the wanted boys

the fakest thing is when people draw vax, percy, and scanlan with bulging muscles but give pike twig arms like we are clearly not watching the same show here buddy

i may have finally convinced my dad to take me to the nuclear power plant sometime soon so i can go into the place where you learn about it and see if i can’t find anyone to ask questions to, but….im NERVOUS as all get out when faced with the actual possibility of getting to go ask about potential future jobs. i mean its an excited nervous, but it is absolutely a stomach-fluttering all-encompassing almost-shaking nervousness.

being a gwenmj shipper on this website is hard because people seem to think you need to pick between them, which usually means unfairly demonizing one of them.

no. stop that. they are both wonderful, amazing, and complex characters, neither of whom deserves to be hated by anyone.

just…why hate on them when you can make them kiss instead?