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Monsta X as Lifeguards

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Shownu -

  • Gets paid more than he should
  • Believes that he saves dozens of people each week
    • They’re actually fake drowning
    • Has to perform “CPR”
  • Can save 30 people at a time
    • Somehow
  • A turtle on land, a freaking torpedo in water
  • Sits on his high chair staring into the sea… deeply…
  • The moment someone screams, he leaps into the water
    • Someone just got caught in kelp
    • Whoops
  • Just wears a tank top and shorts
  • Suddenly falls off his chair because a frisbee was coming at him
    • Tumbles into the sand not-so-gracefully

Wonho - 

  • Literally, too many girls are drowning
    • They just want to be in his buffy-mcbuffy arms
    • Seriously, have you seen them?
  • His shades make him even hotter
  • Sits back and watches the open waters
  • Comes down to play with the other people
    • Beach volleyball
    • A team = army 
  • Has eyes like a hawk
  • Wins the “saves the most people” award
    • Somehow beats Shownu
  • Shownu secretly spits on his award
  • Sometimes just goes shirtless to work

Minhyuk - 

  • It’s ironic that he even got the job
    • Probably because they need a good-looking lifeguard on duty
  • Plays with the kids– doesn’t even sit in his chair
  • Teaches them how to swim
    • …Wow.
  • Wonders if he needs to wear floaties to “demonstrate”
  • Schoolgirls will just come by the beach to see him
    • Why bring swimsuits, anyway?
  • Hesitates going into the water when someone is drowing
  • Pulls on his man floaties and dives in
    • I’m sorry but imagining this is too much HAHA
  • Master at beach volleyball
  • The moment he enters the water, his shirt disappears

Kihyun - 

  • Yells at the stupid teenagers trying to go in the water naked
  • Probably wears a sunhat to work
    • And sunglasses
    • Some people yell at him because they mistake him as an old lady
  • Uses his whistle more than his voice
  • CPR? What CPR? Dude just uses his voice to wake them up
    • Forget about the water in their lungs– He’ll make it evaporate
  • Always look at the first aid kit
    • Too many accidents in one day
  • Has classes on “water safety”
  • Tries boogie boarding on his free time
  • Reprimands Minhyuk and Hyungwon for not doing their job properly

Hyungwon - 

  • Shades on = he’s asleep, shades off = …he’s still asleep
  • The people ends up saving themselves somehow
    • Because this dude literally doesn’t pay attention
  • That first aid kit? 
    • It’s a decoration.
  • That tank top that says “Lifeguard on Duty”? 
    • He has nothing else to wear
  • Probably only saves one person each month because at that point, no one tries to drown or just stays by the shore
  • Gets yelled at by Kihyun
  • He can do CPR, but it became useless for him
  • Everybody questions how he got the job in the first place

Jooheon - 

  • Willing to save anything and everything
  • Believes that the open waters are “safe” when he’s there
  • Looks intimidating to the other swimmers
    • Turns into a complete honey bunches of oats seeing little kids
    • Accidentally makes one cry
    • Oh jeez
  • Even on his lunch break, the moment hears someone scream
    • Runs out like the Flash
  • Gotta be tough in the water
  • Isn’t exactly confident with his body
    • So he just goes into the water with his tank top and board
  • Has them shades on, but he’s still watching
    • Every single move

I.M - 

  • Barely speaks
  • Looks like a true lifeguard on duty
  • Goes into swimming battles with Shownu or Wonho
    • Likes to play with the other teens if he gets the chance
  • May seem like he’s just standing there doing nothing to help a drowning person
    • He’s just figuring out the situation
    • And looking for ways to get to them before diving in recklessly and directly
  • Manages to save the person effortlessly
  • Some just want to kiss him
    • Oopsie daises
  • Dude just looks hot in a tank top and shorts
  • Goes surfing by himself
    • Gets discounts and deals at the nearby shack
    • Girls just stand by watching him wax their boards
    • Oh wait, he’s a lifeguard…

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you say everyone has a right to food, to water, to shelter, to medical care. and i agree. but who is going to grow the food, package it, cook it, regulate it, ship it? who is going to bottle the water or monitor the safety of your tap? who is going to build houses and apartment buildings? who is going to go to medical school? or drive ambulances? do you think this all of this will get done from the goodness of people's hearts? everything is a transaction, even from the days of the barter system.

