the war of streets and houses

Ambient sounds for writers

Find the right place to write your novel… 


Arctic ocean

Blizzard in village

Blizzard in pine forest

Blizzard from cave

Blizzard in road



Ocean storm

Ocean rocks with rain

River campfire

Forest in the morning

Forest at night

Forest creek

Rainforest creek

Rain on roof window

Rain on tarp tent

Rain on metal roof

Rain on window

Rain on pool

Rain on car at night

Seaside storm

Swamp at night





Winter creek

Winter wind

Winter wind in forest

Howling wind


Barn with rain

Coffee shop

Restaurant with customers

Restaurant with few customers




Garden with pond and waterfall

Fireplace in log living room


Call center

Street market

Study room from victorian house with rain

Trailer with rain

Tent with rain

Jacuzzi with rain


Temple in afternoon

Server room

Fishing dock



Fictional places

Chloe’s room (Life is Strange)

Blackwell dorm (Life is Strange)

Two Whales Diner (Life is Strange)

Star Wars apartment (Star Wars)

Star Wars penthouse (Star Wars)

Tatooine (Star Wars)

Coruscant with rain (Star Wars)

Yoda’s hut with rain ( Star Wars)

Luke’s home (Star Wars)

Death Star hangar (Star wars)

Blade Runner city (Blade Runner)

Azkaban prison (Harry Potter)

Hogwarts library with rain (Harry Potter)

Ravenclaw common room (Harry Potter)

Hufflepuff common room (Harry Potter)

Slytherin common room (Harry Potter)

Gryffindor common room (Harry Potter)

Hagrid’s hut (Harry Potter)

Hobbit-hole house (The Hobbit)

Diamond City (Fallout 4)

Cloud City beach (Bioshock)

Founding Fathers Garden (Bioshock)



Washing machine



Boat engine room

Cruising boat

Train ride

Train ride in the rain

Train station

Plane trip

Private jet cabin

Airplane cabin

Airport lobby

First class jet




Fireplace in medieval tavern

Medieval town

Medieval docks

Medieval city

Pirate ship in tropical port

Ship on rough sea

Ship cabin

Ship sleeping quarter

Titanic first class dining room

Old west saloon


Spaceship bedroom

Space station

Cyberpunk tearoom

Cyberpunk street with rain

Futuristic server room

Futuristic apartment with typing

Futuristic rooftop garden 

Steampunk balcony rain


Harbor with rain

City with rain

City ruins turned swamp

Rusty sewers

Train station



Haunted mansion

Haunted road to tavern


Stormy night


Creepy forest



New York


Paris bistro

Tokyo street

Chinese hotel lobby

Asian street at nightfall

Asian night market

Cantonese restaurant

Coffee shop in Japan

Coffee shop in Paris

Coffee shop in Korea

British library

Trips, rides and walkings

Trondheim - Bodø

Amsterdam - Brussels

Glasgow - Edinburgh

Oxford - Marylebone

Seoul - Busan

Gangneung - Yeongju


Tokyo metro

Osaka - Kyoto

Osaka - Kobe


São Paulo




Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)


New York

Hong Kong


Terrorist attack in Barcelona

I don’t even know if there are spanish or catalan people here on Tumblr.
A man has run over dozens of people in one of the main streets of Barcelona. People wounded and dead. If somebody of Tumblr is there, please take refuge in houses, stores, wherever you can.
My sister is there. Yes, she’s fine. But many sisters of many people surely will not be. Things like that should not happen. Please, stop this crazy war.

Emergency phone numbers 📞:

Emergències i Mossos 112
Urgències mèdiques 061
Bombers 080
Policia local 092


A million movies to get you in the school spirit

Obviously the school life portrayed in movies is nothing like the reality. Try more disorganisation, mounting stress and constantly messy hair. Nevertheless, we can attempt to forget the reality! I’ve put together this list of high school and college related movies to get you maybe just a little more motivated for school. I’ve put an asterisk (*) next to some of my favourites. Happy watching!

High school related movies:

  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)*
  • 17 Again (2009)
  • 21 Jump Street (2012)*
  • A Cinderella Story (2004)
  • A Girl Like Her (2015)*
  • Accepted (2006)
  • American Beauty (1999)*
  • An Education (2009)*
  • Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)*
  • Bad Hair Day (2015)
  • Beastly (2011)
  • Bratz: The Movie (2007)
  • Bring It On (2000)
  • Bring It On Again (2004)
  • Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006)
  • Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (2009)
  • Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007)
  • Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)
  • Carrie (2013)
  • Chronicle (2012)
  • Clueless (1995)*
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)
  • Cyberbully (2011)
  • Dazed and Confused (1993)
  • Dead Poets Society (1989)
  • Dirty Deeds (2005)
  • Easy A (2010)*
  • Election (1999)
  • Endless Love (2014)*
  • Expelled (2014)
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)
  • Fired Up! (2009)
  • Flipped (2010)*
  • Freaky Friday (2003)
  • G.B.F. (2013)
  • Geek Charming (2011)
  • Geography Club (2013)
  • Get a Clue (2002)
  • Girl in Progress (2012)
  • Grease (1978)*
  • Hairspray (2007)
  • Heathers (1988)
  • High School Musical (2006)
  • High School Musical 2 (2007)
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
  • I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
  • Ice Princess (2005)
  • Into the Storm (2014)
  • It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)*
  • Jennifer’s Body (2009)
  • John Tucker Must Die (2006)*
  • Juno (2007)
  • Just One of the Guys (1985)
  • Keith (2008)
  • LOL (2012)
  • Mean Girls (2004)*
  • Mean Girls 2 (2011)
  • Mono (2016)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
  • Never Been Kissed (1999)
  • New York Minute (2004)
  • Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
  • Paper Towns (2015)
  • Picture This (2009)
  • Pink in Pink (1986)
  • Project X (2012)*
  • Prom (2011)
  • Raise Your Voice (2004)
  • Read It and Weep (2006)
  • Remember the Titans (2000)
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
  • Save the Last Dance (2001)
  • School of Rock (2003)
  • She’s All That (1999)
  • She’s The Man (2006)
  • Sixteen Candles (1984)
  • Sleepover (2004)
  • St. Trinian’s (2007)
  • Step Up (2006)
  • Struck by Lightning (2012)
  • Submarine (2010)
  • Superbad (2007)*
  • The Bling Ring (2013)
  • The Breakfast Club (1985)
  • The Clique (2008)
  • The DUFF (2015)*
  • The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
  • The First Time (2012)*
  • The Girl Next Door (2004)*
  • The History Boys (2006)
  • The Hot Chick (2002)
  • The Jerk Theory (2009)
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003)
  • The Perfect Score (2004)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)*
  • The Spectacular Now (2013)
  • The To Do List (2013)*
  • The Virgin Suicides (1999)*
  • Trojan War (1997)
  • Twilight (2008)
  • Wild Child (2008)*

