the wasp cosplay


FIrst pics of my Wasp/ Janet van Dyne Cosplay /)/////v/////(\

I had so many doubts about this Cosplay- But it turned out beautiful o///v//o) a lot of people complimented me - someone even said I was “prettier than the real Wasp” :’D

I’m just incredibly happy with this /)v(\

pictures taken by: liebreizend on Animexx

Who Gatekeeps the Gatekeepers?

I’m becoming that person, the girl who gets approached at conventions by guys trying to prove I’m a fake geek girl.

The irony being that I’m actually a professional in the industry and have an encyclopedic knowledge of comics they probably haven’t even heard of.  

At Boston Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, I was waiting on line in a Dunkin’ Donuts in my Silver Age Wasp costume.  Now, it’s not the most famous of her old costumes, nor the most accurate– it’s a red-on-black costume from the late 60s and basically a closet cosplay with wings and accessories– but we’re talking about a character who has so many costumes that I tried to count them all up once and lost count somewhere in the early 2000s with a count of at least 220.  So I don’t expect everyone to recognize all her costumes.  A lot of people usually think I’m Dr. Mrs. The Monarch or various other winged characters; it’s cool.  I get it. 

So I told him I was The Wasp.  

He said to me, “oh, well, I’m a comics fan,” definitely with that implication that people at comics conventions who aren’t comics fans leave something to be desired.  

I said the Wasp was a comics character.

“I mean superhero comics,” he said.  “I know everything about superhero comics.  I can name pretty much every superhero character.” 

“She is a superhero,” I told him.  

“Well, I’m more of a Marvel fan,” he said.  

“She is a Marvel character,” I answered.  

“Well, she must be really obscure because I know everything about Marvel and I’ve never heard of her,” he said.

“Do you know who the original founding Avengers were?” I asked. 

“Which ones?” he asked.  “There are a lot of original founding Avengers.”

“I mean the original five, from 1963.” 

“Captain America,” he started.

“No,” I said.  “I mean, he’s close to one but he didn’t join till Avengers #4.”

“Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk,” he rattled off.  

“Yes,” I answered.  “Three down, two to go.”

“Hawkeye,” he said.

“No,” I answered. “Hawkeye was a villain.

“No he wasn’t!” the guy replied. “Hawkeye wasn’t a villain; he was definitely on the original team.”

“He was a villain,” I answered. “He joined later.”

“Well, I don’t know,” said the guy. 

“They were both in the most recent Marvel movie,” I said.  

Ant-Man?” he asked. “Ant-Man wasn’t an original Avenger.”

“Yes, he was. One more,” I told him.  (It was a very long line.)

“Okay,” he said. “One more guy.”  

“Noooo,” I answered.  

He didn’t get what I meant, because he just started rattling off a very long list of Marvel dudes, most of which were X-Men.

Finally, he said “I give up.”

“Wasp,” I answered.  

“I didn’t know that,” he said.

“That’s okay, I assured him. “They’re really old comics.”

“Oh,” he said. “Well, I know a lot about Wolverine.  I know everything there is to know about Wolverine.” 

snarkaeologist​ can attest to all of this happening. 

I felt kind of bad quizzing him like that, but it was one question, and one I meant as mild teasing. I honestly expected that when I asked him who the founding Avengers were, he’d remember the Wasp and facepalm or something.  I thought it was interesting that he did not for a second consider any female characters.  It was almost like he didn’t know their names at all.  

Man, someday I’m going to cosplay Secret Agent X-9.  I would just love to see someone try to one-up me on Dashiell Hammett and Alex Raymond.


Hey! It’s the spider Gwen anon from forever ago! So I did it! I did Spider Gwen from AVAC! Sadly, I had an incident with my jacket and had to do rank 1 instead of rank 3, but honestly it was fun either way! I met lots of nice people and had some really great experiences I wouldn’t have had if you guys hadn’t given me the courage to do it!
I hope to do more of Gwen in the future and keep showing off my tiger style! 🐯
Thanks for doing what you do!!