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I was letting my sennie explore a water bottle cause he'd never seen one before anf was pinning his eyes at it. He stretched his neck up on top of the cap, and tried to hoist himself up to perch on the edge of the label. Needless to say, it didn't work out and he knocked the water bottle to the floor and fell off the table. 😂 (He's flighted, he never hit the floor.) I caught it on video. Birds are great. He doesn't pay mind to water bottles now. Thought I'd tell you.

birds have way more confidence than they probably should, dang I love those silly beans.

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Where is your phone? Left

Your hair? Hawkeye

Your dad? Irrelevant

Your other half? Dave

Your favorite food? Burrito

Your dream last night? French

Your favorite drink? Water

Fear? Heights

Favorite shoes? Chacos

Favorite way to relax? TV

Your mood? Meh

I love? Raven

Where were you last night? Bed

Something that you aren’t? Funny

Muffins? Berry

Wish list item? House

Where you grew up? Atlanta

Last thing you did? Fallout

What are you wearing? Pyjamas 

Something you hate? Drama

Your pets? Lots

Friends? Best

Life? Process

Regrets? Retrospect

Missing someone? Brother

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One word tag meme

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1. Where is your phone? Left

2. Your hair? Coarse

3. Your dad? Skilled

4. Your other half? Error

5. Your favorite food? Japanese

6. Your dream last night? Ughh

7. Your favorite drink? Water

8. Fear? Expectation

9. Favorite Shoes? Stylish

10. Favorite way to relax? Nap

11. Your mood? Neutral

12. I love? FOOD

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. Something that you aren’t? Extrovert

15. Muffins? YAS!

16. Wish list item? Headphone

17. Where you grew up? Rural

18. Last thing you did? Draw

19. What are you wearing right now? Wink

20. Something you hate? Rushing

21. Your pets? Cats

22. Friends? Have

23. Life? Alright

24. Regrets? Probably

25. Missing someone? Maybe

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One word Meme

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1- Where is your phone? Near.

2- Your hair? Navarro.

3- Your dad? Funny.

4- Your other half? Hawke.

5- Your favourite food? Good.

6- Your dream last night? Sex.

7- Your favourite drink? Water.

8- Fear? Pain.

9- Favourite shoes? Combat.

10- Favourite way to relax? Music.

11- Your mood? Angst.

12- I love? Love.

13- Where were you last night? Cyberspace

14- Something that you aren’t? Confident.

15- Muffins? Yum.

16- Wish list item? House

17- Where you grew up? Places.

18- Last thing you did? Text.

19- What are you wearing right now? Elephants.

20- Something you hate? Deception.

21- Your pets? Assholes.

22- Friends? Cherished.

23- Life? Living.

24- Regrets? Some.

25- Missing someone? Deeply.

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One of the major upsides of running late enough that a lyft is the best option for commuting to work is that they almost always take the lakeshore drive, which means I get to see the way the water glows in the morning sunlight. Even on a slightly overcast day like today it’s stunning.


(I missed Easter, but here’s a quick little Gabe spring story for you Anon)

Drip. Drip. Drip. 

Annie was suddenly pulled from her thoughts, turning from her work in the garden as she noticed a steady dripping sound coming from behind her. Drip, drip, drip, followed by a few small splashes. 

She turned around to see a small boy of 5, one of her nephews, sitting beside a puddle that was forming underneath a nearby tree. The tree was so tall that winter ice near the top must have escaped the first thaw, she thought. But the warm spring sun had finally found it and the water was now making its way back to earth in a steady, thin stream through the thick spruce branches. 

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One word meme

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Where is your phone? Here.

Your hair? Dark.

Your dad? Useless.

Your other half? Kevin.

Your favorite food? Steak.

Your dream last night? Forgotten.

Your favorite drink? Water.

Fear? Unworthiness.

Favorite shoes? Slippers.

Favorite way to relax? PlayStation.

Your mood? Calm.

I love? Husband.

Where were you last night? Home.

Something that you aren’t? Pretty.

Muffins? Sugarless.

