the ward and hostage


The night was windless, the snow drifting straight down out of a cold black sky, yet the leaves of the heart tree were rustling his name. “Theon,” they seemed to whisper, “Theon.”

The old gods, he thought. They know me. They know my name. I was Theon of House Greyjoy. I was a ward of Eddard Stark, a friend and brother to his children. “Please.” He fell to his knees. “A sword, that’s all I ask. Let me die as Theon, not as Reek.” Tears trickled down his cheeks, impossibly warm. “I was ironborn. A son … a son of Pyke, of the islands.”

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Hi, Butterfly! I hope this hasn’t been asked before: what would have happened if Robert had found out on his own about Jon being Rhaegar’s (noticing something that could have given Ned away, doing some research with the Tower of Joy, dream revelation, whatever)? Let’s say this happens after Balon’s Rebellion, in the middle of his peaceful reign, when he’s thankful to Ned… would he have ran to Winterfell asking for Jon’s head? Do you think that Ned could have talked him out of this idea? Thank you!

Hmm, I don’t think anyone’s asked anything quite like this before, so… well, Ned’s always been pretty damn careful, and Robert isn’t exactly the most perceptive person in the world, so I’m going to have to assume he finds out about Jon’s parentage in a dream. (He’s ¼ Targ, it could happen.) So, a few months after the Greyjoy Rebellion, he wakes up, filled with fury… and because Robert isn’t exactly the most subtle person in the world, either, he goes roaring down the Red Keep corridors until he finds Jon Arryn and starts shouting at him about Ned’s treachery and the dragonspawn nesting at Winterfell. But Jon Arryn, who is subtle and has a strong interest in keeping Westeros peaceful, talks Robert down from his anger. (Along with asking him if he was sure, it was a dream after all, but Robert responds with shouts and sobs (about Ned, about Lyanna) and certainty.)

And, well, this gets very fanficcy, so under a cut it goes:

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What are the benefits of having a ward, such as Jon Arryn did with Robert and Ned, or Hoster Tully with Baelish? I suppose it would be different with hostage wards, such as Theon, but Baelish being fostered at Riverrun was an honour for his family, so what does that honour entice? Are wardens ever consulted regarding marriage prospects of their wards? Do they arrange a possible squiring? I just don't see a point of having your children raised away if nothing comes out of it long term...

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Well, fostering can certainly lead to marriage alliances. Samwell Tarly was supposed to become a page to Lord Redwyne of the Arbor; young Sam did not impress the Redwynes enough to stay, but he is told later that if he had, he would have been betrothed to Lord Paxter’s daughter. That’s a pleasant arrangement for Lord Paxter: in taking Sam as his ward, he ensures that the next Lady Tarly will be a Redwyne, and the next Tarly heirs half-Redwyne - offspring who might then favor their cousins of the Arbor in alliances and other matters. Likewise, King Harmund II Hoare was fostered in his youth at Casterly Rock, and eventually wed his foster kin Princess Lelia Lannister; the marriage and fostering were part of King Harmund’s general program of peace and trade between the Iron Islands and the greenlands. Similarly, Myranda Royce presumed that Harry the Heir, fostered at Ironoaks, would eventually wed one of Lady Anya’s granddaughters, and while it’s not stated outright, I can imagine Lord Anders Yronwood took note of his daughter’s fondness for his foster son Quentyn Martell with the possible idea of betrothing them one day.

But beyond direct marriage alliances, there’s also the question of prestige. By taking in a ward - especially a ward from one’s liege family - a lordly House receives an invaluable sign of favor; that House is being singled out, trusted by the liege to raise its scion. In as personal a political system as feudalism is, these individual signs of favor involving the persons of the ruling House are so crucial to raising the status of one family over others. So, for example, the Crakehalls would be able to boast that they had been entrusted with then-heir to Casterly Rock Jaime Lannister, squire to Lord Sumner (even more important a boast in the Westerlands, where anything that gains a House closeness to House Lannister is eagerly seized). It’s the same story for the Dustins of Barrowton (who fostered then-heir Brandon Stark), the Gargalens of Salt Shore (who fostered Prince Doran), and the Qorgyles of Sandstone (who fostered Prince Oberyn); indeed, the Gargalens and Qorgyles are apparently still close to the Martells, as Lord Tremond Gargalen and Ser Arron Qorgyle accompany Prince Oberyn to the capital for Joffrey’s nuptials.