College/university related movies:

  • 21 (2008)
  • 21 and Over (2013)*
  • 22 Jump Street (2014)*
  • After the Dark (2013)*
  • Bad Neighbours (2014)*
  • College (2008)
  • Good Will Hunting (1997)
  • Legally Blonde (2001)*
  • Liberal Arts (2012)
  • Like Crazy (2011)
  • Monsters University (2013)
  • Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)
  • Pitch Perfect (2012)*
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)
  • So Undercover (2012)
  • Sorority Wars (2009)
  • Sydney White (2007)
  • The House Bunny (2008)
  • The Social Network (2010)

High school and college/university related TV shows:

  • Awkward (2011 - 2016)
  • Bad Education (2012 - 2014)
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990 - 2000)
  • Community (2009 - 2015)
  • Daria (1997 - 2001)
  • Educating Essex (2011)
  • Educating Yorkshire (2013)
  • Faking It (2014 - 2016)
  • Freaks and Geeks (1999 - 2000)
  • Friday Night Lights (2006 - 2011)
  • Gilmore Girls (2000 - 2007)
  • Glee (2009 - 2015)
  • Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)
  • How to Get Away with Murder (2014 - present)
  • Ja’mie Private School Girl (2013)
  • Pretty Little Liars (2010 - present)
  • Puberty Blues (2012 - 2014)*
  • Riverdale (2017 - present)*
  • Saved by the Bell (1989 - 1992)
  • Scream Queens (2015 - present)
  • Skins (2007 - 2013)
  • Summer Heights High (2008)
  • Teen Wolf (2011 - present)
  • The Carrie Diaries (2013 - 2014)
  • The Inbetweeners (2008 - 2010)
  • The O.C. (2003 - 2007)
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2011 - 2013)
  • The Vampire Diaries (2010 - 2017)
  • Waterloo Road (2006 - 2015)

I’ve not seen every single one of this list, so if it doesn’t really have much to do with education, that is why! Please feel free to add you own or message me so I can add more. 

romeo & juliet au where all the Cute Bros TM (bits, lardo, nursey, ransom, chowder) live in one disgusting off-campus rental house and the Burger King Robbery Bros (jack, holster, shitty, dex) live in another across the street and they have a friendly but Very Intense rivalry – which includes but is not limited to a) throwing bigger and better parties, b) pranking the shit out of each other (”BITS. THERE ARE NO PIES IN PRANK WARS”), c) decorating the shit out of their Beer Sticky & Possibly Condemned Front Yards with wilder and more inappropriate yard art (lardo has the Art but dex & his toolbox can be bribed with captain morgran so)

then, jack and bitty sit next to each other in a class and everything changes

imagine if the baker street boys epilogue was narrated by mrs hudson
  • Mrs Hudson: I know you two; and if you come back and live in MY house, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and the doctor who never came home from the war. Well, you listen to me: who you really are, it MATTERS, I've been trying to tell you all these years. There are two men sitting arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known. My Baker Street boys. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.
  • Mrs Hudson:
  • Mrs Hudson: Well then? Get on with it, I'll officiate the wedding

Yossel “Joe” Slovo was a Jewish South African revolutionary. Born in Obeliai, Lithuania in 1926, he spoke only Yiddish until his family fled from the growing Nazi threat to South Africa when he was 8 years old. When Joe was 16 years old, he joined the South African Communist Party, of which he would later become General Secretary. After volunteering in the fight against Nazism in Europe, he returned and earned a law degree, in the same class as Nelson Mandela. After a short series of stints in prison for communist activity, Joe emerged as a leader in Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC, which he led from exile in Britain, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique from 1963 to 1990. After waging war against the apartheid system for decades, he briefly served as Minister of Housing in Nelson Mandela’s new government before passing away in 1995. Many streets and buildings in South Africa are named in his honor. May his memory be a blessing! zt’‘l

The summer of his fifteenth birthday, Dudley Dursley is woken up almost every night by cries of “DON’T KILL CEDRIC, PLEASE, DON’T KILL CEDRIC” coming from his cousin’s room. He taunts his cousin about it of course, because that’s just what he does. But sometimes the cries still echo in his head, and he wonders about this Cedric.

Two years later his parents and him are forced out of their house because some bad wizard is after his cousin. He doesn’t understand what it all really means, but for the first time he understands the seriousness of that world his cousin is part of. And once again those cries of “don’t kill Cedric” fill his head.

He doesn’t see his cousin for two years after that, but whenever he passes a group of funny-looking people wearing robes on the street he tries to catch bits of conversation, waiting to hear something about Harry (he doesn’t know much about his cousin, but he does know he is some kind of a celebrity in the wizarding world). He doesn’t learn much except that there was a war and Harry played a role in putting an end to it.

One day he works up the courage to ask a group of those people if they know where he can find Harry Potter. Some old wizard tells him Harry Potter’s been known to be staying at his godfather’s old house, 12 Grimmauld Place.

On Harry’s nineteenth birthday, Dudley sends him a card. It doesn’t say much, just “Happy birthday. - Dudley x”. Then a few months later, on Halloween night, Dudley has drunk one too many glasses of wine, and he decides to just pay a visit.

When he gets there of course he can’t find number twelve, so he just stands there in the street and cries out Harry’s name until Harry hears him. Harry is home alone, and a half-drunk glass of something that looks like whisky is sitting on the table.

“What are you doing here, Dudley?” Harry asks. He sounds tired.

“I’m not sure. How’ve you been?”

They stay up all night talking. It’s awkward at first, but there’s something comforting about talking to someone you know next to nothing about, and they end up getting a lot off their chests. Dudley tells Harry about the fight he got into with his parents, and how they cut him off as a result, and how he has to work a job as a cashier to pay his rent. Harry tells him a bit about what’s been happening in the wizarding world those past few years, and Dudley suddenly has a lot of respect and admiration for his cousin.

At some point, Dudley asks to know about that Cedric bloke Harry used to talk about in his sleep, and Harry tells him about how Cedric died. Dudley thinks how unfair it is to die this young, and to die as a ‘spare’.

The next morning, Dudley shakes Harry’s hand before leaving. He even gives him a little smile.

They decide to make this a monthly thing where they get together and talk about what’s happening in their respective worlds.

Seven years later, Dudley is married and his wife is pregnant with a boy.

When the baby is born, and they cut the umbilical cord, the cord grows back almost immediately. The doctors are astonished but Dudley just laughs between tears of joy. He’s got a wizard for a baby. And he’s beautiful.

A week later Harry comes to visit, to see the baby. It’s the first time he’s been to Dudley’s place, they always used to meet up at his place (he’s moved from Grimmauld Place since he’s been living with Ginny, and now young James and Albus). Dudley introduces his wife Amelia, who’s only recently had to find out about the magical side of Dudley’s family, and is both excited and a bit freaked out.

