the walls keep tumbling down

even underneath the waves, i’ll be holding on to you

aftg zombie au, “i want to go back for you”. warning: very long
basically, what would happen if neil and andrew were separated during an apocalypic situation.

The news says it first.

The world is ending and everything has gone to shit.

Nowhere is safe and nothing is okay anymore.

Nothing was ever okay, but they make it sound new, like this is something nobody expected to happen. Not here, never here.

It started with a virus. It was like the flu in every other way; the fever that kept people bedridden for days, the sickness and the headaches. It was like the flu in every other way but one: it slowly ate away at people’s insides, made living people into nothing but hollow hosts. Nobody would have expected a kindergarten teacher from the West to lash out her students but it was even worse when she bit one, and then he bit his mother three weeks later and she bit her boss. Like that, the vicious cycle continued. Everywhere there was panic, there was a disaster, there was death.

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Sick fic recs? (Any non-AU/canon ones?)

  • a pound of cure by @starsshinedarkly77, 3K words, T, No archive warnings.
    “When Hux gets home, Kylo has his head in the toilet.“Kylo is maybe probably dying of stomach flu, but at least he has a good boyfriend to take care of him on his deathbed.
  • And the Walls Keep Tumbling Down by @songofwinterfell, 24K words, T, Creator chose not to warn.
    Hux has always been a man who loves his job. So when he falls ill, he refuses to stop working, and in the end he faints on the bridge in the middle of the day. What starts out as a mere cold leads to Hux being forced to re-evaluate many things about his life, especially his relationship with Kylo Ren. As he struggles with admitting his feelings, Hux is caught in whirlwind of his true emotions and fears and what it really means to care for someone.
  • Swords and Slippers by @crackedverbosity, 38K words, WIP, M, No archive words.
    Brendol Hux is not used to sharing his space with anyone for any reason, least of all some barbaric swordsman who walks around shirtless and barefoot, swinging dangerous weapons.  With the local dojo flooded and temporarily unusable, the owner of one of the largest dance studios in the area offers to share its space with the displaced students.  It’s hatred and misunderstanding at first sight until an error in Hux’s judgment forces the two into a situation neither could have anticipated.
  • a fool for lesser things by @acroamatica, 8K words, M, No archive warnings.
    Kylo’s whole life is a series of bad decisions, starting with saying yes to accompanying Hux to a work Christmas party, as if he were the kind of person who did that.Hux deals with the aftermath as best he can. He doesn’t understand. But perhaps he will.
But if you close your eyes

The spoilers about the songs included in the season finale just inspired me Blangst, fight (only verbal but just as hurtful) Title from the aforementioned song that is stuck in my head (eh-eh-oh, eh-oh …)

“You lied to me. Again.”

Kurt’s voice doesn’t even rise. It’s not a question, it’s not an accusation, it’s just stating a fact and in some ways, it’s even worse. Blaine winces but doesn’t look away. “I was sure I could convince June to let you—“

“Let me?”

Blaine blinks and frowns at Kurt.

Let me? As if you’re allowing me a spot in the grand Blaine Anderson show?” Kurt repeats, his voice growing colder as he advances on Blaine but stops at arm’s length. “As if I need you to let me take the stage?”

“It’s her conditions, not mine, Kurt,” Blaine pleads, “and I really wanted you right here with me. She just –“

“She just can’t have the spotlight removed from her perfectly acceptable, perfect Alpha gay plaything!”

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The walls keep tumbling down

Stiles still couldn’t believe it. All that time he had to act normal, focus on Scott and the two ticking time bombs they had with them. 

It had been easy to forget while talking to Lydia about bigger and worse things and even easier when bigger and worse things started happening, but in the end it still was just Stiles, all by his own, driving to the Alpha’s loft. –He had no idea what it would change going there and why he was causing himself so much pain  at the first place. The thought of going there and seeing the loft empty was enough to make his hands shake but…He needed to do this. And he sure as hell was not going to cry. Tears were for those who had the time to be weak and Stiles obviously didn’t have that time.

God only knew where Cora was, Peter probably was at his apartment in downtown and Scott had taken Isaac over to his place again.
It was the perfect time for a last goodbye. —- He should be able to say goodbye to at least one person he’s lost.

The door wasn’t locked, why should it be? No doubt Derek thought they’d all stumble back in here after a grand battle with the Alpha Pack and celebrate while eating Pizza or something.

Once inside, he shut the door again and looked through the loft, walked over to the window and the island in front of it where everything was left the same way it had been before the fight. - Even their plan was laying out there.
Seriously, Derek couldn’t have expected this to work out smoothly. He looked over the plan, run a finger over the book Derek sure as hell had been reading and sighed.

“You couldn’t just wait, could you?” He whispered, pretending that Derek was sitting at the couch and glaring over at him. “What did you think? That you are going to be able to fight a pack of Alphas just because Scott decided to help out? He almost died because he is still blaming himself for your death… Isaac and Boyd are walking time bombs and I… – I’m sick of this. And sick of you for making me go through this again.” In less than two days, Stiles had lost three friends. Erica (Though you couldn’t count her), Heather and now… Derek.

“This is not fa–” Stiles froze when he heard noises, eyes wide opened while he waited. – What if they were waiting here for Derek’s pack? Waiting for a way to take revenge for this guy who died together with Derek? That’s what Scott said, right? Derek and an Alpha…

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favorite makorra fics?

Oh goodness, I have a whole fic tag dedicated to the fics that I like, but let me highlight a few that I absolutely adore.


And some gen fics that are amazing too:

And some author recs as well: