the warmth in your eyes

The Signs Kissing (Public vs Private) ((check sun and moon signs))

Aries in public: kisses you firmly and quickly completely out of no where

Aries in private: firmly holds you by the shoulders or side of your neck as they completely pull you into their powerful lips

Taurus in public: watches you until they see you have a free moment and will lean over to place a single warm kiss on the corner of your mouth

Taurus in private: looks at you with half lidded eyes and absorbs the warmth of your breath before closing the distance between you and their soft lips

Gemini in public: probably catches you mid conversation or in the middle of working on something when they attack everywhere but your lips with butterfly kisses; runs off with a cheeky smile when you try to kiss their lips

Gemini in private: loves to run their hands through your hair as they give deep and fast paced kisses, and smirking whenever there is a break for air

Cancer in public: Wants to hold your hand and has been kissing you at every moment they can get your attention

Cancer in private: Likely to have set up candles and rose petals, but then asks your permission before completely rocking your world the rest of the time they have with you

Leo in public: confidently strides up to you, grins, and pulls you in by the back of your neck for a rehearsed and captivating kiss; hopes the whole room sees

Leo in private: lifts you up onto a counter or crawls over you in bed, putting on the performance they’d been ready to give you all day, and not letting up until your moaning into their mouth

Virgo in public: waits until no one is around or until they are sure no one is looking before lightly pecking your lips or cheek and then pretending like it didn’t happen with a serious blush

Virgo in private: straddles your lap seductively and runs their hands over your chest and shoulders as they ghost over your lips, making you have to really stretch and try to reach them, and then only kiss you long enough to leave you drooling for more

Libra in public: gives you seductive looks, slowly moving closer until they’re practically the only person you are aware is present in the room, and then capturing your lips in purposeful movements

Libra in private: caresses your face gently, but kisses you as if they need you in order to live

Scorpio in public: Will kiss you for the mere fact that you were having a good conversation with someone else, and does it so possessively that it’s hard to tell if they’re mad at the other person or with you

Scorpio in private: throws you onto the bed, pinning you there as they nip and lick and kiss all the way up your body before finding your lips

Sagittarius in public: Pecks your lips between complimenting everything they love about you

Sagittarius in private: Lovingly wrestles with you, constantly rolling around on the floor and giving victory kisses every time either one of you is pinned

Capricorn in public: awkwardly tries to brush your hair out of your face, even if there’s no hair that needs to be brushed away, and shyly tries to kiss you, probably missing your lips

Capricorn in private: runs through all the techniques they’ve Googled about kissing before trying every single trick in the book on you

Aquarius in public: uses their finger to tilt your face up, holds your gaze, and then gives you a single reassuring and calming kiss, perfectly placed on your lips

Aquarius in private: turns on their favorite album, taking their time with enjoying the music before beginning to lean towards you; eventually nuzzles your face warmly, starting off with cautious kisses and eventually gaining all the confidence in the world with much deeper kisses

Pisces in public: probably uses some sort of game, like The Nervous Game or Truth/Dare, to get you to kiss them; pulls you in by the small of your back

Pisces in private: wraps you in a warm blanket because they want you to be as comfortable as possible as they play with and tease your lips with there’s until you take the initiative to make them really get down to it

The signs hugging

Aries: Pounds your back to make sure you know how intense their love is

Taurus: Perfectly aligns hearts and holds you tight. A powerful warmth begins to spread through your body. Your eyes well up. A single tear threatens to fall. Then the hug breaks, and the moment is over.