do you think people who love farming will stop farming? do you think people who want to become doctors will stop caring for people? do you think people who care about public infrastructure and management will stop doing it?

the profit motive is not the end-all be-all of human motivation

EXO react to teaching their child to swim (analysis)

Hi~ Hope you don’t mind, but I thought this would be more fitting for an analysis. Thanks for your support! Much love from the U.S! <3 

Xiumin: He gently keeps hold of his little boy, allowing him to become accustomed to the feeling of wadding through the water. Minseok wouldn’t be able to conceal his proud beams as his little boy deftly paddles through the pool inflatable tube around his tiny body and all. Proudly clapping, Minseok wouldn’t hold back with his effusive compliments. “My boy is already swimming like a professional!” 

Luhan: Seeing Xiumin’s son already swimming at a satisfactory level, Luhan would zealously try to get his apprehensive little son to come into the water. “Come on buddy, it’s not that scary,” dipping his little boy’s hand into the water’s balmy surface, he would gently pat his son’s head reassuringly. “See? It’s nice isn’t it?” Though his son still seems tentative, Luhan would eye his wife murmuring: “I think we should just start with the jacuzzi.” 

Kris: He encourages his little daughter, who lingers hesitantly by the edge of the pool to jump in, promising that he’ll catch her. Kris would be incredibly patient with his daughter, never moving from his spot in the pool, arms outstretched widely awaiting for her small frame to hit the water. After many attempts with his daughter dashing to the edge of the pool only to halt in her tracks, she’ll finally dive in, only for Kris to teem with ebullition at her bravery. “That was amazing princess. You’ll be a better swimmer than your mother at this rate,” with a swift kiss to her forehead, his little girl wouldn’t stop leaping into the waters from then on. 

Suho: He’ll go out of his way to find swimming classes for his daughter, so she’ll become more accustomed with the idea of swimming itself. Paying for each expense, Suho would linger by the poolside keep a close eye on his little girl and her instructor as she practices her dog paddle. Always reassuring her with his infectious grin, he’ll consistently nudge at the parents to his side pointing to his little girl with effervescence and pride. “It’s her first time here! She’s doing really good don’t you think?” 

Lay: Like Minseok, Yixing would be direct in coaching his little boy with swimming. Always by his side, sometimes even hesitant to let his son drift on his own, Yixing is still as composed and patient as usual with his little son. I see Yixing getting one of those miniature pools for his son as opposed to starting him off in a large pool. “You’re doing so well my prince. Soon, you’ll be able to swim with your older sister and uncles.” 

Baekhyun: Being as playful as he is, Baekhyun’s way of teaching is to incorporate an element of fun for his son. While his little boy is wading through the water carefully, inner tube safety fastened around him, Baekhyun would introduce him to water guns explaining how once he gets better, he can engage in battles with his EXO uncles. “Make sure you target your uncles Chanyeol and Kyungsoo! It’s a display of skill! You want to try? Just once, the more you practice, the more I can become convinced that you can handle one of these!”

Chen: Jongdae would go out of his way to get all sorts of convivial inflatable toys for his daughter, to make the learning process more mirthful. “See? It goes around your waist like this princess. It’ll help you stay up. Remember, you always want to be afloat. Later, you can learn to swim underwater like your Uncle Chanyeol. He can swim with fish you know?” With all his tall tales about the other members, Jongdae eventually will invite them over to swim with his little girl. 

Chanyeol: He loves inviting the other members to watch every bit of his little daughter’s improvements with swimming. Chanyeol is the typical overly effervescent parent with little milestones such as this, so he wouldn’t hesitate in allowing others to take part in such a special, crucial breakthrough such as this. He would get the other members to cheer on his little girl as she paddles efficiently through the water. He’s always posting little videos of his daughter’s success on his IG. 

D.O: He takes this incredibly serious and is most straightforward in his teachings with his little son. Kyungsoo would want to ensure that his little boy is sufficient in whatever level of swimming proficiency before he can advance to things like diving, swimming to deeper ends of the pool, etc. Kyungsoo would be the most guarding and watchful of all the members while overseeing his son learning to swim. 

