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Auli’i Cravalho, Alessia Cara & Jordan Fisher perform “How Far I’ll Go” at the RDMAs.


d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!



hello guys! we, delium (niu), q8a (jas) and juhhyeon (caro) have been wanting to do our own blog awards for a while! as each of us have reached some milestones recently, we wanted to give something back to our followers! so, we’ve collaborated and have created an aquatic-themed award event!


  1. reblog to enter, likes will be considered as a bookmark
  2. enter by: 9th of april 2017 (00:00 PST)
  3. must be following us, at least one or more (we will check)
  4. this post must reach a minimum of 50 notes
  5. list down (in the tags) what categories you would like to be qualified for, otherwise you will be excluded from the awards
  6. no nsfw blogs
  7. dont be an asshole to other participants (report to us if anything occurs)
  8. ‘plankton - best underappreciated’ competitors MUST submit a screenshot of current following to any admin.
  9. ‘aquarium - best creations’ competitors MUST mention their tag for their creations in the tags when reblogged.


  • sea - best overall
  • seashell - best url
  • coral - best follower interaction
  • seaweed - best mobile theme
  • water - best theme
  • mollusk - best original content
  • ocean - best archive
  • aquarium- best creations
  • koi - best aesthetics
  • octopus - best multifandom
  • plankton - best underappreciated
  • our personal favourite blog


  • promo; winners appreciation post (released after 9th of April 2017)
  • potential follow (from some or all of us, if not already)
  • optional: criticism for blog, advice for tumblr, help with design, vice versa.
  • for personal favourites: an original creation by one of us (delium: gfx, typography and dabbing lessons, q8a: gfx, juhhyeon: blog/page theme.)
let’s talk tony awards!

want to discuss your opinions on the tony season? what shows do you love? what shows do you hate?

send me an ask regarding:

  • nominations
  • shows that’ll do well
  • shows that’ll do poor
  • shows you think will win
  • shows you think will lose
  • who you want to win
  • who you want to lose
  • and anything in between!

this is purely to encourage a health discussion in the fandom, as well as allow people to discuss opinions in a safe place! all asks will be responded to in a polite, considerate way despite whatever my opinion is! feel free to reblog this if you want to encourage discussion on your blog too!

hello everyone~ i’m already almost at 1.3k now!! i wanted to do blog awards as a thank you to everyone so here we are :))


  • must be following me!! (studyblr is your side blog? put your main in the tags)
  • only studyblrs please
  • reblog this post (likes are bookmarks)
  • you may reblog/enter as many times as you like :)


  • favorite url
  • favorite aesthetic (icon + desktop theme)
  • favorite original content (pls have a link somewhere!!)
  • favorite masterposts or printables (pls have a link!!)
  • sweetest blogger (message me!!)
  • favorite overall
  • favorite baby studyblr (less than 1k followers, mention it in the tags)


  • a new friend!! (a follow from me through @iicehearted )
  • i’ll queue/reblog a ton of posts from you!
  • a header or promo if you want one :)

depending on how many ppl enter/how many notes this gets, there’ll be runner-ups for some categories (one winner, two runner-ups most likely). i haven’t decided when this ends, it depends on the response!!

hiii lovelies! a couple of days ago, i reached 1k. i started this blog one month ago today and i never dreamed of ever reaching 1k, much less of reaching it within only a month, and i still kinda can’t believe it to be quite honest. and then yesterday, i reached 1.1k, and now i’m at 1.131k, and i’m pretty much shaking. i’m so incredibly grateful that all you wonderful, kind, lovely people have, for whatever reason, decided you wanted to follow my trash blog, and so i wanted to do my first ever tumblr awards, which i’m hoping as many of you as possible will participate in♥

rules, prizes and categories under the cut!

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  • must be following meg (hi) and maybe check out my photos ?? 

  • reblog this post, likes will be counted as book marks
  • there will be one winner and two runner-ups
  • winners will be announced on April 1st
  • this post has to reach an actual decent amount of notes or this never happened


  • best url
  • best icon
  • best mobile theme
  •  best desktop theme
  •  best original content
  • overall favourite 

☆*・゜゚・*winner prizes *・゜゚・*☆

  •  a follow from me if im not following already
  •  a featured spot on my blog for all of April and on my blog awards page
  • as many promos as you want me
  • queueing up a ton from you
  • if you make your own edits i will reblog those too

 ☆*・゜゚・*runner up prizes *・゜゚・*☆

  • a follow from me if im not following already
  •  a spot on my blog awards page
  • 2 promos a week
  • me queueing up a ton from you
  • if you make your own edits i will reblog those too

