the ward

The Ward (2010), versión original

Director: John Carpenter
Guión: Michael Rasmussen, Shawn Rasmussen
Música: Mark Kilian
Fotografía: Yaron Orbach

Sinopsis: En 1966, la joven Kristen (Amber Heard) es ingresada en una institución psiquiátrica, donde conoce a otras chicas perturbadas con sus respectivos problemas… y a otra que se le aparece por los pasillos al caer la noche.


Your name is Alice Leigh Hudson. You were abducted from your home, the night September 3rd, 1958. You were left chained up in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse. Half-starved, sick with fever, trapped in the darkness. Your only escape was into delusion. In order to survive the trauma, your psyche fractured. You suffer from multiple personality disorder. Each personality took a piece of this nightmare and locked it away from you. For your own protection.