the wanted mine

Artists Louis has worked with and/or acknowledged in 2017 (so far):

Worked with:

  • Steve Aoki: Dim Mak Records, Ultra Records (Sony), Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Jay Pryor: Future House Music 
  • “Sir” Nolan Lambroza: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Digital Farm Animals: Syco/RCA (Sony)
  • Lunchmoney Lewis: Columbia (Sony)
  • Jason Evigan: EMI Publishing (Sony)
  • Matoma: Pulse Recordings (Independent)
  • Skylar Grey: Interscope Records (UMG), Universal Music Publishing Group
  • Rozes: Lost Colony Music (Independent), Warner Chappell Publishing Group
  • Jesse Thomas: Red Parade Music Group (Independent)
  • Nick Monson: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Sasha Sloan: Warner Chappell Publishing
  • Eric Rosse: Capitol Records (UMG), Warner Chappell Publishing

Twitter mention/recommendation:

  • Digital Farm Animals: Syco/RCA (Sony)
  • Hailee Steinfeld: Republic (UMG)
  • Devlin: Devlin Music, Island Records (UMG) 
  • Julia Michaels: Republic (UMG), Warner Chappell Publishing

Busy busy busy. School has been driving me a little insane and sleep deprived lately so it was time for a break. I decided to treat myself and visit The Broad with my cousins yesterday; we took the train, explored the museum, walked around downtown LA and had some lunch and coffee in little Tokyo. Taking a break was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. // Btw, still obsessively listening to the Dear Evan Hansen cast album and I’m not even a little bit sorry. 


tiny children

if you havent already, i really hope that one day you meet someone who makes your cells dance and makes your soul happy and kisses you with morning breath and lets you win sometimes in board games and never lets you go to bed mad and loves you no matter what and never ever lets you go because everyone deserves their person and i really hope you find that one day.


Positivity Jongin pt. 2

for everyone out there who’s struggling to achieve a goal right now

Jongin on day 1:

He’s trying so hard but he just can’t seem to reach his Jongdae hyung. He misses him and wants him to know that he loves him and supports his beautiful singing. Will he ever be able to reach his level? Will he ever be able to let him know of his feelings? 

Jongin on day 2: 

With a lot of effort, he made it! Look at this cute little bean! Now he can be next to his hyung and sing along with him. Look at how happy he is since he has achieved his goal :’) 

If Jongin can make it, so can you!

I’m a day late because I don’t have internet at my house but god I love George with every inch of my being and I hope he is resting peacefully, knowing he still brings smiles to many people’s faces everyday including mine. Last year around this time I wasn’t doing so good, but managed to survive a suicide attempt and I am still severely struggling with my mental health but simply seeing a photo of George brightens my mood plenty and keeps me holding on until tomorrow. You’ve taught me to “be here now” and I’m slowly learning how to let go of the past. I don’t know how I would fight through any of this without his music or his words and thoughts, he’s brought many things to me including meditation and positive thinking. You give me the strength to keep breathing and keep fighting this George! I may not have ever known you but the light you’ve brought to me and to this world doesn’t go unrecognized or unnoticed. Happy belated birthday love you will forever shine on in my heart!💖