the wandering kind

Finally settled down on Peepers’ outfit for the AU !
Hater wasn’t difficult at all, he already had ah hoodie anyway.

So Hater and Peepers are also roomates, and as you would expect Peepers does all of the housework. He also helps Hater for his exams and does his homework.
I really REALLY wanted to give platform shoes to Peepers cuz’ he’s smol and cute and he’s insecure about it.

Thanks you folks for all the nice things you say about the AU ! I’m really glad I can make something people enjoy ! 

Bonus: first sketches for Peeps 

Picture Perfect Family

During a time when Emily was still young, but Corvo and Jessamine were young too.


(or first ever attempt at trying to organize my thoughts) There is this feeling I cannot shake since watching that ground-breaking show that is Skam. And particularly, that beautiful soul, named Even Bech Naesheim. And how Isak might be …. his anchor. In this universe in this moment.

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The Wolf’s Domain

Words: 15, 795

Everyone writes about Werewolf!McCree, and I love it, but I tried my hand at Werewolf!Hanzo. It… got a bit out of hand.

Few ever branched into the wolf’s domain. It was not a place that wanderers could merely find themselves after a single missed turn or misread sign. This was the heart of the unsettled land, secluded, safe. People did not come here on their morning walks; beautiful as it was, it was simply not the place for man.

Few that wandered here possessed kind souls, not this distance from the beaten path through the forest. Those that meandered these grounds with a weapon in hand were only looking for trouble, and, most often, they would find it. The warnings posted at every entrance to the forest that bid travelers be wary were not decorations meant to be admired and forgotten. Those that freely disobeyed these warnings would come to regret their actions in time.

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Back when Emergency Pants was still a thing

we talked about how mediocre or just plain bad stuff becomes popular despite its awfulness. Shane described people who kind of wander around in a beige haze, consuming whatever crosses their path without any thought. If they run into the same thing often, it becomes familiar and preferred. They don’t read, they don’t question, they don’t research, they just blindly consume. That’s how  stuff like pump chili and Nickelback were created. That’s how Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and Grown Ups 2 got made. And I kinda think that that’s how this happened. A simple catchphrase on hats in a color that catches the eye. A man who everyone knows of from television, whose name is synonymous with wealth and power due to the completely false image he built for himself, saying whatever the people he’s addressing that day want to hear. It’s all down to people not paying attention to what’s happening around them. And then when things go wrong and they are FORCED to pay attention, they are shocked and appalled by information that WAS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM THE WHOLE TIME.

These are the thoughts that have been circling around in my head all day. I had to get them out.

No but like. I dare you to find me such a genuinely good natured, kind character that isn’t a child, a comic relief, or portrayed as naive by their writers
Wander is the kind of refreshing protagonist we needed and i just. Love him a lot.

Why Don't You Watch Where You're Wandering

I am kind, but my kindness is not limitless.
especially for those that mean nothing
to me.
I don’t fuck around.
I will tear through skin and bone
to reach your heart,
and it will not be quick,
and it will be painful.

watch where you tread,
even light footsteps
put my hands on edge.
and I will show no mercy,
not one ounce of compassion,
if you decide to keep crossing
the line.

walk elsewhere,
not here,
where you don’t belong.


Title from: Swamp Song by Tool.

If you’re having a bad day, have a happy troll Wander!

Thanks to @ilonacho for inspiring me to draw this. ALSO GO WATCH TROLLS! It’s super cute and fun and not as lame as we had feared.

I feel that this would be Wanders kind of movie to watch on a bad day.

And with everything these past days, we could all use a happy movie.

In the meantime, please sign this petition and help bring back the show Wander over Yonder for a third season and help bring it back

anonymous asked:

Have you watched any Wander Over Yonder? Your insights on animation are always interesting so if you have seen it I wondered what you thought about it!

Yeah, I’ve seen some of it! I watched the first few episodes when it first came out, and I’ve tuned in here and there if I heard an episode was gonna’ be really good! To be perfectly honest I didn’t watch it much because I wanted something to kind of listen to, or half-watch while I worked, and wander is NOT that kind of show, haha. It’s super visual and fast-paced and takes full advantage of being a cartoon, so you can’t really just put it on for background noise. You have to be LOOKIG at it to experience it… which is kind of like, I mean, really, kind of a pure cartoon, right?

Personally I really dig the design, the characters are all super charming, the animation and direction is absolutely delightful… Craig Mccracky knows what’s up, and I like that the show was super zany and off-the-wall, but also gave the characters a little bit of room to breathe.

That’s about all I can say for it, without really sitting down and digging into it! It’s great tho!

Pretty birb outside my window. I don’t really know that much about cardinals, but I do know that at one point there was a pair raising their babies right by our house a few years ago, because one of the fledglings that could just barely fly managed to get all the way through our garage into our house. After a bit of confusion I managed to get the baby bird under a bucket like a large feathery spider and we got it safely outside where it’s parents were and we let them handle the rest. I’ve noticed cardinals by our house before and since, although Idk if it’s the same ones.

  • Current Disney cartoons, season 1: Light, harmless, and somewhat naive, populated with simple challenges and easy-to-swallow morals. Sometimes it dips its toes into something more nuanced, but not before retreating back to a watered-down funland of happiness and the power of friendship. Everything is always fine in the end.
  • Current Disney cartoons, season 2: Everything you know is wrong. There is nothing but hopeless despair and an ever-increasing sense of dread and disillusionment. The galaxy is on fire. The universe is splitting in two. Lives are ripped apart and families are torn asunder. The good guys may win, but not without losing something they hold dear. The whimsy is still there, but it is a charade; a weak, reassuring smile to distract from the inexorable march towards the inevitable destruction of everything that once was. As everything burns, you begin to realize that all the whimsy and friendship of before was all along just an act to placate those who needed protecting from the terrible truth. Nothing is, will be, or ever has been, fine.