the water guns falling in to the pool thing

Ong Seongwoo Scenario


  • Angst/fluff
  • You and Ong are dating when problems arise…

You threw on your hood as you sat down on the steps that lead to your apartment. It was a cold January night but your face felt like 1000 degrees as tears seemed to endlessly fall down your face. You wiped your face with your sleeves before leaning against the rail. ‘Things used to be perfect…’ you thought to yourself.

“Ong!” You screamed as he chased you around the pool with a water gun. “I told you I didn’t want to get my hair wet!”

After a few more minutes of him chasing you around, you caught Ong off guard as he swatted a fly away from his face and pushed him into the pool, only for Ong to quickly grab your arm so you would fall in too.

Under the water and midst all of the bubbles you saw Ong smiling widely and you couldn’t help but smile back. He grabbed your hands and pulled you to the top of the water. 

“Ong you know I’m bad at swimming.” You laughed as you tried to doggy paddle and keep your head bobbing above the water. 

“Psh I can’t believe you don’t know how to swim.” Ong teased you before letting you get on his back. Ong’s breath hitched as you put your arms around his shoulders and wrapped your legs around his waist. You could swear that you felt his heart beating faster and him the same.

Once he brought you over to the shallow end of the water you both got out of the pool and let your feet dangle in the water as you sat at the edge.

“Hey y/n?” Ong said in a sort of serious tone which surprised you.

“Yeah? What is it?” You looked up at him.

Ong’s ears turned red as he mustered up the courage to say, “Do you wanna be my girlfriend?” 

“Wh-What?” You were so caught off guard that you accidentally fell forward and into the pool. Ong quickly jumped in after you and you both ended up laughing, your cheeks burning from embarrassment. “So is that a yes?”

You couldn’t help smiling as you noticed how nervous Ong looked and how he was trying to act like he wasn’t at all. “Yea you dummy.”

You put your face in your hands, trying not to think of all of the memories you had with Ong. After a few minutes you finally stopped crying and was just sniffling but you made the mistake of recalling the events that had unfolded earlier that day.

- Active 2 minutes ago -

you: Ong? Are you running late or did you actually forget we were supposed to meet for dinner tonight?

Ong: Sorry y/n my dance teacher is forcing us to stay for another hour and a half I don’t think I can go tonight

- read 6:32 pm -

You tossed your phone on the couch next to you. Ong was seriously blowing you off again? Ever since he became an idol trainee you two had begun to drift apart as he prioritized his training more than you. Angry and sad you went to the bathroom to wipe off all your makeup and change out of the new dress you’d been saving for this occasion.

After eating left overs and watching Korean dramas on your couch you found yourself dozing off until you heard your front door open. 

“Y/N? You awake?” You heard Ong’s voice and you got up, rubbing your eyes.

“I was just about to sleep.” You muttered as he sat down next to you.

“I’m sorry. Go to sleep. We can just catch up tomorrow.” Ong started to get up when you sighed.

“Yeah and then tomorrow you’ll say the same thing.” You muttered under your breath.


“I said tomorrow you’ll say the same thing. And the same thing the day after that, and the day after that, until we’re both old and wrinkly and it’ll have been years since we’d last talked.” You said in a bitter tone.

“Is this about today? I mean how was I supposed to control what my dance teacher did and didn’t decide for me?” Ong crossed his arms. “I can’t believe you’re trying to blame me for this.”

“Oh okay.” you scoffed. “I think all of that pride you have is clouding your judgement right now.”

“Pride?” Ong narrowed his eyes. “Or maybe this is how life works. Unexpected things can come up that I can’t control and you should just grow up and learn to deal with it.”

“Maybe I don’t want to deal with it anymore.” You raised you voice and stood up so the couch was the only barrier in between you and Ong. “No girlfriend should have to deal with always being blown off last minute and guess what Seongwoo? In a relationship people are supposed to actually talk. When was the last time we talked, huh? Last week?” Ong was taken back when you used his first name since you only called him that when you were really angry or upset, but he quickly brushed it off.

“Last week? We talked this morning!” Ong laughed in disbelief. “Now you’re just making up lies.”

“I’m not talking about saying good morning and hi, I’m talking about having real conversations. Meaningful ones where you tell me every detail about your life–”

“Well I just don’t have time for that kind of stuff, okay?”

There was a long pause before you broke the silence. “You don’t have time for me and I’m unwilling to deal with it.”

