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Disney XD’s House of Villains

An idea I had last years that I wasn’t able to complete until this Halloween month. And idea that began like, “Disney’s House of Villains was such a cool concept back in the day. I wonder what it would be like if Disney XD ever did something like that…”

And big-bam-boom here it is. Some of the most notable (and while not all threatening) villains from many of the Disney XD shows.

And always remember the true meaning of Halloween..

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today at work I decided to doodle instead of napping, and filled a page in whatever character I could draw/remember how to draw. This is done in ballpoint pen so I wasn’t able to fix any mistakes (i.e. Discord).

I’ve got Discord with tea, Milo Murphy with a broken arm, Wander looking through a Villain’s Monthly, Hekapoo with large Scissor swords, Randy Cunningham hopping out of a NINJA SMOKEBOMB, Kravitz slicing the inky tar, Bill Cipher “looking” menacingly, Marceline whining for attention from an overworked Bonnibel, Connie looking awesome with Rose’s Sword and Ice King losing at chess against Gunter.

Disney XD Heroes in problematic nutshells.

Randy Cunningham: Misinterprets sacred knowledge so he can misuse ancient powers.

Penn Zero: Does other people’s jobs for them instead of giving them an opportunity to learn from their own mistakes.

Star Butterfly: Her birthright makes her a danger to herself and everyone around her… especially everyone around her.

Wander: His lack of problems is a problem in and of itself… 

Dipper: His curiosity will kill everyone’s cats.

I got out early from class since we just had a critique. So I’m just chilling and watching some cartoon clips on my phone until I have to leave to meet friends for lunch.(adulting at it’s finest) 

Most of them being Gravity Falls and Wander over yonder, but I’ve also been watching more of Rc9gn recently(it’s growing on me, I feel a new cartoon love starting to form haaaa) and I’m watching scenes that involve the villains and….





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Disney shows that should get canceled besides the 7D

I just don’t get why the directors at Disney XD want to cancel “The 7D”. Sure the show has it flaws, and isn’t as popular as other shows like WOY, Gravity Falls, and SVTFOE, but it shouldn’t be canned just for those reasons, especially when there are way worse shows that are still airing on Disney XD that deserve to be cancelled rather then “The 7D”. 

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Over the past few years the people at Disney XD have been canceling good shows, like RC9GN, Tron: Uprising, and most recently Wander Over Yonder, yet they still let terrible shows continue to air or decide to air other bad shows air in there places. Don’t believe me here are some examples.

One famous example is The Pickle and Peanut show, the disney version of shows like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig. A show about an antromorphic Pickle and Peanut going on bland/predictable misadventures that mostly contains gross out humor. It doesn’t sound like a show people would like, and it must be true with the small viewership the episodes get. Ive also seen a lot of negative reviews on this show yet this show somehow gets a second season rather then other shows that deserve it like WOY, The 7D, and Penn Zero. This show should have been cancelled along time ago yet Disney keeps advertising it for some reason.

Another show that should be cancelled instead of the 7D is Kirby Buckets, a live action show about a kid wanting to be an animator and interacts with his drawings (in animation form). This is just another bland show filled with nothing but gross out humors and its surprising that this show hasn’t been cancelled yet, even with all the negative reviews its gets.

Even some of the new shows that have replaced the old shows are starting to fail.

One of there newest show Future Worm, a show about a time traveling worm. though its still new, its getting less views then the newest episodes of the 7D, I don’t see that show getting any momentum anytime soon.

Another is a show called Right Now Kapow, a show where random things to random characters that make a one episode appearance, and it is doing worse then future worm !

What Im getting at is that before the directors at Disney XD decide that they want to cancel a show, especially a good show, they should check to see if there is a worse show that deserves to be cancelled beforehand.

Who knows maybe one day they will decide to bring back some of these cancelled shows in some way or another. Hey if Cartoon Network can do it, so can other channels.

Some sketches of different protagonists being possessed by Bill Cipher because why not? I may or may not have a thing for characters being possessed by some supernatural being uwu… I kinda imagine each character that is possessed by Bill Cipher (except Dipper) wearing some kind of clothing that matches with Bill’s color scheme and the protagonist’s clothing style. My favorite one is Possessed!Star’s clothing and wand because it fits her when she is possessed by Bill…then again that’s just me.

Anyway, I will tell you what characters I used to be Bill’s unfortunate victims (Clockwise):

• Dipper Pines + Bill = Bipper

• Randy Cunningham + Bill = ????

• Star Butterfly + Bill = ????

• Twilight Sparkle + Bill = Twill

• Wirt + Bill = Birt/Will

• Steven Universe + Bill = Beven/Stevill

• Penn Zero + Bill = Benn

• Wander + Bill = ????

So far these are the names I came up with (except Bipper and Will/Birt) if someone decides to combine the two names together for whatever reason. The ones with the question marks are still pending but I don’t know what to name them so feel free to suggest some names because I got nothing for now.

Disney XD Heroes’ best traits in nutshells

Randy Cunningham: Tenacious in the face of a butt-whooping, and hates to see people get hurt (unless it’s Doug, then he grabs the popcorn).

Dipper Pines: Knows when to forgive people, learns from his mistakes.

Wander: He is walking positivity.

Penn Zero: Willing to help anyone anywhere in any reality.

Star Butterfly: Seems to have a higher opinion of things and people not put on pedestals.