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I’m being 100% serious tho like? If someone who cared about me gave me a colourful little sticker just for being able to pull myself out of bed and face the day at a time I was feeling miserable and down and lethargic about life??? in a genuine effort to encourage and cheer me up??? because they love me?? I would be exponentially more ready to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s a gentle and loving and sympathetic way of acknowledging how difficult it must have been for the person to wake up and face the grossness of the day (whatever their reason for being miserable) while also trying to cheer them up (because tbh who doesn’t love stickers) and? That’s super insightful and thoughtful and important and will probably make the sad person feel really encouraged

In conclusion that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Amy Santiago is an adorably precious genius and #1 girlfriend please protect her at all costs

@linmanuel Tonight, I missed the Tony Awards to march with the St. Louis LGBTQ community to honor those who lost their lives in Orlando. But once the march and vigil was done, once the silences were held and the candles were raised in honor, and once I was back across the river in Illinois, tucked into my favorite booth at the local Denny’s with my favorite lesbian across the table from me, I pulled out my phone and found a video of speech you gave tonight when you accepted the award for Best Original Score. And while I knew with the decision to forego the use of the prop guns in tonight’s performance should have prepared me for the emotions that your speech would bring, I was still less than ready.

Your tearful repetition of “love is” reminded me of a year ago, when the community that I love so much was climbing up to the tallest points to yell that love had won. But so much has changed in that year, we’ve gone from “love won” to wondering if we truly won anything at all. But tonight, you stood on a stage and took a moment that could have and SHOULD have been for you and reminded the world that love had won before and that it will surely win again.

I just want to say thank you so much for participating in the blog awards!!! I swear I thought this wasn’t gonna go over well and no one was gonna vote but I actually have a winner for each category!

Also.. All of the categories have one winner besides the “nicest blogger” category just because I felt everyone deserved to win that one. This is my awards so I make the rules and I decided all four blogs should win.

& I will definitely do something like this again in the future!! It was really fun!

Anyways here are the winners!…


Best URL:

@andys-lip-ring [24 votes]


Best Original Content:

@julietsimms-discussions [17 votes]


Best BVB blog:

@andys-stolen-omen [13 votes]


Best Multi-Fandom Blog:

@prettybvbreckless [20 votes]


Most Active:

@alightwhendarknessfell [18 votes]


Nicest Blogger:

@julietsimms-discussions [18 votes]
@alightwhendarknessfell [16 votes]
@ylove-bandimagines [13 votes]
@natewantstobattleimaginegalore [11 votes]


Best BVB Icon:

@fallenstarashleypurdy [12 votes]


Best Theme:

@sporkinghowell [18 votes]


Best Gif Maker:

@heyimbrendonurie [19 votes]


Best Edit Creator:

@phanbeans [8 votes]


Funniest Blogger:

@cringe-attacks [7 votes]



Okay so since I did blog awards last year for my birthday, I wanted to do something this year and I didn’t really know what to do so here’s this 

Bestest of pals 
Melissa // @premiumzayn
Nastja // @smthsgttagve
Hannah // @dontdeceivemeneverleaveme

Calum Hoes™ 
@calumsteenagedream // @caulmhood // @cumoncalhood // @holycals // @holymashlum // @jshackles // @silkaperez

Faves are italic // Mutuals are bold 
@5soskillme // @6sos // @all-time-foes // @absolutemichaeltrash // @airplenes // @ashtonfightme // @asshtown // @blessyouclifford // @blueskyash // @bulletshowell // @buttercupgaskarth // @calaea // @calumhoodes// @calums-queen // @calumsgfg // @cheerioscalum // @cliffuhd// @clummyhood // @cockslutmichael// @curlyboymtv // @cxmbxm // @dammitcal// @dropdeadhood // @duhmichael // @fadedsummerlilac// @fehicia// @grungehood // @heartbreakgirlme // @hearteyedmalum // @hoodcurls // @hoodvocals // @hopelessash // @idblowluke // @idiotmuke// @irwiebabe // @jadeandmgc // @kindahotmikey // @kinkyclifford // @kisshood // @kittencliffoconda // @madhattercalum // @magicmikeclifford // @malumrecords // @malumsqueen // @maorikingcth // @mashtoncliffin// @meteroides // @mikeysolo// @moist-5sos // @mooncalum // @mukebarakat // @muketastic // @nuggling5sos // @ohanamuke // @ohemmoh// @outerspxcehood // @parksandcalum // @plainwhiteluke // @playifyoudontknow // @popunkash // @simmerdwn // @stardustmichael// @tadpolehemmings// @ughmikey// @vibraniumbarnes// @vvinter-solider

knowing me I’d probably forgot so many people but I decided to this so last minute, Im sorry if you feel like you should be here and you’re not, just let me know 

i can’t believe i actually reached this huge milestone. a third of the way to 10k! thank you so much, everyone, your follows mean the world to me. i’ve always wanted to do blog awards, and now, i think, is the time! the awards are named after some of my succulents.