“And this,” he says as Harry picks up the baby, “is Cedric”.

Harry looks up questioningly, and Dudley gives him a small smile, that exact same smile he gave him the morning after that Halloween night he came drunkenly shouting his name in his street ,all those years ago.

A Day In The Life...

John: “I was reading the paper one day and noticed two stories. One was about the Guiness heir who killed himself in a car. That was the main headline story. He died in London in a car crash. On the next page was the story about 4000 potholes in the streets of Blackburn, Lancashire, that needed to be filled.” - source: Anthology

Paul: “It was a song that John brought over to me at Cavendish Ave. It was his original idea. He’d been reading the Daily Mail and brought the newspaper with him over to my house. We went upstairs to the music room and started to work on it. He had the first verse, he had the war and a little bit of the second verse”. - source: Many years from now.

John: “A Day in the Life” – that was something. I dug it. It was good piece of work between Paul and me. I had the “I read the news today” bit, and it turned Paul on. Now and then we really turn each other on with a bit of a song, and he just said “yeah”- bang, bang, like that. It just sort of happened beautifully…” - source: Rolling stone Interview.

Paul: “We looked through the newspaper and both wrote the verse “how many holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.” I liked the way he said ‘Lan-ca-shire’, which is the way you pronounce it up north. Then I had the sequence that fitted, “Woke up, fell out of bed…’ and we had to link them. This was the time of Tim Leary’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” and we wrote “I’d love to turn you on.” John and I gave each other a knowing look: “Uh-huh, it’s a drug song. You know that don’t you?” “Yes, but at the same time, our stuff is always very ambiguous and ‘turn you on’ can be sexual so…c’mon! As John and I looked at each other, a little flash went between our eyes, like “I’d love to turn you on”, a recognition of what we were doing, so I thought, OK, we’ve just got to have something amazing that will illustrate that.” - source: Many Years from now.

[Paul: “I think it would be great if we ask each member of the orchestra to play randomly,”

George Martin: “Randomly, that will sound like a cacophony; it’s pointless”

Paul: “OK, well then not completely randomly. Maybe we could get each of them to do a slow climb from the lowest note their instrument can play to the highest”

John: “Yeah, and also have them start really quietly and louder and louder, so that it eventually becomes an orgasm of sound.”

George Martin: “The problem is that you can’t ask classical musicians of that caliber to improvise and not follow a score- they’ll simply have no idea what to do.”

John: “Well, if we put them in silly party hats and rubber noses, maybe then they’ll understand what it is we want. That will loosen up those tight-asses.”] - Geoff Emerick - Here, There and Eveywhere: My life recording the music of the Beatles

Paul: “Have you got the loud pedal down, Mal?”

Mal: “Which one is that?”

Paul:  “The right hand one, far right. It keeps the echo going.”

John: “Keep it down the whole time.”

Paul: “Right. On four then One, two, three…”

What followed was the sound of John, Mal, Paul, Ringo and George Martin all simultaneously hitting E Major. John, Mal and George Martin had their own pianos while Paul and Ringo both played an out of tune Steinway upright. All stood up in order to apply the maximum amount of force to the keys. - From Mark Lewisohn’s “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions”.

George Martin: “Geoff Emerick, up in the control room, once again had to ensure that every last droplet of sound from the studio was captured onto tape, To do this he used heavy compression and all the while was manually lifting the volume faders, which started close to their lowest point and gradually made their way to the maximum setting. By the end the attenuation was enormous. You could have heard a pin drop.”

anonymous asked:

how do you think things would be different if Hillary was elected and Democrats were in power at least in the Senate?

Let’s see now. There’d be no Muslim ban. There’d still be protections in place for Trans kids in schools. There’d be no bullshit bills promoting discrimination in the name of “religious freedom”. People wouldn’t be scared about having their healthcare taken away. We wouldn’t be dismantling environmental regulations or threatening to get rid of the EPA and the NEA. There’d still be regulations in place that make sure Wall Street doesn’t tank the global economy AGAIN. We wouldn’t have a president who bitches about wasteful spending before pissing away millions bolstering his own private country club, or having a spouse living in a completely different city because she can’t stand to be around such an abusive individual. We wouldn’t have white nationalists working at the highest levels of our government. We wouldn’t have a White House that’s threatening war against news outlets because they report facts that are unflattering. We wouldn’t have a president who’s blatantly pissing on the Emoluments Clause or any of the other laws put in place to prevent conflicts of interest. TWe wouldn’t have an Executive Branch that could potentially have multiple illicit and/or treasonous ties to the Russian government. And before you start trying to argue that that last point is fake, realize that this could all be cleared up with an independent investigation, something that Clinton never fought during any of the multiple attempts they made to assassinate her career. But Trumpty Dumpty & Co don’t want that to happen for some reason (I wonder why). Oh, and let’s not forget that the Trump administration has more leaks than a ship made of Swiss cheese, because even their own staff are concerned at the colossally shitty job they’re doing. Shit, even Dubya, the man who lied to send us into Iraq, thinks this man is shady, AND THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE SAME SIDE. Both of these men secured the Presidency after losing the popular vote, by the way.

But by all means, try to sit there and explain to me why Hillary and her people would have been “just as bad”. Go ahead. I fucking dare you.

HAUS magic, y’all

Seriously I can’t get enough of those magic AUs

People aren’t magic, but things, things can become powerful.

First, Samwell. When it started to get a reputation of acceptance, people started flocking to it and believing in it, and the more you believe in it, the stronger it becomes. People feel at home. Lost souls find their way.
If you’ve never felt accepted before, you will find the people who will accept you for who you are. Samwell will place them in your way.

DIfferent places have different feels. Faber is focused and a bit cold, and will reward athletes who work hard. It loves Jack and his devotion to the ice, it loves Bitty and his determination to overcome his fear. It stretches the seconds of checking practice time, cradles them in the soft light of the morning. Faber was the first to know, to hear half conversations in the silence of a loading dock, but it didn’t care much about the emotions of hockey players who would come and go, like the others. The ice can only love you in a cold way.

But the Haus, oh the Haus…

First, it’s on Frat row. All the buildings are kinda “loud” in that street. Their energies overflow and overlap each other in an endless turf war. The Haus had been silent for so many years, and was so delighted to be inhabited again, that its joy tends to overflow (and annoy the LAX house, who was used to be the loudest).

The Haus loves his tiny hockey players. There is a reason the “reading room” hasn’t collapsed under the weight of massive hockey bros, and the electrical wiring hasn’t caught on fire, and no one has caught anything bad from the green couch, there’s a reason no one’s been assaulted around it. The Haus messed up, once, and it hasn’t forgiven itself. It cares for the ghosts of Mandy and Jenny like it couldn’t in life.

