the war on drugs is a war on people

The USA is not a Moral Authority

I’m sick of this nonsense about the U.S. being a moral authority. At no point in its history has the U.S. been a beacon of morality:

  • Not when committing genocide against the Native Americans.
  • Not when passing out smallpox blankets and liquor to Native Americans.
  • Not when forcibly performing experiments on Black slaves.
  • Not during the Tuskegee Experiment.
  • Not when stealing Puerto Rico.
  • Not when performing forced sterilizations on unknowing women of color.
  • Not when stealing Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California from Mexico.
  • Not when enslaving, selling, raping, murdering, and torturing Africans.
  • Not when it had Jim Crow.
  • Not during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Not when it was dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
  • Not when it had Japanese internment camps (WWII), into which they forced American citizens.
  • Not when it engaged in an illegal war with Vietnam and committed MANY horrific war crimes (My Lai Massacre; Agent Orange).
  • Not when it assassinated–or helped bring about the assassinations of–Patrice Lumumba, Malcolm X, MLK, Fred Hampton, and many more.
  • Not when it put drugs and guns into Black communities.
  • Not when it instituted racist drug laws.
  • Not when creating racist organizations to sabotage Civil Rights movements (COINTELPRO).
  • Not during the terrorist acts against “Black Wallstreet” in 1921 (Tulsa race riot).
  • Not when lynchings of Black people were sources of entertainment for racist monsters.
  • Not when it invaded the wrong country (Iraq) under false pretenses.
  • Not when it has the highest prison population in the world.
  • Not when has a culture that promotes rape.
  • Not when people can be murdered on camera and the murderer go free (Eric Garner murdered with illegal chokehold).
  • Not when Native American populations have been decimated, and many of the ones left continue to suffer on reservations.
  • Not when using drones to kill innocent Pakistani, Yemeni, and even American civilians.
  • Not when torturing people with water-boarding, rectal feeding/rehydration, and force-feeding people through tubes shoved down their nasal passages.
  • Not while continuing to keep Guantanamo Bay open, holding more than 130 people prisoner.

The U.S. has long lauded itself as THE moral authority, but it is a nation founded on hypocrisy and irony, genocide and slavery, rape and torture, theft and corruption. The United States of AmeriKKKa is one of the most immoral and unjust nations in the world… Possibly the worst, on the basis of its hypocrisy. 

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I was wondering if you would be willing to do a dark AU where the clones are really, probably unhealthily, possessive. Preferably one where the find the chips and order 66. Heck, maybe that's what triggers the whole kit and caboodle; the clones find out they're supposed to kill their Jedi and just nope the heck out and decide no one's going to harm their Jedi, or make them do it, either. Regardless of the methods they have to use. Thanks!

Lowering his cup slowly, Wolffe stared at Rex. “What do you kriffing mean that we’re suppose to kill them?” He growled out.

The captain growled back and shook the chip at the others. “That’s what this is going to make us do. That’s what Fives said and what Tup figured out. These things.” He shook the jar lightly. “Are wired up to wipe us of our loyalty to our Jedi and make us consider them traitors…and then we kill them.”

Cody touched his own head, staring at the glass jar. “We ALL have them?”

“Not all of the early generation but who’s left of them?” Rex looked around. “Four or five out of what? We are a whole army, a whole army against the Jedi? The old? The young? The disabled of them? What about the cores?”

Several vods paled until they looked like ghosts.

They could already imagine what would happen.

“And our Generals? Who trust us with their lives? Who shows us their backs? Stars light, Kenobi even lets Cody carry his lightsaber.”

Cody gave a full body spasm.

“How many blaster bolts can a Jedi dodge even with a saber?” Rex continued, driving in each point. He then looked to Wolffe. “What about General Koon in his ship with the Wolf pack behind him? He doesn’t stand a chance.”

Wolffe crushed the cup in his hand, water pouring over his glove as he stared at his vod.

“…Then what do we do?” Someone questioned.

“We do what we were made to do. We go to war and we serve and protect our generals.” Rex leaned in.


Rubbing a hand over his face, Obi-Wan slowly set his cup aside. “Force…I feel exhausted.” He sighed, wondering where the sudden tiredness came from.

“Perhaps a small rest or meditation then sir?” Cody asked. “We’d inform you if our situation changes of course.” He added when he saw the Jedi open his mouth to protest.

That got a small pause then Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, that does sound good. Inform me if anything changes Cody.”