Sometimes, however, a ward is taken as a return of favor - obligation for obligation, so to speak. So, for example, in return for the fealty of House Frey to Robb’s cause, Catelyn agreed not only to betroth Robb and Arya to Freys, but to take in the two Walders Frey as Winterfell’s wards (a boon for House Frey, having two of its grandsons fostered at its new liege’s royal seat). Family ties also occasionally play into fostering choices. Merrett Frey, for one, squired for Lord Sumner Crakehall alongside Jaime, as Merrett’s mother Amerei was born a Crakehall. Cynthea Frey is currently a ward of Lady Anya Waynwood, as Cynthea’s mother, Carolei, was born a Waynwood (the same reason her brother Sandor is a squire to Ser Donnel Waynwood). Harry Hardyng was presumably made Lady Anya’s ward in no small part because his mother had been a Waynwood and Lady Anya’s first cousin (and his father was a Waynwood bannerman).

Ultimately, what any hosting family “gets” out of a fostering relationship is a form of kinship recognized among Westerosi. Even without the legal alliance of a marriage, foster kin are considered part of the family (hence why Theon is so scorned for seemingly killing his “brothers”, Bran and Rickon). A foster father or mother is put in a position of key influence over his or her ward in that ward’s formative years, with the ability to mold the ward’s views to match the fostering House’s. In the future, then, the fostering House can hope, and indeed expect, that its ward will remember his or her foster kin when making political decisions. We see this with Jon Arryn, with both Ned and Robert recognizing their foster father as a shrewd statesman and following his lessons (and Robert trusting him to be his first and nearly only Hand).

You mentioned Petyr Baelish; he is something of a unique case in fostering, as Hoster’s choice to bring him to Riverrun was purely personal. What honor his family would gain … well, House Baelish’s “Drearfort” is poor and politically isolated, with few opportunities for the Baelishes to mingle with their social betters and advance farther. By coming to Riverrun, young Petyr had the opportunity to live side by side with a Lord Paramount family, and to meet the sort of esteemed visitors Lord Hoster would entertain as a matter of course. Being the foster brother of the daughters Tully, Petyr may have expected as well that he would be made an officer of one of their households when they married the high-ranking nobleman Hoster arranged for their betrothals; it might have been natural for a Tully daughter - especially if she recognized Petyr’s early cleverness, as both seem to have done - to recommend to her lord husband that her foster brother serve their household (as indeed, Petyr had little to return home to in the Vale).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


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Daisy x reader

Request summary: Being Daisy’s sister and grant ward taking you hostage

Grant Ward made a lot of mistakes, but none compared to the mistake he made of taking Daisy Johnson’s sister hostage.

Daisy searched for you day and night with a vendetta against Ward swearing she would make him pay for hurting you.

When she finally found where Ward was hiding you, she took May and Coulson with her to get you back.

They fought their way into the basement of a company secretly being run by Hydra.

When they arrived they found Ward with at least a dozen Hydra agents guarding you, who was currently unconscious tied to a chair.

Daisy turned to May and Coulson, “you guys take care of Hydra. Ward’s mine.”

The fire fight began.

While May and Coulson were busy dealing with the extra baggage, Daisy wasted no time in taking care of Ward.

“I don’t want to hurt you Daisy,” he told her during the fight.

“Too bad, because I really want to hurt you,” she retorted taking another swing at him.

Somewhere along the way you began to regain consciousness.

When your eyes came back into focus you saw your sister fighting your captor.

“Daisy?” you muttered out.

This got Daisy’s attention, “don’t worry Y/N, we’re going to get you out of here,” she yelled in between blows.

You faded in and out of consciousness until you woke up once again in Shield’s Zephyr.

“Daisy? Daisy?” you repeated trying to get up unaware of where you were.

Daisy ran back to you, “Y/N, it’s okay you’re safe.”

“Where are we?” you asked finally starting to calm down.

“The zephyr.”

“And Ward?” you questioned.

“He got away, she sighed, “but I won’t stop looking for him until he gets what he deserves.”

You knew what Daisy said was true, she wouldn’t let Ward get off so easily after hurting the person she cared about the most and when you recovered you would be there right by her side getting even with him.
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After being held hostage by Jack Brunelle, Joan attempts to ward off Sherlock’s concern. She fails.

“I would think nearly getting shot during a hostage situation would be enough explanation,” she said, taking a particularly large bite of pasta so she could concentrate on chewing and not the expression changing on Sherlock’s face. (It went from curiosity and mild worry—the latter such a foreign expression on him—to that hard focus he reserved for moments he was particularly angry about something. It didn’t take much to guess the source of his anger this time.)

This fic is a very belated response to @inevitablyelementary‘s post here. (I gifted it to Inevitable on ao3, can you confirm that’s you?) @beautifullyflawed25 and I both decided to write a missing scene for 5x13, and so when/if beautifullyflawed25 chooses to post her missing scene for 5x13 (no judgment if you decide not to!), she’s doing so because we each wanted to write a response to inevitablyelementary’s post!

