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Raven's mom immediately deleted the post after someone came with receipts that raven's brother is a registered sex offender for a crime involving a minor.

Yeah I had saw that. And apparently they disowned another child of theirs when she came out as gay. Like this is getting beyond messy.

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So I saw your post with that ask about raven's family and their past and I'm confused. What did they do?

Well her brother is a registered sex offender and in the report is says he has a tattoo of the name Bryce with dates around it.

Bryce was Raven’s 5 year old nephew that someone accidentally shot and killed with a gun 

Allegedly her step father has a daughter that came out as gay and the family disowned her

People that know her family have said they tried to help Raven’s family out financially, but Raven’s family like starts attacking them when they stop helping

Her family allegedly has a history of suing people, etc. etc.

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i dont like raven at all but her family seems horrible so im glad shes away from them... like filming her while shes writhing in pain? making money off of her illness?? having a sex offender as a brother and craazy ass mom, and apparently homophobic on top of that? like... that sounds terrible

I don’t think she’s completely innocent (she looked like she was acting in the video), but her family is definitely a mess. She was talking about an accidental shooting on the feeds earlier today and someone did some digging and found out that someone in her family accidentally shot and killed her 5 year old nephew. 

Like you know she probably went on BB to scam people for more money, but all of these family secrets and drama is coming out