“Of course General.” Both Cody and the comm personnel watched the Jedi go, Cody slowly counting to twenty in his head as everyone else milled about as normal.

And then he turned to the comms. “Longshot?”

The clone smirked. “Come in Echo team, what’s your position?”

“Still hunting, the bitch is running. The General?”

“Currently sleeping, you have half an hour before he works the drugs out of his systems.”

“Copy that sir.”

Cody switched channels. “Commander Pond? How goes?”

“Droid bait is wearing down. He’ll burn soon.” Came the icy cold voice of Pond in return and Cody couldn’t help a vicious grin.

“Good. Any news from Captain Rex?”

“He has a dot on the Sith Master he says. Refuses to tell us who but he has him.”

Cody nodded that, taking a deep breath. From what Rex had hinted at it was something high up in the Senate and therefor anyone still chipped would not be told. Beside, what they didn’t know they couldn’t reveal.

“And Commander Bly?”

“Still tracking the Count. He says his General is getting suspicious though.”

Aayla Secura was one smart cookie and that could be a problem. “Does Bly have any plans of action.”

“Tranq. Its his only plan.” Pond suddenly went quiet for a few moments. “Kark, General Windu is waking up.” He hissed. “Razor, tranq him, now.”

‘We’re doing this for a reason, its for their sake.’ Cody reminds himself, fiddling with the tranq in his own utility belt. He hopes it won’t come to that point, he’d rather not have to drug his Jedi twice in one day.

It felt like forever until the comms suddenly crackled again.

“Echo squad reporting in. The bitch is down.” There was a blaster impact. “And dead.”

One Sith down, three left.

“Pond reporting in. Droid bait lit up like a bonfire.”


Cody had to leave the tent to distract his General when the third report came in.

“Count is cornered and scared. He’s surrendering to our General.” That was not part of the plan but obviously Bly couldn’t get around her. Well perhaps the information the count would give the Order would help.

And then Rex reported in. “And then there were none.” His voice sounded viciously satisfied.

Cody would have asked what Rex had done when the holo display suddenly light up, General Skywalker looking pale and shaken as he demanded to see Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan! The Chancellor is dead! A sniper!”

Cody exchanged a look, startled look with Longshot.

‘And then there were none.’

The Real Drug War

Drug Wars - You should probably read this first

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs,…

A/N: For people who read my J JK fic, I’m sorry, you’ll recognize one part - I just really wanted it here. None of these pictures are mine - credits to the owners.

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This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach
Don’t want toxic smoke blown in your face? Move to Sweden.
By David Roberts

Usually not a big fan of Vox but this is pretty accurate. The far right has never cared about “small government”, or it wouldn’t have continued to push foreign wars, domestic spying, the war on drugs, laws against abortion, laws against homosexuality, etc., etc. Living in the belly of the beast - Louisiana - I see people roll coal every now and then, and the logic as expressed in this article is accurate. It is raw, anti-social, transgression, fueled by white men’s resentment.

But to Corey Blue of Roanoke, Illinois, the government is not protecting anybody — it’s targeting people like him, punishing him on behalf of the liberals, dope smokers, and heathens who prefer “eco-cars.”

Blowing toxic black smoke into the air “anytime I feel like” is his way of showing that it’s still his America, that he can still do what he wants and doesn’t have to follow a bunch of namby-pamby rules imposed by liberal bureaucrats. He and other coal rollers may dress this sentiment up in the language of small government, but what they’re expressing is a long, long way from conservative economic philosophy.


It’s 230 am, if you know where this alley is in downtown phoenix and want to bear witness to the spectacle that is the savage wrath of Chaos Vortex and fully understand why Im known in over 30 countries as The Dragon Of Devastation in the streets and in both official and underground martial arts fight circuits worldwide, then get here by 3 cuz shit is about to go the fuck down. 2 squads are bringing their 10 strongest warriors to finally settle a decade long rivalry with no weapons… And i set it all up by going to the enemy stronghold by myself to put an end to the fued through one final battle. Why did i approach both sides with this plan? Because unifying warriors, expanding my network of underworld connections, and restoring peace on the streets through the use of honorable combat is what i have always done everywhere I’ve been to in the world. Your either born a fuckin leader like myself or a follower. If you’re a leader, that’s what you should do. But If you decide to lead and others choose follow, then it’s your responsibility to use your clout to enrich their lives regardless of whether it puts you in danger or not because it’s the right thing to do. I exist to empower and assist my fellow humans. That is why i do things like this. On the surface, it may seem to many like im just a crazy adrenaline junkie and do so much dangerous shit cuz i have a reckless disregard for my own life, and to an extent they’re right, but really drives me is my passion to hone my talents. We all have our own unique talents for many reasons, but to me, the main reason we have them is because there are so many way that they can be used to help others. Tonight is another example of how i utilize my inborn talent for hurting people to help them. Open your third eye and im sure you can you feel the energy of my bloodlust emanating through the screen when you look at my pix. As the time for war draws closer my soul grows colder and the ability to grant mercy is now devoid within me. Mother nature always thirsts for blood in her soil, and Tonight we will give it to her.

