the water was added as an afterthought for reasons

Hunting with Jon...

Imagine hunting with Jon and him getting injure so you take care of him…

((Ummmmm enjoy…))

Word Count: 1,608

“You didn’t have to come with me,” the Summer snow was falling in flurries around you and Jon Snow as the two of you rode through the wolfswood.

It was midday and on a spur of the moment decision, you had saddled your horse and decided to go hunting with the bastard of Winterfell. Of course, neither of you had bothered to shoot at any of the game you came across. You weren’t surprised. You knew Jon Snow just as well as you knew Robb Stark and Theon Greyjoy. The four of you had grown up together. You knew Jon used the hunting excuse just to get away from Winterfell, to get away from the hustle and bustle…the commands of the master-at-arms and Lord Stark…the glares of Lady Catelyn. You couldn’t imagine all the pressure he felt on a day to day basis. Not just from being a bastard…but because no matter what, Jon Snow was still Ned Stark’s second born.

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