I’m being 100% serious tho like? If someone who cared about me gave me a colourful little sticker just for being able to pull myself out of bed and face the day at a time I was feeling miserable and down and lethargic about life??? in a genuine effort to encourage and cheer me up??? because they love me?? I would be exponentially more ready to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s a gentle and loving and sympathetic way of acknowledging how difficult it must have been for the person to wake up and face the grossness of the day (whatever their reason for being miserable) while also trying to cheer them up (because tbh who doesn’t love stickers) and? That’s super insightful and thoughtful and important and will probably make the sad person feel really encouraged

In conclusion that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Amy Santiago is an adorably precious genius and #1 girlfriend please protect her at all costs

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to say, you're an absolute legend. This blog deserves an award!! Ahah thank you for taking the time to reblog imagines for us all! xox

Aw!! This is the sweetest thing!! I love that so many of you like this blog!!

i can’t believe i actually reached this huge milestone. a third of the way to 10k! thank you so much, everyone, your follows mean the world to me. i’ve always wanted to do blog awards, and now, i think, is the time! the awards are named after some of my succulents.


  • mbf me, as this is meant for my followers!
  • must be a studyblr. if your studyblr is a sideblog, put it in the tags.
  • reblogs to enter, likes for bookmarks.
  • this must reach 50 notes or we’ll pretend this never happened…


  • the Jelly-bean award: best url
  • the Buffy award: best theme
  • the Bert award: the best icon
  • the Al award: best original original content 
  • the Halsey award: my faves


  • a follow from me.
  • a spot on my new “faves” tab on my theme which i’m gonna make.
  • you can request up to 3 promos whenever you like!
  • the greatest prize of all, my eternal friendship.

ending date is going to be the 20th of April. and i’m not sure when i’ll get around to doing the awards… i’ll let you know. so yeah! thank you all again :)

Hey guys!!

It’s time to nominate PJO/HOO blogs now!!!!

We now have our final list of categories which can be seen here.

Rules for Nominations:

  1. One blog can have a maximum of three nominations spanning all categories. So basically if Blog X got nominated for Best Headcanons, Best Art, and Best Edits, and are also nominated for other things, they cannot be voted for the other categories. We want to make this year more inclusive of all PJO/HOO blogs, so we’re limiting the number. note: at the end of the nomination period, the bloggers that are nominated for more than three categories get to choose which three they would like to be considered for. 
  2. If a blog, for any reason, wants to be taken down from a nomination, we will go ahead with their request. Everyone is voting for each other for any category, so we want to allow people to be taken down if they want to be!
  3. Categories close out at 26 nominations. While we’d love to include as many bloggers as possible, typeform only allows 26 choices per category, and splitting each category into two voting blocks causes a lot of logistical issues. However, bloggers nominated for a category that is closed will be placed on a waitlist in case any other nominees for that category choose to turn down the nomination for whatever reason. Waitlisted bloggers will be added on a first nominated-first serve basis. 
  4. Please be nice!! This is a fun effort by blogs from the fandom, and we want to keep these awards as fun and light-hearted as possible!
  5. Nominating will start now, and go on until December 3. It originally said November 30, but because this started late, we’re extending the date. 

Nominate away!

I just want to say thank you so much for participating in the blog awards!!! I swear I thought this wasn’t gonna go over well and no one was gonna vote but I actually have a winner for each category!

Also.. All of the categories have one winner besides the “nicest blogger” category just because I felt everyone deserved to win that one. This is my awards so I make the rules and I decided all four blogs should win.

& I will definitely do something like this again in the future!! It was really fun!

Anyways here are the winners!…


Best URL:

@andys-lip-ring [24 votes]


Best Original Content:

@julietsimms-discussions [17 votes]


Best BVB blog:

@andys-stolen-omen [13 votes]


Best Multi-Fandom Blog:

@prettybvbreckless [20 votes]


Most Active:

@alightwhendarknessfell [18 votes]


Nicest Blogger:

@julietsimms-discussions [18 votes]
@alightwhendarknessfell [16 votes]
@ylove-bandimagines [13 votes]
@natewantstobattleimaginegalore [11 votes]


Best BVB Icon:

@fallenstarashleypurdy [12 votes]


Best Theme:

@sporkinghowell [18 votes]


Best Gif Maker:

@heyimbrendonurie [19 votes]


Best Edit Creator:

@phanbeans [8 votes]


Funniest Blogger:

@cringe-attacks [7 votes]




message me your name

reblog this

follow me if you want

check out my blog awards

and you’ll get:

  • a playlist out of your name
  • a gif of who I ship you with
  • blog rate: /10
  • a compliment bc who doesn’t love compliments

if this gets no notes I’ll be very sad

**pls do not delete the text or self-promote babes, it would disqualify you xx**


HEY LOVES!!!! Hows everyone doing?? Christmas is sooooo neaaaar and in line with all various, different, and unique christmas blog awards, Sara and I want to present to you, the REINDEER AWARDS!!!!


