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Disney XD Unite by spectral ninja (deviantart)
The world needs more crossover games/movies! Just the pure concept of your favorite characters working and fighting side-by-side or just hanging out is so awesome! 😉 Every concept works—except for Steven Universe meeting Uncle Grandpa, THAT was a big mistake. 😑



Whether by man-made gates, a remote inventionator, scissor portal through space atoms, jumping vertically into a deeper dimension, or just a bubble to wonder across the galaxy (technically not a dimensional transportation, only within the Wander universe), they seemed to be connected for possible exploration across different dimensions.

Just be cautious if used in the wrongs hands or tampered with these devices, or else all of the universes will cause paradoxes, zero-gravity, and unbalanced destruction the point of them becoming The Void (Wander’s favorite place).

Disney XD’s House of Villains

An idea I had last years that I wasn’t able to complete until this Halloween month. And idea that began like, “Disney’s House of Villains was such a cool concept back in the day. I wonder what it would be like if Disney XD ever did something like that…”

And big-bam-boom here it is. Some of the most notable (and while not all threatening) villains from many of the Disney XD shows.

And always remember the true meaning of Halloween..

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People always seem to be complaining about “today’s” cartoons, but come on!

I mean











We’re in a new cartoon renaissance, people!  In my opinion, every one of these shows has great plot lines and loveable characters.

"why did my favorite disney show get cancelled?"

i talked to my uncle, who owns a water park, and does events where he hires disney channel stars make an appearance to boost business. he told me they discussed why disney shows tend to be so short.

he told me they said, “ever notice how shows are only 3 or 4 years long? it’s because if it runs any longer, disney has to pay royalties for the show.”

so basically, unless the show is doing extremely well (like phineas and ferb well), it gets cancelled on account of the royalties.