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Not to be too cheesy but I just love the idea of trans/nb people choosing their own names. Its like thats your main identifier, even when you aren’t around, and the idea that you get to pick it yourself, whether its a 2 second process or a 10 year process, is just so amazing to me. You no longer carry a name that just holds meaning to someone else, you get to carry a name that means something to you in particular, even if the meaning is just “I feel like this fits me”

(YES, This applies no matter how you chose it !!) 

I don’t wanna move on! I don’t wanna join new fandoms. I really have no interest in other fandoms. I don’t wanna watch bnha or get invested in voltron or draw yoi! I really don’t want to!
I’m gonna die with the haikyuu fandom!


Patrick’s heavy breathing in the background tho

It (2017)

honestly ship whatever you want all you want but can we all collectively agree that it’s a really good thing peterick isn’t real, for the sole fact that those two men trying to raise anything more than a hamster together would be a fucking nightmare for everyone involved?

shea-gardienne  asked:

Do you think Ashkore could really be Lance and the story is dropping hints about it? Or that Lance is the new red herring for who Ash could be (like how Leiftan was)? :o

Well just like leif boy’s real intentions, we were given plenty of hints that Lance and Ashkore are the same person, i.e Ash’s thoughts when he saw Valkyon and the fact that his body wasn’t found, also there’s this little theory of mine based on that Valkyon was a worse “pranker” than Ezarel and that he had this trait because his brother was like that and as we all know Ashkore is as sassy and witty as Ezarel and he enjoys bothering other people, i’m waiting for more info about Lance’s character to consider this further evidence that proves that he faked his death or was manipulated to become the Ashkore that we know

Vamp AU AU Chronology

[by request] Note: POV changes with authors ^^;

  1. Lose Control (Lara)
  2. Part II (Komodo)
  3. Part III (Lara) 
  4. Sick (Lara)
  5. Sick [happens simultaneously] (Komodo)
  6. Overslept (Komodo)
  7. If you don’t mind (Lara)

I’ll update this post as more gets written I guess hahah - I’m not expecting anyone to follow this ^^;

  • person: i mean harry styles is good but he's just another boybander gone solo
  • me: excuse me, sir, did you know that harry edward styles is using his entire tour to promote a freeing space for the audience to feel comfortable and welcome and sheds any coat of toxic masculinity to be able to embrace the audience in an authentic and genuine way without fear of feeling "weak" or "feminine" or GOD FORBIB "gay"