the wanderlust project


This video for the song “Impregnable projection” by the band “The Dirty Projectors” features a runner traversing the landscape of Jackson Hole, the valley just east of the Teton Mountains and South of Yellowstone, in Wyoming.

Never did I ever think that Id be making a post like this but since this blog is still a work in progress I need more blogs to follow. So, if you post any of the following or anything you think goes along with the following, simply like this post and I’ll check your blog out!

General Lifestyle
- Wicca/Pagan
- New Age
- Nature
- Literature
- Music
- Human Rights/ LGBTQ+
- Writing and Writing Tips & Tricks
- Animals (especially Lions and Owls)
- Mythology
- History
- Make Up and Beauty Tips and Tutorials

Fandom Related Things
- Gravity Falls
- Pokemon
- Over the Garden Wall
- Steven Universe
- Haikyuu!!
- General Anime Things

- Animal Crossing
- Disney
- YouTube

I was at work today creating some graphics and got in the mood to make an infographic but I decided to do it on the life of a bookaholic! It was just a fun personal project. :)