Gemini: Asks first: “Do you need a hug?” Wraps arms around you, holds tight for a sec, then slaps your back in a brolike fashion and awkwardly breaks apart to avoid seeming too touchy-feely

Cancer: Gives and takes hugs in equal measure. Soft, gentle, and warm. Why hugs were invented

Leo: Casual hugs all the time, no biggie

Virgo: Getting a hug from them is like getting a hug from God; you can’t believe you made it to this moment, you must have done something right

Libra: hugs who they want to hug plus EVERYONE ELSE just to be fair so it doesn’t look like they’re showing favoritism or anything

Scorpio: *checks pockets*

Sagittarius: Short hugs, touch-and-go, like they’re about to catch a flight out of the country. Are they vacationing, or on the run? Will you ever see them again? No one knows

Capricorn: You have just sealed a pact of friendship forever, expect them a call from them at 8 pm on a Wednesday night 20 years from now to catch up like you just saw each other yesterday

Aquarius: “I’m not a hugger”

Pisces: Probably initiated the hug

you make waking up at 4 am worth it.
and waking up beside you makes the
butterflies in my stomach flare up.
exploding of orange and pink
as it overcomes my blues and purple.
just like sunrise. you are my sunrise.
your touch crawls inside my body.
tingling every inch of my temporal soul.
your baby blue eyes
gives me warmth and joy.
just like sunrise. you are my sunrise.
then you wrapped me in your arms.
your presence became my blanket of security.
i felt like home as we watch the world together.
then you said I’m the only one in
this world that matters.
then you kissed my lips
and i touched your face.
and our souls danced together
as we become one.
and when you look at me
you reach my deepest trench.
and when i look at you
i see an embodiment of paradise.
you said i touched your oceans.
i said you touched my skies.
and the world witnessed everything.
i am your twilight and you are my sunrise.
—  secnarfile
Daddy Negan {Part 2}

Word count: 3.1k (OF DIRTY DIRTY FUN!)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I think Negan will speak for himself in this fic. <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Negan loves teasing you to the point of no return, but tonight he’ll be rewarding his princess. 
{Part One}

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Happiness is 2016 changing into 2017 realizing after a year full of stubborn hearts that when someone loves you they don’t have to send it to you instead of the casual “good morning” text, they don’t have to scream it at the top of their lungs in the middle of the busy highway, they don’t have to whisper it to you hesitantly while you’re having a drink at your favorite bar. When someone truly loves you, you can see it in their eyes. They might not send out some kind of heat to your body but all of sudden when their eyes meet yours the sweetest wave of warmth surrounds your entire being. 
Happiness is eating hot dogs in the middle of the busy, frozen street and them patiently waiting in the cold for you to finish because they know you’re a slow eater. Happiness is opening the gifts you got them even though what made them the happiest was the handwritten note you put in the paper bag. It’s stealing a kiss from you while you’re out with friends and walking you to the subway station so as they can tell you “Goodnight” and “Thank you” and “Take care” without anyone else but you two hearing these plain words that contain so much love.
Happiness is a pair of warm eyes, reminding you that love is not something ideal or extraordinary, it’s not just heartbeats and smiles. It’s trying, trying, trying. Nights you spent wishing you could end this and mornings that found you with the legs of you two tangled up and their smell on your pillow. It’s persistence, understanding, stubbornness, and soft touches in the dark. It’s that feeling you get when your eyes meet and fill your souls with warmth, reminding you that it’s worth it.
—  Happiness is a pair of warm eyes.
The signs hugging

Aries: Pounds your back to make sure you know how intense their love is

Taurus: Perfectly aligns hearts and holds you tight. A powerful warmth begins to spread through your body. Your eyes well up. A single tear threatens to fall. Then the hug breaks, and the moment is over.

Gemini: Asks first: “Do you need a hug?” Wraps arms around you, holds tight for a sec, then slaps your back in a brolike fashion and awkwardly breaks apart to avoid seeming too touchy-feely

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One of the most painful parts of losing you was that it didn’t matter how much we knew and loved each other, how much time we spent talking, it only took a fraction of the time to become strangers again–for the sound of your voice, the sparkle in your eyes, the warmth you gave me, the moments we shared, to become a distant memory.
—  LA
You’re Mine

He took one last thrust before releasing inside of you.  His body shuddered as he pulled out and laid down in the black silk sheets next to you as you both tried to catch your breath.  Three weeks ago you met the Joker and you’d been staying with him ever since.  To say the time you’d spent with him was unconventional would be an understatement, but it had been the best three weeks of your life.