The Haus loves Bitty with his curtains and welcome mat and singing in the shower, it loves the cleaning and the smell of baking. It loves Dex and all the tiny repairs he made through the years. It loves Shitty and his loud way of telling people how to be good humans, it loves the strong friendship of Ransom and Holster that warms the attic, it loves Lardo’s creative energy, it loves…

It didn’t like Jack at first. No more than any of the hockey players. But Johnson, the only one who could talk back to the Haus, the one who could SEE, whispered that Jack was important. So it took Jack in.

And Jack found so much more than a Haus, he found a home, a refuge, and the Haus was glad.

Then, slowly, a new kind of magic grew withing its walls. It could feel the glow on the staircase steps at 4am, in the kitchen, between two doors of the second floor. The Haus knew that kind of magic, had felt it many times before, but this, this was born INSIDE the Haus, it was growing like vines, permeating the wood and brick and metal and gyproc-

There was the addition of an oven, and it was like they gave the Haus a new heart, full of love and energy and youth. The Haus sang.

There was- there was a kiss. A true love first kiss. No one could deny the strength of THAT particular magic. The room in which it happened glows to this day.

The Haus loves the boy who sleeps in that room, and his friends who hang out with him just to feel the glow of that room. It loves the baker and the boy who was afraid, it loves the artist and the loud one, and the one who Sees, and the Friends forever, and the ghosts, and it will love for many more years, many more hockey players that will feel the glowing walls of home.

My original outline for Still Star-Crossed (the book)

Still Star-Crossed (the show) ended last night. I enjoyed it so much! It looked beautiful. The cast were all fantastic. And it was more faithful to the book than I expected, but still had a lot of twists and turns. If you ever have a chance to see a world-class group of writers and actors take your characters (OK, some of them were Shakespeare’s) out for a spin, I recommend it.

It was also lovely to see how many fans loved the show as much as I did. I’m as frustrated as you guys are that the show ended on a cliffhanger (I’m just another fan! I don’t know what would have happened next season), so here’s a weird little easter egg you might enjoy: This is my original outline for Still Star-Crossed (then called Verona). Back then I envisioned it as a trilogy. Weirdly, Book 2 ended more or less where the show did last night. A LOT of other stuff also changed. (Livia was gonna turn evil? I had no memory of that till I dug this out.)

Enjoy! (Or keep scrolling. It’s long.)

Verona, Book 1

It’s the summer after Romeo and Juliet’s deaths and the city of Verona is a powder keg of fury and grief. Though their families have vowed peace, not every Montague and Capulet forgives so easily. They are obeying the truce – for now. But sooner or later one of the angry young nobles stalking the streets looking for trouble is going to find it.

Lady Rosaline of House Capulet is determined to leave such squabbles behind her for good. Her father was killed eight years ago in one of the endless duels between the families, and ever since, Rosaline, now seventeen, has planned to go into a convent where her family’s infighting can’t touch her. She and her younger sister Livia are admired beauties of Verona, but hold little social standing as their parents’ deaths left them relatively poor. The death of her cousins Juliet and Tybalt only cements Rosaline’s resolve to take the veil as soon as she can provide for Livia. That’s the only way she can escape her family – and besides, she’s secretly sure that there’s only one man she could ever love, and he could never be hers.

But two weeks after her cousin’s death, Rosaline is summoned to the great house of the Capulets. Before she can get there, she’s accosted by a gang of young Montagues at her cousin’s tomb. Before she can escape, she’s caught between warring groups of Montague and Capulet men. Her rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: Benvolio of House Montague.

Benvolio is lost. With his two best friends, he knew who he was: his cousin Romeo was the leader, Mercutio the clown, and Benvolio was the quiet one, the sensible one, the best with a sword but the slowest to use it. Now that they’re dead he’s completely unmoored. He spends his days stalking the streets of the city, hand on his sword, not sure if he wants to prevent fights or start one. When he hears a scream and finds his own kinsmen attacking a young Capulet woman, he has no choice but to rescue her – but he isn’t pleased when he finds out who she is: Rosaline, Romeo’s first love, someone who could have prevented all the strife that followed if only she’d accepted his advances.

The two part, not much pleased with each other, only to find they share a destination: the house of Lord Capulet. Because of the bloodbath, Rosaline and Benvolio are suddenly the highest-ranking young members of their respective houses, and Lord Capulet and Montague have decided that the best way to prove that they mean to make peace is to marry another Montague and Capulet together.

Benvolio, struggling to live up to his sudden new responsibilities in the family, obeys his uncle and agrees to the match. But Rosaline refuses, though the prince himself orders her to do it. She and Benvolio have a blistering fight and she leaves.

Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Verona. The great families continue to profess peace, but mysterious insults begin cropping up. The statue of Juliet at her tomb is scrawled with WHORE. A hanged effigy appears in the town square saying DEATH TO ALL MONTAGUES. No one seems to know who is sending the messages, but tempers on both sides begin once more to boil.

Rosaline refuses to leave her house. She won’t see her uncle, or any other Montague or Capulet. She does admit Juliet’s former nurse, who minded all the girls when they were small, out of sympathy, but won’t go with her to the Capulets’ house. When summoned, she sends her sister Livia to her uncle’s house to claim she’s sick. While Livia is there, she stumbles on a surprise: her aunt, Lady Capulet, supposedly bedridden with grief, has actually been very busy. It seems Juliet’s erstwile fiance Paris, supposedly killed by Romeo, was actually only wounded. Lady Capulet spirited him away before anyone could learn the truth and she’s now nursing him back to health in a secret chamber. Lady Capulet swears Livia to secrecy, telling her that if the Montagues knew Paris was alive, they’d kill him. Flighty, romantic Livia is already half in love with Paris, and she agrees to keep the secret if she can come and help nurse him. But Paris is under the thrall of Lady Capulet, whom he calls his angel.

Rosaline goes to Father Lawrence and asks him to bring her to a convent. Lawrence, who is out of favor because of his role in the Romeo affair, goes to the Prince and tells him her plans.

The Prince’s response is to hold a ball. It’s in his sister’s honor, and he knows Rosaline can’t ignore the invitation without giving offense, because years ago when Rosaline’s mother was the Prince’s mother’s lady-in-waiting, they were all playmates. All of Verona’s high society turns up at the ball, so they all witness Rosaline leaving with the Prince when he calls her away for a private audience. That would not be a problem, except that they don’t come back. The Prince proceeds to get Rosaline drunk in his private chambers so she won’t notice he’s kept her away from the party for a scandalously long time. But it backfires in an unexpected way.

Once she has half a bottle of wine in her, icy, obstinate Rosaline is gone, replaced by a playful passionate girl who blindsides the prince by admitting she’s adored him for years and kissing him. As he forgets himself and begins to kiss her back, she gets woozy and he puts her chastely to bed.

