the warriors 3

  • You: Echoes will save Fire Emblem
  • Me, an Intellectual: Fire Emblem doesn’t need to be saved. Awakening saved Fire Emblem. Awakening is the entire reason we got Fates as fast as we did. Yes, Fates wasn’t the best game, and it had a pretty terrible localization in the west, but Fates was Nintendo’s test ground to see what works and what doesn’t. Since localization handled by Tree House was pretty terrible, they’re going back to having 8-4 doing the localization. Awakening brought in a surge of new fans to the IP, and Fates was geared towards those new fans to see if that’s what makes the game sell. Awakening outsold Fates by 0.20 million copies, and is still the reason why we have Heroes and are getting Echoes, Warriors, and the unannounced Switch title in 2018.

thor: ragnarok spoilers

No offence but if u think I’m about to forgive thor: ragnarok for killing off the warriors 3 (2 of them having no fcking lines at all) and not have thor acknowledge the deaths of best friends he’s fought with for centuries ding dong u r wrong

Don’t even get me started on sif’s total absence on screen and in any kind of reference in dialogue!!!!!

I have a lot of problems with this movie but the way it treated the characters that were part of the foundation of the thor mythos really grated. Like, bye odin, who’s just accepting death i guess! thanks for doing thor’s job for the whole movie heimdall, we’re going to totally sideline you now! thanks for making it absolutely black and white that you’re nothing but a greasy opportunist who would happily kill/sell his brother loki!! (Last one i’m not so mad about, hopefully people will stop pretending loki’s ‘misunderstood’ like no, he’s just a fucking douchebag)

anyway. when’s infinity war so i can finally sever my emotional ties to the marvel heroes, who aren’t really characters at all but vehicles for mediocre stories about nothing

(They annihilated asgard, this place that’s supposed to have stood for millennia, so casually. A whole world. For a ship full of about 300 civilians who are apparently going to be slaughtered/kidnapped by thanos anyway.)

Literally nothing matters or has weight in this franchise. Thor and co even fought another army of faceless dead people (no stakes there, like the chitauri.) Hela mentioned that odin used to enslave and pillage worlds for the betterment of asgard - that had no repercussions for Thor’s crew, it didn’t matter that his home was founded on the blood of other civilisations.

Everyone’s hailing this movie as revolutionary because it had a bunch of jokes. The only marvel films that actually instilled in me a sense of awe and recognition in its message were the first 2 captain america movies, development that got eviscerated by the inanity of civil war. The mcu is so inspid, i feel like an idiot for even caring anymore lmao