the wanted boys

in a parallell universe isaks locker doesnt immediately swing open when even hits it


even needs to hit it again and again but it STILL WONT OPEN

so they stand there together and struggle with that damn locker with exceeding frustration 

and even panics the fuck out because he just wanted to be Extra™ and Cool™ (”hey isak look i opened your locker with ONE HIT do you see these muscles im strong and muscular and also i love you pls date me”) BUT HE FAILED AND HE IS SO EMBARASSED AND ANGRY AT HIMSELF BECAUSE WHY IS HE LIKE THIS

living with yoongi

- always hearing music playing from somewhere in the house and yoongi randomly tapping whatever surface he is near in the process of writing a song

- living with yoongi is like having a human pet bc he needs you to check up on him and feed him every now and then

- sliding his dinner to him and having him grab you by the arm and make you sit on his lap while he continues “your presence helps me think better” “o-okay”

- either sleeping or working in the studio and nothing in between 

- playing nba basketball video games on tv and doing cartwheels when you win which just confuses the heck out of yoongs bc how did u beat him at his own game

- sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping;; did i mention sleeping? sleeping on the couch and on the bed and on the floor and practically everywhere bc yoongs is a sloth and he needs his rest 


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