think s/b like me could ever have a long/successful career?

The short answer is: yes. You can absolutely have a long and successful career in this industry as someone who has difficulty socializing. However, it would be EXTREMELY difficult to have such a career as someone who NEVER networks. 

As somebody with an anxiety disorder, I hear this in a huge way. I don’t want to spend any more time with most of these people than I have to, and I am often in desperate need of some alone time to recharge and it’s not worth shoving through bodies to get an over priced, watered down whiskey by myself, followed by the inevitable overheating and being shoved around or awkwardly standing near a conversation instead of being part of one. It’s always too loud, too many people, too expensive, too sweaty, and I’m too tired to deal with it. I never want to put in the effort to look nice. And even when I do go, I’m too clumsy to say anything ingratiating, and too proud to kiss anyone’s ass. I’m pretty terrible at talking myself up. In fact, without someone else with me I usually forget to talk about me. I’m bad at networking and it doesn’t get me a lot of job offers. However, the offers I do get are because I’m a pretty good engineer, and I’d rather have those offers than ones purely fueled by name recognition and a glass of wine. 

Is it considerably easier to get jobs by being good at networking? Sure, for a time, but no matter how well you schmooze, you’ve eventually got to be able to back it up with your skills or technical knowledge. It’s almost machiavellian in a way. It is better to be good at your job than good at schmoozing if both cannot be attained. 

Yes, this industry is about connections and networking, but the leg work of that isn’t entirely done at the bar or party. Do good work. Be the best damn stage manager you can be. If you prove that you can get the job done, then the people around you will probably take notice. When they hear someone needs a stage manager, any one of them could drop your name. Be additionally vigilant and proactive when jobs become available. Apply and stretch out. Grow your network in the work place. 

Some times you absolutely have to put the time in, though. Putting in a brief appearance at opening and closing parties is smart, if not necessary. If you can power through 10 minutes of it, congratulate the director, producer, etc. and make sure they know your name (or at least hear it) you stand a better chance at being rehired, being offered additional contracts that they control, or of them recognizing your name when you apply for some other gig. 

Taking a bath with EXO (analysis)

Thank you for your request my love. ;-; <3

Just to be on the safe side: SLIGHT NSFW WARNING

Kris: Sensual, no doubt. Although Kris is relativity ‘eccentric’ in terms of sex, I don’t think full blown intercourse would transpire, but there is definitely an intensive level of intimacy. He’ll be especially touchy with you, hands coursing over your slicked skin not withholding in granting attention to all parts of your body; heightening the nerves over your body. He won’t say much aside from a few husky chuckles, while admiring you in this state. 

Kai: Hmm, more than likely, bathing with Jongin will be strikingly congruous to being with Kris. Jongin comes across as a sensual person to me, so this would be especially titillating. He may come across a bit modest/reserved initially, but once becoming immersed in the temperate water, his reticence will gradually dissipate. Soon, distance will alter into broiling temptation, as your body presses against his, kiss locked in while still encompassed within a soapy body of water. 

Suho: He’d be adorably bashful at first. You’d be the one who would come up with the idea, much to his initial perplexity. “R-really jagi? It’s not a bad idea! Just different.” He’ll agree indifferently only to find himself enjoying the sensation of sharing such closeness in an unexpected place. Most of your time with Suho would consistent of him pampering you, benignly offering to soap your body over, complimenting you throughout the process. 

Chen: This would be a mixture of placid and sprightly. “A bath huh babe? Well, not the weirdest thing you’ve asked me,” he’d snicker playfully. Jongdae would be able to get you to tend to him while he smirks promising to wash you next. When it’s your turn, he’ll groan aloud with reluctance profound in his tone, much to your befuddlement. “Nah~ This feels really nice jagi. Maybe next time. Or maybe you could continue on me? I really like your hands on me.” To which you would respond by playfully jabbing him. 