Tao: While in his efforts teach his son to swim, Tao would be mostly focused on attaining all sorts of ‘posh’ swim gear. Such as expensive water toys and those oversized, inflatable water slides. He wants to make this centralized on the conviviality of swimming for his little boy. Oh how much he would lament over the other members getting word of his new gadgets, always wanting to visit. “Why do you guys always want to come over?! These are for my son! I can’t help that they’re so entertaining for a pool party!” 

Kai: He loves imitating elegant ballet routines in the water with his little girl nearby. Jongin’s way of teaching includes ample amounts of references to dancing and how swimming is all about movement and flow. He’ll gently twirl her while she wades in the water before gliding his daughter from one side of the pool to the other. He’ll be sure to report to her mother on their daughter’s every bit of progress. “Look how good she’s getting jagi! She’s a real ballerina now.” 

Sehun: He is superb at getting his little daughter to practice by promising her to take her to a water park so long as she keeps her end of the bargain by becoming exceptional at swimming. To prepare for what’s imminent, Sehun would entice his daughter by randomly borrowing water guns from Baekhyun and Jongdae as well as plenty of rafts in the shades of vibrant greens and pinks from Suho, always reminding her that it’s for their eventual trip to the water park. 


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Hi there! I was wondering what clay, paint and sealant you use for your reptile dishes you make? I wanna make one for my lil guy, but I wanna make sure all my supplies are reptile safe. Thanks!

They are ceramic and glaze, fired to 2232°F. 

As far as I know there are no safe modeling materials that aren’t kiln-fired from which to make reptile dishes. 

However, there are options, such as carved foam, which are safe for hides, as long as food and water are not being offered in them. Some people make water dishes with foam sealed with silicone aquarium sealant. I can’t recommend that due to the fact that the resulting dish would be extremely hard to clean and could harbor bacteria, is soft and prone to damage, among other reasons.

I have recently found a food safe resin I’d like to experiment with. Most resin available to the home crafter is not food safe. It is clear, which limits its use for things like hides (though I have some ideas), but it could make some cool crystal-looking dishes (possibly with embeds). Resin casting is an involved process of first sculpting, then making a mold (generally out of silicone), and finally casting. It requires technical mold-making knowledge to start. It is extremely toxic and releases dangerous fumes before it’s cured. However, the final product would be safe in this case. I haven’t worked with this particular resin before so I can’t recommend it yet.

Here are some of my posts on the subject:

Ceramic Dish and Decor Safety – How I make my dishes and hides.
How I Make Animal-Safe Glazes
Safe Materials for DIY Decor and Dishes
Sealer Options for Foam and Grout Decor and Hides; Aquarium Silicone Sealant for Foam/Grout Water Features
Ceramic Glaze Safety for Fish and Aquariums (also applies to inverts and herps)
Safety of Glass in Aquariums (also applies to inverts and herps)
Rock and Stone Safety for Water Features and Aquariums
Safely Sterilizing Rocks and Stones
Clays for Reptile Decor
Sealing Reptile Decor
Making Foam Decor with Grout
Using Paint in Reptile Enclosures

Hope this helps!

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Hello again! Would you “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?” with moxiety?

This sounds really cute and I can see both ways around but idk

Just Morality doing silly things makes me giggle



When Anxiety smelled something burning, he knew it wasn’t something good.

He rushed downstairs, thinking it might be Prince or Logic, seeing that Morality was the cook in the house and very unusually burned any kind of food. However, as he got to the room, he saw Morality whimpering like a hurt dog, holding his left arm while he stared at a pan with burning…. Something.

“Morality, what the hell?” He asked, walking to him and noticing the oven was on. He turned it off and turned his attention to the whimpering trait. “Mo?”

“I burned myself” Morality whimpered, a few tears leaving his eyes, and Anxiety sighed, wiping his tears before checking the older trait’s arm.

“Tell me how. What did you do?”

“I threw w-water on the hot o-oil, like the recipe said” he said, and Anxiety frowned deeply at the burn on his boyfriend’s arm.

