the walter girls

I can’t believe Ridley Scott gave me a movie in which Michael Fassbender has to say the words “I do the fingering”…….completely straight faced…….to himself………the pinnacle of cinematic achievement tbh

  • Strickler: You are irrationally angry 365 days a year.
  • Bular: Well, that’s just your personal opinion because I don’t have anger issues. Do you guys think I have anger issues?
  • Nomura: Well, I wouldn’t really call it an issue. An issue is something you can fix.

Family Guy clip: Down Syndrome Girl Song

I know for some people (*cough* Sarah Palin *cough*) this episode was super controversial, but I still liked this song, because it was so Broadway-ish. Seth co-wrote it (in collaboration with Walter Murphy) and it even got an Emmy nomination in 2010.