Sehun: One thing will eventually lead to another. At first, a bath with Sehun would commence in a lighthearted, jocular manner with your inner, puerile senses manifesting once you both enter the water. Playful water/bubble fights, while he comments on how competitive you can get with how much water there is on the floor. Once settled, Sehun will opt to observe you as you lather yourself in various soaps, becoming increasingly enticed. “Okay, I’m pretty turned on. Come sit here,” he’ll request, a controlling tone in his voice as he straightens himself, smirk evident awaiting your next move. 

Chanyeol: Ahhh, he’d probably be the most awkward of all the members initially. Inwardly, he’s wondering what he’s getting himself into with you, however, Chanyeol wouldn’t want that to become evident. “A bath? Ahhhh~” he would drone aloud, trying his best to conceal the lucid abashment. “You’re sure we’d both fit?!” At this point, he’s trying to start a humorous banter with you. And no, a bath with Yeollie would be incredibly innocent and not sexual in the slightest. It would be him huddled in a small corner, making misshapen figures with the bubbles. 

Lay: Another innocent instance in the scenario. Of all the members, Yixing would love this the most. I feel as though he would see this as very romantic and sentimental, gladly agreeing to your request without hesitation. His loving and affectionate side would show luminously while bathing with him. Your senses would heighten immensely as his gentle touch courses from the back of your neck, delicately outlining the shape of your back. “Mm, so perfect baobei,” he would murmur softly, beginning to dose your body in more soaps. 

Luhan: Bathing with Luhan would be most intimate. Lots of caressing, kissing, holding, etc. It wouldn’t get…overly sexual, but expect a ravenous Luhan to quite literally whisk you from the bathtub and into the bed afterwards. Like Yixing, Luhan would be enthralled with the idea of bathing with you, perhaps a little hesitant at first, but once a scented candle is illuminated along with scattered, crimson rose petals embellishing the effervescent water. 

Baekhyun: Instantly, you’d entice him with your request, as evidenced by the naughty glimmer flickering within his gaze. “Naughty girl~ Is the bed getting too boring for you now?” Despite the sexual implications he’s granting you, bathing with Baek would actually be incredibly playful and not at carnal. He’s going to tempt you into having a fight involving bubbles and water, probably managing to sneak in a small water gun, when you least expect it. 

Xiumin: Minseok is pretty nonchalant and wouldn’t think much of your request, willingly going along with you, even suggesting a specific type of soap to use or shampoo to use for your hair. “This one has a nice scent jagi. It has flower notes in it.” Of all the members, Minseok is the one that would be most diligent and attentive to actually bathing you, since he is assiduous when it comes to cleanliness. He’ll be sure to express his gratitude for bathing with him, solemnly. 

D.O: Kyungsoo would be pretty reluctant at first, seeing as this request has come up rather randomly. Caught off guard lucidly, he’d run it by you once more, contemplating the thought himself. Eventually, he’ll concur with you, prepared to pull out all the ‘sentimental’ cliches, such as the lowly light candles, the incenses, and flower petals scattered upon the bubbly surface. While humming a soft melody, you’ll feel his hands upon your shoulders, gently easing away any lingering tension. 

Tao: Interestingly, as opposed to you being pampered by Tao, your focus would be centralized primarily on him. At first, Tao wouldn’t be too keen on the idea, only to dip a hand into the tepid water, instantly re-thinking his thoughts. “Baobei~! More water on my back please?” he’d request in that diva like tone of his, relishing in the feel of the water. “We need to do this more often baobei! No! Not just for me…” 

~Hope you enjoyed my loves. <3


vibhranke  asked:

Skin routine? Im starting to have a bad one ugh

skincare routines always starts off with a cleanser. a cleanser that suits ur skin type (dry, oily, combination or sensitive). it’s important to choose a correct cleanser for ur skin because if wrong cleanser would leads u to drier skin. if u feel ur face is tighten after cleansing, that proves that ur cleanser isn’t suitable for ur skin. always always put some toner after cleansing to prevent dry skin and to moisturizing ur skin.

here goes my skincare routine:
• cleansing: i’m using 3ce water fit cleansing foam. it contains coconut sheer butter that protects and leaves skin smooth and moist.

