the war for eternity

  • me: i'll just watch the 1st episode and if i like it i can watch it over the break
  • *2 days later*
  • me: *has finished all the seasons, watched all the fan edits, read all the fanfics, made a fanpage, filled up camera roll with screen shots, constantly ranting about the show, knows every character's mother's maiden name*

Stefan Ruiz

The Eternal Magic of Beirut

For many of us, it’s synonymous with war and strife. But for the artists, chefs, designers, architects and scholars who live there, Beirut will always be a place where ideas and beauty flourished…and flourish still.

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i swear to god i bet the new mario game will have the most elaborate plot ever, i bet the new zelda will be good but forgettable plot wise and mario odyssey will come out of nowhere to have the most fucked up story ever, mario will have a plot arc and be emotionally broken for the first time, he will wander the streets of nyc homeless and friendless and learn what it truly means to be human, bowser and peach will get married and rule the world, it will turn into a dishonored game about mario. there will be a 3d shaving minigame where he gets his life back in order and gets rid of his beard and returns to his classic look and if you get even 1 hair of his luxuriously rendered mustache wrong you have to start over (from the start of the game) and it wont even be the most fucked up plot to have been featured in a mario game, mario has already bore witness to an eldritch god of weapons who invaded earth to replace all life with eternal war, he has already seen the universe annihilated and been to hell

i keep thinking about how genji has slots for shurikens embedded in his arm like that makes me so. sad. he was built to be a permanent killing machine his body wasnt built to keep him alive it was built so he could fight hes eternally locked inside a life of war and combat. and he was told he could either join overwatch or die. the only reason for his existence is so overwatch has one more agent. one more disposable man to die for them

i mean. how much did mercy really save his life

@alkja replied to your post: forcearama: pattroughton: So Vader has a…

Let’s all imagine Luke finding the castle and realizing he’s only the #2 Obi-Wan Fanboy in the galaxy while FG!Anakin squirms in embarrassment. “Really, dad? Really? Why not a lock of his hair too?” “…With his brush in that gilded box.” “DAD” “It was really lovely hair, ok?” “…Force’s sake.”

Hahahahahaha, I live for Luke finding out about his dad’s eternal love for Obi-Wan. He is absolutely going to run across that room at some point and either die laughing or die of embarrassment, or both. It’s going to be hard to make eye contact for a couple of weeks afterward.

Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost is going to die for a second time about all of this. He will literally blush himself to another death when Luke finds this place. 

Actually, I kind of want Kylo to be the one to encounter Vader’s little Obi-Wan Room. Like, he’s got this image of Vader as an all-powerful Super Scary Sith Lord Whose Work Must be Continued and Who Loved Nothing and No One, and then he’s gonna find out that Vader spent much of his leisure time drawing saucy pictures of some Jedi and writing shitty romantic poetry about him and…it’s gonna be awkward.