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☕ yuri doesnt have to want to be more masculine/hate his feminine image to be a realistic or better character. Yuri being feminine doesnt make ships with him heteronormative.

Agree! I don’t have much more to add to this. If people find feminine Yuri problematique just go write a fic where he fixes cars and likes stout beers or something. 

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Magic anon time, Everyone wishes they could be a kid again so congrats Boris you get to be 3 years old again for 3 days! Have fun big...or should I say little guy ?

Boris had just woken up from a nap, blanket still in his hand, with a yawn he rubs his eyes and it takes him a full minute to understand what the anon just said.

“Now wai-” Boris doesn’t get to finish his sentence as he suddenly starts to shrink quickly

It’s not long before the tall wolf is gone, replaced by a very small puppy in overalls sitting on the blanket. With a small giggle he claps his little hands together and sticks his tongue out at the anon. Why, because anons are silly and he wanted too be silly with the anon as well. What was he doing again? 


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The Zodiac Signs as Objects

Aries: Boombox

Taurus: Bed

Gemini: Dances

Cancer: Paint

Leo: Glitter

Virgo: Tile floors

Libra: Moisturizer/lotion

Scorpio: Knife

Sagittarius: Basketball

Capricorn: Briefcase

Aquarius: Windchime

Pisces: Washing machine

Spit A Verse Burr

Mulligan: Who are you?

Laurens: Who are you?

Lafayette: Who are you?

Mulligan, Lafayette, Laurens: Ooh, who is this kid what’s he gonna do?

Hamilton: Laurens




Hamilton: *Coughs* i MeAn i’M NOt ThrOWiNg aWAy My SHoT–