The next day, he coldly reveals his plan: She, an unmarried girl, has just spent the night in his house. If she goes along with his demand that she marry Benvolio, he will let it be known that she spent the night quite properly with his sister. If she doesn’t, he will say nothing. Her honor will be ruined and neither she nor her sister will ever make a decent match.

The prince forces himself to go through with this, even though he’s beginning to feel something for her. Rosaline agrees, of course – she has no choice – but he can see her feelings for him die.

Rosaline outwardly agrees to the match, but in truth she’s more determined than ever to escape the vipers’ nest of Verona nobility. She goes to her “fiance” and strikes a deal: Neither of them truly want this match, so they will get to the bottom of who’s making trouble between the families and make it stop. If they can make real, lasting peace between the two families, there will be no need for their marriage, and they can both be on their way.

What they don’t know is that it’s Lady Capulet who’s behind the troubles. It’s she who defaced her own daughter’s statue. Rosaline and Benvolio arrive just after the statues have been defaced a second time, and Rosaline recognizes a mark left behind in the paint: it’s from the beaded train of a dress. The saboteur is a woman.

Livia and Paris, meanwhile, are being drawn deeper and deeper into Lady Capulet’s plans. Paris has begun leaving her house in disguise, picking fights with Montagues, including Benvolio. Livia, angry over the way the Montagues “attacked” him, goes to the Prince and tells him that Benvolio and the Montagues are behind the attacks.

Benvolio denies this. He believes, because of a note that he’s intercepted from Livia (though he doesn’t know it’s her who lost it), that someone in the Capulet household is behind what’s been happening, but because he’s been accused himself, no one believes him.

Things really take a turn for the worse when the nurse turns up dead. Of course it was Lady Capulet, but since the nurse has a note thrown on her body saying “thus to all Capulets” scrawled on a Montague crest, it looks bad for the Montagues. In fact, the crest was stolen by Livia, who didn’t know what it would be used for.

The families withdraw within their respective walls. Livia and Rosaline are sequestered within the Capulets’ house with the other women of the family. Rosaline’s engagement, of course, is no more, but she uncovered enough evidence with Benvolio – and she’s grown to trust him enough – not to quite believe the charges against him.

Rosaline is sleeping in her cousin’s former chamber when a desperate Benvolio climbs the balcony (yep) to tell her he’s innocent and to beg her to help him clear his name. She leaves with him, not before being seen by a sleepy Livia.

Rosaline and Benvolio flee the city and go to Father Lawrence to beg him for help. He’s withdrawn to a monastery some miles away, but Benvolio is convinced that he knows something about the true culprit. He admits he does, but can’t say what it is (Livia confessed her theft of the crest to him, so he knows it was Lady Capulet). His discomfiture is evidence enough to raise their suspicions.

On their way back to the city, a storm forces them to stop for the night, and they’re accosted by brigands. The “bandits” are actually led by the Capulets’ former servant Peter, who decided to seek his own fortune on the road. An exhilarating escape from their clutches leads to a kiss for Benvolio and Rosaline.

Afterward, they return to the city to find it in an even worse uproar than when they left. Livia has raised the alarm that her sister was abducted by a Montague, and the two families are now in open war.

Paris finally reveals himself, and challenges Benvolio. Rosaline reunites with Livia and finds out about the crest that she stole. After telling Livia how it was used, Livia admits that it was Lady Capulet who took it from her. Rosaline and Livia bring the evidence before the prince, who orders Lady Capulet exiled.

Though badly wounded, both Paris and Benvolio survive the duel. The two families once more establish an uneasy peace, but they agree that the forced marriage isn’t a good idea. Rosaline and Benvolio’s engagement is dissolved, and they both discover they’re not quite as relieved about that as they expected to be.

The prince apologizes to Rosaline, and reveals that he persuaded the two families not to press the issue of the marriage. She forgives him for what he did to her before, but still isn’t sure she trusts him. He promises to win her trust back – and, privately, decides he’s going to court her.

With Lady Capulet gone, Rosaline is now the mistress of the extended Capulet family. She decides a nunnery isn’t for her, and that she will stick around. Paris, angry and confused, leaves town to follow Lady Capulet, despite Livia’s pleadings that he stay.

Benvolio realizes that he’s in love with Rosaline, but when he goes to see her, the prince is already there. Knowing it’s suicide to compete with the city’s ruler for her hand, he decides not to tell her how he feels.

Book 2

Rosaline has come farther than she could have dreamed possible. She is the toast of Verona society, she is the de facto head of the Capulet household, and she’s practically engaged to the prince. But she’s not as happy as she ought to be.

For one thing, her friend Benvolio has entirely turned his back on her. She doesn’t understand why he refuses to see her, or why he seems so angry when they do meet.

For another, her adored sister Livia has been acting strangely. Rosaline tends to think of Livia as a child, and never realized that she was in love with the exiled Paris. Livia blames Rosaline and Benvolio for Paris’s exile, and she wants revenge. She forges some documents to make it appear that Rosaline has been conspiring against the Prince. Rosaline is forced into exile herself (so much exile! But, you know, Shakespeare), and flees the city.

No sooner has Rosaline left than Verona comes under attack. A mysterious army surrounds the city and lays seige. Rosaline is presumed killed in the opening battle. Ever-loyal Benvolio is made general of the prince’s armies, but assumes the position somewhat reluctantly, since he blames the Prince for Rosaline’s death. A brutal, desperate war begins.

Rosaline, meanwhile, is not dead. When she finds herself in the midst of a war, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the enemy army, hoping to learn something that will help her city. She finds that it’s a ragtag group of mercenaries hired with the promise of plundering wealthy Verona. No one seems to know who the leadership is. Rosaline falls in with Peter, the Capulets’ former servant turned bandit turned mercenary, as she tries to get closer to the army’s leadership.

Eventually she finds that the army is being led by a trio of angry traitors: Paris, Lady Capulet, and Iago of Venice. Paris and Lady Capulet are motivated by revenge, Iago by plunder. Rosaline follows them when the army feints a retreat to Padua. When she’s wounded, she takes refuge with a relative who lives there, Beatrice of Messina, whose husband (Benedick) visits Iago with Rosaline as his “page” so that she can steal Paris’s battle plans.

Rosaline takes Paris’s battle plans and races back to the city with them. She and Benvolio, having each thought the other dead, have an emotional reunion in an army tent. They admit they’re in love with each other and decide to get married if they survive.

Rosaline and Benvolio deliver the battle plans to the prince, but they don’t realize they’re only a ruse: Paris’s true secret weapon is Livia, who opens the gates of the city sewers so Paris’s army can pour in and overwhelm the city. The prince is captured, and most of Verona’s army is cut off outside. Dun dun DUN!