  • mbf sara and I (hosanna)
  • reblog this at least once; likes are counted as bookmarks
  • stay cheerful and joyful as christmas is drawing near! :)


  • a follow from the both of us (if not alr)
  • two new ultimate friends!!
  • would be featured in a fantastic page! (under construction)
  • promos up to 3x a week for a month (upon request) :)


Dasher - best url

Dancer - best icon

Prancer - best theme

Vixen - best posts

Comet - best color scheme

Cupid - best christmas playlist

Dunder - best new discovery

Blixem - nicest blogger

Rudolph - best overall


  • reblog this post more than once xx
  • talk to us/ send us msgs (we love getting them huns)
  • keep ur blog active and be nice to ur followers :)
  • follow me on instagram (@hollahosanna) - msg me when ur done <3
  • follow sara’s side blogs @apence & @bellamyfray - msg her when ur done :)


  • banner made by the fabulous Haniah ( @rehticent ) // check out her spectacular banners i swear theyre golden!!! ( @bannersbyrehticent ) 
  • we will be picking 2-3 winners per category (depending on the notes)
  • we will be posting the winners on Christmas Day! :)
  • if you have any questions or clarifications, pls msg any of us x
  • pls dont let this flop sweeties we love u all <3


i made the banner on my phone dont judge 

So I was going to do a follow forever when I hit 4K followers but then i decided i wanted to do a blog awards/ promo whatver you call it so I’m gonna do the follow forever now bc im impatient

mutuals bolded friends italicized (at least in my imagination were friends ok)

also not in alphabetical bc im lazy sorry also these categories are just a rough outline of ur blog ok


MCR blogs

@leathersaint@frnkieroandthepatience@bttmfrnk@runbunnyrun@ierohero | @bratmcr | @babygerard | @peachway | @bloodymessway | @garbagepixie | @bulletsvinyl | @wherearemyfckinpills | @mikeywyz | @vampgender | @ierotica | @leathermouth-frank | @mikeywvy | @frxnkiero | @frankspoetry | @ggothclaudia | @awsugar | @spaceboyfrnk | @starrylynz | @vacationadventuresociety | @gravitygerard | @spittinqblood | @vendettafrank@bloodygerard | @mwcr | @youdonthavetheguts | @fvnghoul | @cemterydrive | @badmcrmemes | @transfrank


@cityross | @708throamtrash@rydenrain | @ryanoross | @drellaa ! @iwritegays | @throam-hurts | @viceseraryan |@vintagepanicatd | @girlsgirlsboy | @ryanrossofficial | @ryanrossaesthetic | @moonlitryro | @youngveins | @ryroappreciation

Gothic/horror aesthetic

@cistruction | @kf-013 | @apparitional-ghost | @r-ntboy | @ieromancy | @yrdead | @teenrazors | @bloodinfection | @afysco | @notin1ove | @vanbats @burnedchurch | @oldguillotine | @leathermouthfucker | @waygore | @vibrahtor


@betteroffaspetekey | @gxbilliam | @goopzone | @sensorys | @parmore | @the-fangirl-that-ran | @rodentteen |@ninetiespunk


sorry if i forgot anyone !! (also plz promo me so i can hit 4k sooner to do the promo thx)


hereby i announce the winners of my very first blog awards:


most likly to…

other awards


you can also find them on my blog

----------------- congratulations everyone!! -----------------

here is what you will receive:

a follow from me (if you follow me)
eternal friendship
a drawing of you and me (made by me, it’ll come)
PROMOS !!! (throughout the month)
a congratulatory post (that’s this lol)
a place on my blog (in winners tab)
a place on my blog awards winner page
nudes (those will come too)
the satisfactory feeling of winning this shit (hope you’re feelin it)

(◠﹏◠✿ )

THANK YOU to everyone who participated, you were all worthy winners, and i will make an ‘honorable mentions’ post in a bit!

my next round of blog awards will probs be 2-4 months from now, so keep your eyes open for that if you want in on the goodies :)