the wallman

headcanon that after Wally and Dick move in together Wally tries to insist they have dinner together every night and Dick’s like “no that’s rly impractical we’re both superheroes with somewhat different schedules and I’m a cop on top of that no there’s no way we can manage that every single night” but Wally insists and sometimes they have dinner at like 3 am or takeout on a rooftop and sometimes Wally will sneak into the bpd and occasionally they’ll even sit down at a table at 6 pm but somehow they always end up eating together every night

  • combination justice league/young justice holiday party
  • for some dumb reason wally gets put in charge of the mistletoe
  • of course he doesn’t just put it up
  • (that would be boring as fuck)
  • instead he speeds around all night sticking it up over specific people’s heads to fuck with them
  • he and artemis make a game of it with artemis telling him who to go after next
  • ollie keeps trying to get him to do it for him and dinah
  • instead wally makes ollie kiss almost half the room, but never dinah
  • at one point he tries to make superman and batman kiss and ends up deeply regretting it
  • but every fifteen minutes or so he sticks it over dick’s head
  • so he can keep kissing his boyfriend all night
fic: better when we’re together

Title: better when we’re together
Characters: Wally West/Artemis Crock
Word Count: 4,025
Rating: M / Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Separation anxiety doesn’t need a cause, or a trigger, or a reason. When you miss someone, you miss someone, and it only gets better once you see them again with your own eyes, feel their skin with the fingertips of your own hands, and fill their lungs with the scent of your own, real love. AKA: Artemis returns from spending spring break in Vietnam. Established Wally/Artemis.
Disclaimer: [whitney voice] i have nothing, noTHING
Dedication: My hilariously late submission for the @yjficexchange Valentine’s Day Event. Surprise, surprise, my assignment is @jostenneil. Sorry for lying to your face multiple times to make sure you wouldn’t figure out it was me but I do hope you enjoy this.
Notes: I’d also like to dedicate this story to my wonderful friend @mrssmocz. Every time I was close to giving up on writing for the night she brought me back up and I cannot wait to see you again this summer. Also special mention/thanks to @sankontesu for checking it over for me when I wasn’t sure how to rate this baby lol. Special shoutout to @icanhearyouglaring for setting up this exchange! You’re a gift to us all. (Title is from Jack Johnson’s song Better Together.)
More Notes: Last thing! My babes are in sophomore year in this. I double – no, triple checked these dates. 2015 is their sophomore year in university and 2016 is their junior year, seriously, I went back multiple times to make sure but it only upset me because this also means that WALLY WEST HAD JUST ONE MORE YEAR BEFORE GETTING HIS BACHELOR’S IN PHYSICS! I’M WRECKED!


better when we’re together

Wally wakes up to the smell of burning waffles.

Actually, they could’ve been pancakes, but his nose is well-trained from twenty-odd years of being spoilt by his mother’s spectacular cooking so he can actually differentiate between the two breakfast meals. They were definitely waffles.

It makes him kind of sad.

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Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

As Steve pulls into your drive you unbuckle, looking back at a sleep Sarah and James who was playing on his phone.

“Thank you.” You smile at Steve.

“No thank you for coming.” He smiles back.

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