Book 3

Verona is under occupation. Those of its nobles who kowtow to “Governor” Iago are left more or less alone, but those who maintain loyalty to the prince are exiled or killed, their lands and houses seized. The mercenaries run roughshod over Verona.

To give a semblance of legitimacy to the occupation, Livia and Paris are married and put in as rulers. Livia is deliriously happy at first - Paris is all she’s ever wanted. But he’s still under Lady Capulet’s thrall.

Rosaline has, to all appearances, become an empty-headed young noblewoman, content to go to balls and be Verona’s social queen as though the city isn’t burning around them. In fact, she and Benvolio are secretly working to free the prince and rout the enemy from the city. They, along with Friar Lawrence, are leading the resistance.

As Iago’s rule grows more brutal, even the mercenaries become discontented. Rosaline uses her friendship with Peter to start to sow division in the ranks.  

When Livia realizes that Paris has been sleeping with Lady Capulet all along, she decides to help Rosaline. Together they manage to free the Prince. Paris and Benvolio fight again; this time Paris is killed.

Verona’s army returns to the city. The mercenaries, most of whom have no interest in trying to hold the city, flee. The prince captures Iago. Lady Capulet runs; Livia tries to stop her, and Lady Capulet stabs her. She dies in Rosaline’s arms. Trapped, Lady Capulet commits suicide at her daughter’s grave.

Order is restored in the city, and the Prince, back in his place and assured of Rosaline’s loyalty, assumes they’ll be getting married as they planned. Rosaline is torn - she loves Benvolio, but she cares for the prince too, and since House Montague’s fortunes suffered so badly during the war, Benvolio’s been pushing her away because he doesn’t think she deserves a poverty-stricken husband.

But the prince is also refusing to give Livia burial in her family’s vault - despite Rosaline’s pleadings, he insists her body be buried by the road outside the city with the other dead from Iago’s army. She finally gets her way by threatening to kill herself if he doesn’t allow her to bury her only family properly. When Benvolio, unaware of all this controversy, comes to lay a rose on Livia’s grave, Rosaline bursts into tears, throws herself at him, and insists on going to find Friar Lawrence right then so she can drag him home and seal the deal. Happy ending!

Being best friends with Peter (headcannon)

My first headcannon post.. preparing for cringe :)) •you’d have the greatest story on how you two met •you’d be walking and you’d see Peter run into a pole •you’d be laughing your ass off before also running into a pole •and you’d both be cracking up on the streets of NYC and people would think you both need help •but Ned would yell, “I ship it!” •y'all would talk about science puns 24/7 •traditional star wars night •ned watching you two cuddle on the coach like a proud dad •protecting Peter from Flash because he’s so innocent and small and needs to be protected at all times •you practically living at Peter’s house •everyone at school would be waiting for you two to start dating •dressing up as a sexy woman version of Spider-Man to tease him •finding out Peter is Spider-Man because let’s face it; he can’t keep anything from you •you find by walking in on him taking his suit off •after you find out you’d swing around the city •singing ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ out loud in front of him •people would find Spider-Man dropping you off at school •and they would be jealous •Peter walks out minutes later with a smirk oml •him FINALLY admitting his feelings for you •Spider-Man kissesssss •once you jump-scared him and he literally jumped and stuck to the ceiling •he •actually •got •stuck •you’d be rolling on the ground while laughing •when you finally helped him down he practically threw a fit •'you’re sOooO meeAannnN’ •you taking Peter’s virginity because we all know he’s too innocent to have lost it already (but hot asf) •Peter literally loving you forever •he’s clingy asf •when he’s upset he lays on your chest because “they’re comfy” •playing with his hair •once it is long enough you braid it •once Ned finds out about you two he flips •peter trying to do your makeup •keyword: trying •him being so proud of the results •holding hands all the time •in class too •you style his hair every day, but you’ve pretty much done it for as long as you’ve known him •the boy loves cuddles •like, lovesss •Peter looks like a small innocent bean but like •like •he’s a wholeee different person in bed •dom!Peter takes control •being super loving and careful afterwards •you just can’t get enough of Peter (I’ll definitely do more of these, so request some ideas, and I might make a Pt. 2 💓)

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italian gothic

Italy is perfect for those gothic posts like:

  • the elders observe your every move as you stumble along the cobble stone. You never know if they are benevolent or not. You just know they are watching.
  • the way to town is uphill. The way home is also uphill. You are left to wonder how is that possible.
  • The city elects the new Mayor. You didn’t vote for the new mayor. You’re pretty sure nobody you know voted for the new mayor. You have a haunting feeling nobody actually voted for the new Mayor. As you see questionable local enterprise bigshots grinning, anxiety creeps into you.
  • In any given place, as you walk, you’re walking on ancient ruins. Wherever you’ll dig, you’ll find ancient ruins. Ancient ruins resurface on their own. They are around you. They are beneath you. You can’t escape.
  • Beautiful churches lurking behind every corner. You enter one and are greeted by sublime ancient frescos depicting suffering, torture and martyrdom. The Priest tells you that suffering is the only pathway to Heaven. The townspeople nod and chant along him. You realize that the beliefs of these people influence the policies of the Country. You are scared.
  • The old towns are guarded by the dead gaze of the statues of our forefathers. Some of these statues are headless, or damaged by past wars. Everything around you is older than you can possibly imagine. You wonder if the headless statues are luckier, for their eyes haven’t survived to witness, powerlessly, the misery of human history.
  • Regardless of where you are, there are abandoned homes. Dusty and dark houses lurking on the dark alleys, too old to be destroyed, too damaged to be restored.
  • The streets are lit by candles. Like every year, it starts with an ominous chanting getting near. Shortly after, the horde floods your street, slowly dragging their feet, lead by a Priest droning into a microphone. Some are holding holy objects. You are filled with dread as you watch your family join the horde, smiling.
  • You are to turn in some paperwork. You discover that you need more paperwork and that you are supposed to deliver it to another office. The paperwork grows as you continue the process. The red tape overwhelms you. You drown in paperwork. It is all you see. A deadline looms over you. You feel no hope. Then, if the Bureaucrats will allow it, your paperwork will get through. Then, your request will sit in a dark room, ignored for a decade.

Like my house is in the middle of two streets and on either side these giant fireworks are going off every minute.

And like, the minute I think it’s ending, one neighbor sets off another couple and the other one starts going off again too.

I mean, two free fireworks shows for me, so I’m fine with it. I may or may not be writing a Romeo and Juliet, Fireworks Edition story in my head though.

Two lovers on rich, preppy Long Island, caught between a competition over who had the most extravagant fireworks display.

The ending? They die in a fireworks accident trying to combine both of their shows and the last firework is a giant red heart or something.