• scrubbing: i’m using milk plus whitening facial scrub by beauty buffet but only once to twice in a week. it contains milk extracts and co-enzyme q10 which helps to brighten skin. it also contains mineral oil, vitamin b3 that moisturizes skin, leaving it soft, healthy and also protects skin from acne and irritations. facial scrubs exfoliates ur skin, u should do it once or twice a week but not everyday!

• face masks: after scrubbing, always remember to use masks. i’m using 3ce white milk pack to foam (it has really cute packaging!!) after facial scrub. it’s actually a white clay mask that removes excess sebum and impurities pores. it contains oatmeal and honey to keep skin dehydrated with tea tree extract helps to soothe the skin. it double cleanse skin too!

i would also use some sheet masks. because i have dry skin, so i use moisturizing masks all the times. etude house and nature republic has really nice and affordable sheet masks!

• toner: i use dr.g’s hydra intensive toner to soothe my skin. i also apply toner after removing makeups too because it also removes makeup stains that left after removing makeups and soothe ur skin.

• serum: i use etude house’s pink vital water serum. it’s one of my fave serum!! it gives me non-sticky finish and it really moisturizes my face. it smells good too and absorb into my face pretty well!!

• moisturizing: i use etude house’s aloe moistfull soothing lotion. it contains baobab tree extract and aloe vera (my fave).

• other skincare products: i personally would suggest nature republic’s aloe vera soothing & moisture 92% soothing gel. it’s their best product and one of the top korean skincare products. it contains 92% of pure aloe vera extract and it can be used as sleeping masks too. apply thick amount of the gel on ur face before sleeps, it moistures and soothe ur skins. u may apply it on ur acnes to dry up acnes. it can be used on face and bodies without any irritations, even can be apply on sunburns too!! for more uses of aloe vera gel, u can check it here

i also use nature republic’s california aloe vera 74 cooling eye serum and tony moly’s panda dream brightening eye base to brighten my dark circles and reduce my puffy eyes 💛

✨ all my skincare products are mostly korean skincare products because compared to western products, they’re more affordable for a college student like me 🌹

✨ this post is not sponsored too. i’m just sharing my routines and tips for everyone 💞

anonymous asked:

Ah, hello ^^ could you please write a Jc for RFA+V+Saeran (nd Vanderwood if that's okay) reacting to MC relapsing and hurting them self? Preferably with a happy ending? I relapsed the other day and I just,...feel like I need hope. Sorry to bother!!!

Oh, sweetheart, I’m sorry that it happened again. I wish I could offer you some solid advice besides these little hcs, but I hope you are doing better.  We love you and hope you’re doing okay!!! 


- He didn’t notice for a while until the two of you were washing dishes together again. He was drying, you were washing, and it was a nice relaxing thing the two of you had set up. Usually the two of you talked, but today you were being pretty quiet.

- He knew you had a few scars from the past, but he never pointed them out unless you did. He never wanted you to feel ashamed or horrible for things that had happened long in the past.

- But as you rolled up your sleeves and winced, especially since the water wasn’t too hot, he noticed a new scar, a fresh one.

- He didn’t know what to do at first, he just stood there a moment before he finally grabbed your shoulders and pulled you into a tight hug, trying not to get overly emotional

- “I don’t know why you did it, and I’m not trying to embarrass you, but please, please, let me know the next time. So I can at least try something to help you not. Not do that. Please, we can come up with something else.”


- The two of you often got ready together in the mornings. He was trying to get you two to try and share the same schedule when you came over, but letting you sleep if work made him get up in crazy hours of the morning.

- However, as he watched you brush your hair, he noticed a mark he wasn’t used to seeing yet.

- A round, burn mark. 

- He swallowed thickly, a few pieces of your past springing to mind as he realized where a few of his missing cigs must have went to. Even though it was the mark was small, he knew the intent you had when you made it.