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 18 No Regrets


  • It’s interesting how they’re playing with the idea of “what is real” here. I generally side with Simmons on “everything in the Framework but the hostages is fake” but Mace and Ward had some good points about what is and what isn’t reality. The love Mack feels for Hope is very much real even though she isn’t, and so is Mace’s pain at having lost so many friends in the rebellion.
    • Which is just going to make it doubly painful when Mack has to leave. That’s going to kill me. I’d almost say it’d be better to keep him in there with her, but that’s not fair to the real Mack, who deserves to make his own decisions.
  • I’m actually kind of liking Framework!Ward and his interactions with the others. Like, Simmons is wholly justified in feeling uncomfortable around him, but at the same time this virtual Ward has done nothing wrong. I felt like his apology was really genuine and much-needed.
  • Daisy refusing to give the location to AIDA even in exchange for Lincoln felt so much like a step on a ‘hero’s journey’ of sorts for her, like the archetypal scene where the hero is offered their heart’s truest desire but has to turn it away because it would bring about some evil. 
  • Liked Daisy talking with Radcliffe. I can’t bring myself to hate him for some reason, even if I probably should.
  • I’m not really buying this whole “one moment can fundamentally change a person” type thing with regards to Fitz, and to a slightly lesser extent May. I don’t think that under any circumstances they would work for HYDRA and do all these terrible things; or at least I don’t like to.
  • Fitz’s dad straight-up sucks
  • TRIP!!! Great to see him! I knew he’d be back due to a spoiler I saw, but I didn’t know how. Great to see he’s with the Resistance here too. I hope he can stick around for a while before they leave the Framework and he inevitably stays behind (unless they can somehow make a robot body for him?) 
    • I saw a post saying Daisy’s biggest regret could have been that Trip was with her when she got her powers (hence killing him) and I think that’s really sweet. I haven’t watched early Season 2 in AGES but I remember that they were very good friends. 
  • I love Coulson going back for the kids, even though they’re just programs. The scene of all these kids strapped into chairs getting hypnotized was really unsettling (was that Bakshi’s voice from S2? I thought I heard him name-dropped a couple times and apparently he’s coming back).
  • YES May starting to come back to reality!!!!
    • I love how it’s shown that the death of Katya still affects her greatly - it’s implied that guilt over not killing Katya (and thus causing others to die) pushed her to join HYDRA, and then she turns on it because she can’t let other children die. 
  • The big death of the episode will get a separate post because I caN’T

Bobbi Morse In Every Episode - 2x11 Aftershocks

“Thanks. I was beginning to feel like a leper.“
“Are you kidding ? You managed to be taken hostage by three known murderers, you gunned Ward down, then were blasted by an alien chemical weapon and walked out unscathed. Leper? I think you’re a rock star.”


Okay can i just point out that besides everything that happened in this episode (ward torturing simmons :( & holding fitzsimmons hostage  :( at the end  ward when he heard that noise  he still had instinct to protect fitz from whatever he thought that was 

I know you care about us ward , you right i do it’s a weakness 

even when being evil i guess that’s still half true 


Before the actual answer to this ask, I do need to reiterate that this is not a GoT / ASoIaF blog and it will never become one, because that’s not what I want– but since GoT is midseason, posts related to it are the most time-sensitive and that is why I am making so many of them lately! Thus I apologize for either 1. currently throwing a lot of GoT stuff in your face despite your lack of interest, or 2. a future dearth of GoT stuff despite the past few weeks here making it almost seem like that’s my primary fandom.

And because this post got rather unwieldy in the wake of last night’s episode, let me attempt to save you some time and give you a TL;DR I TAKE THE PHRASE “NARRATIVE ECONOMY” TOO LITERALLY so that you can scroll right on past it. This post is just a lot of narratology talk. It’s much less about how things make us feel and much more about why things might be shaped the way they are. I am aware that this is understandably boring for a lot of people, because the popular dream is to write a novel, not to become an English major THOUGH THANK YOU FOR THAT, IT’S HARD ENOUGH TO GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL AS IT IS

There are spoilers behind the cut, as well as an argument about why I didn’t want to put the spoilers behind the cut, and 2400+ words of me saying the exact same thing a lot of people have said much better already

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“The wolf king heeds your counsel, does he?” The notion seemed to amuse Lord Balon.

“He heeds me, yes.  I have hunted with him, trained with him, shared meat and mead with him, warred at his side.  I have earned his trust.  He looks on me as an older brother, he–”

No.” His father jabbed a finger at his face.  "Not here, not in Pyke, not in my hearing, you will not name him brother, this son of the man who put your true brothers to the sword.  Or have you forgotten Rodrik and Maron, who were your own blood?“ (x)