You tilted your head over to look at him, “Shower with me?”

He let out a small breathy laugh, “Go turn on the water, i’ll be there in a minute.” He flashed you his silver smile and winked.

You giddily hopped out of bed and stumbled to the master bathroom, your legs still feeling like rubber.  It didn’t take long for the water to heat up; steam escaped the glass shower as you opened the door and stepped under the water.  You sighed closing your eyes as you were enveloped in warmth.  Thoughts started to flood your head; questions that you had been avoiding since the first week with J.  What am I to him? He’s the fucking Joker for Christ’s sake; he’ll kick me out or kill me as soon as he finds someone better.  Your contemplation was interrupted as you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist.  You opened your eyes to be met with his crystal blue gaze staring directly at your lips.

He smirked, “Look at that mouth of yours….it’s so good at so many things.” Was this man ever not horny?

You wrapped your arms around his neck, keeping your bodies close.  Something about him still made you nervous and you really wanted to ask him what your “title” was, if any, but you couldn’t form the right words.  Out of habit you bit your lower lip and looked down at the tile floor.

He lifted your chin bringing your eyes up to him and pulled your lip from your teeth with his thumb, “You know what biting that lip of yours does to me.” He growled.

“J….” Here goes nothing, “What….what are we?” You asked tentatively.

He let out a cackle, “What do you mean dollface?” His hands roamed your body before they pushed your hair behind your ears and rested gently on either side of your face.

You took a deep breath trying to not let him intimidate you, “Am I your girlfriend?”  He furrowed his brown in confusion for a moment before stepping back from you, emitting his famous laugh.

He clapped his hands together humorously before looking back at you, “That was a good one, Y/N.”

You stood silent waiting for him to continue, he took the hint, “I don’t do love, Y/N.  I don’t do romance. I fuck. Hard. And you’re here for nothing more than my amusement and pleasure, are we clear?” He looked you dead in the eyes.

You felt your throat tightening up but you weren’t going to let yourself cry.  Keep it together, Y/N. You’ve only known him for three weeks, don’t be that girl.

You gave him a small, fake smile trying to look as genuine as possible, “Thank god, I was starting to worry that you were falling for me.” You gave him a small wink and a smirk.

He grinned back at you, “I knew you’d be perfect.”


There wasn’t much to do around the mansion when J was busy, which was most of the time.  You’d just been sitting out in the garden for a few hours thinking everything through.  He’s the Clown Prince, the King of Crime; he’s not boyfriend material anyway.  I can’t imagine having to introduce him to my family; at least now I’ll never have to.

Even though your relationship with J had been set in its place, you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.  How could you spend a few weeks being so intimate with someone, physically at least, and not develop some feelings for them?  Apparently he could.  Relax, Y/N.  This isn’t about you not being good enough or pretty enough.  This is about him and his fucked up heart.  It was hard to not let your insecurities get the best of you but in a moment of strength you stood up from the bench you were sitting on and made your way back inside to do the one thing that always helped you after a man made you feel down: find a new man.

You knew leaving the mansion was off limits; you weren’t trying to get killed, but you also knew that there was a plethora of henchmen hanging around.  One in particular had caught your eye since the first day that J brought you home with him.  You didn’t know his name, but he was always lurking around the living room keeping an eye on that section of the first floor.  You paced along the dark wood hallways until you saw him standing exactly where you had predicted.

“Hi,” You waved slightly and approached him, “I don’t think we’ve officially met, I’m Y/N.” Turn on the charm, Y/N.  You’ve got this.

He looked at you stone faced and gave a slight nod in recognition.  This is going to be harder than I thought.

“What’s your name?” You asked, feeling hopeful and determined.

He glanced around the room before leaning in closer, “Look, I don’t want to be rude but if the boss sees you talking to me he’ll kill us both.” He was young, obviously new to the job, and didn’t want to get off on J’s bad side.