Maher’s golden era was the late ‘90s, but he sailed back into prominence this year because his news-ish show happened to start its new season before Colbert, The Daily Show, or John Oliver’s shows returned. In the wake of Trump’s inauguration and bloodcurdlingly zany first few weeks, millions of people were starving for some sort of public resistance. In that brief void, Maher looked like Gandalf the Exceptionally White.

In Los Angeles, billboards like this painted Maher as a progressive icon standing firm against intolerance and bigotry. But they ignored that this is a guy who, just last year, told transgender people that they could best help Hillary Clinton’s campaign by shutting the fuck up about their rights.

“I’m not suggesting we throw the transgendered under the bus, or discounting their struggle. It can’t be easy finding pantyhose when you’re 6'4”. But this is exactly the kind of culture war issue that rouses a certain type of voter out of their trailers on election day … let’s not die on this hill.“ But don’t worry! He volunteered to stop harping on his own "pet cause” … marijuana legalization.

First, this ouroboros of white male privilege deserves a little breaking down. First off, this “culture war issue” is a hill trans kids are already dying on. And Maher’s willingness to treat pot as a “pet cause” is also pretty fucked up. The War On Drugs is a huge part of why so many black men are ineligible to vote. And black people are almost four times as likely as white people to be arrested for pot-related offenses. Bill Maher and Milo Yiannopoulos may disagree on public healthcare, or who should be appointed to the Supreme Court, but when it comes to being incapable of giving a fuck about anyone other than themselves they’re basically the same person.

Let’s Shine Some Light On The Awfulness That Is Bill Maher

for the many of you who have been asking about my vietnam war era hamlet ideas: i finally typed up a little something to share with y’all about my future directorial plans. i plan to keep shakespeare’s original text in the production, with minor changes and/or cuts as needed. (the only major cut would be gertrude’s death, i think it’s important for her to be alive at the end, and you’ll see why.)

this production focuses on the conflicts between younger and older generations, american hyper-praise of masculinity and what it means within the concept of war, and what happens when people put trust into political institutions blindly. this production also has exploration of sexual identity and queerness, drug use, and how war affects all aspects of life.

(sidebar: these are all original ideas of mine, so if you end up using them, citation/credit is necessary. if you end up doing a vietnam war era interpretation of hamlet after reading this, please tell me, i want to hear all about it!)

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The nine rowhouses a few blocks from Johns Hopkins Hospital stood for more than a century, through waves of immigration, two world wars, the upending of the city’s economy and a shift in its racial makeup.

The arched windows along the 900 block of North Bradford Street reflected both the boom and the decline of a great American city: the prosperous midcentury, when all nine households could afford the Formstone that covered their brick fronts; the tumult of 1968, when residents could smell the smoke from nearby riots; the white flight that would open the street to African Americans and the drug wars that would drive many of them away.

Since it was built on an old brickyard in 1905 by the “two-story king of East Baltimore,” hundreds of people have called the block home.

But only one of them was there to see that history end.

Block by block, Baltimore is demolishing its blight – and pieces of its past. 

Read more here: Life, death and demolition

This page have been memed to death, but now the time has come to analyze it.

All this time we were wondering how Zeke turned Ragako Vilage’s citizens to mindless titans, how the titan horde he used at Return to Shiganshina Arc suddenly appeared. Now, we got ourselves an answer. Like Eren did at Chapter 50, Zeke also uses his cry to turn Eldians to Mindless Titans. 

It hurts to see how Eldians are treated at the other side of ocean. It hurts to see what a Mid-East Union soldier saying to Falco right after Falco saved his life. It hurts to see how that Marley officer is laughing at them after Mid-East soldier’s words. It hurts to watch Eldian people plunging out from a plane like they are potato sacks and watch Zeke turning them to Mindless Titans so that they can win the war for Marley.

