the wallers

Arrow S5 Speculation/Dream

I have to share this dream I had last night based on a speculation I have about the end of the season. I have a few theories depending on what happens between now and the finale.

First of all, my speculation is that we return to Lian Yu in the present day at the season’s end. To me, narratively, it makes a lot of sense because we are getting closer to the time that he is rescued from Lian Yu in the flashbacks. I think they want to bring all of it full circle. As I wrote in my 5x17, it was during Oliver’s time away that the trauma and the experiences with Waller and Talia all turned him into a killer. That what he came to enjoy about it was the sense of control but also the sense of justice (Waller: Sometimes death is justice) by stopping bad people from victimizing people weaker than them. Something that Oliver experienced for five years.

Oliver was broken in 5x17 and I think one way for him to fully move on and rebuild himself in the face of his devastating confession is face the place of origin that started his journey into darkness. But to do it as a man who has been trying to live in the light for the last several years. And it would make sense if he had to face Prometheus—the villain that he “created” (I still partially dispute this claim)—in the place that made him.

Anyway, so in my dream Felicity is on Lian Yu and Oliver is trying to find her. Sometimes other people from the Team were there but I couldn’t really figure out why and they kind of like came and went. Maybe that’s my mind’s subconscious still debating who ends up on Lian Yu. Nevertheless, in my 5x17 review I commented that Prometheus’ continued reference (without an actual play on her person) to Felicity has to mean that something is coming. Kidnapping her and dragging her to Lian Yu would certainly fit the bill and that’s what happened in my dream.

The dream is a little muddled at points now. But I remember Oliver and Felicity kissing in the spot where they stood in 2x23 where they should have kissed but didn’t.

That’s when I woke up laughing because even asleep I’m petty. This is the real reason I’m sharing this because I still laugh thinking about it. I was thinking that Oliver returned to hell for Felicity and that’s such a marked change from 4x19 when he ran to hell to get away from LL.

I can’t remember what happened to Prometheus—but it’s my belief (whether they go to Lian Yu or not) he’ll either end up in jail like Slade or he will kill himself after he fails to truly break Oliver forever.


As much as I love and worship the perfection that is Alfre Woodard and Viola Davis, I will forever be hurt that both DC and Marvel took two canonically fat Black women and erased their fatness. Fat dark-skinned Black women get NO opportunities for positive/realistic representation, and when they finally do, their fatness gets quietly and expeditiously swept under the rug.