  • mbf me, as this is meant for my followers!
  • must be a studyblr. if your studyblr is a sideblog, put it in the tags.
  • reblogs to enter, likes for bookmarks.
  • this must reach 50 notes or we’ll pretend this never happened…


  • the Jelly-bean award: best url
  • the Buffy award: best theme
  • the Bert award: the best icon
  • the Al award: best original original content 
  • the Halsey award: my faves


  • a follow from me.
  • a spot on my new “faves” tab on my theme which i’m gonna make.
  • you can request up to 3 promos whenever you like!
  • the greatest prize of all, my eternal friendship.

ending date is going to be the 20th of April. and i’m not sure when i’ll get around to doing the awards… i’ll let you know. so yeah! thank you all again :)


Like last year - we are taking in nominations for the following:

- most overrated tw blog.
- most underrated tw blog.
- best nathan blog.
- best siva blog.
- best tom blog.
- best max blog.
- best jay blog.
- best the wanted fan fiction.
- best jay fan fiction.
- best nathan fan fiction.
- best max fan fiction.
- best tom fan fiction.
- best siva fan fiction.
- most original fan fiction idea.
- funniest blog.
- most sarcastic blog (not a bad thing)
- best photo editor.
- best gif maker.
- nicest (friendliest) blog owner.
- most inspiring blog.
- and most perverted blog owner.

aany suggestions about the categories would be appreciated! Nominations will be closing on the 10th March, when the nominees will be announced and voting will also be open. Thank you and good luck!

i was going to do this once i reached 5k, but im almost there ish and im an impatient little shit so guess who’s doing blog awards?



  • nicest blogger
  • funniest blogger
  • most helpful blogger


  • best writing blog
  • best art blog
  • best edit blog
  • best update blog


  • best band url
  • best michael url
  • best calum url
  • best ashton url
  • best luke url


  • best calum girl
  • best michael girl
  • best luke girl
  • best ashton girl
  • best lane swerver
to nominate
  • follow me
  • reblog this post to get the word out
  • send me an ask, telling me who you’d like to nominate and for which catergorie
  • you can nominate yourself or anyone else!

nominations will close on July 30th, and you will have until August 24th to vote (date may change, ill keep you updated on that)

winners will get
  • a follow from me (wow lame i know)
  • cute drawings, blurbs, edits for you
  • street cred
  • bragging rights
  • forever my love
  • a spot on my blog

if no one wants to participate ill just change my url and pretend I never existed

ello !! so i hit 3.5k recently and i thought why not have my own blog awards ?? originally i just wanted to have a huge “party” per say when i hit 3.5k but some of my frens encouraged me to do this, so i am !! (I will still be doing blog rates n stuff while this is goin on !!) all rules n extra stuff are listed below !! xx


- you can nominate yourself
- the blog you nominate has to be a phan blog, dodie blog, tronnor/troye/connor blog (all and/or)
   + plus !! the blog can be multifandom !!
   + you don’t have to ship phan, it can be just another dan and phil blog - same thing applies to tronnor blogs !! u can just be a troye or connor blog
- this will not happen if we don’t get over at least 50 notes, and 3 nominations for at least 5 categories.
- you can nominate people for more than 1 category.
- you do not have to follow me if you are a nominee or going to nominate someone !
- you have until july 22nd (a month from today!!), 11:59 PM YOUR TIME to submit in nominees  - results/nominees however u wanna say it will be released between the 27th and 30th

how to enter:

- to nominate someone - send me an ask (off or on anon) with the category u would like to nominate them for !!
- if you’d like to nominate a person for 2 categories or more, do it in separate asks please !!
- if a person you were going to nominate is already there, you can boost up their chances of winning by liking/reblogging their nomination post !!
- all of the nominees can be found by searching up the tag marias blog awards or by their category on my blog (or you can try normal tumblr search but that might be a tad more harder)


best dan url
best phil url
best phan url
best dodie url
best troye url
best tronnor url
best phan blog
best dodie blog
best troye blog
best tronnor blog
best multi-fandom blog
best dan icon
best phil icon
best phan icon
best dodie icon
best troye icon
best tronnor icon
best gif maker
best artist
best edit creator
best fic writer
best theme
nicest blogger
funniest blogger
best overall


- a follow from me if you don’t have one already!!
- selfie reblogs!!
- cool promos whenever you want one
- custom made icons or edits!!
- my friendship (if desired)

   + plus! be on a cool winners page (i originally planned not to add this in but i am !!)

please reblog this so everyone know about this!! thanks!!

fuckyeahjaymcguiness - 6 individual votes.
apinchofimagination - 6 individual votes.
cleanyoungmess19 - 10 individual votes.
valleyofyourheartx - 16 individual votes.
ifeelsomethingoverme - 3 individual votes.
thewantedhellyeah - 6 individual votes.
sarahmcflytw - 6 individual votes.
fuckyeahthewanted - 1 individual vote. 
foolishformcfly - 5 individual votes. 

(print screened from our tally) 

1k sleepover and blog awards!

So for 1k followers im doing a sleepover sunday/q+a!! Please send me:

  • questions
  • stories
  • crushes
  • f/m/k
  • anything else you want!

Also i decided to do my own tiny little blog awards! These are the categories:

best url

best icon

best theme

best posts

best artist (including fanart, gifs, edits, etc)

best writer

best overall

kindest blogger FULL

To nominate someone reblog this post, be off anon (you can enter yourself but i like to know whos sending me stuff just in case) and send me an ask with the url of the blog and which catergory(s) you want to nominate them for! 

im only allowing 5 blogs for each catergory bc otherwise it might get a bit crazy so when i have enough nominees for every catergory ill open votes!!

have fun!! and thank you so much for 1000 followers!! xx

- ̗̀Mini Tumblr Awards ̖́-

bc I want to find new rad blogs to follow

and bc it’s fun (✿◠‿◠)

choosing: best posts, best theme, best url, best overall and faves (x2)

  • reblooog to enter 。◕ ‿ ◕。
  • you dont have to be following me but it’d be nc, I’m choosing probably on friday ok ty (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