You smiled and placed your hand on his arm, drawing him closer, “Come on, I just want to know your name.  If we’re going to be in this place together we night as well get to know each other.”  You batted your eyes, pulling out all the stops.  

The young man smiled coyly, “I’m Sean.”

“Well it’s nice to finally meet you Sean.” In a rush of adrenaline that seemed to come out of nowhere you pulled him to you and started kissing his neck.

Sean leaned his head back and moaned, “I don’t….I don’t think this is a good idea Y/N….” He said hesitantly.

You bit his neck as you felt Sean’s hands on your hips urging you to continue regardless of his protests.

For a moment you were in your own world before a viscously strong grip was on your arm, ripping you away from Sean and dragging you to the stairs.  You didn’t have to guess to know whose grasp was on you.  J’s stride was quick and aggressive making it hard for you to keep up.  His fingers were so tight around your arm that you knew there’d be bruises.  As soon as you reached his bedroom he slammed the door shut and forced you against the wall, holding you in place.  His green hair was messy and the veins under his eyes were prominent; he looked even more insane than usual.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He growled as his grasp on you tightened even more.

You took a shaky breath, “Please don’t hurt him J, it was all my fault.  I wanted attention and I wanted to make you jealous. Please don’t hurt Sean-”

He cut you off, “Consider him dead and consider yourself mine.”


Part 2?

Little Avenger - 2

Pairing: peter x reader

Summary: living with the avengers leads you to start a few new relationships. Bucky finds a family in you and peter, well he wouldn’t tell.

Author’s Note: this one is just plain cute. This part has the introduction of peter and Bucky finding the reader like a sister. It’s all fluff. it will have a couple of parts so, you’ve gotta be patient. hope you like it!

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1903

PART - 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Originally posted by thorsodison

You were sleeping better than a baby. How long had been since you had slept? You had something soft to lie on? Since you had such nice warmth? The faint creek of the door made your eyes flutter open. You stood up the way you were taught to, your hands were at your back and you faced a startled Natasha.

‘at ease, soldier.’ She smiled. You scrunched your nose and changed your posture. ‘I am sorry, if I woke you up.’ She sat down and patted the space next to her.

‘no, you didn’t, mam. I am trained this way.’ You sat down and put on your glasses.

‘mam? Seriously? Call me by my name. you will be living with us now; you are a part of the team.’ She kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘old habits die hard, mam.’ You rubbed your arm and she chuckled. ‘you wanted something?’

‘yeah, but, I won’t tell you until you call me by my name.’ she crossed her arms over her chest.

‘okay,’ you rolled your eyes. ‘what do you need Natasha?’ you mumbled.

‘couldn’t hear ya.’ She teased.

‘why are you here, Natasha?’ you said properly.

‘great.’ She grinned. ‘I just came here to tell that dinner’s ready,’ she stood up. ‘let’s go.’ She opened the door. You fixed your appearance before following her.

Everyone was sat at the table. Thor and Steve were chatting and laughing while Clint casually chimed in, Sam and Bucky were kicking each other under the table, Wanda and Pietro were arguing about something in their tongue and Bruce and tony were debating over a piece of paper tony was holding. You smiled seeing the childish behaviour of the mighty heroes.

Your eyes suddenly fell on a boy sitting by himself, he was looking visibly awkward and bored. He seemed to be roughly about your age, maybe older. He was looking around until he locked eyes with you. you weren’t the one to shy away and smiled. He smiled a little before looking down again. You hadn’t realized how good looking he was until now.

‘welcome to the circus.’ Natasha whispered and snapped you out of your thoughts.

‘here’s the squirrel!’ Clint declared and everyone looked at you.

‘squirrel?’ you furrowed your brows as you and Natasha joined the others.

‘well, you know how you stuffed all those weapons in there.’ Wanda pointed at you.

‘oh,’ you blushed a little.