Wish list item? Money.

Where you grew up? Pennsylvania.

Last thing you did? Eat.

What are you wearing? Pajamas.

Something you hate? Anxiety.

Your pets? None

Friends? Yes.

Life? Okay.

Regrets? Some.

Missing someone? Always.

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All the water and air signs are psychoanalytical in their own ways.

Cancer wants to know your needs. Cancer searches for your inner child & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an emotional level, and they do this through stimulation of memory and ignition of feelings.

Scorpio wants to know your secrets. Scorpio searches for your inner demons & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a psychological level, and they do this through observation, probing, and deconstruction.

Pisces wants to know your pain. Pisces searches for your inner saint & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a spiritual level, and they do this through psychic absorption, availability, and inviting catharsis.

Gemini wants to know your thoughts. Gemini searches for your inner dreamer & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an intellectual level, and they do this through conversation and appealing to curiosity.

Libra wants to know your opposite. Libra searches for your inner balance & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on an interpersonal level, and they do this through reflection, comparison, and becoming you for a while.

Aquarius wants to know your future. Aquarius searches for your inner rebel & the organic composition of your ability to experience life on a larger scale, and they do this through inspiring you to express/fulfill your ideals and purpose.

The water signs mainly wait, attract, and spy, whereas the air signs encourage, initiate, and ask. The water signs receive you, the air signs pursue you. When these signs get to know you, they aren’t just learning dead-end details and essence, they’re becoming familiar with exactly what defines you, exactly what makes you tick, exactly what completes you, exactly what & who you are. What they do with that information varies.

(Ascendant, Descendant, sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus may apply.)

Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves


Oasis 21 - Nagoya, Japan (2002)

“The roof is a large oval glass structure that floats above ground level. It is filled with water to draw a pattern of uncountable ripples of light and to cool down the temperature of the shopping area and the public space for various events known as “Milky Way Square” below in the summer. A walking path surrounds the glass roof, allowing people to enjoy a stroll in the air 14 meters above ground. The axis of Spaceship-Aqua points toward the Nagoya Castle.”

Houses as things I've Said

Gryffindor: *listens to news report on how our phones give off the same chemicals as marijuana in the brain* Ha! Yo Chris, pass the phone.

Hufflepuff: If I’m not up by 11:40 make sure the fishes have a balanced breakfast.

Ravenclaw: Got water?
Yeah I’m 65% water.
Okay, but how do I drink you?

Slytherin: *Me buying 3 packs of 72 ego waffles* Shut up Alan! I have needs that you’ll never understand! You could never understand.

MBTI as stuff I've heard in the nurse's office over the years

ENTJ “Hurry up and get me some ibuprofen. I gotta get back to class so I don’t end up with some shitty job like yours.”
INTJ “Chemistry accident”
ENTP “*holding tissue in nose and ice pack over face* I wanted to see what happened if I smashed my face into the desk”
INTP “I was attacked by a basketball in gym class”
ESTJ “Dammit Gabby’s 2 minutes late for her meds where is she”
ISTJ “Dealing with all these idiots has given me a migraine”
ESFJ “Okay you can stay back there for twenty more minutes but don’t tell my boss I’ll get fired”
ISFJ “Don’t worry about me, just need a bandaid. *HUGE BLOODY SKINNED KNEE WITH GRAVEL IN IT*”
ESTP “So he punched me in the face so I pulled my blade on him and I think I’m gonna be suspended again”
ISTP “Um I nearly cut my hand off with a saw and had to have surgery”
ESFP “HEEEEEEY LADIES HOW’S IT GOIIIIN no im not here for any reason its just that geometry is boring”
ISFP “*to nurse* uuuughhh…my stomach hurts… *to other person* the truth is i never studied for this test we’re taking in class right now”
INFJ “I was just walking along having existential thoughts when I tripped on my shoelace down the stairs *mind you this was a fucking fourth grader what the fuck*”
ENFP “Well I was spinning around and around and then I hit my head on the cabinet and I think I’m gonna puke”
INFP “*crying* Reality sucks let me lay down”