It hurts even more to see Eldians fighting in a war that was started 2000 years ago and being punished for the things their ancestors have done long before they were even born. 

But I am not the only one in pain. They are also hurt even more than I am.

Let’s look at the left side of the page.

Zophia is watching this with a stoned face. Udo closes his eyes and griefs.

Colt is sweating to death.

We can literally pinpoint the moment Gabi’s heart shatters to pieces.

And Falco is in pain, just look at his eyes.

The Eldians that was drugged and turned to Titans are their people and we can see how much the damage Marley Treatment™ done to them clearly. To all Warriors, with no exception.

The kids aren’t alright. ( x )

Stop trying to individualize blame for acts of imperialism and military aggression on the part of the US military. Lots of folks get suckered in to joining the military culture from a young age; many people live in towns that have no viable career prospects and the military actively preys on these folks. Military recruiters actively start trying to recruit kids as young as 14 years old and I’ve even heard of the military being allowed to recruit in middle schools. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t exactly have a strong anti-imperialist critique of the US military at 14 years old, or even 18 years old. Some states also allow you to join the military instead of going to prison (or getting a reduced sentence) for a crime you committed. Military recruitment and culture is not a clear-cut, black and white thing. Not everyone goes into the military with the enthusiasm of your racist cousin who wears American Sniper t-shirts and has a crew cut.

As soldiers, they’re tossed into a meat grinder and when they get out they’re forgotten and denied the benefits promised to them. Have you ever seen a homeless person? Chances are they’re a war veteran, I’ve read somewhere that somewhere around 10-15% of homeless people are veterans, and a majority of those homeless veterans are black. There’s definitely a class aspect to how the military functions and in my own family it’s clear. All of my relatives who were deployed and faced combat up close are all vehemently anti-war and anti-government [not to mention drug and alcohol addicts, undoubtedly a side effect of being forced to kill people and not having adequate post-war mental health facilities] to some degree, meanwhile my one relative that was fortunate enough to be in the military bureaucracy/command is still extremely pro-war. 

I’m not saying you have to respect soldiers and deify them for their sacrifice but let’s also not lay all the fault and blame of imperialism on people who might be potential comrades and accomplices. We can use class analysis to show them how fucked up capitalism is, they’ve seen it first-hand, from being taken advantage of by military recruiters and the military itself, to coming home and being treated like dirt by the US government after they’ve taken basically everything from these soldiers. We could talk to them about how patriarchy has treated them as expendable objects to die in warzones for private profit, told them they can’t talk about their feelings and experiences and have to “suck it up” because they’re men. The reason veterans often turn to substance abuse is BECAUSE of gender norms.

There’s a lot that can be done to bring veterans to our side, but it’s wrong-headed to treat every soldier as if they’re the literal embodiment of Henry Kissinger is probably not the best idea. Idk about you, but I’d like to see you pull off a revolution without veterans, without the aid of people in the military now, etc.


In honour of Liberation Day in the Netherlands, let me tell you something about Willem Arondeus, homosexual activist, anti-fascist artist and writer and member of the Dutch Resistance during the occupation of Nazi Germany.

During the early Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Willem realised that the demand by the Nazis that all Jewish people register with local authories was not, as the Nazis claimed, for their own safety, but to deport them to concentration camps. 

Willem was one of the first to join the Dutch Resistance and together with numerous other artists, he created an illegal periodical that called for mass resistance against the German occupation.

As a member of the Resistance Council – which also included other openly gay members – he put his artistic skills to use by forging tons of identity papers and recruiting new members. In March 1943, Willem led a group in bombing the Amsterdam Public Records Office in order to hinder the Nazis.

Willem dressed as a Nazi Army captain and with the group, he disabled the guards by drugging them and positioned the explosives, destroying thousands of files.

Within a week after the bombing, he and the other members were arrested and sentenced to death after a short trial. On July 1st 1942, Willem was executed. Shortly before his execution, however, he told his lawyer the following:

‘’Tell the people that homosexuals are not cowards.’’

In 1945, after the Dutch Liberation by the Allied forces, Willem was awarded a posthumous medal by the Dutch government and was reburied in a honorary cemetry.

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Hi. This probably seems like an incredibly stupid question, but I don't know things and I was just curious. What's so good about legalizing Marijuana?

Hi there! Readers, anon is referring to this post.

What’s good about legalizing marijuana? A lot of things but I’ll cover the two most important.

