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ID #93819

Name: Katia
Age: 27
Country: Spain

I’m looking for people who want lo learn Spanish (my native language), and I want to improve my English and maybe start to learn any new language. I am into a language group by an app, but It is okay only by email with me.
I am a computer woman (well I studied it) and now I work more building websites and manage it, and a bit computer work. In fact, any computer job that I can get it. XD
I like to travel and I try to do it any time that I can or I have the money hahahaha.
I am a patient, open-mind and I like to learn about another cultures.

Preferences: I don’t care about your sex or sexuality, religion, and about age, I prefer above 16.

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And then I realised I’ve found myself again. In the moments of being lost in a rainforest, searching for the way, I’ve found myself. While I was connecting with people I connected with myself. While I was admiring the quietness and the peace of nature I became at peace with my own soul. I’ve searched and found.
—  Annedi Bergsma (what a journey, what an adventure, what a search and what a peace. What I’ve found is indescribably beautiful)

I never put on weight because I spend hours and hours
Just walking
I walk through valleys and meadows
Cities and towns
Alleys and streets
Where I will never be found
I walk for days under the sun
And drift through the desert.

I never stop walking.
But I never leave my room.

—  c.d. - The Furrowed Fields Of My Mind
ID #82686

Name: Arianna
Age: 16
Country: USA

I am an extremely open minded person! I love to talk about science, history, and other stuff. A little warning tho… I am a severely awkward person but I love talking to people anyways! I also have a severe case of Wanderlust that will probably never be sated. I am bilingual in terms of English and ASL but would love to learn new languages.

Preferences: I would prefer someone out of the United States but I don’t really care. I do not like Racists, Homophobes, Xenophobic people, or any other rude or terrible thing. I prefer Emails and we will see how it goes from there. Also I would prefer people ages 15-17 so I can try to connect better.

Pomona - Namibia

Around 1910 Namibia experienced a diamond rush. In the small mining town of Pomona, diamonds were so plentiful, they could be plucked from the ground with your bare hands. The mines of Pomona were the richest of their time.

Now a ghost town, the sand of the surrounding desert is slowly devouring the buildings of the old village that have lay untouched now for years.