Edit: Just as I finished this both neighbors seemed to shoot off all the rest of their fireworks at once and it’s so bloody extra oh my god I love it

War AU Starter Pack

Our Muses are involved in an organization to help the homeless, orphans, widows and poor. Send me an icon + a number to begin. (For reverse, send 🔄  with it and make do.)

🔫 - Your Muse goes to war to fight for mine and the rest of the poor. After the fight, my Muse gets to see your Muse for thanks.

  1. “It’s a brave thing you did..”
  2. “Why would you risk so much just for us?.. I brought something for you..”
  3. “Thank you.. So much..”
  4. “You’re so kind, how could i ever repay you?”
  5. “A real soldier..”
  6. “Were you hurt at all?”
  7. “Please, let me thank you properly..”
  8. “Thank you, thank you!.. Thank you so much, may i have your name?”
  9. “Myself and many others are safe because of you, special hero..”
  10. “I owe you my life!..”

🚪 - Your Muse opens up their home to mine to help keep people off the streets during the war. My Muse greets your Muse with..

  1. “..I’m sorry.. I wont be here for long..”
  2. “I promise, i wont be a burden.”
  3. “Thank you for your services.. I want to be of use as well.. Think of me as a personal house keeper!..”
  4. “I’ll stay out of the way.”
  5. “Am i also going to be eating here?..”
  6. “Thank you.. I’ll do whatever you need me too..”
  7. “I brought something for you for thanks, it’s not much, but..”
  8. “Are you sure it’s okay?.. I can leave any time you want..”
  9. “Don’t let me bother you..”
  10. “Why let me stay?.. I’m just an inconvenience..”

💉 - During the fight, your Muse has been severely injured and crawled to a safe point. My Muse, a homeless individual, realizes they’re hurt and decides to help all they can.

  1. “I-I don’t know how to do this! Don’t you have any instructions?!.. You’re the war hero!”
  2. “Stay awake, i need you to help me help you!”
  3. “This is gonna hurt a bit..”
  4. “You’re losing blood fast!”
  5. “Don’t panic! It makes me panic!”
  6. “I only have rags to patch that up.. I-I’ll try!”
  7. “You’re saving me, so now’s my chance to save you!”
  8. “I’ll do anything and everything i can to get you back up!”
  9. “Please don’t go!.. You’re almost done!..”
  10. “Other people are coming to help, stay with me until then, okay?”

👕 - Your Muse has decided to help by donating to the ones in need. They bring extra clothes, food, water, toilet paper, other necessities. In this time, your Muse meets mine when it’s their turn.

  1. “Oh my.. That’s a lot to carry..”
  2. “Aren’t you generous?”
  3. “Thank you so much, you’re so kind!”
  4. “I don’t think I’ve seen this much stuff in a long time!..”
  5. “Are you sure you wont need it?”
  6. “I’ll take very good care of everything! Thank you!”
  7. “You deserve a reward.. I just wish i could give something proper.”
  8. “May your actions give back to you!”
  9. “Give it to the next person, I’m not that important..”
  10. “Wont you miss it?..”

ben-roll-io  asked:

i'll send a prompt in if you're looking! How about rosvolio and the conversation that would happen after he discovered rosaline and escalus! I need somene to speculate... 7 days is too long! :D

Thanks for the prompt! I’m not sure this is what you were looking for – I took it in a direction even I wasn’t really sure about – but I hope you like it!

With a soft rustle of skirts, Isabella pressed herself through the doorway and into the narrow, ill-lit antechamber. A lamp would have been unnecessary in any case, as she knew the contours of the room as well as her own mind, having spent countless hours in it waiting, listening, observing. A prince must be watchful, her father had told her, and so she was, her eyes and ears taking in every word, every gesture from her ideal hiding spot. 

Her fingers quickly found the small wooden panel in the wall and slid it sideways, revealing two round pinpricks of light. Pressing her face up against them, she blinked twice against the glare and then gazed into the chamber beyond, knowing with confidence that her dark eyes could not be seen from the other side, disguised as they were within the mottled landscape of a rather poorly-executed portrait of Cangrande riding triumphant into Padua.

There were only two figures in the chamber, a man and a woman, and they were not yet speaking, nor were they even looking at each other. 

It had been Isabella’s idea to have them be brought there, just as it had been her idea, skillfully woven into her brother’s mind until he eventually regarded it as his own, that the two should be wed. Such a union, she realized, would solve so many problems. There would be peace in the streets, the warring houses brought together by vows sworn to God, the only thing stronger than the hot blood of vendetta. The people’s spirits would be buoyed by stories of tender-hearted love – and by the celebratory wine flowing freely in the streets. And her brother would no longer be distracted from his duty by thoughts of a woman entirely inappropriate for him in rank and station. Such a union would force him to set aside whatever adolescent sentiments he might still have for Rosaline Capulet, to then wish her and her new husband well, and at last return to the requirements of his role as prince of Verona. 

Such a plan would accomplish a great deal, if only the two figures at the center would play their parts as instructed. 

Rosaline, of course, had been the most resistant. She had always been so, willful and proud even as a young girl, and there had been a time, as childhood friends, when Isabella had secretly admired her for it. But grown women didn’t have the luxury of pride and will, especially not those in the position that Rosaline now found herself. The young man – Benvolio was his name – was less well-known to Isabella, but as the penniless nephew and sole heir of Lord Montague, he would no doubt be brought to heel just as quickly. 

There was something strange, though, in the way he had eventually gone after Rosaline after she had fled from the Great Hall, a look in his eyes that seemed to suggest he felt something more than just the simple humiliation of being publicly spurned by his soon-to-be fiancé. He had seemed even more troubled after he returned, only a few moments before her brother and Rosaline reappeared, their expressions chastened and eyes downcast as they failed to meet anyone’s gaze. Isabella did not fully understand it – not yet, at least. But she would watch, and wait, with the certainty that their secrets would be revealed to her soon enough.

So once they had all returned, she had suggested – with all the sincerity and maidenly innocence she could muster – that the new couple be allowed a private moment, a chance to begin to get to know one another, and it had not been hard to bring everyone to agreement. And she knew just the place: a small audience chamber her father had often used to meet with visiting dignitaries and ambassadors, left almost entirely unoccupied these days, but perfectly suitable for their needs.

It would have been perfectly suitable for Isabella’s needs as well – if only for the fact that neither the future groom nor his bride were saying anything at all to each other, leaving the air in the chamber to weigh heavy and thick, curdling with silent tension. Rosaline sat stone-faced in a chair facing the door, while Benvolio had his back to her, his hands braced up against the solid stone mantel of the fireplace.

For a long moment Isabella wondered if they were ever going to speak at all, until finally the young man turned towards Rosaline, taking one hesitant step in her direction before he let a weary sigh escape from his lips.