“Is this… Is this how it’s going to end?” Ong said quietly.

“I guess so.” You said coldly but inside you were fighting your tears.

“Fine.” Ong grabbed his keys before slamming the door shut. 

You sobbed into your hands, trying to fight all of the emotions that were stirring up in your head. Ong was your best friend, no, he was your soulmate. You had never met someone you had gotten along with so well and you two fit together like puzzle pieces. He was jelly and you were peanut butter. He was milk and you were cookies…

But in the midst of all of your hiccups and sniffles you hadn’t noticed that someone had walked up to your apartment.

After Ong had left earlier that day he had gone to his car and started quietly crying. He hadn’t realized how hurt you had been because of him. It was his fault and he had only just realized it… but his pride hadn’t allowed him to have the option of trying to fix or improve things. But after talking to his best friend Daniel about it over a few drinks he knew that he had to talk to you again.

Ong walked up to your apartment and immediately felt a pang in his heart as he saw you crying by yourself outside in the cold. You heard the footsteps and looked up to see Ong standing in front of you. “Ong? What are you doing here?”

“Here.” Ong handed you a tub of ice cream. “It’s your favorite.”

“Ong…” you sighed as he sat next to you. “I don’t think this is what’s supposed to happen after a breakup.”

“Then let’s just pretend like ours never happened.” He gave you a timid smile. “I’m sorry y/n.”

You gave him a light shove. “Yeah me too. Let’s go inside, it’s cold.” As you two got up Ong pulled you into a giant bear hug, snuggling his head inside of your shoulder.

“I love you y/n.”

“I love you too.”

Eight Days A Week (a Yuri!! On Ice nanny au)

okay but a nanny!AU where Viktor has somehow acquired a bushel of children and needs a nanny to help care for his screaming brood - enter Yuuri, freshly retired from what he thinks was a failed figure skating career, and in desperate need of money to help pay off his student loans.

(it’s also on AO3)


Yuuri’s nervous – it’s his very first meeting at the nanny agency and he has no idea how he’s gong to pull any of this off, when Viktor Nikiforov, the world’s best figure skater (ret.), walks in. Yuuri nearly has a heart attack, but his excitement and energy quickly vanishes when he realizes that Viktor, who stood on the podium with Yuuri at Worlds two years before (for Yuuri’s first and only World medal, a bronze) doesn’t recognize him at all.

By the time Yuuri takes this in (wondering why he thought Viktor would even remember a washed-up nobody like him, anyway), a weary, weary Viktor is telling him that the longest a nanny has lasted with Viktor’s kids is a week, and the last one left after three hours, recommending that Viktor hire an exorcist instead of childcare help.

Yuuri, whose hurt feelings won’t pay the rent, swallows his crushed dreams and accepts the job.

(He tells all this to his roommate Phichit that night. “Wow,” Phichit says. “Your life sucks.”)

The next day, he goes to Viktor’s house and the door is opened by a tiny blond ball of rage, who promptly kicks Yuuri in the shin and runs off.

“That’s Yuri,” says a young boy lurking behind the hall stand inside. “He’s three. He hates you.”

“What about you?” Yuuri asks, favoring one leg.

The boy considers. “I’m Otabek. I’m five. I hate you too.”

Viktor comes up, removes the cricket bat from Otabek’s hands, and brings Yuuri inside. “The children didn’t want to come meet you,” Viktor says in way of explanation as they go into the large house. “I can usually find them.”

They discover Sara and Michele (twins, Viktor tells him, and six) in the kitchen, eating crackers under the table. Jean-Jacques (seven) is climbing a bookcase in the library. Mila (nine) is reading a book in front of the television, with the dog Makkachin at her feet. It takes a while to find the last two, Georgi and Chris, both twelve, but Viktor finally locates them sitting on the garage roof. Georgi has a guitar and Chris has a water gun, which he promptly uses to squirt Yuuri in the face.

“There they are,” Viktor says.

Yuuri takes off his glasses to dry them. He’s a little shell-shocked. “Eight children.”

“Yes.” Viktor hesitates. “I have to go. Are you staying?”

Yuuri puts his glasses back on. “Um, sure?”

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This Is Who I Am - Ross Lynch

You have to let the love of music drive you. When you love it, and you’re playing it, and you finally get it…that’s where, like, the soul comes from. You’re feeling it. [x]