‘quit staring, peter.’ Natasha smirked and looked at the boy.

‘I was not!’ peter defended himself and you chuckled.

‘so, when can I get my stuff back.’ You looked at everyone.

‘whenever you want.’ Tony tossed the paper aside and Bruce shot him a glare.

‘I’ll take it after this then.’ You said as you drank some water.

‘what are you going to do with it so early?’ Steve asked.

‘I’ve got to train, with my powers and the weapons. I don’t want collect rust now, do I?’ you smiled.

‘ah, mighty little warrior we have here.’ Thor grinned and so did you.

‘can I ask something?’ you set your spoon aside.

  ‘hell yeah.’ Natasha drank some water.

‘you are iron man,’ you looked at tony. ‘you’re the black widow.’ You looked at Natasha. ‘who the hell are you?’ you looked at peter and received a bunch of laughs.

‘what?!’ peter chocked on his water. ‘oh, I’m Spiderman.’ He smiled.

‘ooh, that’s nice.’ You smiled. ‘what’s your name?’

‘peter parker, yours?’ he looked at you.

‘(y/n) (y/l/n).’ you smiled. ‘I guess I’ll leave.’ You stood up.

  ‘already?’ Natasha looked at you. ‘yup, I’m not sleeping right now though, I will practice with my swords first.’ You placed the chair back. ‘good night everyone.’ You smiled and left for the gym.

 ‘peter…’ Natasha said suggestively as she noticed him looking at you again.

‘oh god, I wasn’t’ he covered his face.

‘you were staring, spidey. Don’t lie.’ Sam grinned.

‘alright! Let’s just leave it aside, bye.’ He left.

You had lost the track of time and realized you had been training for two hours straight. You sat down and drank some water. You loved the feeling you got after training, you could feel a great energy surging through you.

‘you haven’t gone to bed by now?’ tony walked in as he rubbed his eyes.

‘I was just about to leave, sir.’ You looked at him.

‘no need to call me that, kiddo.’ He sat beside you. ‘this is pretty heavy.’ He picked your sword. ‘don’t you fall along with it?’

‘I did at first, but then I made it my bitch.’ You took the sword.

‘Steve would love to have you around.’ He muttered to himself.

‘why?’ you said as you packed everything.

‘you’ll know,’ he stood up. ‘go to sleep!’ he said a s he walked out.

You slung the bag and case and left the room. you were walking in your room’s direction until you heard someone noise. You shrugged it off at first but then heard a louder one. You walked in its direction and noticed it was coming from a room. you hesitated before you knocked.

‘are you okay, sir?’ you knocked.

‘go away, kid.’ You heard his voice and realized he had been crying.

‘I will once you tell me you are okay.’ You said through the door.

‘go annoy someone else!’ he shot back.

‘I won’t!’ you said in an irritated voice and sat cross legged in front of his gate. ‘I am not leaving until you open the gate, sir! I am fucking serious!’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

He took in a deep breath, wiped his face and opened the gate. The nightmares were plenty and now, you. He looked right and left with furrowed brows.

‘over here.’ You said with a smile.

‘what do you want?’ he asked in and irritated tone.

‘you all to be happy. I just wanted to know that you are okay. And if you are not then I can help you.’ you said.

‘go to sleep,’ he sat down with you. ‘no one can help me.’ He looked down.

‘that’s not true, time doesn’t heal but it does make you stronger.’ You tried to soothe him as you read him. he noticed your eyes had turned black.

‘don’t.’ he pointed a finger at you. ‘I don’t want anyone in my brain.’ He crossed his arms over his chest.

‘then just tell me, and if you don’t want to, come with me.’ You stood up.

‘I am not telling you anything.’ He stood up with you.

‘then follow me.’ You picked your bag and case. ‘and don’t try to lock the door or anything. I can pick locks with ease.’ You walked in the direction of your room.

‘ugh,’ he groaned. ‘be nice to everyone here, Bucky.’ He imitated Steve. ‘punk forgo to include a psycho teenage girl.’ He thought.