“This arrangement was not of my choosing, nor of yours,” he said, his words slow, as if deliberately chosen. “But, before anything is done, tell me – and speak plainly, as I have no wish to play the unsuspecting fool – have you already formed an attachment with another?”

So it was true, then – he had come to suspect what Isabella already knew. Had the Montague heir seen something, some open declaration of the prince’s feelings towards Rosaline? Or even of her feelings towards the prince?

Rosaline swiveled her head to look at him, not moving an inch otherwise, her hands left passively clasped upon her lap.

“Do not attempt to know my heart, signore,” she sneered. “Such an endeavor is beyond your care or concern.” Her eyes narrowed, as if she was finding it hard to maintain her composure. “And no doubt you would struggle, for as I have heard, your knowledge of a woman’s anatomy is limited to a single place, one nowhere near the heart at all.” 

He inhaled sharply, his face a rigid mask of anger, and after a tiny, abortive movement of his hand towards his waist, Isabella realized he had reflexively reached for his sword, Rosaline’s sex the only thing that had saved her from being challenged. Instead, he charged forward into the center of the room, his eyes blazing.

“To know your heart would be a futile course indeed. I wonder if it even exists, or if an equal measure of pride and icy disdain simply reside in the place where it ought to be.” He pressed his hand into his forehead, rubbing along the ridge of his brow. “But you evade the point, madam. Do you have an attachment?

Isabella could only stand and watch agape. Was it possible the man was jealous? Why would it pain him so to think this woman loved another?

“Yes!” she thundered, at once coming to her feet, turning towards him with her determined little chin thrust high in outrage. “An attachment to my liberty! I would not be bought and sold like common chattel, I would not know the yoke of a petty tyrant who thinks himself a king because he bears the name of husband.”

He barked out a laugh, but there was no joy in it, only bitterness.

“I pity the man who would try to yoke you, more so the one who might attempt to bare his heart and speak to you of tender sentiments and thoughts of love.”

“Love?” Rosaline scoffed, throwing a hand out for emphasis as she took a step towards him. “A child’s game! Look what it brought our cousins.”

And so it went on, accusation upon accusation, recrimination upon recrimination, until Isabella could only shake her head in frustration and half-wonder if they would continue to engage in such hostilities up until the moment they reached the altar and the priest made them kneel in preparation for their vows. Dearest saints in heaven, could anything be made to flourish in such rocky soil as this?

But as she continued to watch them, she could not deny the passion with which they railed at one another, the way they seemed to be slowly circling around each other as they sparred and parried, both the hunter and the hunted. Such passion was dangerous – even from behind the wall she could sense the shimmering combustibility of it – but it would no doubt keep Rosaline occupied, until perhaps there would be no space left in her mind for any thoughts of the prince.

Perhaps, Isabella thought, her lips curling into an unbidden smile, her plan might actually succeed. House Montague and House Capulet would not burn down her city, taking her beloved brother along with them. No, she promised herself: their heirs, like fire and powder, would unite and consume only each other, until there was no danger left at all.

MERCY STREET - Season 2: Mansion House - “Then and Now”

In 1848, James Green bought the Mansion House, also known as Carlyle House, where he and his family resided. During the Civil War, it was seized by the Union as housing for the doctors, surgeons and VIP guests and patients.

The building was originally built by John Carlyle, wealthy merchant and a founder of Alexandria, who completed this elegant stone mansion in 1753. It is architecturally unique, known as the only stone, Palladian-style house in Alexandria.

There are not many photos of Carlyle House during the Civil War, most likely because it was hidden by the Mansion House Hotel from street view. The photo in the foreground dates back to 1918, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Today, Carlyle House still stands on the grounds of the former hospital, operating as a museum. It is open for tours and features an exhibit on the Mansion House Hospital. Learn more

Take a book leave a book

Harrison Osterfield X reader

 requests are open, sorry if i take a minute to get to them there all on my drive and school finishes up in about a month. Also im not to sure how this turned out, like i tried writing in a different style. idk dudes do you like it?

 For as long as Harrison could remember he had lived across from (Y/N). Once upon a time they were good friends running around playing tag, having mud fights and complaining about what movie they were gonna watch that night. Harrison couldn’t remember the countless birthday parties they had together, seeing that there birthdays where only a few days apart. All those memories came to end when Tom got cast for his first movie, Harrison jumped aboard to travel with his best friend, leaving (Y/N) all alone without her best friend.

  Growing up (Y/N) was a very outgoing child, always making noise with Harrison. He had always pushed her out of her comfort zone to do things, he was the one who cheered her on when she presented her writing in front of class. He was the reason she gained confidence, he was her best friend.

  But when Harrison left her confidence plummeted, not having her best friend there to help her out, (Y/N) turned to books to fill his absence, falling instantly in love. It became easier for (Y/N) to stay inside and get lost in a good book, than to face the real world. Her parents both worked almost all day, and only came home to sleep, leaving (Y/N) to figure out everything else. Easily more entertained by books than the lack of her best friend, she choose to stray away from reality.

  Her love for reading grew the longer he stayed away. Not wanting to stray to far away from reality that summer, (Y/N) wanted others to enjoy reading as much as she did. The only library close to them was at least a thirty minute drive. That summer (Y/N) built her own little library that stood on the corner of her lawn.

‘Take a book leave a book’ read the sign hanging from the little library. Harrison smiled to himself he always knew (Y/N) had a love for reading. He couldn’t wait to see her again, for things to go back to normal. He couldn’t wait till you guys had your movie nights again or even for fun to have a mud war to bring back old memories.

 He waited outside (Y/N)’s house for a while listening to hear if she was outside, he couldn’t remember a time where you weren’t outside having fun. Coming to the conclusion that she wasn’t home yet, Harrison jogged over to his home across the street.

  ‘’Hey mom,’’ Harrison said making his way over to the kitchen where his mom was at.

  ‘’He sweetheart, saw you were outside, (Y/N)’s place for a while, where you guys planning on meeting up?” his mom asked him gently setting down her tea.

 Harrison sat down next his mom, ‘’No I was planning on surprising her actually, guess she isn’t home. She isn’t outside.” he replied to his mom looking through the window at the little library on your lawn, ‘’when did that get there anyway?” He asked pointing to the library.

“Oh she put that up while you were gone. Did you two not keep in touch while you were away?’’his mom asked.

 ‘’No, we didn’t actually, it never came to it i guess.’’ Harrison said staring out the window memory after playing in his mind.

‘’ Well if you had kept in touch than you would know, she doesn’t leave the house often anymore sweetheart. I guess she prefers to stay inside and do what kids do inside.Her parents say she’s doing extremely well in school.”

To say Harrison was surprised was an understatement, that didn’t sound like the (Y/N) he remembered. He looked at the little library. What happened?

Should i do a part two to this or just leave it here?