- He wouldn’t outright say anything, until it was getting worse. He would just keep a closer eye on you and the things around the house that could hurt. He made sure to compliment you more, and have more of the sappy late night talks (Where it was hard to get him to shut up about how much he loved every bit of you), and had a bit more of an incentive to stop smoking. 


- Trying to slip something like this past him hardly ever works. He’s too attentive. Not controlling you (the two of you safely worked through that), but with his style of life there’s routine check ups, meal plans, everything.

- So for a few days when you opted out of dinner, saying you already ate, or that you weren’t just hungry, he did worry a bit. After consulting a doctor and the main chef the two of you used, and realizing that no, you weren’t sick, and that no, you weren’t eating at all apparently, he was worried, quick.

- He doesn’t connect it to self-harm right away, but he does once he tries to talk to V and after looking up a few articles.

- He is one to approach you about it. Not being harsh, but carefully asking soft questions of why you felt the need to do so, mainly because it’s a hard concept to grasp for him. When you tear up and start looking ashamed, he stops asking questions and immediately is hugging you, kissing your forehead and muttering how much he loves you.

-It’s still a careful learning process with him, to try and figure out how exactly to help and when to back off, but he would try to push a bit for at least some therapy. 


-You couldn’t breathe, you just kept sobbing out as you slammed your fists against your head repeatedly, and Seven felt hopeless. You didn’t know he could see you, but he was glued to the spot, trying to just think, to move.

- The two of you had gotten into another argument where he had pushed you away. Usually he left you stomp to your room as he sat and moped for a bit, but this time he followed you after immediately regretting his outburst.

- Was this what you did every time the two of you fought? He felt his insides twist, and he was on you in a second, pulling your fists away from yourself, pulling you tight against him as he spilled out so many apologies, so many promises of future changes.

- The two of you spent a while holding each other and crying on the floor, but it gave him enough proof that he really needed to stop pushing you away when things got rough, especially if this is what happened each time.


- Like Jumin, it’s hard to sneak things past her. Years of working under him has taught her to pay attention to details that often go by unnoticed. 

- You sleeping in so late, seeming dizzy all the time, unable to eat. Jaehee knows something is up, and it doesn’t take much guessing to figure it out.

- She doesn’t say much, but she takes a day or two off of work to get you back up to focusing on at least eating, even if it’s soup. She almost treats you like you’ve just gotten a stomach bug, but she’s very firm the whole time, especially if you try to refuse to eat.

- But once you seem to be able to have yourself keep down food for a while, even lasting a whole day, she ends up peppering your face in kisses, going on about how she much she loves you, and nothing about how you were hurting yourself.

- Instead, she spends her breaks and freetime looking up ways she can help you, more than she does now, just so you don’t feel the need to have to do such a thing to yourself again.


- When he notices a new bandage on you, he doesn’t know how to react. Especially when you keep changing the subject when he asks about it, offering little to no explanation. He knows these tactics, he’s familiar with them.

- At first he gets a bit angry that you did it, even though he knows he shouldn’t be. He doesn’t want you to think you have to go through these things on your own, that he’s here for you to at least talk to. But he knows it’s irrational. He sucks it up and forces himself to calm down a bit before approaching you, wrapping his arms tight around you.

- “You’re not alone anymore.” It’s the best he can think to say, and he’s worried you might not know what he means by it, but your soft sniffles tell him otherwise. He spends the night slowly, and carefully, discussing ways to help you.


- Since his sight is still bad, he focuses on touching you a lot. Holding your hand, giving your thigh a squeeze, and don’t even get started on all of the cuddling.

- One night as the two of you were cuddling, him running his fingers across your skin lightly, he counted one too many scars on your ribs. Was that right? Was it just your bones messing with him? As he ran his fingers across again, your hands stopped his, and he knew he didn’t miscount.

- His first words were almost how you could hurt him instead, how he didn’t mind you taking out everything on him, but he remembered your requests of when you first opened up to him.

