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Meditating on a future trip to Sri Lanka 🌎🌿 Never give up on your goals and dreams and your reasons for living.
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Naughty Girl

And then I realised I’ve found myself again. In the moments of being lost in a rainforest, searching for the way, I’ve found myself. While I was connecting with people I connected with myself. While I was admiring the quietness and the peace of nature I became at peace with my own soul. I’ve searched and found.
—  Annedi Bergsma (what a journey, what an adventure, what a search and what a peace. What I’ve found is indescribably beautiful)
ID #93819

Name: Katia
Age: 27
Country: Spain

I’m looking for people who want lo learn Spanish (my native language), and I want to improve my English and maybe start to learn any new language. I am into a language group by an app, but It is okay only by email with me.
I am a computer woman (well I studied it) and now I work more building websites and manage it, and a bit computer work. In fact, any computer job that I can get it. XD
I like to travel and I try to do it any time that I can or I have the money hahahaha.
I am a patient, open-mind and I like to learn about another cultures.

Preferences: I don’t care about your sex or sexuality, religion, and about age, I prefer above 16.