What Normal Viewers Think of Grant Ward
  • I'd like to point out something really important. After constant debate on Tumblr, I decided to ask my parents (who are casual viewers;--they don't ship anything, watch previews ahead of time, etc.--they just watch the episode when it comes out.) what they thought about the Grant Ward subject. (We happened to be discussing evil characters, so it seemed appropriate.)
  • My mom loves Joss Whedon--she's watched everything by him. Yet, she hates ships, unless they're completely platonic and is about a parent/kid relationship.
  • My step-dad basically watches AoS because he loves Marvel (he's read the comics and such) and loves action stuff.
  • -
  • I questioned them on Grant Ward. This is their response:
  • -
  • Me: What do you think about Grant Ward?
  • Mom: What about him?
  • Me: Do you think he's a true villain?
  • Mom: It's a Joss Whedon show. It's like his favourite twist to make a beloved character turn "lost".
  • Step-Dad: An evil person would've killed the dog. That's how you know if they're evil. It's common knowledge that to show someone killing a dog, than the audience should REALLY hate him. I think that's why they showed Ward NOT killing the dog. It's villain-code for "not actually a villain".
  • Me: ...Thanks for your input...?
  • Mom: There's bound to be a redemption. Wouldn't be a Whedon show without it.
  • Me: Maman, do you think Ward killed Buddy?
  • Mom: He shot the gun in the air...the dog ran away.
  • Me: Than who killed Buddy?
  • Mom: Buddy died?
  • Step-Dad: Yeah, remember? There was that scene where the target was on Buddy.
  • Mom: OH! That's right! But Buddy still didn't die. The shot from the shotgun was never fired.
  • Step-Dad: Buddy died.
  • Mom: No, he didn't. We never saw Buddy go down.
  • Me: Not the point! Who held the sniper?
  • Step-Dad: Garrett.
  • Mom: Pretty sure it was Garrett.
  • Me: Okay. So you're sure that Grant Ward is good?
  • Mom: Definitely. *whispers* Joss Whedon.
  • Step-Dad: I guess? Not good, but not evil.
  • Me: Then why did he threaten to rape Skye?
  • Mom: What?
  • Step-Dad: When did this happen?
  • Mom: Is this from a Season 2 preview or something?
  • Me: I think this answers my question...
  • Me: It was in Season 1.
  • Step-Dad: Are you watching the same show?
  • Me: Oh, these aren't what I think. I'm just taking the best arguments for "Why Grant Ward is Evil" on Tumblr.
  • Step-Dad: Are THEY watching the same show??
  • Me: I ask myself that every day.
  • Mom: What scene is it even referring to?
  • Me: Umm...the one in the finale where Skye was holding that guy hostage with a bomb strapped to him and Ward comes in and holds her at gunpoint.
  • Step-Dad: When Raina sent him?
  • Me: Garrett sent him. But yes.
  • Step-Dad: Yeah, but Garrett sent him and he went because of what Raina said.
  • Mom: That scene is about her being a monster like him...when did rape come in?
  • Me: That's what I'm asking you.
  • Mom: You're making my head hurt...
  • Step-Dad: People on Tumblr are weird.
  • Me: That's offensive!
  • Step-Dad: You're extremely weird.
  • -
  • And the rest is unrelated. Blah blah blah. Basically, I wanted to show the point of view of someone who casually watches and doesn't stalk Tumblr to know what everyone else's opinions on characters are.

MCU Ladies Week
Day Five: Favourite Relationship(s)

Again, like Day 3 (Favourite Scene), I can’t just pick ONE relationship. It’s so hard to do because the MCU does female friendships and female relationships so well that it’s literally impossible to pick just one!

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Skye/Daisy Johnson & Jemma Simmons (Skimmons)

Trip: Tough when it’s your team. You guys go back a ways?

Simmons: Not really. A few months. We have nothing in common … couldn’t be more different.

Trip: But you can’t imagine your life without her.

Simmons: Yes. 

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Jemma Simmons & Bobbi Morse (Simmorse/Mockingnerd)

“If it hadn’t have been for Bobbi, I would never have made it out. Probably be brainwashed, happy to comply to who knows what. *whispers* She’s amazing.”

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Melinda May & Bobbi Morse (Mockingmay)

May: You know, I saw you train at the academy once, scouting you.

Bobbi: I didn’t know that.

May: Strongest recruit I ever saw. Any test would’ve said you were 100% then. But you’re better today because now you have experience.

Bobbi: What Ward did … you think that was just experience?

May: That can make you stronger. Let it.

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Skye/Daisy Johnson & Melinda May (SkyeMay)

May: Okay. Listen to me. Just me. We can do this. You can do this.

Skye: I can’t … I can’t make it stop.

May: You will control your emotions, just like we practiced.

Skye: I can’t make it stop. Everyone is at risk.

May: Just focus. Skye, look at me. Focus. It’ll stop. 

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Skye/Daisy Johnson & Bobbi Morse (Morsecode/Mockingquake)

“Are you kidding? You managed to be taken hostage by three known murderers, you gunned Ward down, then were blasted by an alien chemical weapon and walked out unscathed. Leper? I think you’re a rock star.”