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hello, my family and I are going to visit Scotland in spring and we are still looking for beautiful places to visit. Could you recommend some between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle? thank you very much x

If you are starting off around Newcastle, then I recommend seeing Bamburgh Castle, Lindisfarne Castle and Melrose Abbey, which are on the way up to Edinburgh, if you’re going by car. On the way from Edinburgh to Glasgow you can stop by Linlithgow Palace (Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots) and then see Stirling Castle, as well as the Wallace Monument. If you’re into walks, then there are plenty around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, not far from Glasgow. If you’re not pressed for time going up North to Glencoe is well worth a visit. If you don’t have a car, there are bus tours to most of these places from Edinburgh and probably Glasgow as well. Hope you and your folks have a lovely holiday! 


Wallace Monument -Scotland by Ian Ryall


Let me take you a few centuries back to the time of knights and noble ladies. This time the magic place I’d like to share is the town of Stirling in Scotland - the key to the Highlands. It’s one of the most important places in Scottish history, where Mary Queen of Scots raised her son James (future King of Scotland James VI and King of England and  Ireland James I). 

The famous Stirling Castle and the Church of the Holy Rude by its side witnessed several generations of the Stewart dynasty, as well as the famous Battle on the Stirling Bridge, in which general William Wallace tricked and defeated the English (Edward I’s) army. William Wallace Monument is still there to remind of the glory of those days.

This is the place that opens up the doors to the Highlands and let’s you embrace the greatness of that upper Scotland from above. It carries lots of legends and secrets, and even has an imitation of the King Arthur’s Round Table - the King’s Knot. The trick to find it is to go up…

The beast of Stirling is a wolf. According to the legend, when Vikings were about to attack the city, a wolf howled, alerting the townspeople in time to save the town. Now that very wolf sits still by the path to the castle silently howling to the sky…


Wallace Monument by Ken Fitzpatrick
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Taken from Stirling Castle.


Wallace monument misty morning  

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