- He buried his nose in your hair, trying to keep his voice steady as he asked if you minded him talking to Jumin to find someone to help you. He’s softly, but steady, remind you that seeking help wasn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength, as he tried to make sure he didn’t choke up.


- He was used to you being banged up a bit. You were pretty clumsy, or you told him that at least. Scabs from bug bites from when you didn’t wear any leggings in peak bug season? Thorn cuts from when you accidentally fell into a rose bush? Knees banged up from falling and…Other fun activities? Your legs were covered in scars and new scabs.

- He would tsk when you revealed a new one, or if he stumbled on one, and immediately go to bandage it up for you, with a few minor remarks.

- However, this time he was noticing your recent collection of them were becoming easily infected, moreso than they should. The scabs were dark, a bit gross, and the surrounding area was very red and irritated. When he made a bit of a fuss, only to see you looking ashamed, it didn’t take much to realise that this was either a very bad habit, or you were doing this on purpose.

- Like Zen, he wouldn’t outright say anything, but he would focus on making less harsh remarks, being kinder and trying to treat you to nice dates/gifts when work allowed. (He would suck up any embarrassment and try to even get cheesy when expressing how much he loved you, too).

appynation  asked:

Prompt?: Lance comes down with an illness, and Keith is instructed to take care of him. At first, Lance is milking it for all it's worth, enjoying Keith having to do things for him and whatnot. But his condition quickly begins to worsen, and he really DOES need help, Keith just assumes he's faking it for more attention? I'm a sucker for the "don't believe them until it's too late" sickfic trope. :D

yeEESSSS yes

I’m drunk so don’t hate me if this sucks lol

“Keeeeith,” Lance whined, “I need you.” Keith rubbed a hand down his face. 

“I’m going to kill him,” Keith confided in Pidge and Hunk. “I’m going to lose my shit, and there’s going to be a white-hot flash of light, and Lance will be dead, and I will feel nothing.”

“Oh, go easy on him,” Hunk smirked. “He’s sick.”

“He’s got a cold!”

“A space cold,” Pidge corrected, “and he’s lonely. He misses his family.”

Keith sighed. “I know that. I just wish I weren’t the one in charge of babysitting, you know? I’m so… not good at it.”

“That’s what you get, Typhoid Mary,” Pidge teased. Keith had been sick last week with a nasty cold, and Lance had been the only paladin brave enough to risk getting sick himself to care for Keith. He’d had to admit that it was nice, at the time. Lance was a good care-taker, even if it sometimes got a bit overwhelming. He’d been freaked, Keith could tell, about what might happen with this unidentified space virus, checking Keith’s temperature every hour and forcing him to drink water and eat soup. The attention ranged from much-needed, when Keith was awake and miserable, to downright suffocating, when Keith was trying to sleep or relax.

“You were pretty whiny, too,” Hunk reminded him, “But Lance never complained about it.”

“You’re right; you’re always right,” Keith admitted, throwing his hands up in mock surrender. The red paladin steeled himself and entered Lance’s room.

“What do you need?” he asked. 

“Will you read to me?” Lance asked, looking suspiciously innocent.

“I’m out of here,” Keith decided, turning quickly on one heel.

“Wait,” Lance stopped him, “For real. I’ve got a really bad headache.”

“Go to sleep,” Keith suggested. He felt for his friend, he did. But there was no way in hell he’d read to him.

“It hurts too much,” he admitted. “My sisters always used to read to me, and it helped me relax enough to fall asleep.”

“It’s not going to happen, Lance.”

“Shiro said you were supposed to take care of me,” Lance definitely-did-not-whine.

“Yeah, he said I had to make sure you didn’t die. He said nothing about entertainment.”

Lance huffed, which turned into a fit of harsh coughing. “Fine. Can you grab me something for my head?”

“You just took it half an hour ago,” Keith said, feeling genuinely sympathetic now. “You can’t take anything more for another three and a half hours.”

