the war on ignorance


I know most of you are super excited about Turf Wars–I really am too! But I kinda can’t ignore when the president starts attacking the rights and respectability of transgender people, and I’m honestly seething about it, so… please veer with me as I scream a little.

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

All @llyn-on-ice and I have been talking about the past few days is an Otayuri Star Wars AU because it was where we were bound to wind up eventually. So, I had to draw them to give her strength for all her work she has to do, and to selfishly try to bribe her to write me more of them because i am w e a  k

(Otabek is a resistance pilot and Yuri is a space prince)

EDIT: My babe posted her little drabble HERE if you want to read how this all starts <3


hello yes have a modern AU that no one asked for

I see Rey being an art school student making sculptures and things, making her cousin (aka a very angry Ren) lug her heavy stuff around to her shows. mostly this was inspired by a picture of Rey in sweatpants

Hux is a writer and he goes out with Phasma to get coffee and talk shit

also bonus:

so like its canon that when padme’s handmaidens were in handmaiden bootcamp before she was coronated as queen (but presumably after she was elected) that padme snuck in and joined them? but like, what if she didnt sneak in? what if its like, The Thing for the queen-elect to join her handmaidens in handmaid bootcamp. like. what if. 

amidala seems to be a reigning name taken by padme to conceal her true identity- we already know that the naboo are very fond of shit like that due to the handmaidens/decoys etc. 

so like padme went into handmaid bootcamp as padme naberrie, and all the handmaidens were like, heyy padme! wanna join in on our betting pool as to which one of us is secretly the queen? padme bets its dorme, corde bets its teckla, teckla and dorme think its padme, yane bets on herself being the queen because shes a shithead and wants to fuck with everyone, and so on. idk where im going with this, but like. bootcamp shenanigans. 

and then when padme is actually coronated and the bond between her and the handmaidens is so much stronger than just ruler and subordinates, which is what was supposed to happen, because the naboo are wily motherfucker- and in the end the queen of naboo is, and always has been, more than just one person. 


wonder woman 2 wishful thinking:

The year is 1973. The Cold War is at its height, and Berlin is infested with spies and mistrust. When a friend of hers is murdered in his home in Germany, Diana Prince heads to East Berlin in order to unravel the mystery behind the death, and finds that not only is there more to the murder than she first thought, but her pursuit of truth has drawn the attention of a shadowy organization that is not interested in being dragged out into the light, and is willing to try to silence her at any cost.

Up to and including sending a ghost story after her.


Yeah, she is, legally, an adult. But that doesn’t magically imbued her with all the wisdom of the ages–like the girl is barely an adult and using that as a justification to ship her with people 2 and 3 times her age is a bit underhanded and dishonest.

 Like, let’s not pretend “oh but she’s so mature for her age” isn’t an argument gross ass men constantly use to justify going after/dating much younger girls like…

“DVA IS AN ADULT” should be used in relation to the fandom drawing her as a child constantly, or ignoring the fact that she is a war hero and a highly skilled soldier, not because yall wanna ship her with men 3 times her age get a grip. 

Earlier this week I went to a hearing about the confederate monument in front of my city’s courthouse, and the mental gymnastics the neo-confederates in attendance had to perform to justify the further existence of the monument was nothing short of incredible. At one point, a man with a PhD in history from a local university spoke in order to demolish the mythology that surrounds the monument. He provided the context for the erection of the statue, which was the “lost cause” ideology that emerged in face of the defeat of the confederate military, an ideology that sought to whitewash history by ignoring the actual cause of the civil war: the southern states’ desire to preserve the institution of slavery.

Not a single neo-confederate in attendance listened. Not only did they not listen, several spoke up after to denigrate them while they were still in attendance. One lady got up to speak and said “I guess they got their degrees from Berkeley”, which made the neo-confederates erupt into laughter and applause. I thought it was weird, because they outright said they got their degrees from a university in this state. One man took the floor to say “we’ll never reach a consensus about the cause of the Civil War”, although professional historians already have: the articles of secession for every state that produced them mention the preservation of the institution of slavery explicitly as their reason for secession.

It really clarified the anti-intellectualism that drives the neo-confederate cause. These are people who simply have an emotional attachment to the symbols of the confederacy. They grew up with them. They formed these attachments long before they were capable of thinking about them critically (if they ever formed the capacity for critical thought at all). This is clearly not a debate between two rational parties. This is debate between people who recognize the scholarly consensus on the confederacy, and people who outright deny history because to do so would require shedding their cultural conditioning.