‘heard you.’ you faced him. ‘wait here, and don’t run away.’ You said before closing the door. He carefully tried to sneak away. ‘don’t!’ you shouted from your room. he groaned and leaned against the wall.

‘come,’ you came out with a giant box and changed clothes.

‘you are able to hold that?’ he looked at you.

‘I am hella stronger than I look.’ You held the box in one hand and flexed the bicep of you free hand with a fake proud face. he finally smiled a little. ‘yay, I made Mr. grumpy pants smile.’ you smiled and he shot you a glare. ‘uh-oh, I made him grumpy again.’ You muttered.

‘the hell are you taking me?’ he finally said. ‘I am really tired, kid. Can’t you just let me ‘help’ myself.’ He looked at you.

‘trust me, will you, sir? And my name is (y/n), please stop calling me ‘kid’.’ You walked in the common room. ‘aha!’ you set the box on the table. ‘please sit down.’ You turned to him. he rolled his eyes and sat on the couch. You took out your laptop and inserted a CD in it. you then took out two fluffy blankets and tossed one at him. ‘make yourself comfortable,’ you grinned as he examined the blanket. ‘I’ll be back.’ You headed to the kitchen. You came back after a while. ‘hot, hot, hot.’ you chanted as you left the cup and made it float. You landed it on the table.

‘what are you doing?’ he asked. 

‘shh..’ you hushed him and he rested his head on the couch. You started the film and sat back grinning. ‘this is ‘the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe’ I love this movie. I watch it whenever I need to laugh.’ You wrapped the blanket around you and over your head. Bucky snickered looking at you. ‘what? You’re the one who’s got it wrong. wrap it like this.’ You looked at him.

‘the fuck I won’t.’ he stated.

‘would you like a girl hitting you and making you wrap that damn blanket?’ you glared at him.

‘you won’t.’ he said deadpanned.

‘the fuck I will.’ You said innocently.

‘fine.’ He wrapped the blanket like you.

‘now, enjoy the movie.’ You grinned. ‘and here,’ you offered him the mug and a spoon.

‘what’s this?’ he took it.

‘pot brownie.’ You said and his eyes grew wide. ‘just kidding, its brownie in a mug, try it.’

‘it’s good.’ He said as he ate.

‘glad you liked it. know hush, the movie’s on.’ You both turned to the little screen in front of you. You heard him laugh for the first time, he seemed to be enjoying the movie and his thoughts were much calmer.

‘hey, kid.’ He nudged you.

‘what?’ You looked at him.

‘thanks.’ He smiled before turning to the screen again. ‘feels nice to be treated well.’ He mumbled.

‘get used to it, I am here for a while. You guys are my family now,’ you smiled.

‘what?’ he looked at you.

‘ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.’ You grinned.

‘you’re an idiot.’ He muttered.

‘I am an adorable idiot, I assure your sir.’ You said.

‘stop calling me sir, it feels weird.’ He said in an irritated manner.

‘you started it by calling me ‘kid’ sir.’ You tried to suppress your laughter.

‘okay, (y/n) don’t call me “sir”.’ He said calmly.

‘then what shall I call you, sir.’ You grinned.

‘call me Bucky, dum-dum.’ He rolled his eyes.

‘okay, Bucky as long as you don’t call me kid, I won’t.’ You said.

‘deal, now shut up, I wanna watch this movie.’ He concentrated on the screen.

You both didn’t realize when you fell asleep. Bucky’s head was rested on your shoulder and yours on his head. Steve walked in the room to find you both passed out in the position. He couldn’t help but laugh. He quietly clicked a picture but the sound of the snap made you both wake up. You stood up with your hands at your back, while Bucky looked all confused sitting on the couch.

‘I slept here?’ he rubbed his eyes and yawned.

‘not only that, you both were looking like baby owls. Look.’ Steve shoved his phone in Bucky’s face.

 ‘you will delete this.’ He threatened him. Steve snatched his phone back.