Lance looked disappointed. “Oh, okay. Thanks anyway,” he muttered, rolling over in his bed to try to sleep. Keith turned his lights off on the way out.

Sitting down to the table once more, Keith let his body sag into the chair tiredly. 

“How did Lance manage to do this for a whole week? It’s only been two days and I’m tired,” Keith said.

“Lance really cares about you,” Shiro joined from the doorway, having overheard Keith’s complaints. 

“It’s not that I don’t care!”

“You wouldn’t even read to him,” Hunk argued. “Not even a little. He’s in there, in pain, unable to sleep, and you wouldn’t read him a story. He didn’t even ask you to do funny voices.”

“You know that he would have,” Keith fought weakly, but he knew that Hunk was right. He wasn’t as good a friend as Lance.

“Lance is just a natural caretaker,” Shiro offered. “That’s why he’s so sick now–he ran himself ragged looking after you, Keith. You complained that he woke you up every hour to check your fever, but have you considered that means he was up every hour, too?”

“And at least you were sleeping during the day,” Pidge added. “Lance still had to do paladin training.”

Keith was stunned silent.

And he wouldn’t even read to the kid.


Keith stood again and walked back into Lance’s room.

“Hey, Lance?” he tried softly from the doorway.

“Go ‘way,” Lance muttered. He was shivering violently enough that Keith could see it from the door. 

“I’ll read to you, if you still want me to,” Keith offered. He had to physically lock his knees to prevent himself from sprinting away from how much he did not want to do this.

“No,” said the lump of covers that was the blue paladin. “Just leave me alone.”

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Keith tried.

“M’serious,” Lance insisted, “Fuck off, Keith.” 

Keith bristled at the language. 

“Look, I know you don’t feel well, but you’re being a baby,” Keith accused, stepping inside the room. “I’m trying my best.” He reached out and turned on a table lamp. Lance jerked away from even the dim light source, burying his face in the covers.

“Lance?” Keith called softly, uncertainly. 

“Turnitoffturnitoffturnitoff,” Lance pleaded, and Keith did so faster than he’d ever done anything in his life. His heart was pounding. 

“What’s the matter, Lance?”

“Head,” was seemingly all he could manage. 

Keith leaned in close to feel Lance’s forehead with his hand, and cursed at the blistering heat and uncomfortable dryness of his skin. Why hadn’t he made sure Lance was drinking water, as Lance had done for him while he was sick?

But Keith hadn’t been this sick. Like Shiro had said, Lance had run himself into the ground trying to take care of both Keith and all his normal paladin duties, and this was the result–he’d crashed and now he was burning.

“I’m gonna get Shiro,” Keith promised. Lance was shivering desperately still, teeth chattering. He didn’t reply.

“Shiro,” Keith cried breathlessly, sprinting into the common room. “He’s really sick.”

“What do you mean?” Pidge asked. “It’s just a cold; you had it, too.”

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Keith admitted, a pinkish tinge of panic coloring his voice. “His fever’s through the roof and I don’t know what to do.”

Shiro and the others followed Keith to Lance’s room, quarantine be damned. Lance wasn’t in his bed. 

“Where did he go?” Hunk asked to no one in particular.

“He’s in no condition to be wandering around,” Keith said. 

“If his fever’s as high as you say it is, he might be hallucinating,” Shiro deduced. “Split up. Call the rest of us on the comms if you find him.” 

Everyone took off in different directions in search of the blue paladin.

“He’s not in his lion,” Pidge supplied. “She seems really agitated.”

“She’s probably freaking out just as much as we are,” Hunk said. “He’s not in the kitchen.”

“Lance?” Shiro called. Where the hell had he hidden? “Come on out, buddy, we want to help you.”

“Guys, I’ve got him,” Keith finally announced. “He’s under my goddamn bed.” Lance was indeed sprawled halfway under Keith’s bed, looking like he’d passed out where he stood.

“What?” came a chorus of concerned voices.

“What’s he doing in there?” Shiro asked.