“Morality!everyone knows you can’t put water in hot oil! Safety measures first! How old are you? Five?!” Anxiety asked, his worry bringing out his anger. At Morality’s whimper, he sighed and put his arm under the cold water. “There. I’ll grab some cream to put over that” he said, and then kissed Morality’s cheek. “Love you okay? Don’t move”

“Okay” morality mumbled, waiting there. After a few minutes, they were quietly wrapping Morality’s arm.

“So. Why were you cooking so early in the afternoon?” Anxiety asked, just to break the ice, and Morality shrugged.

“It was supposed to be a surprise for you” he mumbled, and Anxiety looked at his boyfriend before he smiled fondly.

“Oh Mo… I love you” he said, and Morality smiled shyly before they kissed softly, Anxiety pulling back to smile at him. “But safety first”

“Yeah okay…”

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Torterra practically has a whole ecosystem on its back. It grows trees, moss, and bushes; small pokémon build nests and sometimes spend their whole lifetimes on Torterra’s back. According to the pokédex, herds of Torterra are mistaken for “moving forests”, and that’s fairly accurate.

So how, and why, does Torterra do this? A close relationship between species, like the organisms thriving on Torterra’s back, is known as symbiosis. This kind of relationship benefits at least one of the species involved. 

Sloths in our world have a relationship similar to Torterra’s. Sloth fur is long, thick, coarse, and slow-moving, making it an ideal environment for species to live. Algae, fungi, moths, beetles, and cockroaches all commonly make their homes in the fur of a sloth. 

The sloth gains the benefit of camouflage: the green color of the algae and fungus help it hide among the trees that it lives in. The small organisms get shelter, water, and safety. 

The interesting thing is that the type of algae that grows on sloths, Trichophilus welckeri, only grows on sloths. This algae is not found anywhere else in nature besides on sloths’ backs. Biologists theorize that this is because this algae needed that kind of environment to evolve and grow: the sloth and the algae evolved together.

This fits Torterra rather well; the plants on his back grow starting on young Turtwigs. It may very well be that the plants and trees on Torterra’s back are only found on Torterra’s back. They have a co-evolutionary relationship like the sloth and the algae.

The tree benefits by getting nutrients and water from Torterra, and it also no doubt helps transport the tree’s seeds around, particularly to other turtwig. The fact that Torterra moves also might be beneficial to the plants: it doesn’t have to worry about dry seasons or cold seasons, since Torterra would migrate to avoid those, too. 

Torterra, in turn, gains camouflage. It also gains an easy food source: tortoises are herbivores, and so if they can’t find food elsewhere there’s always a supply on their backs.

The small pokémon that live on Torterra gain shelter, protection, and food from the small ecosystem. They might help Torterra by eating pests or parasites, or by helping the natural processes that make the tree grow well.

In any case, it seems to be a good situation for most if not all of the pokémon involved. The giant Torterra hosts a variety of plants and animals on its back.

Torterra has symbiotic relationships with all of the plants and animals that live on its back. Torterra benefits from camouflage and food, and the rest gain shelter and protection.

We have to do better...

80% of the coral reef in the Caribbean is dead
20% of the Amazon is gone with another 20% already projected to be lost by 2025
By 2050 1 billion people will be forced to relocate due to climate change
By 2020 California will be in a mega drought, by 2050 it will be so severe that half of California will not be liveable.
California and Texas hold and make more than 75% of our nations produce, but also are the most affected by the climate change.
By 2045 it is said that Americans will need to make another great migration because there will be states in the south and the west that will be unliveable


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Prompt: Can u do a imagine on Negan finding a 15-16 year old who ran away from there abusive family – Via Anon

Ships: None
Words: 1,468
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, curses, suggestive talk
Category: Fluff/ Angst

A/N: I added two other siblings! Hope you don’t mind!

Negan had been fucking one of his wives when the walkie-talkie had buzzed into life and Dwight had announced that they’d found three kids in food storage. Negan had let out a groan and had promptly drawn out of his panting wife.

Ten minutes later he was down by one of the interrogation rooms. It was nothing classy, just a desk with two chairs. Dwight was stood outside, a crossbow slung over his shoulder. He stood up straight when Negan rounded the corner of the corridor.

“This better be good, D, I was deep in one of the wives when you called.” Negan asked in an almost groggy voice.

“Oh, it is.” Dwight replied in a low voice. “They’re in there.” He jabbed a thumb behind him at the iron door.

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