‘nope, I will forward it to everyone.’ He grinned.

‘the hell you won’t, punk.’ Bucky stood up.

‘oh, I will.’ Steve ran away as Bucky chased him.

Newlyweds (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by cuddle-porn

Requested by @alyssajolie03-Can you do one with sane joker and reader. And she’s his wife and becomes pregnant.

A menacing laugh filled your ears but you didn’t feel any sense of fear. The laugh was familiar and it belonged to the man you loved. You were both crazy for each other, literally. You heard a bomb explode and that was when your eyes fell on him. His green hair giving away his position. You felt a crazy grin appearing on your face.

“Mister J…”

Your eyes fluttered open and you took in the warm atmosphere that you had woken to. The curtains were slightly open and allowing a small, but acceptable, amount of light to stream into the room. You pulled the covers off of you, groaning as you pulled yourself from the warmth of the bed. You stretched and adjusted your nightgown. Your eyes caught a glimpse at the sparkling ring that was on your finger.

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May Allah SWT grant you a spouse who is the coolness of your eyes and the warmth of your heart and creates a heaven for you in this life before both of you reach the heavens of the hereafter
Allahumma Ameen!
When her head is buried half way into your neck, and you feel the warmth of her breath seep into your skin, you kiss her forehead lightly, eyes closed but you feel her arms tight around you and know she’s smiling. That feeling, is probably the best one out there.
—  Cravings
Baking Gone Wrong

 Request: “Hi!!! Are you still taking requests? Can you do something with Bucky and the reader trying to make Christmas cookies?”

Author’s Note: Yes I’m well aware Christmas has now ended sadly but that doesn’t mean I have to all of a sudden not be all jolly n’ shit and not write this fic. Requested by @joeyisanolive. Thank you so much for requesting this! loved writing this one out, xo

Originally posted by mistyknjght

Sounds of christmas music played within the background, creating more festivity to be filled in the midst of the air as you were baking cookies on this cold winter day with Bucky. A warmth heats up the kitchen and you are content. Your eyes drift up to his clumsy figure, attempting to crack an egg into the bowl.

You quietly chuckle to yourself, wondering if you should ask him for help or stand in the middle of the kitchen and watch him dwell up in his own misery with the eggs.

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(…) You noticed the cat boy was finally calming down, a smile on his lips as the last bits of laughter left his mouth. He turned to look at you, and his eyes were so full of warmth, it made your stomach do an annoying leap.

“You are certainly something, ma chérie.”

The Muse, Chapter 8

Christmas morning

pairing: luke x reader

here’s the next installment of my christmas imagines!! ik i said this was gonna be a mikey imagine but i changed my mind lolol im so indecisive,,, anyways i hope u like it !!

You felt his arm snake around your waist, drawing you closer to him for more warmth. Blinking your eyes open, you saw his sleepy eyes look into yours, and you placed a delicate kiss on his nose. “Morning, bub.”

“Merry Christmas, darling.” He replied mid-yawn. You chuckled at the face he pulled in doing so.

You nuzzled your head into his bare chest, right under his chin, and listened to the sound of his heartbeat. “A very Merry Christmas indeed.” You whispered to him, fluttering your eyes closed and savoring the silence that fell over the two of you.

At least, it was silent for about 2 minutes.

“Mommy! Daddy! Come look at what Santa brought us!” Your little daughter Kate exclaimed. She came bursting into your room with her little brother brother, Noah. Noah didn’t say a word, since he was born mute, but the light in his eyes and the expression on his face told you he was happier than you had ever seen him.

You quickly pulled the covers up around yours and Luke’s bodies, not wanting to scar your children this early on. “We’ll be right out in a second, me and Daddy just have to wake up some!” You told them, and they scurried off back into the living room where all the presents “Santa” had gotten them were under the tree.

You were the first to get out of bed, closing the door from their spontaneous arrival. “We really need to start locking the door when we have sex, Luke.”