“He had a headache,” Keith said. “He asked me to give him something for it, but it was too early. The light hurt his eyes when I came into his room. I think he came in here because it’s dark and quiet.”

“Why yours?” Hunk asked.

“Lance?” Keith tried. “Lance, buddy, what are you doing out here?”

“Gotta check Keith’s fever,” Lace replied, a slurred, worrisome mess.

“I’m right here, remember?” Keith asked. “I’m all better now. You took good care of me.”

“I did?” Lance asked, blinking owlishly at the red paladin. He seemed barely able to keep his eyes open.

“Yeah, you did.”

Lance pressed the palms of his hands hard into his closed eyes, looking pitiful and pained. “My head hurts,” he admitted.

“I know, bud,” Keith soothed. “You’ve got a fever. I’m gonna take care of you now.”

RFA + theme(?) park day

Thank you @asking-mystic-messenger for giving me prompts <3

The reason why there’s a question mark is because I don’t know if all of these count as a theme park…also for Saeyoung I could have written an entire post dedicated to him at an amusement park, but I’ll save it for another day if anyone is interested! Also requests are open so please ask away~



  • ofc y’all are gonna end up going to a zoo
  • but not one where the animals are treated like shit
  • it’s more of an animal conservatory than anything, so they help endangered species and provide a habitat necessary for them to live (honestly some zoos are so atrocious it makes me want to claw my eyes out)
  • spends hours petting alpacas
  • “Can we take one home?”
  •  Yoosung as much as I agree with the idea I think kidnapping an alpaca counts as a felony
  • You guys have a really wonderful little train ride around the different habitats. There’s a pleasant breeze, which rustles through Yoosung’s hair as he gazes far out across the land. There is no noise other than wind, the rattle of the train on its tracks, and the sound of your own heartbeat, which grows stronger when glance at the man you love
  •  Yoosung’s face is brighter than the fucking sun he’s such a happy marshmallow
  • he’ll often start talking all animal anatomy to you and sometimes he just blinks and stops himself because whoops? you probably have no idea what I’m talking about?
  • but then you tell him he’s really cute when he becomes so passionate about a topic, and he sorta just blushes a little a giggles and says he can teach you more so you guys can have discussions about this sort of stuff
  •  hoo hoo private lessons with Mr. Kim I’m sure he’s a great tutor wink wonk

Favorite Attraction:

The more peaceful stuff, like carousels and trains

Attraction to keep him away from: 

Roller-coasters (because baby bean is actually a bit afraid of heights) though he will join you if you promise to hold his hand the entire time 

I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t think of anything for Jahee!! ;__;


  • You guys would probably also go to an amusement park
  • but good luck getting him to change out of his normal formal attire
  • “Jumin casual wear. Casual wear.”
  • “Yes, this is what I wear during a casual day. Is there a problem with my outfit? Is the colour not appropriate?”
  • “Jumin the colour is the least of my worries. You’ll actually get a heat stroke if you go like that.”
  • Anyways it takes about a solid hour for you to convince him to downgrade to a dress shirt and jeans
  • but oh is is worth it because he looks fkn H O T
  • however, he will not tolerate standing in line for a ticket, to he uses his rich boy powers to be the first one in the park 
  • Has never been to an amusement park before, and although he does understand their purpose from a business perspective, cannot comprehend why people bother going to them
  • ok Jumin I’ll show you why commoners come to these places
  • You don’t even start with the tamer rides to ease him into it, instead, you grab his hand and precipitate yourself towards the biggest, craziest ride there is. 
  • We’re talking about loops, twists, massive drops…oh, and it goes backwards too
  • Jumin keeps mumbling to himself as the ride slowly started climbing higher and higher.  You know what to expect, but Jumin doesn’t. You know that the ride hasn’t actually started yet, but Jumin doesn’t.
  • He grumbles about how useless this is, what a terrible way to pass time, are commoners so desperate for amusement they consider this to be adequate entertainment???
  • But then you get to the peak, and the only thing keeping you guys from falling straight down are the safety straps
  • Jumin’s eyes widen just a bit, and he lets out the smallest “Oh” as he realizes his impending doom
  • You don’t have time to react before you’re both launched into the abyss
  • Also you’re 128% sure Jumin screamed the whole time while you half laughed at him, half also screamed, though he will deny such a fact for as long as he lives
  • When you both get out, Jumin’s hair is a complete mess and his cheeks are flushed a delicate pink
  • move over Zen, there’s a new god in town
  • You still giggle occasionally at the memory of the ride, so Jumin, wanting some revenge, wraps an arm around your waist, and pulls you closer.
  • “My, I never knew you could be that loud,” he whispersd in your ear, making you shiver,  “tonight, how about I make you scream like that for me?”
  • Daddy yes