1. The opposite of legalizing marijuana is criminalizing marijuana, which ends up putting people behind bars for a victimless “crime.” Mostly black and brown people as modern drug laws WERE CREATED to give politicians the ability to lock up POC and progressives.

Report: Aide says Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies

Could you imagine going to jail for drinking a beer? People have been given years of jail for smoking a joint. 

This was never looking out for the public, it’s a CONTROL MECHANISM in the war on POC and progressives.

2. Marijuana provides pain relief and multiple medical benefits that allow patients to AVOID OPIATES. People can experience similar benefits without the physical destruction and physical dependency. 

Comparing weed to heroin and oxy are like comparing a firecracker to dynamite.  


“Legalize it, and I will advertise it.” - Peter Tosh

You guys can’t really do anything about this but it’s nice to know people care so here’s a list of shitty things that are happening in the Philippines right now:

We’re still at war in the south and yaknow hundreds of people are still dying and desperate in Marawi

Engagements across the country ending in a lot of death

Uber got shit on by the local transportation authority so they could capitalize on killing competition while claiming Uber isn’t safe whereas regular taxis have a pretty solid reputation for being ABSOLUTE SHIT in service, driving, and their tendency to refuse passengers and add bullshit fees plus all the rape and katana murder going on in said taxis luh mao

Buses are being shut down also??? Apparently fuck all Filipinos in metro Manila who want to go to work and go home idk

Essentially fuck the LTFRB

A child got brutally murdered by police who lied about the incident while people are still being murdered by that drug war y'all been hearing about

Drug war bs and people getting murdered also

Essentially a lot of murder

And traffic

Two of the Philippines’ biggest problems

So yeah reblog for awareness??? IDK it won’t do anything but


The problem

with stupid people doing stupid things

is that they do not know how

or even

that they are being stupid

I do of course

speak here from experience

after inhaling that heady drug

we call hindsight

which offers me other ways

of being stupid

by doing newer

stupid things


for some

this drug

has yet

to be made freely available

neil benbow

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What makes life worth living between lies, fake people, racism, war, pain? What makes it worth living to you?

Life is still beautiful..

1. Someone who lies to me once, doesn’t get the opportunity to lie to me again. Once we recognise that people don’t deserve to stay in our lives by default, protecting our energy becomes easier.
2. I don’t stay around people who’s energy doesn’t seem genuine to me.
3. Racism isn’t going anywhere - until we unite and concur it together, in the mean while, stay safe, stay vigilant.
4. War like racism isn’t going anywhere. As long as we live in a world that is governed by greed and power. There are many wars, wars between countries, wars between communities, war in the food industry, war with drugs, war between families, war between love, war within ourselves. Meditation is the beginning to world peace.
5. We have the strength and power to heal ourselves through any pain that is inflicted. It’s the hardest journey but the most rewarding. It takes bravery to admit that you are in hurting and it takes strength to fix the problem. Both super powers are embedded in us! We just need to find the courage to search within.

I am really, really lucky to have my therapist.

I started explaining what happened, with a brief refresher on the anti movement. I cried a lot. Haven’t cried in therapy in a good ten years.

I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty personal stuff (basically we confirmed that I was badly triggered by those posts because of past childhood abuse stuff), but some general takeaways from my therapist:

- Antis are deeply damaged and unhappy people. “The thing you have to realize is that people like that? Are NOT OKAY. When I see people who say that kind of stuff online, all I can do is feel sorry for them because imagine how much pain they must be in to have to make everyone else around them hurt just to deal with it. They wouldn’t be saying the things they do if they weren’t miserable.”

- They are also cowards. “You KNOW they wouldn’t say any of that to your face. Not one of them would come up to you in person and say anything you just read me. They talk a big game, but I guarantee not one of them would have the balls to say boo if they were in this room.”

- Shipping to cope is perfectly valid, healthy, and harmless. “You’re not on drugs anymore, right? You’re not strung-out, not hurting yourself? You’re writing stories about people who aren’t even real. Why is it anyone else’s business if that helps you? Why does their opinion matter?”

- WE matter. “You’re not worthless. You’re not. And these people? Mean NOTHING. They’re hurting and they’re trying to hurt you to bring you down to their level. This one got to you. And that’s OKAY. Heal and keep going. Just because they’re hurting doesn’t mean that’s on you.”

And finally:

- “I’m still stuck on Star Wars being ‘problematic’. It’s fucking STAR WARS.”