“I know, but then it ruins the mood.” He argued, pushing himself out of bed and finding a pair of boxers on the floor. “I just can’t help myself sometimes.”

Another laugh escaped your parted lips, smiling at your husband across the room as you slipped on a big sweatshirt and some leggings. He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you and started to lean in to kiss you, but you stopped him. “No, stop, I have morning breath.”

“So what? I didn’t marry you because your breath smelled nice, Y/N.” He said, quickly pecking your lips.

He withdrew from you, throwing on some clothes as you put your bed-head into an even messier bun. “Shall we go join them, Daddy?” 

“You can’t fucking do that to me, Y/N.” He whined. “Now I’m going to think about fucking you while our kids our opening their presents.”

“Luke, that’s fucking weird.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You can’t help anything.”

“C’mon, just a quick round two? They can wait.”



“Coming!” You shrugged your shoulders at your husband, turning the doorknob. “Sorry, bub, guess we’ll have to wait until tonight.” You said, fleeing your bedroom and joining your two kids in the living room, who had already found the gifts with their names on them. You smiled at them. “You don’t want to wait until after breakfast?”

As a reply, Kate ripped open her first gift and squealed as she saw it was a doll she had been hounding you to get her. You sat down, Luke sitting next to little Noah and putting him in his lap, giving him a kiss on the cheek. 

And the rest of the morning was filled with watching your children’s happy faces, still unbelieving that this was your life–with Luke, and Kate, and Noah, and you couldn’t be happier. 

A Dream (Jumin x MC)

You wake from a dream and begin describing something particular to Jumin. 

Word Count: 489

I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday, no matter what exactly it is you celebrate! I personally celebrated Christmas yesterday and had a great time! Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Light poured in from the windows, drenching your bodies in a calming warmth as you woke. 

Your eyes fluttered open, murky visions of your dream still in your head.

Specifically, a certain person. 

You found yourself entangled in your husband’s arms, his gentle rustling causing a small grin to tug at your lips. 

“Good morning love.” He hummed, his eyes still droopily closed. “Did you sleep well?” 

“I did.” You replied, moving his small messy strands of hair from his face. “I had an interesting dream in fact.” 

“Oh really?” He melted into your touch, a crooked smile now painting his expression. “What made it stand out?” 

“Well, my ‘dream person’ was in it.” 

His eyes opened, his brows raising curiously. “’Dream person’?” His tone lowered. “What do you mean?” 

“The person of my dreams, silly!” You snickered.

He folded his lips, his body tensing a bit. “What did they…look like?” 

You thought for a moment, curling his hair in your fingers. “They had nice black hair, that got in their face sometimes.” 

Jumin narrowed his eyes, staring past you as though deep in thought.

“They also had beautiful gray eyes.” You remarked. “They were a very practical person also, but they had a lot inside.” 


“You know, like a lot of internal feelings they didn’t usually share with others. Like a wall they built.” You frowned. “They were…almost afraid to open up before we met.” 

“I see.” 

His words were dry, bother laced in his words as he tightened his hold on you.

You tipped your head, curling your hand around his cheek. “Do you have any idea on who it is?” 

His eyes widened with surprise, just for a moment fear lighting in his gaze. “They’re real?” 

“They sure are.” 

He parted his mouth to speak, but simply scrunched up his nose. “I don’t think I like this dream of yours.” 

“Maybe another hint will help.” You chuckled. “They’re my husband.” 

His eyes became the size of saucers, pink dusting his cheeks. “Oh.” 

You’re my dream person.” You exclaimed, his face only growing darker as you confessed. 

“It must sound rather silly then to say I was fearing it was someone else then.” He murmured, laying his forehead against yours. 

“It was cute.” You said, holding back laughter. 

“Well, I hope it’s even better to know that you’re also my ‘dream person’.” He cooed, placing a gentle kiss on your nose. 

“Thank you honey.” You remarked, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“Of course, after all, there’s no one I’d prefer more than you.”