Favorite Attraction:

Surprisingly enough, he is very fond of water rides - especially those with water guns where you can shoot others with - as well as bumper cars

Attraction to keep him away from:

The food court. This man will complain about everything from prices to the quality of food and services, he will go on for hours.  Make sure you go buy the food by yourself. 


  • he’ll 100% want to bring you to a carnival
  • and people there will 100% try to hire him as a last minute performer so make sure you keep him close to you,  unless you want to see him dress up and parade around in a sparkly outfit that sounds really nice tbh
  • He’s going to buy a couple of those masquerade masks and make you both wear one but lord are they so extra
  • He looks like a prince from the medieval ages
  • Zen is all too eager to show off his strength using the hammer at the strength meter. Finds it adorable when you try to beat his score bonus points if you actually manage to
  • Is impressed by your skills at Whack-a-Mole, and is kind of embarassed when his own skills are sup-par
  • You guys share an enormous ball of cotton candy. Usually he doesn’t like sweets because it’s bad for his skin, but now he loves it since it makes your kisses all the more sweet
  • You ride the Ferris Wheel at night, and Zen makes a point to kiss you when you get to the very top also bonus points if there are fireworks going on

Favorite Attraction:

House of Mirrors (for obvious reasons) can probably smell mirrors from miles away so don’t even try to hide this place from him

Attraction to keep him away from:

House of Mirrors (for equally obvious reasons) yeah so good luck getting him out


  • Is an actual ten year old
  • probably more excited than you are, and you have to keep him from running around in circles while you wait in line to buy tickets (he also wanted to hack into the system earlier so you two could get in before opening hours but you said no)
  • letting him eat all those chips and soda for breakfast was probably not the best call, since now his energy levels have increased threefold
  • he’s such a high maintenance boyfriend jfc
  • at first you think it’s normal because let’s admit it, he’ll always be a kid, and who doesn’t love a good old amusement park outing?
  • as soon as you get inside, Saeyoung, eyes sparkling with all the mischievious ideas of someone half his actual age, begs you to let him choose the first ride
  • you agree, because his excitement is getting to you too and honestly you know you’ll have fun together no matter what you do
  • wow what a terrible idea
  • of course this tomato choose the water ride, where all the passengers get s o a k e d
  • now you understand why Saeyoung was so excited, and insisted that you both wear a white tank top that day
  • but it’s too late to back out now
  • you have to admit, it’s pretty refreshing after waiting under the scorching heat of the sun for such a long time
  • you also have to admit the white tank tops weren’t such a bad idea cuz damn this boy has a nice body
  • though on the other hand, he was hoping to be able to see more
  • better luck next time ya loser

Favorite Attraction:

Roller-coasters or haunted houses, whichever one it is, he will make a point to scream as loudly as possible, and as obnoxiously as possible. 

Attraction to keep him away from:

Literally any ride during which screaming is not considered appropriate.  He will not hesitate so scream his heart out during a carousel ride, pretending to clutch onto a horse for dear life someone save this boy from himself

I hope you enjoyed this drabble! I also wrote some headcanons about the RFA/Minor Trio and Avocados, so if you’re interested, you can read it here